22 November 2011

Seedorf: Do I want that Guardiola and Ibra are given the hand before to all?

The Dutchman believes that the controversy Ibrahimovic-Guardiola "the press is doing more than what it is. Guardiola is an intelligent, Ibra is eager for play against Barça, wants to prove he is a major player. But I would like and ask that Ibrahimovic and Pep Guardiola shake hands before them all, with all the problems in the world is exaggerated so much about Guardiola and Ibra. "

Clarence did not want to talk about Mourinho but believes that "Madrid has grown and although Barça is a favorite in the league's all much more balanced." (via MD)

Allegri: To Ibra we will give him a valium?

Allegri, Milan coach joked with the moods of Ibra: "When the belly ached Ibra gave him a 'Maalox' (syrup for stomach pain), now that I see and give him a Valium."

The coach believes that Milan will play "against the best team in the world which is Barça, that's why it will be a great game. There will be a shame for us after the game if the possession of the ball is in the boat "and that low Iniesta is important" because it is an exceptional player. " (via MD)

Thiago Silva: "to stop Messi to do the sign of the cross"

The centre-back of Milan, Barca will face tomorrow, yields to Leo Messi and Barca qualifies as "the best in the world", without ruling out the possible move.

Thiago Silva, undisputed central AC Milan, spoke to the Brazilian newspaper 'Globo Esporte' in a long interview , on Wednesday enfrentameinto between his team and FC Barcelona.

Asked by Leo Messi, the Brazilian says, "is a technical player and very fast. When you measure it, you have to decide in an instant and when you come over to do the sign of the cross and pray to stop him" .

With respect to Barça against which on Wednesday will face Champions League match can be crucial to sentence first place in Group H, the defender 'Rossoneri' said: "We belong to two different schools, but we hope to win , although they are the best in the world. "

Silva admitted that still aspire to take over first place for what would have to win in San Siro: "We know it's hard, but we are working to make the most of the game, because if we win we would have the chance to contest a second round simpler final round can play at home, something we have not achieved in the past two years. " In fact have two consecutive seasons falling in the second round of the Champions.

Asked about rumors of his possible move to FC Barcelona, ​​the centre-back said "there is nothing concrete, most importantly, I'm happy at Milan and win the Champions League with Milan is a dream for me" . Although he did not rule out the possibility.

"Barcelona is always tempting, because it is the best team out there" Thiago Silva stressed to conclude, without closing the doors to all Barca. (via SPORT)

Barça arrive in Milan seeking to top group

The FC Barcelona travelling party has arrived in Milan where they will face AC Milan in a battle to top their UCL group. The injured Iniesta is the main absentee, with Adriano and Afellay also out through injury and Alves suspended.

Barça are back in Milan for the first time since their semi final appearance in the 2009/10 Champions League, only that time it was to play Inter. They touched town in Lombardy shortly before 12.00 noon and were taken directly to their hotel, where they will rest until 18.15, when captain Carles Puyol and manager Pep Guardiola will be talking to the press before the squad trains at 19.00 on the San Siro turf.

President Sandro Rosell is also planning to fly to Italy to see his side in the Champions League, but stayed behind today to oversee the final negotiations of the renewal of basketball player Juan Carlos Navarro's contract. Rosell will be joined by vice presidents Javier Faus and Carles Vilarrubí, and board member Javier Bordas.

The team was accompanied today by Antoni Freixa, Eduard Coll and Manel Arroyo, as well as sports director for professional football Andoni Zubizarreta, who spoke to the media before catching the flight.

The FC Barcelona expedition will be joined by some 4,700 travelling Barcelona fans in the San Siro. It is the biggest away support that the club has ever taken for a game in the group stages of this competition. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Ex-player] Reiziger bets on Barça

The ex 'rossonero' and ex azulgrana points out to those of Guardiola like the favorite maxima in the great bereavement of San Siro and also to be first in the group sees Barca with many options to repeat in the Champions League after more than two decades without nobody gets.

Hours before deciding Milan-Barça , www.fcbarcelona.cat has spoken with Michael Reiziger on two of his former teams. The Dutchman, 38, retired since 2007, is quite clear: "I think Barca will win this game. has a better team and play better. " At the same time, pointed out the potential of Allegri : "It's an Italian team, which always has the lines close together and leaves no spaces. It will be difficult."

In this sense, Reiziger admits he was surprised the first round 2-2, "I thought that Barca would win, but Milan took an early with a goal in favor and that favor his style. " For Wednesday's game provides another story: "It will be a different game, now played in San Siro and maybe Milan will attack more and spaces. In addition, Barca can score at any moment. "

In fact, the former defender sees the group coached by Pep Guardiola as the favorite to win the stage and then the competition: "For how he plays, for me the Barca for years is the best in Europe . And it continues in this line ". He adds: "In the last twenty years, Barcelona has the maximum options for repeat title. " (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Andoni Zubizarreta: “We are playing to top the group"

Barça’s director of sports has said that the most important aim of the game with AC Milan is to finish top of the group. Zubizarreta also mentioned Tito Vilanova, who hasn’t travelled, saying “I hope his operation goes well”.

Andoni Zubizarreta was speaking just before flying to Italy, and underplayed the importance of Wednesday's game at AC Milan. "We are playing to top the group and be one of the seeds, nothing else", he said. But he did admit that it was a "big game against an important team ... Barça play for prestige whenever we go onto the pitch, wherever it is. After this phase comes the one that usually creates the biggest impact".

Heading for the top

The former goalkeeper also spoke about how important it is for the team to have already ensured qualification with two games in hand and hoped that at the San Siro they will be able to give a good account of themselves. "If we do, then we can assure ourselves of top spot, and so much the better" he said, saying that he would never settle for a draw in a game like this.

Zubizarreta also spoke about the team's form going into the match, saying that "I don't believe in moments. We have known we were going to Milan for some time. The games are played when they are played, whatever the conditions. Now we have to play this game, and that's all there is to it".

Zubizarreta also mentioned Barça's assistant manager, Tito Vilanova, who is not travelling because of a parotid gland operation. "I hope it goes well for him", he said. "But the team are able to deal with news like this ... we will be looking to do well so that Tito can be as relaxed as possible as he watches the game back home".

Asked about the renewal of Abidal's contract, Zubizarreta was giving nothing away. "We want the negotiations to be held in the right place. We are working hard to find common grounds, and I'm still optimistic" was all he said.

And finally, the man who negotiated Zlatan Ibrahimovic's departure from the club said that he has no qualms about the forthcoming reencounter with the Swede. "In life you have to learn to deal with matters like this and if I see Ibrahimovic, I'll say hello", said Zubizarreta. "We'll respect him as an opponent, we'll play the game and later we'll find out whether we'll be meeting again at another stage of this competition". (via FCBarcelona.cat)

'Tito' Vilanova is operated in the gland parotid

'Tito' Vilanova , first team coach of Barca and right hand of Pep Guardiola , is being operated in the morning on Tuesday of the parotid gland in the Hospital de la Vall d'Hebron in Barcelona by the team that specializes in maxillofacial surgery of the medical center.

The second Barca coach, which of course has not traveled with the expedition to Milan, Barca, has asked the club through confidentiality and privacy for the duration of the recovery process. (via MD)

[Youth] Day of good victories and exhibition of good soccer in the cantera

Barça's youth football teams has been imposed most of their rivals The azulgranas they have touched the full of victories, since they have won 15 parties of the 16 that have disputed.

Juvenil B disputed a very intense encounter in the field of Girona. Barça went out with an offensive and defensive great position, but the team rival was ahead in the marker with two points in the first minutes. García Pimienta's boys didn't lower the arms before the result and they continued dominating the encounter until the goals of Sandro arrived that signed a splendid one 'hat-trick', Joël (2) and Ju.

Disputed game of the Cadete A Camp of Centenari, although with clear domain azulgrana. Badalona planted face to the azulgranas and put on for before in the marker with a goal in the minute 10 of the first part. However, Quique Álvarez's boys continued carrying out its game and before leaving to the rest they achieved the tie. In the second part the superiority of Barça finished imposing and the occasions arrived. The goals of the day were of Entrena, Adama and Moha.

The azulgranas played in the Field 7 of the Ciudad Deportiva Joan Gamper, a field of natural grass. The Cadete B noticed this change and had more difficulties to execute its game, but went even this way very superior to Floresta that didn't have any option. Alexis Meva signed the 1-0 in the minute 11 of the first part with a soft very good touch that entered above the porter. Julen Arellano marked the second goal with a great shot. The boys of Fran Artiga continued dominating the encounter in the second time where Alexis marked again and Marc Río made his first goal with Barça, after fighting a lot to score.

Triumph worked of the boys of Fran Sánchez before a very closed rival behind that didn't almost have occasions. The Infantil A had the control throughout the encounter but he lacked rhythm to materialize the occasions. The game was tied until the last minutes of the second time, when Carlos Pérez finished off a córner and it signed the goal of the victory for the azulgranas.

Victoria of Denis Silva's boys' merit that had to fight a lot to be imposed Mataró, the classified second of League and a rival a bigger year that faced of you you to Barça. Valery put for before to the azulgranas in the minute 30 of the first part with an it finishes off of córner, and Oriol Busquets it signed the second goal in the minute 13 of the second part with a good lack reveille. Marc Aragonés, of Mataró, marked in the minute 33 of the second time, but the party was sentenced in favor of the azulgranas.

Alevín A was imposed Sant Andreu in a very small and demanding field. The boys of Marcel Sans went out with a lot of intensity and they made a quick game that allowed them to create occasions and to go marking. The azulgranas put on for before very quick in the marker, in the first seconds of the encounter, and starting from there the domain was totally of Barça. Sergio (3), Víctor (2), Ben (2), Mamadou, Alejandro and Pablo made the goals azulgranas.

Great game of Alevín B that dominated from the beginning in a complicated field. Cornellà closed enough during the first two rooms, but Jordi Font's boys had patience to find the spaces until Rubén marked the first goal. In the renewal, the rival changed his strategy and it left to press, but the azulgranas adapted very well and they continued controlling the game. The game, however, was open to the last room, when the goals of Lucas de Vega and Albert sentenced the encounter.

It makes bitter Alex Gomez's boys' defeat against a rival a bigger year that closed very behind. Alevín C went out to the game field with a good attitude and tried to go for the game until the end, but you could not be imposed in Cornellà. The goal of Barça was of Adrià Altimira.

Even game of Alevín D in the Ciudad Deportiva Joan Gamper. In spite of the so adjusted result, the azulgranas dominated the party from the first room although Santfeliuenc had a lot of success in their occasions and it was tiing the encounter. The boys of Xavi Bravo left 2-3 to the rest, but they continued offering their game until in the last room they got the two goals that gave them the victory. The scorers of the game were Kenneth Soler (2) and Roger Vegas (2).

Benjamin A left very prepared mentally to the game field against Cubelles, the room classified in the League. Marc Serra and David Sánchez's boys dominated from the first room the game and they marked the enough quick goals. The scorers of the day were Ilias (4), Raúl (2), Aitor i José.

Sergi Milá's boys made a great game against Europa, a rival that tolerated enough well the first two rooms since 2-0 left to the rest with two so many of Iker. In the renewal, however, the visitors lowered the arms and the azulgranas they showed their superiority with more goals of Iker (6) that made a partidazo, Jan (3), and Oscar (2).

Great goleada of Benjamin C against a Alameda that only tolerated the push of the azulgranas during the first stocking part. The boys of Cristian Cátena put on ahead at once in the marker and they offered a sample of good soccer throughout the game. The goals of Barça were in charge of Toni Gómez (2), Alejandro, Arnau Farnós, Xavi Simons, Álvaro and Xavi Pleguezuelo.

Jordi Pérez's boys' partidazo that offered an authentic exhibition of effectiveness goleadora. In the first part Benjamin D had many occasions but it was not managed from face to goal, and for that reason 2-1 left to the rest. In the renewal, the Bufala lowered the rhythm and the festival of goals azulgrana arrived. The scorers of the game were Marc Pelaz (3), Sicu (2), Mamadou (2), Jonathan (2) and Gabi.

Prebenjamín was imposed without problems to the Mountaineer. The boys of Rafa Rodríguez had the control of the encounter from the first minutes with a goal of Pol Melet that opened the can. The superiority azulgrana left without arguments to the visitors that didn't have any option to counteract the result. Pol Melet signed a 'hat-trick', and the other goals belonged to Sergi Oriol (2), Marc Jurado (2) and Diego (2). (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Former player] Ibrahimovic: A strange but bearable partner

Ibrahimovic never became a problem in the dressing room, at least not a problem of coexistence or treatment. The Swede imposed by its physical and its way of being, a man of lofty and usually pose little talkative, but is not known tangles, bluster or conflicts with the rest of his teammates during the year he was at Barça. Another thing was the relationship with members of technical staff and auxiliary corps, with those that crashed as it is already known.

In any case were not personal disagreements football. He saw divo details, small gestures of star that were not, nor are frequent in the locker room of this club. Nothing that would cause, beyond any comment and wonder, changes in routine or their own behavior.

When things went wrong in mid-season, the team did suffer the consequences of his change in attitude, as its static game as center forward and the lack of participation in the pressure affected the effectiveness and performance of the block, hence little slowly fading out of the alignments by a decision of Guardiola. Within the clothing came to have a good roll players like Keita, Pique and Puyol, who greeted each other for example in the Audi Cup in Munich last summer. Today, however, following statements in his autobiography, which suggests that the costumes of Barça was pusillanimous, many players have left to remember it as a good guy in bad circumstances. They believe that happened. (via MD)

[Former player] Ibrahimovic-Guardiola: The reunion of the morbid

Meet again tomorrow after a relationship fraught with tense episodes.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic was a little over a year at FC Barcelona , but it was a year that gave a lot. The Swede came to the Catalan club with a reputation for being such a good player as explosive character level, and the truth is that the forecasts are met, especially in the second paragraph. Ibra finished the season by signing 21 goals and several assists, but also starring in episodes of tension such that Pep Guardiola hates. Among those the player himself has described in his recently published biography and MD has been confirmed, here is an inventory of the tensest moments Zlatan who starred in his step for Barça and ended a stormy divorce from Pep Guardiola that the Swede has played to perfection the role of offended.

"A mi treat me like Messi"

In summer 2009, Guardiola does not want to go with Eto'o in the locker room despite the Cameroonian had starred in a great season capped by a goal in the Champions League final in Rome. "It's a matter of feeling," said the coach. And not that I had good vibes with Eto'o, but felt ('feel' in English) that had to change something in the computer to remain competitive. Therefore, the club asked him to manage the departure of Samuel. Laporta offered a very expensive option, Ibrahimovic, but it killed two birds with one stone: Eto'o agrees to go to Inter and Pep changed it for a more technical point. The play went out to Barcelona for a penny (49.5 million plus another 20 of the valuation of Eto'o). The Paxton was paid for him to believe Zlatan was coming to Barcelona as a cornerstone of the project. Thus, just as he arrived, he told Guardiola: "Mister, I was treated like Messi." Impossible because Leo is privileged to be the best in the world for their peers and accepted by all that he gives the team. At that time, Pep found that living with Ibra would not be easy, but autoconvenció that with a good dose of psychology achieved to avoid trouble with the Swede.

"¡Ese penalti was mine!"

Ibra started the season well, scoring enough goals, but in November and set up one of hers. In the league Barca-Mallorca (4-2), after the match, the referee awarded a penalty for Barca after a foul on Zlatan Josemi visitor in the area. The Swede, who had made ​​a great match but had not scored, I wanted to throw in the maximum penalty, but in the end who was released and marked Messi, the handle of almost everything on the computer. The Swedish rebound was huge. "That penalty was mine!" Snapped after the end of the encounter complex staging without his huge disappointment.

The day went by Loren

Before playing in the league at Camp Nou against Real Madrid in mid-November, Ibrahimovic suffered a muscle injury which generated a lot of tension with Guardiola. Ultrasounds were not entirely clear and Pep did not want to take risks with the Swede as he feared it would break even more. Meanwhile, Zlatan was crazy to play his first classic and tried to convince technicians, doctors, trainers and retrievers of good to come game day. So tense was that one day he went for Lorenzo Buenaventura, team trainer, intending to grab the neck. He had heard a rumor that Loren told him to come to the party, while Pep told him he could not play. And Zlatan , when in doubt, went to Buenaventura like mad as she cried, "do not mess with me or I'll tear your head". Fortunately, the blood did not reach the river. In the end, Ibra finished off the bench against Real Madrid and scoring the winning goal (1-0).

He burned the snow

Upon returning from Christmas vacation in December 2009, I was surprised to see train brahimovic in Sant Joan Despi with a 'pant', a kind of scarf that is used to protect the cold neck, face and over his ears. Not that those days were icy. In fact, the sun shone and Swedish colleagues did not train with 'panties'. The point is that Ibra worked wrapped to protect a burn that had been produced by snowmobile go in Sweden without sunscreen. A violation of the internal double that earned him a fine and that caused another upset to Guardiola.

Some lids to mend fences

If the relationship between Guardiola and Zlatan did not work had to be because of the two. In any case, the technician tried to mend fences and 'convert' the Swede to your project. At the beginning of the second round, Pep invited him to lunch to inquire about her every day in the locker room and try to alleviate their anxiety, after a few games without scoring. Pep took him to the Bodega Sepúlveda, tapas bar in Barcelona and the desktop was long. Weeks later, Ibra Guardiola admitted he asked if he was happy and if he and his family had adapted to Barcelona and Barcelona.

Before deputy injured

In February 2010, before the Barça-Racing League, Zlatan knew that was going to be a substitute in that game which was played just before the Champions League second round first leg against Stuttgart. The Swede, 'bitten' by the substitution was coming, he claimed that he had discomfort and Guardiola had to let him off the list before the Cantabrian team. The next match in Stuttgart, no trace of pain started and scored the goal that saved Barca from defeat (1-1).

The day flew a locker

After the playoffs against Stuttgart and Arsenal, which shone Ibra came Mourinho's Inter in the Champions League semis. In previous weeks, Zlatan's performance went down to the point that, after elimination in the Champions League against the Italians (crossing in which the Swede was very poor), Guardiola took the title to give to Bojan. After playing only five minutes in Villarreal, Ibra exploded. He explains in his biography that in the locker room of El Madrigal said all Pep - "with Mourinho Shizz!" Among other niceties, and that prison of anger, threw down a ten-foot booth up to an impassive Guardiola shunned the conflict but was already clear that Ibra had no future in their wardrobe.

"Let me be careful"

After that episode, the relationship between coach and player Zlatan cooled and began to look at Pep as an enemy. So, no longer cut it when talking with people at the club. In fact, in a meeting with members of the new board (the Rosell), said: "Let me watch this coach. Maybe in training escapes me an arm and give it a shot." There was no turning back.

"But why do not I want?"

It was Sandro Rosell board he had to 'eat' the transfer of Ibra to Milan. A few tense days in which Zlatan agent, Mino Raiola, kept 'crack' of Pep, something that forced the junta to stop him. "O stop Guardiola criticize and do not demand you pay the bills," he said. To which he played the portfolio Raiola was speechless. Meanwhile, Ibra faced all board meetings and Zubi with the same hose. "But why Guardiola does not want me, why? Someone explain it to me." Basically, Ibra left without understanding almost nothing about him. (via MD)

Cesc was consecrated in San Siro with Arsenal

In the 2007-2008 Champions staged a memorable performance, with a great goal from 28 meters, which allowed Arsenal to take Milan.

Cesc Fabregas has just stepped on the lawn of San Siro once. Arsenal player was still on 4 March 2008, at the turn of the second round of the Champions League. That day Arsène Wenger's team stunned Milan throwing Europe, the champion of last year. A lot had to do the deed in Arenys. Although it was a permanent fixture since the departure of Vieira to Juventus, Cesc in that game for English football doctorate. It proved a turning point in his career.

The tie was in the air. Two weeks ago, the Milan of Maldini, Pirlo, Kaka, Nesta and Pato had scratched a valuable scoreless draw at the Emirates Stadium. Carlo Ancelotti's team set out to settle the excitement of the fast track and in ten minutes a brilliant header by Maldini lifted the tifosi of their seats. Cesc in the same finish line, saved the goal.

Viewing jeopardize the classification, now Barca took the lead player of Arsenal. He was then 20 years but did not have vertigo responsibility. He began to distribute the game and just before the end of the first part, sent a ball against the crossbar with a strong shot. In the second, his leadership was further noticed until the finish line in 84 minutes, drew a diagonal shell from a distant 28 meters that slipped to the right of Zeljko Kalac. Arsenal forward and gave him time to devise a second work of Adebayor on 90 minutes. In the quarter, Liverpool spoiled his feat.

The British press praised his show of power and boldness. "Squandered an epic", "left us breathless" or "has a privileged intelligence" were some of the pearls that you spent. Wenger did not think twice when months later, in November, handed the captain's armband he had retired to Gallas for indiscipline. With the club has re-measured at Milan. Iniestay injured sustituyendoal came 52 minutes played. (via MD)

The emperor Messi's last challenge is to mark to an Italian team

In a powerful header, Leo Messi conquered Rome in the final of the Champions League in 2009. It was at the Estadio Olímpico and Barcelona's rival in that game turned out to be Manchester United. The Argentinian star has been thrashed in Italy, it is true, but not an Italian rival. Nor has the Camp Nou and times have not missed. He had five games but fortune eluded him. Tomorrow, against Milan, Champions League holds him another chance and when I read between the eyes is a challenge is difficult but may take as long to do so.

The first time was in the 2005-2006 campaign. In the second round of the Champions league, Udinese thrashed out of the stadium. Messi was part of the starting lineup but Ronaldinho put a hat trick and Deco finish the job. He had to wait four years and with Pep on the bench for an Italian club again cross his path. It was in the first round of the 2009-2010 Champions League visit to Inter and it was not the goalless draw. In turn, marked Piqué and Pedro. As fate would Mou team also crossed with Barca in the semis. In the Giuseppe Meazza, in a match marked by refereeing errors Benquerença Olegario, started but scored again Peter. On lap contest to 90 'but who found the net was, curiously, Piqué. Leo could not stop for the final classification. The last time you saw a Italian club was on 13 September. Milan took home a draw (2-2). The goals came from Pedro and Villa, but Messi had a couple of chances to score. Total, five and a goal. A player who has scored in Germany, France, Scotland, Ukraine, Portugal, Sweden, Greece, Belarus and the Czech Republic will have to do it in Italy. This time, you think, will be different. And the lead at stake and with Ibrahimovic in the field.

Scorer with 5 goals

Furthermore, Messi has other reasons for wishing to celebrate a goal. It is the top scorer in the Champions League tie with Mario Gomez (Bayern Munich) with 5 goals and is a record of 6 in group stage 2010-2011.

Leo participated in yesterday's training session scheduled for Pep in the Ciutat Esportiva. Be exercised without sequelae the game against Zaragoza and the fatigue accumulated by the bustle that caused Argentina. It was the last session before traveling to Milan today. A shared training with four of the subsidiary: Bartra, Dos Santos, Oier and Cuenca. (via MD)

Barca, green shirt at the San Siro and Getafe

Given that Milan wears red and black stripes, Barça can not cope with the Italian team or with the first kit, which is Barca, nor the second, which is all black. That is why, for the first time this season, Barça players will wear the third kit tomorrow in San Siro, which this year is green.

Interestingly, four days later, Guardiola repeated with the kit green in the Coliseum Alfonso Perez. Getafe wears blue, which prevents the Catalans Barca wearing their home kit, and likely to be confused also with black, green play again. (via MD)

The college and the philosopher Guardiola Ibrahimovic point to the 'bad boy'

'Ibra' did not fit in the Camp Nou has not digested its output. His outbursts have added tension to the Milan-Barça,

It could not be in the preseason, it could not beat AC Milan and Bayern in the Tournament Audi and Josep Guardiola and Zlatan Ibrahimovic were avoided in the Allianz Arena. Even in the Barca-Milan in the first round of the Champions for the Swedish striker suffered an injury that kept him out of the game. So it will be morning in San Siro, where there is one of the most morbid sporting encounters of recent times within the orbit Blaugrana.

Bow technicians and staff of Pep 'team' the self-proclaimed 'Bad boy'? In Munich, 'Ibra' and Pep were avoided in the Allianz Arena, but the Swede chatted amiably with some former teammates, as Piqué, Maxwell, Keita and Abidal. Of course, then not yet known the contents of his autobiography in which charges against their former colleague and especially against Guardiola, who had already qualified as 'the philosopher'.

'I am Zlatan Ibrahimovic', by excessive and opportunistic 'appears on the eve of the Milan-Barça' caused considerable dust in `Can Barça 'where he was received like an absurd provocation. No, did not like the excerpts that they met, but avoided the melee Guardiola dialectic. "The publishers take books when it suits them," recalled coach Guardiola rightly. "I have nothing to say. Again I thank you who gave us this year we did 99 points and reached the semifinals of the Champions League. I wish you all the luck in the world. Would not think so, but whatever. "

Heavyweights also closed ranks costume, avoiding controversy. "I wonder what of 'Ibra' and I am disappointed a little because he was here and saw a gorgeous dress and we will take care of a lot," recalled Xavi Hernandez. No less striking was Victor Valdés: "I had the fortune to meet Mr. as a player and coach. In this sense, I will be a lifelong college if you still have to hand, because he led me to the path of victory and hope you continue carrying me until I retire. "

Coaches and players that wants to Ibrahimovic's true. The attitude of all of them will not vary, it is safe. Absolute respect for the statements and gestures out of doors and maximum concentration in the target actually important three points at stake. If everything works as expected, the Barca `football academy ' will do the rest. (via SPORT)

[Former player] Ibrahimovic: "When I knew I was leaving Barca the best team in the world"

The Swedish centre-forward, considers favorite to those of Guardiola and it assures that it doesn't look for ninún revenge type.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic seems to have buried the hatchet that had drawn since leaving Barça. In a recent delcare to UEFA.com , the Swedish tip shoots more than a compliment that was his club.

And, Ibrahimovic said that "When I left Barcelona knew he was leaving the best club in the world" despite saying that Milan is one of the best for his achievements, by team and especially the city, is one of the best to live.

Rossoneri striker, who is facing Barca next Wednesday also admits having "no desire for revenge" and "known to play against the best" although some have been criticized as Xavi and of course the coach, Josep Guardiola.

The Swede also said that "It will be a very exciting match. We will play against the best team in the world. The best solution was to leave. I was not happy at Barcelona. For me, the most important thing is to be happy and went to Milan in search of happiness. I felt at home from my first day here, do they welcomed me with open arms -. This city is my second home after Malmo, where I was born and lived for many years, "said Zlatan.

Ibrahimovic seems to have made peace with Barça and despite being more fortunate than at other times in their delcare to the press, we hope that next Wednesday is not much outside the door of Victor Valdes. (via SPORT)

Pedro: "Barça is always favorite"

The Tenerife consider to be favorites in every competition they participate because "we have a great team".
Nevertheless, PR17 admits that "we must realize that no game is easy".

Pedro Rodriguez has acknowledged that the Barça "is always favorite" in any competition in which you participate. "But we must realize that no game is easy, a tournament is easy" Tenerife has admitted in an interview with Fifa.com.

The player of FC Barcelona said that despite hard work and confidence to do well, things did not expect the club will leave Barca "so perfectly" in the years full of success that leads to the orders of Pep Guardiola .

"You always have the ambition and desire to play. I thought I could do well, although to be honest I did not expect to leave everything so perfectly. It's been a wonderful year with excellent colleagues with whom I have enjoyed these successes, "he said.

Among this perfection, the end goal canary remember who gave the club its first blaugrana World Clubs . "I had the chance to get something incredible, which was score a goal in all competitions that year. It was a beautiful event, hard fought, in which I enjoyed because I could score in the semifinal and final, and with that We crowned champions, "he said.

In this regard, he hopes to repeat success in Japan this December, when Barcelona faces the challenge of adding his second Club World Cup. "We will dispute it with the greatest possible desire. We know that teams compete very difficult," he said.

"Is the Santos of Brazil, which is quite spectacular and has a very nice football. Also, do not forget the Monterrey, from experience, the Mexican teams are very brave, very well together and have their lines fast players on the counter" he said in this regard.

However, it believes that the level of Barca this season is over with the arrival of reinforcements. "We've always had talent. Over the years we have had great players. This year, I think with the arrival of Cesc, Alexis and the emergence of Thiago, we have a team more compact, more depth, with players able to change everything from the bench, "held.

And is that Pedro is not afraid because there is greater competition, which believes it is good for the group. "If we rotate, so be it, because everyone can make different things. The idea is to get many titles, and we need the highest possible quality," he said. (via mD)

Costacurta: "To Pep Barça would never pass him that of Athens"

The Italian remembers revealing episodes of his career as a footballer
The former international Cruyff blames the 4-0 and Pep compares with Sacchi's Milan
Endorse the signing of Thiago Silva: "I can not imagine a better partner than that formed by Pique and he"

Alessandro Costacurta (Jerago con Orago, Varese, April 24, 1966) is one of the historic Milan. It was formed in the lower Rossoneri, the first team debut in October 1987 against Verona and twenty years later, in May 2007, hung up his boots at San Siro against Udinese.

'Billy', as he was known to his colleagues, won 24 titles!, 7 League, 1 Cup, 5 Italian Super Cups, 5 Champions, 4 European Super Cups and 2 Intercontinental. As a coach, he began as assistant to Carlo Ancelotti at Milan and solo builds a unique experience, and not very positive, in the Mantova, Series B. Waiting for bids, analyzes the matches to Sky Italia.

On Monday, analyzes the present, past and future of Milan and Barcelona to mundodeportivo.com.

What party pending the Milan-Barça?
You will see a similar game at the Nou Camp, where Barca have much possession. But I think that Milan will not fail as many passes that day and will be more dangerous in attack.

Were you surprised that AC Milan to a draw at the Camp Nou?
Yes, especially the clear superiority of Barca in all aspects of the game. But that will not recur. This Milan is not the same as that seen in September ... It's much more dangerous.

There are coaches who expect Barca in their field for the counterattack, as Mourinho, and others that attack, as a few days ago Bielsa. How do you play Barça?

This always depends on the team he coaches, the players you have. I saw the Barca being embarrassed against teams that have pushed up, but it is very difficult to do the ninety minutes. The Milan 88/89, pressing so hard with that, maybe get beat them. But only maybe.

How do you stop to Messi in a marking area or individual?

Cancel marking Messi with a man is impossible. A Messi can only stop with a very together and a lot of help from all players.

If the captain or the coach of Italy, to which three players vote for the 2011 Ballon d'Or?

Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Iniesta.

What is the greatest virtue and the greatest defect of Milan? The best thing they have is their variety of resources to attack. Worse, your transition defense is not very good.

Allegri What has contributed to the team?

Lots of variety in the movements of attack and confidence in their players.

Do you think Milan is a real contender to win the Champions League?

Honestly, I think Barcelona and Madrid that are better than Milan.

And between Barca and Real Madrid?

I think Madrid is now stronger and more favorite to win the club and the Champions League

What did they think of the recent Ibrahimovic returns against Guardiola?

I think that to sell books often write things that may not think exactly. Pep is loved by all and I find it strange that Ibra does not think so.

In Barcelona, ​​Thiago Silva talks about a possible strengthening of the Barca team for next season. What do you think forefront?

Thiago is the best centre-back in the world. I can not think of a more powerful central pair formed by the Pique and Thiago.

What do you like most current Barca?

All. But in particular offensive pressure.

Is it comparable to the pressing of Barca's Guardiola Sacchi's Milan?

Yes, way up, but I would say that ours was more organized.

Sacchi's AC Milan soccer, and marked revolutionized an era. Do you think Guardiola's Barca is a similar case?

Yes I think our Milan of Sacchi and Pep are arguably the two best teams in history.

What influence does the success of the current Barca earlier contribution of his former teammate Frank Rijkaard?

It has been fundamental. I played against Frank Barca and the ideas were about the same. The difference is that all the cracks now, Messi, Iniesta ... they were younger. Piqué And he was not! Nor Busquets.

In the past 25 years, many Milan players have come to the bench from Borghi, now coach of Chile, to the Dutch Rijkaard, Gullit and Van Basten, to Ancelotti, Donadoni ... Who do you most identify you as coach?

Many thanks for the coach, but I have not shown that it can be. I want to be calm as Carlo and tactical and Frank.

What is your favorite game system?

I like my team press up, you go to find the rival, and when to be vertical. A mixture of what are now Barca and Real Madrid. The three coaches who have worked more Sacchi, Capello and Ancelotti.

What did you learn from each?

Of Sacchi, the importance of tactics, of Capello, how to motivate players, and Ancelotti, clothing management.

He has also been directed at Milan, but little time and with less success, Tabarez, Fatih Terim, Zaccheroni ... Have you checked any in particular?

Terim made ​​me understand how important it is to understand the culture of the city or country you train, precisely because he did not at all.

In 1994, you missed the finals of the Champions (Barcelona) and the World (Brazil) for cards. Do you think the penalties for unfair accumulation in these short tournaments?

Of course they are unfair. I understand that if a player is ejected in the semifinals does not deserve to play the final, but in other cases you have to play a game that may be unique in your career.

Is the final defeat of the U.S. Global is your worst memory?

Oddly enough, no. My worst memory is the final of the Intercontinental in the same year, 1994, against Velez Sarsfield. I was the best player ... Velez!

What should improve the national team to return to being the best in the world?

Basically, find some better players ...

How do you explain what happened at the Athens final, in which thrashed Barca (4-0)?

The only thing that happened is that a coach made ​​his players believe they would face a team that was not his height ... Thanks, Cruyff!

Do those would be possible today in the final of the Champions?

With Barca of Guardiola for example. Impossible. When Pep would never not Athens. Pep is the best in the world to respect the opponent.

Is 5-0 at Real Madrid is the best game played?

Maybe. I've been lucky and able to participate in many games great.

You, as a centre-back, had to make the best strikers in the world. What has been the hardest for you?

Ronaldo, the Brazilian. It was the only one who could leave you in the wrong place, with its feints and dodges.

If I had to do a 'once' ideal with players who have shared in the Milan dressing room during his more than two decades of professional, what would ?

Let me think ... Rossi, Tassotti, Thiago Silva, Baresi, Maldini, Desailly, Rijkaard, Kaka, Gullit, Van Basten and Shevchenko.

Do you think Kaka will return to the level exhibited in Milan?

No, but it is going to be a player who can be decisive as before.

Luis Enrique triumph in Rome?

He is intelligent and is striving to understand the Italian reality. Therefore, he will do well.

What Bojan?

Without playing too, he is decisive.

Finally, a tip for Puyol and Xavi, who have already exceeded 30 years. What should be done to hold up the 41 like you?

Given his age I was not as good as them, I am convinced that if they want to overtake me. I truly believe that those who reach this age level playing so well is because they have planted before. (via MD)

Mazinho: "It was an easy renewal"

The father and representative of Rafinha is "very happy" with the agreement with Barça until June 2014.

Mazinho , father and representative of Rafinha, has been very pleased with the renewal of the squad until June 30, 2014, signed on Monday in the offices of FC Barcelona with Josep Maria Bartomeu and Andoni Zubizarreta. "We are very happy, but we must continue working to continue many years here," he said in remarks to Ona FM.

World champion in 1994 remarked that "it was an easy negotiation , from the beginning we had a good idea, just had to fix some details to finish closing the renewal. "

On the other hand, denied that the two termination clauses , 12 million by June 30, 2013 and 30 million by the end of his contract, linked with the computer on which the military: "There is no provision for up to first team. " (via MD)

The referee of Milan - Barça is already known

German Stark lead the Milan-Barcelona and French Chapron Valencia-Genk.

German Wolfgang Stark adjudged to have been appointed by UEFA to direct Milan-Barcelona, ​​while France's Tony Chapron will do the same in the Valencia-Genk, both parties of the fifth day of the group stage of Champions League Europe, to be played next Wednesday.

Wolfgang Stark is the collegiate whistled the Real Madrid-Barcelona (0-2), corresponding to the first leg of the semifinals of the 2010-11 Champions League, played the last April 27.

In addition, the referee whistled the whole German encounters in Barcelona Barcelona-Arsenal (4-1), Inter Milan, Barcelona (0-0), Barcelona-Chelsea (0-0), O. Lyon-Barcelona (1-1) and Celtic-Barcelona (1-0).

Tony Chapron has whistled at Valencia in the game lost in realm of Brugges (1-0), leg of the knockout phase of the Europa League match on February 18, 2010. (via SPORT)

The referees for the day Wednesday's Champions League are:
Group E
Bayer Leverkusen - Chelsea Viktor Kassai (HUN)
Valencia - Genk Tony Chapron (FRA)

Group F
O. Marsella - Olympiacos Nicola Rizzoli (ITA)
Arsenal - Borussia Dortmund Frank De Bleeckere (BEL)

Group G
Shakhtar Donetsk - Oporto Craig Thomson (SCO)
Zenit - APOEL Felix Brych (GER)

Group H
Milan - Barcelona Wolfgang Stark (GER)
BATE Borisov - V. Plzen Kevin Blom (NED)

Commercial and institutional ties to highlight Rosell's China visit

From the 25th to the 28th of November, President Sandro Rosell will lead a FC Barcelona delegation to China to strengthen commercial and institutional ties between the Asian country and the club. FC Barcelona’s participation in the China Foundation for Disabled Persons (CFDP) Gala is the highlight of the trip.

Thanks to the recently signed agreement between FC Barcelona and Inter Sports, for the next five years Barça will host a sports campus at the Beijing National Stadium, the Bird’s Nest. “We want to establish a permanent link with Chinese society,” said Sandro Rosell after signing the agreement with Inter Sports, a company owned by the Beijing City Council. This was the first step in an ambitious project aimed at establishing more direct ties with the Chinese market.

FC Barcelona hopes to deepen its relationship with China during Sandro Rosell’s three day visit to Beijing and Shanghai. Sandro Rosell will be accompanied by Vice President, Javier Faus, Technology Directory, Dídac Lee, General Director, Antoni Rossich, and Commercial and Marketing Director, Laurent Colette.

FC Barcelona will also be present at the Chinese Foundation Disabled Persons (CFDP) Gala. The CFDP is a foundation that works with more than 80 million disabled people in the Asian country, it’s led by Deng Pufang, son of the late Chinese leader, Deng Xiaoping. The event, an annual fixture since 2004, is televised by CCTV and airs during optimal viewing hours. Sandro Rosell, who will be seated at the presidential table, will present FC Barcelona’s donation for the benefit auction: jerseys and footballs signed by FC Barcelona players, a pair of football boots signed by Andrés Iniesta, and four tickets and travel arrangements to Barcelona for a Champions League match.

The CFDP employs more than 200,000 workers throughout China. Since its inception, with assistance from the Communist Party, local governments and both national and international aid organisations, the CFDP has collected more than 50 million euros in donations for disabled people throughout the country. The Chinese foundation effectively improves the lives of disabled and less fortunate Chinese people, especially children.

The day after the CFDP Gala, Sandro Rosell will meet with Jinlong, Beijing’s mayor. The following day he will meet with Mayor Han Zheng in Shanghai. Sandro Rosell will also meet with the Chinese minister of education to see how FC Barcelona can encourage sports among the Chinese youth, a proposal that links up with Barça’s sports campus in Beijing.

FC Barcelona delegates will also meet with local UNICEF representatives. UNICEF has been working in China for over 30 years, with assistance from the Chinese government, to promote and protect children’s rights.

Apart from commercial and institutional meetings, FC Barcelona delegates will also establish contacts with local Chinese communications channels. President Rosell will be interviewed by CCTV, Forbes China and reporters from established news sources to better position Barça in the Asian market. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

13 players have played for Milan and Barça

Since 1997, several players have moved from Milan to Barcelona or vice versa. Dutch full back Michael Reiziger was the first to leave Catalonia for Lombardy, and Ibrahimovic was the last to move from the Camp Nou to the San Siro.

In 1997, the first deals were struck between AC Milan and FC Barcelona, and the practice has continued to the present day. In fact, Barça have shared players with Milan more than any other European club, a total of 13. Some came to Barcelona having turned out previously for the red-and-blacks, while others moved the other way.

The first arrivals at the Camp Nou from Milan were Dutchman Michael Reiziger and Frenchman Cristophe Dugarry in the 1997/98 season, the first under Louis van Gaal. Reiziger starred for the club for seven seasons, while Dugarry made considerably less impact. Another Dutchman arrived from Italy the year after, Winston Bogarde.

In 2001/02, Francesco Coco arrived on loan, but failed to win a regular place in the FCB defence and didn't win any titles in his time at the club.

The first transfer in the other direction was that in 2002 of Rivaldo, who had delighted the Camp Nou for several years. In 2008, another Brazilian striker, Ronaldinho, departed in one of the highest profile deals in recent football history. He was joined by Gianluca Zambrotta, who had been at Barcelona from 2006 to 2008.

The last player to leave Barça for Milan was Zlatan Ibrahimovic in the summer of 2010. On Wednesday he will face off against his former colleagues.

Other shared stars

Ronaldo, Edgar Davids, Demetrio Albertini and Van Bommel are other players that appeared at some time for both clubs, although none of them moved directly between the two. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Barça B] Rafinha: “Signing for a Club like this – the best in the world- is marvellous”

The youngster signed his new contract this morning, accompanied by Josep Maria Bartomeu and Jordi Mestre, which will keep him at Barça until the 2013/14 season. First team debut in the Cup game against Hospitalet was: “like a dream come true".

Rafael Alcántara do Nascimento, 'Rafinha', signed a contract this morning that will keep him at the Club until the 2013/14 season, with a buyout clause of 12 million Euros until the 2012/13 campaign rising to 30 million the following year.

Club Vice-President Josep Maria Bartomeu and the board member responsible for Barça B and the youth teams, Jordi Mestre, both accompanied Rafinha at the signing. The player expressed his "great happiness - signing for a Club like this, the best in the world- is marvellous."

The attacker revealed that his brother Thiago has always been "an example I can measure myself against," and went on to explain his sensations on his debut for the first team on November 9th, when the team met Hospitalet in the Spanish Cup: "it's the kind of thing you can't really believe. It's been my dream since I came here when I was just 13 years old – it really was a dream come true."

Finally, Rafinha, who is still a member of the B team squad, reflected on the team's progress under Eusebio Sacristán this season: "we are playing well, but the truth is that the results at the start of the season just wouldn't come for us. We've started on a good run now though and let's see if we can keep that up." (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Selection] Del Bosque: "We can not wallow in the titles"

"The challenge and the challenge ahead is to try to get the best possible, because we have an added responsibility after winning the European Championship and World Cup," he said.

Vicente Del Bosque, Spanish coach, said ahead of Euro 2012 can not "wallow" in the titles previously achieved.

"The challenge and the challenge ahead is to try to get the best possible, because we have an added responsibility after winning the European Championship and World Cup," he said.

"You have to represent our country well and try what nobody has done before: Euro, World and European Championships," said Del Bosque for the delivery of''for''Menina Ventera lead Spain to be World Champion in South Africa.

The technician spoke of the great health that has the Spanish sports. "In sport there is little Spanish crisis. We are in an extraordinary moment of our game, and our sport in general," he said.

"There are deep roots because they have done things very well and that's important for our sport to continue at the level you are, because many people look at us with much esteem," said the coach.

Finally, Del Bosque looked back to talk about their beginnings and achievements so far: "I began an adventure to come Salamanca very young and I had a trip that any kid from the provinces who starts in football and wants to do merit to be a footballer, because I would have spent a lifetime dream really. "

"I've always been surrounded by athletes and at the same time doing what I liked, who was playing football," the coach the national team. (via AS)