11 November 2011

Capello: "Barça implanted the winning style of Spain"

Fabio Capello has no doubts. The "winning style" of the Spanish team has its origin in the Barca game.

"Both Barcelona and Real Madrid have been very important for football in Spain. Barça touch football has always been a winning style, a style of school," said the coach at a news conference.

Capello looked at the success of the Spanish team is due to the quality of some players who, after winning the European Championship, managed to consolidate the confidence as a team "winner."

The Italian coach will introduce changes to be measured to Spain, already thinking about the next Euro 2012 in Poland and Ukraine. One of them is the absence of John Terry, who will not jump start the field, although Capello said he had decided that Terry did not play against Spain since before the incident of defense of the "blues" with Anton Ferdinand, who allegedly insulted so racist. "He is innocent until proven otherwise," he said.

Capello also referred to the poppy embroidered England's players will wear on a bracelet as a reminder to British troops killed in combat, a symbol that the FIFA had banned considering it primarily a "political act". The Italian said he was "proud" to wear the traditional poppy "because British troops were very important, both for England and for the rest of the world," he said. (via SPORT)

Patrick Vieira highlights Barça as the model to follow

The former French player and current manager of the Manchester City Academy is impressed with the way Barça has relied on local talent and feels his club has to do likewise. Vieira says that Messi is one of the best players he has ever seen and loves the way FCB play as a team.

Patrick Vieira was one of the best defenders to grace the pitch these past last few years, after showing promise at Cannes and Milan and then triumphing at Arsenal under Arsene Wenger. He then left the Premier League to play for Juventus and Inter. His final club was Manchester City, where he is now in charge of the Academy.

Vieira was in Barcelona for the game between Barça and Manchester City in the Next Gen Series, a youth competition that follows the same formula as the Champions League. He spoke to Barça TV and www.fcbarcelona.cat about the tournament and his views of the Catalan club.

What do you think about the creation of the Next Gen Series?

“I think it’s very interesting. It is always good for youngsters to play. In our group, as well as City, we’ve got Barça, Celtic and Marseille. Three different countries and cultures, it’s a fantastic experience and a chance for the young players to develop their potential.”

What do think of the Barça way uses players from its own youth system?

“It is no secret that Barça is an example of a successful youth system. When you see a team win the Champions League with six or seven of its youth players in the side, you know they’re doing it right. It is an example Manchester City should follow.”

At the Joan Gamper Trophy in 2005, Leo Messi amazed the world with his performance against Juventus. You played that day, what do remember about it?

“I remember it well. I think it was one of Messi’s first games, he was incredible. We couldn’t stop him, he showed no fear. He is not scared of contact. We all knew that he’d become one of the best players in the world. Messi can do everything, he can win you games, score goals, provide assists … He is one of the best, if not the best player in the world.”

Is Messi one of the best players ever?

“Zidane was the last great player I’ve seen, and then I’d go for Messi. He’s the kind of player that only appears once every 10 or 15 years. I think Messi makes a difference. What I think makes him different is that he’s not selfish, he plays for the team. What I like best about him is that he plays for the benefit of the team. That’s what football’s about, playing for your team. His class makes a difference, he’s a fantastic player.”

Can Manchester City compete with the best clubs this season and win the Champions League?

“You have to remember that City is a new club among the elite. In fact, this is the first time we’ve played in the Champions League. If we take the example of Barça, this team got where it is after many years among the elite and a youth policy means several years of patience. You can’t invent a football philosophy in one or even five years, it takes time. But there can always be surprises in the Champions League, and it could be City's this year. We have a quality team and a wonderful spirit.”

You are firm friends with Eric Abidal. How do you view your compatriot?

“I have taken advantage of this trip to Barcelona to speak with him and he says he’s very happy here. Eric is a contagiously optimistic person, he has a fantastic personality. He loves the treatment he gets from the Barça fans and he has a special relationship with this club. Everybody loves Abidal because he’s such a likeable guy.” (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Barça denies that there are obstacles to throw the Tier Jove

Barca believe that after receiving the approval of the assembly to boost Tier Jove, there is at present "no significant obstacle" to be able to start, nor with law enforcement.

So said a club spokesman told to EFE, ​​after the report in 'El Periódico' in which the Catalan newspaper notes that the name of Carlos Vidal, is blocking its implementation.

FC Barcelona considers that there is no obstacle to further this animation project at the Camp Nou, which remains in the hands of the Catalan police, with whom there is "a permanent and fluid dialogue." "We are not stopped," the source insisted the Catalan club. "We do not work with no time pressure. If the step starts this season, either. If not, will be in the next. There is no hurry. We want to make things right. The dialogue is always open with the police" he said. (via SPORT)

The differences between Barça and Abidal are economic

The French sports daily "L'Equipe" explains that lack of understanding by the renewing of Abidal is a matter of money and length of contract.

Days pass and Eric Abidal is still not renewed by the FC Barcelona. After the last meeting in late October, it appeared that the agreement was closer, but so far no news. And on Friday the French sports daily "L'Equipe" reveals that there is still much difference between what the player asks tab and what the club offers. On the contrary, as always this newspaper, yes there is full agreement as to the duration of the contract, two years plus one optional.

And if the deal does not happen soon, the thing can be more complicated. As noted by the newspaper, Abidal out of contract on 30 June and that means that from next January 1 is free to negotiate with anyone. And an Eric Abidal at zero cost transfer is a real temptation for teams like Milan PSG or that are long since behind him. (via SPORT)

Barcelona close the circle on Gareth Bale

An envoy of live Guardiola attended the last game for Tottenham in the Premiership. Abidal would be the replacement in the far left side if the French devoted not to renew.

After much speculation about the future of Gareth Bale , the FC Barcelona seems to have finally convinced that the star of Tottenham has a place in the team of Pep Guardiola , who this week sent to England to one of his trusted men to continue to developments of Welsh left-back, the Barca coach who considered the ideal replacement for Eric Abidal .

Specifically, it was Albert Valenti , a member of the technical secretariat of Barca, who traveled to London last Sunday to attend live at Craven Cottage, Fulham stadium, the evolution of Gareth Bale, who just scored the first goal of victory The Spurs, who won by 1-3.

At 22 years, Bale has a contract with Tottenham until 2015 after signing an extension that reports about 88,000 euros per week.

The player's salary appears to be no impediment to the club president Sandro Rosell, who, according to British press, you may submit an offer to Tottenham close to 41 million euros .

In any case, all the transaction is subject to future Eric Abidal . If the French did not finally accept the renewal offer that Barcelona he proposed a few months ago, the club immediately begin negotiations with Tottenham to replace Abidal progress with a turnover of absolute guarantees as Bale, one of the best players in the time in office and also multiplied offensive team options on the left wing. (via AS)

[Barca want to sign Bale in January]
Barca want to sign Gareth Bale in the January. According to several media Barça would pay 41 million euros for the crack of Tottenham.

Barca would be interested in signing Gareth Bale in the winter market. Thus the Catalan club would be preparing a bid of almost 41 million euros to present to Tottenham in January as saying this 'Record' .

On Sunday, an emissary of Barca would be interested in signing Gareth Bale in the winter market. Thus the Catalan club would be preparing a bid of almost 41 million euros to present to Tottenham in January as saying this 'Record' .

On Sunday, an emissary of Barça, Albert Valenti, was watching the player in action against Fulham . The player, 22, and was on the agenda of Barca last season until an injury kept him away from the pitch for several months. Bale is under contract with Spurs until 2015 but the English club would be willing to negotiate. Milan and Real Madrid would also alert the player. (via MD)

Allegri: "The game against Barca is like a final"

The Milan coach, Massimiliano Allegri, believes that his team is at the same level that Real Madrid and Barcelona, although it recognizes that for the "rossoneri" the next party against the boys of Pep Guardiola in the League of Champions is like a final.

"Thisencounter is like a final and we will try to win," said Italian coach in an interview published today by the sports daily "La Gazzetta dello Sport", which was "lucky" to have great players such as former barcelonista Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

For he says that he is "as important for Milan as Cristiano Ronaldo for Real Madrid or Leo Messi for Barcelona."

Allegri says the whole "Rossoneri" must leave the playing field "being aware that they can win" because it believes that Barcelona, ​​"beyond the power and class, now has a weapon: the psychological subjection of adversaries. "

The Italian coach, coming off a 4-0 at Cesena endorse and placed third in the Italian table, acknowledges to be centered in Europe and insists that Milan are in a position to "gamble" with all his men because, in addition to quality , have character and experience to address the final stages of the Champions League.

"At the moment I'm thinking of the club. Milan can gamble with everyone, but Guardiola's team is the strongest and Madrid is reaching the same level. Again, the Milan is level," added the coach.

Barcelona leads the group H of the Champions League with ten points, eight of Milan, who visit the day on 22-23 November.
Allegri admits that "a good drawing is fundamental to reach the quarter-finals," and recalls that, as is the classification of the groups, posing as first or second also carries risks.

"It may be that we finished second chance to find a first that is not as strong as Real and Bayern. Or it may happen that you come first and you come across with Manchester City," concluded the coach. (via SPORT)

Ajax talent waiting for a call from Barcelona

Christian Eriksen excels at Ajax despite his 19 years and dreams of playing in the Camp Nou someday.

While Christian Eriksen is taking giant steps in the Ajax midfield, the young talent of 19 years and is being tempted by the 'big' clubs in the Premier considered an excellent project for the future.

His appearances in the Eredivisie and in the international scene with his team have made the young Dane will be within the overall focus of the likes of Chelsea or Manchester United. However, Eriksen is in no hurry to step into a top team of European football since his desire is waiting for the call from Barça.

"I think most players dream of playing at Barça. Let's see what happens when the time comes to leave Ajax but the truth is that the style of Barca tells me a lot," he said in words gathered by 'Talksport '.

Eriksen is bound contractually to Ajax until 2014 and despite thinking key as Barca dream of the future prefer to continue working for the Dutch team evolve as it has done so far.

"Signing for Barça would be great but I have enough problems with Ajax. I am patient and I have no hurry," he said. (via SPORT)

The coaching staff of Barça didn't want Neymar in Madrid

The 'staff' Barca coach, with Pep Guardiola at the helm, a strong belief in the potential Neymar and obviously prefer that Brazilians do not join Real Madrid. In Barça assesses the quality overflow capacity, his goals and his football special, vertical. So much so that in a hypothetical comparison and if necessary, technicians prefer a Barca Madrid with Aguero one with Neymar. Why? Because they consider Neymar, for his style of play, creates many attacking options, while Kun is more of a scorer, something the white team and give Cristiano, Higuain and Benzema.

Barca need not now craved Neymar as Madrid, hence the policy pursued since the first time since the Catalan club has been a long-term supply, two seasons sight when Neymar has matured in his game and, However, in its evolution as a person.

As Mundo Deportivo reported at the time, Pep Guardiola had direct information from Dani Alves and Adriano Correia Neymar was not that crazy character that many predicted. Alves also has become more than just a team mate from Brazil. He has been instrumental in positioning to Barça ahead of Real Madrid. Just remember the 'sms' Alves sent him in wishing her luck for the classic against Madrid.

The Barça president Sandro Rosell to return to the fray with the celebration of the Club World Cup in Japan in December where the Santos will be Barça's rival in the final. There continue direct contacts, because the others have ceased to exist at any time. Pep Guardiola knows that Neymar likes Barça and it is willing to wait. (via MD)

"Good news"!, sms of an executive high azulgrana

In Barça has continued at minute Neymar recent history. Competing with his move to Real Madrid was forced to be informed of all steps, essentially because their employment is meant to medium term. The renewal of the Santos is thus a remarkable boost to Barca and a tough strategy and public setback for Florentino Perez. It is logical, then the degree of satisfaction among members of the board, although public perception is that they have nothing to say because it is a player that is not theirs and belongs to the Santos, as made clear the spokesman Toni Freixa.

That does not hide the signs of satisfaction. Minutes before the public impact of the extension of the crack young, a senior Barca sent a 'sms' to their immediate environment which read: "Good news!" Providing some clues. The aim of the various talks held in parallel was to block the signing of Real Madrid was for sure and that is what they have achieved, to the despair of the president Florentino Perez.

Barça, at no time wanted to get into a multimillion dollar bid for the striker. Your bet is to get their services at the end of the World Cup in Brazil 2014. The player himself has given its approval to this possibility and Barça has been compensated for all their efforts in recent months. Never give up. They knew they would not go to Madrid Neymar now. To be happy. (via MD)

Fontàs: "I spoke with Guardiola and it's all under control"

Fontàs much confidence in their abilities and not worried about the few minutes that he has had so far.

Andreu Fontàs played his second game of the season in L'Hospitalet. The first was tied at two in San Sebastian. In Feixa Llarga enjoyed, after a break of many days, again in football. Despite its limited presence in this start to the season, the Banyoles not lose patience and still swears by himself.

"I think I'll have more opportunities and I know I'm in the best team in the world. What I have to do is to seize opportunities and keep working, " claimed the player after the match of Copa Fontàs does not believe that their diminutive size has nothing to do with the new tactic this season:" I do not harm the defense of three . The only difference is that there is less defense, but if I have to play there, no problem. " The Banyoles revealed that their situation has treated several times with the coach: "I have spoken to Pep and it's all very controlled," he claimed. So much so that Andreu Fontàs is very quiet about their inactivity: "No game down because I am here on merit. The doubters are the media. I have no pressure. " He added: "I have to ask why not play. If doesn't play Puyol or Piqué, is Masche", argued the central defense. (via SPORT)

[Former player] 'Ibra' to Pep: "I will play the position you tell me"

Ibrahimovic wanted to repair his relationship with Guardiola, but the coach, after various encounters with his football, a decision had already set in stone: to sign Villa and get rid of Zlatan. The problem was how to communicate the angry Swede.

The season came to an end and was approaching the time for Ibrahimovic and Guardiola have a civilized conversation. And it came before the last league match. Pep called to Ibra to its office: "The atmosphere was very tense. We had not talked since he exploded," he says, "but the guy (Guardiola) was nervous. I kept blinking. Then I said, 'I do not know what you. It's up to you and Mino (Raiola, his representative) what will happen. I mean, you're Ibrahimovic, you're a guy who plays a game in three, right? '. I said nothing, I did a one motion. I stood still. But of course you understand: I was giving a message. Without saying so clearly, it sounded like I wanted to get rid of me, which was not a minor thing. Then again: 'Do you know what I want. What should you say? What is your opinion? ". Then come back to the dark side of the player: "Is that all? Thank you." He left the room.

That was the last contact between the player and his coach this season. After summer vacation was one that, ultimately, proved to be definitive. Zlatan wanted to succeed at Barca, change and prove it with facts. "I still had not shoes boots and Guardiola called me into his office. It was July 19. Pep had a message. I was nervous and uncomfortable." This was the dialogue that kept the player and coach.

- Pep: How are you?

- Ibra: Very well. Anxious.

-P: You must Be prepared to go to the bench.

- I: I know it. I understand it.

- P: As you will know, we have registered Villa.

- I: Well, I will work even harder. I will work as an idiot to win me a place in the team. I will convince you that I am sufficiently good.

- P: I know, but how are we to proceed?

- I: As I have told you. With hard work. I will play in any position that you tell me. For before or for behind Messi. Wherever. You decide.

- P: But, how will we continue ahead?

- I: I will play for Messi.

- P: But, how can we move on?

"Then I understood," says Zlatan, "it was not a question of whether I was good or not. It was something personal. Instead of telling me I could not handle my character, trying to wrap it all up with that vague phrase. And then I I decided: never again play Guardiola's orders. "

The worst business Rosell
Ibrahimovic describes the moment he signed for AC Milan. "We Rosell, Galliani, Mino, my lawyer, Bartholomew and me. And then Sandro said, 'I want you to know I'm doing the worst business of my life." To which I replied:' It is the result of bad leadership " .

Ronaldinho took him to Milan
Ibrahimovic's autobiography also includes a curious episode. "Before the Gamper match against Milan, Ronaldinho Barca came into the dressing room and said, 'Have you made the bags? I'm here to take you to Milan." Pirlo, Gatusso, Nesta and Ambrosini I shouted,' We need ! '".

Anywhere least Madrid
When Rosell became president of Barcelona the first issue that had to deal was with the departure of Ibrahimovic. "I feel this situation. Why would you want to go club," asked the president. E Ibra said: "Madrid". To which Rosell said: "It is not possible. A anywhere but there." (via AS)

Pep: "Mou is probably the best in the world"

The Barca coach said in a talk at Valencia. "There will come a day I get tired and leave him".

Thanks to Banc Sabadell that takes place their 30 years in Valencia, a select group of clients of the entity could attend in direct in the room José Iturbi of Palau of the Music to an unique show in the world. An interview with Barca coach. The coach, along more than an hour, answered questions from the communications director of the entity, the journalist Ramon Rovira, who alternated with issues which the public made by means of cards that are given to the entrance. It was a demonstration of the ability to communicate the coach of Barcelona, ​​with their responses on several occasions managed to start the applause of the audience.

In an accurate staging the announcement starring alongside film director Fernando Trueba, Guardiola was subjected to an interesting survey about the future. In fact, the phrase that lit the stage was "better job thinking that I have the freedom to choose my future" and the truth is that their ratings were more interesting around the time quitting.

"As a player I saw a time when there was no more than another. A time when he was tired and I know I will just coaching. I know that someday when I get tired and leave. Hopefully I can get that day, because normally in the lives of coaches miss you before you choose because you lose. For now, I can choose, but I know it will not always be so. To lose, to the street. "

Moreover, added: "If I win, because I have a great team and a budget of 400 million euros behind. With one in four would not win. And if people were not so good that I have behind could win something, but 12 of 15 (titles), or joke, and I'm smarter than you shit, sometimes I read things that put me in the newspapers and I understand them. "

The talk was not just sports, but rather focused on managing groups. There Guardiola showed emotional intelligence led him to put the public in the pocket. He had a bad word for anyone. He acknowledged that "not necessary to have played football to be a great coach, Sacchi changed without having played the game and Mourinho is probably the best coach in the world. Having been in a locker room gives arguments for certain situations, but have not been you provides other advantages. It's life as a player had no fitness to stand out, but I survived: power others. "

As Pep group management explained that "everything should be organized around the warmth and rubbing. A trust. Someone has to take decisions and I'm there to do it because I paid for it and I live in a world of natural selection . To have 90,000 people calling you donkey is very hard, but having a field of 5,000 in Segunda B is too. Only the elect come. " (via AS)

Arroyo: "We have asked and demanded the importance of the Madrid-Barça play on Saturday"

The manager of FC Barcelona, ​​Manel Arroyo is confident that the game is played against Real Madrid on Saturday.

The manager of the economic area Manel Arroyo, media and sponsorship manager was interviewed on 'RAC 1' and said it expects to take into account the requests made ​​by the club to schedule the match against Real Madrid: "We have asked and demanded the importance of playing on a Saturday when finished and exit shower party for Tokyo to acclimatise as quickly as possible. " "It would be normal if we did, as after all Barça represents the national and European football," he said on the subject. Arroyo noted that growing knowledge about the dates of the meetings further in advance: "This year we have advanced the time to know the dates, a month view be known, will be known within days."

He also spoke about schedule adjustment will suffer the conference to try to avoid times like the 22 hours of the night on Sunday. "The TVs are testing new schedules and make adjustments ten-fifteen minutes to get the last Sunday's game starts at 21:30" he said. On the fact of playing at noon, Arroyo dismissed almost complete will play this season at 12 am at the Camp Nou: "We have spoken at 12 Mediapro can play a match outside the Camp Nou. But if we put that schedule no choice." (via SPORT)

There is already referee for Barça-Zaragoza

The RFEF announced the members who will direct the parties of the 13th week.

Barça-Zaragoza will direct it the Navarrese collegian Undiano Mallenco, while the Spaniard José Antonio Teixeira Vitienes referee on Saturday November 19 at 22.00 hours the Valencia-Real Madrid match. (via SPORT)

The complete list of arbitration appointments in First and Second division is as follows:

Primera División (13a jornada)
Granada-Mallorca Clos Gómez (Comité Aragonés)
Sevilla-Athletic Ayza Gámez (C. Valenciano)
Barcelona-Zaragoza Undiano Mallenco (C. Navarro)
Sporting-Getafe Turienzo Álvarez(C.Castellano-Leonés)
Atlético de Madrid-Levante Pérez Montero (C. Andaluz)
Valencia-Real Madrid Teixeira Vitienes (C. Cántabro)
Osasuna-Rayo Vallecano Iglesias Villanueva (C. Gallego)
Real Sociedad-Espanyol Cerro Grande (C. Madrileño)
Villarreal-Betis Muñiz Fernández (C. Asturiano)
Racing-Málaga Iturralde González (C. Vasco)

Segunda División (Jornada 14)
Alcoyano-Recreativo Amoedo Chas (C. Gallego)
Gimnastic-Guadalajara Vicandi Garrido (C. Vasco)
Córdoba-Alcorcón Piñeiro Crespo (C. Asturiano)
Girona-Sabadell Jaime Latre (C. Aragonés)
Real Murcia-Barcelona "B" Gil Manzano (C. Extremeño)
Celta de Vigo-Hércules Hernández Hernández (C. Las Palmas)
Elche-Deportivo Mariscal Sánchez (C. Andaluz)
Almería-Cartagena Arias López (C. Cántabro)
Valladolid-Villarreal "B" Arcediano Monescillo (C. Castellano-Manchego)
Numancia-Huesca Melero López (C. Andaluz)
UD Las Palmas-Xerez Ocón Arráiz (C. Riojano)

Betis think Fontàs

For the club, which tried to sign in summer Fontàs now arises from the centre-back request assignment, reports 'AS'.

Andreu Fontàs is the first choice of Betis to strengthen its lagging behind in the winter market. The centre-back of the FC Barcelona still interested recently renovated Andalucian team have already tried his move this summer.

The door for the player could open up this winter reason after renovating the club it could think about a surrender, option that rejected the club last period of signings, it publishes the newspaper 'AS' this Thursday. Another of the options that Betis outlines is also that of the centre-back Marc Bartra, although its situation (in Barça B) makes more difficult the player's exit. (via SPORT)

[Former player] Bojan 'forgets' to Guardiola and Barca

Tired of being asked by Barça, said Bojan Krkic to the Italian media that only thinks about his future as 'Giallorossi'.

"My Barça is the Roma and they give you everything.'d Rather not talk more, or Guardiola or Barcelona. I feel privileged to play here, with these amazing fans," said Bojan, who did not hesitate to praise Luis Enrique. "It's a direct person, with great personality and maintains the same relationship with all players."

The exazulgrana think is a mistake to compare to Roma with Barça or any other team, as the Italian club has "its own style" and "we are seeking our own way." After ensuring "not having anything like that ever lived" as in what is living in Roma, Bojan was confident the team will do a good campaign because it has "good prospects ahead."

"We go as far as possible with this team with these players and the game philosophy of our training," said Bojan, noting that "it is starting a project" and that what was lacking in games lost was "a greater attention to small details. " (via SPORT)

De Oliveira: "Rosell asked me to take care of Neymar to 2014"

De Oliveira, president of Santos, assured that he will be the same player who will decide where he wants to go when it finishes the contract.

President Santos , Luis de Oliveira Ribeiro , the program 'El Partido de las 12' of Cope confirmed that it has good relations with leaders Barcelona and Madrid , with Perez and Rosell. "With the two I have a very good relationship. A Rosell asked to respect the decision of Santos and he asked me to take care of the player until 2014. And I said take care of it for the December 18 " .

About Florentino, De Oliveira explained that "I have proposed a friendly for our anniversary. Florentino has understood. Surely if he were the President of the Santos, had taken the same decision. if I were the president of Real Madrid or Barca try with all my might bring Neymar for my team, " he said.

De Oliveira also revealed that the same Neymar will decide his future in 2014: "We give our part, we guarantee the presence of Neymar until 2014 , and then be free to play for Santos or where he wants " , announced the president. (via MD)

Andrés Iniesta: "It is a privilege to be beside Leo Messi"

"We're not used to playing at 12 but the TVs are the ones in charge".

The player of Barça Andrés Iniesta has reviewed the present time azulgrana in an interview granted to the program 'Tu Diràs' of RAC 1 where besides surrendering to the game of Messi it has assured that preferred to play five minutes in Barça that 90 given in another team.

"All for Leo and he played for the team. We all feel that we are important and that is the strength of the team. Leo knows that without the partners is more difficult and vice versa. Is the number one and no doubt. It's a winner, is very strong and is a privilege to be at his side. Expected to last many years "

The relationship between David Villa and Leo Messi, Iniesta has refused, just as it did the Argentine, there are problems between the two: "There has been a debate about anything. If something does not exist, the debate has no outlet. The players have said that there is nothing "has settled the manchego.

On the game against L'Hospitalet and the controversy around the possible beep Pinto , Iniesta insists "it must always be well" and that Pinto "and said he did"

Asked about the possibility of playing the clásico against Real Madrid at 12 noon, Iniesta says that although "it would be very strange, we are prepared for any situation."

"We're not used to playing at that time but the TVs, which have the power, are in charge. I do not know what will happen and we are prepared for any situation. In youth and cadets was playing at that time," says the Fuentealbilla.

Concentrate with the Spanish team to prepare for Saturday's match against Fabio Capello's England, Iniesta says the international atmosphere between Barca and Madrid after last season's clásico, is good. "I told you this is something that happened . The clásicos are very intense. In the selection, we all on the same line. " (via MD)

[Selection Under-21; EURO2013 Qualifying] Spain 6 - 0 Estonia

Bright game of Luis Milla's team, who are leaders that leaders of their group continue with four victories in other disputed so many encounters. Isco, Álvaro Vázquez and Sarabia completed the goleada.

Clear and well-deserved victory of the Spanish Under-21 against Estonia in the fourth game of the qualifiers for Euro category to be held in 2013. The third visit to Melilla Selection meeting yielded a clear dominance of men Luis Milla, who took three minutes to open the scoring and left to rest with the win in the light installed after a hat-trick achieved by Rodrigo in impeccable Spanish a first time. Isco scored the fourth goal after fifteen minutes of the restart. Álvaro Vázquez and Sarabia expanded the scoring in the discount. The win allows Spain to continue unbeaten and leader of his group.

From the opening whistle it was clear that Spain was willing to make concessions to his rival. The grass jumped Rojita plugged in and was clearly made with the possession and mastery of the game. Near the end of the third minute of play, Rodrigo Sarabia took center to raise the first to score brilliantly. The tier of Alvarez course even this much when celebrating a perfect header Benfica player after a cross from Martin Montoya increased the advantage of theirs on the scoreboard. The scenery was idyllic for Spain, seven minutes and two-goal lead.

Meanwhile, Estonia fought back like a cat belly up to the onslaught Spanish and did not have any symptoms of resources to catch up. A pair of timid approaches in the area of ​​De Gea was poor background Bernhardt offensive in the first forty-five minutes. The visitors opted to steal advance their lines near the local area, which served to Spain to take advantage of the spaces and play at will without giving option to its rivals. The tremendous authority Mile shown by the first half led to a constant trickle of arrivals on the penalty area which served to mark the third Rodrigo achieving a hat-trick when the first half drew to a close.

After the intermission the game resumed unchanged and with the same dominant trend on the part of Spain. As in the first act, Sarabia and Cuenca brilliantly continued to take advantage of the fact that Spain opened the field a lot, showing very sharp for both bands. The Estonian combined offered no symptoms at recovery and decided to lower their arms half hour ahead. The Rojita, which was then lifted off the throttle, step on it again to score the fourth goal Isco party with a brilliant shot from the edge of the area to which the goalkeeper could do nothing Estonian.

The clear advantage in the bright and the superiority of Spain on the playing field in all aspects Luis Milla was moving chips from the bench to dispense the effort of his players. Koke, Illarramendi and Vázquez Álvaro entered in place of Oriol Romeu, Isaac and striker Rodrigo Cuenca along the second forty-five minutes. Even playing at half speed, Spain had several clear chances to increase their lead, including a shot to stick a Thiago Alcantara returned to offer an authentic recital of play. Vazquez Alvaro Sarabia scored the fifth and sixth and in the discount. The Rojita numbers, which still leads the group, speak for themselves: four wins in as many matches, seventeen goals scored and only two against. (via AS)

[Technical Data]
Spain: De Gea; Montoya, Muniesa, Bartra, Planas; Oriol Romeu (Koke, min,55), Thiago; Cuenca (Illarramendi, min. 65), Isco, Sarabia; Rodrigo (Álvaro Vázquez, min. 70).

Estonia: Meerits; Veis, Reintam, Artjunin, Peitre; Papanov, Tenno, Pebre, Podholjuzin; Prosa (Anier, min.60) and Taar.

Goals: 1-0, min 3: Rodrigo; 2-0, min. 7: Rodrigo; 3-0, min. 44: Rodrigo. 4-0, min. 59: Isco. 5-0, Álvaro Vázquez, min. 90. 6-0, min. 93, Sarabia.

[Selection] UEFA honours Zubizarreta and Xavi

UEFA has honoured Barça’s midfield maestro and their Director of Football for having won 100 Spanish international caps. The other two players who have also been honoured for reaching their century of caps are Raúl González and Iker Casillas.

This Thursday lunchtime, UEFA honoured Andoni Zubizarreta, Iker Casillas, Raúl González and Xavi Hernández, the only four players to have broken the 100 caps mark for Spain. With Raul unable to attend, Zubizarreta, Casillas and Xavi received their honorary caps.

On receiving his award, Zubi paid tribute to a number of players who didn't quite make the 100 mark: "I'd like to thank UEFA and I will cheris this cap. I'd like to just remember the many who should also have won this cap – such as Iribar, Arkonada, Hierro or Camacho. They deserved to be honoured – as do all the players who have worn the Spanish shirt – even if only once".

Xavi revealed that he is enjoying a golden moment with the national team: "I've had plenty of good times, but what we have experienced over the last few seasons with this generation of footballers after so many years when we weren't so well appreciated, is just the best. I'm as a happy as a little kid." Xavi then posed for a photo with Vicente del Bosque and ex-Spain boss Luis Aragonés at the Ciutat Esportiva in Las Rozas. (via FCBarcelona.cat)