27 November 2011

Iniesta works with the group

The manchego and Cesc have been exercised with teammates after missing the game for Getafe as a precaution holders in the Coliseum Alfonso Perez made-up work and have completed seven players in the affiliate group.

Two good news the day after the defeat at Getafe: Andres Iniesta and Cesc Fabregas have worked with the group. The '8 'had lost their last two games because of a bruised left thigh and the '4' was low in Madrid last minute by a small inconvenience. Both have been exercised in the first team training has been conducted on Sunday at noon at the Ciudad Deportiva Joan Gamper.

As often happens after a game, the owners at the Coliseum Alfonso Perez have done recovery work. The rest has begun to prepare the visit of Rayo Vallecano to Camp Nou of Tuesday. The B team players Cuenca, Dos Santos, Rosell, Armando, Femenía, Balliu and Oier completed the group.

The next training session will be Monday at six o'clock in the afternoon behind closed doors in Sant Joan Despi.
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Alves: "It’s an exciting challenge and we’re fascinated by it"

The Brazilian international wingback has confidence in the team and on Sunday sent out an optimistic message after the defeat against Getafe. He warned other teams that Barça "will fight to the death for everything” and believes that the two matches against Real Madrid in the league will be decisive.

Despite last night's painful defeat against Getafe, there are only upbeat signals coming from the Barça players. Speaking at a press conference after training, Dani Alves summed up the general mood of the squad: "The players are fairly relaxed; we know that in our profession there are challenges, and that's exciting and we're fascinated by it. Happily, there's still a long way to go, and no cups have been awarded yet. One of the keys to this team is that we don't give up or throw in the towel - never."

As for the match in the Coliseum Alfonso Pérez, he told reporters: "We had our chances but we didn't take them, while they scored with the only shot they had on goal. There's no other explanation." But Alves did take one positive from the defeat and insisted that Barça remained true to their ideals: "We don't change the way we play because of results. We have a philosophy and if we have to die we'll stick with that philosophy".

Alves also spoke about the difficulty Barça is finding with the away games in the league: "It isn't more difficult than before. It's always been very complicated. This year we're finding it more difficult away from home, but these are phases. Luckily, it's happening to us now and not at the end of the end. There's time to put things right."

However, Alves admitted that there's no more room for mistakes if Barça wish to aspire to the league title: "Real Madrid won't drop many points and we can't make any more mistakes. They have a lead and we have to try and reduce it. We have to concentrate and not make any more mistakes."

He believes that the two head-to-heads with Real Madrid – the first is coming up in two weeks time in the Bernabeu – will be decisive: "My team-mates will rise to this challenge. Don't let there be any doubt but that this team will fight to the death for everything." (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Luis Garcia: "We won the best team in the world"

Luis Garcia Plaza, Getafe coach, was "very happy" to have gotten the victory over FC Barcelona, ​​a team he called "the best in the world along with Real Madrid".

"I have to congratulate my players because we've overcome adversity from injuries, the players have performed very well what we have worked for the game and the merit is theirs, because they put the effort and they were having a hard time these days, "he said at a news conference.

"With this victory the game has rewarded us what other days we had taken, but in the end are three points. We won the best team in the world along with Real Madrid, who only lost one game so far this year and we are very happy about it, "he said.

According to Luis Garcia, Barcelona made them "suffer greatly" and recalled that the team azulón "from the defeat at home with Rayo" was playing "very well".

"The team is giving a good feeling at home, and have achieved an important victory. The team had trouble scoring goals from set pieces, but today we won the case. The team sometimes makes goals, and today we closed the goal against best. The effort of the players is exceptional because it was not easy, "he said.

"I'm very happy with the players, because this team is honored, and has achieved a major victory," he said. (via SPORT)

Eleven points lost that complicate the League

The blaugrana has two parties before el clásico and Real Madrid, alone one. Hence, the team still depends on itsself to leave leader of Bernabéu.

Getafe inflicted yesterday to Barça their first defeat presently tournament liguero, for what is no longer any unbeaten team. However, this does not hide the fact that the club has been left and 11 points in the current tournament and the fourth consecutive start perhaps overly complicated, especially given the excellent results when facing the eternal rival.

For a set of circumstances, the team is struggling more than usual to assert their superiority away from the Camp Nou, where they have already gone nine points, the result of last night's defeat at the Coliseum Alfonso Perez and three draws in visitors to Anoeta (2-2), Mestalla (2-2) and San Mamés (2-2). They should add the equalizer in the Stadium goalless against Sevilla in the party that ended with a penalty which Messi could not beat Javi Varas and the discount.

The reality is that after his victory at the Madrid derby, Real Madrid by six points ahead and the Barcelona box, most of the 'negative income was Guardiola ¿. Despite all this, the vagaries of the calendar makes it possible that the club relies on itself to emerge as leader of the Santiago Bernabeu.

To do this, would have to defeat in the Nou Camp on Tuesday Lightning and Levante on Saturday to face the three-point el clásico white box, provided that the gain Mourinho during his visit to Sporting (the Blaugrana play two games before the great battle of 10-D in Madrid and whites, only one).

When looking for explanations, should mention the physical problems that are plaguing the team since the start of the season. To date, almost all players except for maybe Messi games have been lost muscle problems, as happened yesterday with Andres Iniesta.

In addition, too much close rivals and abused computer game play with the confidence that the end goal coming. However, the minutes pass and it is becoming more difficult to pierce the defensive wall rival. The corners will happen, knowing that rivals Barca is almost innocuous in that facet. To this is added Valera yesterday that beat Valdes in the 68th minute in what was the first shot on goal the home side throughout the match.

Anyway, the team has won the credit for its own merits and as Guardiola said at the conclusion of the match, Barca will rise as it has always done since he's on the bench. Nevertheless, the reality is that in the 13 matches played have been given 11 points, more than half of those who failed to score at all last season (18) and in the immediately preceding (15). Now, before recharging morality plays Bernabéu and it is therefore inevitable defeat with authority to Rayo and Levante. (via SPORT)

Zubi celebrates "optimism" of Eric Abidal

The Basque gave no details on the renewal of Eric, even though the player had already progressed according.

The sports director, Andoni Zubizarreta, lived from the steps of the Coliseum Alfonso Pérez defeat of Pep Guardiola. A half time had already warned that "Getafe is closing spaces, we are leaving overflow," a warning that eventually lead to tragedy at the end of 90 minutes.

But beyond the loss yesterday, partly marked by the fatigue of last Wednesday's game at San Siro, Barca currently has another pending issue for weeks, which is none other than the renewal of the French side, Eric Abidal. A few days ago the player himself claimed that the two parties had reached an agreement, although it had not yet reflected in any role.

Yesterday, Zubizarreta refused to provide details of the agreement, "until things are not done rather not talk," he repeated again, however he was very happy for Abidal's words, "I am delighted Eric optimism "he said. The player himself has said many times that his greatest desire was to stay in Barcelona a long time until the day he hung up his boots touch. If it is ultimately signs the agreement, Abidal will be his wish. (via SPORT)

[Player Ratings; Liga BBVA; week14] Getafe CF - FC Barcelona (1-0)

AVERAGE 5.2: Víctor Valdés 5, Alves 6 (MOM), Piqué 5, Abidal 5, Maxwell 5, Busquets 6, Xavi 5, Thiago 5, Alexis 5, Messi 5, Villa 5, Keita 5, Pedro 6, Cuenca 5. (via SPORT)

Cesc, precautionary rest

Cesc Fábregas and Carles Puyol were dropped from the squad against Getafe. Guardiola gave Cesc a precautionary rest because the midfielder is having problems with his left thigh.

The team will return to training on Sunday, at noon, in a closed door session at the Ciutat Esportiva. Dani Alves will attend the pre-training press conference. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Piqué: “We are Barça, we’ll move forward”

The centre back is confident that the team will be able cut into the lead that Madrid currently has over the reigning champions.

Gerard Piqué is confident that FC Barcelona will bounce back after the loss to Getafe. “I’m convinced that the team will give everything they’ve got to be fighting for the title at the end of the season.” The centre defender called on the Camp Nou faithful to “trust us.” While adding that, "there are may games still yet to be played, a lot of points up for grabs. Madrid is doing things a bit better and we have to turn this situation around. We are Barça and we’ll move forward.”

The players are aware that they have no time to dwell on the defeat against Getafe as FC Barcelona will host Rayo Vallecano on Tuesday at the Camp Nou. Piqué said he doesn’t wan’t to think about the game against Madrid but it’s important, with the Clásico looming, that against Rayo and Levante “the team must win six points.”

Víctor Valdés:

“We’re disappointed because it was a defeat that wasn’t expected. The team did a good job but we didn’t take advantage of our chances.”

“We knew we had to win here but it didn’t work out. We have to pick ourselves up because we have a game right around the corner.”

“We have to keep on fighting. The sooner we lift our heads the better. We have to work hard because we have a game in a couple of days. We have to concentrate on winning our matches.”

“It’s a really negative result and we have to pick ourselves up as soon as possible.”

David Villa:

“We don’t have to make excuses. We gave it our all and we tried to win but it wasn’t possible.”

“The team played well but we didn’t capitalise on our opportunities. They scored off a fateful corner.”

“We’re far away [from Madrid] but there is still a lot of time. This isn’t over. We have a game against them that we can win. We have to take it step by step.”


“We needed to score early on. When time ticks away it gets a bit more complicated.”

“We must be patient and focus on the next match.”

“It’s a big difference but we still have work to do, we need to see where we made mistakes and where we can improve.” (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Cardoner: “Football can be like this”

Club vice-president Jordi Cardoner said that the Barça expedition returning to Barcelona is “saddened” by the loss, but “very motivated” to play the remaining games of the season. Cardoner also said that “the players tried to win the game from the beginning, but it just wasn’t possible. Sometimes logic doesn’t apply to football. It can be like that sometimes. Our team is enough." (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Josep Guardiola: “We will get up”

The Barça manager said that there is "a lot of the League still yet to be played" and he believes that the team "played a very good match" despite the loss to Getafe.

FC Barcelona lost its first game of the season to Getafe. The 1-0 scoreline leaves Madrid six points ahead at the top of the table with half the season yet to be played. Josep Guardiola believes the distance is salvageable: “There’s a lot of the League still yet to be played. We’ll get back on our feet and keep on going.”

The manager, optimistic during the press conference, doesn’t believe that Barça deserved to lose to Getafe: “We played a good game. I don’t think Getafe was better, but they won and we have to congratulate them. We knew that they were a team capable of defending really well.”

Guardiola said that his team tried everything they could to find spaces in Getafe’s defence: “In the first half we found spaces. After, being down 1-0, they played more defensively and when that happens it’s always more complicated. We tried to widen the field with Dani Alves and with our wingers.” With that said, the Barça manager added, “I cannot reproach the team, exactly the opposite.”

When asked to rate the referee's performance, Josep Guardiola, as usually, had nothing to say. The Barça manager has his sights set on Tuesday’s match against Rayo Vallecano at the Camp Nou. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Barça B] Barça B, T-shirts with encouragement for Tito Vilanova

The players of Barça B has jumped to the game land before the encounter that has faced to the Celta one with some T-shirt of spirit for Tito Vilanova, second coach of the first team, operated on last Tuesday of the parotid gland.

"Força Tito, estem amb tu" (Força Tito, we are with you), read the shirt. Remember that much of the team players have debuted the first team already know and Tito Vilanova. (via MD)

Valera: "The team has made today a terrible waste"

"The team has made a terrible waste and deserve it. Other times the football has not been exactly with us and today yes", the author of the goal of Getafe explains.

The player of Getafe, Valera, has recognized that it has been a very worked victory: "The team has made a terrible waste and we deserve the victory. Other times the football has not been exactly with us and today yes."

The author of the only goal of the game has said on the azulgranas: "The truth is that they are very good, Barça believes you occasions although you are well. There is also a tiny piece of luck. These three points are a jump it is important, all that we added was an injection of moral terrible." (via AS)

[Liga BBVA; Week14] Getafe CF 2 - 2 FC Barcelona

Worse luck, impossible. FC Barcelona crashed again and again to the 'wall' of Getafe and suffered their first defeat of the season just after the win over Atletico Madrid in the derby. Mourinho are now the leaders of the League to six points of Barca.

Barca had no margin for error after comfortable win Madrid derby against Atletico (4-1). And he made at the wrong time, a few days to visit the Bernabeu in el clásico December 10.

Guardiola left 'plugged in', eager to give the appropriate response, but all of them backfired. Unlike what happened to the Madrid-subscriber-winner against the mattress, Barça ran into a tough nut to crack. A rival to perfection weathered the flood of cases that occurred on his goal. Messi, Villa and Alexis Moya besieged by land, sea and air, but the Catalans suffered from a problem that haunts them this season: its lack of effectiveness in the final meters.

Guardiola regained his back four, this time formed by Alves, Pique, Abidal and Maxwell, with Xavi, Busquets Thiago and distributing the game on average. And his team decided long half-dozen occasions in the first half. But none came inside. They had not gone three minutes and Villa, after good work from Messi and Abidal, head to the exit of a corner, had already taken the first warnings.

Messi, most backward and less active than usual, stroked 0-1 in the 7 ', when he sent a shot skimming the top of a fault. Like Villa in 25 '. But there was no way.

From that moment, Alexis Sanchez took the leading role in attack. Nor was his night. The Chilean was Fallon in the 28 'when, with everything going for it, sent a shot past the post from the edge, after a bad rejection of Moya. In 36 ', forced to show off the local goal of ending a good triangulation Alves, Villa and Messi. And, 40, shot over from the front.

Not worth the 0-0. And continued to plague Barça after the break. Villa could have changed the sign of the party when he headed the squad touching a Xavi free-kick (48 '). And in the 50's, shot over another good chance.

Barca gradually consumed her strength. Getafe had only disturbed by Miku mediation in 20 ', and Diego Castro in the 41', was more effective. And in his case, the third was the charm. In 67 ', Sarabia served a corner kick, and Valera, unmarked in the area, headed to the net pleasure (1-0). Busquets or Keita Ni, who had just come by Thiago, matched in the marking.

Guardiola burned his ships in the final ushering Cuena and Pedro replacing a discrete Maxwell and Alexis. Catalan and Canary got more spark in attack, and the party became a pediment, with Getafe locked back, and Barca attacking in waves.

Already in the discount, the referee, Teixeira Vitienes, annulled a goal on the outside to Messi of previous game of Keita. And, with time almost accomplished, bad luck did the rest: Leo crashed a shot against the post, and the subsequent decline, Moya repelled not know how Peter sang a goal. It was a true reflection of what was the duel. And now the mother escaped to six points ... (via SPORT)

[techcnical Data]
Getafe: Moyá; Valera, "Cata" Díaz, Rafa, Mané (Lopo, min 48); Lacen, Casquero, Míchel; Sarabia (Pedro Ríos, min. 83) Diego Castro (Juan Rodríguez, min. 90) and Miku.

FC Barcelona: Valdés; Alves, Piqué, Abidal, Maxwell (Cuenca, min. 73); Xavi, Busquets, Thiago (Keita, min. 65); Alexis Sánchez (Pedro, min. 73), Messi and Villa.

Goals: 1-0, min. 67, Valera header a corner.

Referee: Teixeita Vitienes (Cantabrian Committee). Shows the Maxwell cartulina Amarillo (min. 18), the pike (min. 34), Pique (min. 88) by visiting ya Lacen (min. 23), to Casquero (min. 46), Diego Castro (min. 71 ) y Lopo (min. 75) by location.

Incidents: Party for the fourteenth day of the national league championship match at theColiseum Alfonso Pérez in front of nearly 13,000 spectators.

[Barça B; Liga Adelante; Week15] FC Barcelona B 2 - 1 Celta de Vigo

Barça B beats Celta at the Miniestadi thanks to two goals from last season’s highest scorer. Eusebio’s men played a fantastic first half, but Celta battled back in the second.

The Miniestadi witnessed a high voltage clash between Barça B and one of the serious contenders for Primera promotion, Celta de Vigo. The ever dangerous visiting side threatened Barça’s recent six-game unbeaten streak. Eusebio’s men played 45 minutes of exquisite football, where a recovered Jonathan Soriano once again found the back of net. Like in previous matches at the Miniestadi, the second half was very different from the first. It was Soriano, however, that tipped the scales in Barça B’s favour.

The keeper Masip and Gustavo, playing for the suspended Jonathan dos Santos in the midfield, were Eusebio’s newest additions to Barça B’s starting line-up. Barça B, clearly focused on possession and attacking football, quickly took control of the match. Despite dominating the flow of the game, Barça’s first attacks were timid, the first real chance came 20 minutes in thanks to a powerful shot from Rafinha.

The home team’s football was very direct and Celta’s keeper, Yoel, did well to save a point-blank attempt from Jonathan Soriano who was assited by Deulofeu (a terror down the right side). Soriano wasn’t so forgiving with his next chance. The Barça striker softly headed the ball to the back of the net from a free kick taken by Rafinha minutes later (min. 27). Celta tried to react but Eusebio’s choice keeper, Masip, prodigiously saved De Lucas' one-on-one chance. It was the away team’s best chance of the first half dominated by Barça B.

Celta was more determined in the second half. Five minutes in, Masip saved what would have been the equalising goal from Rodríguez, but soon after De Lucas would bring Celta level. With the one-all draw the game balanced on a knife’s edge. Barça B tried to take control again, but Celta was threatening on the wings. However, it was Soriano that tipped the scales in Barça’s favour when he scooped a dead ball up in Celta’s area and fired it in to give his team the lead (min. 64).

Barça B lost control of the match and Celta upped their rhythm. The game was being played at a frenetic pace forcing Barça B to feverishly defend their small advantage. So much so that Rodri played the part of the ‘Lobo’ Carrasco by shepherding the ball next to the corner flag against the onslaught of Celta’s strikers. In the end, the reserve side held out and managed to keep the three points at home and add to their ever increasing positive string of results. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Technical Data]
Barcelona B: Masip; Montoya, Bartra, Muniesa, Lobato; Gustavo, Sergi Roberto, Rafinha; Rodri (Espinosa, min.90), Deulofeu (Carmona, min.83) and Soriano (Tello, min.69).

Celta de Vigo: Yoel; Mallo, Vila, Catalá, Lago; De Lucas, Alex López (Joan Tomás, min.67), Bustos, David Rodríguez (Bermejo, min.75); Iago Aspas (Orellana, min.46) and Natxo Insa.

Goals: 1-0: Soriano, min. 27. 1-1: De Lucas, min.54. 2-1: Soriano, min.64.

Referee: Martínez Sánchez (College Murcia). Admonished Rafinha (min.59) and Rodri (min.74) at Barcelona and Orellana (min.47), De Lucas (min.89) and Mallo (min.91) for Celta.

Incidents: the game of the fifteenth day of the Second Division Championship in the Miniestadi to 3346 spectators. Barcelona players before the game wore shirts in support of Tito Vilanova, Pep Guardiola assistant surgery of the parotid gland, under the motto "Strength Tito, we're with you."