29 November 2011

The fight back starts here

Barça and Rayo Vallecano face each other at the Camp Nou tonight in a game brought forward from week 17 because of Barça's World Club Cup commitments. The game gives the reigning league champions an early chance to cut the six point lead which Madrid hold over them following the defeat to Getafe on Saturday.

Barça face three home games before they travel to the Bernabeu, with the first of those three tonight, on the occasion of the Club's 112th anniversary, against Rayo, the second on Saturday against Llevant and the the third next Tuesday against BATE, with the Champions League Group already decided. There's little room for error, but the prize is immense.

The players are confident that they will make up the six points Madrid currently lead them by and at this evening's training session they received some great news, with Andres Iniesta, who's missed the last two games with a left thigh injury, passed fit to play. Cesc, who was rested as a precaution against Getafe, also trained fully with the group and Guardiola can call on an almost complete squad which is only missing the injured Ibrahim Afellay.

The visitors tonight, Rayo Vallecano, are back in the top flight this season for the first time since 2003, when they lost 3-0 at the Camp Nou. They are potentially a tough test, having won more points away from home than at Vallecas so far this season and currently sitting in a comfortable tenth spot. José Ramón Sandoval's only doubt is at right back, where Tito is waiting to find out if the Spanish disciplinary committee allow him to play. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Nano: "Barcelona would score on a complete history of early season"

Nano gave as an example to get scoring against Barcelona who completed the match against Getafe last weekend and that was the first League defeat at Barça.

Victoriano Rivas 'Nano', Levante defender, said today that if your computer is capable of scoring at the Camp Nou against Barcelona next Saturday would auction for "historic start to the season" that starred in the team.
"There forget that Barcelona is the best team in the world recently. If we can get something out there in the historical Barcelona would finish being the start of the season, but it will be difficult, "he said.

The Levante player was speaking during a visit to made by the former footballer Fernando Giner, current chief of Valencia, Valencia to a school in a talk sponsored by UNICEF and the Association of Spanish Footballers.

"Come in a position that allows us to approach the game differently, with 26 points . It is a complex field but with the intent and we want to put it very difficult, "he said.

Nano gave as an example to get scoring against Barcelona who completed the match against Getafe last weekend and that was the first League defeat at Catalans .

"It's the only way to get something positive, being close together eleven players, making a huge effort to multiply. And they do not have their day and we're successful in one against and hook," he said.

In addition, the player Levante recalled last year's match at the Camp Nou, who lost the Levante 2-1, and noted that they "took" a penalty.

"Hold on until the break scoreless. They took a pretty clear penalty and I think Juanlu who ended up asking the time, "he said.

Nano confirmed that improved ankle sprain that forced him to withdraw from the last league match and explained that trusts get to the game although he has "quite swollen". (via SPORT)

[Former player] Eto'o: "Even the Chinese know who Eto'o"

The Cameroon forward said that money is not their primary motivation and that what he is proud to know that their parents are excited because he has carried his name throughout the world.

Samuel Eto'o, who signed this summer with the Anzhi of Makhachkala, and became the highest paid footballer in the world, ensures that the money is not their primary motivation and that what he is proud that their parents excited that has bears his name all over the world.

"My parents are given fully equal my salary. But I think what we are proud is that Eto'o's name is known throughout the world. That Eto'o like in Dagestan or even the Chinese know who is Eto'o. That will come more to know who won millions from the Anzhi "says Cameroon in an interview published today by 'France Football'.

The exdelantero of Mallorca, Barcelona and Inter Milan, said his main motivation for leaving the calcium and from a Russian lands were not the 20 million per year that is bagged at his new club, but the "adventure" his new team trying to win a Champions League day.

"The easiest solution for me would have been continuing at Inter or leave for England, as they offered me. But I went for the Anzhi as one that is going away. I played back out on the adventure," says Eto'o, born Douala in Cameroon.

His new challenge, he says, goes through growing up with his new team into a champion set, while recovering the "hunger" for titles that begin to lose thirty years and with a track record which includes four league titles Champions league championships in Spain and Italy, the African Cup of Nations and the gold medal at the Olympic Games in Sydney 2000.

"Little by little, we will become a new landmark in football. I am convinced it will work," says the partner of the Brazilian Roberto Carlos, who draws a parallel between Anzhi and Chelsea but clarifies that the Russian club not be "based mounted equipment of millions."

"Years ago, when there was a good player with difficulties in their club, sending it to Chelsea. Currently, it is sent to all the Anzhi" said Eto'o, who confesses that many great players call to inquire about the Russian club project , but gives no names.

So the player protest when insists that sports arguments seem a smokescreen to mask the economic motivation as the main reason for his move. "I'm a little tired of listening to those who give lessons and accuse me of having accepted the salary without thinking," said the striker, especially annoyed with the French exinternacional Bixente Lizarazu.

"And he, when he became Athletic Bilbao to Bayern Munich, it was just because he liked Germany to Spain?" Asks Eto'o. After a spell at Athletic Bilbao (1996-97), Lizarazu played for Bayern Munich until 2004 team that won the Champions League, six Bundesliga titles, six German Cups, five Cups League and Intercontinental Cup.

"Do you think that in my years at Barcelona or Inter played unselfishly? In these two clubs, he was one of the highest-paid players in the world," insists Eto'o, who defends the project of his new club as if it were athletic director himself. In that sense also points out that Inter and Barca were based on his "experience" and his "charisma" but acknowledges that the Russian club has "the feeling more involved in building the team."

"I do not like it all. No doubt, I like to stand out. It is perhaps the first great player to me risky to play in the Russian league, but others will follow me, I'm sure," said the Cameroonian, who jokes with the possibility that Lionel Messi finished calling in your computer.

"Here, nothing is impossible. The owner (Suleyman Kerimov) can buy what you want. But there are also to be willing to come. That's one of my missions. But I do not call the players, only reply to those who ask for details and, from time to time, give clues to the leaders of the club, "said Eto'o. (via AS)

Guti: "Messi or Cristiano? Without a doubt Messi"

The exmadridista, Guti, participates as a guest on the show 'Crackòvia' and openly acknowledges that the Argentine is above the Portuguese.

Jose Maria Gutierrez "Guti", participated on Monday in the "Crackòvia" of TV3, in imitation that make it one of the most popular Catalan issue.

In the "Cara a cara", the fictional Guti shared with the real plane, answering questions both at various humorous always.

He particularly stressed that when asked whether he preferred a white former player Leo Messi or his former teammate at Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo. Guti's response was blunt: "No doubt Messi". The fictional Guti could not but be applauded. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Ilie's nightmare come to an end earlier this year

At the height of the course, Barca B is about to be big news with the return of Barcelona.

On June 6, just at the conclusion of last season, Ilie Sanchez went under the knife to smooth the bone in the heel of his left foot that was causing problems. After fifteen days off, due to arrive in time to start the season on the orders of Eusebio Sacristan ... but things got complicated.

An unexpected infection in the affected area involved a new operation that marked the beginning of a nightmare. Therefore, that the problem is not solved until recently, when he received the results after its fourth and final surgery. Finally, the Barcelona midfielder's heel is completely clean, with no trace of infection, so it already has a free hand to start doing again what he likes best: play football.

In fact, Ilie Sanchez is scheduled to start this Thursday the process of rehabilitation. After spending five months away from the pitch, the first thing will be walking to get progressively introduced new efforts. Continuous running start with very gentle at first.

The midfielder, with recuperators Barca must be gradually appreciating its physical evolution, but the goal is to start playing ball in January. For more than a month will have to recover the tone and the beginning of the year, is expected to perform exercises with the ball.

From there, will face the final stages of recovery and can return to work with their peers, which is only since the beginning of the process as it has had to remain at rest. During this whole ordeal has focused on his studies, which found a break. If all goes as expected, mid or late January at the latest, Ilie could resurface with Barça B player and go back to being at full capacity, a profession that he even ask if they would enjoy.

Ilie Sanchez out of contract with the club at the end of this season, June 30, 2012. Last season ended up paying a high level in the team of Luis Enrique and the current was meant to be an important piece to the orders of Eusebio Sacristan.

However, the injury has kept him on the sidelines for too many months and therefore the club has been put to work on their own initiative to renew the player for the season 2012-2013. (via SPORT)

1899-1909 birth and survival

Gamper, the founder, and the Catalan and foreign willingness to build a sports club in Barcelona.

The adventure of the creation of FC Barcelona in 1899 by a group of young foreigners living in Barcelona was the result of an expansion of the practice of football and other sports of British origin in Europe. Hence the intercultural nature of the Club, his vocation and will multisport roots in a city and a country. The foundation of the Club coincided with the years of starting the sport in Catalonia, in the context of their own cultural and social climate, prone to adapt a model of modern leisure. Joan Gamper, founder of the Club, was the soul and drive the process during the first 25 years. His commitment to the FC Barcelona goes beyond its aspects as a player, manager and president. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Today is completed a year of the 5-0

The same eleven that legendary match could be aligned tonight.

Exactly one year ago the Barca gave birth to the parties match, ran over Real Madrid with a landslide and football led the scoring with a 5-0 superiority and legendary round. The impact of corduroy to Madrid transcended the domestic sphere, not only Barça was proud of the deployment, the beauty of the show crossed seas, seduced beyond the Pyrenees and caused such a newspaper L'Equipe and market the full game for French readers. Barça not only won a match, he won the world.

In football live scores of unearned income, so the more you remember that show a spirit of nostalgia, of what should serve as motivation remember it is now that team azulgrana living under the Madrid in the standings and some culés easy to wander pensive defeatism after the defeat in Madrid, the first after 27 games by the way.

Although obvious, it is worth remembering that the eleven who starred in unforgettable gaming festival that could be aligned with the beam tonight if he wants Pep Guardiola , ie that Barca has not changed as much as for his players be able to reverse the situation that now traverse. They played Valdes, Alves, Pique, Puyol, Abidal, Busquets, Xavi, Iniesta, Pedro, Messi and Villa.

Before a Real Madrid which ended battered but became a classic about a mood similar to the present. Leader in the standings and with spectacular numbers that led to the communication medioos related to baptize his best eleven, who went from scoring in rout, as the 'once of joy'. After November 29, 2010, the eleventh of joy never to be heard. There is no question of any to Real Madrid . Is strong and hungry for the lack of titles. But go to the archive on this day is healthy. (via MD)

Barca started the comeback in the Camp Nou against Rayo

Barça begins the hunt of Madrid in protective Camp Nou before the Rayo.
Iniesta and Cesc return in an ideal game to rearm psychically.

Today begins a different league for Barca . For the first time since Pep Guardiola took the reins of the first team to ever more distant the summer of 2008, you climb a distance of six points at Real Madrid, which also receives the Catalan side on Saturday December 10th in the classic of Santiago Bernabéu.

That is the punishment for losing on Saturday 1-0 in Getafe , a result that confirms controversial refereeing decisions aside, the loss of effectiveness of Barca at home, where as mentioned previously has won three draws defeat (2-2 against Real Society, Valencia and Athletic) and has only two victories pyrrhic (0-1 against Sporting and Grenada).

Pending the visit to Chamartín, the goal is to rearm mentally under the protective shelter of Camp Nou, the scene of a spectacular 30-0 league. Overcoming the stadium Rayo Vallecano , party tonight in advance of the day for the World Cup 17 clubs, and Levante on Saturday, is a must before the classic.

Andres Iniesta , low in Milan and Getafe as a precaution against a muscular contusion suffered against Zaragoza, and is able to help the team regain their best image. Also Cesc Fabregas, who was in the stands of the Coliseum Alfonso Pérez Muñoz for some discomfort, may return on a computer that only has Afellay in nursing.

The rotations are insured and preventive measures for Piqué and Busquets , a yellow penalty and Alves and Mascherano , to be ready against, can play at the Bernabeu. How to manage Guardiola the presence of four players in both games against Ray and Levante will determine the starting lineup and even the system of choice, always with the possibility of turning the 4-3-3 into a 3-4-3. Puyol ruled against Getafe despite his great form, could return to the lineup out.

Iniesta and Cesc , longed in Getafe, can bring their art to the defenses off balance closed, although that is not a feature of Rayo , a team with a bold approach in his brilliant return to First hand Jose Ramon Sandoval , a technician determined to tutear the champion. "We did not change at the Santiago Bernabeu and neither will the Camp Nou. But Barca win is a matter that they do not have a good day and we're at 120 percent," said the coach of the squad Vallecana that gave a good image against Madrid, despite the exaggerated final 6-2. The down side is Tito penalty, but went forward to the Committee's decision.

Sandoval will play the 'letter Tamudo', who dosed at 34 years although it is the 2nd league's leading scorer Ray (4) Michu behind (5). His presence is always morbid after being the executioner culé with Espanyol in La Liga 2006-07. But this ship is not to think gafes. You should only focus on overcoming Rayo to pull out the spine of Getafe and start the comeback. (via MD)

Forcing the cards?

Guardiola hopes to have all his men to prepare the meeting in Madrid, although it should resort to the strategy.

Sergio Busquets and Gerard Piqué already accumulated four yellow each for what they are to meet cycle and be sanctioned with a match. The proximity of the classic, to be played on December 10, requires that we manage well both. The choices are many.

The first, which was officially and publicly taken as valid, is not to speculate and compete without resorting to strategies that sometimes do not give the expected result. You can also book the players until the day of the classic, although it is vital to both parties which can not escape the most points. Another possibility is to try to force the fifth yellow to miss the match against Levante. The Competition Committee is meeting tomorrow morning, so a card can in both cases would be punished to the Valencians. Real Madrid has already begun to play the classic and, in fact, Xabi Alonso was fifth yellow card in the derby against Atletico Madrid. The midfielder will miss next weekend against Sporting Gijon and come clean before Barça.

The first league match key is provided for development and, though speculation is sometimes sanctions counterproductive, both teams know they must bring their best weapons to duel. To not give an advantage to rival, Pep Guardiola should be able to choose between full strength and Pique and Busquets are two of the most recent seasons have helped that the classics are Blaugrana. (via SPORT)

[Piqué and Busquets, to a card of the suspension]
Gerard Piqué and Sergio Busquets are one yellow suspension for accumulation of cautions. Before you face to face with Madrid, the classical turning Dec. 10 at the Santiago Bernabeu, the club must play two league games (Rayo Vallecano and Levante) and to be seen what decision making about Pep Guardiola. Remember also that with three yellow are Mascherano and Alves. (via MD)

Rosell: "We want to Guardiola for many years"

Sandro doesn't understand a Barça without the Argentinean and assured that if it was for him Messi would be "never in sale."

Barca president Sandro Rosell, on his last day of his trip to China to find new business opportunities for the club in the Asian giant's market, he reiterated his desire that Josep Guardiola and Messi still in the club for many years as the main pillars of sport project.

When asked about the future of coach of Barca, Blaugrana leader said he hoped "to have Pep for many years" in front of the first team. The phrase is linked to the sentence in a few weeks ago who claimed that his door is always open for Guardiola to renew its contract with Barça. Both Rosell and Josep Maria Bartomeu, sports club vice president, has said on several occasions that the bet of the current policy is to maintain the structure of sport to coach Guardiola and technical staff in charge of the Barcelona first team.

A desire to spread to the main figure of the team, Argentine Leo Messi. "In Barça there are many things unsaleable and unmarketable a person who is for us is Messi," he said. The leader was limitation when stating that "while I am the president of Barça, unless he wants to go, Leo will be Barca player." Rosell went beyond what his mandate and came to consider that "if up to me, Leo would never be for sale."

The current Barca is built around the Argentine forward, who is the main star and its youth still faces a long sporting career. Leo also has said many times that they wish to develop their career at Barça and if the club bet he will not leave the Camp Nou.

It was also inevitable that asked for a routine matter at this time and are the pools for allocating major individual awards as the Ballon d'Or that FIFA gives. Messi once again appears as the favorite in front and ahead of his team mates Andres Iniesta and Xavi Hernandez or Real Madrid's Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo.

For Sandro Rosell still be room for debate about the path of the Argentine given throughout the year 2011. "There is no doubt that, of course, Messi is the best player today. If football is right, it is he who should win the Ballon d'Or. " THarvested titles with Barça 'League, Champions and two Supercopas' are such an important guarantee as spectacular game level.

Even China also came the echoes of the first defeat of Barcelona in the championship against Getafe. The president downplayed the importance of the trip, but all distances clearly marked on its role as a manager, that has nothing to do with technical decisions. "After each game, the coaching staff gathers and analyzes the parties, whether you win like misses," Rosell recalled, "but not at board level or the presidency because he never went into the technical side."

Becomes the best version of Barca

The local statistics as perfect contrast to the problems at home, where they joined the same success that Rayo, Betis and Granada.

Barça lost to Getafe and put the team cabals coming to the Bernabeu with six points behind Madrid. But that provision is not entirely true. To do that, whites should win in Gijon and Barca lose one of the meetings I have with Rayo and Levante. If both win their commitments, Pep Guardiola will visit the manor three points behind Real Madrid. The Mourinho, though, will be pending deal with the Sevilla. A party whose points at stake, it is known, has not yet added anyone.

What is clear is that the club, before playing the classic-third of the season, faces two matches at the Camp Nou, where this year has offered its best and has not given respite to its rivals. Rayo Vallecano winning today and doing the same on Saturday against Levante, the Blaugrana will ensure that the maximum distance to arrive at Santiago Bernabeu is three points. The statistics also allow positive thinking, as football and track results support the men of Guardiola. The most spectacular is the fact of the goals scored (30) and goals against (0). Victor Valdes in the seven rounds played at the Camp Nou has not had to pick up even once the ball inside the goal. In fact, the goalkeeper and chains, added the last three days at home in the league last ten matches without conceding a single goal. It's a record that had been anyone in the history of the club. Corona, on April 8 was the last player in the visitor tournament marked regularity in the Camp Nou (3-1 against Almeria). Beyond the goals, Sevilla have only been able this year to be a positive outcome from Barcelona. The Andalusians managed a goalless draw in the ninth day.

Not only to defend the team is superb. In attack numbers are spectacular. And much of the blame is almost always that of Leo Messi. The '10 ' has Barça half of the 30 goals he has scored Barca at Camp Nou, a total of 15. The problem is that, despite being a single goal from Cristiano Ronaldo, who leads the scorer of all the goals he has scored in the league has made in the home or, what is, Messi has not been released yet at home. It is far from Barcelona where problems arise this season. Barca sum was only two wins, the same, for example, who have achieved the same equipment as Rayo, Betis and Granada. (via SPORT)

Alejandro Sanz gave a guitar to Dani Alves

Dani Alves showed through his Twitter account a photograph showing a very special gift for him.

"Regalito one of the greatest singers and composers in the world, Alejandro Sanz. Thank you, master! "And read the tweet from Dani Alves.

It was a dedicated guitar by Spanish artist in the Brazil international that read: "Dear Dani Alves, congratulations champions. A hug. Football and music ... and love and health. " (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Masip met in his first game notes

"The coach told me on Friday but Busi had told me before he was ready," said.

Jordi Masip was big news of the subsidiary against Celta and had a great performance in his first game of the season. "The coach told me he was going to play the day before the game and Busi had told me during the week he was ready. I found out on Friday, but I could guess, "said goalkeeper subsidiary after the win over blue box.

"There is no secret that the maximum train during all those weeks when not played. You have to work to death and be prepared if the opportunity comes. I do not know if I'll keep playing. I have tried to restore the confidence that has given me and now has to decide it, but I have not said anything about it, "said a delighted Masip. (via SPORT)

Start the comeback!

Madrid opens gap at the head of the table with six points, a distance marked by the next face to face.

There is no time to lose. Barca was left in the Coliseum Alfonso Perez little margin for error still remained. The six points that differ in the table to Real Madrid regarding the Blaugrana require immediate dramatic effect, a result can heal the wounds and help to launch a clear message to those who begin to rub their hands with a cycle possible change in Spanish football. The staff has come his way to warn that no one throws in the towel here, the League continues to throw and Rayo Vallecano must be the first to see this in their own flesh. It is the first step to start the road to climb.

Barcelona has more than reasonable objective evidence to rely on a comeback in the standings. The picture is complex and difficult task, but includes three scenarios that nurture the hope Barça. First, because no one can question the soundness of the current squad. He has earned all the credit in the world ... and more. But it is also fair to note that the Real Madrid faces a stretch of fairly demanding schedule that played so far. In the next few weeks, Mourinho will all pay a visit to two of the most awkward opponents. And the third point plan on the horizon immediately notice that the moment of truth has become increasingly close. The big match is coming face to face and December 10 will help to clear most of the questions. The classic will be momentous as rarely.

Tonight against the Lightning, Guardiola should make their first duties. Only worth a victory to reduce differences, put back to a single party and wait for the day of the weekend. That the level of demand will be greater. Of course, the Camp Nou can not miss even one of the three points that will play against Levante. But Barcelona has its eyes on the Molinón. The Sporting already knows what it is to give a scare to Real Madrid and it is hoped that Preciado and his players are able to squeeze a little more the top of the standings.
It will be great appetizer before the Real Madrid-Barcelona to be held at the Santiago Bernabeu. In recent days it has insistently reminded that all Guardiola has taken the measure to the merengue squad on home soil. Finally, the balance in the schedule will resume when Barça faces the Club World Cup in Japan. At that time, Real Madrid will play their league commitments with absolute normality and will face Sevilla in the Sanchez Pizjuan. Another test of those who test the fitness of any rival.

The schedule in these final weeks before the 2011 fire seems most conducive to attack the leadership of Real Madrid. However, what happens to recover primordial tone of the game that Barça has shown in recent years. The equipment is used to switch large more than recitals with discrete events that have wiped out the small disaster against Getafe. Now they must pay the consequences of such error. They are six points of difference that must be solved based on the direct duel and a stumbling Madrid. Much work remains ahead championship and it's time to show that the alleged change in the cycle will have to wait until further notice. (via SPORT)

[Youth] Good day at the cantera azulgrana

The teams of formative soccer have offered a collective beautiful game and they have been imposed to their rivals' good part. The azulgranas has only suffered two defeats in the field of Badalona and a tie against Sant Andreu.

Unquestionable domain of Juvenile B in a party marked by the good game collective azulgrana. Mercantil closed very to the beginning, but as he/she went advancing the encounter the visitors they opened up more and that allowed García Pimienta's boys to find the holes to mark. The scorers of the game were Sandro (2) and Munir, since the fourth goal of Barça was a point in the rival's own goal.

Worked Match of Quique Álvarez's team against the third classified of the League. Moha opened the marker in the minute 35 of the first part after a good center of Adama Traoré and, five minutes later, Sergio Buenacasa signed the 2-0 in an individual great action in which overcame the goalkeeper. The second part continued with domain azulgrana, although the expulsion of Musta in the minute 10 for yellow double card Nàstic favored that marked the 2-1, although, in the last minutes of game, Juanan made the third goal of Barça and had just sentenced the game.

Alexis Meva was the can opener of a party with clear domain azulgrana. The Cadete B went out with a lot of intensity to the game field and it controlled the encounter from the first minutes until the end. The boys of Fran Artiga and Andrés Martín had the possession of the ball and many arrivals to the contrary goal, and they left to the rest with a 1-2 with Sergi Canós's reveille in the minute 15. The second part continued with the same tonic and Paik, with an olympic goal of direct córner, Roger Figueras and Enrique Franqueses marked the other goals azulgranas.

Exhibition of effectiveness goleadora of the Infantil A against a Manresa that didn't almost have any occasion. The game became very quick of face for the azulgranas, since Lee marked the first goal to the 20 seconds of being had initiate the game. The first part put an end to 4-0 thanks to the reveilles of Dani Morer, another of Lee and Jang. In the renewal, the tonic continued being the same one and the boys of Fran Sánchez they had just signed an authentic goleada with three goals more than Lee, one of Georgios, another of Carlos Puig and the last of Javi Ruiz in the last minutes of the encounter.

Difficult game of Denis Silva's boys that faced the leader of the classification. In spite of the result, Infantil B offered a good game and fought throughout the game, but they could not make against Badalona, a very physical rival that controlled the encounter. The azulgranas left to the rest with a 1-0, but they could overcome the marker in the minute 6 of the second part with a goal of penalti of Oriol. In the second time, Barça had some occasion of putting on before in the marker and made a defensive great game until the last minutes of the encounter, when Badalona marked the two goals that gave them the victory.

Crushing superiority of Alevín A before a rival that has not had opportunities to counteract the marker. The boys of Marcel Sans controlled the encounter from the first room and they offered a great soccer that left Mercantil without any option. The goals of the day made them Sergio (3), Pablo (3), Dani (2), Alejandro and Mamadou.

Tie worked Jordi Font's boys against a very strong rival that knew how to take advantage of the counterattacks very well. The azulgranas dominated the encounter but they could not materialize the numerous occasions that they had throughout the game, since they shattered up to four balls to the stick. The first part put an end to a 0-3 that it didn't reflect the superiority of Barça. In the renewal, however, Alevín B controlled the game and it achieved the tie with the goals of Labinot, Lucas of Vega and Rubén.

Alevín C one of the best games in this season disputed against Santos. In the first room the rival put on before in the marker, but the boys of Àlex Gómez they didn't lower the arms and in the second room they offered a game of high school that he left without option to the locals. Adrià Altimira (2), Iván Bravo, Marc Carmona, Marc Guerrero and Guillermo Amor signed the goleada.

Blanca Subur planted face to Alevín D in a very complicated and small field. The boys of Xavi Bravo and Óscar Hernández left very competitive to the the game land, although they had difficulties to generate game in a very physical encounter. In spite of it, the azulgranas went very superior to their rival, a team a bigger year that fought until the end. The second room was decisive for Barça, since they marked four goals. The success annotator of Dani Morillas (2), Kenneth, Julian, Gerard, José David, Marc Domínguez and Nil gave the victory to the azulgranas.

Marc Serra and David Sánchez's boys' unanswerable goleada against a Manresa that was left without arguments to make in front of the superiority azulgrana. During the first room the rival closed a lot and he made a very defensive game, what hindered to the azulgranas to find spaces. Starting from the second time, the collective beautiful game of Benjamin A allowed that the goleada arrived. Kais made a brilliant party and 4 goals, and Raúl (2), Marc (2), marked Ilias, Álvaro, José, Aitor and Haitam marked the other reveilles azulgranas.

Benjamin B goleó to Damm in a very complicated field for their reduced size. Sergi Milài's boys was the game very of face from the beginning, since in the minute 2 Oscar Romero opened the can in favor of the azulgranas with a lack goal. Starting from there, Barça demonstrated its superiority with a good game and left to the rest with a 0-4. In the renewal, the rival lowered the arms and the azulgranas a little they continued with his domain. The scorers of the encounter were Jan Reixach (3), Oscar Romero (2), Iker González (2), Martí Laughed and Eric Iglesias.

The azulgranas offered an exhibition of good soccer in one of the best games in the season before the last one classified of the chart. Vallirana came out to press very up, but the boys of Cristian Catena knew how to find the holes thanks to its intensity and the splendid one play combinativo that left without arguments to the team visitor. Benjamin C maintained the level throughout the encounter and signed a goleada with reveilles of Alejandro Balde (3), Xavi Simons (2), Arnau Martínez (2), Arnau Farnós, Toni Gómez, Johnny, Álvaro and Fasica.

Jordi Pérez's boys' great superiority against Ciutat Meridiana in a very small field. The azulgranas went out with a lot of intensity in the two parts and they knew how to move the ball very well. Benjamin D offered a splendid game in the center of the field that allowed to go increasing the difference in the marker. The goals of the day marked them Marc Pelaz (3), Jonathan (2), Sicu, Gabi and Eric.

GPa Espanyolista Manigua B 4 - FC BARCELONA E 12
Prebenjamín offered a spectacular first part, in which showed its superiority and collective beautiful game. The rival could not make anything to counteract the intensity with which the azulgranas came out to the game field and they lowered quick the arms before the level difference between both teams. Pol (4), Jurado (3), Ilias (3) and Sergi (2) were the scorers of the game. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Víctor Valdés responds to Yannick Noah

What if all this is orchestrated in Spain? asked Yannick Noah in reference to an alleged plot orchestrated Spanish doping . The former champion of Roland Garros said that "of course not all Spanish athletes dope," but pointed to bullet saying "the cyclist who eat meat that has enabled faster cycling and was acquitted by the federation, that middle distance specialist arrested by the police and exonerated ...".

Facing a series of charges, direct and indirect, Victor Valdes has been the gloves and decided to perform again a brilliant performance. He has dressed as a tennis player, although this is hidden behind a beard, glasses and a coat of paste-like doctor, and instead of a racket, holding a paddle blade. We do not know if this last detail is irony or not. The picture has been posted on his Twitter and Facebook. (via MD)

Josep Guardiola: “We're willing to keep trying”

After the defeat to Getafe and before playing against Rayo, Pep Guardiola relayed a message of confidence and calmness to his men. The Barça manager believes that the challenge is to maintain continuity and to up the level of play if Barça are to take top spot.

Content with what the team has done up until this point and confident with what it will do, Pep Guardiola downplayed the loss to Getafe, that left Barça six points adrift of Madrid, in the pre-game press conference ahead of the clash with Rayo. “The players are well, they’re people that are calm when things are going well, and when there’s a scare along the way or a loss they deal with it well. Yes, it’s the first time we’re at this kind of disadvantage this far into the season, although I thought this would happen in the second or third year, but we’re willing to keep on trying,” said Guardiola.

The Barcelona manager hasn’t deviated from the message he gave on day one of his tenure as coach: “We’re going to work hard until the end, we’ll try and make the people that love this Club proud. The only thing I ask of the players is their effort.” With this in mind, Guardiola has a clear objective, “the challenge must be to behave like a Barça player should everyday, our challenge is continuity.” He added, “I don’t know if we’ll be champions. Will we try? I’m convinced we will.”

Guardiola, while admitting that the team is having difficulties winning away games, stressed that his team’s trajectory in the League has been good. “There have been moments where we have played much better than last year. We’ve won two titles against two strong teams, we’ve qualified as group winners in the Champions League with two games to go and we’re second in the League.” According to Guardiola, “we know that we’re at a good level but it’s not good enough to be first, up until now Madrid has been better by six points.”

Despite his team being down six points to the current League leaders, Pep Guardiola was both optimistic and realistic at the same time: “There’s a lot of the League still yet to be played and if Madrid maintains their form it will be much more complicated. They haven’t won in a while, it’s normal that every game is important to them.” Even with the Clásico looming, the Barça boss prefers to focus on the game at hand. “There are very few teams as bold [as Rayo], let’s see if we are capable of playing better than them,” concluded Guardiola. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Andrés Iniesta gets medical all-clear, fit to play against Rayo Vallecano

The Barça midfielder, recovered from the contusion on his left foot, has been declared fit ahead of tomorrow’s game against Rayo Vallecano. The player trained without problems during today’s training session at the the Ciutat Esportiva.

This Monday, Andrés Iniesta was declared fit by Barça's medical staff. After missing the AC Milan (2-3) and Getafe (1-0) games because of a contusion on his left foot, Iniesta is back with the squad for tomorrow’s game against Rayo Vallecano, the first of three consecutive games at the Camp Nou.

The 20 first team players available to Josep Guardiola, including Iniesta who got the medical all-clear after the session, and 3 Barça B players, Cuenca, Tello and Carmona took part in this afternoon’s training session. The only absentee was the injured Ibrahim Afellay. The team trained on Field 1 at the Ciutat Esportiva, they will train one last time tomorrow, at the Camp Nou, before the match against Rayo Vallecano.

Several members of FIFA’s Medical Services were present at today’s training session. FIFA personnel performed urine-based anti-doping tests on the Barça players ahead of the FIFA Club World Cup in Japan. Unlike in 2009, FIFA regulations call for anti-doping controls, the organisation warned all teams involved that they would conduct anti-doping controls before the end of year competition. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Barça closes deal with Chinese Internet giant Tencent

FC Barcelona and Tencent have agreed to develop Barça’s brand China, the deal will allow the Club to reach a massive audience as well as generate revenue.

Barça consolidates its online leadership in the Chinese market thanks to Tencent, the principal Internet service provider in China. FC Barcelona and the Chinese company have agreed to work together to develop Barça’s brand in the Asian country, which will allow the Club to reach a massive audience and increase revenue. Dídac Lee, director of new technology, was “very satisfied” with the agreement and Antoni Rossich, general director, said, “they are industry leaders in China, and they fit perfectly with our strategy.” Lee added, “on a personal level I’m doubly satisfied, because of my origins and beacuse this is in my field of work.”

Tencent has agreed to develop a new website for FC Barcelona in Chinese and to commercialise applications and mobile games using Barça’s brand. All content created by Tencent will be subject to Club approval.

The agreement also opens up Chinese social media sites to FC Barcelona. Tencent owns several social media sites that boast millions of users: QQ, with 900 million users, is the country's largest instant messaging platform; Qzone, has 500 million users; and Pengyou has 130 million users. In the short term, FC Barcelona will open a verified account on Tencent Weibo, known as the Chinese Twitter, this Tuesday. Tencent Wiebo has 300 million users.

Dídac Lee is convinced that the Internet is the ideal platform for Barça to expand throughout the world: “I believe that the best way for FC Barcelona to reach its fans globally is online, especially in China, where we are the preferred Club.”

Tencent (www.tencent.com), besides providing technology services, also adds online value with web portals, social media (leaders in China), online games, mobile applications, e-commerce and web advertising. Dídac Lee explained that this is the first time Tencent has signed “an agreement with global reach. . . Their directors have told us how satisfied they are, not only because we are a great Club, but because we also share common values.”

MORE: www.fcbarcelona.cat

[Ex-player&coach] Cruyff: "Xavi deserves the Ballon d'Or"

It has described as "exaggerated" to consider that the defeat of Barça in Getafe takes away from the title.
"They have proven to win at the Bernabeu, but you have respect for Madrid".

The former footballer and current coach Catalan , Johan Cruyff, acknowledged today that Lionel Messi "is exceptional in every way", but his favorite to win the Ballon d'Or is the midfielder Xavi Hernandez , and has described as "exaggerated" that considered that the defeat of Barcelona in Getafe away from him the title.

"Choosing the best player goes by taste, not positions. Messi in its category and the things he does is exceptional in every way, has won a couple of times and have options. But if Messi has won twice, Xavi deserve it now, "he asegurado.Durante friendly presentation that will face the Catalan against Tunisia on 30 December at the Olympic Stadium Lluís Companys in Barcelona, ​​Cruyff Xavi recalled that" runs a computer where others can exhibit "

. In his view, the brain of Terrassa deserves the award, but "not because it is better, that is absurd, since it would be the same comparison between Cristiano and Messi, you can not compare." "It depends on how you look at football because you can also add to Iniesta. They are different players with different roles who are entitled to win, "said, joking about it:" I have the luck of not having to vote. "

"Losing a game does not mean you're wrong"

The Ballon d'Or was not the only aspect of the present Barca which has referred the Dutchman, but also considered "exaggerated" to say that Barça has lost a chance of winning the league after losing to the Getafe (1-0) , which leaves them six points behind leaders Real Madrid.

"It has been exaggerated. It seems that most people do not see the games, do not know what is the quality of Barcelona and, therefore, if you lose a game, does not mean it's wrong. It is very typical here, you have to do it but better fold candles and home, "he lamented Cruyff." One thing I can assure is that the league championship is not finished on 30 December until late May. There are five titles that Barça can win and is on five, "he recalled.

And, in his view, the Barça "is playing a fantastic season, every year trying to bring out the most, with a party in Milan that was an example of football but three days later, some faces that I can not believe, "he admitted." It's not just a matter of degree, "he reiterated. "This year there are five, are there yet and have not lost any. So I do not understand why some people become so obsessed with you."

The Mundialito more important than el clásico

In this sense, considered to be much more substantial in the first meeting of the Club World Cup in December, a title decided by just two games, el clásico of the Santiago Bernabeu to play a few days before and they just be " maximum a rivalry game, like all life. "

"He has proven to win at the Bernabeu, but you have respect for Madrid," said, noting that both teams are subjected to great pressure, as "start losing every match, because if you tie you lose two points. But there to give confidence in this club, deserve. " (via MD)