15 November 2011

Afellay, still recovering, returns to the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper

For the first time since his operation on October 3, and as part of his expected six month recovery programme, the midfielder returned on Tuesday to the Ciutat Esportiva.

Like on Monday, there were only four first team players at the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper - Fontàs, Pinto, Maxwell and Keita - for a shared session with Barça B.

Josep Guardiola's side was once again working with limited resources due to so many players being away on international duty. Once again only Fontàs, Pinto, Keita and Maxwell were available for training on pitch number 2. They therefore teamed up with Eusebio Sacristán's Barça B.

Adriano is back in Barcelona, and was subjected to medical tests after feeling pain in a training session with the Brazil national team.

But the big news was the welcome return of Ibrahim Afellay to the Ciutat Esportiva for the first time since his operation on October 3. He's now on the long road to recovery, after being subjected to arthroscopy to rebuild cruciate ligaments in his left knee. He was originally expected to be sidelined for six months. Pedro is also still recovering from his ankle injury.

Josep Guardiola has called the next training session for Wednesday at 18.00, by which time most of the international players should be back in Barcelona. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Adriano out for seven to ten days with torn hamstring

The Brazilian winger, while training for the Brazil national side, sustained a small tear in the fibres of his left hamstring.

After tests in the medical centre at the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper, Adriano Correia has been diagnosed with a hamstring injury. He is expected to be sidelined for between 7 and 10 days, as announced by the Club Medical Services.

Adriano Correia had played 14 games this season for the first time, and scored one goal away to Sporting Gijón.

He was injured while training for the Brazil national team when preparing for the international against Egypt in Qatar on Monday (2-0). (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Sandro Rosell: "We aim to stay the world's best club"

Rosell believes that Barça's challenge is to maintain its position as best club in the world, both on and off the field.

During the Aspire4Sport conference in Qatar, Sandro Rosell said that Barça’s objective is to “remain the world’s best club.” When asked what future challenges the Club faces, the Barça President said, “our challenge is to maintain this position, both on and off the field.” Speaking to an auditorium full of sport and business representatives from around the world, Rosell said that “it’s necessary that people identify with the Club’s values and our philosophy of play.” These will contribute, according to Rosell, to Barça’s growing worldwide fan base.

Mr Rosell also spoke about the challenges of managing the Club, and reiterated that the Board’s first objective when it came into power was to reduce the Club’s debt. “We have to find the balance between reducing debt and making necessary investments to maintain athletic excellence ... We have a a restrictive budget in order to address the debt issue. But that doesn’t stop us from investing money in the athletic component of the Club every season,” concluded Rosell.

The Masía and FC Barcelona’s youth programmes play a vital role in the Club’s athletic policy, explains Sandro Rosell, “to have good players you can either buy them from outside the Club or create them at home. We’ve clearly opted for the latter option.” Mr Rosell reiterated his stance that youth players that manage make the jump to international football should be paid in kind with fair contracts, “at the Masía, we are producing the best players in the world. We are more than happy to pay them well, because that would mean they are the best players.”

Sandro Rosell was also asked to give his opinion on the proposal to have La Liga games start at noon in order to satisfy the Asian market. Mr Rosell said, “we have other plans for the Asian market; we have plans to do it.”

The Barça President believes that La Liga’s current television rights and revenues model, a recurring theme at the conference, will change in the coming years. Rosell said that the current commercial and television rights model of the Spanish League needs to change from individual teams negotiating contracts to a collective negotiation structure. Rosell reiterated that the number of teams in La Liga needed to be reduced, in order to free up game days for both the Champions League and club friendlies, a measure that would increase revenue.

The financial situations of football clubs was also a hot topic of debate during the conference. The Barça President said he agreed with UEFA’s decision to implement the new financial ‘Fair Play’ regulation. However, Rosell believes that the regulation doesn’t go far enough, “we have to know who is paying the clubs money. It’s not enough to go over income and expenditure accounts, we must know where the money is coming from. I’m against this kind of speculation in the footballing world.”

Lastly, he spoke about FC Barcelona’s recent deal with the Qatar Foundation. The shirt sponsorship allows Barça to “fight back from a disadvantageous position that Barça had with other big European clubs, while maintaining its athletic excellence.” Rosell highlighted the Club’s democratic values and that the members' assembly approved the sponsorship deal by a margin of 90%. “I’m very happy with how we did it and with the final result,” he said.

Folguera and Zubizarreta

After Sandro Rosell made his appearance at the conference, Cales Folguera and Andoni Zubizarreta picked up where the President left off. The the Masía Director, Folguera, explained that the Masía had a responsibility beyond sports, that the Club aimed to be integral in the human formation of its residents. The Masía teaches players more than football, added Folguera, the institutional also doubles as an academic school and foments family living principles. On the athletic excellence that the Masía demands, Folguera said that attributes such as talent, motivation and the desire to always learn are always accompanied by an ethic of self-criticism.

Andoni Zubizarreta, playing the role of the ex-footballer, talked about the Masía from a sports and human perspective. He said that it’s the fundamental point on which FC Barcelona structures its football organization, above the system of play. Carl Lewis, Bob Beamon and Nadia Comaneci, and other famous athletes figured among Aspire4Sport's featured speakers. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Pedro could already play in Milan

Reinforcement would be a luxury in the 'final' of San Siro.

Barca looks forward to returning to competition from Pedro Rodriguez , who has not been playing since he was injured last October 24 in Los Cármenes. Before the Granada, the canary had to retire on 54 minutes after suffering a sprained left ankle while contesting a ball with Siqueira and had to be replaced by Villa.

He diagnosed a low period of three weeks as a precaution, it ends up being a month if it reappears, as contemplated and medical technicians in the transcendental club Champions League match against Milan on Wednesday 23. His return is the best news for Barca, Milan will face in the end the struggle for first place in the group. (via MD)

To the cracks of Barça raffle

From cracks of the first team to pearls of B, the market looks at Barça.

Like Barcelona is always attentive to the best of the market, the market also looks Barça. That is noticing a lot these days when the clubs competition stops and equipment beyond the interest of half the world by the possibility of taking a Barça player, either the first team and FC Barcelona's prolific cantera. The great prestige of La Masia explains, for example, a player who just debuted with the 'major', as Oriol Romeu , play today at the Chelsea. The first team names arise because the clubs understand that, for the moment, just have a chance to sign the Camp Nou.

So, Abidal is half a year to fulfill the contract and has not renewed by the club still gives hope to PSG, Milan and several clubs from the Premier. O Milan himself with Puyol is excited, with less participation this season, might be willing at last to play in the club he has always admired. What is clear is that Milan wants to take some of Barça, because they also have played Maxwell and Keita, even for winter. The mall also like to Anzhi Russian. A world-class striker like David Villa is the dream of Liverpool, say in England than recommended by your friend Reina. It's the same advice I would have given Chelsea Mata and Silva, the City. Pinto also another contract just, sounding stuff now that the club probes the market porters. Meanwhile, Malaga and Betis are attentive to Fontàs.

Those of the subsidiary are not short of suitors. Always has been linked to Valencia with Montoya and now transcends interest in Bartra . These days we have talked about the desire to sign QPR and Blackburn Jonathan dos Santos. The latest is the most morbid: yesterday, spoke of the Madrid press Rafinha target of Real Madrid. However, both the player and his father, Mazinho, have said these days that its renewal Barça closer. (via MD)

[Youth] Rain of goals and victories in the cantera

This day most of teams of the football formative azulgrana have been imposed their rivals by enough goals.

With an intense rain the game was very balanced and disputed with clear few occasions in both areas. Damm you advanced in the minute 28 with a goal of the end Néstor. The effort of García Pimienta's boys was reflected in the marker with the goals of Summoning and Ebwelle that could seal the one gone back.

Cadete A needed 35 minutes to inaugurate the marker. Quique Álvarez's boys had generated a heap of occasions, però until Adama could mark the 1-0 those of Sabadell they had stayed you sign behind. In the second period Sergio, Enguene, Toni and Albert the other four goals.

Triumph very worked of the Cadete B in the Stadium A. Even Ortega of Tarragona. The boys of Fran Artiga had difficulties during the first minutes of the encounter where Nàstic put on before in the marker with a goal of lack Óscar. In the minute 15, however, Barça reacted and Xavi signed the 1-1 with a guessed right it finishes off of head that entered touching the longeron. In the second time, Marco Río made a great center to Anas Serroukh that the front azulgrana transformed into the goal of the victory.

Exhibition of the boys' of Fran Sánchez effectiveness goleadora before a rival that didn't close and it pressed enough up. In the first time, the Infantil A surprised Prat thanks to their quick and decisive game and left to the rest with a sentenced 5-0. In the renewal, the azulgranas continued with the same tonic and they continued dominating the encounter, although the rain that fell during the second part hindered its game. The goals of Jan (2), Olmo (2), Lee (2), Javi Ruiz, Dani Morer and Braima gave the victory to Barça.

Good party of Infantil B in the field Nou Municipal Santa Coloma of Gramanet. Denis Silva's boys began very well the game with Oriol's goal in the minute 3 after a great play of Bobby for the left wing. To the few minutes, however, Gramanet got the tie and until put on for before in the marker for a defensive error of Barça. The result non desmotivó to the azulgranas that continued with their game. A reveille from outside of the area of Valery and a good play singular of Bobby they supposed the 2-3 when leaving to the rest. In the renewal the domain was azulgrana and two more goals totally, of Oriol and of Collado, they had just sentenced the game.

Alevín A was imposed a San Gabriel very pending of defending their goal. In the first part the boys of Marcel Sans dominated but they had difficulties to mark due to their rival's offensive position, and they left to the rest with a tie at 1. In the renewal, however, the azulgranas reacted and they knew how to find their game. The scorers of the party were Dani, Pau, Alejandro, Mamadou and Comas.

The azulgranas began with doubts the game against Mollet, and in the minute 7 the rival opened the marker. But that goal made react to Jordi Font's boys and in the first room they already won for three goals to favor. Starting from the second time, Alevín B was made with the control of the party and it was very effective of face to goal. The goals azulgranas were of Pere Mogente (3), Guillem, Oriol, Labinós, Lucas de Vega, Albert and Solina.

Great superiority of Alevín C against Europe in the Campo Municipal de l'Àliga. Alex Gomez's boys left very strong and in the first time they already won for 4-1. The azulgranas followed the same tonic in the second part and they maintained the rhythm. The goals that gave the victory to Barça belonged to Marc Guerrero (2), Adrià Altamira, Guille Amor, Sergio Rosanes, Iván Bravo and Nil Fabregó.

The boys' of Xavi Bravo very worked Victoria in a very even encounter where could have won anyone of the two teams. The marker was tied until the minute 11 of the last room, when Alevín D was able to sign the goal of the victory. Marc Domínguez (2) and Dani Morillas made the goals azulgranas.

In single four minutes, Benjamin A was able to mark three goals. Marc Serrra's boys was very superior in the first and last period, while in the other ones two the pratenses equaled the game. The goals marked them Kais (2), Raúl (2), Aitor, Moriba (2) and Haitam.

Intense domain of Benjamin B in a game totally dominated by the azulgranas. Barça came out very motivated to the game field although the rival pressed and they left to the rest with a 0-2. In the renewal, Sergi Milá's boys was very superior and Gramanet lowered the arms before the difference of level of both teams. The goals of the day were of Jan Reixach (4), Eric Iglesias (2), Albert Garrido (2), Martí Riera and Sagar Escoto.

The boys' of Cristian Cátena splendid game that opened the marker very soon, in the second 14 of the first room. Arnau Farnós wrote down this first reveille after a good ball recovery. The encounter put on of face for the azulgranas from very soon, and Benjamin C knew how to take advantage of the occasions. Alejandro Balde signed a hat-trick, and the other goals were of Xavi Simons and Arnau Martínez.

Unanswerable Goleada of Benjamin D before a rival that could not make anything to avoid the defeat. The rain that fell during the first room conditioned the game of the azulgranas, since the ball went very quick, but 3-0 left even this way to the rest. When it finished raining, Jordi Pérez's boys had just found his space and they offered a game very beautiful combinativo that he left without arguments to Sant Andreu. The goals of the day were of Nadir (3), Marc Pelaz (2), Eric (2), Sicus, Gabi and Jonathan.

Prebenjamín demonstrated their good game against the Veteran de Cataluña, a rival a bigger year that fought until the last minute. The boys of Rafa Rodríguez began the very strong encounter, with a goal of Iker (min 2) and another of Sergi Oriol (min 3). Pol Melet overcame to the defense and the porter and it signed the third goal in the second time. The third part was full with occasions azulgranas and the reveilles of Ilias and of Pol they had just rounded the result. In last fourth Rubén Blázquez's last minute of the Veteran ones marked, but the party was already more than sentenced. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Barcelona and Real Madrid are interested in Javier Hervás

The young man has served 22 years and is a fixture of the team.

Córdoba midfielder, Javier Hervás is on the list of interesting players from both the FC Barcelon to as the Real Madrid . In fact, the technical services of the two teams will continue from last season but did not pass the first contacts.

At 22 years, this Cordoba, who has left the Andalucian football at all, is one of the pillars of his coach, Paco Jemez, and has all the characteristics and requirements that would fit perfectly into the Barca game philosophy.

Moreover, Hervás, who parked rumors last summer, has preferred to focus on the Cordoba, where a vast campaign is picking up in the league ahead, and wait quietly updates. However, the fact that Barcelona has a subsidiary in second Division A is attracted much more than white sports supply as the second team Madrid B. second militates

Becoming part of the entity it could provide about Barca first-team Pep Guardiola but the list of players in that district is large. (via MD)

[youth] 'El Peque' Grimaldo progressing well

Alex Grimaldo returned to the juvenil after becoming the youngest rookie affiliate in Cartagena and coaches are delighted with their performance.

Since coming to Barcelona with twelve years in 2008, Alex Grimaldo has become the talk of the lower. In the Valencia still remember his departure, for 'The Little', as he was in Paterson, was the soul of Child B, was the '10 'on the back and played with the irreverence of the guys star. Benaiges Albert put his left eye on a portentous and La Masia sensed that there was a different side.

Grimaldo was quick to fit into a position that fits your condition marathon. He spent the first child. A cadet matured in the past year. And he had time to debut with the youthful Oscar Garcia. This season began with the first team in the Copa Catalunya and became the youngest rookie in 15 years blaugrana subsidiary and 349 days to the Cartagena. Grimaldo is 16, is 1.70 and only weighs 64 kilos but nobody noticed her ID. In addition, the player has medical reports predict that arrive at 1.75. After emergence, the club opted for patience, though Eusebio still talking to him from time to time, and usually plays with Valencia juvenile Oscar Garcia, who always emphasizes his maturity. Teammates hallucinate. "It's a machine," they say. In workouts you can do command, is responsible for the set pieces. Its intensity is tremendous. "It is the example of the players in the house, regardless of age, are forged in the grassroots, taking the concepts of the club and in the end, prove to be adapted. It's a very good mentality guy, "recalls Eusebio. Roberto Carlos fan of Alves, the club see the new Sergi Barjuan.

A left wing with a future

The boat has a battery of spectacular players in the lower left full-back. Grimaldo addition, the best project according to experts, there are high hopes for Fran Alvarez, a side that is highlighted in red cadet and was released in Brunete. Carles Planas, the Under-21 International, has acquired ownership in the left full-back of the subsidiary. (via SPORT)

Sacchi: "The exit of Ibra? A team that wins everything doesn't make a mistake"

The Milan ex-coach commends the 'Pep Team' and remember the passing of Swedish forward for FC Barcelona.

Arrigo Sacchi (Fusignano, 1946) deconstructed the Calcium and became a pioneer in command of Milan. As boss of the ship 'Rossoneri' revolutionized the concept of pressure, implemented a forward defense and handled like no occupation of space. Along with Baresi, Maldini, Van Basten has earned the reputation of Heartbreak Ridge and left for history a team forever, 'Sacchi Highlander'. Since 2010 coordinates the lower echelons of the Italian and the Barcelona-recognized-Guardiola has restored the enthusiasm for football.

Barcelona and AC Milan has passed and the team that has sometimes been the best in the world (38 months) as classified by the IFFHS ...

For me it has been three teams throughout history have connected with people, the true football fan. Cruyff's Ajax, AC Milan and that I coached Barcelona. In three different times in different contexts, the three reinvented it your way. Without them there would be developed as needed. Barca are now carrying out this revolution.

What is most striking of this team?

It's a team I love, a band with harmony and melody. Is a group that has attracted all who love the beautiful game. Look, the Spanish football has historically had good players but good teams. Teams have always been playing together on defense, others moved either individually ... but collectively were incomplete. This Barcelona moves well at the collective level. It's a lovely machine, pure enthusiasm, a splendid news for football.

Recognize the footprint of the 'Dream Team' in the aesthetics of their football ...

Cruyff's Barca could not defend the collective level. No ball was completely lost: game situations resolved back from individual quality. This Barcelona is more academic. Cruyff had similar players with similar individual talent, but lacked defensive organization mechanisms. The present is a perfect machine pressing, bending aids. It has everything you asked collective football.

The feeling is that they enjoy ...

It's a team that plays with generosity and a spirit, with magic. Enjoy worldwide. It only remains to thank them. They let the game do not stop, do not run old people to pay the entrance. This represents the modern Barcelona.

Even now with three back, keeps the balance ... Are you surprised by the ability to reinvent Pep?

The gameplay is not the most important, always depends on the players. What matters is the collective idea. The general concepts. The script is what you can multiply the quality of all the players. So young and seems to go take a lifetime in the first team. If there is a good idea, it must be experienced players. When everyone knows what to do, everyone can play. The script multiplies the cube the level of each player.

Is Messi the paradigm of this? Most critics argue that the team needs more Diego in your day ...

Messi is a fantastic player but Diego was unique. Leo has nothing, joins the team better. Take a lot of synergy, Maradona less. Maradona was the cause of the game, Leo is a consequence. Diego had a greatest quality, but Leo is marking time.

Madrid Is this the greatest threat of Barcelona?

Beware of Madrid! It is improving a lot. I saw the game against Villarreal and was impressed. You now have a collective quality, not only in spirit as well in the game. Organization has won. It moves more safely. Play more together, shortened the sprints. The team handles better efforts.

Before Madrid, Milan will cross the path of the team ...

Milan are a dangerous team, especially for Barça. Does not play football so harmonious, it has the general knowledge of Barça but have players who can hurt. Pato was in the Camp Nou and this time is Ibrahimovic.

Does leaving Barcelona go wrong?

A team that wins it all is not wrong. Ibra is a great player who always plays as a team. That does not mean that it is a class player, but Barcelona played as an orchestra and Ibra always been a soloist. (via SPORT)

[Selection] Alexis, concerned for his trouble

Although in Chile say they are retrieved, the player has not recognized his own to be 100%.

In spite of the fact that and technical staff of Chile are bent over and over again to ensure that Alexis Sanchez is fully recovered from his adductor contracture of his left leg, the reality seems quite different. Or at least that is the impression being conveyed by the player himself, who has acknowledged his immediate environment still have discomfort in the left leg, but in any case he hoped to be available tonight coach Claudio Borghi to play the game against Paraguay (00:30 Spanish time, Esport3) in Santiago, Chile.

Who is to fly behind the ear, and certainly with reason, is the FC Barcelona, ​​who is very concerned about the possibility that force your presence today Alexis and finish resenting their discomfort in the groin. In fact, the club Catalans claim that there is a considerable risk of relapse if he plays as an adductor contracture requires a minimum recovery time of one week. Alexis tried to play last Friday against Uruguay, reaching to warm up on grass, but had to stop short when it was noted that loading the adductor. Obviously from Friday to Tuesday are only four days, so there is no doubt that the fears within the club are more than well founded.

In any case, it is ultimately the coach Borghi, the physician Yañez and the player himself to decide whether or not now jump onto the court. Chile is the total pressure after the thrashing he took against Uruguay, but Alexis is also aware that a tear in his adductor could leave a month KO. (via SPORT)

Barça retires the nets of behind the goals of Camp Nou

FC Barcelona on Monday removed the safety net had to be installed behind the goals of the Camp Nou in 2000 to protect athletes from the release of objects from the stands as decided a few days the board.

The objective of the nets, installed behind the goals, of córner to córner, and with a height of about ten meters, era to prevent that an object rushed from the bleacher to be reached some player or referee.

After years without incident at Camp Nou, the board approved at its last meeting to uninstall the system, in order to give a naturalness to the imminent introduction of the young Harrow, which is located a thousand young fans . However, the club has also argued that the masts difficult vision of partners.

The origin of the network installation goals after going back to 2000, after the visit of Real Madrid's Luis Figo in their ranks.

For the next match at the Camp Nou Barcelona, ​​against Real Zaragoza on Saturday, and be gone the masts and safety nets, in fact almost all the games since 2000 have been lowered.

Real Madrid-Barca on Saturday and 22.00 h.

You desveló the great one incognito. The first clásico of this League will be played in television schedule in open. It will be on Saturday December 10.

El Clasico at the Santiago Bernabeu and has a date and time. After all the speculation and for having, the mystery was resolved late on Monday when RAC-1 announced via their Twitter accounts, the Real Madrid-FC Barcelona would be disputed on Saturday December 10 at 22.00.

That is the usual slot-air televised matches. Therefore, it is safe to give the clásico The Sixth level in Spain, while the different regional channels with rights-including TV3, also broadcast live the signal arriving from Chamartín.

Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola will face off on Saturday, as expected. The fact that Barça travel to Japan on Sunday to prepare for participation in the Club World Cup already supposed to be played in this clásico day Saturday. However, it came to speculate that it could play on Sunday ... at 12.00.

In the end, Real Madrid and Barca will live a third pulse at night this season. Last August, both teams played the Super Cup in Spain, with a tie at the Bernabeu (2-2) victory at the Camp Nou Barcelona, ​​3-2. (via SPORT)

Platini 'grants' to Messi their third Ballon d'Or

UEFA president Michel Platini made it clear that a Barca player Leo Messi is the favorite to get the next Ballon d'Or.

"I think Messi will win the third in a row like I did. I know that records are to be broken, but I think I will overcome," said Platini after receiving the International Award in Milan, Giacinto Facchetti, in recognition of his work and its services the world of football.

The French leader is convinced that Messi will equal the feat which he starred from 1983 to 1985, winning his third straight Ballon d'Or. "I came to Juventus at 27, he Barca 13. The times are changing, but if my grandparents had not been moved to France, would have won more," said one Platini who, ironically, wished she could " legal action "to prevent Leo achieved this award.

Michel Platini receive such award, a check worth $ 10,000 to the Foundation intended to Stefano Borgonovo, who Luchia against the Esclerosis Lateral Amiotrófica (ELA) that suffers the one that was forward of Milan. "My mission is to help the boys from all over the world to that love this sport because it is the best in the world. The soccer becomes trained education and respect. Football should be important for the society. This game should help to that the society is better. It is crucial for the future of our boys", the president of UEFA said.

The Prize International Giacinto Facchetti remembers to the mythical ex-defender of the Inter, twice champion from Europe and in international 94 occasions with Italy. (via SPORT)

[Selection Under-21; EURO2013 Qualifying] Spain 3 - 0 Switzerland

The Spanish Under-21 there was another evening of glory in the fifth game of European qualifying for the category, after beating Switzerland clearly thanks to goals from Muniain, Thiago and Bartra.

Spain sends in qualifying Group 5 with authority. Sum 15 points. The selection of Luis Milla started strong and opened the scoring seven minutes via Iker Muniain after death pass plans at a grand opening of the Malaga player Isco.

Despite this initial blow, Switzerland took the tie from a free, masterfully executed by Zuber but De Gea feline was to clear the ball.

That action was an oasis in Helvetica first twenty minutes each controlled by Spain, so it was a matter of time to reach the goal, and did so with a penalty, very clear, Daprela Montoya, Thiago film ran to put more distance on the scoreboard.

Nevertheless the Swiss did not surrender, and returned to enjoy a clear chance to score. Kasami received a pass inside the area but so unfortunate miscue his shot.

Rojita's response, the third in the afternoon to close the first part, and that recovery time Marc Bartra seamlessly headed a short corner that put Thiago area.

In the second part, with the party altogether, Spain turned to touch the ball to the cheers of more than 14,000 Cordoba who populated the steps of the Archangel and ended up doing the wave. (via SPORT)

[Technical Data]
Spain: David de Gea; Martín Montoya, Íñigo Martínez, Marc Bartra, Carles Planas; Oriol Romeu (Koke, min. 46), Thiago Alcántara, Sarabia (Isaac Cuenca, min. 57), Iker Muniain; Rodrigo (Juan Carlos, min. 75) and Isco.

Switzerland: Roman Burki, Taulant Xhaka (Wiss, min. 46), Fabio Daprela, Raphael Koch, Phillipe Koch, Vullnet Basha, Nassim Ben Khalifa (Drmic, min. 79), Nzuzi Toko, Pajtim Kasami, Haris Seferovic and Steven Zuber.

Goals : 1-0, m. 7: Muniain. 2-0, m. 25: Thiago, de penalty; 3-0, min. 46: Bartra.

Referee: Paolo Valeri (Italia), which warned the Spanish Oriol Romeu, Koke and Thiago, while on the Helvetians were the yellow Daprela, Koch, Seferovic and Basha.

Incidents : Fifth European Cup qualifier played in the Under-21 New Archangel of Cordoba before about 13,500 spectators.

[Ex-player] Gio van Bronckhorst: "Messi is the face of Barça, now and for many years"

The former Barcelona, ​​currently second Feyenoord coach, says that the day of the debut of Argentine Henk ten Cate foresaw it would be "the best star Barça" also notes that the fact that the team, with everything he has achieved, yet want to win titles show has a lot to do with the figure of Josep Guardiola.

At the end of season 2006/07 , Gio van Bronckhorst anunciaba that dejaba discipline azulgrana after four seasons to go back to his club from all life, Feyenoord Rotterdam . There was Just as advertised, is the holandés retiraba of professional football once finalizado the World 2010 . Now as a second coach of Feyenoord , and alongside Ronald Koeman , Gio da visions of its current workforce azulgrana, incidiendo Figuras specially two: that of Lionel Messi and that of Josep Guardiola .

On the '10 'Barcelona, ​​Gio remembers well the words the day of the debut of Messi , the 2003/04 season friendly in Porto , said the assistant then Frank Rijkaard Barcelona in front of the bench, Henk ten Cate . "He said he had seen an incredible talent, and that would be the best star of FC Barcelona "recalls Gio . "Years later Messi is the absolute star of the team and the face of Barça, now and for many years, "added the former Barcelona in this line.

For Gio , Santpedor work is essential to understand the desire that the template shown in each game of keep winning titles: "I talked to him a few times and I think it's a very good coach who is always full with their work . At the same time, I see the team still very attentive and eager to win titles, and that's your job. "

Finally, the coach of Feyenoord take a few compliments to the players, and says he was "happy to see my former teammates as well, playing well." At the time, and after commenting that was present in the final of the Champions at Wembley , Gio expressed aloud his wish that the Barça "win trophies again this year." (via FCBarcelona.cat)

First team squad back in training in session with Barça B

Fontàs, Pinto, Maxwell and Keita the only squad members available to Guardiola this Monday. Injured Pedro Rodríguez continues with recovery work.

After a three day break, Pitch Number 2 at the Ciutat Esportiva saw the first training session of the week ahead of Saturday's game against Zaragoza. Josep Guardiola and Eusebio Sacristán led the session together with the B team squad, with Andreu Fontàs, José Manuel Pinto, Maxwell, and Seydou Keita (the first player back from the international break), the only first team squad players available.

Meanwhile, Pedro Rodríguez continued to work apart from the rest of the group, as he continues his recovery from his ankle injury.

Guardiola will be hoping to finally get the full first team squad together on Thursday, when all the international players should be back, with Messi, Mascherano and Alexis probably the last to rejoin and the others due back on Wednesday.

The squad will train again with the B team at the Ciutat Esportiva on Tuesday at 11.00. (via FCBarcelona.cat)