09 December 2011

[Ex-player&coach] Rexach: "It's el clásico more open recent times"

Charly predicted a very tight encounter during a ceremony in the capital along with the white myth Emilio Butragueño. Barcelona and Madrid represented in the presentation of the campaign "Together for Africa", led by La Caixa.

The ex-player and ex-coach of FC Barcelona Charly Rexach today acknowledged an act of solidarity in the capital that "Real Madrid is frankly better than last year" , so it has predicted "the most open of el clásico last time "this Saturday at 22 o'clock at the Santiago Bernabeu.

"I want a victory, even for the minimum. A 1-2 would be fine . Both teams arrive at the peak of the season and, truth be told, Real Madrid has improved. Individually always had good team, but now as a whole has made ​​tremendous progress, "praised Rexach.

Rexach sponsored the charity campaign "Together for Africa '(www.juntosxafrica.com) , led by the Social Work laCaixa with the collaboration of the foundations of FC Barcelona and Real Madrid , represented in the act by Emilio Butragueño . Following the same, Charly told that Real Madrid is "one of those teams without too much you can sentence a game", so Barca made ​​clear the slogan: "Mucha precaución".

In any case, Rexach wanted to play down because "life goes on" after the game. "I see the game without passion and when a team plays better than another is to be congratulated," he said, aware that "football has the advantage that a team can win sometimes lower."

Jaime Lanaspa , executive director of la Obra Social La Caixa, said they have opened joint account 2100-0900-91-0211634155 with a contribution of 100,000 euros , while the two clubs have given exclusive material with a sweepstakes to promote the participation of citizens. Contributions can be made ​​on Friday December 9, the eve of the derby, until next April 22 , day of the second leg. The initiative is part of the program of International Cooperation of la Obra Social La Caixa and its commitment to help alleviate the suffering of victims of humanitarian crises. Africa is suffering the worst drought in 60 years, with more than thirteen million people affected. (via MD)

Karanka: "We will not change anything because it is Barça"

Aitor Karanka, Real Madrid assistant coach has now spoken to the press instead of Jose Mourinho, has said that Real Madrid will play in the same way that has done so far, and that the meeting will play three points, as in the remaining league games.

"We're fine, in good line and facing all games in the same way. It's one more game. It is true that it is a direct rival, but do not change anything, there are three points that will not change anything," said .

The vitoriano also assured that team won't be relaxed by the difference that separates him of the azulgrana in League: Undoubtedly we don't sign the tie, I eat it was already demonstrated in Amsterdam", he affirmed. Nor did the second of Mourinho any track on the possible system that Real Madrid will use in the encounter, neither on the forward that will leave as regular. (via AS)

Schedule for FIFA Clubs World Cup in Japan

Once the clásico at the Bernabéu is over, the FC Barcelona first team will be led by president Sandro Rosell to Japan. The team will stay in Yokohama, venue for the FIFA Clubs World Cup, for nine days.

Real Madrid and FC Barcelona will play on Saturday night at 22.00. The Barça squad will fly to the capital on the day of the match and won't be back home until December 19, nine days later. That's because they'll be flying direct from Madrid to Japan for the FIFA Clubs World Cup.

FC Barcelona will head for Tokyo at 1.30 in the morning, because they have to arrive at Narita Airport before it closes. Because of the rush, none of the players will be able to speak to the media after the Madrid match.

The flight will take about 11 hours and the team will then be transferred by coach to their hotel in Yokohama, where they will rest until Monday, when preparations begin at 11.00 at the Yokohama Marinos training ground for the semi final of the FIFA Clubs World Cup, after which two players and the manager will give a press conference.

At the late Tuesday session, there will be a solidarity event in which the players will wear commemorative shirts and will be pictured along with children representing the victims of Fukushima.

On Wednesday and Thursday the team has further training sessions before the first game in the competition kicks off on December 15 at 19.30. The Wednesday session will be at the match venue itself, the International Stadium Yokohama, and Pep Guardiola and one player will be talking to the media, all of this at a time yet to be announced.

If Barça win their semi final, they will play the final on Sunday at 19.30. If not, they will play off for third place the same day at 16.30, with both games being played at the International Stadium in Yokohama.

Barça will have trained for this match on Friday at 11.00, and also on Saturday at a time and place to be decided. Before the Saturday session, Guardiola and one player will be giving a press conference.

On the same Saturday at 19.00 there will be an official FIFA reception involving one representative of each finalist club.

FCB will return to Barcelona on Monday. They will be due back at El Prat Airport at 18.00. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Sunday, 11 December
22.30 Arrival in Tokyo

Monday, 12 December
11.00 FCB training session (CE YOKOHAMA MARINOS). First 15 minutes open
13.15 Presentation press conference at team hotel

Tuesday, 13 December
18.00 FCB training session (CE YOKOHAMA MARINOS). Solidarity event with victims of Fukushima

Wednesday, 14 December
Official pre-semi final press conference (time to be confirmed)
FCB training session (INTERNATIONAL STADIUM) (time to be confirmed). First 15 minutes open

Thursday, 15 December
10.00 FCB training session
19.30 Semi finals of Clubs World Cup

Friday, 16 December
11.00 FCB training session (CE YOKOHAMA MARINOS)

Saturday, 17 December
Official pre-match press conference (time and place to be confirmed)
FCB training session (time and place to be confirmed). First 15 minutes open
19.00 Official FIFA reception with representatives of each team

Sunday, 18 December
16.30 Third place play off
19.30 Clubs World Cup Final

[Barça B] Marc Bartra to sign contract renewal at 19:00 this Friday

His buyout clause will be set at 12 million euros until the end of the season, and then jump to 30 million for the remainder of his contract (2013/14).

Marc Bartra will sign a new contract with FC Barcelona through 2014 this Friday at 19:00. The Club announced Bartra’s renewal deal, with a buyout clause set at 12 million euros until the end of the season and jump to 30 million until 2013/14, this Wednesday. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Thiago Alcántara earns second place in Golden Boy 2011 award

The Italian daily newspaper ‘Tuttosport’ revealed the winner of the Golden Boy 2011 award, the best under 21 player in Europe. Mario Götze, Borussia Dortmund player, is this year’s winner and Eden Hazard, Lille, finished third.

Thiago’s talent and development with Barça and the Spanish national side earned him second position in this year's Golden Boy award, only bested by the 19 year-old Mario Götze, who is part of the Borussia Dortmund squad, champions of the Bundesliga.

Thiago will never forget 2011. In January, Andoni Zubizarreta confirmed that the Spanish-Brazilian midfielder would be a full time first team player. At the of the of 2010/11 season Thiago made regular appearances for Guardiola’s Barça, furthermore, he scored two goals. In July, he renewed his contract with Barça through 2015. This summer he was part of Spain’s Under 21 squad that won the Euro Cup and he was named MVP of the championship match. He then went on to complete a spectacular pre-season with the first team and on September 6th, he made his debut for the Spanish national side against Liechtenstein. Closing out this calendar year, Thiago is one of Guardiola’s most used players on the pitch.

The prize, given out every year since 2003, is considered to be the Ballon d’Or for young footballers playing in Europe. The award is decided by the votes of 30 sport reporters from across Europe. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Golden Boy winners

2003 Van der Vaart (Ajax)
2004 Rooney (Manchester United)
2005 Messi (FC Barcelona)
2006 Cesc (Arsenal)
2007 Agüero (Atlético Madrid)
2008 Anderson (Manchester United)
2009 Pato (Milan)
2010 Balotelli (Manchester City)
2011 Goetze (Borussia Dortmund)

De Oliveira: "With Rosell stay in Japan"

Santos's President, owner of Neymar club has spent a few days in Barcelona and says' I have a gift for him ... and not Neymar ".

Taking advantage of his visit to Barcelona, ​​MD contacted the president of the Santos to see first hand what the future may hold for Neymar after 2014 and how to go to Barca , their possible opponents in the Club World Cup final on 18 December.

Before starting the conversation, Luis Alvaro de Oliveira Ribeiro makes clear that "I'm in Barcelona to rest a few days. My visit has nothing to do with Neymar . I come to do some sightseeing. Neymar Renewing exhausted and needed to let me recover a bit before traveling to Japan, "the highest representative of the Brazilian club, which will fly to Singapore today where he will spend two days before reaching Nagoya on Monday to join the expedition of the Santos.

After renewing a Neymar until 2014, President Santos said that his intention is to retain its star many years. "Our project goes through having Neymar at Santos. Now we have over 40,000 members and in three years we want to reach 100,000. We want to compete with the best clubs in the world and for that we need to Neymar in our team. " In fact, when presented that offers equal to, what equipment would sell Neymar , if Barca or Madrid, De Oliveira replied "Santos. Neymar has a passion for the Santos. With us playing as a child, sports within the field and not have to answer to any tactical scheme, but has total freedom ", argues the president. Although in their plans was seen with Sandro Rosell has finally reconsidered its position. "I was going to call to see us, but I know you are very busy with the classic stay with him in Japan. I have a gift for him and not Neymar" he jokes. Luis Alvaro admits that keeps a good relationship with Sandro since they met in the tribute to Ronaldo last June. "We both have the same idea of running a club. We want the team win titles déespectáculo and do business over the entity. A football club is a business," he says. "I know that Sandro is making adjustments in the budget, but because he found a very large debt, which fortunately we do not have at Santos," he adds.

In order to keep a player from Barca , Luis Alvaro de Oliveira Ribeiro did not hesitate for a moment. "Xavi would sign. It is a player that I love for his elegance, his vision of a football game ... It reminds me of classic or Kubala Evaristo," he adds. Santos president even said that "I propose to change our goalkeeper Fabio Sandro Costa, who has not played a lot, Xavi. At best, I say no," he says jokingly, recalling that "he and I made a proposal for Neymar but I declined. "

After visiting Camp Nou on Wednesday, the president of Santos acknowledged that "I was impressed. It is an amazing stadium. I also liked the museum and the store." After seeing the Barca inside and review your history, the president of Santos now expects to be measured at the Catalan side in the World Cup final clubs. "It would be a historic final," he admits.

While acknowledging that Barça is a team "with cracks and in turn playing as a team," Santos's President believes that favoritism is not valid in a final. "I have a childhood trauma with Maracanazo and from then on I don't believe in favoritisms. Uruguay won us the World cup at home when Brazil had everything going for, so a party can happen," says. (via MD)

[Former players] Deco and Belleti have it clearing for el clásico: It will "cost more, but we will win"

The two ex azulgrana recognizes that Real Madrid is strong, but they trust Barça from face to the visit in Santiago Bernabéu.

El clásico of Santiago Bernabéu paralyze the world and of course Brazil, a country of great football tradition, is no exception. Specifically in the city of Sao Paulo two former Catalans who are part of the recent history of Barca and will encourage his Barça from a distance. Juliano Belletti, the hero of Paris, and Deco, one of the pillars of Rijkaard's Barça, concurred that "this will be a more even classical." Both confirmed that Barça is "as good as always," but admits that "Madrid is now stronger. Mourinho has managed to make a strong team both defensively and offensively," said Belletti. "Madrid is playing better. I think they've gotten to meet as a team," said Deco. However, both documents have blind faith in the Barca of Guardiola. "If there is a team that can win this Madrid stronger, as it has done before, it is precisely this Barça," they warn. "Let him see more difficult does not mean you do not trust in the victory of my team," Deco highlights.

If anyone knows Jose Mourinho and Cristiano Ronaldo, two not very well seen in the Camp Nou, that's Deco. With the Portuguese champion of Europe with Porto in 2004 and has shared the front lot of matches in the Portuguese national team. Despite the image that both transmit cocky, Deco is subtracted importance to it. "A long time ago not to work with him, but coaching remains the same: use everything in their power to win," said Fluminense midfielder now. Cristiano says "do not know what image can have it from Barcelona, ​​but in my opinion is not cool. We each have our ways. I have it a great person and a good friend." Whether the meeting will be a duel between Messi and Cristiano, Deco explains that "in football there are matches between two players, but they both play for the team need to play well. Still, Deco does make it clear that both are vital to their teams. "Barca without Messi is a great team, but Messi is extraordinary, as happens to Madrid with or without Cristiano," emphasizes the Portuguese.

Belletti, meanwhile, believes that "Barça is more dependent on the Madrid Messi Cristiano." Of course, if you have to be one of the two, there is no doubt. "If I could sign one, would choose Messi with his eyes closed." The lateral ex "remember that I saw that kid from a very young and already doing his show apart. Leo surprised me not to come, but to keep that level all these years so spectacular," added Belletti.

Deco and Belletti both agree that "this clásico will not decide the championship. The League stadiums wins in small teams, not in the Bernabeu," said Belletti, while Deco says that "Barca have to win to cut, but a draw would do well because there is much league. " FC Barcelona's hopes go for a good result. (via MD)

Higuaín or Benzema, a problem for 'Mou'

The Argentinean forward that points with clarity to the stool, will know on Saturday that is plate of second table.

The first encounter of towering voltage that Real Madrid will confront will put light and stenographers to José Mourinho's preferences on the regular forward. So far and due to the great quantity of parties that should have disputed the white team, as much Benzema as Higuaín have enjoyed many opportunities, with many minutes for both. But there comes a clásico, that is, the moment of truth when the Madrid coach will make clear who is preferred. And all indications are that Benzema has all the numbers to form in the starting lineup at the expense of Argentina. And therein lies the problem. Higuain check in the first game of bells is second table plate and Mourinho remains to be seen how it takes the 'Pipita'. No one can argue that Benzema is going through a great form, the better since I landed two summers ago at the Santiago Bernabeu gold price, but it is obvious that Higuain has responded to perfection this season have been required if your services. With a high efficiency scorer Higuain is proving that the herniated disc injury martyred him last season and forced him to undergo surgery in the United States has been finally back. Higuain is at his best, but tomorrow Saturday when they officially unveil the lineup of Real Madrid against Barca, the Argentine will be clear that the Portuguese coach preferences clearly point to Benzema. (via SPORT)

Indignation in the cantera of Madrid for the favor treatment to Mendes

Pedro Mendes, defender of the branch, played before Ajax happening for before players formed in the club.

If anyone doubted the tremendous power that the agent Jorge Mendes has at Real Madrid, the events in Amsterdam you can clear the unknowns. Pedro Mendes, substitute striker who is customary in the Castilla, jumped onto the field on 67 minutes replacing Arbeloa. It was the only player in the lower categories Amsterdam displaced could enjoy a few minutes of glory in the Champions League.

Through the ranks at Real Madrid this decision set a burnt horn, especially when he realized that Pedro Mendes why the other hand, with no family ties do you have as its agent Jorge Mendes, the representative who takes the affairs of prominent players first team since Jose Mourinho. Having as its agent Jorge Mendes seems to prevail on the merits sports, because otherwise difficult to understand how Pedro Mendes had the chance to play in the Champions League despite a regular substitute in the Castilla and other players, headlines the subsidiary, the desire to stay with his debut in the first team despite the insignificance of the crash.

Moreover, history is not new because the player was treated Mendes and just exquisite land in Madrid. Last summer, five days to reach Valdebebas to join the training of Castile, and was summoned to the Santiago Bernabeu Trophy, reaching the final minutes play replacing Marcelo.

Mendes has only played three times in the Castilla holder, but in the eyes of Mourinho seems to be ahead of other pearls of the quarry, incredulously contemplating favoritism towards the protection of Portuguese.

The unrest among the players of the club's lower teams target is evident. Yesterday, a lad of Real Madrid C, Fran Sol, said in his twitter account: "At Madrid's youth system we are upset and denotes favoritism." Logically related to what happened in Amsterdam. Realizing the consequences, he corrected himself: "I feel everything that is happening, a friend took my phone, which do not need to get the password, and has made these statements because they are upset with the situation. What crap has tried to help me. " (via SPORT)

The template of Barca win in Madrid convinced the 3-4-3 or the 4-3-3

Since coming to the bench, Pep Guardiola has breathed ambition team that has banished the traditional victimization that weighed down the entity.

A single day of the most anticipated yet another clásico in the locker room atmosphere is Barcelona FC of total trust and confidence that the team added three points tomorrow at the Bernabeu.

The three victories in the Camp Nou against Rayo (4-0), Levante (5-0) and BATE (4-0) have served to further raise morale in a group that accumulates the arguments for both optimism . In fact, there is assurance that the team is able to defeat rivals in his feud with a 3-4-3 or the more traditional 4-3-3.

In this sense, the players still do not know which of them will be decided Pep Guardiola and also know the side that will jump to the Coliseum turf Madrid. And no better reason than the successes of the past three seasons, with memorable performances at the Bernabeu as the 0-2 last season in the Champions League, the 0-2 two seasons ago and the historic 2-6 of three years ago (the last two league tournament in).

The team is eager to prove that his doubts away from Camp Nou respond to circumstantial causes and wants to do in the best possible scenario. In addition, comments on everything from land arrived in Madrid to highlight the white favoritism forgetting everything that has made this team have only further encourage the locker room.

So much so that not even contemplate the tie. Whilst highlighting the enormous difficulty of the enterprise and do not forget the great time running through the Real Madrid players want to travel to Japan to contest the Club World and First leaders (with a game more than the Madrid box, yes ).

Within the team there is a strong belief that they will be able to deal a severe blow to its rival with any of the two systems. With the most dangerous of them, the 3-4-3, the club has signed some great results at the Camp Nou with a win vital endorsed in San Siro against Milan (2-3) which meant qualification for the knockout of the Champions League as group winners. And the 4-3-3 system has been has elevated the team since the arrival of Pep, with the conquest of three league titles, two Champions League and Club World Cup as major achievements.

In this sense, the great mobility of its players allow the technician to maintain the mystery until the last minute. Therefore, it could wait for the afternoon session or even the team talk before the game tomorrow to make a decision. The team relies heavily on that Guardiola will know to choose the best tactics and is available to death with his coach. If I could do, the template for the win bet without hesitation for a moment. (via SPORT)

Cesc, wanting to pull out the spine of the clásicos of children

In the Supercup only played ten minutes and is very motivated now it can be the first holder Madrid-Barcelona.

The clásicos professional teething Cesc Fabregas much better than in his time as a juvenile at the club. The Arenys suffered two defeats in 1999 with 12 years of hurt him a lot and you are returning little by little, immersed in the football elite. On Saturday, in his first visit as Catalans at the Bernabeu, try to inflict another blow to Real Madrid.

His first was in Madrid-Barcelona International Tournament played at Brunete June 1999 Football 7 mode. Both teams played the final and current Sporting defender Alberto Lora thwarted dreams one of the emerging generation of the famous 87 with a hat-trick. The Madrid lifted the trophy after winning 3-2 in a thrilling final.

Cesc, Pique, Victor Vasquez and Marc Valiente -Messi had not yet arrived, they had another opportunity to measure their strength with the white Christmas of that year. The final of Football 7 Tournament was held at the Palau Sant Jordi with 12,000 spectators in the stands and the presence on the stage of ex-White, Lorenzo Sanz. At his side he accompanied the former Barca vice president Josep Musssons. A free kick by the 'Pirates' Esteban Granero ended in the back of the net and caused devastation among children who ran Ursicinio Lopez (0-1). Cesc also did not enjoy much confidence from the coach and was a substitute in his only season in which he was too much time on the bench.

The Arenys had the first chance to settle scores in the clash between Madrid and Arsenal in the knockout stages of the Champions of 2006. Fabregas stole the ball which allowed Henry scoring the only goal of the tie in the first leg at the Bernabeu. Those 'gunners' they would arrive until the final one that would in fact lose against Barça in Paris.

Cesc did not play the first leg of the Supercup final this year. His signing was announced to the rest of the match in the Bernabeu and arrived at dawn to Barcelona. He played the last ten minutes of the second half and held its first title as FC Barcelona. (via SPORT)

Guardiola 3 - 1 Mourinho

Pep beat the luso in League, Champions and Supercopa de España. Mou won in Cup. Tomorrow, 8º assault.

Josep Guardiola and José Mourinho, as coach of FC Barcelona and Real Madrid respectively, have measured their forces in seven games. And now, the front is for the Catalan coach, which leads into Portuguese by a comfortable 3-1. In the other three games there was no victor nor vanquished. In the eighth pulse starts with the Santpedor advantage that comes from winning the last match (Supercopa of Spain, back, and the title) and has never bowed the knee at the Santiago Bernabeu.

In the seven previous five last season and two in the present, has always been some constants that have not changed even remotely. For example, the drawing of the FC Barcelona: 4-3-3. It has not been the case with Real Madrid, has raised el clásico with various schemes depending on the circumstances. Another constant has been the occasions that have generated both teams. The danger is usually around the domains of the two goalkeepers. And also, all matches have been played in the press room, especially as regards the Luso, which has allowed the license to release as it has been pleased to disparage the victories of FC Barcelona and to crucify the referees. Excuses sore loser. But when things go well, has suffered a sudden attack of amnesia and can not remember or the opponent or the judge. You can not say that it is precisely consistent goal or ...

As the chapter on goals, Pep also dominates Joseph. The Catalan team has scored 14 goals to Madrid and the Portuguese 7, half of Barca. This figure records the intentions of both teams facing el clásico. A victory would leave Barca Pep Mou touched the Madrid, which lost by a landslide. (via SPORT)

Florentino and Sandro, together with the press after eight months

The two presidents failed to appear from el clásico league from April 16. Speak at 14 am in the Hotel Ritz in Madrid, before the official lunch.

atalunya Ràdio has confirmed that finally the presidents of FC Barcelona and of Real Madrid, Sandro Rosell and Florentine Pérez, they will appear together to assist to the media instants before the official food of the clubs that will take place at two in the afternoon in the Hotel Ritz of the capital.

Journalist Xavier Campos explained that in recent days the department's communication protocol and Barca has studied the desirability of Rosell re-appear next to Florentino and has chosen to return to normalizing strained relations since the end of the last season.

It is necessary to remember that the last wheel of combined press was before el clásico liguero of the second turn in Santiago Bernabéu, April 16, and avoided it in the final of the Copa del Rey, in the two semifinal games Champions and the two that opened this season, the European Super Cup. (via MD)

Piqué and Villa regulars, the bet of mundodeportivo.com for el clásico

The forecast goes for Gerard at the expense of Puyol and 'Guaje' before Alexis and Pedro,.
Pep Guardiola will begin to test the team this Friday morning behind closed doors.
Bet you also about the 'once' that can occur before the Madrid Barca Mourinho.

The first team will present Pep Guardiola at the Bernabeu on Saturday in the crucial league match against Real Madrid , is the center of Barcelona in the hours before the game. All in all gatherings and forums, the big debate is whether to bet on a technical defense of three or four and have been opened if the pools on who or who will occupy the axis of the rear and two companions have Messi in the attack. Mundodeportivo.com also wants to participate and make your bet on the starting line of el clásico.

Despite Guardiola has innovated far from the stage of the Dream Team, which is leaving its own imprint football, his tactical Decalogue is similar to Johan Cruyff . And two of the fundamental laws of the decalogue are more effective defending the forwards coach available to rival and generating superiority in midfield . This dominates the opponent and thus controls the game.

Cruyff played Barca almost always with a 3-4-3 because rivals opposed a clásico 4-4-2 or 5-3-2 which became fashionable in the early nineties. Whenever two points, Van Basten and Gullit in Milan, Hugo Sanchez and Butragueño at Real Madrid ... Now, Guardiola has also been able to use the 3-4-3 because no team attacks him with more than two men. But Real Madrid will on Saturday with three: Di Maria and Christian gangs in Higuain and Benzema or in the center . Three front and three with an enormous capacity to overflow, so Barça needs in every action to make a free man coverage . This leads us to think that Guardiola will play back four ahead of Victor Valdes , who would Alves, Piqué, Mascherano and Abidal . The sides are indisputable, the Argentine defender is more fit, as Guardiola and Gerard see more options than the captain for two reasons: his best outing of the ball and he has food to Christian morality in one on one .

In the midfield, no doubt. Busquets , Iniesta and Xavi , the best midfield in the history of Barca, are indisputable regardless of the opponent and the stage. And the superiority we mentioned, we believe that Pep's generated with Cesc as false '9 ' . Messi , start, fall to the right to avoid contact with two physically very strong core and Sergio Ramos and Pepe , with the Madrid decisively won over Carvalho . The big question, we think, is the third attacker. Villa , Alexis and Pedro are the three candidates. In mundodeportivo.com bet on the 'Guaje'. Because Guardiola gave us a clue to the Levant and reserving for the Chilean and the canary are better revolting that the Spaniard in the face of the second half.

Thus, our forecast would be the team of Victor Valdes, Alves, Piqué, Mascherano, Abidal, Busquets, Xavi, Iniesta, Messi, Cesc and Villa. Bet you also for the eleventh of Pep!

Iniesta: "This is the best Barça I've ever played"

Barca midfielder today reviewed the team a few days of the classic and the Club World Cup.

Andres Iniesta removed a thorn in 2009 by winning the Club World Cpu in Abu Dhabi after the first attempt failed in 2006.

"It's a very significant event, very important, it is very difficult to reach it because you have to win the Champions League and that is, today, very complicated. Hopefully the sensation returns to be good this time," said the manchego to FIFA.com.

Barca suffered a lot to do with the only title missing in his resume is that as Iniesta, it was one of the titles suffered. "Sometimes we do seems easy, but it is not, rivals are very strong, very uncomfortable," he says.

Given the commitments that come in the near future, the '8' Blaugrana has full confidence in a Barça for him "is the best I've ever played," though he clarifies that "it has to do with the way the game evolves , where every year the teams are stronger. Barça has overcome the challenge of every day and every year, and we have done in all aspects: tactical, physical, technical, is the law of football, "he says. The player also gives his opinion on the new tactical formation Guardiola being implemented on the computer, the controversial 3-4-3.

"It's a picture that is not nuvo for us because what we were practicing at the grassroots. The team takes naturally also have variations for any situation of a party or a rival is always important," he says.

The Fuentealbilla know that it is part of the living history of both the Barcelona and the Spanish football team for his most famous two goals, one with the selection in the World Cup final and another against Chelsea in the semifinals of the Champions 2009.

I am aware that there will always be there, to be remembered that years will pass and that my name will be linked to those magical moments, says a player whose love does not reach limits, and hopes to return this season to be as fruitful previous successes. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Eusebio Sacristán: "When we're in good shape we can win any rival"

Barca coach sees the team with confidence and security to meet the Almería Eusebio was proud of the performance of academy players who played the Champions.

The children of Eusebio Sacristan have trained this morning in the last session before the game against Almeria on Friday . The coach of Barça B has been able to count with the players who participated on Tuesday in the game of Champions League against BATE Borisov . These players have done the first part of the session with the group and the rest , more gentle , a part .

Eusebio may have all the staff except Ilie . Precisely the player, who has injured since late last season, continues its recovery plan and has done work for the first time in the gym. Sergi Roberto and Montoya also work to the margin in the gym for some nuisances in the twins that, in principle, they won't prevent them to play against Almería.

On the clash on Friday Eusebio Sacristán has been very sure of the team . The coach has said that the set is in a " good time " and can see the victory , despite the size of a former first and Almeria . " The group has a level of confidence higher and security in what we do is great . The aspirations of Almeria are maximum , but we know that when we are at a good level can gain to any rival " , explained Eusebio .

's performance that signed the young of the quarry in the match of Champions at the BATE has been a stroke of moral for Barça B : "It's a joy to have been involved in many of our players with the first team and we did feel very proud " , said the coach . Eusebio Sacristán has said that is a fact " very positive " and that the second computer works " for you have players that may appear in the first team and play so naturally " . (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Youth] Espanyol 1 - 1 FCB Juvenil A

The azulgranas have drawn against Espanyol in Sant Adrià very tight in a duel in which either team could have been the triumph Barça is second, four points behind first, Espanyol.

Great match which has lived on Thursday at noon at Ciudad Deportiva del Espanyol in Sant Adrià. The group of Òscar García, second in the classification, faced an Espanyol that leader arrived in the party four points for above.

Espanyol has been the first one in opening the fire. In the minute 20 a corner taken out by Gil to the second stick Joan finished off him with a butt. Maximum effectiveness of the blanquiazules that have marked in the first approach of danger that they have had. In Barça needed to arrive to the rest to catch air and to calm the rhythm of the game a little.

In fact nothing else to begin the second half the goal of Barça has arrived. As in the case of Espanyol, the goal azulgrana has also arrived of a corner. It has been Dongou the one in charge of making go up the tie in the marker. With this result the things are same. The first blanquiazules, and to four points Barça of Òscar García. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Technical Data]
Espanyol: Germán, Arroyo (Aitor, 79'), Bonilla, Héctor, Josu, Miravent, Canadell (Ruiz, 90'), Joan, Kilian, Rufo and Gil (Brian, 70').

FC Barcelona: Miguel, Bakayol, Grimaldo (Edu, 90'), Bagnack, Ayala, Patri, Ernesto (Sandro, 28'), Samper, Dongou, M.Ángel (Cristian, 85') and Quintillà (Pol Calvet, 73').

Goals: 1-0, Joan (20'); 1-1, Dongou (49').

Referee: Simon del Pino.