12 December 2011

Del Bosque on the Clásico: "Both are well"

The coach said that you can "simplify the competition this meeting only" or ruin all the work of Real Madrid's defeat against FC Barcelona (1-3).

The national team coach, Vicente del Bosque believes the "Clásico" last Saturday "was very good game" in which the organizations were "very well", while noting that no one can "simplify the competition only that meeting "or ruin all the work of Real Madrid's defeat against FC Barcelona (1-3).

Del Bosque said that the meeting was "good propaganda" for the selection and "a very good day for everyone," and he hoped the players always "have the same behavior as last Saturday." "The game was great is the power of the two clubs, there was no negative note," he said.

Thus, despite the outcome, said the two teams "are well positioned" for the remaining months ahead. "We can not simplify the competition in a game. Do not forget what he has done for Real Madrid for a match," he said.

The coach doesn't think that "FC Barcelona has the morals "eaten" Real Madrid and it considers that "the league is very open." Thus, the two teams assessed that have "big players" and repeated that his greatest wish is that "get well to selection" to compete in next summer's European Championship.

In this regard, and after David Villa was deputy stressed that there are still six months ahead until you get the quote from Ukraine and Poland and now "not a cause for concern" because the front is well covered.

Finally, would not comment on the conflict of the radios with the LFP. "I love radio, but are matters of business that we want to solve," he said.

The technician made these statements after the award presentation Vicente del Bosque''values''a sport, an award that is delivered to the end of the season's Copa Coca-Cola'',''football competition based on cadet class celebrates its tenth anniversary.

The ceremony was also attended by Alejandro Blanco, president of the Spanish Olympic Committee (COE), Luis Rubiales, chief executive of the Association of Spanish Footballers (AFE) and Marcos de Quinto, president of Coca-Cola Spain and Portugal. (via AS)

Idols that go unnoticed

The staff of FC Barcelona has the day off and the players are taking to shop and enjoy a culture so different from the European as the Japanese.

Most of them have opted to take the train or subway, something unthinkable to do in Barcelona. So much so that even Andrés Iniesta wanted to take a picture and share it with their fans. Manchego is so quiet on the subway and go unnoticed. Can you imagine what would happen if Iniesta go to the subway of Barcelona? Collective madness, sure. (via MD)

A holiday in Japan

The azulgrana, after the morning training, enjoys a free day to know Japan. Guardiola will take advantage to "test the cuisine" next to his family.

They are summoned to the lunch on Wednesday, Guardiola has given to the staff about 26 hours of party "to do whatever they want" . The coach will be allowed "to go to Tokyo or Kyoto, where they want, sleep where they want and which distracting" and has another key to have fun: "Read, read books, more than one has brought several" .

The coach will use their free time to "eat sushi, sashimi, Japanese food, because in Barcelona often several Japanese restaurants, but I want to try the food here " . The coach has traveled with his wife Cristina, his children and his father, Valenti, who is not allowed to go to the Bernabeu not to suffer.

Several players quickly left the team hotel in Yokohama, as the Brazilian group, bound for Akihabara, the technology area. Of course, long nap were prohibited in order to overcome jet lag quickly. (via MD)

Puyol: “the team want to keep making history”

“We are full of excitement and very keen”, according to the FC Barcelona captain and Dani Alves was also clear that: “we are all very focussed on this marvellous opportunity”

Carles Puyol and Dani Alves spoke to the massed ranks of the media in Yokohama, following the first training session at the training ground of Yokohama Marinos. Both players were clear that after the win at the Bernabeu: "the team are coming in to the game full of confidence", whilst insisting that game is in the past: "we are very happy for all the praise, but we know this is always tough. We are full of excitement and very keen, though well aware that it's going to be hard", explained the Barça captain.

Puyol explained: "we are coming to win. This team wish to continue to make history", whilst Alves made it clear: "we are all very focussed on this marvellous opportunity to take part in the Club World Cup. We are centred on this competition, which we have reached through hard work and doing things the right way".

Puyol and Alves again showed respect for Thursday's rivals Al-Sadd: "if Al-Sadd have made it into the semi-finals, it's because they are a good team. We will analyse them and try and beat them".

Puyol also expressed his satisfaction at the reception the team have been given in Japan: "we have always been treated well here. We are proud to see so many Barça fans and we hope to give them something to smile about on Thursday". (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Barça B] Riverola, the means that always completes

Gradually, the squad will win a place in the most demanding online Barça B, where Dos Santos, Sergi Roberto, Rafinha ...

Marti Riverola is a wonder regularly in midfield that continues to distill actions talent. The blaugrana jumped into the covers with his witty response before debuting Tuesday in the Champions League. "I have prepared a lifetime," he said. And three days later ended his magical week playing the whole game against Almeria and scoring the tying goal to two.

"It was a very special week, Almería shame that tied at the end. The team has been very good and we will follow up. We are a very competitive team and everyone is able to play, but we must learn to secure the win and this is achieved based games, "said the midfielder, born on January 26, 1991 in Barcelona.

The medium is more sure of his chances after playing the second half of last season at Vitesse, the Dutch Eredivisie (played 15 games as a starter with the 'Chapi' Ferrer on the bench). "I returned from Holland with confidence. Also gained a lot of competitiveness in a demanding category as Dutch First Division. It was one of the best times of my life as a footballer, which is short yet, "said Marti Riverola.

Indeed, his brief stage in Arnhem not made him forget the studies of Business Administration underway in the IQS and approved three subjects although unable to attend class. (via SPORT)

Guardiola: "At stake is the chance to become the World’s best team"

Speaking at a press conference this morning in Japan, Pep Guardiola insisted on the need to acclimatise to the local time zone and to show maximum respect for the team’s semi-final opponents Al Sadd

Josep Guardiola spoke to the media in his first press conference since the team arrived in Japan for the FIFA Club World Cup and explained that he had told the players: "not to blow the chance to win the World Club Cup - it's an opportunity that doesn't come around too often. At stake is the chance to become the World's best team". The boss also insisted that the players needed to adapt to the Japanese local time zone and to show maximum respect for their semi-final rivals Al Sadd: "there could be plenty of surprises".

Guardiola was wary of taking on the role of favourites: "we won't be the best team in the world until we win this", and explained: "we have the responsibility to show our very best".

In a packed press conference, Guardiola again showed his human side, referring to the disastrous earthquake and Tsunami that struck Japan last March: "I hope Japan can recover as soon as possible. Coming back here is always an honour". (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Guardiola: "I told the players not to miss this opportunity"]
The coach has not spoken of el clásico is totally focused on the Club World Cup, a tournament "in which we play the best team in the world.

Pep Guardiola , Carles Puyol and Dani Alves have offered an introductory news conference for grabs at the World Cup after the first training session held at Nippon lands in the Sports City of Yokohama Marinos , hotel close to the concentration of Barcelona , which has offered the press conference. Guardiola has emphasized that "I told the players not to miss this opportunity to win the World Cup is an opportunity that comes when it comes."

The coach, who has revealed that the players are partying until lunchtime tomorrow, Tuesday, to make more bearable the concentration ensures that the talk with the staff before training "there have been references to the mother's side, all What has been said is that above all we must try to catch and schedule here and do not miss this opportunity, do not let them escape, because we play the best team in the world " .

He has shown all his respect for Al Sadd of Qatar, a rival in the semifinals, and all the teams and has admitted that it makes a great souvenir of the Intercontinental lost as a player: "We played at noon, it was hot, I will not adapted to jet lag, and we played against a great team. They were much better than us " . This time he says that "we hope to play a good standard and make a good impression" .

Regarding the Madrid did not want to throw the rooftops or come to appreciate the superiority Barca: "We are very close to each other. They are leaders, not that much difference, although we have been fortunate to beat them several times over the years " he said. (via MD)

First training in Japanese lands

Nearly a hundred international media and many fans have followed the first session in Yokohama.

Great excitement in the first training of FC Barcelona in Yokohama, ​​a city where houses and play their games the Club World Cup. Los de Guardiola have been trained to a high expectation of the media and Japanese fans. After being received in the early morning at Narita Airport, outside Tokyo, for about a hundred enthusiastic fans Nipponese with the colors of the team, Barça delegation to attend two official FIFA commitments.

Early in the 23 players and the coach, Josep Guardiola , have attended the photo session of the competition and a technical talk Instructor FIFA referees, Steve Bennett, with whom to talk and discuss videos on the regulation the tournament.

At noon (local time), Barcelona has been trained in the field of local computer training Yokohama Marinos, where he waited nearly a hundred international media and many fans who were at the gates and curious peered out from the surrounding buildings.

Guardiola scheduled a very gentle workout for about an hour in which the players performed balloon stretching, rounds, races and a chat with the coaching staff.

The Training Center Yokohama Marinos , which already has a store of FC Barcelona, ​​FC Barcelona has offered to issue a quarter hour of training open to media, while the rest of the exercises were performed behind closed doors.

Today is the first step in the preparation of the FC Barcelona play in Japan before, on Thursday, one of the Club World Cup semifinals at the Al Sadd of Qatar, which got rid of the Tunisian Esperance in the quarterfinals of the tournament 2-1. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Madrid, a bargain for Guardiola

In League, only blancos have added a 21-point against Barça with ccach's Pep.
Only Malaga, that knows not victory, with the worst record since 2008.
Even Segundas like Numancia, Hercules and Deportivo they accumulate better numbers.

Real Madrid is a real bargain for Pep Guardiola . Since the summer of 2008 took charge of FC Barcelona first team, the Santpedor has faced in the league seven times the blancos, and has only yielded a tie , the second round of last season. The other six victories, some humiliating as the 2-6, the 5-0 or the 1-3 at times Saturday.

The records of Madrid are very poor . Incredible for a team that disputes the championship to Barça. In fact, the other thirteen teams who have been in the last four seasons First, only the worst numbers Malaga accumulates as it has lost six games against Barça. The other teams at least have picked a tie as the blancos, but most have accumulated two or more points.

This is the classification of teams against Pep First Team:

Atlético 6 of 21 29%
Espanyol 4 of 18 22%
Getafe 4 of 21 19%
Mallorca 4 of 21 19%
Osasuna 4 of 21 19%
Valencia 3 of 21 14%
Athletic 2 of 21 10%
Sevilla 2 of 21 10%
Villarreal 2 of 21 10%
Racing 1 of 21 5%
Sporting 1 of 21 5%
Madrid 1 of 21 5%
Málaga 0 of 18 0%

More bad that many Second Div.

Of the others first, have better statistics Real Sociedad , which has added September 4 (44%), Betis , with a 1 in 6 (17%), and Levante , with 1 in 9 (11%). But other teams who play in Second Division A as Numancia and Hercules , who won one of the two games against Guardiola: Soriano in the first round of the 2008/2009 and Alicante in the second of the 2010/2011 . Deportivo scored two points in two draws, one at Pep's first season and another in the third, last. (via MD)

[Youth] FCB Juvenil A 3 - 3 Badalona CF

The guys from Oscar Garcia has faced a wrestler Badalona has advanced by 1-3 in the first half. Dongou made ​​a real display of good football and Sandro has signed a major hat-trick,

The Junior A has not been imposed at Badalona in the Ciudad Deportiva in a very open game that could have been decided in favor of both teams. The azulgranas have taken the lead of the game throughout the match, but the visiting team has not been collected and provided a very determined approach has hampered the day the team of Oscar Garcia. This tie keeps Barca in the second place in the standings and away from the current leader, Espanyol, which is 6 points with a game more.

The Badalona has stood up to the guys from Oscar Garcia in the first half and the surprise has come to rest ahead by 1-3. The azulgranas have dominated the game but could not realize their chances for good defensive action of the visitors. Barca has a hard time finding holes rival the strong pressure that has come with a very bold and has played with great intent.

A great combination of Cristian Herrera and Dongou at minute 7 has been about to open the scoring for the locals, but a few minutes later, it's first attempt Badalona in a move of Michael, who, after a around, kick a ball that has passed very close to the goal of Bañuz. Finally, it was the visitors who opened the can with a goal from Moha on 24 minutes. The striker took advantage of a rebound Badalona to bring the ball to the back of the net. On the second goal of the rival, has arrived in the 27th minute on a well executed action that Michael has headed in a magnificent center of Robert from the right.

The azulgranas have not thrown in the towel at this result and Sandro, in minute 30, has got a nice 1-2 in play with Dongou. The party, however, has again been difficult for the children of Oscar Garcia at minute 41, when, due to an inaccuracy defense, Dani has surpassed Bañuz and scored the third goal for his team.

The Junior A has not dropped their arms in no time and has reacted in the second half. Sandro has taken Patri center and scored the 2-3 on 69 minutes after breaking the offside trap and overcome Vergara. From this goal, the azulgranas have become the domain of the party and the chances have come and gone, until Sandro, again, has signed a splendid hat-trick in the final minutes of play. Dongou, after a spectacular cut, has the player assistance canary, who has not missed. Late in the game, the club has had several arrivals on goal, but could not specify any.

Barca will have the opportunity to meet again with the victory on Thursday, where he will face in Girona game in the ninth game of the season that was canceled by rain. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Technical Data]
FC Barcelona: Bañuz, Edu, Grimaldo, Bagnack, Ayala, Samper, Babunski (Patri, min 46), Quintillà (Miguel Ángel, min 46), Cristian Herrera (Pol Calvet, min 69), Sandro Ramírez, Dongou.

Badalona CF: Marc Vergara, Rosell, Fabricio, Carrasco, Gebran, Tarsi (Álvaro, min 90), Robert, Jorge (Estelles, min 87), Moha, Miguel (Alberto, min 76), Dani (Anas, min 75).

Goals: 0-1, Moha, min 24; 0-2, Miguel, min 27; 1-2, Sandro, min 30; 1-3, Dani, min 41; 2-3, Sandro, min 69, y 3-3, Sandro, min 84.

The 'jet lag' attacks Gerard Pique

The centre-back of Barça complained in his Facebook profile that passed six in the morning in Yokohama were him impossible reconcile the dream again.

FC Barcelona's centre-back Gerard Piqué Sunday lamented his lack of sleep in middle of the night from Yokohama, in a message issued from his Facebook account.

"It's 6:36 a.m. here in Yokohama and I can not sleep more !!!", lamented Piqué.

However, the Barca centre-back place that pluck Monday Nippon ground training and get to know the country better. "Within a few hours training and then go to Tokyo to enjoy the culture and know a little."

Finally, Piqué ended his message with a message of love to the country. In "I'm really excited about being in Japan!" He said. (via SPORT)

Ramalho: "The 1 - 3 of Barça in the clásico fell short"

Santos coach, can rival FC Barcelona in a hypothetical World Cup final clubs, praised the good performance of Barca at the Bernabeu against Real Madrid, who "played like he wanted to" and said that "every time I see them play better ".

The Santos' coach Brazilian Muricy Ramalho on Sunday praised the good work of FC Barcelona in the match played on Saturday at the Santiago Bernabeu against Real Madrid.

In a radio interview that collects Web Terra in Brazil , Ramalho spared no praise for Guardiola's charges.

"Madrid did what every team: to press Barça from the beginning, but it is impossible to maintain that level throughout the match. Barça won his pace gradually and played as he pleased," said the Brazilian coach, who added that the "the 1 to 3 was a short result" to the merits of both teams.

Ramalho Be honest about Barça and had no qualms in assuming that "every time I see them play better." Santos coach continued his analysis of clásico and praise the game Barca. "The best team in the world. They play clean, even a clásico. It's a team that likes to play football," he said.

Ramalho considered key to try to score before the ship in a hypothetical match in the World Cup final clubs. From there, "the objective is to wait, narrow the field and gather good lines of defense and midfield." However, the coach of Santos highlighted the difficulty of such premises. "It's all talk. In practice, the ball falls at the feet of a Xavi or Iniesta and change everything," he lamented.

The Brazilian coach felt that the approach of Athletic Bilbao and Getafe in the last league commitments with Barça could offer hope but no reference could serve as "the Getafe was very lucky" and "Athletic field has benefited from a very wet and Barca was impaired because the ball was too fast. "

Ramalho also highlighted the fact that Barça "break the mold of those who think they know everything. They play without a striker, with three defenders and five midfielders." "They end up with those artists who think football should be defensive," he added. (via SPORT)

Worldwide press praises FC Barcelona

Newspapers and digital news outlets from across the globe praise Barça’s victory over Madrid. All the players get a special mention and Madrid’s dailies talk of Barça’s “paseo” (easy win) at the Bernabéu.

"Another exhibition at the Bernabéu" Mundo Deportivo

"Heroes!" Sport

"From Madrid to heaven" El 9

"Walk in the park at Catellana" Marca

"The best team won" AS

"Barça is once again superior to Madrid" El Mundo

"Mourinho can't beat Pep" La Razón

"Barça imposes its passing style" Público

"Barça once again makes the clásico bitter for Madrid at the Santiago Bernabeu" La Vanguardia

"Iniesta puts Madrid at his feet" El País

"Pep Show Boys" Olé (Argentina)

"Barça was the life of the party at the Bernabéu" Clarín (Argentina)

"Undeniable" L'Équipe (France)

"Legendary Barça" La Gazzeta dello Sport (Italy)

"Barcelona, the law of the strongest" Corriere della Sera (Italy)

"The team led by Pep Guardiola was spectacular" O'Globo (Brazil)

"The victory reaffirms Barça’s dominance and brilliant ball control" New York Times (USA)

"Alexis' performance was excellent" La Tercera (Chile). (via FCBarcelona.cat)