05 December 2011

Week of trainings, with the clásico of Saturday in Bernabéu in the spotlight

The first team begins this Monday one week in that should confront the left intrascendente of Champions before the BATE Borisov and that of League of Saturday in the field of Real Madrid. Once concluded the clásico of Bernabéu, the insole azulgrana will undertake from Madrid the trip toward Japan to dispute the Club World Cup.

After the victory against Levante on Saturday and having enjoyed a rest day, the group led by Josep Guardiola returns this Monday afternoon in which training is the pre-game day d and Champions League before BATE Borisov of Tuesday. Barça, with qualification for the knockout stages of the competition as group in the pocket, will focus full, on Wednesday, in Saturday's match day 10 in the field of Real Madrid , for the sixteenth day of competition of regularity. Right after the match stadium, and from Madrid , the team will undertake the journey to Japan , where he played the Club World Cup .

Thus, the activity of Barça will begin this afternoon at the Camp Nou match the occasion of Champions on Tuesday. It is expected that at 18.15, Josep Guardiola and Pedro brought before the media. After 19 hours, will hold a preparatory session will be open to the media during the first fifteen minutes.

Recall that for this session are cited Pinto, Piqué, Font, Maxwell, Thiago, Pedro and Cuenca as well as players from the reserves Oier, Montoya, Bartra, Muniesa, Sergi Gómez, Rafinha, Dos Santos, Deulofeu, Riverola, Sergi Roberto and Femenía . As usual the day before the Champions League match at the Camp Nou , the group will focus on the Mandarin hotel.

Already facing the Tuesday, be two different sessions. In the first, scheduled for 10.30 am at the Ciudad Deportiva and behind closed doors, involving Valdés, Alves, Puyol, Abidal, Mascherano, Keita, Busquets, Xavi, Iniesta, Cesc, Messi, Alexis and Villa. In the second, which is take place at the same stage, but at 12.30, the same players will workout Monday. As always, the group stay focused until the time of moving to the Stadium for the subsequent dispute over the game.

On Wednesday there is a training scheduled for 11 hours at the Ciudad Deportiva , when the team will start preparing the clásico Saturday. In principle, it is expected that on Thursday the group enjoy a day of rest, and resume the activity on Friday afternoon, specifically at 18 am at the Camp Nou . Subsequently, Josep Guardiola will address the media at the press conference prior to the commitment of Mourinho .

The staff will undertake the journey to Madrid on Saturday morning from 10 am, when there will be the output from the stadium. Once you have reached your destination, the expedition will go to Barca team hotel, where they remain until they move to the stadium Santiago Bernabeu , where, after 22 hours, will face with the white team . After the match, the team will not return to Barcelona, ​​but from Madrid will move to Japan to contest the Club World Cup. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Former player] Bojan: "I see very strong Barça for the Clásico"

The Roma forward assures to see to his exequipo "the same as always, very strong." Also, he admitted that to triumph in the Italian group "depends on myself."

This morning was the presentation of Bojan book entitled "Mi Barça", a story in which account their experiences and their experience over many years in the quarry and the first team squad.

The book, with foreword by Andres Iniesta, was presented in Barcelona and had great expectations of means to hear the testimony of the young centre-forward of Roma. The forward was asked about his exequipo Clásico and will face him next Saturday at Real Madrid. "I see Barca as always, a great moment, very strong for the Clásico," said Bojan.

Faced with the possibility of offering a forecast for this meeting, the striker did not get wet, "I believe in victory and I hope so, but I dare not a result." When asked if he misses his exequipo, Bojan admitted that "it is true that I miss Barcelona and all around the Barça".

However, the Catalan forward to succeed in his new team to ensure that "success in Rome depends on myself. I have to take the label of child prodigy. Prisa I have, I prefer to live day by day." In addition, the tip that the author said the book's preface, Iniesta, lived something similar in their early years in the Blaugrana team: "At first he was a sobering player of sequels."

Finally, Bojan also referred to the end of next Ballon d'Or "I'm very happy because the finalists are Xavi and Iniesta, but also have gotten to Iniesta, like last year." In addition, he was "proud" to have played with these players. Pra end Guardiola referred to the "wants" to be given the award for best coach of the year. (via AS)

Messi goal against Arsenal nominated for Puskás Award

The goal the Argentinean scored against Arsenal has been nominated for the best goal of the 2011 season, together with strikes by Neymar and Rooney. Voting taking place on FIFA website until January 9th.

Leo Messi is not just in the last three of the Ballon d'Or, he was also nominated this morning for the goal of the season – the FIFA Puskas Award- for his goal against Arsenal at the Camp Nou in the last 16 of the Champions League which opened the scoring and turned the tie around.

It was a beautiful goal, with Messi receiving a ball from Iniesta and delicately chipping it over the Arsenal keeper Almunia, then meeting it before it touched the grounds and slotting it home for the opening goal just before half time.

The voting for the best goal will take place on FIFA's website and Messi will be competing with strikes by Neymar (Santos) and Wayne Rooney (Manchester United). Voting is open until January 9th, when the results will be announced at the award ceremony for the FIFA Ballon d'Or. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Pep Guardiola is one of three coaches shortlisted for the award as the best coach of 2011

BGuardiola, who has now won 12 of the 15 titles on offer in his time with Barça, already has an impressive record at the age of just 40. Sir Alex Ferguson and José Mourinho are the two other managers in the running for the award.

Pep Guardiola is one of the three finalists for the 2011 FIFA World Coach of the Year Award, alongside Sir Alex Fergusson and José Mourinho. The winner will be announced in a ceremony in Zurich on January 9th.

Pep Guardiola's nomination is a recognition of the four titles he guided Barça to during the year: La Liga, Champions League, European and Spanish Super Cups with the possibility of a fifth, if they can win the Club World Cup this month.

Guardiola, who has won 12 of the 15 competitions the team have played in since he took over and at the age of 40 he already has an impressive record as a manager. Alex Ferguson, who has been a top flight manager for much longer of course, has just marked a quarter of a century in charge at Old Trafford and in 2011 United won the Premier and the Charity Shield. Jose Mourinho is the third aspirant after Real Madrid took the Spanish Cup –beating Barça in the final – in the Portuguese manager's first season at the Bernabeu.

Votes will be cast by managers (33%), international captains (33%) and journalists (33%). (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Leo Messi and Xavi Hernández finalists for Ballon d’Or again

For the fifth year on the run there will be a Barça player on the podium for the FIFA Ballon d’Or, as Messi and Xavi are again amongst the top three candidates. Cristiano Ronaldo is the third finalist.

The three finalists for the FIFA Ballon d'Or 2011 were announced at an event in Paris this afernoon.

The award ceremony will be held on January 9th in Zurich (Switzerland), when the name of the winner will be revealed. If Messi wins the award again he will equal the feats of players such as Cruyff, Platini and Van Basten, who all won the Ballon d'Or three times. Only Platini managed it over three consecutive seasons. Should Xavi be declared the winner, it will be the first time the Catalan midfielder has won the award.

There were originally eight Barça players nominated in the shortlist of 23 for the award:Abidal, Alves, Cesc, Iniesta, Messi, Piqué, Villa and Xavi.

Last season, all three top spots were filled by Barça players, something only Saachi's Milan team had previously achieved. Leo Messi won the award, Andrés Iniesta was second and Xavi Hernández third. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Barça dominate top three spots

It's the fifth year on the run that Barça have been represented in the last three of the competition, with Messi a regular in the top three, Xavi appearing for the third consecutive season and Iniesta the third current Barça player reaching the top three last season.

Messi, Iniesta, Xavi (2010)
Messi, Cristiano, Xavi (2009)
Cristiano, Messi, Torres (2008)
Kaká, Cristiano, Messi (2007)

Cesc, lethal weapon

Get to the classic at its best and his best scoring form.

Cesc Fabregas is released after the injury that kept him away from a party activity and has become one of the most destabilizing of all Pep Guardiola in recent games. to the uprising in the league last rehearsal before the Bernabéu The accredited Arenys a great form, and its enormous capacity to partner with Xavi, Iniesta and Messi. Cesc was scored twice, one pass of La Mancha and the other from Terrassa, which is now coming to the nine so far this season (seven in the league, Champions one and one, which was his first goal as Barca in the European Super Cup), and from day formed a partnership lethality Argentina.

Play with three or four defenders at the Bernabeu , what Barca is guaranteed is that their most important players in the game creation and circulation of the clásico ball reaches its peak in the season. Guardiola has been managing the staff thinking about Saturday's game and the Club World Cup as a priority, so that the team arrives in prime condition.

This is particularly evident in the case of the 'playmakers' team. Xavi takes a few weeks without interruption to an extraordinary degree, while Iniesta and Cesc have come from two separate periods of time to get down to the clásico tune. Iniesta, who had been warm and fuzzy most of the season, suffered a stroke the day of his comeback, against Zaragoza, and has since returned to the dry dock as a precaution. He reappeared on Tuesday at the Thunderbolt and repeated at stratospheric levels, on Saturday against Levante. Andy has to get well rested the clásico.

Fabregas , meanwhile, was injured in early October after a very active start of competition. Reappeared against Sevilla in the final minutes of that game, soulless, and since then his performance has been a rising curve, entering Guardiola rotations. Was instrumental in Sansiro, rested in Getafe and cool also comes to grief at the summit.

Cesc is one of the secret weapons of Guardiola. For its qualities, can play in different locales, both in a 4-3-3 system as in a 3-4-3. Therefore, their presence causes uncertainty and doubt Mourinho. Fàbregas , on the other hand, is proving scorer figures the level of his best seasons at Arsenal. In less than half a season now totals in all competitions, as many goals as last season and half of goals in his best year. (via MD)

Today, the 3 finalists for the Ballon d'Or

With the certain presence of Messi and Cristiano this morning will know who the 'tercer hombre' of triplet.

Coincidences of the calendar, right at the beginning of the week's Madrid-Barça magazine France Football announced the names of three finalists for the Ballon d'Or. It will be today at a ceremony to be held at the Paris headquarters of the magazine and will have as masters of ceremonies at the former Barcelona player Emmanuel Petit and Gaetane Thiney international gala. A nomination, how could it be otherwise, you will smell classic. And is that the two top favorites are the flagships of Barcelona and Madrid : Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo .

What is less clear is who will be the third man accompanying the Argentine and Portuguese on the podium of the prestigious award from last year, also sponsors the FIFA . Barca Xavi has accumulated many votes, given the great prestige that holds between the foosball community. The Terrassa is one of the players with best poster among his peers and coaches from around the world and that always makes you accumulate a lot of support.

Also Andres Iniesta is among the better-off. His prominent role in Barcelona and its apparent role in the selection also have put at the top in football. His goal that won the World Cup is not 2011, but still that feat has also reported great results this year. As in the case of Messi and Xavi , winning the Spanish league and, above all the Wembley Champions League are the best guarantees.

Other players who have won many props are the Brazilian Neymar - Barca goal ahead of 2014 and champion of the Copa Libertadores and Uruguayan Luis Suarez-champion of the Copa America with the Uruguayan team. In any case, the favorites are Messi and Cristiano , with a significant difference in favor of Argentina as deduced from the votes that have transpired so far.

The latest to publicly declare their preference for Ibrahimovic Leo yesterday , although his peculiar way. "I voted for Messi is the best. I think it has shown and will continue. He has won everything and still very young," he said on French television TF1. However, and asked if Messi was better than Cristiano, Ibra again left a pearl, "I do not know ... In my head I'm the best. I do not need the Ballon d'Or to be number one."

MD and moved the first list of 50 candidates for the Ballon d'Or and, later, the ratio of 23 men who today will be reduced to three names. A list of 23 made ​​so far by: Abidal, Alves, Cesc Fabregas, Iniesta, Messi, Pique, Villa, Xavi, Benzema, Casillas, Cristiano Ronaldo, Xabi Alonso, Aguero, Eto'o, Forlan, Thomas Müller, Nani, Neymar , Ozil, Rooney, Schweinsteiger, Sneijder and Luis Suarez.

Today also know the name of the three female finalists and three coaches. The favorite to win this award is the best coach Pep Guardiola.

Messi: "I'd to be father, but not yet"

Leo Messi reveals some personal issues that do not usually speak in an interview with a publication Argentina.

Leo Messi is happy with his life. The Argentine is the best in their work and also has the tranquility you want breaks in his boots. Barca striker, shy and quiet, is no friend to reveal intimacies. However, he has made an exception to celebrate the 19 anniversary of a popular publication in Argentina, `Faces Does the player appears in a suit wearing 'Dolce & Gabbana' of that has publicly declared faithful follower.

The top seed at the Ballon d'Or 2011 has always tried to leave his family and personal life outside the spotlight to pursue him on the pitch. Even so, he has transcended his family attachment and emotional stability through Rocuzzo Antonella, "I live a very normal, I like being at home it was, quiet living with my girlfriend." Leo, 24, and Antonella, 23, are still young, but already thinking about starting a family in the future, "obviously I'd be a father, but all in good time and not yet the time has come for me."

Messi, who lived for many years in Castelldefels, one feels over the life of the people, "is a quiet place where many Argentines, all people know that people live there and are used to me by the people, I am one more and the people respect me. " And while living on the edge, speaks highly of the capital of Catalonia, "I appreciate the tranquility of living on the outskirts of a big city, but I like Barcelona is a beautiful city."

The Argentine did not mince his words when talking to the wonders of his family, "was essential for me when I arrived in Barcelona and most important in my career, especially in the beginning is always more complicated." Showing its most mature, Leo acknowledges that because of them could fully focus on his career, "the first one always has many questions and can easily become unbalanced for everything that happens and stand beside them made my life easier."

Barca also had words for his teammates and his excellent relationship in the dressing room, "is a terrific group and I get along great with everyone."

As for his hobbies, revealed that "since I got tired of the PlayStation, used to play often, but not now." (via SPORT)

Toshack: "Messi makes the continuation of what no one can win a game solo"

The Welshman, a veteran of the bench, closely follows the struggle to keep Barça and its exequipo, Madrid.

John Benjamin Toshack leaves the box at the Mini Stadium to break a party of young A. He does it with a glass with ice and what appears to be coke. Quiet and friendly, speak about his former club Real Madrid, the historic struggle he has with Barça and, of course, his record of 107 goals in the league who managed to whites and that no one has yet been overcome.

Will Barca youth system is what makes the difference from other clubs?

I think it is a labor of patience and a very good idea.

Messi is proof of that.

It's an extraordinary thing. I've never seen anything like it, especially with 24 years ... Dammit! Play every minute. It's the best I've ever seen.

You've seen many players.

But no one like him. It is the most decisive. A goalie can make a difference, a panel can win a game, but Messi is the one who has solved itself. Leave the nonsense that nobody can win a game alone. You can score three goals at half time as a normal thing, easy. My God, is undoubtedly the most decisive ever seen.

His teammates do not get it wrong.

Yes, because that's what we said, the biggest play like small for many years. Never before have I seen a team play like Barcelona does this. It is not the overnight. Begins many years ago, starting with Guardiola himself, the clásico '4', Luis Milla, Guardiola, De la Peña, Xavi, Iniesta ... and then having the clásico front to score goals.

But nobody has been able to overcome his record of 107 goals.

Sure. Easy to say, but it is not easy. Is that 38 games are almost 3 goals per game. That year fell in the European Cup against Milan in October and we had such a burden of parties. And we won the League at the end of several days. I think I got 15 or 16 goals in their last four games.

How do you see this year? Do you think that Madrid has reached a level of Barça?

There are two teams that are like airplanes, but there to see the advanced season, when the timing and clamping pressure. (via SPORT)

Barça waits Tito Vilanova this week

The coach could make act of presence this week to Ciutat Esportiva, a visit that would suppose an extra motivation for the players.

Barca could have a reinforcement of emergency on Saturday at the Santiago Bernabeu. As Pep Guardiola himself forward in the press conference after the match against Levante, Tito Vilanova could accompany the team to Madrid for the transcendental clásico.

Everything will depend on the feelings of the coach this week. Titus, who was discharged from hospital just a week ago today, it could even come close to the facilities of the Ciutat Esportiva this week, not to wear work clothes and get to work, but to greet his players and his friend Pep, with which he has been in constant contact since he had surgery of the parotid gland on Monday November 22.

Beyond the good news that recovery would Vilanova, the presence of the technician in Sant Joan Despi would also extra motivation and a boost for Barca players, for whom the news was a blow to the intervention team coach . Guardiola is sure how to turn bad news into a tool to enhance the desire of the players.

After making an appearance at the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper, Tito decide if you are able to travel to Madrid and give moral support to the team at such an important game. What it is completely ruled out is that the Catalan trip to Japan, during the World Clubs. The doctors strongly recommend that you avoid the extra effort that would travel to Japan, taking into account the number of hours of travel and the operation took place as recently as two weeks. Thus, Villanova could meet again in Madrid with Jose Mourinho, for the first time after the attack the Portuguese. The Catalan coach would be forced to spend the night in Madrid after the game, since Barajas closed at night, and returning to Barcelona the next day. (via SPORT)

Guardiola has begun to watch the videos

Madrid will study the tapes of the last Super Cup.

FC Barcelona coach, Josep Guardiola, already has the clásico in his head. Even before (tomorrow) his team to play against BATE Borisov, duel in which you do not play anything, has begun to turn the match on Saturday at the Santiago Bernabeu.

To begin with, has started the screening of the latest videos that have the white team, especially the latest clashes between his men with white technician, which are two of the Supercopa of Spain's last August.

As coach Guardiola ahead in the press conference after the match against Levante, the idea is to find the keys to return to Real Madrid win the three points that could be key to the future of the League, because in these times Barcelona box is 3 points behind Real Madrid, but with one more game.

Guardiola, the clásico preparation, follow the same routine. For him it is a game more. (via SPORT)

Productions Mourinho

The technical target is focused on clásico and uses motivational videos for 'heat' to their own.

The clásico has already started walking five days until next Saturday, and despite the presence of Ajax on Wednesday in the final game of the first phase of the Champions League group stage means the first step towards the final key the League.

Jose Mourinho has remained tense calm in recent weeks, given the good level of play of his team, which has allowed chaining 14 consecutive wins, but has not stopped thinking about how to give a first example of the championship and, in particular, clearly lost their duels so far against Pep Guardiola, who has not yet been overcome at the Santiago Bernabeu. The Portuguese silent but his style has not changed at all.

The last plot of `Mou With that comes the clásico view is supported by technology in the form of visual image. Coach blanco has ordered his helpers direct are in place to prepare a special `video 'Before Saturday's game that serves to properly motivate his players. Motivation high against the eternal enemy in a duel that could prove decisive for the future of the League.

Mourinho aims to collect all the more controversial scenes of the last classic between Real Madrid and Barca. In this respect all the suggestions are worth antimadridismo possible by the Catalans, from a picture, either via or via Telemadrid Ball Point `¿, the staunchest advocates white. Read, Leo Messi of course pitch to the public at the Bernabeu, Guardiola possible snub Cristiano Ronaldo, Pique doing the little hand at the Camp Nou after the clash of resounding 5-0 or Busquets and Marcelo, the cry of `mono, mono or is `long nose ¿, according to later interpretations always manipulated.

It remains for all that history prior declaration of intent which was not required to instruct the players to the dispute of a derby, or rather a clásico. If you bring a video display all the provocations Barca, motivation will be higher if possible. And Mourinho knows this, so you have a whole week to watch the video with the blanco team to prepare his way to a meeting in which should prevail spectacle of good football, given the high level of play exhibited by both so far.

The other important slogan send his men is to raise again a match played aggressively to limit the regulation, as has happened in recent matches between Barcelona and Madrid. The usual weapon Mou `Do not you have been unsuccessful to date, except in his triumph in the Copa del Rey, but insist on calling their players to practice predictable antifútbol over the face of power to power, as expected between the two supposed best teams in the world.

Iker: "Saldremos the ganar in a tie"

Real Madrid captain, Iker Casillas, and thought of the clásico after winning at home to Sporting on Saturday in El Molinón and ruled that in the blanco advantage in the standings (three points with a game) earned him a tie. "Real Madrid always comes to win, not draw. We live a good run and hope to continue like this, "he said. (via SPORT)

Valdés, without fear of a defense of three at the Bernabeu

The goalkeeper of Barcelona admits that the team is able to play against Real Madrid with his boldest drawing.

Play with three defenders at the Bernabeu can be a test of courage or recklessness, but whatever the decision of Guardiola, the team is ready for anything. Pep, which prepares the clásico conscience, could continue the scheme which was already raised to the Levant, with three defenders, a system that assumes the locker room willingly. Even Victor Valdes, who may feel less guarded with a drawing of three defenders.

"We made everything, there would be no problem to play with one scheme or another. With a line of four have an additional defense, while the three forces you to be more attentive to the aids, but we can play well with both systems, "mused the Barça goalkeeper, able to maintain his clean sheet with a line most populated and with a more daring.

What seems clear is that the ship was in Madrid the Bernabeu with a more consolidated and more solid than last year. "Yes, they have grown as a team, have improved in several respects, certainly has more punch, which no longer normal," said Valdes after Barca's victory against Levante. "It will be a tough opponent, which comes in a strong tone and force us to be very focused," said Barca goalkeeper.

Barca goalkeeper recalled that the Supercopa of Spain, Barcelona and Madrid stumbled to a very demanding ("it was a very complicated, which forced us to have a great defensive concentration"), but downplayed the fact that the team Barca came from behind in the standings, something unusual in the last visits to the field of Real Madrid. "I do not think that changes anything the situation or the game. There is still much Liga ahead, no distance, but the face as a challenge and eager to continue growing at every game. "

Barca goalkeeper, great hero of the spotless streak Barca at home in the league (39 goals for and zero against this season), also admitted that "no one expected a run and a start to the season" and that the numbers " speak very good team and their ability to work, both defensively and in attack. "

In addition, Valdes said in Catalunya Radio microphones that Barça will raise the game against Real Madrid "in the same way we've always done, like when we went there last time in the Super Cup, going to win because the Mister, this is always the philosophy. " With Guardiola, Barça has never lost at the Bernabeu, despite having played three league matches and one Champions League. Their numbers fall short of the best cycle of history of Barca, three wins and a draw in the clásico league last year (1-1).

Valdés also noted that "good line" Barca at home is a good endorsement to go to the Bernabeu. "We have a good line at home: we have possession, depth and finish of second-line players."

It will be a party "decisive against Real Madrid because the result is always very important", but Valdes noted that "there is much Liga ahead." This year, in addition, Barça starts with an advantage: the clásico play back at the Camp Nou, a long-standing demand of the club in recent seasons had seen how the party of the second round is always played in Madrid. (via SPORT)

Mission possible of Barça in Bernabéu

The lead gives wings to a Madrid that is superior, almost champion. But the clásico is to play it. And Barça will make it.

In Madrid have 'buried' at FC Barcelona. They talk about end of cycle of crisis, irreparable cracks ... They say the Titanic is sinking and its descent into the darkest depths of darkness and is only a matter of time. But they forget that Pep Guardiola's team only lost one game against Real Madrid. And they have played two or three. Not five. They have played eleven. And he lost the final of the Copa del Rey, was in overtime and after scoring a goal disallowed for offside course. In addition, at his enemy, account wins games (three) and ties (two).

Everyone knows that the Madrid team is a good time, it has gained in strength and effectiveness. But no one should escape that Barca has already taken a title this season: the Supercopa of Spain (2-2 at the Santiago Bernabeu and 3-2 at the Camp Nou). No one can escape it not that Madrid is looking forward to Barcelona by repeated punishment to those before it, but nobody, neither can escape the Catalan team will perform at the target nest battle. To work. To play football and be true to their philosophy of play, which is none other than go in search of victory. The mission, therefore, more complicated enough, or more complicated than it is willing to present the FC Barcelona, ​​not far from impossible. It's possible. And very possible. There are in the memory of all the fans the 2-6 and 0-2 of the League 2008-2009 and 2009-2010 and the 2010-2011 Champions League 0-2. And in the memory of the team, whose backbone is still the same.

In a match of this magnitude, so that's at stake, anything is possible. True that Madrid will go to two hundred percent, they will try to stop Barca's streak on home soil and at the same time, to return the little hand that was at the Camp Nou on November 29, 2010 in the league, but neither is also true that Barca will go defeated. Quite the contrary. Catalan team is half the league. He knows that winning 3-point cut the leader and knows that making, can leave you touched and, once again, frustrated at not being able to bend. And at the same time, winning is priceless inject a dose of the imminent moral World Clubs. The team would travel to Japan at cruising speed and a strong bomb-proof soul.

The truth is coming face to face exciting. One of those duels in which a well prepared candidate challenges the champion to argue the throne. A match can be key to the future of the League. The Barça fans can rest easy because, whatever happens on Saturday in the field of Real Madrid, Barca played. Fight. And enjoy (not 'sausages') victory. And if you tap defeat, will rise. (via SPORT)

[Youth] FCB Juvenil A 2 - 1 Cornella

Samper and Pol Calvet has given the victory to the team azulgrana. Barça signs its eleventh victory and gets ready to receive the leader next week.

Óscar García's boys have been imposed Cornellà in Miniestadi in an encounter marked by the domain azulgrana. The opposite has opened the scoring in the first half, but the Catalans have not dropped their arms and were able to trace the game in the second half with goals from Samper and Pol Calvet.

For the first time, Juvenil A had possession of the ball and has had several chances to score but could not materialize. In fact, the visitors who would be advanced through Nacho, with a target early riser (min 6). The president Sandro Rosell and sports director Andoni Zubizarreta, have been following this period.

The Catalans have continued to rule over the second half. Dongou twice warned in very clear in the first ten minutes, until Samper has finally finished a ball from outside the area and has signed the Barca tie. The opportunities for the club have been happening, for example, an auction of Patri on 72 minutes, but good luck did not accompany the team as three balls crashed to the bottom. In the last minutes of play, however, has used a Pol Calvet reject the Cornellà defense to score the winning goal and kill the game.

With this victory, Juvenil A signs his eleventh win of the season. Next week will have a new opportunity to take charge of the classification in the game against Espanyol, the current leader. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Technical Data]
FC Barcelona: Bañuz, Edu, Bagnack, Ayala, Grimaldo, Samper, Quintillà (Miguel Ángel, min 57), Gabarrón, Ernesto (Calvet, min 46), Dongou and Sandro (Crisitan, min 78).

Cornellà: Unzué, Casado, Nacho, Edgar (Ramos, min 87), Lucas, Quiles, Jonathan (Donado, min 68), Surrita, Xavi (Pablo, min 55), Jorge and Víctor (Civil, min 80).

GOLES: 0-1, Nacho, min 6; 1-1, Samper, min 58, y 2-1, Calvet, min 78.

[Barça B] Rubber neck Isaac Cuenca

Many are Isaac Cuenca's qualities, the youth of Reus that has the trust of Pep Guardiola. In the game of the 15th day of the Liga BBVA at Camp Nou Cuenca demonstrated the quality that stores in his legs again. He associates well with their partners and, like he said the coaching staff blaugrana, he knows how to appear in the game when more he is needed, like in the magnificent one so much that it got against Levante, the third in the bill blaugrana, when finishing off of first Andrés Iniesta' magic service.

Little by little we know the best qualities of Cuenca, his skill with the ball and smell, but we did not know is that they also knew fly as well, much less know fall. Ballesteros put to the test, and Reus said, once again, with class. (via MD)

[Ex-player] Cocu: "Messi gives value to the record"

The Dutchman was pleased that Leo whom you have matched and abroad with more games played in a Barca shirt.
Philip admits that "Madrid is more equipment than last year" but notes that "Barça always plays well in the Bernabeu and win".
The PSV and the Netherlands second coach says, "Guardiola is a reference" and reveals that Pep Team videos goes to his young players.

Philip Cocu was until Saturday the foreign player more often was dressed in a Barca shirt (292). Share this privilege for a week with the best player in the history of FC Barcelona, ​​Lionel Messi , who matched against Levante and exceed the classical transcendental Saturday at the Santiago Bernabeu. The Dutchman has given an interview to Mundo Deportivo to discuss the Argentine numbers, the Madrid-Barça day 10 and its role as assistant coach at PSV (Fred Rutten) and the Dutch (Bert van Marwijk).

Were you aware that no foreign player had played more games at Barça than you?

When I finished my career at the club, no. A few months ago, someone I do not remember who said what I do. And now the media has reminded me because Messi has matched me.

I guess for you, which has always rejected the role, not ceasing to be relevant.

No. It's okay. It's always nice to have a winning record in a team of Barca's greatness, but also that you remove it is Messi gives you more value. I like that it was he, who is the best in the world, whom I overcome.

It will at the Bernabeu, in a vital game for Barca. How does Guardiola's team this season?

Well, as always. Playing with great quality and great intensity. Have failed in some away games, but every time the opponents will know you more and put more difficulties. But overcome. I am convinced that in May we'll talk about another great season Barça.

And what do you think Real Madrid?

Much better than last season. They play more as a team, everyone has the same idea, the same goal. Cristiano Ronaldo is an example of this change. It's a great player, but before it was more individualistic and now thinks more about the group and also gives good passes.

What will happen in the clásico?

Although Real Madrid is a little better, for me the favorite is Barça and I think Barca will win. The precedents for this type of game is important and the last duels won almost all the Barça. Barca always play well in the Bernabeu and it gives great confidence to a team and a little scary to another.

Are you surprised Guardiola as a coach?

I was surprised to have won everything, but it was good. I love especially your intent, your proposal. After you get it or not depends very much on the players.

Frank de Boer said he passed me a video of Barca players to be fixed at some details of their football. Do you also have done at PSV?

As a group, no. But individually, yes. In Holland the players they love learning and watching videos and sometimes ask the technicians. And the boats are perfect matches to see how they have to play the ball from behind, how they have to press when you lose a ball ... In many respects, Barça is a reference.

When you see the head coach?

Not yet. I wanted to get to the next European Championship with the Dutch and in principle still be a few more years as second in the PSV. After that, yes.

The boat offered the subsidiary last summer?

No, I had no news of Barça. My agent knows that it can only negotiate with Dutch teams. All I have clear is that I want to start my solo career in the Dutch league.

¿Win the League this year?

I think so. It touches us. I have a lot of confidence. There are many young players but they are performing at a high level, getting better, offer a good picture of equipment. I think the win.

Does AZ is a serious candidate?

Yes Everyone thought that playing league and European competition would only be above the first ten days, but is also offering a high level and can be considered as a candidate. In Holland, the last years, the league is no longer something only Ajax and PSV. In the last three league titles, two were from AZ and Twente.

Finally, what do you think of the draw for the Euro?

Very hard. Ours is the strongest group, with Germany and Portugal. Some people think that if you spend you're in the semis because the crossing seems affordable (Poland, Greece, Russia and Czech Republic), but the motivation against teams easier, when you have passed the difficult, is also complicated. We are confident that we will make a good tournament. (via MD)

[Former player] Ibrahimovic votes Messi for the Ballon d'Or

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has revealed that his vote for the Ballon d'Or is for Leo Messi , a former colleague at Barca , in an interview with the program 'Telefoot' French public television TF1.

"I will vote for Messi, is the strongest and I hope it remains" the captain assured Sweden that just is not on the list of 23 candidates. Ibra believes that Leo deserves your vote because "he has won almost everything and still is very young " .

Asked if he is considered as strong as Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo , the striker 'Rossoneri' said "I do not know ... in my head I am the strongest of all" . "I do not need the Ballon d'Or for being the number 1 " , added the former azulgrana. (via MD)