19 November 2011

After nearly a month, Pedro is fit to play

The Spanish international has been given the green light to return to first team action ahead of Saturday night’s La Liga clash against Zaragoza

Pedro trained without problems on Saturday morning and was then declared fit to return to the squad.

Manager Pep Guardiola can now choose from 19 players from the senior squad plus Cuenca from the reserves.

The availability of Pedro Rodríguez was the good news waiting for fans after today's session held behind closed doors.

The last session leading up to tonight's match featured the 19 fit players from the first team squad (Adriano and Afellay are still out) together with Isaac Cuenca. Guardiola now has to decide which two players to leave in the stands.

After the session, the Barça squad had a late breakfast in the Camp Nou. They are free for the rest of the day and will report back at 6.30 pm. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Julio Iglesias: "Guardiola is a señorazo, but I like the imperfection of Mourinho"

The singer praised the virtues of the Blaugrana technical and noted, too, that you like the imperfection of Mourinho.

Julio Iglesias , former player of Real Madrid before the internationally renowned singer, acknowledged that although " Guardiola is a señorazo "he also attracts" the imperfection of Mourinho. " " Guardiola is a señorazo and a classic sport. It is a perfect man, but the imperfection of Mourinho also attracts me. In his eagerness, there is a vulnerability and vulnerable human beings become great, "he said in remarks to the singer agency Efe.

When asked about the status in the white team, where he played before an injury takes away early in his career, Iglesias believes that " Madrid is now a great team. " "The league is played every day is long, but he's playing fast attacking football and, defensively, is much stronger," says the singer of "Hey" or "life as usual".

"Cristiano is a gem, Benzema has begun to play perfect, are Higuain and Ramos, Kaká has improved his speed, Xabi Alonso is a wall ... He's playing better than last year and half ", values. Meanwhile, Barca makes it clear that " Barcelona is still a great team and the last four years are yours, whatever they say, "thanks to" a flawless football. " (via MD)

[Barça B] 18 players traveling to Murcia

Basin Isaac, quoted in the first team, is one of the absences from the list of Barca B.

The coach of Barça B, Eusebio Sacristan, has summoned for the game of this Saturday in front of Real Murcia to 18 players. Those that don't travel to Murcia are injured Ilie and Isaac Cuenca that meets with the first team, as well as discarded by technical decision, which are Masip goalkeeper, defenders Balliu, Sergi Gomez and Rosell, and midfielders Espinosa and Gustavo Ledesma. The game will be held on Saturday at 18:00 (GMT +1) at the Estadio Nueva Condomina capital of Murcia.

The latest clash between Real Murcia and Barcelona B dates from February 27, 2000, when both teams were in 2 nd B. Eleven years ago, the Blaugrana subsidiary then headed by Josep M ª Gonzalvo was defeated 3-1 at Murcia about aspiring to promotion. The Catalans fought to the end to try to trace the meeting the day Rafael Alcaide Crespín premiered, "Crispi" as new coach grana.

On the eleventh of that Barça B were beginning to emerge young players end up playing after the first team as Gabri, Motta or the goalkeeper Pepe Reina. Template that also belonged to players like Haruna Babangida, Iban Cuadrado, Jofre or Moha. Finally, those of Gonzalvo managed to avoid relegation this season and kept at 2 ° B a year. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

The List:
Oier Olazábal, Ruben Miño, Martín Montoya, Marc Bartra, Marc Muniesa, Carlos Carmona, Cristian Tello, Jonathan dos Santos, Rodrigo Ríos, Sergi Roberto, Jonathan Soriano, Kiko Femenía, Armando Lozano, Cristian Lobato, Martí Riverola, Carles Planas, Gerard Deulofeu and Rafinha.

Barcelona-Zaragoza: With almost all the artillery

Pep Guardiola does not want to take any chances and prepares an eleven very competitive to get Zaragoza tonight. It is virtually guaranteed, despite the speculation of recent days, that Leo Messi will be part of the starting eleven . The Argentine has recovered fully from the efforts of South American land and wants to play. There will be a head rest for thinking of the San Siro clash, but the eleven that Zaragoza will be very competitive.

Coaching staff have nuy note that compared to Maños Barça can not afford to draw , a result which, however, it would be positive on Wednesday against Milan, Barça has secured qualification for the knockout stages of Champions and in the fight for first place in the group, has an advantage over the Rossoneri. That margin does not exist in the league. Ties assigned to date and the three points ahead of Real Madrid that Mourinho has become all league games in commitments tricky.

Of all the international contingent, who have arrived with small nuisances they have been Mascherano and Abidal that could be reserved from face to San Siro. It is guaranteed that Dani will play Alves who won't be before Milan for sanction and therefore doesn't need to save forces tonight. If Pep reserves Mascherano, the duet can return of centrebacks traditional, Piqué-Puyol, with Maxwell to the left. Alignment and tactical picture would be determined by the system of Zaragoza-Aguirre announced yesterday eleven with a 4-2-3-1. If Pep opted for a defense of three, Alves could advance his position and Puyol, go to the right side, although the technique could also book the captain, fixed in Milan.

In the midfield is where Guardiola has more options. Seydou Keita, who has only played one game in the doubleheader FIFA, have a seat almost assured, possibly giving rest to Sergio Busquets. Xavi, Iniesta and Thiago would be played two seats.

Before, accompanying Messi, Cesc can repeat, which has played there the last few games, as well as Cuenca. Alexis has options but its recovery is recent and, as far as Villa, played 180 minutes with Spain and Guardiola could give a break. (via MD)

Pedro can now receive the medical

The canary Pedro Rodriguez, who yesterday trained with the entire staff as normal, you can get today (the team trains at 11.30 in closed session at the Camp Nou in the traditional session prior to home games) discharge. Pep Guardiola slid yesterday, but coach Barcelona also urged caution: "It made the whole session with others, but the important thing is to recover and you have to cover the time." The end will surely be available for the match in Milan for the Champions League, but tonight the wisdom invites us to think that at best will be on the bench. (via MD)

Barca to win with rotations

Guardiola must raise the lineup tonight also thinking of the physical state of its workforce for the decisive clash in San Siro.

Barca now plays three vital points on the pulse by the League with Real Madrid, but Pep Guardiola does not forget that on Wednesday, plays another decisive match against Milan in the fight to end as group winners of the Champions.

Therefore, the Santpedor bet on rotations to align the players who are better and they do not run the risk of losing the match against the Italians as a result of accumulated fatigue by international commitments.

Sure who will be in the starting lineup is Leo Messi. The Argentine came with a dual commitment notable fatigue with Argentina, but the rest came in handy Thursday, retrieved and transmitted forces Guardiola his desire to play against Zaragoza. The technician will take into account the determination of the crack and now has the job locked in the up front.

In attack, the young Isaac Basin has many papers to accompany him. Alexis Sanchez is discarded only after participating in training and have forced the machine to Chile, so the Reus is the best candidate to fill the right wing. The third front will come between Villa and Cesc.

'El Guaje' did you participate in 180 minutes with the selection, whereas Fabregas did not play full games either, nor to England nor against Costa Rica. Iniesta is in a situation similar to Villa. He gave a great performance cona selection, but also accumulated many minutes.

In midfield, Keita has emerged as the holder and defensive midfielder who has worked all week at the Ciutat Esportiva. Xavi, who arrived less loaded than the other international points to eleven, with Thiago, who has also enjoyed more time to recover.

In defense, Abidal will rest as it is fixed for Milan in the absence of Alves, suspended, and Adriano, who did not arrive in time to San Siro due to muscle injury suffered in Brazil. Guardiola could opt today for a line of four with Alves, Piqué, Puyol partner and Maxwell covering the left flank. (via SPORT)

Zubizarreta: "The renewal of Abidal stresses me out more to me than to him"

The sports director hinted that the signing of the new defense contract will still wait.

Barca's sporting director, Andoni Zubizarreta, spoke yesterday of the contract renewal process for Eric Abidal during the talk he gave at the Hospital de Terrassa, in the Day of Physical Activity and Cancer, and focused on explaining how the French defense exceeded the hepatic tumor was detected last season. "I get the impression that the theme of renewal, I carry more stress than him," when asked by one participant (in fact, one of the doctors who had given a speech minutes ago) that had been raised a question: how much stress the renewal of his contract may affect full recovery?

And 'Zubi' downplayed the issue. "I do not know if you have stress, and if I do not think the issue comes up for renewal. Maybe the calendar, because now we play against Zaragoza and Milan next week, but not by the contract because after all it's work in Barcelona or elsewhere. " Zubizarreta also he added that for a top player like Abidal, no stress on economic grounds because his tab allows you to live so well off.

In line with another question, Zubizarreta also wanted to make clear that mixing the word doping French defender recovery would be "as questioning the human condition, because its only doping was his desire to motivate and excel in the day to day."

The tumor was diagnosed last season Abidal went through the locker room like a hurricane emotional and although the story has a happy ending, with French defender lifting the Champions at Wembley, the process was so intense that it has left some hangover. "Abidal was motivated both to recover in time to meet that commitment to be in the Champions League final, which then had a fall," Zubizarreta said yesterday.

At the end of last season, Abidal suffered some decompression. The vacations "arrived, and when you stop to maintain that level of physical activity he noticed certain effects, I suppose that began to think of other things of the life", added 'Zubi' The process of cure of Abidal, "in which there were not steps behind beyond some day better than other", according to 'Zubi', it was a demonstration of positive attitude. "It gave us an example, he never complained and when the news was he who ended up encouraging his teammates." The beginning of the road, the time to report on their liver tumor was especially delicate for the club. "We had no precedent, had doubts about how to manage it, we were not prepared for news like this and in the end, it was he who decided when he wanted to give a picture of his departure from the hospital," he said. (via SPORT)

Allegri: "The match against Barcelona will be a festival"

AC Milan is third in the Serie A with 20 points, one less than the computers that are located above the table, Lazio and Udinese , second and first respectively. The Milan team moves to Fiorentina on Saturday to play with Fiore, ranked eleventh with 12 points. But despite the importance of the match, after meeting with Barça plans on the air.

However, the Milan coach Massimiliano Allegri has been patient and has stated that "Fiorentina will be tough, Barça can expect . " Allegri is aware that the party that faces the Fiore will not be easy, but is convinced of its possibilities. "We are fine and we have to aspire to be top of everything . Then you'll see the Barcelona match. "

Thus, Allegiri commented: "I will consider the game against the Catalans when it reaches the Champions League, "and adds," will be a match between two of the most prestigious clubs . A night of festival. "

AC Milan coach has received the good news of the return of Pato , who scored the Italian team at the Camp Nou. Allegri, however, has mentioned the fact that Pato take two months to stand and be a matter of time before the striker will feel better, get fit, "because we need their goals." (via MD)

[Ex-player] Figo: "I did not leave Barca for money"

The former player of FC Barcelona and Real Madrid Luis Figo in Portugal recalled leaving the club blaugrana in 2000.

Figo does not mince words. This time, he spoke at the conference 'Football Talks' held in Cascais. And he did about his controversial departure of FC Barcelona in the summer of 2000. His statements can not leave anyone indifferent.

"I did not leave Barca for money. It was not an economic issue, but valuation," said exfutbolista. In his view, Joan Gaspart was one of the great 'guilty' of what happened, since the player had "several proposals" to pay his buyout clause: "In time, I asked the president if he wanted to renew . When they realized I was going to Madrid, it was too late. "

In spite of everything, Luis Figo recognizes that he has "the calm" conscience. It assumes that in the process there were "some errors" but for him to leave to Real Madrid was "a guessed right decision because I won experience, prestige and holding." And he sent a message of 'I remember' for some of his partners in that transition Barça among the XX and XXI centuries. "When seeing what spent some colleagues in the following years, I realized that I made well", it pointed out. (via SPORT)

Aguirre: "I am confident in my team despite playing against Barça"

Real Zaragoza coach Javier Aguirre said it has full confidence in his team for the match this Saturday will face Barcelona at the Camp Nou, although the Catalan side is clear favorite for the confrontation.

The Mexican coach has indicated that although it feels that Real Zaragoza has no chance of a surprise morning, his players are eager to achieve a good result.

Aguirre believes that is possible because the team has been training this week "very well" and that is its confidence.

Explained precisely why he does not think changing his usual game system to play with one of three power as he did last season in Barcelona and helped him to lose the minimum. "I will not repeat that system because the players have told me so with his attitude. We need not change anything and I am the first to rely on my team," coach stressed the Aztec, who added that are emotionally "good time" and therefore will try to play your way.

It has also indicated that the whole hand is going to be daring and will try to contain your opponent to attempt a surprise. On the possibility that Leo Messi will not play tomorrow, Aguirre noted that the Argentine wants to "play all, to win and score many goals," and am hoping to have face "the best boat."

Aztec coach Pep Guardiola believes that their best men will and will be Messi. In this regard he added that tried to stop because he is a player who makes a difference and that it will not be comfortable on grass.

Javier Aguirre believes that his team is "suffering" in the classification and, therefore, in tomorrow's game, you need to "tighten the screws, put a little more, be strong and have a great attitude," but is aware that the set Barcelona is the favorite "because the data is overwhelming."

Also consider that if your computer is capable of scoring will be happy and if not, you have to leave the Nou Camp to give a good picture and pleased and proud of the work. "I'm not happy with our situation and I leave tomorrow," ended the coach of the Aragonese. (via SPORT)

Messi will compete against Neymar for the best goal in the year

Lionel Messi and Brazil's Neymar Da Silva are among the candidates 'premio Puskas 2011', which gives the best goal of the year and will be presented on January 9 at the gala 2011 Ballon d'Or.

The award was created in 2009 by FIFA in honor and memory of the late Ferenc Puskas, captain and star of the Hungarian national team of the fifties.

The list of candidates for their respective goals, the complete Benjamin Ceulaer (BEL), Giovani Dos Santos (MEX), Julio Gomez (MEX), Zlatan Ibrahimovic (SWE), Lisandro Lopez (ARG), Wayne Rooney (ING), Dejan Stankovic (SER) and the player Heather O'Reilly (USA).

In the 2009 edition of the award was in the hands of the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo, who was active in the ranks of Manchester United, while in 2010 was Hamit Altintop for Turkey now plays for Real Madrid.

Both Messi and Neymar repeated his candidacy in 2010. This year the Argentine competes with a goal scored by Arsenal during the Champions League, while the Brazilian was behind rivals threaten to Flamengo in the local tournament.

The ten goals nominees were chosen by a committee of experts from FIFA and the final winner will be defined based on the number of votes they receive online.

The award ceremony will take place on January 9, 2012, during the Gala FIFA awarded the "Ballon d'Or 2011" when considering "Player of the Year." (via SPORT)

Leo Franco suffered a hamstring injury and will not be at the Camp Nou

The medical tests he underwent on Friday Real Zaragoza goalkeeper Leo Franco, revealed that the Argentine player suffers a Grade II hamstring in his right thigh.

Leo Franco had a puncture during the briefing that the team was doing behind closed doors to prepare tactical and strategic aspects of the match on Saturday against FC Barcelona, ​​and has had to withdraw for this reason before the end the same.

Practiced MRI has meant that the keeper could see the aforementioned fiber breakage which makes it low for at least two weeks depending on the evolution of the disease. (via SPORT)

Barça kicks off stadium-wide smoking ban campaign

The Saturday, coinciding with the Barcelona-Zaragoza match, the Club will start its campaign to raise awareness for the stadium-wide smoking ban. This is the first step in the ‘Camp Nou sin humo’ campaign before the smoking ban takes effect on January 1, 2012.

Fans that come to the Camp Nou this Saturday will receive information about the FC Barcelona’s smoke-free policy. Pamphlets will be passed out with the motto ‘Camp Nou sin humo’ (Smoke-free Camp Nou), the motto will also be on display on a canvas covering the walkway to the museum and on posters at entrance doors, electronic marketing displays and the Club’s ticket office.

Besides the campaign to raise awareness for the ‘Camp Nou sin humo’ policy, the Club will continue to enforce the smoking ban in stadium hallways and interior areas of the structure. The stadium-wide smokefree policy goes into effect on January 1, 2012.

FC Barcelona has lead the way in banning smoking in the Camp Nou. The proposition had overwhelming support in the Assembly, and was ratified with 538 votes in favour, 89 against, and 38 abstentions. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

More than 4,700 Barça fans to join team for AC Milan v Barça

This will be the biggest ever travelling support (not counting the final at Wembley) since the semifinal in 2009 against Inter Milan. Close to 5,000 Barça fans went to that game.

Pep Guardiola and his team will be joined by 4,700 supporters in Milan for the game likely to decide who tops Group H. Never before have so many people travelled for an away match in the group stages of the Champions League.

The distribution of tickets for the San Siro match for fans and members of FC Barcelona was completed on Friday and it has been revealed that this will be the biggest ever travelling support (not counting the final at Wembley) since the semifinal in 2009, which was also in Milan, against Inter. Almost 5,000 Barça fans went to that game.

The only comparable cases of such a massive travelling wave of supporters in the knockout stages of the Champions League include: the game against Real Madrid in 2011 (3,590), Bayern Munich in 2009 (3,048) and Stuttgart in 2010 (3,000). For all Champions League matches, the home club is obliged to make a minimum of 5% of the seats available to away fans. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Guardiola: "Yes, Messi is fit to play the full 90 minutes against Zaragoza, but we'll decide on Saturday"

Given the flood of questions asking about a possible rest for the Argentinian star, the manager insisted that he is in perfect condition to play the full 90 minutes against Zaragoza on Saturday.

One question. Then another. And another. The reporters went on and on about Leo Messi's form after playing two games for Argentina against Bolivia and Colombia, and the number of kilometres he has behind him. Josep Guardiola responded that "yes, he is fit to play the full 90 minutes against Zaragoza, but we'll decide on Saturday." And then there was another question about the Argentinian. His patience tested, Guardiola then sarcastically retorted "What? Don't you want Messi to play? Is that what you want? If it is, then tell me. Won't you let me decide for myself!" The fact is that Messi is ready to play, and he can play, but Guardiola won't make the final decision until shortly before the match.

He also made it patently clear that against Zaragoza he will field "everyone I think we need to win the game." He is not thinking of resting anybody with Wednesday's clash with Milan in mind. "If we drop any more points, it will be very difficult to recover them. We have seen how strong Madrid are," he said. He also spoke about how important it is to get points before the clásico, which is not always an easy thing to do mentally, because the media is always focused on the Madrid v Barça match two weeks before it's played.

Asked about the announcement on Friday of the kick off time of the clásico, Guardiola said he was pleased it would be on Saturday, not Sunday. "The sooner the better, because we have to go to Japan. Abu Dhabi was only two hours time difference. This will be a longer journey, there is a difference of seven hours. We will need some time to adapt to the new time zone." But he added that ultimately, they will play whatever game whenever they are told.

Asked about the two teams Barcelona could face in the semi finals of the Clubs World Cup, namely Al Sadd and Espérance, Guardiola said he knows most about the Qatari side, "who have changed managers and they're a top side and the strongest one they have there. These are the champions of two continents and it's a demanding enough competition as it is."

But the most immediate issue is Zaragoza at the Camp Nou. "They have a very good goalkeeper, they're a very physical side. Postiga is a great player, a goalscorer, he's very quick. They're coached by a manager with a lot of experience and Unzué has spoken very highly of him. It's not long since Zaragoza were in the second division, but they're a very prestigious team," said Guardiola, who hasn't forgotten how hard it was against the Aragonese outfit last season (1-0).

Another pressing matter is the renewal of Éric Abidal's contract. Guardiola is optimistic. He said "if it was for what he has done, Abidal is a unique player. And we understand that he can give us more of the same. He's physically unstoppable. The club is crazy for him to continue. I have spoken with those in charge and they tell me that the club is also grateful to him. I'd like to think he's going to stay, for the good of everybody. It was also difficult with Alves. I just ask them to work on it in silence." (via FCBarcelona.cat)