28 November 2011

[Ex-player&coach] Cruyff: "La Ligas are not won in December"

The Catalan coach Johan Cruyff does not understand the pessimism generated after the defeat of Barcelona in Getafe and ensures that titles are not decided until much later.

"Everything that is said is exaggerated laughter. I can assure you that la ligas are not won in December, but finished in May. The five titles are still to be decided and not yet lost any," said Cruyff the presentation of the friendly match between Catalonia and Tunisia on 30 December.

Barca extécnico therefore do not understand the "incredible pessimism" that has been created after the game at the Coliseum. "You can not always win, but the club is doing a fantastic season. Every year they are at the highest level and three days ago we saw a great show in Milan. It may be that now there is this pessimism. It seems that people do not assess the quality of this team and now everything is wrong. Although it is typical here, not to think so, "added the Dutchman. (via SPORT)

José Ramón Sandoval: "Guardiola has proved to be the best in the world"

"If the calendar has been so capricious that we play that leaves rivals Madrid, and we catch pissed, now we have lost another equal to Getafe," said coach Rayo.

Jose Ramon Sandoval, manager of Rayo Vallecano, Barcelona's next opponents in the league, has spared no praise for the Catalan side, and especially for his coach, Pep Guardiola, who has not hesitated to describe as the best in the world.

"It has proven to be the best coach because he has more titles than anyone," said coach rayista. "Barca are important in everyone, even the gardener cutting grass short to run the ball more. This is like the bulls, or leave through the front door or nursing, are like the brave."

Asked about Barca's unbeaten in his field, where no goals conceded, has said he will try to "break down the statistics, as in the rest of the season. We face the best team in the world at home. It will be hard to beat, but not disposable . No one is invincible in the game and although his last defeat does not come right, that Guardiola has all its staff says of the importance given to the party, but will have to work hard to earn at Rayo ".

Lightning coach explained the inclusion of Titus in the list for the Camp Nou, although it was the fifth carries yellow suspension. "We have communicated anything from the Federation, and if it does not not travel sanctions and could miss the match of Barcelona and Atletico," he said.

Sandoval also explained that they are having bad luck, as to when they face their rivals. "If the calendar has been so capricious that we play that leaves rivals Madrid, and we catch pissed, now we have lost another equal to Getafe, but not the ranking but because you can not afford to lose home. Getafe took away three points and go to the Nou Camp with the same intention. We are a team outright. "

Finally he said that his desire at the Camp Nou is "just like you will enjoy the team. It is the reward for what was achieved last year, playing at first and in these fields." (via AS)

Tamudo: "Playing against Barca is special"

Raul Tamudo , the centre-forward of Rayo Vallecano and former Espanyol, said yesterday that the match against Barça "is special for all players, as it is a good field, a good opponent and you should always try to do my best there. They are parties that have to play sooner or later, and we try to do a good job " . The group from Madrid will go to the coliseum barcelonista with Tito's drop that saw the fifth yellow card on Saturday before Valencia. (via MD)

Will Òscar be García the substitute of Guardiola that Cruyff would like it?

Johan Cruyff said on Friday that he knew who was to be a substitute for Pep Guardiola as coach Guardiola decided to leave the Barca bench.

"I have clear who should be a substitute for Guardiola and I've already told my close," said Cruyff. A number of statements that have served to reopen the debate on the future of the Barca bench as Guardiola decided to leave, something that might not this year, but will at one time or another.

In the line of 'succession' appear several names like Tito Vilanova, Òscar García Junyent or Lluís Carreras, all advocates of a 'Barca style' that has defended and improved since his arrival Pep Guardiola the first team. Of these, Cruyff would have clarity about their 'candidate'.

Oscar Garcia's case is special. The successes of the technical since he put in charge of the youth have provoked the interest of many clubs hire him as a journalist explains Jordi Blanco through his ​​blog . Last week it emerged that three foreign teams were interested in signing, but the coach decided to park until end of season any offer after meeting with Andoni Zubizarreta and Narcís Julià. A decision that brought joy in the template of youth, totally committed to his coach.

The treble harvested by the youth of Barca last season made four Premier League clubs (including Manchester City) offered to take command of Oscar lower grades. An interest to which Getafe was added, - before hired Luis García -, and later on Majorca after the resignation of Laudrup.

The coach did not heed the 'siren song' that came out and decided to renew his contract with Barcelona until 2013 at the possibility that he opened with the departure of Luis Enrique to Roma. However, the club decided to place Eusebio led by Barça B to the detriment of Oscar, which continued (and continues) getting great results in the youth squad.

The club is aware of his ability as a coach, Oscar has managed to stay in the club, something that can open the door to the future to greater challenges. In fact, the continuity announcement coincides with Cruyff statements may be coincidence, but the truth is that the Dutch exentrenador Oscar has always been highly regarded and never talk the talk. (via SPORT)

Tito Vilanova discharged from hospital

After making successful post-op progress, coach Francesc ‘Tito’ Vilanova was discharged from hospital this morning.

Tito Vilanova was operated on for a problem with his parotid gland last Tuesday by surgeons at the Hospital de la Vall d'Hebron in Barcelona. The operation was a success and Vilanova is expected to be back to full health within three or four weeks.

The first step to full recovery was Vilanova's discharge from hospital this morning, after a satisfactory post operation period. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Former B player] Rochina and Mata, stars of the 'top 5' of the Premier

The exazulgrana Ruben Rochina still in great shape and they showed this weekend with a great goal from outside the area.

Rochina scored the only goal of Blackburn against Stoke City. A sterile goal for his team, who lost 3-1, but showed a good shot from outside the area that has grown players Barca's youth system.

Along with the goal of Rochina also been 'cast' this week at the 'top 5' of the Premier League where he scored Juan Mata in Chelsea's win against Wolverhampton (3-0).

MOVIE: www.sport.es

[Selection] Messi, top scorer in international matches

Cristiano Ronaldo is sixth and David Villa is seventh.

Lionel Messi, Barcelona forward and the selection of Argentina leads the annual ranking of scorers in international matches for club and national team of the International Federation of Football History and Statistics (IFFHS).

Messi collects seventeen points, one ahead ofHasan Abdel Fattah Hasan Mahmoud (Kuwait SC / Al-Wehdat of Amman), Germany's Mario Gomez (Bayern Munich) and the Colombian Radamel Falcao, now at Atletico Madrid and Porto earlier in Luso .

The Mexican Javier 'Chicharito' Hernandez, Manchester United striker, is fifth with fifteen, Brazilian Neymar gives Silva (Santos) sixth with thirteen, and is followed by Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid), Spanish David Villa (Barcelona) and Aleksandar Duric (Tampines Rovers) with twelve. (via AS)

[Ex-player&coach] Cruyff recourse to the courts to appoint Van Gaal

Johan Cruyff recourse to the courts the way in which the other members of the Board appointed the club's sporting director Louis Van Gaal, a decision that excluded from the decision.

Cruyff is supported by ten other coaches in the Ajax youth academy, including Dennis Bergkamp and Wim Jonk.

In addition to the nomination of Van Gaal, Cruyff also put into question in court how they were chosen and Martin Sturkenboom Danny Blind, appointed at the same time as Van Gaal as coach.

According to the Dutch public television NOS, Cruyff and other coaches believe that the way in which he was named the trio of directors "can not afford."

Ajax President Steven Ten Have has refused to rule on the next step announced by Cruyff and just say it has not been informed, according to the NOS.

Cruyff and other executives have maintained for months Ajax a sharp struggle for power, which this season also seems to be affecting the sports club, and ten points separating them from the leader AZ. (via SPORT)

[Youth] San Francisco 2 - 0 FCB Juvenil A

The Azulgranas have broken their streak of 10 consecutive victories and have fallen against the San Francisco, a very physical opponent has taken the win in the last minutes of play.

Óscar García's team could not link its eleventh consecutive victory and go down to second place finish after suffering a bitter defeat at San Francisco (Palma de Mallorca). The Azulgranas have had numerous occasions that have failed to realize and mastery over the game, but this has not been enough to impose the physical play of the premises.

Juvenil A has controlled the entire first half and had several clear arrivals to the area opposite, but the lack of success in front of goal prevented them from opening the scoring and gone into the break with a goalless draw.

The second half continued the same trend. Óscar García's boys were much higher and have dominated the game against San Francisco a very intense game that has hampered the squad. In the last minutes of the game, Cristian and Olmeda, with two counter-moves of the game have ruled in favor of the premises.

This defeat is the first of the season for Juvenil A, who had won every game so far he had played, and places him in second place in the table to a point of Espanyol. The next weekend will be able to regain the lead in the game against Cornellà. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Technical Data]
San Francisco: Kike, Xisco Rodríguez, Moreno, Xisco Gari (Cristian, min 68 - Dustin, min 89), Javi, Blas, Roni (Juanan, min 89), Bueno, Salvà (Olmeda, min 68), Santi and Cortés ( Álex Díaz, min 45)

FC Barcelona: Bañuz, Edu, Grimaldo (Brian, min 87), Bagnack, Ayala, Patri (Babunski, min 75), Cristian (Ernesto, min 65), Samper, Dongou, Miguel Ángel and Quintillà.

Goals: 1-0, Cristian, min 83; 2-0, Olmeda, min 90.

Referee: Sebastián Ripoll Solano (Balearic College).

Three games continued at Camp Nou

It will be the fourth time, since Guardiola sits down in the benchc that the team disputes three followed commitments as local.

Barca will play three straight games in the Camp Nou for the fourth time since Josep Guardiola sits on the bench. Interestingly, the team has never been able to win all three and has always been a game that has been choking.

A year ago, two of three

Last season, the club received consecutively at Mallorca, Valencia and Copenhagen between 3 and 10 October. Given the Balearic Islands, tied to a goal in one of the few slips that were in the league. Instead, they could win 2-1 at Valencia after the break by 2-0 to select and Copenhagen in the third round of the Champions League.

More record in 2008/09

The previous two were in the first season of Guardiola as first team coach. Between 4 and November 12, 2008, the club received consecutively at Basel in the Champions at Valladolid in La Liga and Benidorm to the Swiss Cup tied at one in a match that qualified the boat for second round. Against Valladolid , Guardiola offered a scoring festival winning 6-0, with goals from poker Samuel Eto'o .

The triplet of matches in the Nou Camp ended on November 12 with the return of the knockout Cup final against Benidorm . Barça finished off the first leg 0-1 with another win by the minimum, with a goal from Messi.

Defeat inconsequential

It was in full Tourmalet December 2008 when the club for the second time chained three straight at home in the Guardiola era. In the league, won with authority to Valencia 4-0 and el clásico against Real Madrid with goals from Eto'o and Messi . The success in the domestic competition had not then in the Champions League as they lost by 2-3 against Shakhtar . Fortunately, this loss was of no consequence, as the club faced the match to qualify for the knockout stages in the pocket. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Ex-player] Nadal: "This Barça can also get it as us"

Miquel Ángel Nadal confident Barça.

A member of the Dream Team, Barca from 91-92 season until 1999, was Miguel Angel Nadal, versatile player, able to play both defense and midfield and a large counter area arrival.

Detached and Real Mallorca, the uncle of Rafa Nadal mythical, remember that "the distance seen da time really does seem almost impossible that we could win this league. There was the miracle of Tenerife, it is true, but I remember well that long before that last game we had left the eight-point lead Real Madrid to zero. In fact, one of our main motivations was to score many goals to overcome Real Madrid in the goal-general average, because the matter had also tied. I have won before the first European Cup of club helped us reach that goal of winning the league. "

Nadal is absolutely convinced that Pep exceed Mourinho to Madrid: "We must recognize that whites are very strong, but this generation of players who now commands Pep are very good. This situation will be touched if they recover their morale and self-imposed and keep the faith, you get it. "

"They keep to an extraordinary degree"

Nadal wants to emphasize that "a team that will defeat the San Siro and Milan in its field with the exhibition game, you can not forget to play soccer. I understand that what happened in Getafe was an accident, because the result was so. What happens is that, as is the Real Madrid, Barca can not afford any slip. Let's see, in direct duels at least Barça should not lose against Real Madrid, because surprises may occur when you least expect it. The ship continues to an extraordinary degree " (via SPORT)