14 November 2011

[Barça B] Roman Abramovich stalking the cantera culé

Chelsea, very attentive to the cracks of the cantera.

Some time ago, Barça had to worry that Chelsea did not swipe the stars of the first team. Ronaldinho, Etoo, Messi Marquez and others were offered dizzying Roman Abramovich, who finally had to settle for fish Belletti and Deco. Today, the landscape has changed. Chelsea will not by the cracks. Will the Barca youth system. And very seriously.

The change of strategy is given by the incorporation of André Villas-Boas London team coach and the consequent rise of Michael Emenalao as sports director of the English club. Both are fans of Barca's youth policy and closely follow several team players. Especially those who have not renewed.

In this sense, as reported a few weeks ago Mundo Deportivo, was seen sporting director of the England team in Sant Joan Despi as a spectator of the Barcelona-based football games. Guardiola also met and learned thoroughly the facilities of the new Masia.

Chelsea looking for a cantera poker after seeing the great performance that is taking place in the London club Oriol Romeu, passed this summer at Stanford Bridge.

This is made up poker midfielder Sergi Roberto, Montoya and Bartra defenders and the forward Rafinha.

The first was renewed last summer 2015 and has a clause of 12 million euros. The other three, however, could go free end of the season if not close the negotiations remain open for renewing their contracts. Abramovich pounds of agreements difficult.

Villarreal asked for the transfer of the attack Rafinha
Rafinha a year ago playing as a midfielder and now emphasizes the role of 'false nine' discovering a great ability in attack. That's why Villarreal talk arises to probe a Barca player's transfer. Rafinha, meanwhile, said he knew nothing of this issue and the possible interest of Chelsea, as recognized by EFE: "Chelsea? Well, I never hear about these things, the truth." His idea is to close its renewal soon. "The two sides are very close to the deal," he said. (via AS)

[Barça B] Real Madrid want to sign Rafinha

Real Madrid president wants Thiago's brother, who is negotiating its renewal by Barça.
The player out of contract at the end of this season and could go free rival.

The renewal of Rafinha by Barcelona FC is becoming closer. Both sides are very close as football itself confirmed . But it seems that Florentino Perez wants to return to interfere in the negotiations. Real Madrid tried it with his brother Thiago also said Roberto Sergi noticed, and now it looks like it's time for Rafinha.

As the Real Madrid of Florentino Perez does not draw any player factory warranty, it seems the president has to go blank looking at La Masia culé. According to sports daily Marca reported today, while Madrid has still the footballer of the quarry Barca, who was instrumental in last season's youthful, with whom he became champion of the Champions League in May against the juvenil merengue.

Rafinha has already said by active and passive that his dream is to succeed at Barça. Pep it is highly regarded and into the future plans Barça. So much so that the crack young and first-team debut in the Copa del Rey at the Hospitalet. (via MD)

Neymar to Barça in 2014: Rosell have completed the signing

Sandro Rosell have signed an agreement with the father of Brazilian star player and come after the World Cup Rio de Janeiro.

The president of FC Barcelona , Sandro Rosell , have signed an agreement with Neymar Barca player to be from June 30, 2014, according to The Confidential.

Barcelona president would have concluded the agreement through Andre Curi, new strong man of the football family and has been instrumental in not Neymar to Real Madrid . The white club left to Wagner Ribeiro agreement with the player, but it was representative of Robinho and Kaka, faced with both the father and with his own Neymar. (via MD)

Pablo Aimar locates Leo Messi at the same level that Diego Armando Maradona

The Argentine playmaker Pablo Aimar praised the quality of his compatriot Lionel Messi , who already stood the same height as Diego Armando Maradona as one of the best footballers of all time. In a lengthy interview published today by the Luso sports newspaper "A Bola", Aimar, now in its fourth season at Benfica , had nothing but praise for the player squad. "For years and years I thought would never come a player like Maradona, and yet I see now that Messi is at your level," he said.

In the situation of having to choose between which one is better, Aimar said that "in the heart of the Argentine and that of those who like football there is room for both." As for his main rival now in its struggle for the Golden Ball , Cristiano Ronaldo , the former of River said the numbers presented by the Portuguese international as scorers records reflect "number of times." "I have no doubt that, if there were no Messi, Cristiano would be the best player in the world by far above the rest," he said.

Aimar also highlighted the high level the playing both Real Madrid and Barcelona and considered as the two best teams in the world. "I think if Chelsea , Manchester , Milan , Inter and Bayern , for example, were playing in the same league as Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​always end up beneath them, "he said. The Argentina international, 32, pleaded not happy during his time with Benfica, with the contract ending next June.

Aimar did not clear the doubts about his future, but acknowledged that if returned to Argentina, his priority would be to return to River Plate . "I would like the alert or intelligent enough to be me and not let football be football, let you leave me," took the footballer, who played for Valencia and in Zaragoza .

The Benfica player argued that the environmental pressure in Portugal is identical to that lived in Spain and Argentina, although considered more a "motivation." "Being a footballer is a wonderful thing," said Aimar, who admitted however that "to be known and have fame" is not the part you like best about your profession, what he really enjoys is "to train and play" . (via MD)

Pep Guardiola will decide whether to renew for FC Barcelona in January

Management believes that it will be earlier this year when you renew Guardiola communicate or not.
They hope that will continue at least another year and they know, if you will, provide advance notice.
In 2010 he said following a January 20 2011 and in this final OK was announced on February 8.

The board of FC Barcelona is very quiet on the renewal of Pep Guardiola as all the symptoms you are giving up to now the first expected to make Barça coach has managed to keep the 'hunger' from a template that has not stopped winning titles since his arrival at Camp Nou bench. And Pep has said that while his players cyclically responsive and show him motivated to keep fighting for all the titles he will continue to lead the ship, nobody in the club think of a negative outcome. In fact, Barça has won two titles this season, the Supercopa of Spain and Europe, and next month fight for the third, the Club World Cup. In this context, MD has been told, the board of FC Barcelona is working with the hypothesis that Pep Guardiola communicate its final decision during the month of January.

The president Sandro Rosell , vice president Josep Maria Bartomeu and Andoni Zubizarreta and Guardiola made ​​him reach a clear and transparent at the beginning of the season: "We want to follow. I remind you of us made ​​a decision or when you want to start negotiating" . And that, Pep's decision and, if the opportunity arises negotiations for the renewal of his contract, expected to arrive in the first month of 2012.

The presidents of FC Barcelona know that Guardiola will think of the club rather than anything and if you decide not to continue well in advance to warn that the board could find a substitute with many days ahead. In case of opting for continuity, which is what he thinks will happen, the directive also works on the hypothesis that this great news came earlier this year. If Pep is very clear, there is no response delay, mostly because more than ever, your future will be starring in all the speculation and will in all his press conferences until a final decision.

So far in his two previous renovations, Guardiola has given his OK at the beginning of the year. The first time was on January 20, 2010 when Joan Laporta told pledging to follow a year if the outgoing board of elections wanted to keep him on the bench. The second renewal was announced by the club on February 8, 2011, this year, and Pep she pledged to continue until 2012.

Given that this year there Euro and, therefore, the season will end soon and planning there will be ups and downs to move forward, is expected to be in January when it's OK for Pep. In February and begin the crossing of life and death of Champions, namely the eighth, and if then only talk about the games, the better. (via MD)

[Ex-player] Demetrio Albertini: "Champions League is much more difficult than the last"

The former Italian footballer, who played in Barça, assumes that "Barça is the best in the world without discussion".
Albertini says that the League of Champions "to be defended in the field every game".

Demetrio Albertini is now a major leader of the Federcalcio of Italy, member of the Task Force Cup Brazil 2014. But above all, what is presumed to be formerly of Milan and Barcelona, ​​without forgetting its way through the Atletico Madrid.

Still think you can beat AC Milan at San Siro Barca, as stated on the web 'Rossoneri'?

Of course you do. As a coach, as a former player, knowing by heart to Barcelona and Milan 's why I dare to say it. Barca is the best team in the world, without question, but that 'title' you must defend game at about the field. And the current Milan Massimiliano Allegri is a team that can hurt Barca, and Pep Guardiola knows like me.

In any case, whoever wins wins, you lose ...

That's right, play the team of my love for the club for whom I have a special love. I have great friends in both clubs, Barça is 'Puyi', Pep, a lot more with those who maintain relationship ...

What can hurt Barca Milan?

Fundamentally pieces. Milan works great faults, corner kicks. It has major men as Ibrahimovic, Thiago Silva, Van Bommel and Boateng are not easy to stop for Barca. The goal that fit in the Camp Nou in the Champions League is a good example. The Rossoneri also have a counter that is lethal, but the goal will be harder for them to take the ball to the Blaugrana.

In what does Barça overcome Milan?

Especially in the 'players' is said there, Milan does not have a Xavi, Iniesta a, a Fabregas, even a young talent like Thiago. The Rossoneri have a much more physical midfield with Van Bommel in chief, to leave the 'construction' in the figure as an attacking midfielder Boateng, Seedorf or Aquilani. Cassano will miss, though duck coming back, which is placed between the lines and hurt rivals. Barca already suffered in the match at Camp Nou. So as direct play for Sweden's Ibrahimovic to solve or stop the ball toward peers who come from behind to top positions.

¿If forgets Messi?

No, please, Leo is special, does not count, it is understood, it is the best without question, a player can decide a game on his own. But there is no doubt that In Barça? is brighter because their qualities are complemented by those of their peers. It is much more dangerous in In Barça with Argentina.

A player as technical as you were, do not you think that Milan Pirlo misses?

A player like Pirlo is always important, has been in Milan in the Italy and now Juventus. But I should only talk about football level.

However, the Milan Massimiliano Allegri seems to play more football than before.

Yes, Allegri is the school of Carlo Ancelotti, who was the last to that Milan play the ball as he had done before with Arrigo Sacchi. What happens is that to do so you need technical players, a la Barca, Milan and the current lack of them. I am convinced that further Allegri play like Barca should have three or four players that more technical.

What is favorite clubs to reach the final in Munich?

This edition of the Champions League is much harder than the last. Certainly, on paper, Barca, the defending champion, is a clear favorite but I see teams that have greatly increased its potential as Manchester City and Bayern, others are always there like Manchester United or Milan itself, I Real Madrid to oblivion I see him much improved compared to last year, and personally, I have a weakness for Porto.

Who do you bet?

If the Champions not so special, I would do for Barça, but do not forget I have experienced situations as a player with AC Milan, Barca himself at Stamford Bridge with a goal from Iniesta in the last minute ... There are special situations that may affect the development of competition for the team that live in an extreme situation. The psychological issues, self-confidence is very important, sometimes decisive.

So much?

Yes, ask any professional who ever lived. In Champions League every game is important for the final of the competition, especially when you enter the knockout stages. Spend according to what makes you practically invincible tie in your confidence.

How do you see Barca at the moment?

It happens a bit like AC Milan, has had a series of injuries, many of the same classification that breaks your muscle and a little normal course of the season. Missing 'Puyi' or Piqué ago, but Mascherano is doing very well, note the specific weight of both. Moreover, lesions disrupt the rotation system does Pep Guardiola, forcing some players to play more minutes and that can affect new lesions. It's a vicious circle.

You beat me to the signing of Alexis Sanchez and I already said it was a phenomenon ...

Have you seen that I have not cheated. Calcium is very tough and competitive and Alexis said to Udinese. This learning I think he has done well to join Barça. In the case of Cesc Fabregas, another great player, is different because he grew up in Barça, and knew everything about the team, it's as if they never left. In any case, are two big signings.

Do you envy the quarry healthy Barça?

Of course yes, but also Spanish otrosclubs. La 'Roja' is not champion of Europe and the world by chance. Spain has long been working very well at the lower level and the club selection is careful quarries. Barca, for their success is the best example, but there are several clubs like Athletic, Valencia, Villarreal, Osasuna, Atletico Madrid, Sevilla or Betis who do very well. So Real Madrid is good young players, but not of the same importance to Barça in the first team. Just watch Spanish football has become an exporter, something unthinkable a few years ago. There is talent to spare.

What would change in the Spanish league?

Basically it is very long, has too many teams in the Premier League and that adversely affects the championship. But not me who should say, quite a mess we have in Italy and calcium. However, the League is very difficult, very complicated. (via MD)

[Barça B] Marking to Bartra and Montoya

Valencia is not the only club with caché that spies to the two defenders of Barça B that negotiate its renovation.

Barcelona and Valencia are under a mutual marking. As interest Barca by Jordi Alba takes volume as the season progresses and Catalan not renew his contract finishes, from Mestalla respond leaking details of its comprehensive monitoring Marc Bartra and Montoya , two of Barça B players who end contract in 2012. Weeks ago, and according to local media, took note of his performances in the League match against Alcoyano Forward, which ended with Barca rout (1-4) and which played ninety minutes. But Valencia is not the only club that goes behind the two defenders.

Marc Bartra is the one with the strongest interest of Valencia. Dealbert ends contract and Ricardo Costa does not have the technical confidence. There are other teams of similar caliber and foreign leagues also attentive to the renewal and negotiations have already communicated to their environment that will pull the network as possible. Bartra, Eusebio Sacristan holder in eight games, ends in June and the contacts do not advanced in excess. The differences are not economic but sports, a project that can ensure a step forward in his career. The player wants to stay at Barca, is a top priority, and has already demonstrated its commitment to reject very tempting offers. It is that the club give details of your bet.

The case of Montoya is different. Entered orbit Valencia last season but his refusal led to Barragan Mestalla. Bruno and Miguel end contract and Valencia are looking for a right full-back input assume the backup role, but then end up being the owner. The desire to Montoya , who started nine games and international B all on one occasion, is to follow FC Barcelona and above all, play. Barcelona or Valencia or offer it for now. (via MD)

[Former player] Gabriel Milito commends the work of Pep Guardiola

The centre-back of Independiente saved themselves a great memory of his years at Barça.

Some players who have been in recent seasons under Pep Guardiola surprised in recent weeks by the criticism to coach Guardiola. Ibrahimovic has been grueling, but Touré and Bojan have also complained about some issues. An exception to this trend the stars Gabi Milito, who was full of praise to his former coach at Barça. The current Independiente centre-back has been defined as "a great coach, not only in football section, but for their ability to manage the group and keep the tension necessary for the team will play well. Everything is worthwhile for you, your message , how to express their ideas and their clarity. "

With respect to the memory of your computer that stores said "is a big whole in every way and with great humility." In the absence of a few weeks for the great classical, Milito declared: "The two clubs are the best in the world, but I still see more than Barça". (via MD)

Mallorca will insist with Miño, in summer

The Balearic club wants to strengthen its Proterius this winter with Barca goalkeeper subsidiary, which already enjoyed at the end of last season.

Mallorca resumes in the name of Ruben Miño to the goal. Interest in the Barca B goalkeeper is not new. Last summer, Michael Laudrup being in charge, the club president Llorenç Serra Ferrer negotiated with the azulgrana its recruiting, but then there was no agreement. The player was aware of the talks. He did not go for a purely sporting decision. In fact, Miño pulled up the League Ahead being regular in the first seven games. The player, his contract ends this coming month of June 2012, has not received notification of Barça to sit down and negotiate. Aouate is the holder of the Mallorca goal. What was with the Danish Technical and remains so also in the arrival of Joaquin Caparros. But Israel is 34 and has Calatayud as a second. (via MD)

Fontàs, also on the agenda of Málaga

The centre-back also continues to Barca, as in summer, followed by Pepe Mel's Betis.

Malaga adds to the list of players interested in Font. Although Europe remains in place after a productive starting point irregular but the Andalusian club aims to reinforce the defensive line. Coach Manuel Pellegrini's is short on cash. The name of the Barca defense is back to ring in Seville, as a few days ago the possibility arose that ended in the Betis Pepe Mel.

The fact that he played only two games, a league and a Copa del Rey, make it a piece quoted for the winter market. Despite the insistence of the rumors, the center has no intention of changing the air or in January or in June, assuming that circumstances may arise that do not give Pep minutes ahead of other plants have. (via MD)

[Youth] U.E. Lleida 0 - 3 FCB Juvenil A

Oscar García's team has been imposed in the Mainland with goals of Cristian Herrera, Jean Marie Dongou and Pol Calvet.

Óscar García's boys has won his tenth serial game again and they stay unbeaten in the División de Honor Juvenil. In this occasion, Barça has been imposed Lleida in the Municipal field Gardeny in a very competitive encounter where the azulgranas has had to fight for the victory.

Cristian has signed the first goal of Barça in the minute 39. Ayala has centered and the front azulgrana has not wasted the occasion and he/she has opened the marker with a beautiful one it finishes off of head.

In the renewal Óscar García's team has gone out with a lot of force and it has dominated the whole second time. Dongou has increased the difference in the minute 49 with a point in which has overcome the porter in the one against one after a splendid pass of Grimaldo in depth.

The third goal, work of Pol Calvet, product of the fielder's beautiful maneuver singular that has overcome the porter with a good shot inside the area leridana has arrived.

With this new victory, the Juvenil A unbeaten leader of the División de Honor Juvenil continues and consolidates as the only team that has won all the parties this season. Next weekend will receive Nàstic in Miniestadi. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Technical Data]
U.E. LLEIDA: Palau, Sergi (Xavi, min 63), Aleix, Roger, David, Tutu, Marcelo, Juan, Putxi (Isaac, min 63), Oscar (Rama, min 63), Morancho.

JUVENIL A: Miguel, Edu, Grimaldo, Bagnack, Ayala, Samper (Patri, min 85), Cristian (Alex, min 67), Polo, Dongou, Miguel Ángel, Quintillà.

Goals: 0-1, Cristian, min 39; 0-2, Dongou, min 49; 0-3, Pol, min 71.

[Former player] Maxi López feels ready to sign for Milan

Maxi Lopez, become one of the top goals of Milan for the market in winter, said he is prepared to sign for the club 'Rossoneri', despite the competition is going to find to grab a starting job.

"I have the luck that I have marked 27 years in five different championships and in 2006 won the Champions League too. I played with Ronaldinho, Eto'o and Messi at Barcelona. With Eto'o were perfectly compatible, "said Argentine striker Catania in an interview published yesterday by the 'Corriere dello Sport.

"From Milan I admire your great organization and the opportunity to have a place in the team to replace a great champion like Cassano," added the 'Gallina', not forgetting that in Barcelona eliminated Milan in the Champions League semifinals 2006 and earlier to Chelsea, "Mourinho". (via SPORT)

Iniesta: "Guardiola is essential for the club works"

Before leaving for Costa Rica, the manchego defended the unity in the locker room and is confident that Barcelona's Guardiola continue many years at the helm.

Barça arrived to the parón for the international commitments with the tranquility contributed by the 'Iniestazo' of L'Hospitalet. The move to the next round is on track and the team has been responsible for disabling external pumps designed to sow doubts about the heavyweight vestuario.Los union would never Andres Iniesta with one of their leaders. Keep winning isolated from all external feedback is the only goal of a set with an infinite hunger.

The return to Wembley was not very fruitful for the loss to the selection, but is returning to imagine this scenario should always be special.

It's a nice scene in which we enjoyed in the final of the Champions League. This time the result was not postivio, but kept his style selection, we made a good game and the only pity was the defeat.

You've got three winning Champions and the cycle continues, did you have your head in the final of Munich?

We will try to extend the most of this cycle. We are working to make things right again and get to the final chance to fight for the titles, but there is still much ahead.

Is one of the major motivations of the season is four consecutive league match of `Dream Team'?

It's a nice challenge because these leagues are proving overcomplicate. Every year more difficult, although we know we will again be complicated, we have a great enthusiasm to keep winning.

Do you expect a season that has an extremely intense as the outcome of the past?

We said at the end of last season and we have repeated the top of this, which would increase the difficulty and is proving so. If we are lucky to win the league next season will be even more complicated if possible. Each year we face a new challenge.

But the stress level was not exaggerated?

The Real Madrid games were intense and were played in the Super Cup two games in which the two teams went for broke. Let's see what happens this year.

Speaking of the Super Cup, one of the most memorable images is yours Cristiano commenting that such controversy could not be good.

It's the feeling I had all the world as a result of these clashes. Everything that was not football, it should be parked. At the end of the day, the amateur who come to the stadium or watching television viewer wants to see good football, good plays ... Everything else does not matter.

Do you think Victor Valdes as that for Catalans continue to enjoy a winner Barca Pep Guardiola should continue?

We will always say the same. We are delighted with it. We sincerely believe that is a fundamental part of the team work

Does the fourth season as coach is not beginning to show some wear?

If the coach still is because I feel that way. He has said on more than one occasion, when they feel it will be difficult for you. It's about change and hopefully not stay for long. Is a sign that all is well.

¿Ustedes you read give Pep decides to renew season after season?

It's not about what we give or provide us with him. The key is that we are a team and all we need to use one hundred percent. When you do it and give it all, little more could you want. The team and coach agree that we do our best.

The connection of the locker room with Guardiola has been questioned by Ibrahimovic and to a lesser extent also by Bojan, are you particularly surprised that a squad of his friends, to express his discomfort?

Nor should we give more importance than it has. Each one has a situation, sees things one way and all opinions are respectable.

Do Guardiola office doors are open?

This costume is a privilege for the people out there. I hardly think that people inside do not feel identified, although each has its time and opinions are what they are.

Anybody can believe that Messi and Villa not speak?

It has created something from nothing. When you create things that do not exist, there is no need to talk.

Returning to Ibra, is not contradictory that qualifies them for college and at the same time last year saying that you should win the Ballon d'Or?

Each has his way of life. We are not all alike, nor think the same, but can not claim the locker room. Far from it.

Will the arrival of Cesc espabilar made to other means to look more goal?

Cesc has been added to. It is a very great person and a great player, but the midfield, as always, we have to get up and score goals. There is something now because it is Cesc. The responsibility is not only mark the forwards.

This season we see many more 'Iniestazos'?

I wish. It would be good to follow the line last season.

In the last season scored nine goals, finishing with ten Would you sign?

No sign nignuna figure, but I continue to make goals.

After the goal in L'Hospitalet talk turned to Stamford Bridge, years pass and the Catalans do not tire of repeating that goal ...

It's nice that these memories endure. I feel very fortunate to have lived such a special moment.

Anyway, it seems unlikely that the remaining partners marked lot next to Messi.

No one will more goals than him, but we will continue to help for the mark and Leo will do the same so that we manage ourselves.
The goal is a matter of equipment.

Are you living the quiet month in 2010 when he spoke both the Ballon d'Or?

Then we were also quiet. We were lucky enough to be three Barca players in Zurich and this year I am happy to be on the final list.

And it seems impossible that Messi does not win again.

Is a prime candidate because it is the world number one. (via SPORT)

Iniesta: "My life is much better with my daughter, has given another dimension"

Valeria's arrival seven months ago and a half was the best joy for Andrew. His happiness at home also is felt on the field.

Andres Iniesta has a great reason to smile every morning. Valeria see little plus gives him an added energy to attend the Ciutat Esportiva with overwhelming enthusiasm. Manchego is happy inside and outside the field. The unforgettable moments never cease: titles with the club, the decisive goal at Soccer City and, of course, the birth of her daughter.

Incidentally, Valeria arrival has coincided with their best scorer. Last season he scored nine goals this season and has already won three. You just have to be released in the league, although the small loss to muscle injury prevented him from Milan will score more goals to his account director. Andrew hopes to continue seeing door "to spend many more goals to my daughter. Before I was born was the gesture with a belly, now is the pacifier when it takes you, and find something different to keep remembering it. "

The manchego always noted for his maturity and composure, but the authorship has further contributed to promoting this personality. Even the player said Valeria, "I have changed for the better. A child gives you another dimension of life. I try to enjoy every moment seeing that everything goes very fast. It has seven and a half months, is growing and I hope to keep doing just as healthy and in good health. It's what it was. "

Andrew is a player who has never forgotten the values ​​that exist beyond the bubble futbolísitica. His profession is both his passion, though not the sole focus on their scale of priorities. "I thought then and now believe even more. Football is now, but life is much more than this, "he reflects.

The Fuentealbilla has reached a moment of lasting happiness and stresses that "fortunately, is what I try both in my personal life and in football. I want to continue to grow each year and be better every way. I've always said that everything is related. What happens off the field also affects the inside. "

The formula of having a quiet day to day is not at all complex. Iniesta has changed in Sant Feliu de Llobregat Esplugues, but continues with his normal habits. It's a homebody and is at home with his family, where he feels director. For this reason, the midfielder is clear that "this will never change. It's what I've always done and what I enjoy doing. Everyone has their way of interpreting his life and this is my way of being happy. "

The manchego not need to call attention or be eccentric for public worship him. His game is enough to be one of the most beloved players in the world. (via SPORT)

[Former player] Touré Yaya: "My wife told me I could not stay without playing at age 27"

The Ivorian explained the reasons for his departure contovertida and reflects on his relationship with Guardiola.

Gnégnéri Yaya Toure (Ivory Coast, 05/13/1983) earns more than 200,000 euros a week and play in the City with Kolo, one of his nine siblings. His departure from Barcelona took the fans off guard, which had one of their own. The emergence of Busquets changed the face and its environment encouraged him to take another train. Over a year later it still growls in Catalan and Barcelona are still remembered. "La Rambla is full of Mexican hats, free and caged animals, souvenirs and kebabs, shirts Puyol, Touré Gaudí and Ya-ya-ya ai want to play!" Gerard Quintana sings the theme ` Colors Barcelona ¿.

Do you live your best time in the City?
Everybody was against United we will be a very important rival. People are very happy. I came here because I liked the idea of playing on a team that had not won anything and was starting to build something great. Last year I experienced something very special when we won the Cup and scored in the final. We are in the right direction.

Will it cost you to get used to the Premier?
was difficult at first. I had to work harder to reach my level. This league is very challenging and you have to take care of your body because everything is very physical. There were also many new players on the team.

What do you want Mancini?
This game later. It gives me freedom to pursue the goal as he did in Monaco. Mancini is a good guy and has given me confidence. This year we continue with the 4-4-2, but we are more offensive players like Nasri and Kun. And then Silva has taken a leap in quality.

Three players and a team change ...
They are small people like Xavi, Messi and Iniesta (laughs). The truth is that I was afraid that they struggled to adapt to football in England because Spain is another thing. But they are doing fantastic.

Above all Silva.
It is the level of the best ...
It's awesome. For me the best in the City and the Premier now. Barca's profile. It does everything very well.

Some are already comparing him to Messi ...
Look, Messi there is only one. Messi is Messi. The best in the world. It is also very good people, like Xavi, Iniesta ... buenísimos are guys, so always win. Is the locker room with best atmosphere I've ever been.

Some still do not understand why she left. I imagine it will be difficult to leave the best team in the world ...
When you say you want to go from Barcelona take him for mad. What we did is impressive. In 2009 we won six glasses. Unbelievable. You can not get more. When that happens you think, 'What now?. He had won everything and the arrival of young players was crucial to leave. I have 28 years and I'm not old, I wanted to play every weekend.

When did the decision?
For me it was very difficult to get away from this club. From the first day that I said I was the club of my dreams. I was with back problems but I always played like it was my last game. The taste so good to me ... It was so difficult. But there came a time when I talked to my wife, people who are near me, and I said, `You have 27 years and can not be without playing, you have to go ¿.

Without Busquets would still be in Barcelona?
Look, Busquets is a great guy. I've never disrespectful. I always wondered how he was. But when I saw that my minutes were reduced, I realized that Guardiola did not believe in me. And if you do not believe it's best to leave.

Pep you disappointed?
Yes It all started the season after my operation. I was disappointed. He spent the season without telling me. Always looking to talk to him. I did it three times. She said she trusted me, but begin again next game on the bench.

Was a football problem?
I'd rather not talk about it. Pep does not talk to players who do not play. It never ever told me was I who had to go looking to clear things up.

Do you feel nostalgic when they think they might still be in Barcelona?
always look at Barça. They are my friends. It's the team I most enjoy watching play. It's phenomenal. But I made ​​a good decision when I left. Go back? You never know. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Eusebio: "We work to achieve balance within 90 minutes"

After the draw against Girona, the coach believes that there must be "to maintain the same high level of play in every game". The La Seca recognizes that Girona has been strong in the second half thanks to the "lack of control "your computer at this time.

Despite seeing as Girona even got a game that at halftime the Barça B was winning by 2 to 0, Eusebio Sacristan do good in their work. This is not the first time this season as he sees Barca branch back a match, and that is why the technician explains that one of the objectives on which work is to "get the balance for 90 minutes."

Eusebio know, anyway, this is not an easy task. "It's complicated, but we will work to maintain the same high level of play in every game and every minute" , says the coach of Barça B, recalling that "still growing ".

When analyzing the game, Eusebio says, "We've managed to take the lead in the game, peace out of their pressure and clarity to hurt when we were going to attack." But one of the reasons why the Girona has managed to overcome is that "our lack of control has allowed them to continue with its intensity. In addition, make us the first goal was important to them, because they saw that they had chances to win the game. "

Looking to the game against Girona, Eusebio did not Rafa Alcantara in the starting lineup because "it was time to rest." Remember that the player, along with Taylor, debuted this week with the first team , specifically in the Cup Hospitalet del Rey before . Subsidiary coach says Rafinha has "a great competitive mentality" and that allows you to "be a good example for the group" . With all its qualities, Eusebio no doubt that the brother of Thiago "go far". (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[selection] Alexis Sanchez trains normally and starter targets

Alexis is presented as one of the saviors of their selection after the resounding defeat to Uruguay.
The Chilean is the penultimate ranked South American qualifying for the World Cup.
Alexis Sánchez, Humberto Suazo and Eduardo Vargas's trident attack of 'La Roja'.

The forward Alexis Sanchez has trained normally with the selection of Chile, and it looks like it will hold against that of Paraguay on Tuesday, the party of the fourth round of World Cup qualifier in Brazil 2014.

the physical state of the Barcelona player generated concern in the environment of la Roja, after last Friday suffered from a groin injury during the match against Uruguay warming. The coach, Argentine Claudio Borghi , decided not to risk and Alexis left on the bench in the 4-0 thrashing inflicted by the Uruguayan team. In practice this Sunday morning on the campus of Santiago Juan Pinto Durán, the front has been exercised with their peers and, if no last-minute setback, will in the starting lineup on Tuesday with Eduardo Vargas and Humberto Suazo, who will complete the attacking trio. In fact, after morning exercise, Roberto Yanez , Chilean national team doctor, clarified that "Alexis has a groin muscle strain in his left leg and pressed in a little warm. If no action was only as a precaution "; overcome this trouble because, Alexis clearly points to the title.

In turn, the wheel Matias Fernandez , who finished the match against Uruguay hobbled by a sprained ankle, is almost fully recovered and will be available Borghi.

Thus, Chile's starting lineup on Tuesday could be formed by Claudio Bravo in the arch, Waldo Ponce, Pablo Contreras and Marco Gonzalez in defense, Mauricio Isla, Gary Medel, Matías Matías Fernández Campos and in the center of the field and Alexis Sanchez, Humberto Suazo and Eduardo Vargas in the lead.

after the training, José Rojas defense acknowledged in a press conference that the school is touched emotionally after the precipitous drop in Montevideo, but are working to boost morale. "We are not going through your head lose (against Paraguay). The group is becoming very strong in the mood to lift things," said the player at the University of Chile. Rojas sent a message of comfort to the Chilean fans, who view with pessimism the status of your selection, ranked second to last World Cup South American qualifying. "Let us have faith as we have always, since this group will leave the soul on the court to go to a new World," he said Rojas. (via MD)

[Selection] Adriano retired of the train of Brazil for injury

FC Barcelona's Adriano Correia retired from the Brazilian coach complaining of discomfort in the hamstring.

The dreaded curse of the biceps femoris knows no borders and has continued to Adriano Correia to Doha where it is concentrated with the Brazilian national team to prepare for the friendly against Egypt on Monday.

Adriano retired with discomfort in the biceps femoris of the training session on Sunday and is almost ruled out for the next game with canarinha to Egypt. (via SPORT)

Moratti opened the doors of the Inter to Guardiola

Pep Guardiola and Moratti met this weekend in Italy with many issues on the table.

The meeting that occurred this weekend in Italy between Guardiola and Massimo Moratti has extended very little but 'SportMediaset Italia' that there are several proposals that Guardiola could have received the official interest.

One of them, open up the Italian club for Pep Guardiola when you want to be the new 'Special One' to Moratti, who after the departure of Mourinho, Inter has lacked a major influence on the bench. Moratti, aware that half of Europe would Guardiola leave if Barca coach Pep want to consider your option if you want. Guardiola will freely offer carte blanche sports and youth structure which to draw. (via SPORT)

Guardiola calls for Brescia as his "dream for the future"

Barca coach saw Sunday in the box at the Mario Rigamonti stadium Brescia, the party of the Italian second division (Serie B) to face his former team Ascoli unleashing the illusion among local fans.

Brescia, Guardiola in his box, lost the match by 0-1 against Ascoli. However, the Italian city remained excited about the return of Pep to be his stage for a season and a half.

The enthusiasm for his arrival was such that from one end of the stadium waved a banner that read in Italian "Pep, pride of the past, dream for the future."

Pep displays of affection thanked the audience waving from the balcony, where he arrived five minutes before the start of the meeting.

Guardiola, 40, returned to Brescia, a city in which he played as a player in 2003, accompanied by his wife Cristina Sierra and her three children, told the Italian media.

The coach arrived Saturday at the Italian northern city on a private plane from Valencia, where he participated in a conference, and spent the time between purchases, trips and friends, the sources said.

Later, he dined with the Lombard club president Gino Corioni, at a restaurant in the city. (via SPORT)

Eto'o and Ibrahimovic, divorce key Laporta-Rosell

The French newspaper "Libération" published a story Sunday about the "divorce" between Joan Laporta and Rosell

"The fratricidal war between the old and the current president of FC Barcelona." So called the French newspaper "Libération" an article published Sunday in the sports section. Signed by François Musseau journalist, correspondent of the newspaper in Madrid, the article explains that despite all the sporting and social success, "the club is debora by a fratricidal struggle" between Sandro Rosell and Joan Laporta.

And, according to the newspaper, the cause of the divorce between the two, after starting an exciting project together, has its own name. Or, rather, names. "... Until the two men face two signings violently millionaires, Eto'o and Ibrahimovic, who Rosell was opposed, in vain." From there, always according to the "Libération", "war of egos has not only increased independence (...) Elected, Joan Laporta is proud to be the president of history (a record six titles in 2009), the repository of the heritage of Cruyff and continues to denigrate his successor, a moderate nationalist, "incapable of the legend of Barça", "concludes the article. (via SPORT)

[Former president] Joan Laporta: "With Guardiola reality exceeded our expectations"

To mark its presence in El Salvador, Joan Laporta gave an extensive interview to "The Graph", reviewing various aspects of the history of Barcelona.

"The hegemony of Barça relative to Madrid begins to take shape in 2003. And do not say it is the year I became president. It is because they are two different club models. Barça is based on humility. Madrid using the portfolio gives an image that is not pretty and it had happened to us also to us in the past.'s most beautiful and empower the youth to realize the dream of children who have begun to play with 8 or 9 years "

"As Barca president I've met five presidents of Real Madrid. All have been extraordinary people and with them I had a good relationship. With some I had more empathy, but very good. That says it all. Barça during those years sport has been and institutional stability and the mother does not. This has contributed to the hegemony of Barça. One fact says it all: The most important decision I made and gave a better picture of the club in the world was to incorporate advertising Unicef ​​on the shirt. It has given us noble, solidarity and recognition worldwide. It has given us heart and soul "

A Laporta asked if the history of Barca would have been different if instead of Ronaldinho had signed Beckham. "When we signed Ronaldinho had three options, he, Henry or Beckham. The work of three, but came out of Ronaldinho. Henry told us that Beckham and reached an agreement with Manchester United, but the player chose Real Madrid . The press sometimes things are sold without a comprehensive analysis of the issue. We had three options and explained clearly during the election campaign. But it is clear that the illusion Ronaldinho returned to Barcelona. It was the ultimate expression of a very virtuous and football also of great humility. Because this has been one of the keys to success, humility is still the club or the club, the team. And that humility which for me are the best team in the history of football is very commendable "

Barcelona's former president also questioned him about the difficulty of moving in the world of football and politics. "Both areas have their complexity. In the world of football you have to know the emotions combine with business decisions and that's not easy. In addition, there are many interests. Sometimes it is difficult to explain according to decisions. For example, everyone I said Mourinho had to sign and I tab to Pep Guardiola, because I thought it was the ideal person. We wanted to shatter when we said that he would be the coach. We remembered that he had no experience. Mourinho is a great coach, but we thought Guardiola was eligible to be a great coach. And most people who now praises criticized that decision then. I really like people to grind, but I repeat that everything is complex. We must tread lightly and it is essential to follow your criterion, because the environment you always want to influence and if you mess up you will be responsible. And it will be annoying if you make a mistake by the mouth of others. So I prefer to err on my decision "

Emphasizing the choice of Pep Guardiola as first team coach, Laporta explained that "we were convinced of the election, for their knowledge, I knew about the club ... It's a decision I took after consulting with Johan Cruyff, Txiki Begiristain and Rafael Yuste. Also, I was always a lover of Pep. But when a close friend of mine, a vice president, tells me it's a hard worker ... I talk to Cruyff, which to me is a reference in many ways, and tells me that is the proper equipment. I talk to my technical secretary and says the same thing ... I communicate my decision to the board, there is a logical debate by absolute majority make the decision. were at risk because Barcelona had to react at that time . I had to take a pulse and the impulse was to change the coach and team leaders "

A Laporta asked if passion had been at some point when making a decision. "I can proudly say that I mastered passion. At the beginning of my tenure, we would discuss the games Rijkaard, Cruyff and Txiki. And when you see a game with such people, I thought I knew football, I realized that only 10% knew what they knew them. They see football differently and make you look athletic clear that decisions should be left in the hands of those who understand football. I realize that you do not know. And so I always delegated sports theme Txiki Beguiristain. Learn to delegate is important. If the president gets to make the alignment is lost. The president is to preside, take the latest decisions and assume the technical to protect the clothing, which is the best we have. "

In this regard, Laporta admits that "I will not say names, but I do know of presidents who make the team rosters. It is something human. Must we understand the. You have the ultimate responsibility and want everything to go well."

If a weakness supports the Blaugrana is the former president of appreciation to his players. "I feel like my younger brothers and then I could. I had a weakness to people who have given us glory. And I think players have recognized that in addition to ensuring the interests of the club have ensured their interests. I got in place. "

A Laporta also questioned him how he managed to remain impassive in the box at games like the 2-6 in the field of Real Madrid. "The joy is carried inside. Do not know the pleasure you can feel free exteriorized. And you have to mortify and hold out of respect. I was 14 years at a Catholic school and I suppose they taught me that mortification and I've practiced. But I am glad I remember that 2-6. I was 10 when Barca won 0-5 at the Bernabeu with Johan Cruyff as coach. That day, all the kids of that age knew the sweets of victory we were in Barcelona for life. And now this has happened to other children with the 2-6, a result that does not forget in a lifetime "

The former president was asked by the sporting objectives when they decided to coach Pep Guardiola. "When you make a decision, do it with the intention that you get it right. Otherwise, you would not. But it is true that the reality has exceeded all expectations we had. Guardiola and his players make that decision we made in the time and it was a risk, it is increasingly good. The credit is theirs. " (via SPORT)

Guardiola: "At Brescia I feel at home"

Barca coach was happy to return to Italian soil and ensuring Brescia stadium would be able to "breathe the air of that stage for me means so much" and acknowledged that some of his former team players "are interesting and promising".

The FC Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola was radiant in her return to Brescia to revive old feelings of his time as player of the Italian club.

After moving to the city in northern Italy, Guardiola has wasted no time with his family visiting various locations and meeting with several friends.

Pep acclimation to what was his city for a couple of campaigns is total. Proof of this is that Guardiola did not hesitate to confirm that "in Brescia me feel at home", as revealed by the Italian website Bresciaoggi.it.

Barca coach admitted his excitement about returning to the Stadio Mario Rigamonti in action to see his former team and was happy to be able to "breathe the air of that stage for me means so much."

Pep will have the opportunity to enjoy local and Brescia as the participation of some interesting players. "Young people are interesting and promising Brescia," revealed Guardiola. (via SPORT)

Sandro Rosell to be interviewed by Al Jazeera Sports News

The FC Barcelona President will be interviewed live by Al Jazeera Sport News this Monday from Qatar. The interview will be broadcast simultaneously in Catalonia by Barça TV and Esport3, www.fcbarcelona.cat and esport3.cat will follow the interview online.

This Monday, at 15.30 local time, President Sandro Rosell will be interviewed live on Al Jazeera Sport News from Qatar. The interview will be simulcast in Catalonia through Barça TV and Esport3, www.fcbarcelona.cat and esport3.cat will follow the interview online.

Al Jarzeera Sprt News, a new television channel specializing in sports news, started broadcasting on November 1st and can be seen in all Arab countries (Middle East and North Africa) via television and throughout the world on the Internet. Carles Vilarrubí’s presence, and with Barça’s congratulatory video featuring Sandro Rosell, Pep Guardiola, Messi, Cesc, and Piqué, gave the channel’s inaugural event a certain Azulgrana hue.

Al Jazeera Sport New has a weekly La Liga roundup programme, One Week of La Liga, hosted by Mohammed Saadon Al Kuwari. Tomorrow’s One Week of La Liga will feature an exclusive interview with FC Barcelona President, Sandro Rosell. The interview, to be broadcast to over 40 million people, will last approximately 40 minutes.

President Sandro Rosell is heading up a FC Barcelona delegation in Qatar that will participate in the Aspire4Sport conference. Aspire4Sport, held at the Dome Aspire in Doha, is an international event that focuses on the sporting industry.

In addition to attending the Aspire4Sport conference, FC Barcelona Vice-President Javier Faus will participate in a debate discussing the link between international sponsorship and the world of sports. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Messi amongst the candidates for the Time Person of the Year Award

The prestigious US magazine “Time” has named the Barça number 10 as one of the 32 candidates for this year’s Person of the Year Award. The magazine claims that Messi has: “taken the most popular sport in the world to new heights above commercial success”.

The US magazine "Time" has included Leo Messi amongst the 32 candidates for the Person of the Year 2011. The list includes figures such as Steve Jobs, Angela Merkel, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Silvio Berlusconi, Kate Middleton and Nicolas Sarkozy and the final choice will be announced in December.

The magazine's website claims Messi has managed to create "a unanimous opinion amongst fans throughout the world" that he is "the best player of his generation." Although the magazine points out that Messi has yet to win the World Cup, it stresses that "he has won everything with his club, Barça and is "on the way to winning his third World Player of the Year award," whilst reminding its readers that he recently – in the Champions League game against Viktoria Pilsen - chalked up his 200th goal with the Club.

Time also commented that Messi "has taken the most popular sport in the world to a new commercial level of success, as shown by the fact that so many North American children go to school in a Barça shirt." (via FCBarcelona.cat)

International players’ return sets the training agenda for week ahead

After a three day break, the squad will be back in training on Monday morning, though they will be without their international players and on Monday and Tuesday they will train with the B team players. Hopefully, most of the players off on international duty will be back and available for Wednesday evening’s training session.

After the international break, the first team squad will begin preparations for a crowded schedule (with games in the League, Cup, Champions League, and the World Club Cup in Japan) ahead of the Christmas break. Pep Guardiola won’t be able to call on the majority of his full squad until Wednesday evening though, with most of his international players figuring on Tuesday for their national teams.

The squad have been enjoying a three day break and will not be back at Sant Joan Despí until Monday morning and with so many players off on international duty, the coaching staff have decided to train with the B team players on Monday and Tuesday. Both of these sessions will start at 11.00 and the first fifteen minutes will be open to the media.

Pep Guardiola is hoping to be able to call on most of the international players who are away at the moment by Wednesday, though the South Americans Messi, Mascherano and Alexis Sánchez won’t be back till Thursday. Training will start at 18.00 on both days.

With the game against Zaragoza scheduled for Saturday evening, Pep will thus have a full squad to train on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. On Friday the session will begin at 11.00 and Guardiola will hold a press conference afterwards, whilst the players will train at 11.30 at the Camp Nou on match day. (via FCBarcelona.cat)