30 November 2011

[youth] Ajax, the opponent in the quarterfinals of the Next Generation Series

Juvenil A team will face the Netherlands in the quarter-finals of the Next Generation Series, in the month of January in the Miniestadi.

Juvenil A of Òscar Garcia already knows who will play in the quarterfinals of the Next Generation Series. It will be Ajax Amsterdam that this Tuesday has lost against Rosenborg (0-2) and has concluded second of the group 3, with two points less than Aston Villa. The match, single match, will be held in January in the Miniestadi with a date to be specified. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Adriano out for a week

Medical tests confirmed that Adriano has pulled a hamstring in his left thigh. Adriano to miss League match against Levante on Saturday, and Tuesday's Champions League game against BATE Borissov.

Adriano was missing from the first team training session this Wednesday. The player, who ended the match against Rayo Vallecano with some discomfort, was subjected to several medical tests this morning. Once completed, it was confirmed that Adriano has pulled a hamstring in his left thigh.

He should be out for five to seven days. If the figures are correct Adriano will miss the League match against Levante on Saturday, and Tuesday's Champions League game against BATE Borissov.

Following the victory over Rayo Vallecano, Guardiola's team trained this morning on pitch number 1 at the training ground. It was a session including 19 first team players and three from the B team, Cuenca, Montoya and Miño, and in which the players who played last night did some light recovery work.

On Thursday the Barça squad will enjoy a day off, and will return to training on Friday at 11:00. Pep Guardiola will attend a press conference after the session. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Villa:"I feel important, and even more so when the manager speaks well of me"

The striker showed himself to be really pleased with the role that he has within the team, secure in the knowledge that he has the support of his manager, his teammates, and fans. He valued the importance of the win against Rayo, following the defeat at Getafe. He regretted that some of his comments about Barça’s possibilities at the Bernabeu were taken out of context.

David Villa was one of the mainstays of Barça's victory against Rayo, with a goal and his usual tireless work up front. At the end of the game Pep Guardiola praised his work, and on Wednesday at noon, at a press conference, Villa expressed his satisfaction. "I feel important, and even more so when the manager speaks well of me" he said.

He lives for goals, like any striker, but Villa said that he doesn't feel a release every time he scores: "I've always had the affection of teammates and especially the public. I noticed it since the day I arrived. So it's not vital that I score.......I don't give any importance to what is said outside the Club. I don't have to be worried about all of this, it's all the same to me. I work so that the manager, my colleagues, the fans, and my family, are happy, and that's the case".

In addition, David Villa said he felt comfortable where he's playing: "I'm playing in the same positions as last season, but sometimes within different systems. I've played on the left, sometimes on the right, and recently down the middle, and I'm happy in all of them ". He also analysed why, despite his constant escaping from defenders, he doesn't always get the ball: "We are a team with lots of players in front of the ball, we have loads of options. There's only one ball and we can't all receive it. When I don't get it, I try to create space for others".

On the other hand, Villa admitted that after a defeat "it's always important to win again". For him, the reason for the better results at home is simple: "Any team, and more so us with the fans that we have, feel more comfortable at home. We need to change the situation away from home, not lose any more points, and continue the brilliant run at the Camp Nou". The next away game will be in Madrid, and Villa is clear about it: "Whoever we play against, we plan just the same. The greatness of this club forces us to go out to win. We're going to the Bernabeu in different circumstances to other years, but with the same idea".

Villa spoke about his recent statements about Barca's possibilities of winning El Clásico. "It's clear that we can win, just like we can draw, or we can lose. I don't understand why everything should be taken out of context "he said. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Barça B] Dos Santos will be the substitute Keita while in the African Nations Cup

Subsidiary midfielder played in the first team while Mali is contesting the African Nations Cup in January.

Jonathan dos Santos midfielder of FC Barcelona B , it will be the first team after the Christmas holidays as reported in The Contra Miguel Rico editing MundoDeportivo today. The Mexican will substitute Keita while Mali is in the African Cup .

The Barcelona has a strong commitment to Dos Santos . A few days ago was renewed until 2015 and now he got his big break in the first team squad. Guardiola will have it to cover the floor of Seydou Keita , who on 21 January to 12 February, will be contesting the African Nations Cup to be held in Equatorial Guinea and Gabon. The Catalan coach and praised during the press conference after the Getafe match : "It's a player we can not let go so young. you I have very high regard and is a player where I think a lot," he said.

Thus, the Barca confirms its policy again. Pep Guardiola and relied on to supply Cuencca and Afellay will now go for a squad for the low Keita. An award and an opportunity for Jonathan dos Santos. (via MD)

[Former player] Eto'o voted "Messi, Iniesta and Xavi"

In an interview with France Football, Cameroon says "Cristiano Ronaldo is among the favorites to fourth Ballon ".

Two and half years after leaving the Camp Nou, Samuel Eto'o has become one of the best ambassadors that FC Barcelona has spread throughout the world.

In an interview with France Football magazine yesterday offered its readers, the forward current Anzhi Mahachkala reveals his vote as captain of the Cameroon team for the FIFA Ballon d'Or 2011: "For me, the club must always come to the podium of the Ball Gold and occupy the three drawers. Under these conditions, without any doubt, I put Messi, Iniesta and Xavi. They not only keep winning all the best players are also present " .

And asked about Cristiano Ronaldo , the response of former Barcelona may offend the sensibilities of the crack itself Real Madrid and Portuguese: "It's a super good player, but for me, is still a bit away from the other three. arguably He is one of the favorites in the race for fourth place " .

Eto'o , the highest paid player in the world since leaving Inter to play for Russian Anzhi (20.5 million euros a year), also is back among the 23 nominees for the award, but he qualifies that there are other things After you fill more never to appear among the top three: "To see my father and mother proud of what I have become dearer to me all Ballon d'Ors" .

And he clarifies that family pride has nothing to do with the money they charge: "I have the same passion for football was a child, I'm still a big kid who never stops dreaming. So I think my parents laugh my salary, we do appreciate is that Eto'o's name is known throughout the world. More than the million, which will touch the fiber is also aware that Eto'o is loved in Dagestan and now even the Chinese know who is Eto'o" .

Samuel defends himself against those who criticize him for having gone to the Russian football for money: "Free Ustedcree playing in Barcelona or Inter? In those two clubs I was already one of the highest-paid players in our little world. After 14 years at a high level, was the need to turn 90 degrees to revive and regain the feelings of the child, as when I went to Mallorca " . At the insistence, he notes that "this is a good contract, we play not to be hypocrites quote me someone who has rejected such an opportunity. But I repeat that throughout my career I have never gone for the money, but come to be the best " .

And ominously reveals that Anzhi continue to grow: "Let me dream! This will not be mounted equipment gives millions, that does not work well. Gradually, the goal will be to bring the club more rigor, professionalism and consistency. Naturally we need to get great players. No matter what, but there are many who call me some time. their names would be surprised. Who? I can not speak, but they are great players from big clubs who are willing to participate in the adventure. I was the first, but others will come in winter, sure " .

Asked about the possibility of hiring a Cristiano , replied with another question: "Why do not Messi? Here nothing is impossible. The owner who wants to can sign" . And playing the president of Anzhi, develops an eleven ideal: "Valdés, Geremi, Puyol, Lucio, Evra, Xavi, Iniesta, Messi, Eto'o, Drogba and Ronaldinho. Does the coach? Mourinho, no doubt" . (via MD)

Alexis-Villa, what marvels!

If there were two players who need a confidence boost after what happened in Getafe these were Alexis Sanchez and David Villa . Both began to be identified by the environment and last night Barcelona seemed at times that the situation could get worse. But through hard work and confidence in their ability both were able to reverse the situation and end up becoming crucial to achieve a victory that seemed to threaten for the first half hour.

Although his coach had warned, the Rayo Vallecano surprised by his courage and tactical. Sandoval did play the forward defense and Madrid with a double line of three that was meant to control the movement of Xavi , Iniesta and Messi . Movilla was very aware of the '6 ', Javi Fuego's '8' and Casado of '10 '. If the three cracks Barca exchange their positions, the trident vallecano switched. For Barca the question was trying to use more bands.

Alexis was found starting very plugged into yours, right, while Villa took advantage of the company left Iniesta to work again and again. Pep ordered a change of positions and that work paid off. Alves joined the midfield, and sometimes the extreme right, to try to achieve superiority in these areas. Villa went into the center, Alexis changed his side and the first ball that came a nice shot placed near the left post that destroyed the fabric tactical Sandoval. It was Chile's second goal with the Barça shirt. The first was scored on his debut at the Stadium against Villarreal and then spend nearly two months in the 'dry dock' because of an injury to Anoeta.

The thing did not stop there. The last five minutes of the half sealed the game. The 'Boy Wonder' pounced on a rebound in the heel of Xavi for, again something difficult angle on the left, marking the second. Soon after, a powerful invasion Piqué in the area of destruction continued with Rayo a pass on Alves. The Brazilian gladly gave it to Villa who, in the center forward position he likes so much, it took a lot of anxiety over it. It was the fifth goal in the league of 'Guaje', ninth in total, and still was able to make some more. It did not. The public already had enough reasons to chant his name and that of Alexis . A wonder. (via MD)

Barça, to three points of Madrid

Los blancos will equal Barça in games in Sevilla, a day after the clásico.

Three days after falling in Getafe, Barca said , following the script to the Lightning and settling a very dangerous game with another win to reduce the disadvantage to three points with Real Madrid . Barca, with a game played more than whites to have advanced the appointment of the 17 th day of the Club World Cup, will again be matched at the meetings on Saturday 17 when you visited Madrid to Sevilla.

Before, there will be two days more, this Saturday with Sporting-Madrid (18 h.)-Levante and Barça (20 h.) and follows in the Bernabeu clásico, issued in open laSexta and some regional channels, at 22 h. Barca could lead to the Christmas break but also to achieve a positive result in Madrid , you should wait another stumbling merengue.

With the 10-D in mind , Barça signed the best start without conceding a goal in the Camp Nou. In 1986-87 was 14-0 in eight games and now adds a brutal 34-0 in the same meetings. (via MD)

Messi hunts CR7 in the 'pichichi' with 16 goals

The great difference is the penalty goals: 6 of CR7 and 1 of Messi.
The effectiveness and the attendances of both are practically identical.

With his goal in the minute 49 Leo Messi has contributed to the victory of his team in the advanced day of la Liga BBVA tonight at Camp Nou. Anteriodad had already tried several times, but with the target materialized early in the second half Messi has hunted Cristinao Ronaldo top scorer in the First Division with 16 goals .

The two leading 16 goals, while Leo adds one more game, that of Ray Vallecano . In this sense the numbers are very similar, as both strikers have left in the starting lineup for his team in all league games, but one.

But where the differences are large it is in the way of achieving the targets. Of the 16 goals leading the Argentine, 15 achieved the foot, no head and only one penalty. The maximum penalties are the big difference with the Portuguese, who of his 16 points, 8 have been kicked, head 2 and 6 penalty. That is 5 more from the spot of the spot.

Looking for fun facts, we say that Messi has done so far in the league, 76 shots on goal: 14 to 54 with right and left, and four who has made ​​his head. And the goal must be added the five goal assists.

The number of auctions of CR7 is very similar. The Real Madrid player has completed 78 shots, 54 on the right foot, 16 with the left and 8 head. He has given more assistance goal that Messi , 6, but the Argentine has fallen three times more in an offside position, 13 by 10.

Surely this rate, the fact is that both could match his numbers from last year, in which CR7 was the top scorer with 41 goals, for the 31 Messi . Who can have many more problems is the sevillista Negredo. Third leading scorer last season, 20 goals so far this season has managed only 4 goals. (via MD)

Zubizarreta: "Alexis is taking the automatic"

Andoni Zubizarreta was pleased by the play of the team and stressed that nothing has been decided in the fight for the league title.

"I do not know if it's a league more competitive. The championship is very long, it was when we went ahead and now. Confidence is high, because the team has managed to compete and always has a high level of play, "said the Blaugrana technical secretary.

"Ray's approach has been very risky, very high pressure. In the first half hour they have done very well, but we have two goals thanks to the individuals that we have and from there we found more spaces. The Barca players have to be different things, "said Zubi.

As for the great protagonist of the game, the technical secretary praised overflow capacity and welcomed two goals. "Alexis is the automatic picking of the team. It's a great player that offers much to the team as its speed, capacity and overflowing good standard. It has high quality individual and we must adapt their performance to the group get the most out of it, "concluded Zubizarreta. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Gustavo, luxury replacement for the pivote

Gustavo Ledes seems destined to be the replacement of Jonathan dos Santos.

Jonathan Dos Santos is being the most regular player in the branch, but before the Celta was low for sanction and Eusebio bet on Gustavo Ledes, almost unpublished so far. And the canterano, 19 years old, responded clotting an excellent encounter.

"I'm very happy. I played ninety minutes and the team has added three points, meaning that everything went perfectly. He had played very little, only four minutes in two different games and I felt very good. Do not expect to be so good physically, "said the midfielder after Saturday's game.

"I think I've done things well and have helped the team to score three very important points," said Gustavo. By the way, he had no time to get nervous. "I found out I was going to play in the team talk before the game and was a surprise, but assimilated very well," he added.

Gustavo reiterated the different thing that is the Second Division to the juvenil, where it played the last season. "Here at the slightest mistake can you score a goal," the Luso-Brazilian. (via SPORT)

[Former player] Bojan: "I was born culé and will die culé"

Linyola player in his autobiographical book reviews throughout his career as blaugrana.

"At the time of the dressing room through the door, I was paralyzed, blank. We were the first to arrive and had not one, but, from one moment to another, begin to march Xavi, Oleguer, Puyol, Iniesta, Valdes ... I did not know where to sit. The locker room is U-shaped Barca and decided to stay in one end, next to the door. The only thing I thought was to show the utmost respect for those players that I idolized. When I sat down I was very thirsty and water bottles were about five meters, but I dared not move to go get one. Suddenly, I saw began to enter the first team players: Deco, Eto'o, Iniesta ... all. I almost got excited thinking he was sharing a dressing room with them. The most exciting moment was when Ronaldinho passed me and greeted me. Some who had come before him had done, but something about Ronaldinho's personality that made him special. One player had joined a ship rotting and had managed to reverse, lifting himself to a club. "

The Camp Nou, a step

"Before traveling to Scotland, Pep Guardiola, who at that time planning his first year as coach at the head of Barça B, he called me. (...). After explaining the project in broad strokes, I suggested that I join the rest of the players he had. The goal was to return to Segunda B that same season and thought that a player like I could do very well to the team. I had no official confirmation that Frank Rijkaard wanted me for the first team that year, but it would go to Scotland for the first part of the preseason. The option to join the first team was very real. Anyway, he wanted to know my point of view, although, of course, a player can not decide what status will never in any club. It was clear at that time I still had everything to prove in the first team, it was impossible to know that my performance the debut would be as good as it was, but my thoughts and my great dream was to try it that way. I could not pass up an opportunity like this. When you open the door to the first team, you must go away before it closed again. He was convinced that if given the opportunity, would know to take advantage. "

Debut goal in Egypt

"From the first moment we got on fine and Saviola His was the passing of my first goal for the first team. When he saw that I unchecked it, put it exactly where I wanted. In my mind there was silence, a feeling of maximum concentration that overwhelms me at important times when I stand before the goalkeeper and at that time there was a field full to overflowing. In my head there was no fans, no parents, no television, no stage, even colleagues. There was absolutely nothing. In my head I had only the goalkeeper, and the path I should take the ball to crack down inside. At the time the ball touched the net on the inside I became receptive and, suddenly, like a whip, the stadium felt like screaming, and I saw came to congratulate the first team players and how my parents jumped joy, crazy in the stands. I also remembered friends who enjoyed that goal at home, out of nowhere, the void.

The hours of the goal lived in a cloud. It was the first that succeeded with the first team, wearing the yellow shirt and stand back fourteen. With sixteen years. Finish the game, Frank Rijkaard and embrace me again in the hotel, the text messages that touched my phone were so many that it was impossible to answer them all at that time. That goal changed my life, which, thereafter, did not return to what it had lived before coming to Egypt. I marked the day with the first team debut and he was only sixteen. Still did not know how different it would be all that would live from then on. But now I know that goal became a reality the dreams that lay deeper in my mind and, thereafter, would see the light. I boarded the plane to Egypt as an anonymous person, and when I set foot in Barcelona and it was not. It's like I made a trip of three days and come back out the other, although, obviously, I was the same. " (via SPORT)

[Former player] Jeffren: "Every time I see the goal, it makes my hair stand on end"

Jeffrén, from Portugal, experienced yesterday a special day celebrating the first anniversary of the day in which he scored the 5-0 to Real Madrid at the Camp Nou.

Because nothing will ever be the same on 29 November to Jeffrén Suarez. The player now Portugal Sporting realized, just waking up, that yesterday was just another day.

"I woke up, looked at my Twitter account and started seeing a lot of messages congratulating me for a year because he had scored the 5-0 against Real Madrid," he recalled yesterday from Lisbon. Jeffrén congratulations explains about the "do not know if it will be well every year, but if it is, is always a pleasure to receive so many messages because it was a beautiful day. This shows how big the club and the people you miss. " Acknowledge that you have seen many times repeated goal confesses that "I remember that day very clearly, I will not ever forget the goal and especially liked how the people. Every time I see it makes my hair stand on end. "

Despite the special moment and the feelings that lived that day is not far to that magical moment of his time as Barca: "No, for me, I'll take the day Guardiola told me that belonged to the first team. This is the first and only day I can say I was completely happy. Madrid's game was something special, but also because I did not expect much less play and score. " The way we defined the ball came from the band was not entirely orthodox "Bojan had the ball, Pepe was trying to get it, but ended up focusing on. Iniesta did not and went ahead of Sergio Ramos and gave the interior a little chopped ... It went well ...".

Only two players in the history of Barça have the honor of having achieved the fifth goal of a hand at the Nou Camp against Real Madrid. The first was Ivan Iglesias, while Jeffrén, play where you play will always be the second.

Talk often with Xavi, Puyol and Alves

Jeffrén lives his first season at Sporting Lisbon, where he arrived after playing two seasons at Barca's first team. Currently still ailing from a hamstring injury, adapted to their new life, although do not forget the club blaugrana, "I'm talking to Xavi, Puyi, with Dani ... They are people who have not been forgotten and the truth is one that is appreciated, "said the player. (via SPORT)

[Player Ratings; Liga BBVA; week17] FC Barcelona - Rayo Vallecano (4-0)


Iniesta: "In the stage we're having a good line"

'8 ' was satisfied with the win against the Lightning and the team said the numbers at the Camp Nou in an interview with Barça TV.

FC Barcelona has won a landslide victory at the Rayo Vallecano (4-0). Alexis Sanchez has managed to make a double, followed by goals from David Villa and Leo Messi. With this result the first team to get some very good records in games played at the Camp Nou, with 34 goals for and none against. Andres Iniesta, who after the game has been interviewed on Barça TV has explained that: "These are very significant numbers. In stage we're having a good line" and added that: "Outside it costs us a bit more, but we are working to improve this situation. "

FC Barcelona technicians are using different systems of play in every game and first-team midfielder has explained that: "We studied the rivals, but sometimes, when they play against us change the way you play. The coaching staff is responsible for tell us how your opponent moves and apply variations on the game system to meet the parties. " Regarding this game the player has shown his joy at the goals that have made Alexis Sanchez and David Villa: "This is great news, we all know that living on the goals front and both they and the team is going great."

With the three points scored on Tuesday, FC Barcelona cut the gap to the leader of the League. Iniesta explained that in this league there is very little margin for error and added that: "Soon we will have the match against Madrid, this is the League, the requirement of each year, playing with the club and always fighting for all competitions ". The midfielder said that the work team is doing is "good", but need more because "that required the leader" and added that it should continue "as confident as ever."

Below are the reactions of the players after the game:

David Villa:

"For us the important thing is to keep adding points. We won by a wide result and again we played well."

"You always need a goal, when there is not doing other things, I'm happy to have scored but had it not also be marked."

Dani Alves:

"It was a tough game with a team with personality, but we found the goal, we have been very successful."

(With respect to Alexis): "I am very happy for him, it works well, has been quite successful in the face of goal and ultimately was able to score two goals."

Victor Valdes:

"We have achieved a great victory over Rayo Vallecano one that has made us a great time. Three important points." (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Bartomeu: “The team works very hard”

The vice-president said that against Rayo Vallecano “the team showed once again that they play as well as they possibly can, they work very hard, and they are very committed with the athletic project.” Josep Maria Bartomeu was visibly satisfied because “people that saw the game had a good time.” The vice-president praised Rayo Vallecano saying, “of the teams that have played here, they have been one of the best.” With this victory, Josep Guardiola’s team provisionally trails Real Madrid by three points. With this in mind, Bartomeu said, “the Liga is very long, there are a lot of minutes yet to be played. It’s better to think about the next match, and then the next.”(via FCBarcelona.cat)

Sandoval: "The one that doesn't trust Barça don't understand"

Coach Rayo has decladrado at a press conference that "after the effort was important to Valencia to see where we stand, but it was the only way we could play, to make it clear that" I am proud of my players . They have shredded perfectly, and we played against the best team in the world, which has a partial from 30 to 0 at home. "

Sandoval has made ​​no secret that, despite playing against the best team in the world, has lacked the luck has been "the first Barca goal and any further action. We have had no luck, but I think this game ern we have won more than we lost. "

Sandoval has been asked about the game system at the Camp Nou drawn, for being brave and cheerful, and go play. In line with these words, Lightning coach has said that "no guarantee I take all three points would have played the other way," moreover, "if we come to the first division is playing this game . Why give it up? ".

The Lightning, which has caused a great sensation, has moved well in front of the chosen Guardiola. Sandoval did not want to point out any particular player, but all their players in line. "The credit goes to the block. He has done very well what we had planned on video and on the board. This team will give much joy to his fans," and referring to the fans who had the Lightning tonight the Camp Nou, commented: "I knew I was coming here to see a brave team . "

And so the game was Barca mobility Guardiola's men , and the quality once again drawn on the canvas Sandoval Barca failed to be and finished his press conference with this statement, "He who does not trust in Barça do not understand. " Quite a statement with intentions. (via MD)

Josep Guardiola highlights Rayo Vallecano's courage at the Camp Nou

The Barça manager said he had a very good impression of Rayo after tonight’s game, especially because of the visiting side’s courage and their approach to the match. “I’ve always said that there is no such thing as a good or bad manager, there are managers with courage and managers without courage,” said Guardiola while praising José Ramón Sandoval.

Josep Guardiola qualified tonight’s match at the Camp Nou as “a bit strange and different,” highlighting Rayo Vallecano’s courageous approach to the game. The Santpedor native said that José Ramón Sandoval’s side “isn’t a surprise. You can tell they have a great manager, and that they are doing things well. I have to congratulate Rayo’s courage.”

Along the same lines, when the Barça manager was asked if Rayo would have any problems staying in Spain’s top flight, he was very clear: “You can count on it. It’s impossible that a team with this ambition would not stay in Primera. Rayo has very good players, they’re courageous and they want to play. I’ve always said that there is no such thing as a good or bad manager, there are managers with courage and managers without courage.”

Alexis Sánchez, who scored a brace for Barça, was one of the stars of the night, not only for his offensive work but for his diligent defence. Guardiola said, “we knew that was one of his talents, and that he wasn’t only an attacking player. The lad was doing well when he picked up his injury. It’s obvious that he lacks the continuity. Today people saw what he’s capable of, and I want to congratulate him on his good game.”

On Gerard Piqué’s play where he received a yellow cared, the Barça manager said, “the images are what they are, the whole world saw it.” At the same time, Guardiola said that Valdés was also booked during a similar play and he wasn’t on suspension notice. Guardiola said that “in four years I’ve never given my opinion on referees. The referee made his statements in the post-game report.”

Finally, Guardiola talked about David Villa’s importance to the team’s play: “He’s a player that constantly looks for space, a player that his teammates should find. You already know what he means to us. He doesn’t stop moving to make space. Doing this, sometimes the ball gets to him sometimes it doesn’t. But he never gets tired of doing it. He knows his value to the team.” (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Piqué is the fifth yellow and will play el Clásico

The Barca centre-back Gerard Piqué today has forced yellow card in the match against Rayo Vallecano and comply penalty next game against Levante , just before the day he faces Real Madrid.

Piqué has waited 84 minute party to force the card to unreasonably delay the launch of a free kick in Barca, and the referee Perez Lasa has warned.

The collegiate Basque Miguel Angel Perez Lasa reflected in the arbitration record the card shown yellow Gerard Piqué has produced "by delaying the restart of play." (via MD)

Arbeloa: "Never mind the points, puts out on the Barça"

Real Madrid defender Alvaro Arbeloa said on Tuesday that "no matter the points he puts out on the Barcelona", because there are "many days to play" league and the situation could "give a lot of laps."

"To analyze our situation right now is too early, but the team is responding every day, whether the opponent is," he said Arbeloa on the momentum of the white team in the league, which remains at the top with six points ahead of Barcelona and Valencia.

The defender spoke during a publicity event, the euphoria of Madrid fans with respect to distance his pursuers.

"It's normal for Real Madrid fans rejoice when Barcelona lost because they are our direct competitors," said Arbeloa, but added: "There is much in May and be patient."

On the run of thirteen wins in a row, the player said the key is to "go game by game."

On Saturday, Real Madrid will face Sporting Gijon and Arbeloa said: "We also can safely make," referring to statements by the Barcelona player David Villa, who used these words to refer to the next derby between the top two .

"We're not even close to winning titles and all we want to win rivals," said Arbeloa. (via SPORT)

Tito, we'll beat this one too

Barça’s players came out onto Camp Nou's pitch wearing navy blue T-shirts that read ‘Tito, d’aquesta també ens en sortirem’ (Tito, we’ll beat this one too). The assistant coach was discharged from hospital yesterday morning after surgery this past Tuesday.

Even though Tito Vilanova wasn’t at tonight’s game to help Pep Guardiola on Barça’s bench, he was very present at the Camp Nou. Before kickoff Barça’s starting lineup trotted out onto the pitch wearing navy blue T-shirts that read ‘Tito, d’aquesta també ens en sortirem’ (Tito, we’ll beat this one too), the Camp Nou greeted its players with applause.

Last Tuesday, Tito Vilanova was operated on for a problem with his parotid gland at the Hospital de la Vall d'Hebron. After a satisfactory post operation period, Vilanova was discharged from hospital yesterday morning. The assistant coach is expected to be back to full health within three or four weeks. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Liga BBVA; Week17] FC Barcelona 4 - 0 Rayo Vallecano

FC Barcelona stormed to victory against Rayo Vallecano with goals from Alexis (2), Villa and Messi, and have now scored 34 goals to no reply in home fixtures.

FC Barcelona responded in perfect fashion to defeat at Getafe, by tearing Rayo Vallecano apart at the Camp Nou to keep their Liga campaign very much alive. Guardiola's side only needed 50 minutes to have the tie sewn up, in which time Alexis had scored a brace and Villa and Messi had added goals of their own. Barça are simply untouchable at the Camp Nou, where they were able to celebrate the stadium's 122nd anniversary with yet another win.

The victory against Rayo, in a game brought forward due to FCB's forthcoming trip to Japan, puts FC Barcelona back within three points of Real Madrid, who do have a game in hand.

Barça struggled to get into the game. The ball wasn't flowing as they would have liked, while Rayo were solid at the back and had a tough keeper to beat in Cobeño. The visitors also managed to create chances of their own on the counter attack, with Lass especially dangerous on the end of some rapid Rayo moves. Mascherano can in particular be thanked for some crucial interventions. But the whole panorama changed when Alexis, in one of his first interventions in the play, finally put the Catalans ahead with a pinpoint effort that bounced in off the crossbar.

With a one goal lead, Barcelona managed to settle into their usual style, and the passing was far more accurate and effective than before. In one of these delightful combination moves, Messi threaded a through ball to Xavi, who following an unusual piece of ball control, laid the ball on a plate to Alexis, who scored his second. Rayo were clearly stunned by this further setback, and practically straight from the restart, in which Alves was allowed a ridiculous amount of space in which to manoeuvre, Villa was supplied with the ball and converted with ease. It was not half time, but it looked like this game was already over.

But Barça were in no mood to rest on their laurels, and the second half was barely under way before Messi and Alves set off a powerful run down the right, with the former finishing the blistering move with his side's fourth goal of the night, finding his way past Javi Fuego with an amazing piece of skill. At 4-0, and with the home win now a certainty, the game lost in intensity and saw few chances created by either side

Guardiola made use of the final half hour to give some rest to Alexis, Xavi and Iniesta, who was fresh back from injury, to give a run out to three other key players in Cesc, Thiago and Adriano. Towards the end, Piqué was shown a yellow card, which means he will be suspended for the Levante game on Saturday. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Technical Data]
FC Barcelona Valdés; Alves, Mascherano, Piqué, Abidal; Keita, Xavi (Thiago, m.54), Iniesta (Cesc Fàbregas, m.56); Alexis (Adriano, m.71), Messi and Villa
Rayo Cobeño; Arribas, Labaka, Jordi Figueras; Casado, Movilla, Javi Fuego (Rafa García, m.54), Botelho, Míchel (Tamudo, m.46); Michu and Lass (Piti, m.69)

Goals: 1-0, m.29: Alexis. 2-0, m.41: Alexis. 3-0, m.43: Villa. 4-0, m.49: Messi.

Referee: Miguel Ángel Pérez Lasa (C. Basque). He showed yellow card to Lass (M.39), Jordi Figueras (M.45), Arribas (M.60), Valdés (m.80) and Piqué (m.84).

Iincidents: 53,775 spectators attended the meeting in advance party of the seventeenth day of First Division.

Satisfaction with China visit

Sandro Rosell back in Barcelona in time to attend Rayo Vallecano match. President interviewed on Chinese state television’s sports channel, CCTV5.

President Sandro Rosell, along with vice president Javier Faus and director Dídac Lee, returned to Barcelona today after their institutional and commercial trip to China. The Barça party were highly pleased with what they had achieved, having extended the ties between the club and the Asian country.

President Rosell's visit ended with a meeting with the president of CCTV5, the state television's sports channel. He was interviewed at 7.00 pm, a prime time slot, to speak about his visit and to look at the latest situation of his team following the defeat in Getafe.

Sandro Rosell reiterated his support for Guardiola, who he hopes "can stay at Barça all his life", and also praised Leo Messi, a player he believes is like no other and who deserves all the recognition he's getting. "If the world is fair, Leo Messi should win the Balon d'Or," he said. The president also spoke about the success of the Masia system, which represents values that Pep Guardiola "transmits perfectly".

Apart from the interview on CCTV5, the final day in Beijing also included a meeting with Tencent, the main provider of Internet services in China. FC Barcelona and the Chinese company reached an agreement to develop the Barça name in the country, which not only implies an enormous audience, but also considerable income.

There was also an appointment with the general management of the Chinese Ministry of Education, who are also in charge of sports. Director general Antoni Rossich and commercial director, Laurent Colette attended to complete the agenda, which was slightly altered due to the change of date for the Rayo Vallecano fixture. (via FCBarcelona.cat)