07 December 2011

[Ex-player] Miguel Ángel Nadal, Míchel and Gentile coincide in the clásico's emotion

The exfutbolistas commented the next match between Real Madrid and Barcelona in a sales presentation at the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu.

The Spanish ex-footballers Miguel González 'Míchel', Miguel Ángel Nadal and Italian Claudio Gentile commented on the upcoming match between Real Madrid and Barcelona in a sales presentation at the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu, which agreed to stress the excitement of these meetings.

"No are normal parts are marked on the calendar and miss, "admitted Michel, while Nadal agreed on the emotion and the" adrenaline different "awaken these games.
"It will be a victory for Real Madrid and this year League is over, "said White excentrocampista, which was opposed by former Barcelona defender, for whom would be" absurd "that ended the fight for the championship in the first round.

For Michel, although there are "many equality" is Real Madrid who is "a cut above" in a confrontation in which the white set has improved, as acknowledged by the former player of Barcelona and Mallorca. "Barcelona has dropped his level a bit," he said, adding that Messi expects an "inspired" and that Barcelona has "possession of the ball" in the game.

Gentile, world champion Italy in the World Cup in Spain 1982, criticized the duality of the Spanish league. "Is it possible to always be between Real Madrid and Barcelona? In Italy we have more teams and shorter differences, and this seems a league of two," he said.

With the presence of Gentile, the final in 1982 at the Bernabeu between Italy and Germany also starred. "We came from Italy and no one would bet on us," recalled the defender, who also was lauded for his marking Argentina's Diego Armando Maradona.
"I did two days of study and discovered that the only possibility is that you turn around," he confessed , then recognize that there is currently no markings made ​​man "but to the area." "Gone are those duels between players," said the former player of Juventus and Fiorentina, among others.

Regarding a possible marking Messi, Gentile acknowledged that "no players" you can make. "I can admit that now a team give up when playing Messi. Football is a defeat," he said, then go for a Barca victory "to spice up the championship," he said.

And what about the tactics that can deploy two teams, both as Nadal Michel highlighted the midfield as the key. "If Real Madrid dominates Xabi Alonso will be happy," said former player white, while the exculé think Guardiola will "side with four defenders and offensive." (via SPORT)

Xavi: "Winning at the Bernabéu would be a turning point"

The Barça midfielder believes that "it's always nice to win at the Bernabéu and even more so looking at how the league is going". Xavi, who’ll be playing in his 13th “El Clásico” in the League, away to Madrid, thinks that Madrid are "better" than in recent years.

If one Barça player knows what it's like to play in a clásico it's Xavi Hernandez. On Saturday Xavi could play his 13th league match at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium, and he would like the game to be "open, with both teams going for it, where one can see the potential of both teams". Although they're going to Madrid three points behind Mourinho's team, and with a game more than them, Xavi said that "means nothing as far as this game is concerned......the clásicos have nothing to do with the table, nor how either team are doing. Anything can happen".

Xavi is aware that whatever happens on Saturday at the Bernabeu, the League title will not be decided. However, he knows that a win in Madrid would be important. "It's always nice to win at the Bernabeu and even more so looking at the table. It would be a turning point for us". He stressed that "to go and win at the Bernabeu is a footballing pleasure".

One of the things that Xavi wants, once the clásico is over, is that only the football is talked about, and not any controversial incidents like in recent games against Madrid. Xavi, who thinks that of the last three or four years "this is the clásico that we're coming to in our best form", he thinks the game will be "very physical" but if "we impose our philosophy on the pitch we have much to gain".

On whether Barça will play with a three or four man defence, Xavi said "we played with three defenders in Milan and it went very well. It's a system that when you have the ball you have more players forward, but when you don't, you leave spaces at the back. Everything depends on having the ball". So, the midfielder doesn't discount this option at the Bernabeu. "It's possible, with the players that we currently have".

Xavi was able to enjoy the great team display on Tuesday against BATE, with a Barça team full of young reserve team players. The midfielder said: "They enjoyed themselves, and so did we. It's great that we have such a squad and that the manager is not afraid to play them". This means, according to Xavi, that "it's a guarantee of the good health that Barça is in today". He added that "Barça has a great future and there are lots of youngsters ready to compete for places in the first team".

For the third consecutive year Xavi Hernandez is one of the three finalists to win the FIFA Ballon d'Or. Xavi is "very pleased and happy to be nominated. It gives me great pride". He's not losing any sleep that he'll end his career without ever having won this award, despite being nominated in more than one occasion. "I'm just proud to be there. It will always stay with me, and is something I'd never dreamed of as a child. Then, my goal was to make my way in football, play for Barça, and play international football, "he concluded.

The return of Tito was "a pleasant surprise"

Xavi Hernandez explained how they received the news of the return of Tito Vilanova to training. The Barça number 6, who recognised that he hadn't expected Tito's return so soon, said "it was a pleasant surprise, the best possible surprise for the squad". He added that his recovery "it's an extra, and spectacular, motivation" not only coming into the clásico, but with regard to life in general. In this sense, Xavi said that Tito Vilanova had a chat with them in which "he gave us a lot of encouragement, he told us about his experience, and that we should value where we are" he said. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Tito Vilanova back with the group

The Barça assistant manager returned to training this morning after his operation on November 22nd. In this morning’s session, Pep Guardiola was able to work with the whole squad, including Adriano. On pitch number 1 at the training ground, reserve team players Cuenca, Soriano, and Muniesa, also took part in the session.

Fifteen days after the successful operation on his parotid gland, which kept him away from the Club for the last couple of weeks, Tito Vilanova returned to lead a training session, alongside Pep Guardiola. His return to normal activity was received with great happiness by the team. Vilanova met with the players in the dressing room before the start of the session. Once on the pitch, Guardiola's assistant received an emotional welcome by players. Hugs, smiles, applause ... this was the welcome that the team gave to Tito Vilanova. Probably one of the most significant photos was the embrace between the coach and Éric Abidal, the player who was operated on last season to remove a tumour from his liver.

Under the watchful eyes of Pep Guardiola and Tito Vilanova, the whole team, with only Ibrahim Afellay absent, trained, already thinking about the next match, El Clásico in the Bernabéu. Adriano worked with his teammates and once the session was over he received the medical all clear. The players who played against BATE Borisov worked at the same pace as the rest. The session also included young reserve players Cuenca, Muniesa, and Soriano. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Former player] Márquez said that the club is a favorite in the Clásico

"I'm from Barcelona hundred percent. It's a clásico very tight, but anything can happen while you live out different," confessed Marquez, who now plays for Red Bull New York.

The mexican international Rafael Márquez said today that Barcelona is the favorite in the clásico against Real Madrid to play next Saturday at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium.

The full support of Márquez to Barcelona, ​​where he played from 2003 to 2010, was reinforced when I wish the Mexican team Monterrey Rayados to participate in the Club World Cup, which starts on Thursday. "Monterrey is in the Club World Cup, I wish you luck, I want to win, but not against Barcelona," said Márquez.

The Mexican centre-back visited the city to the progress of a training center sponsored by the Foundation in Our Hands, where trades were taught to people with limited resources and where the Foundation will donate a player's football field.

On the Mexican Apertura final, Márquez said Tigers with Morelia, were his favorites for the title. "No wonder they are the best defensive and offensive tournament of respect, but we must not dismiss Santos," he said. Márquez said he would, in future, play for either team in Nuevo Leon, Tigers or scratched. "These are two great institutions that have always admired, two great teams, Monterrey is one of my favorite cities," he concluded. (via AS)

Two brothers again

Thiago and Rafinha pick up the baton of De Boer.

For Thiago, 20, and Rafinha very young, barely 18, yesterday's Champions League match against BATE was not solved by thrashing process. For the brothers Alcantara for his father Mazinho, the December 6, 2011 will be a memorable occasion in the family album. Together in the starting lineup for the first time Barca, nothing less than a Champions League match. "A dream since childhood," he admits. Soon after, moreover, that the smallest renew his contract until 2015. Before playing, Thiago and Rafinha merged into a hug at midfield. From the May 14, 2000, in Anoeta against La Real, Barca did not see together two brothers, Frank and Ronald de Boer. (via MD)

Cuenca is unique

The winger of Reus was erected last night at the pinnacle of the generation of 90 Barca, with Europe looking, was exhibited at the Champions.

It looked the same boat which won the BATE in Minsk. Same intimidation tactic, just touch and identical domain and pressure. But no, the Barca team ran to yesterday's Champions League Belarusian version was the 'baby' of the 'Pep Team'. Apart from Pinto, and in 36 of Maxwell, 30, and Peter, a 'veteran' of 24, almost all the Barça coach players ranked no larger than 20 years, some even 18. Meanwhile the 90 twenties, Cuenca, a winger to "play Shizz", as it expressed itself Pep. He devised two goal assists, caused the fourth penalty but, above all, he was the clearest example that in the cantera azulgrana continues showing diamonds, that the relief generacional is not an utopia.

Sergi Roberto (1992), which debuted in the Champions League scorer uncorked the festival. A man in second line with vision and great arrival. It marked the first and was about to achieve the second. The Reus was the star until Cuenca (1991), his neighbor, dare to be the conductor. He managed to take the second Montoya (1991), the right side of Del Bosque who once called. Minutes later, Isaac returned to invent a raid on the right for Peter luciese heel. Her artwork was not finished yet and another quality detail, dribble and stepping on the ball, forced the final penalty.

Cuenca remembered the thunderous raid Busquets, that refreshed the team in the most critical moment. Staging is very similar. Do not carry or six games with the biggest holder and adds two goals and four assists. This is what has to be the club. The only club in the world in Europe who dares to play with the reserves and displayed. No wonder Fontàs renew Zubi, Roberto, Rafinha, Dos Santos and is about to extend to Bartra, Montoya and, of course, Cuenca. (via MD)

Tito back at the Bernabeu!

The coach will be with Guardiola on the bench in the clásico, but he can not travel to Japan.

The coach of FC Barcelona, ​​Tito Vilanova will be part of the expedition Saturday Barcelona to Madrid for the clásico and will be at the Bernabeu with Guardiola on the bench. Tito, who had previously publicly that Jose Mourinho wanted to improve in his health, is recovering well after surgery for a condition that affected the parotid gland and wanted to support the group in an important match. You may not, however, travel to Japan with the World Club expedition to take place next week.

Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho, who last August, to mark the return of the Super Cup in Camp Nou Spain, had a regrettable behavior by sticking a finger in the eye of Vilanova and publicly disparaging the Barca coach, who said he did not know, reacted quite differently after hearing the news of the operation of Titus. Mourinho wished him a speedy recovery in the press conference after the match against Real Madrid in Champions Dinamo nZagreb: "If last year we show our solidarity with Abidal concern, obviously now do likewise with Tito Vilanova. That quick return his family and Barcelona. It is here on December 10 on the bench full health. We'll have all the pleasure of welcoming you, "said the Portuguese.

Finally your good wishes will be fulfilled, which can be a boost for Barca team similar to that assumed Éric Abidal recovery of its operation of a tumor in the liver during last season.

The news of the condition of French defense fell like a bucket of cold water in the template, weeks before clásico series last spring, but eventually spur the Barca players to overcome adversity. Abidal even reappeared in the final minutes of the semifinal round of the Champions League against Real Madrid, after a recovery record. In Wembley, Carles Puyol gave him the bracelet to be responsible for receiving the Champions Trophy from the hands of Michel Platini. Abidal, somehow put a face to the triumphs and team unity.

Vilanova, whose recovery process has been very favorable, wanted to have on the group, with a very delicate compromise, an effect similar to that produced Abidal, always according to the criteria of the doctors. For Pep, it is also vital to have at hand in the games. However, it is too early for a long trip like Yokohama. (via MD)

Leverkusen, Marseilles and Zenit unite to Ajax like future rivals

Racing Genk tossed a hand to Chelsea so that it was first of group, while Olympiacos and Porto wine left to the Europa League.

Barca already know four of the possible opponents can be found in the second round of the Champions League. Ajax has already secured second place in the previous day in the group were playing Real Madrid now three squares. Finally, Bayer Leverkusen, Olympique Marseille and Zenit St Petersburg are the other teams that reach the second round as a group.

The Germans were already classified with a victory at the stadium of Racing Genk weak claimed the top spot. However, Bayer did not pass the draw and Chelsea took this trip to avoid winning the toughest crossings and ending Valencia lead the standings. Taste much better had the second position to Marseille and Zenit St Petersburg. The French rallied in the closing stages become useless the victory of Olympiacos against Arsenal. Meanwhile, Zenit St Petersburg and fought in Porto champions League Europe will only be eligible to win the title last season. APOEL was as surprising first group.

On the day of today must know three other possible rivals. Trabzonspor, Lille and CSKA Moscow will play second place in a group that already has an interest as first. This would be one of the last affordable rivals if they meet the worst forecasts. Manchester United are the plays in Basel, where he even apearía defeat in the Champions League. On the other hand, City will be second if it wins and Napoli doesn't conquer in Villarreal. (via SPORT)

[Player ratings; UCL; Group H] FC Barcelona - BATE Borisov (4-0)

Pinto, 6, Montoya 8, Bartra 8, Fontàs 7, Maxwell, 7, Dos Santos, 7, Thiago, 8, Sergi Roberto 8, Pedro, 9, Rafinha 7, Cuenca 9, Muniesa 6, Deulofeu 7, Riverola - . (via SPORT)

Barça get 16 points in their Champions League group, a record under Guardiola

They managed five wins and one draw in six games. That record betters last season’s tally of 14 points. In four seasons under Guardiola, Barça have won 16 group games, drawn six and lost just two.

Barça just get better under Guardiola. This was their best ever Champions League group. They completed five wins and just one draw against Milan at the Camp Nou. That's a new points record for Guardiola, 16 out of a possible 18, two more than last season's previous record of 14 following four wins and two draws.

Barça ran away with Group H, and that was despite their opening game being a draw at home to Milan (2-2). From then on, they won all five games, first a convincing victory at BATE Borisov (0-5); then another at the Camp Nou against FC Viktoria (2-0); three more points came in Prague (0-4); there was a prestigious win at the San Siro (2-3); and they closed the campaign back at the Camp Nou by beating the Belarusian champions (4-0). 20 goals for and 4 against.

Guardiola's side has now gone for two seasons without defeat in the Champions League group stages. This season they only drew once, while a year ago they were held twice, away to Rubin Kazan (1-1) and Copenhagen (1-1). They have not lost a Champions League group match since October 20, 2009, when they were shocked at home by Rubin Kazan (1-2). (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Barça under Guardiola in the group stages

These are Barcelona's results in the Champions League group stage since Guardiola became manager. In 24 games, they have won 16 times (66.7%), drawn six (25%) and lost twice (8.3%).

2008/09 season:
13 points: 4 wins, one draw and one defeat

2009/10 season:
11 points: 3 wins, two draws and one defeat

2010/11 season:
14 points: 4 wins and two draws

2011/12 season:
16 points: 4 wins and one draw

Goncharenko: "In the future these players will be close to Messi and Xavi"

The coach of BATE Borisov , Viktor Goncharenko , said today that the young players of Barcelona which has faced tonight at the Camp Nou in the future at the level of stars as Leo Messi or Xavi Hernández. Barça has jumped to the game land with nine canteranos, but the level that has been shown by the players trained at La Masia has been very high, after beating BATE 4-0, as explained Goncharenko himself.

"They preserve the structure of the game and this team is very strong players, of course that the level of Messi and Xavi is very high, but eventually these players will also be able to approach that level," stressed the Belarusian coach. The coach has said that have been "powerless" in this final stretch of the season and therefore have not come well prepared for this match after a season "difficult." Goncharenko has highlighted the "very high Level" that has shown the winger Isaac Cuenca and it has also indicated that Pedro, author of two goals, has lined to great height tonight.

The coach of the Belarusian stressed that qualify for the Champions League was "a very important merit", but regretted not having gone further in this competición.Por Finally, Goncharenko said that the star of his team, the Serbian Mateja Kezman does not want to continue playing in the BATE Borisov, so this could be his last game for the Belarusians. (via MD)

Martín Montoya: "Scoring for the first team is the best"

The Barça B defender, who was one of the goal scorers against BATE, said that Barça "is always obligated to win" even though the team had already qualified for the next round.

With the team full of reserve players, FC Barcelona thrashed the Bielorussian champion, BATE Borisov 4-0. The lads from the reserve side showed their quality and the two Barça B players, Montoya and Sergi Roberto, were able to score two of the four goals.

On the day of his Champions League debut, Martín Montoya, scored his first goal for the first team. The Barça player explained what it felt like to play in the Champions League and to score his first goal: “I’m very happy with my play in second half, because I was able to go up more, playing on the attack is what I like. It’s been a while since I’ve scored a goal and to score for the first team is the best.”

Montoya wasn’t the only reserve side player to play tonight. Up to nine Barça B players played against BATE Borisov. The Barça defender explained that “all the reserve players are very happy to have played in the Champions League . . . it was an important game that we had to win, Barça is always obligated to win. It was also a game to enjoy and that’s what we did.” Montoya also said that playing with players from the reserve side “made it easier” but he also added that playing with first team players is “also very easy.”

Impressions and reactions of the FC Barcelona players after the match:

“Scoring is always good, it gives you confidence, I’ve had a couple of difficult weeks because of my injury. I’m happy that I was able to help the team.”

“The reserves are very strong, the players did a great job, they came up with a lot of strength and you can tell they want to stay with the first team.”

“The youngsters came with their lessons learned, they are quality, we’ll enjoy watching them play. I can only tell them to do what they always do.”

“You really don’t guess the outcome of a game before you play it. We played a great match, that’s because of the youngsters. It would be difficult to imagine a result like this one before the game.”

“It’s a satisfaction for us to play here, in this stadium, in front of these people, and have the coach give you that kind of confidence.”

“The fact that we are here is what we like. Once you do something that you like you forget the rest. The coach gives us guidance.” (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Bartomeu: “The youngsters are coming up strong ”

FC Barcelona’s Sport Vice President Josep Maria Bartomeu praised the team’s performance against BATE Borisov and was proud of the youngsters that featured in tonight’s match. “We’re all happy with what we have at home. The youngsters are coming up strong. They did a magnificent job.” With the multitude of future options the first team has to reinforce the squad, Bartomeu said, “first we look here at home and if we can’t find what we’re looking for we’ll look elsewhere.”

After the conclusion of the game against BATE it’s time to start thinking about the next match, and the next one is against Madrid. “There are more games in the Liga, but this one is important. But whoever wins the game isn’t crowned Liga champions.” He also added that he sees the team “motivated” to go to the Bernabéu, but that their opponent is “very strong and they are a quality team. It’s not a coincidence that they are in first place.”

Finally he talked about Xavi and Messi being finalists for the Ballon d’Or 2011 and Guardiola, nominated for best manager of the year: “it’s an honour that they are in the top tier of football.” (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Guardiola: “They played an impeccable game”

The Barça manager praised the excellent work of the nine Barça B players that played in tonight’s match against BATE Borisov. The Santpedor native thanked Pinto, Maxwell, Fontàs, Pedro and Thiago for the seriousness in which they approached the game. He also thanked the 37,374 spectators that made their way to the Camp Nou tonight, “I’m happy that they had such a good time.”.

It’s no coincidence that nine Barça B players played in tonight’s match against BATE Borisov. Pep Guardiola knows that he was able to give these lads a chance, and they responded magnificently, thanks in large part to work put in by many people over the years. Martí Riverola is the embodiment of the eagerness that all the youngsters have to play for the first team. The manager explained that when Riverola was about to come on and make his debut for the first team he was asked by assistant coach, Aureli Altimira if he was ready, the youngster responded with “I’ve been preparing for this moment my whole life.” Guardiola made special mention of Riverola’s trajectory within the Club: he started in the Barça School and has worked his way up through every reserve side in the Club.

The FC Barcelona manager said that “it’s not easy to put seven lads from the reserve side on the pitch and give the impression of playing well. You don’t do that every day. It’s beautiful that we all had a part to play in this, it makes us proud.” Guardiola added, “they are quality players and I hope they can help the team in the future.” This quality was more than evident on the pitch tonight against BATE, and Guardiola didn’t hesitate to qualify the match the youngsters played as “impeccable in every regard.”

Even though the main attraction of the match against BATE were the players from the Barça B side, Guardiola made special mention of the five first team players that also played tonight: “I want to thank Pinto, Maxwell, Fontàs, Pedro and Thiago for the seriousness in which they approached the game . . . to have players like this gives the Club dignity.” He also thanked the 37,274 spectators that made their way to the stadium tonight, “I’m happy that they had a good time.”

Guardiola did not want to speak too much about the Clásico at the Bernabéu. However, he did say that the team is working “to find the way to suffer the least amount possible and to attack in the best way possible” when they head to Madrid this Saturday. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Guardiola makes Riverola debut, his canterano number 22

Martí Riverola (01.26.91) has now become the twenty-second squad that Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola has made ​​his debut with the first team midfielder azulgrana.El Barcelona has entered the 79th minute of the match against BATE Borisov in the Champions League squad to replace another, Sergi Roberto, author of one of the goals of the match.

The story occurred just before jumping into the field when Pep Guardiola has asked if he was ready to play. "I have prepared a lifetime for this moment" has responded Riverola.

The match against Belarusians has become a tribute to the quarry of Barca, with the participation of up to twelve players trained in the Masía.Riverola usually play at Barca B of Eusebius, and last year was sold to Vitesse Dutchman, who He also coached former Barcelona 'Chapi' Ferrer.

With Riverola, there were 22 grown players that have debuted Guardiola: Busquets, Thiago, Xavi Torres, Muniesa, Botia and Abraham (season 2008-09), Fontàs, Dos Santos, Soriano, Gai Assulin and Bartra (2009-10), Oriol Romeu, Sergi Gómez, Miño, Nolito, Montoya and Sergi Roberto (2010-11), Cuenca, Deulofeu, Rafinha and Tello (2011-12). (via MD)

[Champions League; Group H] FC Barcelona 4 - 0 BATE Borisov

An FC Barcelona team with an average age of just 22.7 years in the starting line-up overcame BATE Borisov with exquisite football to end the group with 16 points.

None of Messi, Xavi, Iniesta or several other big names from the first team were on the field, but tonight's display from Barça was as brilliant as ever. The Catalans were simply too good for BATE Borisov in the final game of the group stages, a victory that is yet another wonderful tribute to the amazing work being done by the staff and players at la Masía, in which the Camp Nou was able to celebrate goals from Sergi Roberto, Montoya and Pedro (2). No fewer than nine members of Barça B played their part in a win by a side with an average age of just 22.7. They may only be youngsters, but there was nothing immature about the way they performed. As was made patent on Tuesday night, the future, or even the present, is bright at Barcelona.

Guardiola may have picked a side that featured mainly players that ply their trade in the Miniestadi, but right from the kickoff they looked quite comfortable on the bigger stage. They maintained almost all of the possession, and had BATE Borisov pegged back in their own half for almost the entire first half, with Rafinha almost opening the scoring with practically the first move of the night.

It was a constant onslaught on the Belarusian goal. The Alcántara brothers, Pedro, Sergi Roberto and an stupendous Cuenca showed a clear understanding as they produced chance after chance. And it was Sergi Roberto who finally broke the deadlock in the 35th minute to finish off a delightful combination move. These might not have been the players the Camp Nou faithful are used to seeing, but the football was exactly the same.

The second half produced more of the same. The visitors barely got a look-in as FCB played the ball around fast and smoothly, with excellent chances for Pedro and Sergi Roberto to extend the lead, while Fontàs had a goal disallowed for offside. But the second goal looked inevitable and finally came through Cuenca, who with a flash of brilliance following an assist from Montoya, made no mistake on his European debut.

The early moments of the second half were the best of all from Barça, with the crowd shrieking with delight at such fast and entertaining football. It was no surprise when the third goal appeared, this time following a splendid move involving Pedro, Montoya and Cuenca, the latter providing the final assist, which was backheeled home by the Canary Islander.

With the result decided, Guardiola gave three further members of the Barça B squad the chance to make their Champions League debuts. Muniesa, Deulofeu and Riverola (the latter playing first team football for the first time ever) came on for Dos Santos, Rafinha and Sergi Roberto. And there was still time for another goal. Cuenca, shortly after hitting the post, was brought down in the penalty area and Pedro rounded off a magical night for the Barça youth system by converting the ensuing spot kick. It was the perfect end to an almost immaculate group campaign. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Technical Data]
FC Barcelona Pinto; Montoya, Bartra, Fontàs, Maxwell, Dos Santos (Muniesa, min.58), Thiago, Sergi Roberto (Riverola, min.79), Cuenca, Pedro and Rafinha (Deulofeu, min.70).

BATE Borisov Gutor; Yurevich, Filipenko, Simic, Bordachev, Baga, Volodko, Pavlov (Gordeichuk, min.64), Likhtarovich (Olekhnovich, mi.67), Kontsevoi and Renan Bressan (Kezman, min.77).

Goals: 1-0: min.35: Sergi Roberto. 2-0: min.60: Montoya. 3-0: min. 68: Pedro. 4-0: min.88: Pedro (p).

Referee: William Collum (SCO). He showed yellow card to Yurevich (min.44).

Incidents: From the sixth day of the first phase of the Champions League match at the Camp Nou before 37,374 spectators.