04 December 2011

[Barça B] Eusebio: "This defeat has to be a lesson for the future"

Barca B coach recognizes the good play of Elche and defends the attitude of his players, who have not dropped their arms at any time Barca coach said that this party has cost "more than usual".

Eusebio Sacristan praised the work of his team despite defeat against Elche, in a match where the azulgranas on Saturday, losing 3-0 . The coach acknowledged the good set of premises, especially in the first half. "It was a very well played game by the Elche , have come out with great intensity and surprised us. " The Elche has taken the lead on the scoreboard early, and from there "had a very comfortable first part, while we have not gone as party posts and have not been able to find our game," acknowledged the coach of Barça B .

Despite the outcome, the second part has been dominated by the azulgranas. "We left out the entire second half with all the intensity, improve the pace ... and I think we succeeded," said Barca coach. However, Barça has not been able to score in the opponent's goal, as recognized Eusebio : "We have often struggled to find a way to attack the Elche , was not easy. "

Subsidiary coach has praised his rival, and declared that "this is a team with very clear ideas, very mature, which is very difficult to surprise and win." With these words, Eusebio has answered the question of whether a candidate was to Elche to go up to First Division .

Subsidiary coach explained that "logically, losing in this way has affected hurt." However, Eusebio has not only left with the refusal of the meeting and has defended the team's game in the second half. "You have to appreciate that the team has reacted in the second half, continued to fight until the end and has the face." He has also had praise for his players and has stressed that the victory should serve to learn from mistakes and improve the face of the league following days. "These players, apart from its quality, they have very good mentality, and this defeat should serve as a lesson for the future." (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Cesc Fabregas: "We’re going to the Bernabeu to win and to play our style. We’re not afraid”

The Barça midfielder has assured Barça TV the squad is convinced there is only one way to play against Real Madrid in the Bernabeu on 10th December: “With bravery and courage”. Cesc insisted that his team-mates are “feeling very positive” and “strong” ahead of their first league clash of the season against the team coached by Jose Mourinho.

After the great win against Levante, and despite having a midweek Champions League match against BATE Borisov, it's inevitable that the fans are looking ahead to next weekend's Real Madrid game. In an interview with Barça TV, Cesc makes it very clear that, "The team has always been upbeat. We always try and compete at the highest level." He also emphasised that the team is in good shape and will go to the Bernabeu looking "for a win". And whatever happens there'll be no lack of "bravery and courage" to "play our own style".

Cesc knows that the result of the Madrid game could have a big impact on the race to the league title. A defeat would be a serious setback to Barça's hopes– "although you never know" - while a win would put the Club right back in the hunt and give the players a boost ahead of the World Club Cup in Japan. Summing up the mood of the squad, he guaranteed that Barça "will fight to get the three points" while sticking to their trademark style of play – "We'll go to win. We're not afraid."

"If we go there with nerves or thinking we'll sit back and see what happens, the Bernabeu is a very dangerous place to play. Obviously they'll go all out for a win and the home fans will make their presence felt. We know that if Real Madrid win, it could have a serious impact on the league."

Turning to the team's performance against Levante, Cesc proudly insisted. "It was a great all-round performance by the whole team. We felt in great shape physically and our tactical positioning was very good." He called on his team-mates "to keep on improving and perfecting the system." On a personal level, Cesc's two goals were one of the high points of the match. "Scoring always makes me happy but at the end of the day the main thing is that the team keeps on winning and collecting points."

So far this season, Cesc Fabregas has scored nine goals and he highlights the role played by his team-mates: "My team-mates are amazing. In that sense I feel that I'm benefiting a lot from having them around me. I always try and expect the best from them because I know they're fantastic players." Finally, Cesc explained why three of his nine goals have come from headers: "I play higher up the pitch with Barça and that makes it easier for me to get into the box." (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Player Ratings; Liga BBVA; week15] FC Barcelona - Levante UD (5-0)

Avarage 8.1. Valdés 8, Puyol 7, Mascherano 7, Abidal 7, Busquets 7, Xavi 8, Fàbregas 9 (MOM), Iniesta 8, Cuenca 8, Messi 8, Alexis 8, Alves 8, Keita 7, Pedro 7. (via SPORT)

Barca repeat the hotel 2006 in Japan

The template will stay in the most exclusive residence in Japan, it already hosted the team Rijkaard and Ronaldinho five years ago.

FC Barcelona has chosen to stay in Japan for the Club World Cup the same hotel that hosted Frank Rijkaard's team in 2006. Consicentes that the current team has little to do with then, in their minds and commitment, the Catalans have decided to 'pass' of superstition and stay in the country's most luxurious grounds Nippon.

The Yokohama Royal Park Hotel is a hotel without a star rating system, but considered the most exclusive in Japan. "It is above five," they say at the reception. In fact, its location, located in Yokohama Bay just 30 km from Tokyo, has been chosen by many rock stars and even the Japanese emperor.

The hotel is located in the Landmark Tower, the tallest in the country rascaciones. It occupies the upper floors, with the bottom 62 of the hotel.

Built in 1993, has a height of 295 meters and from some rooms can be seen even Mount Fuji, located more than 80 km away. The rooms range in price between the cheapest 330 and 5,000 the most luxurious suite, while the coach will stay in one of the 'executive suites' hotel of about 70 square meters. As has happened so far in the end, the families of the players can stay in the same hotel as the team, located just 10 kilometers from the stadium that will host matches.

Within the hotel's facilities include a spa and gym, located on the ground 49 of the tower. In fact, it is expected that, as in 2006, the trainers take advantage of the extensive facilities for an initial physical recovery session for players to get through those hours by plane. According to the travel plan, the template will land at Narita Airport on Sunday 11 and will remain in Yokohama eight nights, until day 18. The template will land back in Barcelona on Monday 19 afternoon. (via SPORT)

Puyol, substituted as a precautionary measure

Carles Puyol became dizzy after colliding with Levante’s Koné and asked to be substituted as a precautionary measure. He started to feel better in the dressing room and he's fully recovered. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Valdés: "No one expected this kind of streak at the beginning of the season"

The goalkeeper is very pleased with the spectacular streak of not conceding any goals at the Camp Nou in the Liga.

FC Barcelona won another match at the Camp Nou in style, this time against Levante (5-0). Cesc Fàbregas scored a brace giving Barça a 2-0 lead after 30 minutes of play. The youngster, Isaac Cuenca, scored the third just before the break and in the second half Messi and Alexis both bagged goals. With these 5 goals, the team has scored 39 goals and conceded none at the Camp Nou. Víctor Valdés, pleased with the good form at home said, “no one expected this kind of streak at the beginning of the season.” The keeper went on to say, “this says a lot about the team and our willingness to work hard.” With that said, Valdés highlighted tonight’s rival and their phenomenal run in the League so far: “we had more work than usual at home. Levante is a great team and they made it difficult for us during certain parts of the match.”

When asked about next week's match against Real Madrid, Valdés gave preference to the match against BATE Borisov next Tuesday. However, the keeper did say, “the game at the Bernabéu is always different, it’ll be nothing like the game against Levante.”

Cesc Fàbregas echoed his keeper: “We have to focus on the Champions League. After that, the clásico.” The midfielder went on to say, “Madrid may be the most on form team of the world, but we’ll try to play our best to beat team.”

Player’s statements after the match:

Isaac Cuenca:

“I’ve adapted little by little to the team, now I’m more calm when I go out onto the field. I always fight to be in the starting lineup.”

“It would be a dream to play against Madrid, but it’s also been a dream to play all of these games.”

(On the 39-0 record at home): “We always attack and thanks to the size of the pitch it’s easier to have chances and score goals.”


“It’s always good to win, but the simple fact of playing for this Club should give you enough self-esteem and confidence.”

“I’ve played in the three defender formation a lot, in the middle and on the right and I feel comfortable with it.”

“We’ll play well against BATE because a lot of people dream of playing in the Champions League and you always have to respect your opponent.”

“Madrid was just as good last season, now that they are leaders people highlight their quality.” (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Bartomeu highlights Levante's courage

Barça’s first vice president commended Levante’s courage in Saturday’s game at the Camp Nou: “I want to congratulate Levante because they are having a magnificent season. They didn’t come to the Camp Nou to play defence, they were courageous. They weren't an easy opponent.” Josep Maria Bartomeu also noted the effort put forth by Barça’s players to take the three points, “they always come out and put a lot of effort into it . . . We saw great team play and different players scored.”

When asked about the expectations for the next League game, at the Bernabéu, the first vice president was clear, “it’s a very important game,” but this competition rewards consistency and it will “go on, no matter what. No team will leave there [Bernabéu] League champions.” Lastly, Bartomeu proudly referenced tonight’s tribute at the Camp Nou to ex-President Josep Suñol and said that the final stretch of December was highly “motivating.” (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Guardiola: “This is very long and we must preserver”

The Barça manager said, regardless of what happens in the near future, that the team must preserver and cannot allow itself to give up, because the season is very long. Guardiola, very pleased with the win over Levante, called on the Camp Nou faithful to “stand by” the team until the end.

Josep Guardiola places high value on his team’s 5-0 win over Levante at the Camp Nou this Saturday. “We’ve scored five goals against the fourth placed team in the League, but it’s true that after everything we’ve accomplished nothing we do seems like much,” the Barça manager said. The Santpedor native boldly said that his team must “preserver” throughout the rest of the season and that Barça fans shouldn’t abandon their team. “These players don’t deserve that, they’ve given a lot to this Club,” he said.

With the match at the Barnabéu looming, Guardiola urged his squad to keep on fighting and not give up: “there’s a lot left, regardless of what happens in the near future. This thing is long and we have to preserver.”

Next Saturday’s match at Real Madrid’s stadium was the focus of the post-match press conference after the game against Levante. When asked if tonight’s game helped Guardiola to come to any conclusions about the clásico, the Barça manager said, “there isn’t a game where I do not come to any conclusions, it’s impossible not to. The fact that we did well tonight doesn’t mean we’ll do well tomorrow, because Madrid plays differently.”

When asked if he will use three defenders against Mourinho’s side, the Barça boss was very clear: “playing with three defenders is good if you’re dominating, but if you aren’t it’s very difficult, not only against Madird but against any other club in the world.” He added, “the challenge is to have the other team submit and to have more comfortable possession of the ball so we can attack. But against Madrid, getting them to submit for long spells of time is practically impossible.”

Finally, the Barça manager explained that Pedro “has a little discomfort with his heel . . . Pedro is too good of player to doubt.” He added, “I’m the manager I am today thanks to players like Pedro.” Guardiola also talked about Cuenca’s performance: “he makes everyone else better. He’s very intelligent and he knows his function within the team perfectly.”

Guardiola also talked about his assistant coach, Tito Vilanova: “In the end, he’s the most significant absentee we have. He will not be coming to Japan, he’ll stay here to recuperate. However, he’ll try to come to the Bernabéu if he gets a chance. The most positive thing is that he’s getting better each day.” (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Liga BBVA; Week15] FC Barcelona 5 - 0 Levante UD

An exquisite performance against Llevant ended with Barça hitting five past the visitors, through Cesc (2), Cuenca, Messi and Alexis. The game was virtually done and dusted within 36 minutes and the team will go to the Bernabeu full of confidence.

Barça's performance at the Camp Nou tonight suggests that they will be going to the Bernabeu next week full of confidence and enjoying some great form. Guardiola's men needed just 36 minutes of the first half to put the game beyond this season's La Liga surprise package with two goals from an incisive Cesc Fabregas rounding off some high class football. At two up, Barça didn't sit back and start thinking about next weekend though, they simply pushed on and after a third from Cuenca, they continued to dominate in the second half with two more goals.

MORE: www.fcbarcelona.cat

[Technical Data]
FC Barcelona Víctor Valdés; Puyol (Dani Alves, min. 36), Mascherano, Abidal; Sergio Busquets (Keita, min. 46), Xavi, Iniesta, Cesc (Pedro, min. 72); Cuenca, Messi and Alexis.

Levante UD Munúa; Javi Venta (Rubén Suárez, min. 65), Ballesteros, Del Horno (Cabral, min. 75), Juanfran; Xavi Torres, Iborra (El Zhar, min. 57), Farinós; Valdo, Pedro López and Koné.

Goals: 1-0, min. 4. Pass of Messi to Iniesta who, of heel, it prolongs Cesc and this bat from outside of the area to Munúa. 2-0, min. 33. Take out of lack of Xavi and Cesc is early Del Horno to nod to the net. 3-0, min. 37. Messi sends a ball to Iniesta and that of Fuentealbilla, of first, attended Isaac Cuenca who connects a common and placed shot. 4-0, min. 55, Dani Alves attended Messi who penetrates in the area and shoots Munúa. 5-0, min. 60. Combination between Xavi and Messi and that of Rosario sends to Alexis. The Chilean, instead of strong kick, lifts the ball above Munúa.

Referee: José Antonio Teixeira Vitienes (Cantabria). He showed yellow cards to Cesc and Victor Valdés, on the part of Barça, already Javi Venta, Ballesteros y del Horno, for part granota.

Incidents: 79,361 spectators at the Camp Nou.

[Barça B; Liga Adelante; Week16] Elche 3 - 0 FC Barcelona B

Two goals from Nicki Bille and one of Edu Albacar have given victory to Elche Barca to a subsidiary which could not materialize the few chances he has had.

Eusebio Sacristan The guys could not string together their eighth match unbeaten and have fallen against Elche, the third-ranked league in a very complicated field. Although Barça has controlled the game in both halves and has had several occasions, has not been able to realize any defensive action by the rival good.

In the first part, the azulgranas have been overshadowed by his rival. The premises have been very effective in their times, and at 6 minutes Nicki Bille has opened the can with a goal from the left. Although Barca B had the power, it lacks depth in their games and could not finish any occasion. Nicki Bille has again set in the 29th minute on a play where he has remained alone with the keeper after a pass from Palanca. On behalf of Barça, Tello has had a good time to score the first goal on 37 minutes Barca, but Juan Carlos has sent the ball for a corner. Finally, Elche has signed it 3-0 on a goal by Edu lack of executors.

The second half continued the same trend. The azulgranas continued to have the ball skills, but have not been able to materialize their chances. Femenía Kiko has come several times to the opponent's goal, but Juan Carlos has played a great game and has not let in any ball. Montoya, meanwhile, has also several times the penalty area and had a great chance on 76 minutes, but the Elche goalkeeper has again masterfully intervene.

This defeat streak breaks with the guys wearing Eusebio Sacristan, who chained seven straight games without losing. Next Friday will attempt to reconnect with the azulgranas victory against Almeria at 21 hours in the Miniestadi. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Tecchnical Data]
Elche Juan Carlos, Flaño, Etxeita, Pelegrín, Edu Albacar, Xumetra (Luismi Loro, m.73), Acciari (Carpio, m.25), Luque (Rúper, m. 4), Palanca, Nicki Bille and Ángel.

Barça B Massip, Montoya, Bartra, Muniesa Planas, Sergio Roberto (Riverola, m.73), Dos Santos, Carmona (Kiko, m.46), Tello (Gerard, m.66), Soriano and Rafinha.

Goals: 1-0, Nicki Bille, min 6; 2-0, Nicki Bille, min 29, y 3-0, Edu Albacar, min 34.

Referee: Piñeiro Crespo (Asturian Committee). Admonished local Etxeita and Xumetra visiting Carmona and Tello.

Incidents: The game for the sixteenth day of league, played at the Martinez Valero Stadium in Elche, with 9487 spectators. Pitch in good condition.