13 November 2011

Fontàs not think Barca move

The canterano makes it clear to the rumors that will not go either January or June.

Andreu Fontàs does not move from Barcelona . That is the message that the player wants to make clear to the persistent rumors that put you in this upcoming winter market teams like Betis, whose executives and tried to sign him last summer.

The centre-back of Banyoles know it's good to have clubs that are interested to be done with their services, because that means you are doing a good job and scouts see him as a player with projection. Assignments, in many cases are good for homegrown with no fogueen minutes and then back rolled. However, Fontàs, renewed until 2015, has no interest in a loan or leave this coming January or summer. Pep Guardiola is also not for the work. In fact, he has coach this season despite only ever played a league match against Real in Anoeta and another Cup to l'Hospitalet, which performed at a high level. (via MD)

[Former player] Benfica coach does not want to miss Saviola

In spite of the continuous rumors on their possible one to go, Javier Saviola doesn't move of Benfica. Or at least that is what assured this Sunday the coach luso Jorge Jesus.

Argentina's Javier Saviola is still a cornerstone in the template Benfica, according to his coach, Jorge Jesus, who walked away and the persistent rumors of his possible departure to Spain, Italy or the Middle East.

Was quoted Sunday by Portuguese sports newspapers, all Lisbon coach praised the performance of the Argentine striker during yesterday's victory in the friendly against the Turkish Galatasaray (0-2), in which Saviola scored a goal.

According to Jorge Jesus, "El Conejo" remains "a very important player in the team's offensive maneuvers." "We have it for the future," he said.

In recent weeks, Saviola has been linked with several clubs outside of Portugal, including Villarreal, Valencia and Lazio Italy, plus some Qataris.

The striker, 29, has a buyout clause of 30 million euros, although his contract with the "eagles" ends next June 30, so it could leave now free.

Lusos media speculate that Benfica prefer to sell in the winter market in order to extract some benefit from the operation.

Saviola Jorge Jesus acknowledged that "was not so well in recent games, but also lacks some competitive pace" and that against Galatasaray "showed that still motivated, passionate, and retains the same quality."

The Argentine international has been the main victim of the change of scheme Jorge Jesus, that this campaign commitment to 4-2-3-1, with a single striker, since it competes with the Paraguayan Oscar Cardozo and Brazilian Hispanic Rodrigo, one of the sensations in these early months of competition.

The former River, Barcelona, ​​Monaco, Sevilla and Real Madrid came off the bench in the last two official matches of Benfica, Basel or before the Champions League or against Braga in the league, and enjoyed only nine minutes in the field in the meeting with Olhanense.

The Argentinian international team arrived at Lisbon in summer 2009 from Real Madrid, which did not quite jell, in exchange for 5 million euros, and has since played 104 games with the "Eagles" and has gotten 36 goals. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Rafinha: "The renewal with the club is near"

Rafinha Alcántara has assured this Sunday to the news agency EFE that is to a step of closing its renovation with Barça.

The player of the filial azulgrana Rafinha Alcántara, who this week became the twenty-first squad debut at the orders of Pep Guardiola at Barcelona, ​​he told news agency EFE that both the club as he is "very close" to reach an agreement for the renewal of his contract.

Brother of first team midfielder Thiago Alcántara and son of former Brazilian footballer Mazinho, its just 18 Rafinha is one of the players with more projection of the quarry and, despite being still young, is already one of the pillars of subsidiary Second Division, where he is top scorer with five goals.

Therefore, the renewal of his contract is a major issue, especially when some big clubs in the continent beset the young prodigy, contract ending in June. Although the club would prefer a new long term contract, the player's father would insist on a shorter agreement until 2013.

"Very well. It's going very well," he asserted about Barca playmaker in an interview with Efe. "The two sides are very close. We are very happy to be here and they also hope to be here."

In the 75th minute of the game against L'Hospitalet de Copa del Rey, Rafa Alcantara Do Nascimento (Sao Paulo, 1993) became part of the statistics for the Catalan club's history by becoming the twenty-first squad debuts Guardiola in three and a half years on the bench squad.

"It's a dream for any youth player. But for me it is something special, because his debut with the best team in the world is incredible," he acknowledged with a smile that always accompanies it. And, as Pearl admits Barca, "jump into the grass and notes that intensity, that pace. It's like a movie, is something from another world."

Guardiola has explained, it said "nothing special" before jumping into the field, beyond the "notes to make tactical and normal." Who did his brother Thiago was mad at that time with the U-21, "He called, of course. All the family were very happy and my brother."

Interior with arrival to the area, which has led him to act as a false nine or extreme physical Rafa combines a portentous, some outstanding technical qualities, good dribbling and best shot. Therefore, as soon unclogs attack game subsidiary and fight until the last ball back. An innate road. This may be why I suggest that analysts Rafinha as one of the players that can be Barca's column in the future, but he refuses to admit something. "No, the future never know. But of course I would, is a dream," he says. Fewer still dares to say what could make the first team: "They are the best in the world and I can say I do not know if I can contribute. I can bring Curran, Curran and currar only."

In any case, his head now only through the branch, who on Saturday tied to two in a vibrant duel to the Girona Catalonia, despite the income of two goals in the first half of Eusebio Sacristan. "It's a shame that ended in a tie with two goals scored. But we must learn from these things. We have been misled and we have nailed two goals, has opined. We're fine, but at home we have just carried the three points ".

This is an obsession now, beyond Barca first team and the interest of the likes of Chelsea, as some reports have suggested in the last week. "Chelsea? Hell, because I never hear about these things, really," he says, laughing, Rafinha. (via SPORT)

Barcelona 2012-13: With three goalkeepers

Barca have almost decided to have another goalie in the first team next year. Pinto will follow and the idea is that you get competitive and youth thinking of the future.

The coaching staff responsible for FC Barcelona will change the strategy for next season and will have almost decided that the first team with three goalies instead of two as at present. This strategy would imply the renewal of Jose Manuel Pinto , contract ending this June 30. It is considered that the Andalusian school brings to things beyond football. This incorporation pursue two objectives: to rejuvenate that district a little to give it more forward-looking and ensure greater competitiveness in goal for the present. By the way, would also not disrupt the plans of the subsidiary removing a goalkeeper from time to time.

In fact, a preview of what might happen next season occurred during the Champions League travel to Prague held on 1 November trip in which Pep Guardiola took three goalkeepers: Valdés, Pinto and Oier, the subsidiary. He did so in anticipation that one of the two regular part of the first team suffered a mishap at training or similar, which would have left Barça without goalkeeper. This, without going any further, occurred last Wednesday in mourning cupbearer to L'Hospitalet. In the morning, Victor Valdes suffered a bruised right elbow that kept him out of the game and quickly called Oier technicians. Being home there was a shift problem, but if that happened, for example, the next trip to Milan November 23, net reaction would be limited, if not nil. Therefore, Guardiola commented on the novelty introduced in Prague that he intended to do so in the rest of displacement Champions League this season.

The arrival of a competitive goalkeeper multiply the substitution options . Assuming that Victor Valdes is a permanent fixture, Pinto and the umpire probably would alternate on the bench. It was something that happened for a few months when it was Pinto Barcelona player Albert Jorquera and returned to the serious injury he suffered in his last period as Barca. The youth come into the land of the future. Pinto has 36 years, while Valdés turns 30 next January. The Gavá has here to stay, but start thinking about an alternative that will be formed and consolidated at Barça is considered important to ensure a smooth transition when the time comes. The future of the rest does not support Barcelona

Oier and Miño will have options if they explode
The fact that FC Barcelona is looking at the market that third goalie does not mean that the current two goalkeepers of the subsidiary, Oier Olazabal and Ruben Miño, options have not be chosen, although at present are at a disadvantage. Will one of them who occupies this place in the event that during this season in the subsidiary evolution is spectacular. So far Oier, 22yeard old, seems to be one step ahead, having been chosen by Pep Guardiola to move to Prague as the third goalie and replace Victor Valdes in the call to L'Hospitalet for his elbow injury in the past Wednesday. Miño, 21 years old, is keeping its options, it would not be surprising that he chose Guardiola in any future call and alternate with Oier. (via MD)

Andrada, the best placed to be the third goalkeeper of Barça

The Argentinean goalkeeper of Lanús is the first choice but Szczesny (Arsenal) also likes.

Of the candidates who handles sports management and Barca goalkeeper potential for next season, is best placed Esteban Andrada , 20 years Argentine goalkeeper currently owned Lanús. Barca's interest for him is not new. FC Barcelona representatives of the entity and contact with the player and his club this summer , but did not reach an agreement with Lanús. Barca made ​​a reasonable offer considered, the Argentines asked for more money and the Catalans were faithful to its policy not to enter into bargaining and no longer continued the theme. Now, Andrada back out as futures and leading candidate to be chosen.

The second option is the FC Barcelona on the table is that of Wojciech Szczesny, Arsenal's Polish goalkeeper of 21 years who were also interested Barca recently. The main problem that occurs if the club is FC Barcelona not want to start one of those eternal negotiations are usually given as long as Arsene Wenger and the English club are in the middle, as happened this summer with Cesc Fabregas. The technical expect the hiring of the third goalkeeper is not a headache and can be done as quickly as possible.

The de Andrada and Szczesny are the main options, but there are two goalkeepers in the room to which it has followed. One is Nicola Leali , 18-year goal of Brescia, who play in the Serie B. The player said recently that it was premature for him a change of scenery. In your case, good relationship with his former Pep Guardiola would favor the negotiation team. Finally, the application is less firm Bulgarian Twente goalkeeper, Nikolay Mihailov , 21 years old. (via MD)

[Selection] No problem for Mascherano

Although he could not finish the match against Bolivia, Javier Mascherano suffers no injury.

One of the few positive notes of the hangover of the game against Bolivia was the realization that Javier Mascherano was in perfect physical condition. The Blaugrana midfielder was replaced late in the second half due to cramps and there were even some who speculated that it could be something worse. Fortunately, Masche confirm later that was not even necessary to undergo a medical check deeper. Alejandro Sabella will be aligned without problems against Colombia.

Another thing was the situation of Demichelis, who lived an ordeal authenticity error after a goal by Martins Moreno and was particularly affected by the strong criticism that rained since the same steps of the Monumental. The draw against Bolivia could have significant consequences and many already provide for a deep cleansing face in 2012 with the beginning the era of Garay, Fazio, Perotti and Tino Costa. (via SPORT)

Jordi Alba waits Barça and gives long to the renewal of Valencia

The player waits Zubi patient to confirm whether a formal offer to present season finale.

The future promises Jordi Alba interesting chapters to the end of the season. Or at least to see who wins the pulse established between the player and Valencia. The club has already Levantine its machinery in motion to extend the contract of football and shield at the continuing rumors about the interest of large squares as the ship itself. For its part, the defense still dizzy partridge. Time passes and now plays in their favor, while the many suitors are positioned and define where to invest for the next season.

Just a few days, the president of Valencia, Manuel Llorente, confirmed that contacts had begun to renew Mata. The player's agent and both parties confirmed it leaked that the process could take as the starting positions are still far apart. Since the club insists that the economic situation does not allow great expense. The area around Alba understands the delicate landscape recalls the case Levantine and Mata as a possible alternative future. The renewal process was similar a few months ago and ended up with a formula which provided for a termination clause of the letter `a ¿, which facilitated the possible departure to an offer from a big club.

Between strips and turn, hopes that the club Alba translate their interest into something more concrete before year's end. It is the time set by him and his agents before being open to new perspectives.

The Barca sports management has not yet leafless Daisy. Abidal still unsigned renewal and is a vital piece before betting on a specific profile in the market. With French bound, and Albert Valentin Zubizarreta would open the range of options and jump into the fray young talents in European football. On Monday there will be in Cordoba emissaries to witness Barca live on under-21 international match selections from Spain and Switzerland. The primary objective is none other than Ricardo Rodriguez. This is the left-back who plays for Zurich and has already gathered interest from several clubs in the Premiership and the Bundesliga.

The boat also has excellent reports for Rodriguez. Chilean father and Spanish mother, has now been capped in all lower categories of Switzerland. Solvent is a player and defensive tasks with great ease to join the attack. Say it is the left-back with the greatest in Europe. Real Madrid also contacted him last summer.

The club hopes the response of Abidal

Barca sports management expects Eric Abidal confirm whether to accept the renewal or opts for a new adventure away from Camp Nou. The club understands that your offer is generous enough so that the French firm and hang up his boots at the Catalan club. Abidal is still lingering and, despite its fine words, still asked for more time to reflect. The club holds but time is running out. (via SPORT)

Guardiola traveled to Brescia for 'spy' two players with possible future blaugrana

Pep Guardiola has used the break for the teams to travel to Brescia, for among other things, make 'scouter'.

Pep Guardiola will spend this weekend in Brescia, a city where he lived after leaving FC Barcelona when he played for Brescia Calcio in two stages. Guardiola still maintains a good relationship with President Gino Corioni and the 'team manager' Edoardo Piovani, who was one of the party INIVIT Birthday Pep Guardiola, she says 'Brescia Oggi'.

But Pep has traveled not only to reconnect with old friends, but has used his visit to Italy to meet with Inter Milan president Massimo Moratti and to follow the evolution of some Italian team players are liked by Pep Guardiola Brescia in the game - Ascoli which takes place this Sunday.

According to reports in Italy the player of the entity biancoazzurri more like Pep Guardiola is a young goalkeeper Nicola Leali, which Santpedor coach would welcome as Víctor Valdés future replacement. The goal is only 18 years old and playing with the Italian Under-19.

Another Italian club players Guardiola wants to take note midfielder Bartosz Salamon is a big player and able to retrieve balls and get the ball judiciously.

Guardiola also visit the team and coach will meet with the Italian team that currently occupies half of the table of the division of Italian dishes. (via SPORT)

[Ex-player] Romario is a fan over Santos clubs in the Club World Cup

Its passage through the FC Barcelona not prevent an amateur Romario Santos over clubs in the Club World Cup next December.

Romario and Neymar agreed Friday in a publicity event. And there, the former Barcelona player not only showed how the new fan of Brazilian soccer star but also announced that in the World Saints fan clubs will.

"Despite having played in the club, my team when I go to Brazil as Brazilian Neymar fan I have to be a fan over Santos," said Romario. The former Barcelona player also congratulated President Santos, also present at the event, having obtained the renewal of Neymar. "Congratulations. We are all very happy. This attitude should be an example to other presidents and other clubs. I know it will be easier to retain the player until 2014, but I know that with dedication will be possible." (via SPORT)

[Barça B; Liga Adelante; Week13] FC Barcelona B 2 - 2 Girona

Eusebio Sacristán’s team took a point from their game at the Miniestadi against Girona in a game they led 2-0 at half time thanks to two Rodri goals. The draw means that Barça B have now gone five games without defeat with three wins and two draws.

Eusebio was without five players, who were on Under-21 duty, and the team were unable to hold on to their 2-0 lead at half time and ended up drawing 2-2. After 2 goals on 11 and 31 minutes from Rodri, Barca B seemed to have the game under control before Girona, who fielded four ex-Barça players, hit back in the second half; Benji (59 minutes) and Coro (79) won earned the visitors a point. The draw does mean that Barça B have now gone five games unbeaten, with three wins and two draws.

Girona started the game well, as both teams set a fast pace and Garmendia and Coro had the first chances before Rodri on 11 minutes put Barça B ahead with their first real chance of the game. After that, the visitors lost their initial impetus and Barça B began to take control.

Barça's efficiency in front of goal continued on the half hour mark when Rodri was again on target after Gerard Deulofeu had brilliantly cut in from the right to cross. A shoot from Coro just before break which Oier did well to stop on 44 minutes was to be a taste of things to come after the break.

Girona began the second half, as they had the first, but this time their efforts were rewarded on 59 minutes when Benji beat Sergi Gomez before firing under Oier's legs. The goal spurred Girona onward, as they fought to get back into the game.

Eusebio brought on Tello on the hour mark in place of Rodri and six minutes later Rafinha came on for Deulofeu. Oier was called on to make a great save from Nieto on 75 minutes and then four minutes later Coro got the equaliser to set up a thrilling end to the game. Seven minutes later Soriano hit the bar and Oier made a game saving stop from Jandro soon after. Soriano would come close again after he found Lobato's cross. Eusebio made his final change on 88 minutes, bringing on Espinosa for Carmona, but the scores stayed the same and both teams had to settle for a draw. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Technical Data]
FC Barcelona B: Oier, Carmona (Espinosa, min. 88), Dos Santos, Rodri (Tello, min. 60), Sergi Roberto, Soriano, Sergi Gómez, Armando, Lobato, Balliu and Deulofeu (Rafinha, min. 66).

Girona: Santamaría, Jose, D. García (D. Nieto, min. 66), Tortolero, M. Tébar, Coro, Moha, Garmendia, Jandro, Benja (Saizar, min. 84) and Migue.

Goals: 1-0, Rodri (11'); 2-0, Rodri (31'); 2-1, Benja (59'); 2-2, Coro (79')

Referee: Sureda Cuenca. (Balearic College). Local admonished Rodri (M.3) and Dos Santos (m.42) and visitors Tébar (m.48), Jandro (m.50) and Garmendia (m.90)

Incidents : The game of the thirteenth day of the season played at Barcelona Miniestadi to 3849 spectators.

[Selection; Friendly Match] England 1 - 0 Spain

Spain sent from beginning to end and put in the closing stages against the ropes Capello's England, but the lack of success in front of goal, led to the defeat of the combined Vicente del Bosque.

The legendary Wembley Stadium, which brings good memories as FC Barcelona (Champions of '92 and 2011), was the venue chosen to witness a real duel Titans: always meticulous England against Spain Fabio Capello's' tiki taka ', the most culé of history, led by Vicente Del Bosque.

The two former Madrid coach put the chips on the table, a priori, ideal to enjoy a high-flying game. In the best possible place, the country that gave birth to football should demonstrate that it can compete with the cosets which has led, together with FC Barcelona, ​​the sport at its best. And boy did the British, without really knowing that as they left the stadium with a win under his arm. That yes, the minimum and not convince anyone.

Vicente Del Bosque devised a once-over total, consisting of: Casillas, Arbeloa, Ramos, Piqué, Jordi Alba, Busquets, Xavi, Xabi Alonso, Iniesta, Silva and Villa.

The combined English, meanwhile, went on the Wembley turf represented by: Hart, Johnson, Jagielka, Lescott, Cole, Walcott, Jones, Parker, Lampard, Milner, Bent.

At the meeting which took place in London, Iker Casillas equaled the record of Andoni Zubizarreta with 126 caps.

Before the game, there was a moment of silence for the victims of the British World War. Silence at Wembley.

The game started with big date flavor. Both teams came out very toned, playing with speed, voltage, current. Spain playing, as always, but to an England very well positioned, with the clear directive of his coach: Do not leave space for the inmates of 'La Roja' in the middle.

As a novelty, an eleven Del Bosque suggested that plagued Villa midfield stuck to the left, with Iniesta on the right and Silva acting false front. In the center of the rear, the coach opted for the couple say the plant will be the future: Piqué-Ramos, with the young talent of Valencia, Jordi Alba, on the left side.

Despite the intensity, there were few outstanding plays in the first half. So much so that the first corner kick of the match for England in the 10th minute, Wembley roared.

As the minutes passed, Spain was gaining mastery and depth, but lacked concrete in the final meters.

In a move to touch the style of Barcelona, ​​Jordi Alba an inmate of the left wing, pass from Villa, left a ball on a plate for the shot from the front, but Silva did not hit the ball.

In the 38th minute, referee Frank De Bleeckere (indicated by Mourinho in the last semi-finals of the Champions League) drew a dubious offside when they were alone with the goalie both Villa and Silva. Also topped the canary, but the shot was stopped by Hart. A few minutes later, Milner delivered a hard tackle on Sergio Ramos, seeing the first yellow of the match. The minutes passed and the tension was noted. In English skin because the ball barely smell. In the Spanish because there was no way to finish off.

It came to rest with just one shot on goal by each team, and the feeling of missing increase the level of danger by the respective attacks. However, if there was a proposed football team, that was the national team.

After the break, Vicente Del Bosque proposed several changes in its lineup. Ushered Mata, Cesc and Queen. Silva left the field, Xavi and Casillas.

Villa tried to intimidate the English with a shot from distance that went upstairs. A minute later England was moving in the scoring with a goal from Lampard head, after rejecting a pitch that hit the right post.

With the first goal against the box, the selection he had no batteries to wear, and Villa was again close to scoring after a pass with his left foot master Busquets which enabled the Spaniard. But the shot went into the side netting.

Came the shock stagnation phase, when the Spanish saw two yellow (Sergio Ramos and Cesc Fabregas) almost straight, and both coaches agreed to move the bench back (fold change in the combined English, Barry entered and Rodwell, being replaced and the only scorer in the afternoon, Frank Lampard and then entered by Walcott Bent, and Del Bosque ushered Torres Busquets, going for the match).

It was definitely more comfortable stage for England, who was very close to the second before a Pepe Reina no longer transmits the security of yesteryear.

David Villa continued to peel from his bad luck in front of goal, and pulled off a shoe that hit hard on the stick fiercely.

Came the fifth and sixth change to 'La Roja'. Barca captain Carles Puyol and Santi Cazorla gave rest to Iniesta and Sergio Ramos. For England it was Milner and Adam Johnson came.

About 80 minutes, the control of Spain on Capello became almost absolute. A large center was controlled by Xabi Alonso Mata in the area, it sought to put the towers for the auction, a combination very 'blue', but eventually the danger was averted in a new corner.

Spain continued to arrive, with a very active participation of Cesc, Mata and Villa. The first was subject to a possible fault within the area that constitutes Bleeckere suppose not consider a penalty. Thinking of ending the game as soon as Capello moved to Parker, cheered, giving a minutejos Kyle Walker.

Cesc Fabregas was built then as the top candidate to get the equalizer and by a strong shot from the edge of the area, tried to catch a solid Hart, without success. Seconds after Fabregas himself missed a sung-by-play goal and pass the Spaniard, Villa.

Finally, it was no insistence on the selection, embodied especially in cases that came from the boots of the Barca players, David Villa and Cesc Fabregas.

England beat with only five reached the goal they defended in the first half Casillas and Reina in the second.

Spain deserved more per game and sometimes after the goal as English, Capello set simply to defend, without proposing almost any other offensive action. However, the strategy worked out and the British creators of football, and can claim to have defeated the world champion. (via SPORT)

[Techncal Data]
England: Hart, Glen Johnson, Jagielka, Jones (Rodwell, m.57), Cole, Parker Walker, m.85), Lescott, Milner (Adam Johnson, m.76), Walcott, Lampard (Barry, m.57) and Bent (Welbeck, m.64).

Spain: Casillas (Reina, m.46), Arbeloa, Sergio Ramos (Puyol, m.74), Piqué, Jordi Alba, Busquets (Fernando Torres, m.64), Xabi Alonso, Xavi (Cesc, m.46), Iniesta (Cazorla, m.74), Silva (Mata, m.46) and Villa.

Goals: 1-0, m.49: Lampard.

Referee: Frank De Bleeckere (BEL). Sergio Ramos admonished (59) and Cesc (61) by Spain, and Milner (41) for England.

INcidents: Encounter friendly match at Wembley before 87,189 spectators. England and Spain wore black armbands and observe a minute of silence for the "Day of Remembrance" in honor of all British soldiers have died since the First World War.

Barça unbeaten in six months

Barça and Benfica are the only two leading clubs in Europe who remain unbeaten since the start of the season. Guardiola’s team has indeed remained unbeaten since 30th April, when they went down in the league against Real Sociedad. Since that game in Anoeta, Barça have gone 25 games unbeaten in official competitions, winning 16 and drawing 9, during which run they have taken 4 titles –Spanish League, Champions League and the two Super Cups.

Although Barça aren't at the top of the Spanish League at the moment, they are unbeaten in the competition and indeed they have yet to lose in any of the competitions they are involved in.

Barça's season began with a big game - the Spanish Super Cup two legged final against Real Madrid, which they won after drawing in the Bernabeu and winning at the Camp Nou. Straight after that, it was the European Super Cup, which they won against Porto in Monaco, before beginning their current run of 11 unbeaten games in the league - 7 wins and 4 draws. In the Champions League, Guardiola's men have already ensured qualification from the next round, with three wins and a draw, whilst the Spanish Cup campaign was begun successfully last week with a win at Hospitalet.

Barça's winning run began last season, after losing 2-1 to Real Sociedad at Anoeta on April 30th and since then they have gone 25 games without defeat: 16 wins and 9 draws – and won the four competitions they have been involved in – Spanish League, Champions League and European and Spanish Super Cups.

Only Benfica in the other top European leagues, can match Barça; like the Catalans, they are are unbeaten in the league though they do not top the table. The Portuguese team are also unbeaten in the Champions League, where they needed to get through two qualifying rounds.

In the other European leagues, Juventus, fourth in Serie A are the only unbeaten team in the Italian league, though they are not involved in European competition. In neither the Premier League, the Bundesliga nor Ligue 1 are any teams left unbeaten. Manchester City, who are unbeaten in the league, went down in the Charity Shield to city neighbours United. Bayern Munich have lost twice and PSG once, in Germany and France. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Ex-player] Patrick Kluivert: “The football Barça plays is out of this world”

Barça's ex-striker says that "it’s a real honour to see the way Xavi, Iniesta, and Puyol bring so much success to the Club”. The Dutchman says that “Guardiola is a leader that connects with his players” and that “Messi is a marvel”.

Patrick Kluivert, Barça’s marquee signing in 1998, is the third foreigner with the most games played for the Club. Kluivert, an extraordinary striker, finished his six-year Barça stint with 122 goals and now currently works with Twente’s youth academy. The Dutchman left FC Barcelona seven years ago. When given the chance, Kluivert will heap praise on teams that play the sport beautifully, on this occasion he did so during his interview with Barça TV and www.fcbarcelona.cat.

Kluivert lauds Guardiola’s Barça and is proud to have played alongside some of the current Barça players, “the way they play is impressive. The football they play is out of this world. I’ve played with Xavi, Puyol, Iniesta, and now they are the backbone of this team. When I was here, they were young, it’s a real honour and pleasure to see their play bring so much success to the Club.”

When Kluivert arrived at Barça, Guardiola was the squad captain. A team leader that has morphed into a master on the bench. “He knew the culture of the Club, what it meant to be Barcelona,” the Dutchman explains. “He was already a leader when he was a footballer and you had the intuition that when he finished his career he would be a great manager. He connects with the players. He know how he wants the team to play and he communicates that well to his players.”

Messi was already running rampant in the youth squad when Kluivert took his leave from FC Barcelona. The Argentinian burst onto the footballing scene just months after the Dutchman left the Club. “The way he plays, the way he scores goals... with one play he can change the game.” Kluivert compares Barça’s number ’10’ with the Messi that plays for Argentina, “Barça plays for Messi but on the other hand when we see him play for his national side, he’s different. When Messi plays for Barça he’s simply marvellous, but with Argentina there are many players that just play for themselves.” (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Barça President to speak at Aspire4Sport conference in Doha

Club President, accompanied by Andoni Zubizarreta and Carles Folguera, to speak at Aspire4Sport in Doha.

President Sandro Rosell is leading a delegation from the Club at the Aspire4Sport international congress dealing with the sports industry at the spectacular Dome Aspire in Doha, Qatar.

The President will speak at the conference on 15th, alongside top figures such as Hassan Al Thawadi, secretary general of the Qatar 2022 World Cup, Frank Williams, founder and manager of the Williams Formula 1 team, ex-professionals such as Fabio Cannavaro and Damon Hill and coaches like Marcello Lippi and Luis Aragonés. Following Sandro Rosell, Andoni Zubizarreta and the Director of the Masia Carles Folguera will also speak, explaining the key features of the Barça model.

A day before Sandro Rosell addresses the conference, Vice-President Javier Faus will take part in a debate about the connection between international sponsorship and the world of sport.

Aspire4Sport is the only event of its type, completely dedicated to the Sporting World, in the Middle East. This is the second edition of the event and last year brought together more than 3,000 business professionals from the sporting world.

As well as participating on the Aspire4Sport event, the Club delegation will be taking part in a regular meeting with representatives from the Qatar Foundation to oversee the agreements between the two institutions. The delegation will also attend the international game between Brazil and Egypt to be played on 14th November at the Al Rayyann Stadium in Doha, in which the Barça players Dani Alves and Adriano Correia are expected to figure. (via FCBarcelona.cat)