06 December 2011

[Ex-player] Ronald de Boer: "Now I can not say that Barca win safe"

He retired in 2008 and is now assistant Fred Grim at Ajax Under-19. In the club only think about the visit of Madrid: "It is crucial in economics and be at stake in the next phase." The brother of Ajax coach also spoke to Mourinho, Guardiola and the Clásico oon Saturday ...

Your brother Frank is the first team and get to Madrid tomorrow ...
For us it is very important because we play to be in the next phase. It is essential economically and because for many years that this has not happened. Emotionally will be very useful to the team and also for the fans.

Madrid will go to Amsterdam with alternates
Sometimes you think you'd better come with alternates, but Real Madrid have stars that do not play forever. There are players who want to prove things to the coach. Therefore it can be even more dangerous as well. The coming to Amsterdam Madrid is ready. There are players like Higuain that are fresh and eager to play

Yes players who are on the bench can play on all computers in the world. I think this year the Madrid has more stability and is more organized. If you do not play one another to solve it knows exactly how the equipment works.

Would you look so strong as to dethrone Barcelona?
They are the two best teams in the world. The Madrid has a very high level this year. Has the potential to beat anyone. The two are favorites to everything ...

You may also have the best coaches of the time. What about them?
Pep and I played with Mourinho at the time was Van Gaal's assistant and we all had a good relationship. What has made Pep is incredible, but so did Mourinho with Porto, Chelsea, Inter I think that apart from the Cup with win over Madrid. For me Guardiola is a little more relaxed I think Mourinho sometimes some things do not need to prove he's a great coach. He knows it, has great quality.

When Mourinho was Van Gaal's assistant, have you had that self-confidence?
He has always had an opinion. He had character, not afraid to show their ideas. It has grown, has been successful and his confidence has increased. Although it is also wrong, for example with finger in the eye at Villanova. If a player makes is three to eight games and Mourinho, almost nothing. It has to be an example for children. He knows that was not right, was a bad example, but it is already past.

How does the Clásico?
Real are in very good time now, so I think it will be different from recent years. It has grown and might win. Although Barça still plays well and has a lot of possession. But now I can not say that Barca will win for sure. I used to, but not now because Madrid is playing very, very well.

Who is the favorite?
The Madrid plays house and better. I see the match by 60 percent in favor of Madrid.

Before the Clásico is controversial. Piqué forced a card to play and has not been sanctioned while Madrid did receive punishment for what he did in Amsterdam ...
This always happens, there is no vision to put in these things. It is something that has always done. He did the Madrid and is normal in football.

Focus on Ajax. Surprisingly, the quarry does not give many fruits as some years ago ...
We are in a phase to copy those years, with the participation of Johan Cruyff. We are working hard because we know that Ajax live only when the quarry is fine. There are already players in my group and the quality down to reach the first team. He is doing a good job with Bergkamp, ​​Wim Jonk, Overmars, Stam, my brother can never fight money teams like Madrid, Chelsea We have to put money into the quarry.

You talked about the idea Cruyff. What is?
We began this year. We work harder for the individuality of the player for the team. That is, you have to consider bringing the first team players, not whether the team wins games and championships. The most important thing is to grow the players to be prepared to get to Ajax. And is the path we follow.

How long Sneijder output there is no global talent player in your quarry?
Yes, usually in the selection of Holland had seven or eight players from Ajax. Now only two or three. This is not good. This will happen when we all work for the same.

Will the emergence of a generation like yours, who won the Champions League?
It's complicated because there are many examples of players who fail for various reasons. But our youth is very talented and I have confidence that we will see very good players of Ajax. We know it's better to put money in the academy that expensive to buy a player and do not know if it will work. It is better to put more money to train coaches to better players. The academy is the heart of Ajax. (via AS)

[Ex-player] Frank De Boer: "Nine points, many for the Barcelona"

"It's hard to say what will happen but Madrid is six points and are very strong physically. I have shown. Barcelona is also very good technically."

Ajax coach and former player of Barcelona, ​​Frank de Boer, attended the media in the press conference before the match that his team will face tomorrow with Real Madrid in the group stage of Champions League.

Inevitably, the coach was asked about the clásico on Saturday between whites and Barcelona. He answered in Castilian: "It's hard to say what will happen but Madrid is six points and are very strong physically. They have shown since the start of the season. However, Barcelona is also very good technically."

De Boer wanted to highlight the importance of the encounter at the Bernabeu. "The six points that can be made out nine and they both know they can not lose points. Nine would be many points for the club and so much is said about this clásico" he said.

"It will be a very interesting game. Barça style can play against any opponent and can keep you from Madrid," he added. "Real Madrid is the second year who come here with their alternates and that's because they, like Barcelona can beat anyone," he said.

In addition, Frank de Boer stressed that "the Madrid-Barça and Barça-Madrid can be decisive" when winning the league title. If Guardiola lost in the Bernabeu for him would not be the final blow but "six and nine are many points is very difficult."

As for the match tomorrow, De Boer doubt that Real will make "your alignment B", noting that in any case the Ajax will make "their own game" with the objective of moving to the next round, said . "Real Madrid's players are all very good quality, so it will not be an easy match," the coach predicted.

Despite having the low Belgian Ismail Aissati and Toby Alderweireld, De Boer said the meeting will address the "trust to move to the next round." Alderweireld defender was injured today in the thigh during training, and its position is probably occupied Daley

Blind and Jan Vertonghen. Ajax will also be without long-term injured Kolbeinn Sigthorsson, Siem de Jong, Derk Boerrigter, Nicolai Boilesen and Andre Ooier.

Ajax coach did not rule out that his team can "win a point" am in front of Madrid, for which he said have "public support". "We do not need the help of Dinamo Zagreb," he said, but acknowledged that the outcome of the Croatian club faced Olympique Lyon-"can affect the atmosphere in the stadium." (via AS)

The training of not invited, with 17 players, including Pique and Oier

Adriano, Espinosa, Pique and Oier have exercised this morning with the 13 players who did not call for Guardiola tonight's game against BATE Borisov.

It's been a busy morning at the Ciudad Deportiva . At 10.30 hours, it has carried out the first of two training sessions in field number 1, made ​​by the 13 players who Josep Guardiola rested ( Valdés, Alves, Puyol, Abidal, Busquets, Mascherano, Xavi Cesc, Iniesta, Keita, Villa, Alexis and Messi ) and also by Adriano, Espinosa, Pique and Oier .

Later, at 12.30, has started the second session, completed by the players participating in the final round of the Champions League .

Remember that Pique and Oier are two of the players cited for tonight's game against BATE Borisov. Adriano, however, continues his recovery from elongation in the semitendinosus left hamstring suffered against Rayo Vallecano. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Joseph Blatter: "I like Rosell wants to reduce the League"

The president of FIFA , Joseph Blatter , will meet at the end of Club World Cup in Japan, at a date to be determined between 19 and 21 December, the president of UEFA, Michel Platini and the president of ECA ( European Association of Clubs), Karl Heinz Rummenigge at a summit in Zurich.

From that meeting must leave the grand bargain between the clubs, FIFA and UEFA. Blatter will use its presence in Japan for talks with Barca president, Sandro Rosell claims about the teams and their idea of ​​reducing the Spanish league to 18 clubs to 16 clubs then do it.

Has peace broken out to the clubs?

We are going to seriously address their demands, seeking a solution that benefits not only to large companies, if not the clubs in general and to bear in mind the players, key players are often forgotten. If the requests are just, try to complete.

Will you meet with Rummenigge dismissed him and almost insulted?

Look, I will not deny that I was surprised by his insults to my person, but personally speak of the subject by phone and apologized for the form and content of any statement made. I accepted it and go. These things happen in football and you have to look forward. So I will meet him in Zurich, as president of the ECA, together with Michel Platini.

What do you think the statements of Barca president, Sandro Rosell, on the reduction of the A-League 18 clubs?

I congratulate him personally in Japan when I see him, although I mentioned it in Zurich on the occasion of his speech at the IFA, the 'show' of football that was in the Swiss city. I fully share the idea, but the fact is that 15 years ago when he was still secretary general of FIFA, a Commission, which was the former president of the French federation, Jean Fournet-Fayard, we said that the solution going to reduce to 16 major league teams. The truth is that we did not have too much echo. Clubs and associations made to deaf ears.

Now what?

Be seen whether ECA supports background to Sandro Rosell. The reduction is not only a timing problem as some would have you see. Football, like society in general is experiencing a serious economic crisis and the financial situation of some clubs is terrible. We find an affordable solution that is satisfactory to all, but not extreme.

Is it a viable solution?

Yes, but not unique. We must look at each country and its peculiarities. In the Spanish case, it would be a better solution, but you could also consider changing the formula of competition of the Copa del Rey and other things. Is a national issue in which we can not go, but I like that a president of such an important club like Barca, say these things that we were defending a while.

Sandro Rosell has you on several committees s

Yes, FIFA offers its services for their knowledge and as a member of the Board of ECA. Even before he was president Josep Lluís Núñez and then Joan Laporta. It is important to have the collaboration of great clubs like Barca. That a president club that step forward, in a subject such as reduction of clubs in the First Division is extremely positive.

The clubs do not want the World Cup in Qatar in winter ...

Neither FIFA nor. No one has asked us, well, starting with Qatar itself is agreed that the Club World Cup is played from June to July 2022 as planned. If someone believes differently than we would ask and see.

Already as president of FIFA is not going to 'wet', with respect to the classic, how Madrid is a partner that is?

At first, I expect a great match with both teams coming into full powers without significant casualties. A duel between two phenomena as coaches and much more even than last year. Real Madrid look better, playing more football. To Barça in their line, also with a football at great level.

Does he like the current formula of clubs Mundialito?

We would like the dispute eight clubs, but there is no free dates. Oh by the way, this competition was created by the clubs, so do not complain about the schedule (laughs his joke). (via MD)

[Former player] Ronaldinho: "Força Barça"

"I wish you all the luck in the clásico Barca and I hope you win".
"Never forget the 0-3, 2005. I was lucky enough to score 2 goals and the fans applaud rival".

It's been three years since he left the Barca , but Ronaldinho is very aware of the team that changed his life and he helped transform his game both in the field and with his eternal smile inside and outside . With Ronnie , the Barca forgot the sorrows of old and began a triumphant stage that persists today, thanks, among others, Guardiola and his great friend and disciple Leo Messi . On Saturday, because of vacation after this weekend to conclude the league in Brazil, Ronnie will be stuck in front of the TV cheering their club.

"I wish you all the luck in the clásico Barca and I hope he wins. What result I do not know, I just want to win. I will be encouraging him from a distance. Come, Força Barça", encouraged by MD after concluded that the clash between Flamengo and Vasco da Gama in Engenhao stadium on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro, scenario usually plays for Botafogo.

Among the many memories I have playing Barca, Ronaldinho saved with special appreciation the clásico 0-3 that Barça achieved in the Bernabeu, the league 2005-06. On November 19, 2005 will go down in history as the famous day when the lord of the mustache and his son, along with much of the Madrid stadium stands, cheering the Brazilian ended. "I remember very well that game. It was a unique gathering. I was lucky enough to score two goals and had just rival the fans cheering. I'll never forget," said Ronaldinho's career, surrounded by fans who pursue a photograph and an autograph him.

After the clásico, Barca have another appointment in Japan, where he hopes to win the second Club World Cup's history. Ronnie has a thorn after they failed to win the trophy with Barça to Internacional of Porto Alegre in 2006. "It was a pity," he recalls.

Facing a possible final between Barcelona and Santos , the Brazilian star has very clear what you have to do the Barça to avoid another surprise as it was then. "They have to be very attentive to Neymar . It's a fantastic player with great quality and an impressive dribbling. If you have well controlled, have much cattle, "he says. Of course, despite the praise for his compatriot, ' Ronnie 'is cleared of' O Rei 'Pele when considering who is the best. "Neymar and Messi are two great players, but Leo is number one, the best in the world," said Ronaldinho on his heir at Barça, who still maintains contact.

After leaving Barça and go through the Milan, Ronaldinho made ​​landfall in the Flamengo, where today is the undisputed star. On Sunday, the last day of the season, Ronnie managed to qualify to compete in the upcoming Copa Libertadores. His boot was born precisely the move that gave the tie to the Flamengo - Vasco da Gama (1-1). A result that not only won for his team to achieve its ultimate goal, but to leave Vasco, one of the eternal rivals Fla, without the title of champion.

Completed the game, Ronnie received a standing ovation from the fans red and black. Thankfully, the crack did not stop bowing to the stands, a detail that rang farewell, especially considering that the crack is having trouble collecting his current contract and that since Greece has been speculated the end of landfall at Panathinaikos. "For me it has struck a goodbye. I am very happy at Flamengo, I have a contract and I hope to stay," he argued 'Ronnie', that pending the determination of their future on Saturday as a clásico live culé more. (via MD)

Shakira: "I wish you the best of lucks to Barça"

The Colombian singer Shakira from Bogota wished him "the best of luck" to Barcelona in the clásico next Saturday against Real Madrid, to be played at the Bernabeu.

"I wish you the best of luck to Barca, of course, because I am officially declared culé" said the artist, current partner of azulgrana defender Gerard Piqué.

Asked at the launch of his father's book "The wind and the chance" for his foresight of the result, Shakira joked: "I wish I was the flesh (referring to the octopus Paul) or had an octopus at home to give me such answers ".

Despite its obvious preference for Barcelona, ​​the singer claimed that both teams "are incredible, Madrid is a fantastic team."

"Now I tell you that I know something about football, so I can talk a little bit of ownership (laughs) about it, but will surely be a great football show ... in any way," he said diplomatically in Colombia. (via SPORT)

Neymar: "I go Japan to show my best football"

Brazilian striker Santos star, Neymar, said yesterday before leaving for the airport in Sao Paulo bound Frankfut his challenge is to make a spectacular Club World Cup Championship to regain the pride of their fans, a little 'touched' after poor performance in the League, which liogró last weekend the Corinthians: "I would like people to enjoy my football. My intention is to go to Japan to make my best football. " He also had words of remembrance for the Japanese after the tsunami tragedy, "a country has proven to be very brave." (via SPORT)

The Santos marched yesterday from Brazil to Japan

Barca will start with two 'handicaps' for the World Cup of Clubs: wear the game against Madrid and jet lag to three days of a final.

It is clear that Santos of Neymar takes the Club World Cpu very seriously. In fact, the Brazilian team came out yesterday in Rio de Janeiro bound for Frankfurt, after a stop in Sao Paulo, to take a little break today in the German city how often included training in the vicinity of the Sheraton hotel out tomorrow what morning for Japan. Thus, the Santos will stop in Tokyo on Thursday 8, ie, almost four days before the expedition Blaugrana.

And is that when Barcelona play on Saturday against Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabeu, the Santos and take two days in the country of the rising sun with the intention to adapt quickly.

No doubt this is a clear disadvantage for Guardiola's men, who have to make a superhuman effort to recover from the requirement of a classic and to get the best possible conditions in the semifinals to be played on Thursday 15 December.

The expedition plans to leave and Catalans on Sunday after playing 11 league match against Real Madrid, specifically to 01.40 hours. The flight will be a strece hours, so that the time of arrival at Narita Airport is fixed at 22.30.

The key to prevent the havoc makes jet lag is that upon arriving in Yokohama will players will catch a bus that takes them into the hotel half an hour after landing do you go to your bedroom and try to rest for six to seven hours. Therefore, in the plane are advised against sleeping more than six hours to avoid a mismatch occurs in the circadian cycle, since the priority is to adapt to the new schedule as soon as eight hours are they in Japan what it is noticed minimum difference in days with Santos. (via SPORT)

The brothers Alcántara, together now in Europe

To date it has not been possible in the first team announced a meeting for months.

The reality of Thiago and the huge progression of Rafinha, presaged later or earlier are doomed to share the limelight on the pitch. The visit of BATE Borisov in Champions League game insignificant, is emerging as the ideal framework for the brothers Alcántara match at the Camp Nou.

The call for Guardiola was the first step. After the rotations of the last meetings, everything suggests that Thiago will be responsible for driving lead the midfield. And as for the lead, Rafinha, at first glance, is sensed as the player who plays the role more easily than nine. Whether in the starting line or during the second half, the game can lead one of those stories that rarely occur in the world of professional football. A few months ago, in a subsidiary, Rayo, Luis Enrique aligned themselves along the Alcántara.

Thiago has settled normally in the first team. In the case of his brother Rafinha, the striker was released during the Copa Catalunya. In official game, the only experience of the smaller than the siblings Alcántara goes back to the game of Copa del Rey against L'Hospitalet. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] 'The New York Times' notices Cuenca

The quality and Isaac Cuenca's nerve has surprised to more than one. For example, to Rob Hughes. The journalist of The New York Times lauded the forward performance after the game against Levante and he dared to outline a simple question: Will Guardiola dare to align it this Saturday in Bernabéu? Curious restlessness of the American newspaper thinking of the Real Madrid-Barça. (via SPORT)

A "Plan B" full of children

The clásico's dispute and the intrascendencia of the points will mark youth's plagued party and cantera.

The alignment presented Barça tonight against BATE Borisov not have anything to do with that seen to date. Guardiola has not repeated an eleven so far this season, but the commitment to the Belarusian break all schemes. Barca is not to take risks and force a template to be overloaded with minutes. In the days before the classical dose and pampering touches the spine. The last group match of the Champions League, with the bill and secured the crossings will be the perfect setting to enjoy alternate cantera ownership and confirm its potential.

In respect to the first team, and management belief in the locker room, it is normal that Pep present a set marked by the majority of players available. The remaining players in the subsidiary, completed a squad accent alignment. It could be the case that Barca Champions League match onto the field with nine players from lower teams. This must be considered an exception. And so, after hearing the news conference, Pique can be on the bench.

The ninety minutes against BATE is also important to draw conclusions about players who are lacking in pace by different physical incidents and other staff members who have missed out on opportunities excessive so far this season. Is the case of Gerard Pique, who one reason or another team in and out with ease, or Fontàs Andreu, whose appearances are dosed to the fullest. The goal Pinto repeat past experiences and return to European competition to replace Victor Valdes.

A priori, the stamp will cover the first team. However, the midfield up, the carousel of new faces will be alarming. Thiago and Peter will be able to practice as a veterans' Does the European baby Barça. For if we attend to the call Cuenca names, Rafinha or even Deulofeu have all the numbers to be in the game or at least have opportunities throughout the second half. Two more players are able to fulfill a dream. midfielder Marti Riverola and striker Kiko Femenía are the only two players on the list that have debuted on the official party. BATE may mark a turning point in their careers.

It is true that classification level the match tonight is inconsequential. Belarusians do not fret but can be a special touchstone for several players demonstrate that the future of Barça passes them. (via SPORT)

[Youth] The cantera azulgrana slash full of victories and remains unbeaten

Training football teams have not conceded a defeat and have won all their matches except a draw against Sant Cugat formative football of Barça has demonstrated its high-level football matches very demanding.

García Pimienta's boys' very worked Victoria in the Municipal Sagnier Field. The azulgranas faced a very defensive rival that closed a lot throughout the party. Although Juvenil B had the domain of the encounter, el Prat was ahead in the marker in the first part with a punctual play. In the renewal, the azulgranas knew how to find the holes in the defense rival and to execute a more flowing game that gave them the victory. The first goal was an it finishes off of Quintillà in a corner serve, and Munir scored the second in a beautiful play where he was early to the goalkeeper very well.

The azulgranas made merits to be taken the victory in Lleida. Quique Álvarez's team dominated the encounter against a good rival in a very complicated field, and had clear numerous occasions, although it could not materialize none in the first time. The second part continued with the same tonic, and Sanabria it signed the first goal azulgrana in the first minutes of the second part, but a penalti it allowed to the locals to achieve the tie. Sergio Buenacasa wrote down the so much of the victory in the last minute of game, a goal with the one that Barça you could take the three valuable points.

Very clear domain of the Cadete B in the Ciudad Deportiva Joan Gamper. The boys of Fran Artiga was imposed without problems in Cubelles thanks to their collective game and air beautiful plays. In the first part the Cadete B showed their good game and left to the rest winning for 2-0. The second time continued without changes and the azulgranas they offered an authentic exhibition goleadora. Marc Río made a great party and it signed his first hat-trick with Barça, and Alexis Meva (2), and Paik (2) they marked the remaining other goals.

The boys of Fran Sánchez and Xavi Franquesa began very serious and with intensity an encounter that showed up complicated. The azulgranas took the initiative from the beginning of the encounter, and this attitude made them leave to the rest winning for 0-4. This result facilitated the party a lot for the Infantil A that with the encounter so to favor could dominate much more the game and to create goal occasions. The reveilles azulgranas were of Javi Ruiz (3), Jang (2), Ayoub and Lee.

Infantil B made a good work and was taken three valuable points againt a Sant Cugat fighter. Bobby opened the can in favor of the azulgranas in the minute 23 of the first part, and only three minutes later Juli Berenguer signed the 2-0. Denis Silva's boys had several opportunities to increase the marker in this first time, like a triple occasion in the minute 43, but they could not sum up them. In the renewal, Sant Cugat marked a goal that hindered the things to Barça, although finally the azulgranas got the victory.

Draw worked the boys of Marcel Sans against the third classified of the chart in a quite complicated field. During the first part the control was alternating among the two teams, although Barça had more occasions. In spite of it, Sant Cugat was ahead in the marker in the minute 20 and the azulgranas they left to the rest losing for the minimum one. In the renewal, Alevín A left stronger and was made with the domain of the game. The occasions azulgranas left happening, very clear some of them, until in the minute 55 Juan Altimira wrote down the only goal of Barça. In spite of the numerous opportunities and the superiority of the second part, the azulgranas could not get the victory.

Sant Cugat Deports it planted face to Jordi Font's boys in the Sport Area Jaume Tubau. Alevín B went out with doubts and left to the rest losing for the minimum one. However, in the second part the azulgranas changed the tonic of the game and at the end of the third room they were able to overcome the encounter with the goals of Lucas of Vega and Pedro. The last room was better for Barça that finished off the party with the reveilles of Solina, and Guillem, this had left double.

Alex Gomez and Alexis Pintó's boys' absolute domain against a rival that didn't have any option. Alevín C made circulate very well the side ball to side and took the initiative throughout the encounter. Take advanced to the azulgranas in the minute 10 of the first room, and starting from there Barça calmly controlled the game and without difficulties. Guille Amor and Marc Guerrero signed the other two reveilles of the day.

Alevín D was able to be taken an important victory against Gavà. The first part was quite even and it put an end to a 2-2, although the boys of Xavi Bravo had more occasions of marking. Starting from the renewal, Barça went out with a lot of intensity and was made with the complete domain of the game, but the goals of the victory didn't arrive to the last room, when the azulgranas summed up their occasions and they sentenced the encounter. The goals of the day belonged to Roger (2), Julián, José David and Antonio.

Marc Serra's boys' desert victory against a rival very well placed that it didn't put the easy things. Benjamin A controlled the encounter and had many occasions, but he lacked depth to sum up them and they left with a draw at 0 to the rest. The first goal arrived in the minute 32, and to leave of there the azulgranas found fluency in the game and arrived goleada of Marc Alegre (2) Marc, Aitor, Ilasi and José.

Very even encounter the azulgranas against a Premià very well placed behind that put the things very difficult to Benjamin B, in spite of the result. The encounter enough quarreled was except in the second room, when it broke the game, since Sergi Milá's boys was superior and they marked two decisive goals for the victory. Óscar Romero, Sagar Escoto and Albert Garrido, this had left double, they wrote down the reveilles azulgranas.

Benjamin C offered an exhibition of good soccer and a splendid first part, of the best in the season, against the team that leader went. The boys of Cristian Catena came out very well from the beginning and the game soon after was put of face, since in the first room they won already for 0-2. The beautiful game of team of which they made sample the azulgranas allowed them to increase the differences in the marker until reaching the 5 goals of the end. Xavi Pleguezuelo, with a hat-trick, Álvaro and Alejandro Balde were the scorers of the encounter.

Unanswerable Goleada of Benjamin D agaisnt a rival that was left without arguments to counteract the superiority of Barça that dominated the encounter from the beginning until the end. In the first part Jordi Pérez's boys already won for 8-0, and the second part continued with the same tonic. The success annotator of Nadir (5), Eric Ambrosio (3), David Ruiz (3), Sicu (2), Mamadou (2), Marc Pelaz (2), Jonathan, Albert Sánchez and Gabi gave the victory to the azulgranas.

Prebenjamín went very superior to their rival that was colista of the classification and didn't almost put resistance to the goleada azulgrana. The boys of Rafa Rodríguez and Juan Antonio Gil dominated the encounter from the beginning to the end, and they offered a correct proposal where the individual plays allowed to increase the differences in the marker. Sergi Oriol (4), Pol (3), Iker and Pablo wrote down the goals azulgranas of the day. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Messi: "Losing at Bernabéu would be a psychic blow for the rest of the year"

The Barcelona forward Lionel Messi believes it is " very important "to get a result at the Bernabeu on Saturday, because otherwise" would be a morale blow to the rest of the year. "If losing to Real Madrid, Messi believes that the team "would not have time to relax "because you should immediately go to Japan to contest the Club World Cup," which is very important to us . "

In an interview with FIFA.com, the Argentine international has secured be one hundred percent convinced that the team will give the size in both the classical and the World Cup. " We know our capabilities and how far we get on the court. It is true that many games, it's never easy to play as often and make the highest level. They are saying many things, but that we do not care, we are very quiet As I said, no better than we know the capabilities of this team , "said.

About the Club World Cup , which the club held from 14 to 18 December next, Messi has stated that a title is " important "and that the team has" a responsibility to always win . " Also believes that the long journey and the time change will not condition the performance he and his companions: " I think we have time to adapt. Let a few days before, and we used to, especially me, for travel to Argentina and South America , so there should be no problem . "

In addition, FC Barcelona striker has defended the 3-4-3 lately is using coach, Pep Guardiola. " We know that possession is the key to do harm and not to do so, having an extra man in midfield allows us to make it easier , "he argued.

De Guardiola, Messi believes that its role is " fundamental "for the team work," not just everyday but how to prepare and stay motivated parties to the fullest . " Bookmark to achieve again the Ballon d'Or -would be the third in a row-, 'Messi said that " the individual awards are very important, very prestigious , "but what interests him most is" the team to win matches and titles . " (via MD)

[Barça B] Montoya renewed by Barça

The international of Barça B will renewed with the club azulgrana up to 2014 in spite of the many offers that he had. The signing will take place after the Club World Cup.

The international Barça B , Martín Montoya , renew the azulgrana side to the end of the season 2013/14. The negotiations between Barça and his agent, Josep Maria Orobitg , have been long, but despite the good deals that the right had side, they've finally come to fruition.

Montoya is one of the few cases of full international who plays for second division. Its huge projection made ​​Del Bosque summon for the matches against Chile and Liechtenstein last August. Several teams showed interest in the player who has finally decided to give up the tasty offers that managed to stay in Barcelona. The agreement will be made ​​when the Barça back from the Club World Cup in Japan . The player will renew for the remainder of the season plus two and improve his record. (via MD)

Nadal: "I would give the Ballon d'Or to Xavi"

Rafa Nadal has clear to who would give the Ballon d'Or, if for him it was the reward would be for the barcelonista Xavi for his "career and for being Spanish." The tennis player hopes to do this Saturday a "even" encounter with the "two best teams of the world." Nadal considers that "Madrid is making a big season, playing very well, and Barça has had it takes several game playing well and marking many goals."

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Guardiola prepares for BATE with 11 Barça B players

11 players from the reserve side, plus Isaac Cuenca, trained this afternoon at the Camp Nou to prepare for the Champions League match against BATE. First team players Pinto, Piqué, Thiago, Maxwell, Fontàs y Pedro, plus Adriano, who is recovering from injury, were also named to the squad and trained alongside the reserves.

Barça will play their final game of the Champions League group stage against BATE Borisov with nothing to lose. With the top spot in Group H secured, Pep Guardiola decided to rest 13 first team players and name 11 footballers from Barça B to FC Barcelona’s squad to face the Belorussians.

This afternoon the Barça B youngsters Oier, Riverola, Montoya, Bartra, Muniesa, Sergi Gómez, Rafinha, Jonathan dos Santos, Deulofeu, Sergi Roberto and Kiko Femenía trained on the Camp Nou’s pitch. Isaac Cuenca also took part in the session, even though he’s been training with the first team for a couple of weeks.

The youngsters were joined by the seven first team footballers that Pep Guardiola has named to the Barça squad against BATE: Pinto, Piqué, Thiago, Maxwell, Fontàs, Pedro and Adriano, who is still recuperating from injury.

The team will spend the night at the Mandarín hotel, and will hold a closed door training session tomorrow at noon at the Ciutat Esportiva before the Champions League match.

Valdés, Alves, Puyol, Abidal, Mascherano, Keita, Sergio Busquets, Xavi, Iniesta, Cesc Fábregas, Messi, Alexis and Villa have off until Tuesday and will not feature against BATE Borisov. They will also hold a closed door training session, along with Adriano, at the Ciutat Esportiva tomorrow at 10:30. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

The List:
Pinto, Piqué, Thiago, Maxwell, Fontàs, Pedro, Cuenca (39), Oier (36), Montoya (35), Bartra (32), Muniesa (26), Sergi Gómez (33), Rafinha (34), Jonathan dos Santos (28), Deulofeu (27), Riverola (29), Sergi Roberto (30), Kiko Femenía (38).

Guardiola: “Against BATE Borisov I want the youngsters to be audacious

The Barcelona manager called on his players, most of whom will be from the Barça B side, to be courageous and audacious this Tuesday against BATE Borisov. Guardiola said that is was “a absolute pleasure” to be able to watch the Barça B youngsters play in person.

With qualification as group leaders in the Champions League secured, Barça will take on BATE Borisov in the last group stage match this Tuesday at the Camp Nou. For this reason, and keeping in mind that the team must travel to the Bernabéu this Saturday, Josep Guardiola will use many players from Eusebio Sacristan’s side to round out his squad. The Barça boss said that “the best times as manger come during these moments . . . they shouldn’t hold back because of stage fright or fear of their manager. Whatever they do, my opinion of them will not change, because I know them fairly well.”

Along these lines, Guardiola affirms that Barça faces this match “with utmost seriousness,” and highlights that the Barça B players that get to play for the first team do so “with enthusiasm,” he also added that “it’s good to have them close.” The manager hopes that the reserves will work hard during tomorrow’s match and that “they show all of their talent.” Guardiola also reminded the youngsters that “to move up to the first team you must take small steps, tomorrow is one of them.”

For Guardiola, the fact that one can watch a Champions League match when “most of the players are lads from the B side” is an incentive. “We’ll help them so that tomorrow they will be able to develop their play in the best possible way,” he said. Guardiola is totally convinced that the players picked to defend Barça’s colours tomorrow will “give absolutely everything” for the cause.

When asked about what kind of play he expects from BATE tomorrow, the manager said, “they were defensive and tried to counterattack during the first match.” However, Guardiola said there was a possibility that “they might be a bit more ambitious because they know that they will be playing against younger players.”

With the clásico edging closer each day, the questions about the match against Madrid were unavoidable. After saying that “it won’t be a surprise how we play at the Bernabéu, we know each other perfectly, there are few secrets between us,” Guardiola added that regardless of the outcome of the match, “there’s still a lot of Liga yet to be played.” “Whatever happens, we must keep on training and looking forward, because there is a lot of Liga left. It’s obvious that we’ll try to find the way to play well, generate chances, and limit their options . . . I’m only preoccupied with playing the best game possible,” he said.

This Monday FIFA announced that Xavi and Messi were once again finalists to win the FIFA Ballon d’Or: “without titles it wouldn’t make sense. It’s an honour that last year we had three finalists and this year we have two. It’s our time to be joyful. People need to vote without being bothered.” (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Pedro aims to regain form against BATE Borisov with the clásico looming

“Every player has the ambition and wants to play in a clásico, against BATE I’ll try to do my best.” “The game in the Champions League allows us to prepare for the Bernabéu”. In reference to tomorrow’s Champions League match: “There are players in the B squad that perhaps aren’t as well known by the public, it’s a good opportunity to get to know them”.

Pedro Rodríguez is one of the six first teamers to be named to Barça’s squad for the upcoming game against BATE Borisov this Tuesday. The striker hopes to get back to full form after a peroneal strain in his left heel has kept him off the pitch for three weeks. “I’m gaining confidence. I’ve missed out on a lot of games because of this injury, what’s important now is to continue working with the team so I can recover my form,” he said during the press conference.

Pedro has been following the team’s progress closely and he’s satisfied with their performance: “I’m happy that all my teammates are performing at such a great level.” He went on to talk about his colleagues that share his position on the pitch: “Every year there is competition and I believe it makes the team stronger. Cuenca is a great striker and he’s scoring goals, he’s doing well both on offence and defence. Alexis gives the team depth, constant movement, he’s great at one on ones and he can score. In my opinion they are great players.”

If there are two players being talked about in Barça’s dressing room this Monday it’s Messi and Xavi, finalists for the FIFA Ballon d’Or award. “The three finalists are fantastic players. Hopefully the winner ends up being a Barça player. Messi and Xavi are the best in their positions, it’s hard to choose between them.”

Pedro also talked about this Satruday’s clásico at the Bernabéu: “Both teams are doing really well at the moment and I think the game will be open.” The striker did lament Barça’s La Liga position going into the game, however: “the team is working well, it’s a shame that we aren’t in a better position going into the clásico.”

Pedro considers that the match against BATE is a good opportunity for him, “for me, yes, it’s important.” The striker encourages the Camo Nou faithful to come to the stadium for tomorrow’s match: “There are players in the B squad that perhaps aren’t as well known by the public, it’s a good opportunity to get to know them.” Pedro took the chance to give one piece of advice to the B side youngsters: “They should play their game, like they know how to play. They are good players and they should take advantage of this opportunity.” Tomorrow’s objective is obvious to Pedro: “we have the opportunity to close out the group stage without losing.” A new challenge for Pedro and his teammates. (via FCBarcelona.cat)