01 December 2011

Guardiola "I share this award with my players"

Barca coach Pep Guardiola said he is "honored" to receive the award for best coach LFP First 2010-2011 and expressed his desire to share with the players and the club to provide "the opportunity" to train .

"I want to thank everyone who has voted and I share this award with the Barcelona players, who are the true creators, and the institution of the Football Club Barcelona for allowing me the opportunity to train," he said.

Barça, champions of League and of Europe last season, has been the big winner in the third edition of the awards in the LFP in First Division with seven distinctions and more for a second, as Marc Bartra has been voted Newcomer.

Leo Messi, who repeated as the best forward and best player for the second consecutive season with more votes than the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo and his compatriot Sergio Kun Agüero, now in the masthead City, acknowledged his "joy at getting the award for the second time."

Another of repeats is Xavi Hernandez, who said "is a great honor to have been voted by many people." "I'm very happy, hopefully I can repeat," commented the world champion after receiving the award as the best midfielder.
And also reissued distinction Victor Valdes, best goalkeeper in front of Iker Casillas and David De Gea, and Andres Iniesta, two years ago at the end of the 2008-2009 season and won the best midfielder award.

"I am very proud and grateful to all who voted me. Let's see if they come many more, but this is thanks to the work of the entire team," said Victor Valdes. Iniesta, who beat Real Madrid in the voting to Mesut Ozil and Borja Valero Villarreal admitted to receive an award like this "is very nice for what" after work "things that have done well all year."

"I thank the people who has voted and has relied on the work of one, but not the team you are nothing. It's an individual award, but always collective," he said.

The Frenchman Eric Abidal, recognized as the best defender also ahead of azulgrana Dani Alves and the madridista Marcelo, said he was "proud" with this recognition and promised to try to "do well this season to win," and also expressed his hope Marc Bartra, elected Second Newcomer.

"I feel very proud of which is. That you recognize all the coaches Second for me is an illusion and thank all my teammates and the coach of last year, because without them I would not have succeeded, "he said. (via SPORT)

Barça awards the prizes LFP

The Blaugrana takes seven of the eight awards possible in la Liga.
Valdes, Abidal, Xavi, Iniesta and Messi twice, along with Guardiola have been recognized.
Bartra has been nominated for Newcomer of the Second.

After completing training, the Barca players have been awarded prizes LFP, for last season. In fact, almost all the awards have been for Barca team: Valdes, best goalkeeper, Abidal, best defender, Xavi, best half, Iniesta, best attacker and Messi, best forward. In addition, Leo has also been awarded the prize for best player in the league, and has taken home two awards. Meanwhile, Pep Guardiola has been recognized as best coach.

The only award that has not been born FC Barcelona player has been the revelation that he has won Iker Muniain, the Athletic Club. Still, the club has also been awarded Barca in Liga Adelante. Marc Bartra, the filail, received the award for Newcomer of the silver category. (via MD)

Barca-L'Hospitalet on Thursday December 22 at 22 hours

Josep Guardiola's team will discharge the year 2011 with the turn of the 1/16 final of Cup at Camp Nou, where will try to enforce the 0-1 first-leg

It is already known the date and the hour of the last party of the year of FC Barcelona. It will be December 22, at the 22 hours, in an encounter that will face to the group of Guardiola with L'Hospitalet, in the commitment of turn of the 1/16 final of the Cup. This way, Barça will say goodbye to the 2011 with the challenge of making good the 0-1 achieved in the first leg.

Remember that the first team will be back a few days before the Club World Cup championship in Japan and that, therefore, still be adjusting to the time change accordingly. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Everything points that Piqué will be in the Clásico

The ruling of the Competition Committee with Javier Barkero, indicates that either act officiated in the polemic card of the central azulgrana.

Gerard Pique will be available for the clásico at the Santiago Bernabeu. Or so it should be if the Competition Committee with the same yardstick measuring the Catalan central action of Barkero , the Levant, which forced the fifth yellow against Sporting to lose the match against Barcelona.

The case is analogous to Piqué to the Lightning, though much more brazen. With 4-0 as Four showed a video, Barkero received orders from the bench to force a fifth yellow. And the player granota tried several times. Pushing an opponent, stood before the ball from a corner and eventually was reprimanded for touching the ball with his hand. After four minutes, his coach Juan Ignacio Martinez changed.

Yesterday, like every Wednesday, the Competition Committee met to discuss and impose various sanctions on the day of the weekend. Studied for Barkero as the record did not reflect the intent of the player of the Levant, did not act officially and was sanctioned with a match. Thus, following the recent precedent of the court waiting for consistency, Piqué will be Guardiola's orders for the match against Real Madrid. (via MD)

FIFA FIFPro World XI 2011: Eleven Barça players amongst the candidates for the best team of the year

No team has more candidates than FC Barcelona, which already had six players in the winning team a year ago

FIFPro, the association of professional footballers, announced on Thursday the final list of 55 players who are candidates for the best eleven of 2011. Among the candidates are eleven players from Barça, ​​the team most represented amongst all the nominees. They are Valdés, Abidal, Alves, Piqué, Puyol, Busquets, Cesc, Iniesta, Xavi, Messi, and Villa. More than 50,000 professional players from around the world took part in the voting for the finalists.

Of the eleven Barça candidates, goalkeeper Víctor Valdés is the only first-timer on the list of finalists. The rest have been there in previous editions. In fact, the ideal XI of 2010 included six Barça players, over half the team: Piqué, Puyol, Xavi, Iniesta, Messi, and Villa.

On January 9th, 2012, to coincide with the gala of the FIFA Ballon d'Or in Zurich, the names of the eleven players that make up the ideal XI will be announced, including a goalkeeper, four defenders, three midfielders, and three forwards. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

The 55 finalists

Goalkeepers: Buffon (Juventus), Casillas (Madrid), Neuer (Bayern), Van der Sar (retired, Man United) and Víctor Valdés (Barça)

Defenders: Abidal (Barça), Alves (Barça), Carvalho (Madrid), Cole (Chelsea), Evra (Man United), Ferdinand (Man United), Kompany (Man City), Lahm (Bayern), Lucio (Inter), David Luiz (Chelsea ), Maicon (Inter), Marcelo (Madrid), Nesta (AC Milan), Pepe (Madrid), Piqué (Barça), Puyol (Barça), Sergio Ramos (Madrid), Thiago Silva (AC Milan), Terry (Chelsea) and Vidic (Man United)

Midfielders: Xabi Alonso (Madrid), Bale (Tottenham), Busquets (Barça), Cesc Fabregas (Barça), Iniesta (Barça), Kaka (Madrid), Lampard (Chelsea), Nani (Man United), Özil (Madrid), Pirlo (Juventus), Schweinsteiger (Bayern), David Silva (Man City), Sneijder (Inter), Yaya Toure (Man City) and Xavi (Barça)

Forwards: Aguero (Man City), Benzema (Madrid), Cavani (Naples), Drogba (Chelsea), Eto'o (Anzhi), Falcao (Athletico), Mario Gomez (Bayern), Ibrahimovic (AC Milan), Messi (Barça), Neymar (Santos), Van Persie (Arsenal), Cristiano Ronaldo (Madrid), Rooney (Man United), Luis Suarez (Liverpool) and David Villa (Barça).

[Former player] Guardiola met with Bojan and his parents

After his comentadísima appearance on 'El Convidat' on TV3, he spoke very clearly about his relationship with Pep Guardiola , Bojan is back in full today because it is about to appear his titled book 'Bojan Krkic. El meu Barça'.

In shattering his personal vision of its passage through the Barca first team since the beginning in that friendly which debuted Egypt, until his last days on the orders of Pep . A relationship, which had with Barca coach, which was not the most fluid of the world as Linyola said the TV3 journalist Om Albert luxury witness at his home in Roma. "Makes that makes, Pep didn't see me", he ended up commenting.

However, the certain thing is that Guardiola, the same as he made with many of the cracks that has had to their orders, he moved to attempt that the relationship with Bojan was better and also to find a syntony with the forward azulgrana. In fact, the same as it had mentioned other footballers in restaurants, in their last season to Bojan mentioned him to maintain a chat in a hotel. The novel of the case is that to the encounter his parents also went with the acquiescence of Guardiola.

During the meeting, the Barca coach who has never wanted to give details, he tried to 'bite' to the forward, asking him to be more direct and ambitious in the struggle to gain a spot in the starting lineup. From the environment Bojan surprised by the vehemence with which Pep went to the asking player reaction.

In any case, that is four did not quite fix a relationship in which the player, as he confessed publicly on TV3, he felt unappreciated and sometimes even ignored. (via MD)

Barça is still the best club in the world

FC Barcelona continues to lead the classification of the IFFHS as the best club in the world.

Barcelona remains at the forefront of the global ranking of clubs of the Federation of Football History and Statistics (IFFHS) ahead of Real Madrid, who repeated as the best club of the month to be the first in November. The two Spanish teams dominate with table clearly IFFHS, which are followed by Velez Sarsfield of Argentina, which ousted the third place at Manchester United. The Barcelona already 39 times the first ranking, which amounts to Milan. Highest November has been the Real Madrid, ahead of Swiss Basel and Universidad Católica. The picture of Jose Mourinho as it was in October. Real Madrid won all their national and international matches during the month and achieved the highest global score (40). The Basel team also was undefeated, with a tie-up and added 35 points, one less than the whole of Santiago, which had three matched.

Since Jose Mourinho goes to Real Madrid, the white box has been by the current, four times the world's best clubs in the Month. At the same time this fact was made ​​by the Luso Porto and Barcelona twice each. In the "top 100" there are clubs in 39 countries: 68 are from UEFA, CONMEBOL, 21, five of the AFC Four of the CAF, two from CONCACAF and none of the OFC. The following links have more representation of clubs in the "top 100": England (8), Spain (7), Brazil (6), Italy (6 ), Germany (5), France (5), Portugal (4), Argentina (4), Netherlands (4) and Russia (4). (via SPORT)

- Rating:
1. Barcelona (ESP) 332.0 points
2. Real Madrid (ESP) 316.0
3. Vélez Sarsfield (ARG) 279.0
4. Manchester United (ING) 267,0
5. Porto (POR) 256.0
6. Manchester City (ING) 245,0
7. Bayern München (GER) 239.0
8. Inter Milan (ITA) 232,0
9. Schalke 04 (GER) 231.0
10. Santos (BRA) 226.0
11. Universidad Católica (CHI) 224.0
14. Libertad Asunción (PAR) 217.5
16. LDUQ (ECU) 206.5
19. Villarreal (ESP) 200.0
22. Universidad de Chile (CHI) 190.5
23. Vasco da Gama (BRA) 186.0
25. Cerro Porteño (PAR) 185.0
29. Atlético Madrid (ESP) 176.0
30. Internacional P.Alegre (BRA) 174.0
38. Valencia (ESP) 160.0

Cesc: "We have to win"

Cesc Fabregas has reviewed the key issues of today's club. Among them, the Club World Cup and the game against Madrid.

Since Barcelona Cesc Fabregas arrived in August last three months have passed. To say that Cesc has become one of the revelations of the season was somewhat unfair, since before his arrival he knew for certain that there would be one of the best midfielders in the world. Although it was not easy to integrate possibly the best midfield in world football, Fabregas has far exceeded expectations and is very happy and glad you wear a Barca shirt, the one that wanted to defend his life.

In a recent statement to the FIFA website, FIFA.com , the crack has reviewed the key themes of the current boat and is very sure about the chances of winning the team's World Cup FIFA Club be held soon in Japan. Pressure on the possible plans in the locker room to address the significant global competition and the momentous game against Madrid in the Bernabeu, Cesc has been emphatic in saying that "This is Barcelona, ​​we are always bound to win. It is what people wait, what makes us do and we must meet. It's the same at Real Madrid, Milan, Manchester, Juventus or Bayern. In large so there is no other option. "

On the trip to Japan, Cesc has said it is a journey that motivates you personally, but that part of the all-important tourism is the competition "We will go for a trophy and tourism we will leave for family and friends join us that any insurance will be dropped. In the end Japan is Japan ".

Finally, in terms of their personal feelings before playing his first Club World Cup means Barca have shown excited and eager to start "looking forward, of course. I know Japan is the first time I go, and there to adapt because we will get a tough game and it will take time. It's a long trip with the time change. But as I said before, the priority is to get the title, and that is what we seek. " (via SPORT)

Alexis accelerates

Ovation at the Ray Sanchez has already penetrated deep into the locker room.
A great admirer of Ronaldinho, is a sponge for tactical orders.

Barcelona have wanted to see Alexis Sanchez and Chile, to reconnect with football. After spending two months out, the other Barca's star signing of Cesc Fabregas Amen received his first standing ovation after signing his first double against Rayo Vallecano. The former Udinese player, which made ​​landfall in the Camp Nou for 26 million plus 11 in variables, you lost time. Is accelerating to get to the big event at the Bernabeu and the Club World Cup in Japan with a tremendous mental capacity to overcome some criticisms of the defeat of Getafe.

His fantastic performance against vallecano is called to be an accolade for a player who has gone very well in the template. Uncomfortable in the press conferences and public appearances as Leo Messi and spoiled in this respect by Marcelo Bielsa, his former coach in Chile, given the current negative Athletic coach to give interviews, Alexis talking on the pitch prefriere . There is a sponge.

Although it may seem somewhat absent apparently has a photographic memory to internalize what you've seen and lock into practices and games and instantly captures tactical instructions that tells Guardiola . It absorbs all instructions and recommendations from colleagues and rehearse moves and combinations with them to adapt quickly.

Dealing with peers is affable. Unlike what happens with the press, if you open them and communicate smoothly and feels safe and protected. The group has in great consideration to Alexis . We are of the highest level a player can throw the team on his back and not hide the face of adversity. Sanchez is grateful for the affection of all of them yet professes great respect not only for Messi, but also by Villa, Xavi, Iniesta, Cesc, Pedro (for his unyielding fighting spirit), Thiago and, of course, Dani Alves.

As a rookie he is, fits well the jokes that you spend on your accent. Pep asks autopresione but not Alexis always want to improve. Watch videos of Ronaldinho cyclically to look at his game and his dribbling and by virtue of doing the unexpected is also influenced his passion for cartoons Oliver and Benji.

His family stability has also helped his own. Very attached to his, have been critical to not have eaten el'coco 'during his injury

Alves, happy: "He deserved it"

The Brazilian was pleased with the goals of his friend, like all his partners.

On Tuesday, after the victory over Rayo Vallecano (4-0) , were all praise for Alexis Sanchez , bigoleador the night before the team of Jose Ramon Sandoval . Your friend in the locker room, Dani Alves , confessed to being "very happy" because, according to the Brazilian side, "works very well, has been quite successful in front of goal and ultimately was able to score two goals. He deserved it."

Pep Guardiola is not qualified savings in the press conference after the meeting. Barca coach said the Camp Nou "saw what he can" the South American end and added: "I just need time, he is an attacking player has that job and that helps us both.'s Aggressive short distances but also helps us long. This evening (Tuesday's) played very well. " Alexis , which adds three goals for FC Barcelona jersey after he scored at the Camp Nou against Villarreal, also received flowers from Andres Iniesta .

The Fuentealbilla said in Barça TV, referring to Chile and another of the scorers of the match, David Villa, who "is great news for both, because we all know that the live front of goal and both they and the team that we is phenomenal. "

So Barca technical secretary, Andoni Zubizarreta , piropeó the protagonist of Barça-Rayo , if only because it was the one who opened the can: "Will the automatic picking. It's a great player that offers much to the team for its speed, capacity overflow and end ". (via MD)

[Former player] Eto'o: "Pep was never forward and I have always been it"

The striker felt in the Anzhi 20 euros per minute and ensures that a club of Uzbekistan offered "25 million euros for three or four months".

Engaged in his new life as Anzhi player Samuel Eto'o analyzed their situation in an interview with Yuri Dud ('sports.ru'). Also clarified the reasons why Guardiola decided to expel him from training with the club in early 2009.

Cameroon noted that at that meeting, the difference of opinion was due to a sports theme. "I was not excited or aggressive. Guardiola asked me to do a certain job in the field. He addressed me as a striker and I always think as a striker, I could not do that and explained that I was mistaken. Then he asked me to leave the training. In the end, he was right I was, "said African striker.

Eto'o justify why you think he was right. "Guardiola never played as a striker and I have always done. I have earned the respect of people playing football in forward, "said one clash with Cameroon on Pep would soon meet its third anniversary.

In another vein, the exblaugrana Barcelona said he signed the autograph strangest of his career. "In the ass of a fan of FC Barcelona. He asked me to sign it well below the back. Just got a tattoo after me and sent me a photo with the painting above my signature. People appreciate our work and is able to do things like that. When I sent the photograph, I realized that football is a crazy thing, "said Eto'o.

The African, who played for five seasons at the club (2004-2009), said the Russian has won prestige picture with his signature and that was his compatriot Benoit Angbwa (Anzhi defender) the key figure for the contacts were initiated.

"People here has never been thought to Dagestan are bombs all day and it is not. When I go to see people happy Caucasus. If you know only one, you have a wrong impression, but I see 15,000 each time we play at home, "Eto'o told a Makhachkala only travels to play the games, as the Anzhi 'live' at the base of Kratovo, near Moscow.

Eto'o played down the fact that he went to his first practice with a siren on his vehicle and said he was moved underground in Moscow. "It's true and I loved it because it is a very fast means of transport and the seasons are great. I congratulate Russia's rulers have meters so nice and so clean. I got the hat at the height of the nose and I only recognized a couple ... He said his friends were going to be blown away, "said the Cameroon.

With regard to wages received in the millionaire who Anzhi for this season (20 euros per minute), Samuel Eto'o said a club of Uzbekistan (the Budyonkor) offered "25 million euros to play there for three or four months" . He also emphasized that never moves without his bodyguards, said that currently work for the "30 people" and that usually carry "three mobile phones." (via SPORT)

Eusebio goes to Messi better than Cristiano

The 'Black Panther' compatriot Cristiano Ronaldo, acknowledged that the Argentinian star is well above the rest.

Eusebio da Silva Ferreira, Luso considered the best player of all time and one of the best strikers in football history, said in an interview that Leo Messi is currently "the best player in the world."

The Mozambique-born player, nicknamed the 'Black Panther', was a guest of honor at Soccerex, an exhibition related to the world of football at this time held in Rio de Janeiro. The exfutbolista actually took to review the current football and did not hesitate to review three of the players who are monopolizing covers in recent months: his countryman Cristiano Ronaldo, the star of Santos, Neymar, and Barcelona's Leo Messi crack.

On the Argentine had only positive words and acknowledged that more than anyone deserves the Ballon d'Or in 2011, up from players like '7' of Real Madrid, the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo: "I agree that Messi deserves award, in fact, even Cristiano Ronaldo has agreed that this year Messi was the best. "

Eusebio also took time to talk about one player fashion, Brazilian Neymar. The crack of the Santos, said he has "qualities and conditions" to succeed, but stressed that still has to mature. "The future is in your hands and on her head," he said.

Villa, at the height of his best seasons

Its share of top scorer and accuracy is higher than last year and similar to that signed in his five seasons in Valencia.

When Pep Guardiola publicly expressed that the performance of Villa and its relevance to the team goes beyond the goals, makes her feelings probably covered in football, but also a set of data depicting the incidence of 'Guaje' does the Barca are at the height of its best years in Valencia and in many respects exceeds that of last year, and as a Barça player.

Their percentage of auctions, for example, are in a shot every 22 minutes, a figure that in practice decal of his two previous seasons (every 21 minutes and every 23 Valencia last year).

Of all his shots, 50 percent goes into the net, and 15.5 percent end up in goal. Last year, without going any further, 12.5 of his attempts ended in a goal and 48 percent of their shots were on goal. In his best year as Valencia, the percentage was slightly higher (19.6 percent shooting scorer).

Last year, crashed seven turnovers in the sticks, a curse that prevented him from signing a good season, culminating in his extraordinary goal at Wembley, and so far this year has not yet run into the wood.

Villa closed last year with 22 goals and 4085 minutes in League, Cup and Champions League, averaging a goal every 185 minutes. This year, however, is averaging a goal every 169 minutes of play (1,354 minutes in the three major competitions).

With nine goals on the season overall, Villa is repeating almost point by point his stats last year at this point. At this time, after his brace against Real Madrid, perhaps his best performance as Barca, Villa added ten goals, but more times been the holder.

In his role as assistant, the Asturias forward has 'given' two goals to his partners in the initial stage of this season, giving six overall course in the past.

Barcelona and Madrid, two teams very marked by the personality of coaches

The Political scientist Yuri Morejón compares the coaches with "two opposed poles that you retroalimentan" in a study in depth.

FC Barcelona and Real Madrid are now the image of its coaches, as opposite as closely related to each other. This is the fundamental premise of a study conducted by Yuri Morejón, director of 'Communicate to win, communication consultants for elite athletes. "

The report stresses that the war is "the most accurate projection of the strategies applied in the art of war." Guardiola is known leader and committed to the principles of defensive warfare, Mourinho, disadvantaged, embraces the attack and offensive strategy.

Since the plane of Pep, "the goal of all defensive war is peace, what it takes to block / avoid conflicts (provocation)." "When you receive an external criticism, using the block technique, silence. It is safer to be exposed overprotective. Guardiola avoids all kinds of wars. The 'loser' (Ibrahimovic for example) seeking to attack him, but he did not stop and thank you so much he did for the club. "

Meanwhile, Mourinho bet "for a strategy to get to the throne. You'll need to get Guardiola and his team fail: the head-on attacks or ironic about their way of being. " The Portuguese coach knows that at this time "the superiority on the playing field is not possible and therefore tries to find a relative superiority (the enemy to undermine the basis of negative messages."

According to the study, the words of Pep "are always cautious, praising the rival, which gives it very good news and gives you a cushion of credibility that explains that his outbursts rarely criticize."

Both of them make a great distance from its predecessors (Rijkaard and Pellegrini) and represent "total control of what can be projected from a sporting institution. To leave the role of anecdotal their respective presidents. " Yuri Morejón notes that "the atom and the atom Guardiola Mourinho bring to their work an action-reaction scheme to alter the structure of another."

"Each represents the opposite of the other, maintaining a double battle and need to stay alive. Guardiola is kinesthetic and its strengths are the constellation of stars that has met its commitment to La Masia and prepared for soccer. Mourinho is the sum of visual and auditory, "says the report.

Following the clash, Morejón stated that the club has met with Pep "the parable of the prodigal son, Mourinho would be the opposite of this prodigal son." Finally, he stressed that the Luso is more authentic and Catalan, more thoughtful. "Mourinho has a provocative point. We are looking to provoke the player and his goal is to be protagonist. " (via SPORT)

Wenger gives the Ballon d'Or to Messi

Wenger gives the Ball of Gold to Messi.

Every day it seems clear that the Argentine Leo Messi will win a third consecutive year the Ballon d'Or and one that points to this theory is the coach of Arsenal, Arsene Wenger French. In his blog on the website of 'yahoo.es' Alsatian coach said the Ballon d'Or award for the '10' Barca "is even more choice this year than others because of all the titles he has won: Champions League , League ...".

Wenger acknowledged that due to the equality of all players, this award is decided today more for the collective success of individual quality. "Messi is a favorite because his team won and he did beat his team. He was instrumental in big games, "he argued. He also indicated that if Madrid win titles this season, Cristiano could win the prize next year. (via SPORT)

Pelé: "Neymar is better than Messi and Santos is better team than Barça"

The Brazilian former player Edson Arantes do Nascimento, 'Pelé', said a resounding "Neymar is stronger than Messi and Santos is better than Barcelona" at a press conference in which the best player in the history of the Santos has met the club's current stars 'carioca' to kick off the commemoration of the centenary of the institution of São Paulo.

Many consider the best player in football history has not hesitated to point out that "Neymar is stronger than Messi and Santos is better than Barcelona." "I've always said. At this time, Neymar is the best in the world because the sticks well to the right and left and in the overflow is fantastic," she added.

As if this were not enough, 'O Rei' had negative words to the Argentine star Lionel Messi . "Messi is excellent in Barcelona, ​​but Argentina is struggling. There does not perform the same way," he reflected.

Aiming al Mundialito club that Santos and Barcelona will play at the comienzos of December, Pele reconoció that "if any disaster in the hay, he Santos Barcelona and he will pass to the end." "Estoy sure if he Santos va a la final y jugándose a party, va to be more hard for him to Barcelona that he Santos' Brazilian worth it. Y es su that in mind, "he puede Santos win because you're a team that he mejor club if compared individually."

Although, 'O Rei' tinged his asseveration, recognizing that the blaugrana is "better as team." "Their players take playing together for four years, while Santos has faced problems of lesions and has a very young team", concluded. (via MD)

Rafa Guerrero says that Piqué "leaves a lot that to want" when forcing the card

The assisting exárbitro declared that "Football belongs to the children and there are many seeing a football game; I believe that this it is not image".

Rafa Guerrero , assistant exárbitro First Division, said, regarding the yellow card saw the defender Gerard Pique to the Lightning, that "football is for children, and great professionals, in this case Piqué, leave much to be desired by these things. "

"Soccer is for children and there are many watching a football game. I think this is not an image, whether to apply to any rule of procedure," said Guerrero.

"What hurts me as an athlete is and the image, like that once gave Madrid in Europe. But he paid for it, UEFA does not forgive. The articles are there to implement them, now they decide, "he said.

"They can not give an image and professionals. I think even his own coach liked the action," said Guerrero, who arrived in Madrid today to present the book 'The Law of Whistle' sports journalist Álvaro Miguel Angel.

As to whether the attitude of Madrid coach Jose Mourinho on the referees has changed, said: "Mourinho is a very smart coach, he does work with their teams in all aspects and one has been this, the referee to stop working" .

He also defended the arbitration task, since "the referees are people who have no love, city or banner of mind."

Rafa Guerrero spoke of Iturralde Gonzalez , who will lead the collegiate match between Real Madrid and Sporting and recently closed its profile on a social network for the criticism: "Social networks are to be used, it is something you should know used for no revenge cowards behind the nets, which do much harm. "

Guerrero also said the big push with the schools and gave the example Babak Rafati, German referee attempted suicide: "The arbitration is well under pressure and it is regrettable that a colleague, hours before a game, take a drastic decision , that maybe has been for other problems, but the arbitration has a pressure that is not known until it wears short. " (via MD)

PSG wants Maxwell

Maxwell Scherrer has emerged as one of the objectives of the Paris Saint Germain for the coming season.

The French club's sporting director, Leonardo, still raising the signing of the Barcelona side to strengthen their defense. Its agenda also included other names such as Federico Balzaretti (Palermo) and Bruno Cortés (Botafogo).

The PSG is one of the richest clubs in Europe since it was owned by billionaire catarí Al Thani. Last summer, 90 million euros invested in reinforcements.

Maxwell, in turn, be interested to Milan and Benfica, the sources said. (via SPORT)

Van to Piqué!

Although Pérez Lasa made clear in the record the reason for the card Piqué, the environment is already working to Madrid that the penalty is greater.

Gerard Pique was the fifth yellow card of the season in the final minutes of Barca-Rayo on Tuesday. For this reason, will not play Saturday against Levante and may do so, theoretically, in the Real Madrid-Barcelona next December 10. However, in Madrid and begin to pull the strings to increase the penalty to defense two games, considering that caused the fifth caution.

The work environment is under intense white in the last hours, looking to the Competition Committee from among its own motion, 'rearbitre' game against the Lightning and ignore reflecting the referee Miguel Angel Perez Lasa in the minutes of the match. The Gipuzkoa recorded that the yellow Pique was for "delaying the resumption of a kick for his team with the intention of wasting time." That was the same reason that three minutes before the goal was also warned Victor Valdes.

Clearly, from the media is related to the Madrid club argues that caused the yellow player, apart from the one-match ban for accumulation of cautions, be punished with another additional game and fined 600 euros. This, according to Article 112, paragraph 3, of the new rules of the Royal Spanish Football Federation, which enables the Competition Committee to increase the punishment if the warning is raised.

In the statement, the regulation states that "the match referee is empowered to certify that fact in the arbitration act," which Pérez Lasa did. Now, those who intend to do so are popular characters like Rafa Guerrero exasistente currently a commentator arbitration Madrid sports daily-who did not hesitate to declare EFE that "football is for children, and great professionals, in this case Piqué leave much to be desired by these things. "

Madrid environment, concerned about everything possible to weaken in the face Barca visit the Bernabeu, try to pressure members of the Competition Committee as to that next Friday, when you plan to publicize the decision on what happened in the Barca-Rayo, 'gift' other game suspension Pique and thus can not play the Classic.

This new regulation is walking on the wire because it can be a different standard when deciding. Competition, for example, chastised the party for the yellow Xabi Alonso that saw Real Madrid-Atletico, who was also the fifth. The Sporting Sebastian will miss Real Madrid next Saturday and will 'clean' at the Classic 10-D, to the delight of his coach, Jose Mourinho.

Whether Xabi Alonso deliberately provoked the card is only available to the player itself. In his case, he turned to play hard to deliver an entrance to the mattress Salvio. Those who now openly accused of causing Pique fifth yellow 'forget' that Alonso also had the same goal not to see 'accidentally' in the party of the Molinón. The truth is that white midfielder got his way and no one dared to discuss the penalty. Like Pérez Lasa, the referee did not notice Mateu Lahoz the white player would cause the card.

And another example for the debate: on Saturday, the Levante player Jose Javier Barkero will stay in Valencia by the accumulation of cautions. The player saw the fifth yellow in Sunday's game against Sporting. According to the minutes of Stops Romero, was for "the ball with his hand, cutting the chance of being played by an adversary." The Competition Committee will not consider the deletion of the Barcelona-Levante to perhaps be more useful in the Levante game played on December 10 at home against Sevilla. A ready-game suspension.

The hot potato is now held by Alfredo Florez and company. So far, from Madrid and is doing everything possible to prevent play the Classic Pique. Having seen in the immediate preceding Xabi Alonso and Barkero, the Committee may become clear if you apply a higher penalty Barca defender. On Friday we will leave doubts. (via SPORT)

Salas: "In Barça they have a Brazilian roguery to play"

Former Chilean forward analyzed and praised the team led by Guardiola calling it "the best club in the world" and praised Neymar options to succeed in Europe.

Former Chilean forward Marcelo Salas, club owner Temuco Union, on Wednesday showed his devotion to football that Barça has been practiced in recent seasons, the website includes statements that Chile 'latercera.com'.

Alexis Sanchez's compatriot called the club azulgrana as "the best in the world" and was full of praise when assessing the game that players practice led by Guardiola: "They have an incredible ability to play." "They get the ball back into attack and get quiet," he added.

Salas surprised to link the Barca game some characteristic features of Brazilian football. "They have a Brazilian to play mischief," he said, while acknowledging that enjoys watching the Pep. "Glad to see Barça play" he said.

Former Chilean forward also assessed the potential of the Brazilian Neymar and recommended that he wait a bit before making the jump to Europe. "He has a great quality. Probably still has much to grow," he said. "Quality does, but it must wait a little longer to get more mature in Europe", added by way of recommendation.

Salas Neymar branded as "an outstanding player that Brazilians can enjoy as they did with Romario and Ronaldo." Surely a bright mirror in which the young forward Santos could look to reach the absolute elite. (via SPORT)

Juanfran: "If you close at the Camp Nou, you get four equal"

Juanfran García, defender of the Levant, confessed that he still does not know how to play against Barca next Saturday at the Camp Nou, but acknowledged that if they play a defensive, "you'll get four goals the same" if they did other mode.

"We are at the expense of what we tell our coach. El Rayo Vallecano (who lost last Tuesday 4-0) made a huge effort and then paid, and the other way if you go there and you close, the statistics are there with all the goals, you'll get four (goals) the same, "he said.

"We bring the idea of positive sensations and things have been done well and reinforce what we have done since the beginning of the year," he said.
Juanfran said he does not trust the supposed crisis with Barcelona in the last few games and noted that to get something positive the Catalan club must have a "bad day" and they play perfectly.

"They may lack a little sparkle, but it remains the Barcelona. When you say you laugh crisis, it is impossible to have crisis is one of the best in the world. It has to be that day in the whole match, which they wrong and we are very good, "he said.

"No matter who is or is Barcelona Osasuna, we go with our guns and we lost the match, do not give in any field and less there. It is a scenario with a significant impact and our position gives us a little more confidence, "he added.

In addition, Juanfran said Barcelona will struggle to finish the season with Real Madrid and denied that his party could influence the outcome of the competition. "In the same way we won the Madrid, Barcelona took advantage of that. We are not judges no one, we fight for our future, the rest escapes us. At Madrid I see very strong, but put my hand in the fire going to war to the end and the difference will be one or two points, "he said.

The side Valencia also referred to the controversial play of the match between Barcelona and Rayo Vallecano in which Gerard Piqué would have forced the warning, serve a one-match ban against Levante and play the game against Real Madrid on December 10. "It took a lot out failure? When you have a lot to take heed. I do not know, do not think they are thinking about the derby," merely answered. (via SPORT)

The 'greed' of Carles Puyol and Xabi Alonso

It is not that Puyol and Xabi Alonso is tremendously hungry but rather they have shared table for an announcement.

Carles Puyol and Xabi Alonso are the protagonists of a notice of the 'Gula del Norte' in the table shared by both players. At the moment only has unveiled the 'making of' that has Puyol: "It was a pleasure to participate with 'La Gula del Norte' and Xavi. I've had a great table, we laughed, we remembered moments fun "

The midship said that their food is prepared before the meeting: "You lose yourself a great cook, I prepare pasta with 'Gula del norte' before games, is a dish that gives me great strength."

VIDEO: www.sport.es

More than 50,000 Chinese followers in twelve hours on Tencent Weibo

The launching of the account in the Chinese social network Tencent Weibo on Tuesday has beaten all records regarding growth of followers and customer content loyalty.

The launch of the new FC Barcelona page on Tencent Weibo (http://t.qq.com/fcbarcelona ) has been a total success. The day after the signing of the collaboration agreement between the two entities, the Barça account was activated in what is known as the 'Chinese Twitter' and in the first twelve hours already exceeded the figure of 50,000 followers. The agreement, which opens the door to the presence of FC Barcelona on the Chinese social networks, to develop a strategic alliance with the company Tencent, which has more than 300 million subscribers, is the first step to consolidate Barca's popularity in the most populous country in the world.

MORE: www.fcbarcelona.cat

'Barça. In the Heart of the Legend' gathers the magical moments of FC Barcelona's fantastic year

The book, published in Catalan, Spanish and English, will go on sale this Thursday. 10% of the proceeds of the sale of the book will be donated to FC Barcelona Foundation’s Clean Football Project.

The book takes the reader on a chronological journey of Barça’s 2010-11 and the beginning of the 2011-12 seasons. The coffee-table book shows Barça’s most intense and exciting moments of the year with never-before-seen personal photographs of the players. The four vibrant matches against Real Madrid, the extraordinary win against Manchester United in the Champions League final, the achievement of winning a highly disputed League title, both Spanish Super Cups and the European Super Cup are all included in the book.

The protagonists of this unique visual journey are the players, managers and technical staff of Barça’s first team. The book also covers the individual feats accomplished by the first-team players like the Ballon d’Or nomination of all three homegrown Masía players and the team’s newest additions, Cesc and Alexis. The book also shows the readers a more intimate side of the squad like Josep Guardiola’s surprise 40th birthday celebration and the squad’s holiday toast in the dressing room.

FC Barcelona’s official photographer, Miguel Ruiz, has accompanied Pep Guardiola’s team throughout the whole season and he has documented, from inside the dressing room, the team’s victories, their spectacular play, their connection with the fans, their team spirit and the world wide acknowledgement of players like Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, Villa, Valdés, Alves, etc. The copy, which gives the reader a unique insight into the Azulgrana world, was written by Marcos López, journalist for El Periódico de Cataluña.

Barça’s first-team players have asked that 10% of the proceeds of the sale of this book be donated to FC Barcelona Foundation’s Clean Football Project. This project, which aims to teach values through football, is designed to reach children and youngsters in Catalonia’s neighborhoods that have been identified as priority for social and communal intervention. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Barça will look for to fill Camp Nou of collective beneficent before L'Hospitalet

FC Barcelona drive the day of the general partner in the second leg of their Copa del Rey against L'Hospitalet on 21 December, for partners who do not attend and allow release your seat to attend beneficial interest groups such as NGOs or various social action organizations.

A pioneering initiative that wants to have the "complicity" of partners, so that these groups can access a large block of tickets to attend free of charge to the party, as explained today at a press conference Barca vice president, Jordi Cardoner . "We will try to repeat it every year and that such actions might be possible," added the head of the institution Barcelona, ​​thanks to this joint initiative will seek to avoid too low influx of fans for that game, almost decided to 0 - 1 registered in the first leg.

Members who wish to release their seat can do so by the usual conditions, receiving a fee in return, or an extraordinary and without compensation, so that kind of money will go to club. En solidarity contribution of the press conference in the Camp Nou , Cardone also announced the reactivation of the waiting list for new subscribers, detained since the 2003-04 season with the huge number of the 13,000 applications solicitudes.De "reconfirmed" by the club, there has been one of 8480 people , 200 of which can be accessed from January to the coveted seat in the stadium.

"This release is the result of administrative action where, after two letters to the partner, are over the likelihood that holders avail. After that, we proceeded to call the first 200 registered for the award list, which is held from 12 to 20 December, "said Cardoner. The Vice President said that some of these new contracts perhaps" will miss the turn for economic reasons, "but will still have priority for two años.Además, new subscribers do not annuities have to enter six sunk, but three, and only pay 50% of the cost of this season, to be effective since January.

On the other hand, explained that Cardoner has expanded the area dedicated for wheelchair location at the Camp Nou, which has gone from 24 to 48 locations, which also have their respective 48 spaces for companions. "At the time , the cost amounted to 200,000 euros for reduced ticket sales, but the social benefit is greater, "he asegurado.En this sense, also from next January will boost the Oficina de Atención Especializada (OAE) to meet partners with mobility, visual, auditory, mental or degenerative diseases. "The integration of these people, as in society, must be full, and what less than at home, in your club, receive proper care," he expressed the vice president.

Another project that the Catalan club will implement a partnership with the Red Cross to care for special groups and is based on collection and support to disabled people in parties agreed with the club, the installation of points caring for these people and support on extraordinary journeys as finales.Por Finally, Cardone said that throughout 2012 will be an update of the census, currently located close to 177,000 members, so you will be asked to come to partners Service Office to verify the Barcelona card.

In any case, people away for reasons legal, physical or legal or administrative expense, can not make such verification, the club will accept a document of life and faith notarial.Asimismo, Cardone has been estimated at less than thousand people who have accessed Engagement Card, low interest has been attributed to "I wanted to be a member of the boat and it was, and those who want to be, what gives them this card does not compensate them." (via MD)