12 November 2011

[Barça B] Eusebio hopes to overcome Girona, in spite of not being able to have the five international Under-21

Montoya, Bartra, Muniesa, Planas and Cuenca can not play this Saturday with the B, as they continue under the command of Luis Milla Kiko Femenía with discomfort in the knee, may not play against Girona.

Eusebio will be without any of the defenses that ranked in the field of Córdoba, in the last game of the season. Both sides Montoya and flat as the central Muniesa Bartra and continue in the discipline of the Spanish Under-21, with which Switzerland will play Monday against.

La Seca coach must set up a new line of four. Balliu, Rosell, Armando and Gómez choose three posts, as Eusebio has confirmed that "the left full-back position is for Lobato, who rested against Córdoba, knowing that against the Girona you need." Despite declines in the defense, the coach of the subsidiary is convinced he can align "defensive quartet guarantees."

Kiko Femenía could not participate in the two last sessions of the Barça B because of some discomfort in his knee. The wing azulgrana rest to try to return to work next week. Ilie Sanchez, on the other hand, is the only player from B to stay away from the pitch due to injury.

Eusebio Sacristan does not trust the classification of a nineteenth Girona occupying the place in the standings with 10 points. Eusebio highlights Agne team "the great commitment and sacrifice demonstrated by each party, and does not surprise me that last week won the leader." (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Barcelona 2012-13: Moved in the full-back

Barca already working to find a replacement if they do not follow Maxwell and Abidal. Jordi Alba and Gareth Bale, both with 22 years, are most like as a substitute.

If for this season Barca did his best to strengthen the middle and two signings ahead with names such as Cesc Fabregas and Alexis Sanchez , the Catalan club is already working to shore up the defense in the face of the 2012-13 season and is in the left-back which may have more movement. Both Barça technical secretary, Narcis Julia , as one of his assistants, Albert Valentin , already have to work to monitor the candidates to strengthen back next year.

In addition to the PBX (the former Valencia and 'parrot' Victor Ruiz has a lot of numbers), keep well covered the left full-back is the great goal. The likely course of Maxwell , with whom there is not too much though you still deduct one-year contract, and the question of whether Abidal and 32 years, accept the renewal proposal, mobilized the technicians responsible for Barca find a release of guarantees for the future. Jordi Alba (Valencia) and Gareth Bale (Tottenham) are most like

Maxwell insists AC Milan in January to take him

Maxwell Scherrer again in the orbit of Milan. According to some Italian media reported yesterday, the Brazilian left, the continuity at Barça remained in the air last summer, is the goal of the club 'Rossoneri' to enter the team Massimiliano Allegri during the winter market. As happened in the final of last season, Maxwell, who was in the stands in the final at Wembley, is the full-back that less is playing for the band so far of course being the third option for Pep Guardiola behind Eric Abidal and Adriano Correia.

The same means transalpine spoke yesterday of the possibility of an exchange between Maxwell and Taye Taiwo, who has just Allegri. However, Guardiola does not seem to be interested in the Nigerian defender. Maxwell, who is under contract with Barca until 2013 with an option to extend for another year, is more than amortized cost after only 4.5 million euros from Inter days before it closed the hiring of his friend Zlatan Ibrahimovic. AC Milan striker could be reunited with Swedish, which also shares representative, Mino Raiola also controversial. In addition, return to a city where he lived from 2006 to 2009

Abidal: L'Equipe says he does not sign for economic reasons

While Eric Abidal has said by active and passive means hanging up his boots at Barça and there is no problem to extend the contractual relationship which expires on June 30, the reality is that renewal is not arrived. On October 20, his agent, David Venditelli, met at the club and Raul Sanllehí Andoni Zubizarreta but did not reach an agreement. Abidal was concentrated Thursday with the French and yesterday, the prestigious newspaper L'Equipe published Gallo on page 3 that the distance between the two sides due to the lack of entente in terms of economic terms.

The defense seems to accept the two seasons , plus an option, which gives Barça, but not the wage proposal. Abidal himself acknowledged that the disagreement lies in the tax change would suffer from his fifth year as a resident in Spain. To pay 24% in taxes and foreign, 43% would, like the Spanish. The gross salary paid him Barça would be the same but at least he would clean money in your pocket. According to L'Equipe, there is no meeting scheduled, and from January 1, Abidal, 32, could negotiate with bidders. Milan, the wealthy Paris Saint Germain and several English clubs are after his footsteps

Jordi Alba: Left of the quarry and-coming

Although Barca left the back door in youth, Jordi Alba has succeeded in winning over the interest of the Catalan club to be done with their services. The left-winger, 22, converted by Unai Emery to full-back and accumulates two seasons performing at a high level, something that has led to the Spanish national team. Barca has on its agenda to strengthen his defense next season and the proof is that, as reported by MD , Barca technical secretary, Narcis Julia, took due note of him and of Victor Ruiz in central East- Valencia last weekend's match at the Ciutat de Valencia. Jordi Alba ends his contract with Valencia in June 2013 and although the whole Che and has shown interest in extending the contract for four more years, if a player decides to return to Barcelona, ​​Valencia would be forced to transfer this summer, as the following would be free

Bale: The media and most expensive bid

Gareth Bale (07/16/1989, Cardiff, Wales) is another side that has long left full-back in the orbit of the club. Albert Valenti, a member of the technical secretariat of Barça, was on Sunday at Craven Cottage, Fulham Stadium to see live the Welsh international developments in the triumph of the Spurs (1-3) with the first Bale's goal, according to the Cadena Cope on Thursday. The great handicap to find Barça when its high price would be free to contact us. From England recently reported that Chelsea would have already offered about 45 million euros for Bale. Tottenham said that the interest 'blue' has gone from simple approach. In addition, unlike Jordi Alba, the Welsh full-back for Tottenham renewed last March to June 2015. At 22, Bale responds to the full-back of Barça for future: fast, powerful, skilled and offensive-minded but with a sky-high price. (via MD)

Neymar check your agent 'merengue'

Wink almost definitive to Barça: Wagner Ribeiro, critical with Rosell and kindred to Florentine, discharged by their father.

The commission of one million euros has been Neymar's father after the renewal of his son for the Santos through 2014 reveals another key Brazilian star nearing the Barca: The player has broken decisively with Wagner Ribeiro, the agent I just wanted to close a transfer to Madrid.

Well connected with Florentino Perez since he led the white team to their constituents Wanderlei Luxembourg, emergency technician in the winter of 2004, and Robinho, star signing in 2005, Wagner Ribeiro and was very critical of Sandro Rosell last summer to learn Barca president who had spoken directly to Neymar.

"I did not like how he behaved Rosell. He went to speak directly with the player to the concentration of the Brazilian and his father. I should have spoken to me first, I'm his agent," he complained. And even openly acknowledged that "do not hide my preference for Real Madrid. The president is a worthy man, the club does not need to live and has a dream as an amateur it is to have Neymar. I feel that the president of Barcelona. For So I am all for negotiations with Madrid. "

Ronaldo Nazario, who was working behind the scenes to Florentino in this case, reassured from Brazil to its former president in recent weeks, believing that Wagner Ribeiro did not fail, but Ronaldo and Perez have met with the agent out of the game, something I sensed that a few months ago and now has become reality, as revealed by 'The Confidential' on the network.

Without the agent 'merengue', Madrid loses its main access road to Neymar while Barca overcomes one of the obstacles that could be found for the future.

Neymar da Silva Santos, the player's father (same name) has been shown to have very clear ideas and the play will cost you much to him, by the million commission, as his son, who charge annual 7.2 million. (via MD)

[Former player] Lagercrantz: "Pep 'bullying' Ibra"

David Lagercrantz, co-author of the autobiography of Swedish striker, also attacked the coach.

For a book make a hole in the market and becoming a sales success is essential to a good promotion, and if possible with extensive media coverage. To Zlatan Ibrahimovic and to the Swedish novelist David Lagercrantz the work cannot be denied well made with the autobiography of the forward from Milan, of which they have already sold more than 100.000 copies. First there was an incessant drip Swedish newspapers and now giving interviews. David Lagercrantz, co-author and writer, spoke in the last hour and Pep Ona FM has returned to be at the center of the target. He was accused of mistreating the former Barcelona during his time at the Camp Nou. "It was a coward. He was 'bullying' (deliberate bullying). He departed from the team, denied the word and it was terrible to him," he said.

He called the treatment coach "horrible because he can not deal with strong characters," maintaining the idea that players treated like schoolboys. Go to Pep as "almost like a god in Spain", if flawed, "I wanted to be the only king, so I wanted to Ibra out. Zlatan was hard to have a boss who does not speak. She felt insecure and would wake up night thinking about what he had done wrong. "

The writer, who claims to have interviewed over one hundred hours Ibra and branded him "serious person", locates the source of the problem changing the location of Messi. To Lagercrantz, crack beat playing in the front center, a position he had occupied until then Ibra. "Moving, from the band center of the area, Zlatan discussed with the coach. Since that time gave him no more the word", he said, reiterating that "Ibra got along very well with Messi. He was proud to play with it ". (via MD)

[selection] Leo Messi: "I do not know if you can ask for patience from the people"

After the match against Bolivia, Leo Messi admitted his disappointment and the need to go to win on Tuesday to Colombia.

Leo Messi was more realistic than ever when assessing the current status of the Argentina. "There are many disappointments and do not know if people can be asked patience. The World Cup, the Copa America and now this. It's hard," said the Barcelona player.

The Argentine striker admitted that "hurt the whistles. We are the first things we want to do well. In the game we are not things went. They got back and it became difficult. It gives me no anger to win."

Finally, he referred to the game with Colombia, on Tuesday: "This is a new process and it is best to win. Now there are few days left for the match against Colombia and we have to think about going to win there." (via SPORT)

Keita appreciates the interest of Liverpool

"I'm happy at Barça, but in football there are no absolutes and would have to look at what happens at the end of season," said Barca midfielder.

Seydou Keita has become one of the major objectives of Liverpool for next season, but the player will give priority to Barcelona mali ... not permanently close any doors. The team 'red' you have him to recreate the template hierarchy and retrieve lost in the Premier League and the European scene, giving gallons of holder and making it the natural replacement for Meireles.
Keita was grateful for the interest of Liverpool ("is a great club, it's great to know who may be interested in me," he told Sky Sports), but recalled under contract with Barca until 2014 and it feels perfectly integrated into the Blaugrana.

"In football there are no absolutes, we should see what happens at the end of season," said Keita, who admitted he would like to "play more games than last season" and that the Premier League "is a very attractive championship any player. "

Under contract until 2014, Keita is one of the most valued player Pep Guardiola, who stressed his personality as a key to the success of the Barcelona dressing room despite not being one of the most popular players in the starting lineup. Mali midfielder extended his contract in the summer of 2010. (via SPORT)

Hleb will believe in Wolfsburg

The Germans kept an option to return to Barca if he did not play before December.

Alexander Hleb arrived in Barcelona in the summer of 2008, but never quite fit and since his first departure from the club, back to Stuttgart, the club will look for a final departure. The Wolfsburg team that has come ashore on loan is the best option for Hleb Barca definitely be separate. The Belarus is gradually being coupled to the German team, who would be willing to stay with the player.

His contract with the club expires at the end of this season: Wolgsburgo was kept an option if the Belarusian team did not fit with the possibility of returning to Barcelona immediately if before the month of December did not play any match, as the front emerging from a long-term injury. (via SPORT)

The trial for contesting the Assembly 2010, sentencing hearing

This afternoon has been seen for sentencing trial for contesting the Assembly of October 16, 2010, when it approved an action for damages against the former board of Joan Laporta .

Unlike the October 24, when they went to declare the current president of FC Barcelona , Sandro Rosell , the financial vice-president, Javier Faus and secretary and spokesman, Toni Freixa , among others, today's hearing lawyers have participated only each of the parties.

Today, both the lawyer Joan Laporta and former junta, such as the three members of that directive (Colomer Josep Antoni, Alfons and Jordi Torrent Castro) who filed a second lawsuit seeking the annulment of the assembly and all agreements it has adopted, based his defense on the dissection of a DVD of the Assembly of October 16, 2010 with appearances at the same president Sandro Rosell , Javier Faus, Toni Freixa, the head of KPMG, Garcia Ferrer, and several of the partners compromisers.

In the same exposed that the commissioners "had no information on the 'Due diligence' to vote on an issue as important as the act of responsibility" and that the information provided to them in the same Assembly "summarizing the 400 pages of ' Due diligence 'to 20 transparencies was biased to vote in favor of liability action. " Another point put forward was that Laporta had no choice to defend because "two-minute walk as an elector more power no way to defend their numbers."

In contrast, the defense of Barca argued that it slides were projected in the Assembly a summary of the 'Due Diligence' and "was in the service of the commissioners and Mr. Laporta at the offices of the club." In addition, they stated that "due to confidentiality agreements could not deliver the 'due diligence' full partners."

On the other hand, the Barca defense justified the reformulation of the accounts, according to Laporta and his old board gave a surplus of 11 million, while the audit by the incoming board specified that "had losses of more than 70 million eight euros because it included exceptions rather than the five caveats and uncertainties of the three numbers Laporta board. "

In addition, the lawyers of Barca commented that there was no influence on the electors when voting for an action for damages "because the president said five points in favor and five against," and that since the announcement of the 'due dilegence 'until approved spent more than four hours. After four hours of exposure, the judge gave the trial sentencing hearing, whose decision will come within 30 days and that, whatever the decision, will have the option of being turned to the Provincial Court of Barcelona. (via MD)

The Barça attentive Eriksen

Barca is the new Laudrup, which was tested in the ranks at Barça when he was 16 years. The Danish Ajax recognizes that his dream is Barca dressing.

The rumor has taken the character of news in Denmark , a country in ensuring that the club wants Christian Eriksen , Scandinavian starlet functions as a 'playmaker' in Ajax .

This information ensures that the club follows the steps in this long Danish talent and possible incorporation is valued over the medium to long term to short. They dare to set a date (2013) and even give the name of the player you would relieve neither more nor less than Xavi .

Eriksen is 19, is a full international for Denmark despite his young age, measures 1.77 m. and is ambidextrous. Frank de Boer , former Barca player and fellow Pep Guardiola in his day, is highly regarded in fact has already offered the leadership of a whole. Eriksen can play all positions in the midfield and has a contract as 'ajacied' until 2014. It so happens that this pearl Danish and tested with the club at 16 , but ended up going to Ajax. Despite his departure for Barcelona has continued to watch their progression and that is why in his native country fantasize about a future transfer.

Football in the making of this crack has not gone unnoticed among the great English clubs, Manchester City and Chelsea , according to several sources, are also the player. Speaking on the website www.sporten.dk, all Danish international has already spoken of Barca and has not cut his hair: "I think most players dream of going to Barcelona . I really like his style of play. Wait and see how things develop and what happens when the time comes to leave Ajax. "

In Amsterdam , as is customary in recent seasons, resigned to eventually losing the players that blunt. Eriksen is now its export figure. (via MD)

[Selection; WC2014; Qualifying] Alexis Sanchez was hurt and could not play

It was certainly during the afternoon, went to warm up before the game, but eventually Alexis Sanchez ran out of play.

Throughout the afternoon of Friday was speculating on the title or not Alexis Sanchez to Uruguay. Finally, everything seemed to be the owner and even went out to warm up before kickoff. But even finished warming. He talked to the trainer of the team spoke with Borghi and stayed on the bench.

Reports coming from Chile are somewhat confusing. For some, it was Alexis himself who told his coach he was not able to play. But others claim it was the opposite, that Borghi you had to stop because Barcelona wanted to play but was unable. The truth is that Alexis was left on the bench and not even reheated when you do all your colleagues did on the bench.

Now the question is whether it will be able to play Tuesday against Paraguay. (via SPORT)

[Former player] Bojan: "Never criticize Guardiola, on the contrary"

The Roma forward and exazulgrana Bojan Krkic, stated that at no time has criticized his former coach, Pep Guardiola, but he has described as the best coach for the culé.

"I was a little surprised, because at some point I joined a list of people who criticized Guardiola. I think in no time I criticized Guardiola, on the contrary," said Bojan Efe in an interview after a promotional event in which the clock has delivered the "Conquistador Grand Prix" by Franck Muller.

Bojan, who was embroiled in controversy after the issuance of a television program which revealed that he had not spoken with Guardiola from the Wembley final, stressed that both said "very important" for Pep, and not the was reflected in the media. "I think Barcelona is where it is, in large part thanks to Guardiola Guardiola is the best coach I may have Barcelona. I'm very calm, he knows, he never criticized when he was and not what I do now" has ruled Bojan.

Upon his departure from the Catalan side, the young forward has admitted he could have done more in his time as a Barca player, but facing forward to her new stage in Rome. "There are times when I could have been better, but in the end what I get is that I am very proud of what I have achieved in these four years," he stated.

However, the sales contract includes a provision for purchase by the Barca mandatory, but the player only has civil team in mind and not think back to Camp Nou. "I see myself wanting to succeed in Rome. Now I focus solely on Rome, and in the world of football, you can not predict what will happen tomorrow because otherwise you're wrong. I focus now enjoy, do things right and give everything for the Roma, "said.

In the Italian capital, Bojan is "very happy" with a new project that has high expectations and, although beginnings have not been brilliant, considered that the team is "doing well". "We are a young team, with many additions, with another game mentality, but it is all very well and coupling are thrilled to sacrifice for the Roma do well," said the player, who is coached by former Barca B, Luis Enrique.

Personally, Bojan is still leading with different goals in football he was used, the "calcium" Italian. "I'm doing well, is a new kind of football, more tactical, unlike what had been accustomed all my life but football is interesting I think I will learn a lot," he said. The attacker has been shown Linyola grateful for the reception of the fans 'passion' of Rome, and said that fans always try to be at his side.

Finally, asked about next year and his possible return to the Spanish team for the European, Bojan, who refused to go to the previous Euro, recalled that he has always said that one of his dreams is to be with Spain. "I try to do my best because I know that if I work hard and do things right I can have options like front can have as many," said Bojan has a definitively closed with the Under-21 cycle.

MOVIE: www.sport.es

[Selection; WC2014; Qualifying] Argentina 1 - 1 Bolivia

Messi and Mascherano in the starting left Argentina captain, who was more or less, could not prevent another disappointment of the "albiceleste" .

The Argentina team is still finding its identity football. Faced with a wayward but limited Bolivia, l to selection albiceleste the tie was not a goal in the game in the third round of the qualifiers for the World Cup Brazil 2014. Barça Messi and Mascherano have appeared in the starting lineup. The Argentina captain has played 90 minutes while the "little chief" has been replaced by Sosa on 82 minutes .

Domain infructuoso

The selection of Alejandro Sabella has carried the weight of the party but not too deeply to a very defensive Bolivia has unnerved i barely Romero's goal. Messi has proved to be the game's most incisive attack albiceleste. His boots were born brilliant actions. In one, the play ended with Messi goal Higuain, inexplicably annulled by the referee who did not apply the advantage rule after a foul on the squad.

Messi , who has struggled to associate with their peers, has also tried his luck from the edge of the box but his shot Arias has tackled in two stages. The clearest chance of the first half Pastore has had a shot that crashed off the post.

The Argentine game has not improved after the break after 55 minutes i skipped the surprise in the Monumental de River Plate when Shakhtar Donetsk striker, Marcelo Martins Moreno has put the 0-1 on the scoreboard after a good individual action exceeding the Demichelis marking.

Sabella has reacted to the goal and has ushered in Lavezzi. Has been to reach and kiss the saint. Two minutes after the goal Bolivian striker Naples has tied the game with a shot with his left foot. It seemed that the "albiceleste" recover the pulse of the game but has not been the case. Messi made ​​a goal in his boots in a couple of shots that have gone astray. His game was gradually diluted as the rest of the team was booed by the audience in some phases of the game. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[technical Data]
Argentina: Sergio Romero; Pablo Zabaleta, Martín Demichelis, Nicolás Burdisso, Clemente Rodríguez; Fernando Gago, Javier Mascherano (m.81, José Sosa), Ricardo Álvarez (m.58, Ezequiel Lavezzi); Lionel Messi, Gonzalo Higuaín y Javier Pastore. Coach: Alejandro Sabella.

Bolivia: Carlos Arias; Cristian Vargas, Luis Méndez, Ronald Rivero, Luis Gutiérrez; Edivaldo Rojas (m.53, Ronald Segovia), Jaime Robles, Walter Flores, Rudy Cardozo, Pablo Escobar (m.85, José Chávez); and Marcelo Martins Moreno (m.76, Augusto Andaveris). Coach: Gustavo Quinteros.

Goals: 0-1, m.55: Marcelo Martins Moreno. 1-1, m.59: Ezequiel Lavezzi.

Referee: Carlos Vera Ecuador's Moreno Martins admonished, Robles and Rodriguez.

Incidents: Party of the third day of qualifying for the World Cup Brazil 2014 match at the Monumental stadium in Buenos Aires, before some 35,000 spectators.

Keita ties with Mali (1-1)

Barca midfielder, Seydou Keita, has participated in the friendly match that the selection of Mali has played against Burkina Faso. The end result was a 1-1 . This Saturday, the eight will be in action for FC Barcelona players summoned by Vicente Del Bosque for the friendly match that the Spanish team played at Wembley Stadium against England. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Barça B] Tello and Rafinha return to Barça B to prepare the game against Girona

The two team players who debuted with the first team in Hospitalet have returned to the discipline of the B.

Cristian Tello was regular and it completed the 90 minutes of the party of going of the 1/16 final against Hospi and Rafinha could play the last quarter hour. Both sealed in this way his first team debut in a match where he shared a dressing room with players level Puyol, Xavi, Iniesta and Villa.

Eusebio Sacristan was able to work a couple of days (Thursday and Friday) with them and is focused on the game against Girona: 'has been a special week for them, not every day debut with the first team but after enjoying this experience now know that actually give it all goes through the Barca B'.

The coach saw the party branch in the field of glass with a special interest Hospi: 'I think it's gratifying to see Taylor and Rafinha have debuted as they had done Cuenca and Deulofeu, for that work in the B. Both men looked very well, showing their condition. "

Eusebio does not believe that now it costs them to return to Barça B and understands that his players are mature enough to understand "that the first team is an award but the daily passes to a good job with the second team. ' (via FCBarcelona.cat)