20 November 2011

Concern with the face cards to el clásico

Alves, 'Busi' and 'Masche', lost two of el clásico.

Dani Alves against Real Zaragoza was the third card of your cycle and is two of the suspension, like their fellow Sergio Busquets and Javier Mascherano, who yesterday did not play a single minute. This situation inevitably look to the match between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona on December 10, since there is a possibility that some of these players miss this meeting. To do this, they would be reprimanded twice in the remaining matches to be played to the Santiago Bernabeu. Barca have to play in next week Getafe and Rayo Vallecano welcome (advance party for the World Cup in Clubs) and Levante. Real Madrid, meanwhile, has Xabi Alonso with four yellow cards and two matches to play before el clásico. (via MD)

Villa, sixth substitution in 12 league games

In the passing, he didn't go to the bank until the day 27.

David Villa scored the fourth of the night after being left on the bench in favor of Alexis Sanchez and Isaac Cuenca. El Guaje came to play 90 minutes in the stronghold of the November 9 Hospitalet and the two full games with the team in England and Costa Rica. However, the effects of 'FIFA virus', perfectly understandable to justify his substitution last night, do not hide the general trend in the course. Villa started as a substitute in six of the twelve days of the season. In the other six was on the starting line and, until yesterday, his three goals league (two to one against Osasuna and Atletico) had been as a starter.

This loss of leadership becomes more important to have been injured Alexis, almost two months, and Peter to Mallorca and Athletic. Villa was also an alternate in the two games. Its lower continuity plans Guardiola, who wielded a small crack in a warm and cause has not stopped him being the only Barça played it all with the 'red', contrasts with figures last season. In the first 12 days, Villa was started 11 and only lost one of his red in Bilbao. His first substitution came in Week 27 despite World dragging fatigue. This summer did not play a tournament with Spain. (via MD)

Gerard Piqué and Carles Puyol, with hints of goals 2-6 in the Bernabeu

They were the perfect couple, both marked and brought to mind the 2-6.

They are inseparable. In the dressing room in social networks in their free time with his jokes ... Since Gerard Piqué returned to the discipline of FC Barcelona , found in Carles Puyol , nine years his senior, a partner, an accomplice, a friend with whom to share not only football. The La Pobla came two difficult years, the end of Rijkaard stage in which some also wanted to see end. Puyol needed and found joy in the arrival of Pique. Since then they were intimate. Even in her love life lived similarities, being a world famous singer, Shakira, the pair of 'Geri' and a less famous model but also known, Malena Costa, until a few dates companion 'Puyi'.

But if the playing field both are a great couple is on the lawn where his symbiosis is almost perfect. Last night, against Real Zaragoza, they could be together, which this season was unusual for several reasons. And his contribution particularly offensive and defensive brought fond memories to Barcelona. The Camp Nou recalled the night of May 2, 2009, that historic day in which he endorsed the club Real Madrid 2-6 at the Bernabeu . The first sign came with the goal that opened the scoring. Pique Puyol took his friend crashed his marker, Mateos, to head the network a lack dumped by Xavi, in a move similar to which both starred in Chamartín but with roles reversed. That day was Puyol who took advantage Piqué screen to dial. Gerard held his Real Zaragoza both familiar with the gesture which shows two fingers of each hand, referring to the February 2, the day that he and Shakira birthdays. It marked the center from 8 May, against Espanyol and with Xavi center pieces.

Turn came later to his companion. In another failure for the ship, as in the second half, Puyol broke from behind to between him and the zaragocista Lanzaro put a ball in the net head well served by Keita. On May 2, 2009 back to memory. It was the last time the two scored in one game.

Fate had it that two of the four goals as Real Zaragoza took the frames of the current Barca only players who have gone through the staff skill: Pique and Villa. Zaragoza was a past, a team of larger size. Maybe that's why they tasted so bad not annotate. (via MD)

Pep Guardiola made of pitoniso with David Villa

Pep Guardiola guessed the "future" David Villa just before the Spaniard jumped onto the field.

When Villa scored the fourth goal after a brilliant header Guardiola was celebrating in style and winking at his front in a clear gesture of complicity. Well, a director of Mediapro, was able to break this code and the reasons for such happiness. It turns out that before taking the field, Guardiola took the Guaje and said almost to his ear: "David, you make today." The Spaniard took up the gauntlet as they scored the following excellent assistance of Cuenca together a little fortune by touching an opponent's leg that deflected the ball enough to come free on the head of the Blaugrana, looked accomplice his coach, and thanking the challenge that had affected him.

In any case, any kind of lamentation or complaint by the substitution, and that Villa knows better than to be dosed in the face of the demanding schedule that lies ahead, especially considering that he played 90 minutes of qeu the last three games have been played: L'Hospitalet of Copa del Rey and the two friendly matches of the selection against England and Costa Rica. In any case, in their last two games have seen door, which is very positive news for a forward. (via SPORT)

[Player Ratings; Liga BBVA; week13] FC Barcelona - Real Zaragoza (4-0)


Mateu Lahoz will arbitrate el Clásico according to Catalunya Ràdio

Antonio Miguel Mateu Lahoz will be the college of Real Madrid - Barcelona . This has been assured Joaquim Maria Puyal during the transmission of Catalunya Radio in the game that have thrashed Barca to Real Zaragoza .

"I have said a bird, but will referee Mateu Lahoz," said Puyal braid on el Clásico to be held on 10 December at the Santiago Bernabeu. (via MD)

Bartomeu: “The team is very eager”

Barça's first Vice President, Josep Maria Bartomeu, highlighted the players “eagerness to play” after the international break. Bartomeu was also very pleased with the squad’s “quality of play.” He went on to say that “we got a very good result and the team played really well. The fans saw a spectacular match with a lot of chances. We have a good feeling about this team.” Bartomeu, praised the collective play style that characterizes the squad, and also mentioned next Wednesday’s Champions League match in Milan: “It will be a tough game, but we’ll go to Milan with a squad that’s feeling good and eager to play.” (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Guardiola: “After the games with their national teams, the players were eager to play”

The Barça manager attributes the players' attitudes for scoring 30 goals in the Camp Nou without conceding any. "After the beating they take with their national teams, they come back to Barcelona and run like no other,” said Guardiola.

Despite the international break, Barça roared back onto the La Liga scene with a 4-0 thrashing of Zaragoza. It’s always “hard to play League games after the international break,” said Xavi, but Barça’s play was enchanting nonetheless. With this win over Zaragoza, Barça has now scored 30 goals in the Camp Nou this season without conceding any. Josep Guardiola said the key to this success is largely due to “the players. After the beating they take with their national teams, they come back to Barcelona and run like no other.” He added, “I'm very surprised with the positive mental state they returned with.”

In the post-game press conference, the Santpedor native analyzed the form of many of his players. First, he talked about Messi, “he gives the team so many things in the position he plays. I was worried with the hit he received, but he told me he was fine, so I decided to leave him on the pitch.”

The manager also reiterated the confidence he has in David Villa, and highlighted the importance of starting him on the bench, “when I say I’m confident in David, it’s because I truly am. I don’t have to justify my decision of not starting him every time.” Guardiola also reminded reporters of the amount of playing time Villa had with the Spanish national squad. The manager went on to say, “not everyone can play, but I have confidence in all of them. I know the players and I know what they bring to the team.”

Guardiola also exalted the ovation that the Camp Nou gave Barça’s number '7' when he ran onto the pitch: “It was fantastic. The Camp Nou is generous with all the players, and tonight they were generous with Villa. It makes me happy for him. Villa is always very direct, tonight he did it again.”

After talking about Cesc Fabregas’ job on the pitch, Guardiola went on to praise the defensive pair, Carles Puyol and Gerard Piqué. Finally he talked about Alexis Sánchez, “he’s adapted really well, but he’s been off the field for eight weeks, that’s almost two summer vacations. That’s a long time to be out, especially considering he just got here. He has qualities that no one has. He’s strong and he holds the ball well. With time, he’ll be more attune to the team’s play.” (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Cuenca: “The manager has confidence in me”

The youth player thanked Pep Guardiola for the 90 minutes of play. Isaac Cuenca, happy that the Camp Nou chanted his name.

Once again the youth squad striker, Isaac Cuenca, was in tonight’s starting line up and once again, he didn’t fail to meet expectations. After the match the Reus native thanked Pep Guardiola: “The míster (manager) showed that he trusts me, and if things work out well, all the better.”

Villa’s assistant

Playing wide right, Cuenca gave Barça’s offensive line more punch and depth. His cross to Villa was exactly what the Asturian needed to send the ball to the back of Roberto’s net. “We pressured really well, we didn’t let them play close to their goal. I got the ball and I simply crossed it to Villa,” said the timid Cuenca.

The Camp Nou is starting to love the youngster and chants of “Cuenca, Cuenca” could be heard at the end of the match. “It’s encouraging when they chant my name, it makes me want to keep on working and fighting,” he said with his usual modesty.

Xavi Hernández

“After 10 or 15 days without competing, it’s hard. The team played a great match.”

“We feel really good physically, we pressured high... in general terms we did a good job.”

Gerard Piqué

“These three points are very important. Games like these can become complication but today we played well. Now we have to concentrate on Milan.”

“It’s normal that teams that come to the Camp Nou play defensively and try to counterattack.”

Andrés Iniesta

“Victory after the international break! I’m very happy for the win because it’s hard to win every weekend in the League.”

Cesc Fàbregas

“Very few players don’t understand Messi’s style of play. It’s so easy to play with him.”

“Xavi helps me a lot when it comes to playing in this position. He’s given me good advise.” (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Liga BBVA; Week13] FC Barcelona 4 - 0 Real Zaragoza

Barça cruised past Zaragoza at the Camp Nou tonight, with four goals from Piqué, Messi, Puyol and Villa to round off another brilliant exhibition of football.

The international break certainly hasn't knocked Barça off their stride, as Guardiola's team got back into La Liga action with a convincing 4-0 win over Zaragoza at the Camp Nou, with some exquisite football, particularly in the first 45 minutes. With first half goals from Piqué and Messi, the game was pretty much sorted at the break and Puyol's third and a fourth from Villa rounded off another stunning show of authority, with no signs of rustiness or tiredness following the players' international exertions.

The win means Barça remain the only unbeaten team in the league and will no doubt serve as a morale booster ahead of the midweek Champions League game in Milan.

Guardiola sent out a three man forward line, with Cuenca and Alexis out wide and that allowed Barça to open up the full width of the pitch. Right from the off, it was clear that the team were in an inspired mood, as they shifted the ball around at pace and began to lay siege to Roberto's goal. Zaragoza tried to stop Barça with a series of fouls to slow the game down, but Xavi took advantage of one of the resulting free kicks to centre perfectly for Piqué to head home the opener.

After the goal, Barça upped their game another step and Xavi, Cesc and Messi mesmerised the Valencia defence with their close passing, with only some good stops from Roberto avoiding the second, which eventually came on 42 minutes when Messi got his reward for his part in a first half of fluid passing football that was up there with the best we've seen this season.

Half time came with Barça continuing to impress and Aguirre was forced to make a couple of changes at the break, bringing on Ruben Micael and Lafita, who created a couple of great opportunities at the start of the second half, as Zaragoza decided to go toe to toe with Barça, but Puyol put a stop to that with the third goal after a great headed pass from Keita. Barça's two central defenders tonight both scored and also put in dominant performances at the back.

With the result settled, Guardiola took off Alexis, Xavi and Cesc and brought on Iniesta, Thiago and Villa. The changes proved providential, as Iniesta came close to making it four and then Villa scored a spectacular diving header after good work down the right from Cuenca. The goal was well received by the Camp Nou faithful, who despite the rain, roared their team off the pitch at the end of the game after a monumental Mexican wave. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Technical Data]
FC Barcelona Víctor Valdés; Dani Alves, Puyol, Piqué, Maxwell; Keita, Xavi (Thiago, min. 56), Cesc (Villa, min. 67); Alexis (Iniesta, min. 56), Messi and Cuenca.

Real Zaragoza Roberto; Juárez, Lanzaro, Mateos, Paredes (Abraham, min. 80); Meira, Ponzio; Juan Carlos, Barrera (Lafita, min. 46), Luis Garcia (Micael, min. 46) and Helder Postiga.

Goals: 1-0, min. 18 . Free kick from Xavi and Piqué , winning the game to Mateos, al bottom ends of the network. 2-0, min. 43 . Cesc connect with Messi , empowered to launch and Juarez. He hits the Argentinean Roberto. 3-0, min. 54. Great service Cesc al area, where Keita, head to enable Puyol . He La Pobla of safe, the second mark achieved. 4-0, min. 75 . Center of Cuenca to David Villa connecting testarazo unstoppable.

Referee: Undiano Mallenco, Navarro committee. Showed yellow cards to Cuenca and Pique and Barca zaragocista Lanzaro, Juarez and Michael.

Incidents: 66,692 spectators at the Camp Nou. Wore his uniform Zaragoza gualdinegro reserve.

[Barça B; Liga Adelante; Week14] Real Murcia CF 0 - 2 FC Barcelona B

Deulofeu (65 ') and Tello (86') statement is always a party dominated by the set of Eusebio 's subsidiary, which builds up scoring 6 straight games, breaking a streak of 10 games unbeaten in the Murcia.

Barça B has returned to offer a great picture out of the Miniestadi . It has in Murcia , against an opponent in an area of ascent, which took 10 matches unbeaten , but has been overtaken by a very competitive Barca subsidiary, which has always controlled the tempo. After maturing the meeting, the second half was decisive for the final outcome, which has opted Barca side thanks to two goals on the counterattack of Deulofeu (65 ') and Tello (86 ') . It is the sixth consecutive game in which the Catalans are still losing.

In a priori commitment to demanding, Eusebio has had a starting lineup full of offensive talent and resources, with men like Deulofeu , Rafinha , Soriano , Roberto Sergi , Rodri and Dos Santos midfield onwards. With these players on the pitch was difficult for the ball beyond the control of Barça, which generated more clear chances in the first half. Sergi Roberto has been on the verge of advancing to the visitors on 15 minutes, not defined well with only the goalkeeper. It was the best chance of a team that also created danger Bartra, with a distant shot, Rodri and Deulofeu .

The Barça B has come to rest in a tie insufficient. But the resumption Murcia has been the team that has created more danger in the first few minutes, especially on the counterattack. In the first quarter of an hour, the contribution of Oier was key to understanding the outcome of the match. Basque goalkeeper saved a one on one with Chando , the ball with one arm, and soon after, denying the dangerous foot shot from Pedro , who was alone in front of goal Barca.

The game has broken in the 65th minute when he reached the goal of Gerard Deulofeu. Riudarenes forward sent a support network of Montoya , who had previously benefited from a great through ball from Soriano . Three touches and a goal.

The Murcia has sought to draw and has opened a lot of the lines. Barça has ceded some control of the game, but has been solid on defense. In addition, it generated much danger on the counter, playing the offside boundary. In one of these actions, Sergi Roberto has done a great through ball to Taylor , who has defined immediately before the goalkeeper, who had left the area too late. It was 0-2 in a Barça B has made ​​clear that its potential is much higher than indicated by the classification. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Technical Data]
Real Murcia CF: Alberto, Jorge, Óscar Sánchez, Molinero, Pedro (Isaac, min 68), Chando, Sutil, Amaya, Iturra, Richi (Borja, min 73) and Cristian Garcia (Emilio, min 55).

FC Barcelona B: Oier, Montoya, Bartra, Muniesa, Dos Santos, Rodri (Tello, min 60), Sergi Roberto, Soriano (Planas, min 89), Lobato, Deulofeu (Riverola, min 70) and Rafinha.

Goals: 0-1, Deulofeu, min 65; 0-2, Tello, min 86

[Youth] FCB Juvenil A 2 - 0 Nástic

Oscar Garcia's team has added the eleventh consecutive victory against Gimnastic thanks to two goals from Dongou and already thinking about the Next Gen Series.

On the eleventh day the Juvenil A has added their eleventh consecutive victory in the League, after overcoming a difficult game to Gimnastic in Miniestadi (2-0). The visitors have managed to hinder the game play of Barca, who finally was able to get the win with two goals from Dongou .

The first part has been matched in possession. The Barça has stood for a good game in attack, while Gimnastic has been very orderly in defense, but not close behind. The two teams have pushed too high, but Tarragona have far fewer chances and Bañuz had to intervene only once. The Catalans have generated more times, and Dongou has finally opened the scoring on 33 minutes after avoiding several rivals.

The goal of tranquility has also been of Dongou , in minute 51, and a total of 13 in the league. In this action, Cameroon has taken a confusing move into the area to do the second. From this point, the second half was more relajadapara those of Oscar Garcia , who have not lowered the intensity of the game. Barca have repossessed more quickly and have more aggressive and more chances than the visitors, but goalkeeper Varo repeatedly has avoided the third.

Oscar Garcia: "We have made things difficult"

Juvenil A coach, Oscar Garcia , said after the game that "Gimnastic made ​​things difficult," and that "rivals usually do not play as Gimnastic has played." For the technician, this "was a good test to prepare for the Next Gen series." (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Technical Data]
FCB JUVENIL A: Miguel (Babusnki, min 37), Pako, Grimaldo, Bagnack (Patri, min 45), Ayala, Samper, Christian (Àlex Moreno, min 20), Pol, Dongou, Miguel Ángel, Quintilla.

NÁSTIC: Varo, Crarli (Juan, min 35), Rosselló, Madero, Miranda, Brince, Gery, Àlex (Eugeni, min 14), Ernest, Joan, Izan (Perroni, min 14).

Goals: 1-0, Dongou, min 33, i 2-0, Dongou, min 51.

No one mark to Valdes at 'home'

The azulgrana goalkeeper Victor Valdes, surpassed the record of unbeaten matches at Camp Nou in La Liga.

The azulgrana goalkeeper Victor Valdes, surpassed the record of unbeaten matches at Camp Nou in La Liga, adding ten matches without conceding a goal in the stadium and leaving behind Barca and two historic brands Catalan club's goalkeeper Andoni Zubizarreta and Amador . The current Zamora Trophy, which had become the keeper more minutes unbeaten in club history, has built a new deed to his private account. The day 31 of last season was the last time that Valdes did not receive a goal in the coliseum Barca in the league. Neither Osasuna, Espanyol, Deportivo, Villarreal, Osasuna, Atletico, Racing, Sevilla, Mallorca and Zaragoza have now been able to pierce the Catalan goal keeper. Only Andoni Zubizarreta, numbered 86-87 in nine games unbeaten in the league, a brand that Valdés exceeded in the win against Zaragoza four goals to zero. (via SPORT)