10 November 2011

Day of recovery in San Joan Despí

Pedro, injured two weeks ago in an ankle, returned to step on the pitch of the Ciudad Deportiva with a physical therapist for a few minutes Pinto, Fontàs, and Maxwell are the only three players available who have not been cited for their choices and have recovery in the gym.

After the exodus of international post-victory in L'Hospitalet, the virtually orphaned Ciudad Deportiva footballers played down the Barca first team. Only three have been available. Of course, one of the two injured, Pedro Rodriguez, starring the good news of the day to start walking for a few minutes on the lawn of Sant Joan Despi with a recuperator.

Remember that the '17' azulgrana suffered a sprained left ankle peroneal October 25 in Granada.

After a short ride on the field, Pedro has retired to the gym to continue their recovery work. In the changing rooms were also exercising Pinto, Maxwell and Fontàs, the three owners in the Cup and not to join their national teams.

No league match of the weekend's international commitments, the team has a bye until Monday morning when he will return to training. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[selection] Iniesta: "The goal of the World Cup is a magical moment"

The Zarra, Marcelino, Kiko, Torres and Iniesta are the most important goals of Spanish football.

The Real Federación Española de Fútbol (RFEF) presented on Thursday at Soccer City in Las Rozas (Madrid), the boxes that represent the top five goals in the history of the national team event which defined his goal for Iniesta the World Cup as "the representation of a magical moment."

These targets correspond to Telmo Zarra goal for England in World Cup Brazil 1950, Marcelino in the final of Euro 1964 against Russia, that of "Kiko" Narváez at the Olympic Games in Barcelona in 1992 that gave gold against Poland, and the latest Fernando Torres and Andres Iniesta, which meant the achievement of the 2008 European Championship and World Cup 2010, respectively.

Indeed, the protagonist of the most important goal of the history of selection, the FC Barcelona midfielder manchego was commissioned to discover the painting of the well marked with the Netherlands, a work he called "spectacular."

"Very nice, what about that image that has not been said already. The nice thing is for what it represents, for the magical moment we live with that achievement of the World Cup and I feel fortunate to have experienced something so amazing in person "said Iniesta, who wanted to congratulate the creator of the pictures that look at the museum of the Real Federación Española de Fútbol in the Ciudad del Fútbol de Las Rozas. (via AS)

[Selection] Xavi Hernandez received the gold medal of the RFEF

In attendance were the last two coaches, Luis Aragones and Vicente del Bosque, who extolled its virtues and human sports and posed next to the recipient.

Xavi Hernandez , second captain of the Spanish team , who has 105 caps and a World Championship and his sporting achievements, has been honored this morning at the Ciudad del Fútbol in Las Rozas, where he received the gold medal RFEF .

In the ceremony participated actively the past two coaches, Luis Aragones and Vicente del Bosque , who concurred in praising the midfielder set FC Barcelona . The Salamanca highlighted its versatility, "knows how to combine, can defend ...". And the Spaniard his human qualities. "It's a good person with some great qualities to play football."

The event left a pretty picture, in which the winner posed with both coaches. (via AS)

Freixa: "The renewal of the Neymar affect us"

The renewal of Neymar for Santos until 2014 has had a strong impact on the world of football. The news on Thursday did not go unnoticed within the FC Barcelona.

A spokesman for the Barca board, Toni Freixa, commented "We are not in any way affect the renewal of any player of any team. It is a Santos player and there is no comment," he said. Neymar had been one of the players who were in the orbit of Barcelona and, in particular, the Real Madrid in recent months.

Freixa was not surprised by the possible interest of Liverpool in signing David Villa: "The strange thing is that just like Liverpool, who have not more teams interested in him. It is normal that clubs want our players. We have a great squad, "he added. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Tottenham search continues down Carlos Planas

The left full-back of Barça B, Carles Planas, he is in the orbit of Tottenham Hotspur that was also interested previously in the players of filial Montoya and Bartra.

Tottenham could be seriously considering starting an offensive by the left full-back of Barça B, Carles Planas, according to information disclosed by SkySports .

After negative paths that led the Catalan club when the Spurs also were interested in team players, Martin Montoya and Marc Bartra, the London club seems not to give up and is considering an option, a priori, more affordable.

However, this is a player also highly valued by the entity Blaugrana, which if not played regularly last season (17 games played) because of the odd injury, is now fully recovered and in order to take many more minutes game.

The young side of 20 years, Spanish international is also the Under-21 and is summoned along with Thiago Alcantara, Isaac Cuenca, Martin Montoya, Marc Bartra and Marc Muniesa to contest the next enfrentameintos against Estonia and Switzerland (10 and 14 November) in the Spanish cities of Melilla and Cordoba.

Planas has a contract with Barça in place until next summer, which will have to go beginning to define its future.

As extracted from the sources, Tottenham would be contemplating offering to buy the player Barca an option to buy after two seasons. (via SPORT)

Getafe-Barça set for Saturday November 26th at 22.00 and Barça-Rayo on Wednesday 30th at 21.15

Week 14’s game at the Coliseum Alfonso Pérez will be played on Saturday November 26th at ten at night. Rayo come to the Nou Camp four days later, with the game brought forward due to the FIFA World Club Cup, and the game will kickoff at 21.15 on Wednesday November 30th.

Barça were handed their kick off times for the 14th week game against Getafe and the match which had been scheduled for week 17 against Rayo. The Getafe game will kick off at ten on Saturday night and four days later on November 30th, Rayo will visit the Camp Nou to play at 21.15 in a game originally scheduled for December, but which has been brought forward due to Barça’s commitments at the FIFA World Club Cup.

With the league programme taking a rest this weekend due to international games, Barça’s next La Liga match is on Saturday November 19th, when they host Zaragoza (kick off 20.00) with a Champions League group game against Milan in Italy on November 23rd (kick off 20.45).

The B team’s fixture against Celta in week 15 of the second division championship will kick off in the Miniestadi at 18.00 on November 26th, whilst this weekend’s Catalan derby against Girona is scheduled for 20.00 at the Miniestadi and next week’s match in Murcia will be played on Saturday November 19th at 18.00. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Next matches

Saturday, 19 november (20 h)

Wednesday, 23 november (20.45 h)

Saturday, 26 november (22 h)

Wednesday, 30 november (21.15 h)

Pinto whistles back on stage

José Manuel Pinto seen again immersed in a controversy in Llarga Feixa already famous for their whistles.

The controversy began when Haro, L'Hospitalet forward was stopped cold in a local attack for no reason in the first part aparante. At rest, when questioned by the media, the player explained: "I stopped because I heard a whistle. Who? You know who was ...", he said, referring to the porter Andalusia.

Asked about this action, the goalkeeper chose to throw balls out and wryly noted that "whenever there is a whistle, look at me ... always good to look out for one. " In any case, the school did not reflect the action and everything was in shock over haul.

It should be remembered that Pinto was suspended last season with two games to whistle in the match against Copenhagen in the Champions league. UEFA opened a file and, after the television pictures confirm that they had stopped a move by the Danes, he decided to act on its own for lack of 'fair play'. (via SPORT)

Barça-Neymar, new negotiations with the Saints in Japan

With reason of the Club World Cup, Rosell and Ribeiro they negotiate for Neymar again. Santos's crack signs until 2014 and Barça, satisfied, you go how its plan advances for 2013.

The president of FC Barcelona , Sandro Rosell , and Santos, Luis Alvaro de Oliveira Ribeiro , will meet again next December in Yokohama, on the occasion of World Clubs. At this meeting, the directing barcelonista will congratulate to its homologous of Santos for the great management carried out to the power to retain Neymar, avoiding this way a transfer to Real Madrid that in the capital the kindred means to the club blanco Florentino already gave for fact.

By the way, Rosell also pull strings to get closer to Santos, as Neymar preferred to Barcelona to Madrid before . Yesterday, Ribeiro said: "We continue to have the best relations with major European clubs. In Japan, I hope to give a hug to the president of FC Barcelona and comfort if it is the dream result " . (via MD)

Jordi Alba-Barça: Contacts from the summer

Barca had several conversations with the immediate environment to gather information Jordi Alba.

Barca's interest Jordi Alba took shape last summer when he contacted his environment in a couple of times in mid-June and the first weeks of July, to gather details about his contract situation. Conversations were merely informative. MD has been told the Catalan club wanted to know aspects of their contract (ends in 2013), its position on the renewal offer put to it by Valencia and his predisposition to a change of scenery. All questions were answered but with the important difference that the left side is very happy at the Mestalla and the price is high, 20 million euros.

Supports their immediate environment, however, that the persistent interest is striking Barca defender and, of course, would like to return someday to Barcelona. But from the Nou Camp, despite being made up, have not returned to pick up the phone, Jordi Alba has no agenda other than the whole 'che', which is the team that has taken him 22 years to the selection world champion. You are also grateful to Unai Emery, who recycled the side rather than keep him as extreme.

Those contacts had no continuity summer directly. As there were no weight Offers Maxwell and Abidal, Adriano and the Brazilian in the locker room, the club gave up hiring him. The saturation of men for the same position did not viable. Jose Angel, Sporting was a previous history differently. It was an opportunity. The price was cheap, between two and three million. The operation was frustrated the whole sag sportinguista demanding four 'kilos' and a half.

Yesterday, in Valencia, Jordi Alba asked for advance notice by this newspaper. "I do not know if it's true or not. I focus on playing, to do well in Valencia and there partirde my representatives are in charge of the field beyond. I know nothing of rumors," he argued. At the insistence of the media, the left side was limited to be diplomatic. "I do not think, because I do not know if it's true or not. I'm very happy here and the rest is up to my agents," he said. At the same time, said he knew nothing of its renewal. Contract Expires in 2013. (via MD)

Seydou Keita also seduces the Liverpool

The club 'red' for substitute Raul Meireles and think of the Malian international, under contract until 2014.

Liverpool continues to test the market to try to recover their nest in the Premiership and has set some of their goals in Barca's template.

The potential interest in David Villa now joins Seydou Keita, one of the Barca players could leave the club in the coming seasons if you receive an interesting offer.

The Malian Guardiola who has always considered a key player, especially by descent in the locker room is not a regular starter at the club, why Liverpool would have noticed him as a substitute Raul Meireles, whose transfer to Chelsea in the last days of summer market, has left the team 'red' without one of their references in the midfield, according to a report of the 'Daily Mail'.

In recent days has also been speculated a possible Russian interest Anzhi, the team of Samuel Eto'o and Roberto Carlos, to recruit the international mali.

Seydou Keita, who renewed in August 2010, is under contract until June 30, 2014 and a buyout clause of 100 million euros. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] A psychologist in the service of Barça B

He met with the players at the Ciutat Esportiva to be made available to those in need.

Luis Enrique came to affiliate with Joaquín blaugrana Valdes, a psychologist who worked with the players, in addition to the coaching staff during the stage of the Spaniard at Barça. The technical progress of Rome also meant goodbye to Valdés, although the club has not neglected the mental aspect and has made available to players who need the services of a psychologist.

Inma not only works with the reserves Blaugrana, but so does, for many years, yet the grassroots. This is an external service and timely that the psychologist has been carried out in close collaboration with Barça. Their presence is only required when a player asks for it. In fact, there is a coordinated effort with the technicians. The youth players in squad already know that if they have a problem to be dealing with a professional, can have the services of Inma, who visited them for about ten days in the Ciutat Esportiva, after one of the team's training Eusebio. Barca aims to work in full all the elements that influence the growth of football. (via SPORT)

Rosell: "Now it would not mark Barça"

The president of FC Barcelona spoke after the food of directive.

The directive of L'Hospitalet and Barça shared the previous food to the party in the Hotel it Carries Fira, an encounter to the one that went Miguel García, president of the team of Second Division B, with four of their directive, and to the one that also attended the mayoress of L'Hospitalet, Núria Marín, Youth's delegate and Sport, Cristian Fortress, and the president of FCF, Andreu Subies. Sandro Rosell, on the other hand, went accompanied by Josep María Bartomeu and Jordi Moix.

The president of Barça remembered his stage like player of L'Hospitalet, in which even marked a goal to Barça in a friendly party disputed in 1983 and he joked on that goal. It had not "maybe now marked" it, he said, "but in that time he thought that could make something in the world football."

Wise after their previous slip to the last classic, when it predicted a 5-0 to Madrid, Rosell preferred not to give any result in the previous club and promised to invite to the whole soccer it bases from L'Hospitalet to the turn party on Camp Nou.

The food ran to the directive of L'Hospitalet that paid it of its pocket bill: each representative of the riverside club paid a hundred euros. (via SPORT)

Iniesta: “I'm only interested in scoring if it helps the team”

Andrés Iniesta, scorer of tonight's winning goal, was happy to have scored in the King's Cup once again. The last time the midfielder scored in this competition was in the 2006/07 season.

An amazing goal by Andrés Iniesta gave his team the edge in the round of 32 of the King’s Cup against Hospitalet. The last time the native of Fuentealbilla scored in the King’s Cup was in the 2006/07 season when he scored in the Romareda. “I’m very happy for the goal. My shot worked out,” Iniesta said.

With his goal tonight, Iniesta brings his all-time Cup goalscoring tally to 3 in 36 games. The midfielder, however, is only interested in scoring more goals if “it helps the team.”

“Everything is difficult”

The team knew that the game against Hospitalet wasn’t going to be easy. “Everything is difficult and it takes a lot of effort. No one said it was going to be easy ... it’s important that the team keeps on transmitting good vibes,” Iniesta said. Despite winning by one goal in the away leg the footballer said, “we’re content with the score because it’s not easy playing these types of games.”


“I’m pleased because hard work is rewarded.”

“I don’t want to think about it anymore. Whenever anyone hears a whistle on the pitch everyone looks at me.”


“I was very happy to be called up, but to be a starter was a big prize.”

“I’ve got my mind on the B team, I’ll fight to be promoted and wait for my opportunity.”


“They made it difficult for us. It was a competitive game.”

“We know what we want. What we want is to go deep in all the competitions, and to do that we have to play on every type of field, like this one.”

“Hospitalet was a very strong, aggressive team. They closed their defensive lines well and it was difficult to create chances. But we did control the game.” (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[The Player Ratings; Copa del Rey; 1/16 final leg 1] L'Hospitalet - FC Barcelona (0-1)


[Barça B] Rafinha and Tello, the latest reserves to debut for Barça’s first team

In total, counting these two, 21 youth system players have made their debuts under Guardiola. Tello played the entire game against Hospitalet, whilst Thiago’s brother played the final quarter hour.

Pep Guardiola isn’t afraid of giving the youth players from the reserve sides a chance at the first team. The latest players to make the leap, this Wednesday, were Cristian Tello and Rafinha, at the away leg of the round of 32 in the King’s Cup against Hospitalet. Just 10 days ago Gerard Deulofeu was donning the first team shirt as well. In total, Guardiola has seen 21 reserve players make their debuts for the first team.

Tello played from the start and he was one of the most active players on the pitch, specifically in the first half with his destabilizing runs down the right. He tried his luck with 5 crosses and he was involved in 69 plays. Rafinha came on the pitch at the 75th minute mark, replacing Cesc. He was involved in 11 plays.

Cristian Tello (20 years old) is striker with a lot of pace that usually plays wide, but he can also perform the traditional duties of a number ‘9.’ He was integral to the reserve side’s good second half of the season last year, thanks to his goalscoring instinct and his ability to assist.

Rafinha (18 years old), Thiago Alcántara’s younger brother, is a left footed offensive player that has made a spot for himself in the Barça B squad after having a great year with the Under-17’s. He’s strong and technically gifted. Eusebio usually positions him as a fake center forward. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

The 21 debutants under Pep

2008/09: Busquets, Thiago, Xavi Torres, Muniesa, Botía and Abraham

2009/10: Fontàs, Dos Santos, Soriano, Gai Assulin and Bartra

2010/11: Oriol Romeu, Sergi Gómez, Miño, Nolito, Montoya and Sergi Roberto

2011/12: Cuenca, Deulofeu, Rafinha and Tello.

Guardiola: “The tie is wide open”

Guardiola admitted that he would have liked to have a larger goal margin going into the return leg against Hospitalet seeing that Barça will play in the FIFA Club World Cup just days before the King’s Cup tie.

The Barça manager highlighted his player’s intensity and effort on the pitch.

While the Barcelona manager said “the final result is what it is,” he would have preferred a larger goal difference heading into the return leg of the round of 32 against Hospitalet. Just days before the Copa del Rey return leg in the Camp Nou, on the 21st of December, FC Barcelona will be returning from Japan after playing in the FIFA Club World Cup. “The tie is wide open. We would have liked to have larger goal margin going into the return leg to be a bit more secure, we don’t know what shape we’ll be in when we return from Japan. It would have been good to have another goal, but we’ll see how we’re doing when we return,” said the Barça trainer.

Guardiola praised his opponent tonight, “it was a really intense game between two teams with lots of personality, and we had to put in a lot of effort. I want to congratulate Hospitalet on the good team they are and for the level of play they showed us tonight. They played a good game, they opened up and were willing to play. They have a lot of game and their keeper was simply fantastic. We lacked a little bit in breaking their defensive system down.”

When asked if Barça is the standard other teams measure themselves against, he said “my players only try to do the best they possibly can. Football is open to anyone and it’s for everyone. We simply want to represent Barça the best way possible, play football the best way possible, and behave the best way possible.”

Guardiola also talked about the good game both Fontas and Jonathan Dos Santos put in, “they are all-around fantastic players, we’re lucky to have them at Barça.” He also made it very clear that in the Nou Municipal, with or without Messi, that “the idea is always the same, try to play in the opponents half of the field and generate chances to score.”

Lastly, the Barça coach enthusiastically approved of David Villa’s game, “he gives us a lot. For me, David is indisputable. I liked how he played tonight even more than how he has in the past.”

Santos announces Neymar runs until 2014

The Brazilian club president, Luis Alvaro de Oliveira, has officially announced at a press conference at the headquarters of Santos with the player.

Neymar continue at Santos until 2014 , when it celebrates World Cup in Brazil . The Brazilian club president, Luis Alvaro de Oliveira , has officially announced at a press conference with the player in the clubhouse. "Operation 'Neymar remains' ends today because Neymar gets" , said the rector of club.

Last summer, when the big European teams began to interest him, his club raised the salary and incentive pay targets achieved. In addition, the money the Santos get the rights Neymar image, the player receives 30% with this formula already has made ​​a contract with the Bank of Brazil , which has helped to continued economic player on the Santos.

"This is great news for the Santos, for the player and the fans of the club," says the player's agent, Wagner Ribeiro , in 'Globoesporte.com' .

According to 'Esporte' , the Brazilian president told him to Florentino Perez , president of Real Madrid , the agreement reached with the player just before the news conference. The decision of the Santos has "irritated" at Real Madrid's top management, according to Brazilian newspaper, which had obtained the "yes" of the player's representatives on Sunday in Sao Paulo , according to the Brazilian news portal. (via AS)

Kaká: "Cristiano Ronaldo is more complete than Messi"

Ensures that the crack Kaka Real Madrid but not better "fuller" than Barca's Argentine. The Brazilian says if Neymar "would sign" for all blanco.

Real Madrid midfielder Kaká has said that Cristiano Ronaldo "is more complete than Messi " but believes that the two "are the best in the world" . Speaking to the program 'Kajuru Question', Kaká has also spoken of his compatriot Neymar: "If I were him I would sign for Real Madrid" .

Kaká went through a difficult time at Real Madrid until "after a match against Villarreal I sat down with Mourinho and asked what I wanted to do. He told me he loved me, but if I wanted to leave, he would help me out, that I did not want unhappy players. Mourinho is a lie that I wanted. I said, "Mister, I do not leave Madrid . "I spoke later with Florentino Perez, who told me that he had spoken with the coach and that he wanted to, they had no need to sell and that I should be patient and calm. I went quiet for that meeting. The conversation with Mourinho was decisive, if he had told me he was not interested to continue, otherwise I would have wanted. Following this is a challenge, a motivation, because the other two years did not exist for me. I made ​​the preseason, I started feeling good. Before I was getting pain and now have a good performance. "

Kaká has deployed Cristiano Ronaldo as "the best player I played with him. I played against Zidane, but did not play with him. Ronaldo is the best for his genius and association rate. Ronaldinho is close to that level" .

Asked by Messi , the player of Real Madrid says, "is one of a kind. To say who the best player in the world is relative, so much depends upon what you do on the bus. He and Christian are the best in the world, but in football today, in modern football Cristiano is the most comprehensive in the world. ago with the goals left, right, head and missing. Messi is excellent with all the cool stuff you have, but Christian is more complete Messi. "

Kaka has also praised his compatriot Neymar . "If you continue in this line, Neymar will go far. I do not know if the level of Maradona or Messi, it is not known. I hope it comes, would help us a lot, but I do not know if you will, if it was hired. I'd like to see in a big European club. If I were Neymar would sign for Real Madrid. Everyone wants to see Neymar playing in Europe because it is different " .

"What distinguishes the Barcelona game of ours is the possession of the ball, patience. This gives the time and technical characteristics of the players, because not all players are able to do that game. And also the characteristics the coach. aficionado Real Madrid does not have much patience. It's a different culture. Messi makes the difference, you can decide a game at any time, but why not perform well with the selection? It is a collective issue, much depends than do their peers " sentenced . (via MD)

Higuita: "I prefer Victor Valdes before Iker Casillas"

The legendary Colombian goalkeeper, Rene Higuita , said in the Radio Marca program, "Planeta América" ​​that if I had to choose between Victor Valdes and Iker Casillas as a goalkeeper, I would prefer to Catalan with him, he says, has more in common . "Victor is more like me. Iker Casillas is a goalkeeper from under the sticks."

Hacerun also took the opportunity to review the timeliness of the Spanish League, focusing especially on the pulse keep Barca and Real Madrid . "I think Real Madrid can overcome Barcelona in the next Classic.'s Team Mourinho is more level and may harm a club. But you will exceed only in results, not because Barca are playing spectacular football, very nice. The set of Guardiola also knows he can get results by this game. "

Finally, Higuita recalled the image that will be linked forever to the history of football: The Scorpion , a stunt that was first time on September 7, 1995, in the Colombian national team match against England at Wembley where the target rejected a shot by Jamie Redknapp . "It's a work of God. Also have done in a World Cup, the Scorpion had been working five years." (via MD)

[Former B player] Oriol Romeu: "To this day I don't think of returning to Barça"

He had to sing a song like hazing Canto del Loco. "Where I feel more comfortable is in the position of defensive midfielder". Puyol admires one of the best centre-back in the history of Barca. "I think every day, not the fact of holding".

He arrived at Chelsea from Barcelona last summer. Little by little it has been enjoying a few minutes and when you have them have looked to make the most. Oriol Romeu (24/09/1991) has made ​​some interesting statements on the website of Eurosport, which makes a wide sweep all the latest football .

Oriol Romeu seems to bear a grudge against Guardiola for the failure to give him more minutes at the time, then, simply "I do not count on me to stop, just made ​​the decision to rely on other players." The former Barca B coach does not know when the Chelsea is interested in him: "I wanted to go to there and it did. He has shown confidence in big games. has put me in tough matches in the Champions League and Carling," but has failed to realize the mark left by Mourinho at Chelsea, "showed a lot at this club and has won many things. has much merit in what he has achieved."

Oriol has played so far a total of seven games, and alternate between and among the League, League Cup and Champions League. It seems that has been well integrated into the discipline of Villas-Boa, and recognizes that "when I was not going to play or hold, but to work and keep improving every day . When the opportunity comes I have to be ready to seize " , adding about it, "I think every day, not on hold two months or a year."

Oriol Romeu undoubtedly
Romeu -hazing has revealed why they have to pass all new Chelsea put in a chair facing the rest of the team and sing, he chose a piece of El Canto del Loco'-confesses that the key to always be ready and do well is "be prepared, do not you come up a Champions League match. What you have before you no doubt." In turn, says he felt comfortable in the Champions League for the work done and if I had to choose which party holds a best memory would stay with the Carling Cup at the home of Everton .

What is clear about the 6 of Chelsea is playing in the post that says the coach. "The position that I feel more comfortable is the defensive midfielder , who is mine and I have ever played since I have 12-13 years ", but" if you get anywhere else as you try to adapt quickly as possible and without any problem. "

Impressed with his comrades
the arrival of Juan Mata and Fernando Torres the very positive values ​​of the average young Chelsea. For him, "Torres has nothing to prove, always score goals. Going to keep scoring goals as usual," but specifies that the presence of Juan Mata improves the performance of former Liverpool and other colleagues. "We needed a juhador as Mata, his vision of play between the lines."

Along with Torres and Mata, Romeu explains that the big names that share a dressing room with him are "world stars, but great people," Cech speaks five languages, is a gladiator, and a funny guy and you can talk with him in Castilian. They help, but are enshrined are very normal. Terry is always making jokes. "Terry who is most impressed Romeu," I thought maybe it was good defending, but it is very good with the ball. It has a large displacement and handles the ball well. It is an example for a young player like me. A captain who knows what to do. "

"Puyol is an example"
Terry and his philosophy is one of the paths to be followed by Oriol Romeu. I always explained that "like the people who work, who makes what you have. One example is Puyol. He spent a few difficult moments when I was in the subsidiary, but continued working until it is today, one of the best center in the history of Barcelona. I like that people like Gerrard and Lampard , who spent many years in a club to defend the colors. "

Also referred to the stage of Luis Enrique and Bojan in Roma.
With respect to technical believes "that at first it took a while to adapt, but it is being updated and has received praise from the people and the Italian coach," and what is no doubt that "there came a time when Bojan had to seek other challenges. I think it has done well by going to Roma. He has gone to a team like Roma, in which the coach had him. I think there will show the great player he is and the quality he has. "

Go back to Barca?
concentrate on defending the best he knows the shirt of the 'blues', now Romeu "does not think of returning to the ship or in the future. I have a very good opportunity here, with some great fellow level. I must be attentive and focused on improving in London. I hope I do well, playing minutes and we'll see what happens. "

In the struggle to achieve its goal, Oriol has the support of Mata. They live very close to each other, in a city that has pleasantly surprised him and he looks great. (via MD)

Clemente: "I have a good time more in Bernabéu than in Camp Nou"

Javier Clemente was surprised on Monday saying that has more fun watching Real Madrid play at Barca.

The former Spanish coach considers that José's group Mourinho has improved this year", and he likes its proposal futbolística, although it admits it is "very difficult" to win Barça, "because they have a lot of time the ball."

Clement is convinced that the League will be decided this year in direct clashes between the teams, and "if Madrid fails to take less time Barca lose the ball, have to go to bite them," he said in an interview with Radio Marca .

Clement explained that, although I would not know whether to stay with the game Real Madrid or Barca, "I have more fun watching a game at the Bernabeu to go to the Nou Camp."

Basque coach, who witnessed Sunday's game between Barça and Athletic in San Mamés, also praised the work being done Marcelo Bielsa against his former team: "We should see what they say now that the first month they wanted Bielsa throw, "said

However, Clement expressed his belief that "with or without Marcelo," Athletic "is not going to be champions." And in this regard, he noted that "our will Athletic passed over this, titles, results in games ... To say that this is the best Athletic since last 80 and it seems a nonsense." (via SPORT)

Jordi Alba ignores the interest of other clubs

The left full-back of Valencia, Jordi Alba, among others intended for the club, want to know anything dismissed interest from other clubs.

"I do not think that because I do not know whether the bids are true or false. I am very happy here and I just think that things go well or better me, then it is a matter of my representatives," said the Catalan side, who says he only centered "Valencia".

However, if the club does not know Che has already begun negotiations for its renewal. "There have been rumors, but do not know. I just want to play and have a greater role in the field," he said.

The player of Valencia, which has been called a second time to go to the concentration of the Spanish team to play friendly matches against England and Costa Rica, was happy with this new citation Vicente del Bosque. "The first time is the more surprised you, but it's always nice to go to all, I do the same illusion. The coach thinks I can contribute and if I have drawn is that still rely on me and I am delighted to be back," said .

The footballer said that the staff still do not think in the next league match against Real Madrid, due to the slowdown in the competition for the international commitments of the selections. "There is still a lot and is good from it all and starting next Monday we'll think about Real Madrid and trying to beat them, which would be closer to the first position occupied by them, who are four points behind us," said. (via SPORT)

[Copa del Rey; 1/16 final; Leg1] L´Hospitalet 0 - 1 FC Barcelona

First assault for Barca, but by the minimum. The Centre d'Esports L'Hospitalet, hoping for a Moragón flag and spectacular, defused a possible win in the debut of Guardiola in the Copa del Rey.

The modest stood up to the big all he could. She lasted 42 minutes until Andres Iniesta said sniper and served with skill to the top of Jose Sanchez Moragón. The same porter who was becoming a nightmare for the unprecedented front of the boat, with a false '9 ', a young man and a regular branch. Cesc, Tello and Villa, respectively.

Guardiola wanted to relax despite being the first assault of the tie. The Santpedor put on the table for Llarga Feixa five of the eight invited by Del Bosque. He did not trust the illusion of a hospital that was willing to take the few opportunities you may have. One of them was a failure of Maxwell went to the former player of Sants Prat and David Haro ... until it stopped at the sound of a whistle. Del Cerro Grande was not.

The response was Villa. And hand cross shot to give timely Moragón the first corner of the match. Barca had trouble stepping franjirrojo the team area. With Viale brothers and the young plant and Small Moussa Bandeh in the sides, complicating Vinyals team appearances Guardiola attackers.

He was one of the vials, Lucas, who had his chance to pieces, in a direct free Pinto stopped in two stages. An island within the usual domain Blaugrana, with Xavi at the helm and the ball moving rapidly across the lawn of City Hall.

If the above did not shoot, the second line they tried. Keita became a shoe to test the former goalkeeper of Reus. Later, he had Cesc, but Moragón was brilliant again.

Then came 42 minutes and the game refloat. Barca achieved the goal of retiring to the locker room ahead. It had to be in a distant shot, without stepping on the field and the expertise of the man who gave the World Cup in Spain, Andres Iniesta. That shot was the only thing that escaped the great Moragón. Enough for Guardiola.

After the break, Vinyals changed the face of attack Hospi. They stayed in the shower Cirio Sergio and David Prats. Pasture, Aday and Marc Pedraza who was about to spoil the evening Pinto after a great center of Little. The ball went out, to the relief of Barca goal.

Barca quickly regained control of the situation, but at all times suffer eye for goal that Guardiola would like to kill off the tie. The Centre d'Esports L'Hospitalet bailing water but not to upset the Moragón torpedoes. Questionable comfort, as David Haro and company waited huddled somewhere out against it.

Shortly after the striker left his post Iniesta Sergio Busquets, Barça had another clear chance. Keita wanted to shoot in the area, but the pineapple became a gold pass to Cesc who had no shot. Respite for the home crowd dreaming of the Hospi, the month of May, returning to fight for a second to remember only the most senior partners. Merits are doing to it.

The local approach was preventing arrivals to the area of ​​Barca. Guardiola wanted Rafinha freshness and opted instead for Cesc. Thiago's brother was on the lawn as Villa tried his luck in a direct free kick. Spaniard shot dry, difficult to control for Moragón, who responded to perfection.

The 0-1 could not give comfort to Guardiola. And nine minutes left, that tranquility could disappear because the tireless Haro Maxwell exasperated by his band and attended Aday, for the former player of Sant Andreu will trip the house brand of forced Pinto to shine ... and almost injured. The Porto goal had to be treated but could follow.

The best for Barça in a game little fluid was that the minutes were passing. And, seeing that the Hospi appealed to 'Without a Paddle (Llobregat)' and waxed lines, just in case. Maybe what I was looking Pep. And Villa, who returned to shoot from a distance hitting a defender. The ball was poisoned, but Moragón always Moragón, returned to antidote.

The local public had opportunities to vibrate still, as when David Haro returned to desecrate the Blaugrana area and met with insurmountable Puyol to disrupt the 'juju'. In the end, Barça had to settle for a win by the minimum. The hospital endured what he could, given the expensive and complicated the life of a Barça won thanks to a 'Iniestazo' in the making. A 'Iniestazo' that sweetens Guardiola's first sip of Cup

[Technical Data]
CE L'Hospitalet Moragón: Peque, Lucas Viale, Manu Viale, Moussa; Manel, Pol Llonch (Ángel Sánchez, min. 67), Toni Vela; David Haro, Sergio Cirio (Aday, min. 46) and David Prats (Marc Pedraza, min. 46).

FC Barcelona Pinto; Jonathan dos Santos, Puyol, Fontàs, Maxwell; Keita, Xavi, Iniesta (Sergio Busquets, min. 63); Tello, Cesc (Rafinha, min. 76) and Villa.

Referee: Del Cerro Grande (Madrid). Lucas showed yellow card to Viale.

Goal: 0-1, min. 42, Cesc pass to Iniesta, who turns around and connecting from outside the area a shot to the top of Moragón.

Incidents: 2,000 spectators at the Stadium Municipal de L'Hospitalet.