21 November 2011

Busquets: “A win against Milan would give us prestige and a morale boost"

Barça’s midfielder insists that the team will be travelling to Milan: “full of excitement, enthusiasm and hope” of putting in a good performance against “a great team at a historic stadium”. Busquets explained that the team’s aim is to wrap up the first place in the group.

Sergio Busquets explained that the squad is travelling full of motivation for Wednesday's game, with the aim of wrapping up top spot in Group H. Sergio was full of praise for Wednesday's opponents and the San Siro stadium, but he insisted: "a win will give us a big morale boost and plenty of prestige."

The players will be facing Zlatan Ibrahimovic on Wednesday, but Busquets refused to be drawn on the comments that the Swede has made about his time at the Club recently: "I won't talk about that, it's not the time. We are playing Milan, not Ibra. We are just thinking about the game, not him."

Barça go into the game without Iniesta, who is being rested as a precautionary measure and Busquets commented: "he is an important players for us, who can really shake a game up. It's not a serious injury and I hope he will be back with us for the next game."

Guardiola rested Busquets himself for the Zaragoza game, but the midfielder is clear that: "if you look at the future and the games we have coming up, it's good to get a rest. We are not a big squad and a rest now will be much appreciated further down the road. Everyone always wants to play, but we understand that this is for the best for the whole team."

Asked about Messi not being involved in these rotations, Busquets answered: "he's the best player in the world – a guy who makes all the difference – and also a really strong player. It's very important for the squad that he plays."

Busquets was also questioned as to Madrid's current form and replied: "they may be stronger this season. They've been together for quite a while, they've had some continuity and it's only normal that they are stronger. I just look at my own team though, and we have to continue playing as we have been because we have some tough opponents ahead of us. Every game, whatever the competition, will be tough." He also added that the games between Barça and Madrid this season "could well prove to be decisive." (via FCBarcelona.cat)

The referee is already known the referee will whistle Barça-Rayo of the Week 17

The Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) announced the referee will direct the meeting to be played on Tuesday 29 November at 21.00 in the Nou Camp in advance game for the participation of Barca in the Club World Cup.

The referee Basque Miguel Ángel Pérez Lasa lead the match between FC Barcelona and Rayo Vallecano, which will be held on Tuesday 29 November at 21.00 at the Camp Nou, as announced by la Federación Española de fútbol (RFEF).

The party, for Week 17 First Division, will be brought forward to Tuesday 29 Barcelona participation in the Club World Cup to be played from 8 to 18 December this year in Japan. (via SPORT)

Iniesta misses Milan trip with a knock

Barça’s number 8 will miss the trip to Milan as a precautionary measure, following a knock he picked up on his left leg on Saturday, whilst Pedro is in the squad for the Champions League game. Cuenca, Bartra, Dos Santos and Oier also trained with the first team squad and will travel to Italy.

Andrés Iniesta will miss the vital game in Milan as Guardiola has decided to rest him as a precaution following the knock he picked up against Zaragoza on Saturday. The Spanish midfielder joins the suspended Alves and the injured Adriano and Afellay who also miss the game.

Pedro is the principal newcomer in the squad for the game after been given the medical OK on Saturday – though he didn’t make the squad for the Zaragoza match - and joins B team players Bartra, Dos Santos, Cuenca and Oier in the squad.

The team trained this Monday morning at the Ciutat Esportiva ahead of the trip to Milan tomorrow. With Iniesta working with the physios and Adriano also missing, Guardiola had 18 first team squad members and Bartra, Dos Santos, Cuenca and Oier in the session.

The party fly out to Milan on Tuesday morning and at seven o’clock in the evening they will train at the San Siro ahead of the game to decide top spot in the group, which kicks off at 20.45 on Wednesday. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Barça trains with Iniesta to the margin of the group

Barça has prepared this Monday the decisive match against AC Milan in a session that has not been exercised manchego with peers because of a bruised left leg.

Another who has not worked with the group is Adriano, who is still recovering from the injury with the Brazilian international last week.

Guardiola himself has benefited from the homegrown Oier Olazabal, Marc Bartra, Jonathan Dos Santos and Isaac Cuenca, who seems entrenched as the first team. (via MD)

[Barça B] Rafinha "sign for a club like this, which is the best in the world, is wonderful"

The player has signed the contract this morning that connects with FC Barcelona until the 2013/14 season in a car with Joseph and Mary George Bartholomew Master The attacker refers to his first team debut in the first leg end of the second round of the Cup field of Hospitalet, as "the realization of a dream".

Rafael Alcantara do Nascimento, 'Rafinha' , has signed a contract this morning that connects with FC Barcelona until the 2013/14 season. His buyout clause is 12 million until the year 2012/13 and 2013/14 to 30 million euros.

The first vice president, Josep Maria Bartholomew , and the director in charge of Barça B and Youth Training, Master George , have been responsible for accompanying 'Rafinha' in this signing. Just after signing Rafinha said it was a time when "great happiness". "Being able to sign with a club like Barca is the best in the world is wonderful," he said.

The attacker, for whom his brother Thiago has always been "the best mirror" is defined as the feeling was the day of his first team debut on November 9 in the field of L'Hospitalet , in the game for the first leg of 1/16 finals of the Copa del Rey: "It's what you do not believe. It was my dream since I got to 13. It was the realization of a dream. "

Finally, Rafinha , as part of the B team , said it believes is performing well as a whole led by Eusebio Sacristan : "We're playing well, but it is true that in principle the results are not newcomers. Now we have started to take a good run, and see if we continue this way. " (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Van Basten: "I would have liked to play at Barça"

Marco van Basten has just turned 47. Maintains an enviable physical. The injuries damn him away too soon from the pitch in 1995. Of course, given time to achieve three gold balls in a row and win everything with Milan and a European Championship in 1988 with Holland. To be a 'nine' mythical.

What feelings are before Wednesday's game between Milan and Barca?

A Milan-Barça is always special, is a very prestigious match by the entity of both clubs, but this is not definitive and may be one quarter, a semifinal or final of Champions. This gives some leeway to Milan and Barcelona. It is certainly easier than the current Milan to Barcelona in one game in a playoff round.

What would your Milan, the Dutch, with Sacchi on the bench, with this boat?

I do not know, it would be a nice game to be played, but I recognize that this boat has much more quality than us, that we had the odd good individuality but were not a team like Pep Guardiola, we had less even though we were more physical football. The current boat is all technique and intelligence.

What is the difference between Pep Guardiola and Milan?

On how to play with and without the ball. I pressed up without rest and to cut defensive midfielder who joined my friend Frank Rijkaard has evolved. Barca now have three play-makers "(as in basketball) in the combined midfield constantly, do not let the ball stop for a second and, bang, when you're not careful, they give a pass to the hole or to the end and they go to auction, after a series of 'walls' power. It looks easy from the outside, but I challenge anyone to do so and will not, which is only available to gifted players like them, like Barca.

Do you like this concept of defending the Barca game?

And so. I always say one thing very seriously: if I'm on TV a Barca game on Saturday, the rest of the weekend witnessed no other games because I get bored. I think another sport and I like football. It is a gift to see this club.

He looks excited about Barça's football ...

You know, the Barca football practice is that Johan Cruyff first dreamed 20 years ago and then we, his players. It is the predominance of the art of football in essence, on the physical, over tactics. I insist that envious to see how well Barca pass it while playing any game. Implement the Voetballstraat, the children we played in the streets, in parks, in my hometown Utrecht. Wembley at the end of the show that gave Barça was great and that he had in front of Manchester United.

¿Michel Platini confessed to Xavi and Iniesta would have loved to play with them?

And me! I would love to play in this club. Envious how well it is spent Pep Guardiola's men. I insist that appear to be a group of kids who play football in the street without rules, which is the best football, the most authentic, unfettered tactics or fixed schemes. When you see Barca play love to jump into the field and participate in your game, your dreams. The philosophy of game Pep Guardiola is helping to change the mindset of many technical and that is priceless.

You defined the Pep Guardiola as the Harlem Globetrotters ...

And I reaffirm it. They do things with their feet what others would only able to do with his hands as the members of the legendary Harlem Globetrotters. Xavi, Iniesta, Cesc and Messi seems that they are for what they do with the ball.

What stands out most Barca game?

Pressure on the rival since they lose the ball, your continued support players and lines, with or without ball. There is nobody to do it for them although they try to copy your system, block play.

So go to Barca favorite?

Today, Barça is far superior to Milan. Theoretically there is no color, but remember that in the European Super Cup in 1989 we won Barça, going backwards. We tie in the Nou Camp with a goal of mine won a penalty and only 1-0, Evani both at San Siro. That was far superior Milan Barca suffered in those days and to take the title. Nor was favored Milan in the Champions League final in Athens in 1994 with the 'Dream Team' and imposed by a resounding 4-0.

Now takes the figure of nine false ...

Yes, not only at Barça. You can see how the Bayern or Manchester City are trying to emulate Pep with Thomas Müller and David Silva occupying the place of striker but in constant motion, opening holes peers or looking the pass into space to finish. It's a football in which players do not have static slightest future.

So important is the people at home?

Sure. Villa, Alves, Alexis ... are extraordinary but would be much less if they were not Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, Cesc, Puyol, Pique, Busquets ... house-trained players who understand how little the philosophy that wants Pep Guardiola.

The secret is the Barca youth system?

Yes, no doubt, but also influences the economic issue because without the income from Barca would not be possible. I love to see how the club used to house people, their home-grown, but has a bit tricky. If the club did not have this tremendous economic potential it has, would not serve anything the 'quarry', I would like to Ajax. It is the law of the jungle, your players ways, there comes a team with more money and takes them. Do you really believe that if the ship was not insured at the economic level of Messi, Xavi, Iniesta and company remain in the Camp Nou? UEFA must strike a balance between the different leagues, among the great clubs, so that there is more competition.

What equipment is favorite to make the Champions League?

Barca and Real Madrid are above others. Nothing changes with respect to last year, if not crossed before, can be seen in the final with Bayern's permission, which has greatly improved, which has to Robben, Schweinsteiger, Thomas Muller and Ribery. Above the final is played in Munich. Remains to be seen how he arrives at Manchester United, which is in a phase of doubt. Then remember when Chelsea is always there in recent years and Manchester City, at last, is convinced he can play the attack. Roberto Mancini has forgotten that he is Italian and has continued to align to a single point. There is no doubt that the 1-6 at Old Trafford has given a lot of life. They may be the real surprise team. Inter Omilen ¿? Uff, wait for the crosses.

Do you really believe in the possibilities of Manchester City?

Yes, there are moments in the evolution of a team in a match played lucky or very good self-esteem increases of all. The great Ajax of Cruyff began the day he got four goals against Liverpool and then the climax came with another 4-0 at Bayern. We at Milan, after the 'little hand' at Real Madrid in the semis, because there was no one stop us, Steaua he could see in the final. The 1-6 is vital to the 'Man City'.

You keep a great memory of that final ...

I still get excited at the memory. I played at the Camp Nou with Milan several times, but my best memory is that final against Steaua. That party is unforgettable for me, with the Nou Camp overflowing with Milan tifosi, achieving two goals, getting a degree that the club had been working 30 years. It was a simply unforgettable night, really. For all of us was an unforgettable final.

Que le Messi seems like futbol?

Without any doubt the best, plain. This phenomenon is still in a phase that has won everything and still maintains his hunger for victory. It also maintains a humble tone that magnifies even more, but I think, in my point of view, which should draw the line not only with the ball, even without him. It's a natural leader and as such must exercise style which made Diego Armando Maradona. I mean both Barca and Argentina. Send Leo and others must follow. It's clear.

But Maradona is very different ...

Play more as a team and there is the merit of Pep Guardiola has managed to surround him with players who complement each other, they speak the same language. Do not know much but I think Messi is not a man who likes to be pigeonholed too much tactically and Guardiola has managed to seamlessly manage that paragraph as far as I know.

Do you see Leo won the Ballon d'Or?

Yes, aside from its tremendous quality, Barça has achieved the Champions League, the Supercopa of Spain and Europe and has always had a big star Messi.

I see something reticiente ...

No, please, on the contrary. What I say is, I think, honestly, that Leo should give you a little piece of the Ballon d'Or to his companions at Barça. With them is much more player, for example in Argentina, and vice versa. Also the football Xavi, Iniesta, Cesc and the rest of Barcelona is enhanced by Lionel. They need good complement to Barça. And best of all, it has not stopped growing, it has not peaked, their game has no limits at this time.

Are you worried that this year you can catch them, Michel Platini, Johan Cruyff adding his third Ballon d'Or?

For all, it is an honor that he can match and surpass that figure is a footballer and a person like Lionel Messi.

What other players would you vote as Ballon d'Or?

They should also apply for the award CR7, Xavi, Iniesta and it is a pity, not in the final list, David Silva. He is a player that I love, really classy player to play for Barca Guardiola, as confirmed with Spain.

"I could sign for Barça a couple of times"
"I'm going to confess something that many people do not know. I could sign a couple of occasions for Barça under the chairmanship of Nuñez and Cruyff as coach. I was two times verge of signing for Barça. I do not understand anything right Arrigo Sacchi and wanted to go from Milan. The Camp Nou, with Cruyff on the bench, it was destiny for me. First he avoided a serious injury and then ended up 'hit it off' with Sacchi and I was in Milan " (via MD)

Barça will align a deluxe defense before Milan in spite of the drop of Alves

The sanction of Alves and the lesion of Adriano won't prevent Guardiola to align in Milan to 4 cracks in full form.

The placid game against Zaragoza served to give Pep Guardiola rested two of their most common defenses this season, Mascherano and Abidal, and to confirm the physical recovery of two other defenders must in the big races like Puyol and Pique, whose competitive pace had been affected by injuries, grave and former captain in the case of recent and less worrisome in the case of his friend inside and outside the locker room. The two were honored his great performance with a goal apiece also reset them emotionally for the month full of challenges looming Champions League, clásico at the Santiago Bernabeu, Club World Cup...

The four mentioned have many numbers to form the defensive line Wednesday at San Siro against Milan in a match that is at stake is first place in the Champions League group in ensuring the field factor in the second round and, theoretically, a more affordable rival to be a second.

The lower right side of penalty Dani Alves, who saw three yellow cards in four games, and his natural replacement, the versatile Adriano, who was injured with Brazil, forcing Guardiola to reinvent a right side. In principle, we sense that the choice would Puyol, who has demonstrated throughout his extraordinary career that fits the two bands.

If the captain plays '2 ', the center of the defense could be occupied by Pique and Mascherano, while left-back Abidal back with permission from Maxwell, who played at a high level against Zaragoza and also deserves to enter the pools for its improvement. If the Brazilian left-back in the team maintained, Abidal would set in place of the rear axle.

More remote the possibility of recruiting a natural right-back Martin Montoya, the subsidiary. Although Barca coach squad progression values, logic suggests that invites to Milan bet more for the experience.

Interestingly, Puyol, Pique, Mascherano and Abidal Guardiola are commonly used by central, but circumstances force us to reconsider the formation of a defensive line that will remain luxury by the entity and the capacity for recycling of its protagonists.

Not be ruled out a bid for the 3-4-3
If something Pep Guardiola has won this season with the use of 3-4-3 is sometimes rivals can not be sure until the last minute tactical system that will face. Indeed, the lower Alves, a player very fast for a defensive coverages so offensive, it seems to go against this alternative tactic, but one can not rule out a line of three formed by Puyol, Pique and Abidal Mascherano or, depending the severity of the discomfort dragged the Argentine or the need to take precautions with Gerard, who this season has chained several mishaps. The 3-4-3 would allow Cesc and Messi attack with alternating as 'false 9' Xavi and Iniesta fed. (via MD)

[Barça B] Rafinha: "It would be a dream to play with Thiago at Barça"

The Blaugrana player in the subsidiary in youth today signed a new contract that will join FC Barcelona until June 30, 2014.

Today its commitment Rafinha stamped with FC Barcelona until June 2014 with a buyout clause that would initially set at 12 million euros until the summer of 2013 and 30 million thereafter. "I do not look in the clause" he said in this regard the versatile player.

The team players were very happy for that fact in statements made to the program 'Tot Gira' of Catalunya Radio. "Negotiations have been easy. We are very happy here and everything has been rapid. I do not think there's any problem. I had no idea of ​​the offers. I'm happy here, "said the youngest of the Alcantara.

In this regard, stressed the enormous enthusiasm Rafinha that would match with Thiago field in the first team. "Playing with my brother in the first team would be spectacular, incredible. It would be a dream, "admitted the son of Mazinho.

Despite this, the squad continues with his feet on the ground and focuses on further improving the command of Eusebio Sacristan. "I think I just keep working at Barca B and contribute as much to the team. In the first team are the best players in the world, but we must continue working and go little by little. You never know if you get there. Only God knows the future. Sure it would be the dream of my life, a big dream, "he added.

Rafinha took the opportunity to acknowledge the support of the two coaches who are making career. "Oscar Garcia (Junior A) gave me an incredible confidence as a player and I'm learning a lot Eusebio" he said. (via SPORT)

Busquets, Mascherano, Alves and Pique, with three yellow three clásico games

Real Madrid-Barcelona to be held on Saturday December 10 at the Bernabeu at 22.00 and is on everyone's lips and so we must take into account the yellow of three clásico games for Barca and two for Real Madrid. Table Barcelona will have to play a game more than their rivals, as the shock front is advanced by Rayo Vallecano FC Barcelona's participation in the Club World Cup.

A lack of the matches against Getafe, Lightning and Levante accumulate three yellow Barca Sergio Busquets, Javier Mascherano, Dani Alves and Gerard Pique. For whites, Xabi Alonso is just one card suspension, while Alvaro Arbeloa and Ricardo Carvalho are three to lack of playing against Athletic and Sporting. Indeed, a surprising curiosity: Marcelo saw the first Saturday in Valencia. (via SPORT)

Unprecedented in San Siro Defense to ensure the lead

In the game that will define the leadership of the group H of Champions, Barça will present a rear that meeting, but expert has not played and of guarantee.

The decline in the suspended Dani Alves in San Siro Josep Guardiola will require making changes in defense against Milan. The party, which surprises case except on the last day the group lead dedicirá H, FC Barcelona will face an unprecedented behind so far. On paper, logic dictates that the helmsman of Santpedor bet on skilled people, and so things that have more numbers to jump into the grass on the right are Puyol, Abidal on the left and Pique and Mascherano as a couple of plants.

This season the quartet has not played any game together but not what it deems appropriate but for the injury problems that have had the defenders Catalans, who to date have not had a great turnout.

However, if Alves can not play or Adriano, who was injured (hamstring of the left leg) on ​​the eve of Brazil-Egypt last week, the defense defend the Barcelona Pavilion in Lombard lands will be exceptional. Puyol is recovering its best, as Guardiola said after the 4-0 against Zaragoza: "Carles is back as usual." Mascherano, who booked coach on Saturday after demanding games he played in Argentina, will be fresh in San Siro. Next to him, Pique, who has left behind the injury and it is an untouchable back. And the left wing, Abidal, who like 'little chief did you break from the hands to play in Milan with more force.

In Europe only Abidal has started four games, while Mascherano had rest at last, against Viktoria at Camp Nou. Puyol has started two alternate one and stayed on the bench in the other and Piqué debuted last appearance (Viktoria). A real luxury rear for Victor Valdes, who in Europe is on a roll. (via SPORT)

Expressed Messi their condolences to Maradona for his mother's death

Lionel Messi said on Sunday its founding through its "deep sorrow" over the death of the mother of Diego Maradona.

"Leo Messi Foundation wishes to express its deep sorrow at the death of Ms. Dalma Salvadora Franco, Dona Tota, and accompany their pain with deep affection united Mr. Diego Maradona and his entire family," was the message released by the entity. The messages accompanying Maradona multiplied in the last hours, after the death of his mother in a sanitarium in Buenos Aires, following cardiac arrest. On the other hand, the player Juan Roman Riquelme of Boca Juniors figure, today called on the leaders of the club "Boca Juniors" that does not make the tribute planned for his 15 years in the First Division due to the death of 'Doña Tota'.

Players and fans on Sunday made ​​a minute of silence before the start of the games planned for the fifteenth day of the tournament Opening of the local top flight football. The Boca team members went even playing field with a black armband to express regret at the death of the mother of the star.

Meanwhile, Guild members Argentine footballers (FAA) issued a statement Sunday to accompany "in pain Diego Maradona for the death of his mother and sends its sincere condolences to all family members. " Social networks were also filled with messages of "pain" of athletes, politicians and artists, to the point that the issues "Force Diego" and "Dona Tota" were among the most mentioned in twitter. Maradona learned of the death of his mother during his journey from Dubai, where he leads the club Al Wasl, Buenos Aires, where he decided to go after the income his mother to intensive care, local media said. Mother of eight, 'Doña Tota' had been hospitalized with a "sepsis, Acute on chronic renal failure, hemodynamic instability and deterioration of general condition," said a statement Los Arcos sanatorium. "Maneuvers were initiated hemodynamic support, dialysis and mechanical ventilation, in spite of which presented with cardiac decompensation at 18.30" (21.30 GMT), the report added.

Maradona was always very attached to his mother, to the point that his back has a tattoo of a rose with the words "Tota, I love you." "My old lady is very bad, I only ask God not to take me. Please do not take me because it would be terrible for me. That gives us another opportunity to see her at home, eat with her, take her mate , give a kiss, "the star had written months ago, at a time when the mother was hospitalized. (via SPORT)

Ibrahimovic is not understood with Pato

The Swedish forward prefers to form dance couple with Robinho, but Allegri he will give continuity to Pato.

Alexandre Pato was the most incisive of the Milan striker in the match against Fiorentina, but his partnership with Zlatan Ibrahimovic continues to create doubts in his coach Massimiliano Allegri.

Neither Robinho has shown great ability to mix your game with the Swedish striker, although the actual 'Ibra Has slipped prefers the former Real Madrid as a strike partner. In Florence, Allegri opted for instead of Pato Robinho, although the `7 Is Milan again demonstrated that it costs uncheck read Swedish. Pato reappeared in Florence after his injury and expects to enjoy continuity in the Champions League match against Barca. "Hopefully I can keep playing as a starter," he said after the match in Florence.

Pato, who has already achieved the first goal for Milan in the first leg in a vertical action and speed, have chance to hold his teammate Robinho.

In addition, the Italian coach's position with certainly Boateng, a man whom he considers key to curbing the flow of play Barça. (via SPORT)

[Former youth player] Adrià Carmona: "Ibrahimovic is a crack and every time you asked me the ball screams Barca, Barca!"

Formed over ten years at La Masia, the forward is a step of sharing the starting lineup with Ibrahimovic, Pato ...

Adrià Carmona stars in one of those stories becoming more common through the ranks at Barça. At 18 years, and after being the victim of several physical problems that will not show in the Blaugrana youth, had to take one of those decisions that make a life and leave La Masia accept the invitation of Milan. A year and a half later, the young striker has progressed to the point of carrying more than a month training with the club's first team at the request of technical rossonero Massimo Allegri.

At first glance, one can say that you have wasted your time in Milan.

I can not complain. I have adapted well to the country and Italian football.

How does a child trained to Milan for ten years in the club bottom of Barça?

First of all I would like to show my appreciation for everything I experienced at Barça. It is a quarry that opens the doors of the world.

But it should be easy to pack with 18.

I remember I had a break of 13 centimeters. It was a difficult time in which he did not play much and almost unwittingly appeared Milan. And I'm still here.

Playing in the reserves, training with the first team and appeared in several calls to Allegri ...

I have no reason to complain. A few weeks ago we made a game between first team and fililal. We played well, we tied them to two and I scored two goals. Since then, I train regularly with the first team.

How to Ibra? Do not you have said that you were educated in Barça?

Defining Ibra is very complicated. I can only tell you it's a crack, a different type. In my case, in addition, I have to be very grateful.

Explain that, please.

I grew up playing end, but that just is customary in Barça. AC Milan playmaker game or second end. And of course, a player like me that runs with some speed and some say I'm not technically wrong, it does well in the style of Ibra. Sometimes, half serious and half joking, I think I am with the first team thanks to Ibrahimovic.

I have not answered. Ibra know you in Barça formed?

Oh yeah, and even laughs.

Excuse me, do not want to be rude, but where's the fun?

When Ibra does not tell you anything and you seem to not know about the field, bad. That means that something does not like something does not work.

And when you're nice?

Then you pick a side, not wanting to hurt you names, and in my case, I always asked the ball screaming at Barça, Barça!. Know where I come from. When he wants is funny and has a sense of humor.

Speaking of Ibra and the ship. Do you know why he did not succeed in Guardiola's team?

All I can say is that Zlatan is happy in Milan. He is a leader, likes being a leader and that people recognize their role. Here are given the circumstances.

It should be easy to live in a costume like that of Milan.

Quite the contrary. We can say that Ibra is the crack, but the boss `Is Seedorf. Clarence is a phenomenon that always helps you in everything you need. A sensational type.

You park the great figures and get back to you. How to approach your future? Can you imagine going back to Barca?

I have enough with this to think about the future. My big concern is progress, refine details, to be better every day. This is no time for dreams.

Well, someone might think that playing as a striker in calcium is a nightmare.

Italian football has nothing to do with the Spanish football, much less with Barça. Here a forward has one or two times per game and should be exploited because otherwise ...

When you see the first team debut in Milan?

I do not know. This season I have come in three calls. On two occasions I was finally in the stands and a party was ninety minutes on the bench.

Still have not asked for his prognosis facing Champions League match between Milan and Barca.

I am one who thinks it will be a very balanced game. Barca want the ball, Milan will not mind it when you can have, but Guardiola steal or have an error in the pass ... Do not think you can talk about favorites and stuff like that. Each in its way, there are two big clubs. The best in Europe.

Pendiende Bojan a meeting with

Adrià Carmona almost always shared a dressing room with players a year older than him. It belongs to the generation of Montoya, Bartra, Romeu and Thiago, among others. Now burns with desire to share experiences with other culé in Italy. "I want to meet with Bojan. We had planned to speak but could not be Novara " (via SPORT)

Five players' of Barça voluntary training

Five players from FC Barcelona first team trained this Sunday morning on a voluntary.

After the win against Zaragoza and Milan on the horizon, Pep Guardiola rested his players for practice Sunday and will not resume until Monday. However, five players also attended the Ciutat Esportiva facilities for exercise.

It is, interestingly, four defenders (Puyol, Mascherano, Fontàs , and Adriano) and one of the forward, Pedro. Of the five, only Puyol was a starter on Saturday, and also played 90 minutes. Fontàs and Mascherano watched the game from the bench and did Pedro and Adriano from the stands. Remember that Peter received a medical discharge on the Saturday and Adriano recovers from an injury, which should already be recovered for next weekend. (via SPORT)

Eric Abidal: "I want to finish my career at Barça"

Shortly after his agent said he was away from Barça, Eric Abidal makes clear his intentions.

This week, Eric Abidal representative explained that the French player was more abroad than at FC Barcelona. But now the defense makes clear his intentions. Support will not be easy, but its future is at Barcelona.

In remarks before the cameras of Telefoot, explained that "the club wants to renew and I want to continue the adventure in Barcelona. As I said before, I want to finish my career at Barcelona." That if the French international admits that the way to do this not be easy. "The issue is compllicado, but it is clear that we will find a solution. If it is difficult to agree, I think I'm with the right people to find a good solution." (via SPORT)

Messi has scored 46% of Barça's goals in the Camp Nou

The Barça goal scoring figures at home, in the first seven games of the League, are astonishing, and a club record. Including last season, it has now been 10 matches since Barça conceded a goal at home.

Villarreal 5-0, Osasuna 8-0, Athletico Madrid 5-0, Racing Santander 3-0, Sevilla 0-0, Mallorca 5-0, and Zaragoza 4-0. These are the seven League games that Barça have played at the Camp Nou. 6 wins and a draw, with a balance of 30 goals for and 0 against. It's a record for the first seven matches of a League competition.

Messi is the player who has scored most goals at the Camp Nou. Of these 30 in the League, Leo Messi has scored 14: Villarreal (2), Osasuna (3), Athletico (3) Racing (2), Majorca (3) and Zaragoza (1). The rest of the goals are shared out as follows: Villa (4), Xavi (2), Cesc (2), Thiago (1), Alexis (1), Cuenca (1), Alves (1), Pique (1) and Puyol (1). The remaining 2 goals were own goals scored by Roversio (Osasuna) and Miranda (Athletico Madrid).

At the other end, Víctor Valdés has managed to keep a clean sheet in the first seven home games, that's 630 minutes in the League at the Camp Nou. Adding the games at the end of last season, Barça have now gone 10 games without conceding a goal at the Camp Nou. The last goal scored against Guardiola's team, at home, dates back to April 9th, against Almería (3-1). (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Puyol: "The Milan game is the one we all want to play in"

The Barça central defender highlighted the importance of both Barça and Milan, and assured everybody that the squad who will go into the Champions League match on Wednesday with maximum motivation. Puyol showed against Real Zaragoza that he is in good shape after some difficult months due to physical problems.

Carles Puyol was excellent against Zaragoza on Saturday at the Camp Nou. Not only did he score the third of the four Barça goals (min 53), but he played the whole 90 minutes of the game, making it clear that he's improving from the injury problems he's been suffering in recent months. Now, the Barcelona captain is concentrating on the Champions League match away to Milan on Wednesday, a game that, for him, is being played by "two of the best teams in Europe."

In an interview on the Barça TV program El Marcador, Puyol said that the match against the Italian team "is the game we all want to play in... I've always liked Milan. It will be an important game and we hope that all goes well," he said, just before stressing that Barça wil go to the San Siro "with lots of enthusiasm, looking to play our football, and trying to get a good result." At the same time, he warned that Wednesday's opponents "have lots of players who can make a difference" so, FC Barcelona will have to "work really hard to try and win."

Since the game at the Camp Nou against Racing Santander, in January, Puyol has been plagued with injury problems. The most delicate moment, however, was the operation which he was submitted to in June to overcome the tendon problems in his left knee. Today, he says that his knee is okay, and that the discomfort he suffered after the operation was due to something else. "The operation is already forgotten. It has taken some time and it's been tough. When I play games now I don't notice any discomfort. Due the injury I lost all the strength in my leg, and it was impossible to play on. The knee injury has not come back at all, but afterwards I suffered other minor problems, because after eight months out I was not match fit, and at my age...," he said.

However, Puyol stressed that he felt "very good" against Zaragoza, and every day he's feeling "better still," but acknowledged that he felt a bit tired towards the end of the match, something he put down to the long trip to Costa Rica with the Spanish National team. "They are long trips, and they affect us all," he said, before adding that "we're always affected when we come back from these long trips with the International Team. We spend lots of days away, the trips are long, we come back a bit tired, for lots of days you're not with your club teammates, and then you only have one or two days to prepare for the games ... but at the same time we know that we can't afford to drop any points," he concluded. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Puyol and Piqué both score, Messi outshoots Zaragoza

The 4-0 win against Zaragoza continued to improve Barca’s impressive stats in the League. A superb game from captain Carles Puyol, both in attack and defense.

  • In the first twelve matches, Barça have scored 38 goals (3.2 goals per game) and only conceded 6 (0.5 per game).
  • Barça's overall possession in the match was 66%.
  • The home side recorded a 597 pass completion rate, and the away team, 241.
  • Dani Alves completed most passes in the game (90).
  • Barça had 24 shots on goal, and Zaragoza only 4.
  • Messi had more shots on goal (6), than the whole Zaragoza team.
  • 11 of the shots were on target, whilst Valdes didn't have a single save to make.
  • Barça, with their intense pressing game, committed more fouls than Zaragoza: 20-16.
  • Both central defenders, Piqué and Puyol, scored. That hasn't happened since May 2nd, 2009, in the 6-2 win against Madrid in the Bernabeu.
  • Puyol was the player who recovered most balls (12).
  • Having overcome his muscle injury, Alexis Sánchez returned to the starting line-up for the first time since September 10th.

  • Messi has now reached the figure of 75 goals in the League at the Camp Nou, and 50 in total, between club and international matches, in 2011.