07 November 2011

Carlo Ancelotti: "The great strength of Barcelona is its philosophy"

The Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti , one of the six people who have won the European Cup as both player and coach, as he did with Milan , has sought to highlight that in its opinion, the "great strength of Barcelona "lies in "philosophy". "(FC Barcelona) has been able to train and get many first team players of his quarry. So I think it has managed to establish a very good philosophy. When those players wear the shirt of Barcelona, ​​I think I feel something very especially since they have been trained at the academy of that club, "said Ancelotti told the UEFA website.

The Italian coach, who is currently without a club after his departure last May of Chelsea , has not hesitated to say so that "his philosophy as a club, and the idea of football is, Barcelona is the best in this time. " Ancelotti won the European Cup as a player for Milan in the seasons 1988-89 and 1989-90, while as AC Milan coach did in 2002-03 and 2006-07. "Twenty years ago you had to play against the champions of other countries, but now there's a lot more competition to be many more teams: four teams from England, four from Italy and so many other countries. I think today is much more difficult to win the Champions League than it was then. And for this reason I consider the best competition in the world, "says Ancelotti.

On his future as coach, said: "In the short term I do not know. I would like to retrain, I have no fear, I'm not scared, I want to wait and see what happens in football.'ll Find a satisfactory solution to go to a good club with a good project for the future and ambition. But that's all, nothing special. I'm sure you'll train another club soon. " (via MD)

Neymar and Barcelona, ​​"That's the game of my life"

Now think of a hypothetical Club World Cup final. It also reveals that Madrid has sent two emissaries to Brazil to start handover a written commitment from Santos.

Neymar said after his team's victory over Vasco da Gama, that "Santos is preparing the final game of the year, which is the party of our lives. Let's improve our pace of play." The party of the year is, of course, the Club World Cup final, where he hopes to meet with Barcelona: "Now is the best team in the world, but if it gives you to win or not, you will see in the field."

On the other hand, the newspaper "Folha" of Sao Paulo has said in the last hour today Madrid is planning to send two representatives to Sao Paulo to finish hiring Neymar. The paper insists that the player does not want to renew his contract, which expires in 2015 and interprets the white emissaries trip as an attempt to start a document in which Santos is committed to transfer the player. (via AS)

Keita and Abidal will be able to play the Cup on Wednesday

Josep Guardiola will be able to have Seydou Keita and Éric Abidal from face to the game of Wednesday's Cup against Hospitalet and it is that finally the two players azulgranas will travel on Thursday to concentrate with their respective selections.

After the draw at two goals in San Mamés, has become the first team on Monday and some training with international absences and Wednesday's game against Hospitalet, corresponding to the first leg of the knockout phase of the Copa del Rey in mind. This Monday one has also known that as much Keita as Abidal will be to disposition of Josep Guardiola for the party of Cup and that it won't be until Thursday when they concentrate with the selections of Mali and France, respectively.

Recall that in the case of the French team, played in France - Saint-Leu-La-Forêt - a friendly against the United States on Friday 11, the same day and the same country - in this case, at the stage of Saint Denis - where the selection of Mali will face with that of Burkina Faso . In both cases these friendly matches.

Thus, in addition to the injured Afellay and Pedro , who continue with their recovery processes have not been part of the training that has taken place at the Ciudad Deportiva Joan Gamper to concentrate with your selections, Brazilian Adriano and Alves, and Cuenca and Thiago, who are with the Under-21.

The players who started against Athletic Club de Bilbao, with the exception of Abidal have been exercised at the gym, while the rest have been doing field work with up to six players from the cantera: Dos Santos , Deulofeu , Sergi Roberto , Rafinha , Tello and Miño. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Selection] Del Bosque: "The selection does not hurt the clubs"

The Spanish coach said that "the selection does not hurt the clubs" and reminded those who complain about the trip that made the 'Red' to Costa Rica to play a friendly, have played only five games and the volume of minutes has spread far.

The malaise of more than one club for the long journey that will make the Spanish international to Costa Rica after playing against England in London, he showed yesterday Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho. For the second time he complained. "We pay the players and they get money for them," he said.

With the style that characterizes Del Bosque, the coach said at a press conference unintentionally controversial. "All opinions are valuable but I have to comment."

"These are games scheduled and we have to do the best for selection. For if anyone has not thought about it, I say we've only played five international matches and the volume of minutes is minimal," he said.

"Looking at the minutes played by each player we realize it's not a big shock for the clubs. I say this with a moderate tone, without seeking controversy. The selection is not detrimental to the clubs. If you look at the minutes played are insignificant, "he added. (via SPORT)

Cristiano: "Messi and I are like a Ferrari and a Porsche"

Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo believes it is "impossible to compare" their game to that of Lionel Messi, says in an interview published Monday by the German sports 'Kicker'.

Asked about the differences between his coach at Real Madrid, Jose Mourinho, and his former manager Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United, Ronaldo replied that "it is impossible to compare": "It's like Leo Messi and I, Ferrari and Porsche."

The Real Madrid striker still says Mourinho "is possibly the best coach at this time" because "has better ideas and understands the game better."

On his own game, Ronaldo is showing "insanely proud" to have achieved the record for goals in the Spanish league last year -40 and 41, according to different counts, but says that is trying to grow as a player. "Naturally there are some things I can do even better," he reflects. "If I thought I can do everything and accomplish nothing in my career."

The Portuguese is clear on its main goal as a player: "Winning titles. If you win titles with the team, you also get the individual." He also admits having no "idol": "But I admire people who do things right in their field. They may be athletes, actors and journalists. There are some who feel wonderful. Especially in sports like basketball or tennis Formula 1" .

Ronaldo revealed that attempts to "lead a normal life", spending time with family and friends and "do normal things" like going to the movies. "Sometimes it's really hard to do. But part of my life, I chose it that way." (via SPORT)

[Selection] Squad for matches against England and Costa Rica

National coach, Vicente del Bosque has offered in the morning on Monday the list of players selected for the dispute friendly international matches to be held on 12 and 15 November in London and San José de Costa Rica. The players mentioned will focus on Ciudad del Fútbol this Thursday 10 November at 10.30 hours. (via RFEF)

The players named are:

Goalkeepers: Iker Casillas, José Manuel Reina, Víctor Valdés
Defenders: Sergio Ramos, Álvaro Arbeloa, Carlos Puyol, Gerard Piqué, Jordi Alba, Raúl Albiol, Ignacio Monreal.
Midfielders: Xavi Hernández, Xabi Alonso, Sergio Busquets, Santi Cazorla, Javier Martínez, Cesc Fábregas, Andrés Iniesta.
Forwards: David Villa, David J. Silva, Fernando Torres, Fernando Llorente, Juan M. Mata, Jesús Navas.

Barcelona continues to Julian Draxler, according Tribalfootball

The second youngest player in the field hold a meeting of the Bundesliga (the first is Sahin) has also been linked on occasion with Real Madrid.

Andoni Zubizarreta, Barcelona sporting director, would be closely following developments which should be close to signing for Barcelona. That would be Julian Draxler, the jewel of Schalke and one of the great hope of German football.

According to 'Tribalfootball' Zubizarreta has been very aware of the actions of the player of Schalke, only 18 years and became the hero of the fans 'mining' after his goal savior Cup quarterfinal against Nuremberg. It is an attacking midfielder, quick, with vision and good shot, but mostly very young, something considered fundamental to the Camp Nou.

The second youngest player in the field hold a meeting of the Bundesliga (the first is Sahin) has also been occasionally linked with Real Madrid, especially after it was declared admirer of Mourinho. Has a contract with Schalke until June 2016, and its current market value of around 5 million euros. (via AS)

L'Hospitalet will receive Barça with the morals for the clouds

L'Hospitalet de Llobregat receive next Wednesday 9 to Barca in knockout phase of the Copa del Rey with an excellent mood after chaining their sixth consecutive victory in Group 3 of the Second Division B.

Their last victim was the Sant Andreu, who won 3-2 in La Feixa Llarga with goals from Haro, Viale Lucas and David Prats, a new victory that led him to be second in the standings, behind Atletico Baleares.

The men are on the Jordi Vinyals best possible way to address the Cup tie against Barca after yielding a series of six wins: Sant Andreu (3-2), Gandia (0-1), Llagostera (1-0 ), Manacor (1-2), Hurricane (1-0) and Lleida (1-4).

Despite the good time, L'Hospitalet players are aware that they have before them at Pep Guardiola, who has always given great value to the title of the Cup

"Do not forget that it is the best team in the world, and to get something positive is very bad would have to match, and that left us all," he said after yesterday's meeting coastal coach, Jordi Vinyals.

Despite the schedule, at 22.00 hours, the club hopes to fill its field and has made available 10 euros tickets for members, 20 euros to 40 euros for subscribers and the general public (35 if purchased in advance). (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Blackburn Rovers want to take Jonathan Dos Santos

British scouts have a whole weeks 'spying' midfielder Barca Mexican subsidiary and may specify a bid to repeat a signing that already achieved last season with Ruben Rochina.

Blackburn Rovers have between the eyes and Jonathan Dos Santos could soon realize an offer to try to incorporate the Barca player B.

As revealed on Monday the British newspaper 'Daily Mail' , Blackburn has provided several scouts in recent weeks to analyze the performances of Jonathan with the reserves squad.

In England note that the smaller of the Dos Santos has had some options with the first team but does not quite make the leap. Given the need to renew his contract and the lack of minutes for the first team, Jonathan would consider a change of scenery and would try his luck in the Premier League, where he landed his brother Giovani in the summer of 2008, joining Tottenham in London .

After incorporating the subsidiary to another Barca player like Ruben Rochina in the market last winter, the Blackburn-pleased with the performance of former Barcelona, ​​seems ready to repeat the same formula and ensure quality and 'seal Barca' to his midfield. (via SPORT)

[Player Ratings; Liga BBVA; week12] Athletic Club - FC Barcelona (2-2)


Cardoner: "Congratulations to the Athletic and Barcelona"

"I am pleased that we have seen a great game. We must congratulate our players for Athletic and sporting the beautiful who have given us," said Jordi Cardoner, social vice president of Barcelona. "The course was difficult and the situation was tense. It was a party of those who are fans. The Athletic has played to win and we have made a great effort and sacrifice. In the end, we have been rewarded."

"That would mark Messi out of the house was something that had to happen. And although the record has stopped Valdés, I still think is the best goalkeeper in Spain," he said. (via AS)

Bielsa: "frustrated not to win but a draw was fair"

"Messi is a player incomparable. From where you look, everything you do produces astonishment. And Mascherano is an example. I was proud of his compatriots," he said.

"Maybe it was not just that we won , but the closeness of the tie with the end of the game increases the frustration at not having succeeded . In any case, the tie will match what we saw in the field, "said Marcelo Bielsa , coach Athletic, after the meeting.

"The game was even, but the effort required to teams moving show our side because the delivery was highest. I liked the party lawsuits , like Abidal and Muniain, for example. That duel summarizes the meeting " he added.

About Messi , says: " He is a unique player . From where you will notice, all that produce asombro ago. extenderse or not supported comparisons, WHY can not say more about him. And it must say that it deserves. "

Also analyzed and Barcelona : "They put a ball 50 meters out where there is no place when surrounded by enemies, and t is the area impassable and they pass into the area . This is unusual and has to do with the quality of the players. I do not mean to gigantic our result, but as an observer of football for a long time. Mascherano was admirable. He went to court, he did well in center, left like a steering wheel. It's an example football . I am proud that is my fellow. " (via AS)

Víctor Valdés sets unbeaten record at 896 minutes

Ander Herrera, in the 19th minute, breaks Víctor Valdés’ historic unbeaten streak. Barça’s impressive run of nine games without conceding a goal came to an end tonight in San Mamés.

After 896 minutes without conceding a goal, Víctor Valdés had to fish the ball out from the back of the net. It was in the 19th minute when Ander Herrera beat the Barça goalkeeper, thus breaking his unbeaten streak. Despite conceding the goal, Valdés is now the keeper that has gone the longest without conceding a goal in Barça’s history.

On October 22nd in the Liga game against Seville, Valdés bested his previous unbeaten record. During that game the Barça keeper broke his own record of 577 minutes. That wasn’t enough for Valdés as he added clean sheet after clean sheet to his already mounting tally of goalless matches. His unbroken consistency meant that when he went up against Viktoria Plzen on Tuesday, he was able to break Miguel Reina’s legendary record, who until that point held up Barça’s all-time unbeaten record. Valdés not only broke Reina’s long standing record of 824 minutes, but shattered it with an impressive 896 minutes without conceding a goal. Valdés’ streak came to an end in Bilbao, a streak that started after Pablo Hernández scored in the 23rd minute in the game against Valencia.

With Athletic Club’s two goals tonight in San Mamés, FC Barcelona sees its nine games without conceding a goal streak come to an end. Atlético Madrid, BATE Borisov, Sporting, Racing, FC Viktoria, Seville, Granada, Mallorca, and FC Viktoria once again, all failed to overcome Valdés. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Guradiola, proud of his squad, praises Athletic Club

The Barça manager described the match against Athletic Club as a "top shelf game," and that he was "proud" of his players. Guardiola told Biesla that "you players are beasts".

“How can I not be happy with the spectacular show that the 22 players put on for us?” With this question, a hoarse Pep Guardiola expressed his joy for the amazing game played in San Mamés. After the draw, the Barça manager said: “Everyone enjoyed this marvelous game thanks to these very good players. This was an ode to football.”

Guardiola qualified the match as “a top shelf game, an amazing match.” He continued, “When both teams look to win the game these things can happen.” The Barça trainer admitted that he wasn’t surprised by what he saw, “We knew what type of game it would be from the first minute, it’s an honour that the players knew how to interpret it.” He went on to say, “there are few days where I can be prouder of my players. They completely understood the requirements of the match... It’s means a lot to come here and have the opposing team only reach your area three times.”

After the final whistle, on the pitch of the San Mamés, Pep Guardiola had a short conversation with Marcelo Biesla, “I told him that they are [Biesla’s players] beasts. I had never played against a team so intense and aggressive.” With that said, Guardiola congratulated “Athletic Club, their manager, and their players for the wonderful game they played.” (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Cesc Fàbregas, lauds Athletic Club, teammates' effort

Leo Messi scored the equalising goal for FC Barcelona in the dying minutes of the match. Cesc, scorer of Barça's first, praised Athletic Club and their coach, Bielsa.

Pep Guardiola’s men said the game, where FC Barcelona managed to get a draw in stoppage time, was complicated. Cesc Fàbregas, scorer of the first Barça goal, said the game “was very difficult, we had to put a lot of effort in, there was a lot of rain, and the fans were fantastic.”

The pitch conditions were especially bad during the second half, where both FC Barcelona and Athletic Club players suffered the consequences of a saturated field. According to Cesc, “the pitch was really wet, it was difficult, the last two goals were defensive errors.” Furthermore, Cesc had nothing but praise for Bielsa and the opposing team, “their coach is very good, we know that they will have a fantastic season.”

Despite the draw, Cesc Fàbregas underlined the importance of being the only team in the league that remains unbeaten, he added “even though it’s not the most important thing I’m very happy for the goal. The most important thing is to help the team, now we have to focus on Tuesday’s match against Hospitalet.”

Here are additional comments from Barça players made through social media channels:

Víctor Valdés: “Draw in San Mamés. Another very important point for the league. A bit sad we didn’t take the game...”

Dan Alves: “Great team effort, prouder than ever to have such teammates!!”

Thiago Alcántara: “Amazing atmosphere and amazing game in San Mamés despite the draw! We’re proud of the game we played!”

Andrés Iniesta: “Great game in San Mamés even though we didn’t get the three points, [it’s] a very difficult stadium where they pressure you...”

Carles Puyol: “Hello everyone. We weren’t able to get the three points in a very exciting and vibrant game for the spectators. Now we have to continue working.” (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Liga BBVA; Week12] Athletic Club 2 - 2 FC Barcelona

Athletic and Barcelona signed masterpiece of suspense, excitement, dedication and total football. The home side took the lead twice. Messi equalized in stoppage time. First defeat of Barça.

The game between two of La Liga's historic outfits was no disappointment and ended 2-2, but could have gone absolutely either way. In pure footballing terms, Barça deserved to win and comfortably, but with just ten minutes left to play found themselves a goal down, and it was only thanks to a Messi goal in injury time that they didn't come home empty handed. Earlier on, Ander had put the his side ahead before Cesc headed home an equaliser shortly before the break. But the rain had been so intense that especially in the second half it was almost impossible for either side to produce any kind of flowing football whatsoever.

The draw means that although Barcelona stay second in the table, they are now three points adrift of Real Madrid. Next up is Wednesday night's cup tie against Hospitalet.

It only took a few minutes for it to become clear that Guardiola had made the right decision in resting some of his more creative midfielders. This was going to a highly physical encounter on a pitch that was covered in puddles, with the grass totally invisible in some areas. The conditions were even dangerous, and it was a Mascherano slip that gave Susaeta the chance to produce a counter attack that was finished in fine fashion by Ander. 1-0.

It didn't take long for the Catalans to conjure up a response, and Alves almost equalised following a terrific set play started near to the corner flag. But in the very next move, Cesc headed home a sublime assist from Abidal. It was no less than Barcelona deserved after a veritable onslaught on the goal defended by Gorka, with Messi as decisive as ever with some typically dazzling diagonal runs.

The rain didn't stop all game, and although the drainage had held up reasonably well for the first 45 minutes, in the second half the conditions were verging on the farcical. It was particularly bad in the half defended by the Basques, and when a Javi Martínez pass to his keeper stopped dead in the water, al most allowing Iniesta to score one of the simplest goals of his life, it was a clear warning to both sides that any balls along the ground would be dicing with danger.

The second goal for Bilbao was a particularly unfortunate incident. In avoiding a throw-in, Mascherano ended up conceding a corner, and it was from that that there was a horrendous mix-up in the Barça area, not helped by the sodden turf, which ended with Piqué kicking the ball into his own net. There were just ten minutes left for FCB to make amends, and following a series of clear-cut but squandered chances, in injury time a dreadful misunderstanding between Gorka and his defence caused the ball to land straight at Messi's feet. The Argentinian did what he had to do, and Barcelona had managed to salvage a point from (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Technical Data]
Athletic Club: Iraizoz; Iraola, Javi Martínez, Amorebieta, Aurtenetxe; Iturraspe, De Marcos, Herrera; Muniain (Ibai, min.88) Llorente (San José, min.90) and Susaeta (Íñigo Pérez, min.85).

Barcelona: Valdés; Alves, Mascherano, Piqué (Thiago, min.80), Abidal; Busquets, Xavi (Alexis, min.61), Iniesta; Messi, Cesc and Adriano (Villa, min.72).

Goals: 1-0, min.19: Herrera. 1-1, min.23: Cesc. 2-1, min.79: Piqué (OG). 2-2, min.91: Messi.

Referee: Paradas Romero (Andalusian Committee). Amorebieta expelled in the 89th minute for two bookings. Also showed yellow card to the local Herrera, Javi Martinez and Piqué Iturraspe and visitors.

Incidents: 35,000 spectators at San Mames. Heavy rain and wind. However, the pitch was at the beginning almost in perfect condition. Although with the passage of the match was accumulating so much water that slowed the flow of the ball. Twelfth day of the season.

[Former player] Ibrahimovic: "I greet Guardiola, we'll see what he will do"

Swedish forward Zlatan Ibrahimovic struck on Sunday by offering a hand to Pep Guardiola and Barca as Milan see the faces in the Champions.

He criticized several times since leaving the Catalan club, the last of them in his autobiography. Also would not greet him when they met in Munich Barcelona and Milan in preseason and did not attend the Camp Nou in the first leg of the group stage of Champions.

Despite all that, Zlatan Ibrahimovic said Sunday, after the Milan-Catania team won 4-0, to greet Pep Guardiola smoothly when the two teams square off in two weeks in the Champions League. "What Guardiola will welcome when you come to San Siro? I greet. We'll see what he will do it," said the Swede. (via SPORT)