18 November 2011

Bale: "It's great to be linked to a team like Barça"

Gareth Bale made his first statements after his name was linked to a possible interest hire FC Barcelona next season.

Much has been said in recent weeks over the interest of FC Barcelona by Gareth Bale. From England, said that Barça would be willing to reach 40 million euros to secure the services of Tottenham player but Laporta was cautious about the supposed interest by denying any contact with the London club.

However, now is Gareth Bale who said after learning the wishes of the land give Barca at the Camp Nou next season.

The Tottenham player admitted that this is a great temptation to a club like FC Barcelona has been linked with his name: "It's always good to be linked with clubs like Barca. It's great to be linked to a team like that."

Even so, told the 'Daily Post', Bale said he was very pleased with the great time living in Tottenham.

"I'm enjoying my football at Spurs and did not pay much attention to what they say about me," he said.

However, Bale's aspirations to play the Champions spend the next season, without a doubt one of the major objectives of Tottenham. "The important thing is to return to the Champions League because that's where we come back," he said. (via SPORT)

Squad back to full strength, Pedro trains

Adriano worked out separately in the company of a physio.

For the first time this week, Josep Guardiola was able to work with his full squad. On Friday, in the second to last training session before the home game against Zaragoza (Saturday, 20.00), there were 20 players on the field, 19 from the first team and Isaac Cuenca of Barça B.

The only absentees were the injured Ibrahim Afellay and Adriano Correia, who continued their recovery programmes. The three South Americans that returned on Thursday, Messi, Mascherano and Alexis, trained normally today. And Pedro started training with squad.

The first team will train again on Saturday morning at 11.30, this time in the Camp Nou. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Official] Madrid-Barça, December 10th at 22.00 hours

Barça-Levante will be played at the Camp Nou on December 3rd, at 20.00 hours. Elche-Barça B will also be played on the 3rd (16 h), and Barça B-Almería will be played on December 9th (21 h).

This Friday, FC Barcelona was handed kickoff time confirmation for matchdays 15 and 16 in the Leauge. FC Barcelona will receive Levante at the Camp Nou on Saturday, December 3rd (20.00 h), and will visit the Santiago Bernabéu seven days later on Saturday, Decemeber 10th (22.00 h).

Barça is also scheduled to play their last game of the Champions League group stage against BATE Borisov (20.45 h) in between the two League fixtures.

Barça B was also handed confirmation of two more kickoff times this morning. The reserve side will visit Elche on Saturday, December 3rd (16.00 h), and will play at home in the Miniestadi against Alemría on Friday, December 9th (21.00 h). (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Former player] Riquelme: "Spain doesn't have Messi and Argentina doesn't play as Barça"

Argentine midfielder Lionel Messi praised and FC Barcelona but believes that 'The Flea' alone will not fix the problems of albiceleste.

Juan Roman Riquelme closely follows the footsteps of the albiceleste Messi and an interview with "Hablemos de Fútbol" on ESPN made clear its support for 'La Pulga' but believes that Argentina needs more than the genius of Leo.

"We have the best player in the world but we must find a way to play because otherwise we will not win anything," he said.

And added comparing the situation to Spain: "The other day I went to Spain and it was clear that he lacked Messi. Spain does not have Leo and Argentina do not play like Barcelona."

In the talk, Riquelme also referred to FC Barcelona game, which follows from a distance, and praised the style you advocate for possession of the ball.

"Barca always has the 0-0 insured. They always have the ball and it's impossible to make it a goal. I have not seen a game that is played with two balls," he said.

Although if a player azulgrana falls in love Riquelme is Iniesta: "To Iniesta can't mark him because he controls all that they throw him."

Possibly, Riquelme sees in Iniesta a player that bets on the technical excellence as he does. That is why, before his opponents did not hesitate to defend themselves.

"I run when I want when I want to change speed and jog when I want. The rhythm is marked by the ball and play," he said.

And said: "The only running at full speed with the ball is controlled Messi." (via SPORT)

Pique and Shakira attend the book launch of the father of Gerard

Gerard Piqué and his partner Shakira all outbreaks have focused attention on the presentation of the book 'Dues Vides' who wrote the father of the football club. A large crowd of fans have come to the House of the Book of Barcelona for close to their idols.

The event was also attended by Barca players Cesc Fabregas and Carles Puyol and Manel Estiarte and managers Pilar Guinovart and Toni Freixa .

'Dues Vines' is the first novel I wrote Joan Piqué in which mixes fiction with details of his life. (via MD)

Andrada, "I wish Barça call me again"

Esteban Andrada, Lanús goalkeeper and goal Barca, FC Barcelona could be that in the summer but there was no financial arrangement with his club.

Esteban Andrada (January 26, 1991, Argentina) is again Barça goal for your project 2012-2013. What was the last summer, when Barça held negotiations with Lanús, and it is now. His name tops the list of sports management preferences whose idea, as we move days ago, is to have three goalkeepers in the squad. In an interview with MD, Andrada relates for the first time those contacts, how were your first impressions and their desire to play for Barca . "I wish to call me again. At first I could not believe that they had noticed me. Then I felt happiness " .

They have not spent even three months old and Andrada gravitate back to Barca's orbit. "I said in the media returned to Barcelona to talk about myself but I know nothing" . Nor have contacted their representatives. "No, they have not told me anything" . The main obstacle remains the Argentine club and Barça would focus its strategy to convince the entity Argentina.

Last summer, the contacts were direct. "In June I had the opportunity to meet with a leader of Barça. It was also my agent," he said. Did not name the manager but it was learned that Albert Valentin, responsible for the technical secretariat, had traveled to Argentina to follow it up. Economic differences Lanús frustrated with the operation. The Argentines demanded 4.5 million euros, while the supply Barca never exceeded 2 'kilos'. "Everything seemed OK but no agreement. It thrived for an economic issue between clubs. It was a disappointment" . Since he started kicking the ball, his dream has always been released in the top flight, something that has not yet happened, but Europe "is a train" not to be missed. "I am the third goalkeeper. yet I debuted in the Primera Division. It would be nice to play at Barça but not for me. " Andrada's poster in his country is remarkable but why he chose Barça? The emissary Barca did not answer the question. "I dunno, I guess I look like a doorman projection," he said. Also its strength in the air (measuring 1.93) and their technical ability with his feet. That pre-specified that his signing agreement was "a prince to play in the reserves." Circumstance that made ​​him hesitate. "How am I going to care? Of course not." Those initial intentions have varied over the months. Pep Guardiola now sees to have three goalkeepers. Víctor Valdés, Pinto, still renewing, and a third. He could set himself up as the third card.

In August, Alejandro Sabella assumed the technical management of the Argentina and one of his first decisions was to include his name on a tour of Asia as a reward for his excellent U-20 world. They were the games against Venezuela and Nigeria which were played in early September in India. Those days of concentration enabled him to share a dressing room with Leo Messi. "He's shy, too. No, do not talk much. Nor did the ship" . With Messi and Javier Mascherano also, the 'little chief'. "These are big words" , said leaving sound a snort and a laugh.

If you just signed for Barca match Victor Valdes, whom he admires goalkeeper after Chilavert. "It's a keeper with great precision, sure, that cuts well. It is admirable." Better than Iker Casillas? "Yes, it's better than Casillas," he replies with conviction. Barca game, word hyperbolic. "It's amazing to see them play. A joy" . (via MD)

Rafa Nadal: "Messi is the best player I've seen in history"

On the eve of the 2011 Masters Cup , Rafa Nadal tennis has been reviewed and has now missed the opportunity to talk about football, among other things, one of his great passions: football.

Enjoy watching Messi play

Thus, the current world No. 2 has recognized the improvement in Madrid, but has yielded to the evidence and especially Barca Messi. "Madrid is playing better than last year because they have been around a year together and have a great coach. The greatness of Mourinho is the respect infuende where it is. The players believe in him. " And then he added, that, however, "Messi is the best player I've seen in history. It is good for the sport, even as a rival, enjoyed watching him."

"I can not obsess with Djokovic"

These statements were made ​​to the program has 'Radiogaceta of Sports' National Radio of Spain, whose microphones recognized that there may be obsessed with Djokovic, while hoping to return to being number 1, though he looks away. "Maybe go for months until I meet him again. I have always worked to be the best" and "I've lived what is to be number 1 and neither has given me nothing so special, though, of course, I'd rather be No. 1 than 2 , but I'm happy feeling competitive and see that I have any chance of winning. "

Ready for Masters Cup

Nadal is in London to contest from this Sunday Masters Cup 1000, in his opinion, the favorites to lift the trophy are: " Murray to go very well. Federer has won the last tournament and Djokovic for the trust which accumulates and the surface. "

Nadal has talked about all issues, as mentioned sometimes as relationship with his uncle. In this regard, the number 2 in the world has recognized that "I am where I am because of him, and I have a unique relationship with Toni , who above all want him as my uncle. " In addition, Rafa has said that ending his career with his uncle and coach, "if he wants. The only way that is not so he can be tired," because "it would be impossible to imagine playing tennis without having you as a reference."

Also referred to the full calendar that are facing the players and established certain paralelismjos with what is happening in the NBA. "I think we're the only sport where we are forced to play from 1 January to 5 December. This must be changed, because it shortens our race schedule and is generally bad for the sport and the spectator," to while making clear that the "situation is living the NBA is not positive."

And finally Rafa has referred to the decision of Ion Tiriac, owner of the Masters 1000 Madrid, returning to the p ist blue , which "do not see any benefit. It is an unnecessary complication.'s in the middle of the clay season and played the following week in Rome. " (via MD)

[Barça B] Eusebio: "Rafinha has conditions to play in any position"

Eusebio Rafinha endorsed the renewal of whose highlights its ability to adapt to any demarcation in the midfield and attacker.

Barca has ensured the continuity of one of the great values ​​of the future as Rafa Alcantara. The coaching staff is very pleased to consolidate its evolution after the subsidiary Blaugrana striker as false, but with the return of Jonathan Soriano rods can be recycled into positions. In fact, his natural position is left-handed and interior.

His coach at Barca B, Eusebio, highlights precisely that the great virtue of the Spanish-Brazilian is the ability "to acuta in any position. Their physical and technical conditions are very good, and a great mentality. It is very complete. " Juvenil A coach, Oscar Garcia discovered him as a battering ram to freedom of movement and the coach's subsidiary has been continued in this demarcation. Eusebio has exploited once pointed "is accustomed to playing in this position. It desequibrio goal and country ability. Go down to the area three quarters, partnering and creates imbalance. As a striker is a very usable in all positions and brings positive things. "

Rafinha excels in a football context in which lefties are listed on the rise. He is a player with a little comunesy virtues that made him, according to Eusebio, a player "comprehensive" but noted that "for his age should continue to mature and improve in certain aspects to be increasing performance."

Barca made official the two-season renewal. After the first, in 2012-13, the clause will be 12 million euros, while at the end of the following was expanded to 30 million. The signing will take place on Monday in a deal that leaves open the option to extend until 2015. (via SPORT)

The technical secretary doesn't find substitute for Abidal

One of the problems with the club as far as Abidal continuing concerns that the player is given the profile you want Pep Guardiola for the area in which it operates French. Eric has demonstrated so well that can act both in the side, where it does routinely, as in the center of defense. And yields to a similar level as much in a different position. That versatility is what is not finding the sports management, led by Andoni Zubizarreta, in the market. The coach has asked for a similar player if in the end, the French international just not renewed. The problem is that there is not. At least to the level that gives Abidal also already fully adapted to the Barca football and one in the template. The option that the Technical Secretariat has given Pep Guardiola is the Brazilian Thiago Silva. The centre-back of Milan, however, only develops in the center position, so the shaft could not leave to play in the side. (via SPORT)

Fernando Teixeira Vitienes will arbitrate the Getafe-Barça and Mateu Lahoz the derby Real Madrid-athletic

The Cantabrian collegian Fernando Teixeira Vitienes will be the one in charge of directing the Getafe-Barça of the 14ª day of the Liga BBVA. On the other hand, Valencian Antonio Miguel Mateu Lahoz will arbitrate the Real Madrid-athletic derbi of Madrid, as it confirmed today la Federación Española de Fútbol (RFEF).

Designations 14th week:
Mallorca-Racing Fernández Borbalán (C. Andaluz)
Athletic Club-Granada Undiano Mallenco (C. Navarro)
Zaragoza-Sevilla Pérez Lasa (C. Vasco)
Getafe-Barcelona Teixeira Vitienes F. (C. Cántabro)
Levante-Sporting Paradas Romero (C. Andaluz)
Real Madrid-At. Madrid Mateu Lahoz (C. Valenciano)
Rayo Vallecano-Valencia Estrada Fernández (C. Catalán)
Espanyol-Osasuna González González (C.Castellano-Leonés)
Betis-Real Sociedad Álvarez Izquierdo (C. Catalán)
Málaga-Villarreal Velasco Carballo (C. Madrileño)

Piqué and Shakira, in presenting characters 'Dues Vides'

Gerard Pique and Shakira monopolized attention on Thursday launched the book 'Dues Vides', written by the father of Barça.

Barca defender Gerard Pique and his partner, the Colombian singer Shakira, were the main focus of attention in the presentation of the book 'Dues Vides', written by the father of Barca

The event, held at the Casa del Llibre de Barcelona, ​​a crowd of fans who would not miss the opportunity to get close to one of his idols. And is that aside from Pique and Shakira, the presentation also included the presence of the Barcelona players Carles Puyol and Cesc Fabregas and Manel Estiarte managers, Pilar Guinovart and Toni Freixa.

'Dues vines' is the first novel by Joan Pique, Barca central father, recently published by 'Edicions 62'. A book that the Barca player was defined as "a frame agile and fast-paced, that you catch."

The editor editor Pilar Beltran said the hook of the book that tells the story of an engineer who travels to America to sign a multimillion dollar contract and is involved in all kinds of raw events. (via SPORT)

Barca will have to pass drug tests 'out of competition' in the Club World Cup

FIFA has announced it will launch a new doping control program of the Club World Cup to be held in Japan from 8 to December 18.

As explained by FIFA, after checking with several prestigious laboratories, such as the LAD based in Switzerland, the doping analysis procedures has decided to football "a new approach" with the main objective of getting the individual steroid profile player.

To do this, perform a pilot study during the next World Cup in Japan, starting with controls out of competition for all teams, FIFA must provide detailed information on their activities such as games and training schedules in the period November 14 and December 8, 2011.

FIFA will test all players for all clubs to compare their steroid profiles in the samples taken during the Club World Cup, in which two players from each team shall be tested in every game.

The purpose of this initiative, FIFA is that "the scourge of doping away from football," which "is the team sport that has the largest number of participants" so that "the effectiveness and efficiency analysis detection is a constant concern. "

"The strategy against the FIFA doping also respects the dignity and privacy of the players who are subjected to analysis," FIFA said in a statement. (via SPORT)

[Former player] Chygrynskiy: "Barca are good to me"

The Ukrainian Centre-back Dmitri Chygrynskiy is 'distanced' recent criticism of exazulgranas as Toure, Bojan or Ibrahimovic and was grateful to Barca.

In an interview with the website of Eurosport , Chygrynskiy denied that "there is a natural tendency to speak ill of the boat" when leaving the club. "Nobody likes to go, less than a team like Barcelona. Ibra was unhappy about its place in the field. Touré did not play too much. All I can say is that the attitude of the club with me was good," said Ukrainian Central.

In fact, Chygrysnkiy justified his departure from the club for the problems of adaptation that was at a club in which "the adaptation and demand are too high." "In Barcelona there is no time for adaptation and I could not wait to play. I could not adapt so quickly," Shakhtar defender acknowledged.

Asked about the controversial statements on state radio that suggests doping practices at Barça, Chygrynskiy denied emphatically that from the club azulgrana will do so. "Absolutely nothing, no doping. The success of Barcelona is based on professionalism, training, progression, nutrition, recovery processes ... everything is important and is very careful," he said.

Finally, he acknowledged that his candidate for the Ballon d'Or is Xavi, although he believes that the award will be between Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, and it is still early to assess if Madrid is better than Barca. (via SPORT)

[Barça B; Official] Rafa Alcàntara to renew contract until 2014

The player will sign his new contract this Monday, his buy-out clause will be 12 million euros until the 2012/13 season, and jump to 30 million euros in 2013/14.

FC Barcelona has reached an agreement with Rafael Alcántara do Nascimento, ‘Rafinha,’ to renew his contract until the 2013/14 season. His buy-out clause is 12 million euros until the 2012/13 season and will jump to 30 million euros in 2013/14.

Rafinha will sign the new contract next Monday.

Rafa Alcántara is currently in his sixth season at FC Barcelona after arriving from Celta de Vigo with his brother, Thiago.

Born in Sao Paulo, he started playing football in the Flamengo youth squad. After his father signed for Valencia, the Alcántara family moved to the Mediterranean Spanish city, and finally to Vigo. Once in Vigo, Rafinha, 13 years old, started training with Celta’s youth squad before making the move to FC Barcelona’s Infantil A youth team.

From the moment he started playing for Barça his ascent through youth squads was fast and seemingly unstoppable. Rafinha was the key player in Óscar García Junyent’s U-17 squad’s treble 2010/11 season. Luis Enrique, Barça B coach at the time, noticed the young Brazilian’s quality immediately, and named him to the Barça B team that same year. Rafinha played a couple of games under Luis Enrique during Barça B’s stellar third-place finish season in Segunda Division. Rafinha played a total of nine games with the reserve side that season (2010/2011), scoring his first goal for the squad against Salamanca.

The younger Alcántara’s quality and performance doesn’t surprise Guardiola. The Barça manager has called on Rafinha multiple times to train with the first squad. On November 9th, Rafinha made his debut for the first team in the round of 36 of the King’s Cup against L’Hospitalet. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Barça B] Eusebio: "If we do things well can beat anyone"

The coach azulgrana assures that the team is prepared to continue adding in the party of next Saturday against Murcia, the sixth classified The coach will be able to have all the players, "a very good news".

Eusebio Sacristan see Saturday's game against Murcia as a "good opportunity" for the team to continue adding and gain confidence, but admitted that a good result will be difficult: "It's a very worked hard on defense and which is in a good dynamic, but we are very encouraged and we are very aware that if we do things well can beat anyone, "said Eusebio.

Barça B coach has emphasized the qualities of Murcia, which is a rival promotion positions for promotion: "The Murcia is a team that I really like. Iñaki Alonso is a great coach who, despite the bad start season, has managed to stay calm, based on a good defensive play and has made the team is winning games, points and gradually get up, "said Eusebio.

Barca coach pointed out that this is a team that "it is very difficult to create chances," but still believes the team "has sufficient grounds to attack it, create chances and create problems for the opposite." "If we impose our game, we will have many chances of victory in Murcia," said the coach.

A plus for Eusebio is on Saturday may have all the staff. "This is very good news that all players are in full condition. They are also confident and very excited to continue growing both individual and team level," said Sacristán.

Finally, the Barca coach second team thanked the directive organizing the visit to the Club Karting Vendrell last Wednesday: "The board has very good understanding with the staff and their confidence is very good for the team." Eusebio said the players appreciate the dynamics that are organized outside the day to day activities, training and how are you "favor the group is more united and stronger each time, one of the main bases for things to go well we ". (via FCBarcelona.cat)