05 November 2011

Guardiola: "We’ll need courage to win in San Mamés"

Speaking at Saturday’s press conference, Pep Guardiola admitted that his players will have to be at their best to take all three points against Athletic Club. He also expressed his admiration for Bilbao manager Marcelo Bielsa.

"San Mamés is always San Mamés and Athletic is always Athletic." Pep Guardiola has plenty of experience against the Basque side both as a player and as a manager. And though a game in Bilbao has many attractions for the Barça manager, there is one that stands out above the rest. This will be Guardiola's first managerial head-to-head with the experienced Argentine coach Marcelo Bielsa, a man he admires greatly: "Bielsa's teams are authentic, different and unique. The only way we can win in San Mamés is to show more courage than them."

Guardiola revealed that he has only met the current Athletic manager once before and didn't hesitate to express his "admiration for what he's doing and what he's done."

Good vibes in the squad

Guardiola also took the opportunity to describe the excellent mood in the changing room: "There's always been a good atmosphere and the players have always got on together fantastically." However, he confirmed that this year it's even better: "There are people here who apart from getting on together, are very close friends. Their behaviour is excellent."

Apart from the upcoming clash against Bilbao, Guardiola also commented on a couple of other issues that have attracted attention. Earlier in the week, there was a story in the press that insisted that Spanish international striker David Villa was not happy at Barça. Guardiola dismissed the rumours saying, "It's impossible to make an enemy of David. He's much too nice a person, generous on the pitch and in his personal life."

There have also been a number of press reports originating from Barça's former Swedish international striker Ibrahimovic reflecting negatively on his time at the Club and in particular on his relationship with the manager. Guardiola closed the matter in typically polite manner: "I've got nothing to say. I don't want to make this a personal issue. I'd just like to thank him for everything he gave us that year."

Ferguson celebrates 25th anniversary

Sir Alex Ferguson is celebrating his 25th anniversary as manager of Manchester United. Pep Guardiola today added his congratulations to Mr Ferguson on his long career with the Premier League club. "I take my hat off to him. I'd love to have his ability to re-build teams and to stay so, so competitive. This is only within the reach of highly intuitive people who know what they want." (via FCBarcelona.cat)

20 players summoned for the game in San Mamés

Only the injured Afellay and Pedro stay out of the list has had previous training with 22 players, including Lobato and Gómez.

FC Barcelona travel to Bilbao with 20 players. Josep Guardiola has summoned 19 players available from the first team and Isaac Basin , Barça B, to the meeting this Sunday in San Mamés. Just stay off the injured list Ibrahim Afellay and Pedro Rodriguez . Thus, the Barca coach will have to dismiss two players before the game.

The last session before the meeting took place on Saturday, in field 1 of the Ciudad Deportiva. In this training, the 20 players have participated and finally called Sergi Gómez and Lobato, Barca B. The injured Afellay and Pedro, meanwhile, have continued their recovery work.

The team will depart for Bilbao on Sunday morning. At 9.15 am is due to depart from the Camp Nou, while the flight will depart at 10 am, and arrive 75 minutes later. The expedition will return to Barcelona Barca once the game. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

From Cuenca to Fontàs

The footbball of two faces.

In recent weeks, Isaac Cuenca has filled pages and minutes of radio and television. His effervescent debut with 'Pep Team', with assists and a goal millimeter centers, has received media attention logic. Almost without trying, we have seen in the costumes of the cracks. Now it is the most challenging: stay and play. Do not forget that football is hyperbolic. One day you're up and the next he does not. Fontàs should know. It takes 78 minutes in 17 games! Pique and Puyol nor injured has taken the leading role expected. Pep believes Mascherano that today is the best centre-back and Busquets is in front of him. It should be easy to live with success without giving the ball. Cuenca needs to learn from Messi and Villa, of course, but also on the strength of his friend. (via MD)

Víctor Valdés, 48 ​​minutes from the overall record of Abel Resino

Hugo Sánchez cut in Cup his streak of 1.275' in League.

Once past the unbeaten record of Miguel Reina (824 ') at the club in official competition at the moment and leave it at 877 minutes, Victor Valdes has more challenges. In his current streak of nine games to zero, 607 minutes and 270 are in the Champions League. The Queen was only record in the Championship, so you still reach the top 217 for Barca in the Primera. The history of the top flight of Spanish football is Abel Resino (1,275 ') from the 1990-91 season. That streak includes 13 crashes unbeaten in the league but we must remember that the then Atlético goalkeeper streak was cut short with a Cup match against Real Madrid in between. A Chilean Hugo Sánchez placed his overall record, all competitions, in 925 minutes. Therefore, Valdes, who has 877 officers, is only 48 to match one of the stops Abel. The league is still seven and half. (via MD)

Pep, to Xavi and Iniesta: "I want you fresh at both for December"

The administration of the minutes of some key players is perfectly controlled by Pep Guardiola and his team. Nothing happens for nothing.

The absence of Xavi Hernandez and Andres Iniesta in the last two games of FC Barcelona have given rise to different opinions and interpretations, but, like everything that happens in the professional staff within the club, has an explanation and meaning. Nothing is random, but after a thorough internal debate which not only involved Guardiola and Vilanova, also the trainers and even doctors.

As you recall, Xavi followed from the presidential box development match against Real Mallorca and Iniesta, meanwhile, did not act even a minute. The two homegrown players did not participate in the comprehensive victory over Czech Pilsen in the Champions League. In addition, Andrew came from a half-hour play against Granada, where Xavi was substituted after just ten minutes.

Guardiola, in the boom of the calendar, always with the utmost respect for Granada, Mallorca and Viktoria, understood that it was timely for both Xavi and Iniesta do a specific job of recovery.

The first was dragging a mild discomfort in the soleus that party has been treated for life or death, they would not have stopped playing. He has done on other occasions.

Andrew was standing several weeks with a hamstring injury and, although perfectly healthy, accurate filling the tank ¿`physically, and pick the best feelings.

Pep, days ago, spoke at length with the two to explain his plans for them. He asked them to train very well during these weeks, to recharge batteries "for important matches ahead for us," he said.

The first of these is the San Mamés morning before the league break through the selections. Guardiola believes that Athletic defeat would strike a blow on the table and prevent the mother left in the classification: "I want fresh and stop for this game," Pep told them both.

However, in the calendar that handles the Barca dressing room there are two events of the utmost importance and are marked with a red circle and close the match against Real Madrid at the Bernabeu and the World Club in Tokyo, both dating the month of December.

And just so that Xavi and Iniesta both December and the rest of the team, get in the best conditions, Guardiola has been dosing the minutes of ones and others, such as Pique, Puyol and Mascherano, with expertise, " It should be planted in December to stop, we played a lot, "Guardiola reasoned knowing what it means to play at the Bernabeu and the historic chance to win a second time the Club World Cup, whose merit is not only conquer it, is to earn the right to be in this competition. Therefore, when broken, Pep always has a plan. (via SPORT)

[Selection Under-19] Toshack 'spied' to Babunski in the Mini

Macedonian coach saw the triumph of youth in the Nextgen Series. David does not have Spanish nationality, but is in the process.

David Babunski, midfielder Juvenil A of Barça, is leaving today to play three matches for Macedonia for the pre-European Under-19. Thursday was one of the leading men in the 4-1 win against Manchester City in the Nextgen Series, the Champions Youth.

In the box at the Mini Estadi was John Toshack, absolute coach of Macedonia, which has a second coach Boban Babunski, father of the Blaugrana. Although technically still believes it is too early to give the alternative in the absolute, lost no detail of the game of football, in which you plan for the future. Anyway, David is well integrated into your life in Barcelona and, in fact, is in the process of Spanish nationality has not yet. In the time that you have, the RFEF could summon the pace and lower for la Roja. For now, pampers Toshack to keep thinking in Macedonian. (via SPORT)

Guardiola won't be able to reserve anybody before L'Hospitalet

The Spanish international will be the base of the eleven to play at least with seven of the first team.

Barca will not have problems to play effective next Wednesday's first match of course in the field of L'Hospitalet, but Pep Guardiola can not repeat the script from previous seasons, when the first clash took advantage Cup to rotate his team and give ground to various team players. In L'Hospitalet, Pep will secure low Messi and Mascherano (who arrived Tuesday in Argentina to participate in the games against Bolivia and Colombia), Alves and Adriano cited Brazil to play two friendlies against Gabon and Egypt, Alexis (Chile and Uruguay will face Paraguay), Abidal, who will play friendlies against two separate U.S. and Belgium and finally Thiago, with the Under-21.

While waiting for Pedro to receive a medical discharge in the coming days, Guardiola should rely on the Spanish international team, plus Keita, Font, Pinto and Maxwell, to form his starting XI to L'Hospitalet, thus complying with the rules Spanish Federation, which forces align at least seven players tabbed first team in the field and at least three on the bench.

The convening of the Under-21, by Luis Milla, with six blaugrana (newcomer Basin, along with plans, Montoya, Muniesa and Bartra), it also reduces the possibilities that Guardiola appeals to the branch to complete its convocation. (via SPORT)

Barça hooks young people

A study of talkative strategy reveals that Barça overcomes Madrid in public image, mainly in the age tract from 14 to 24 years.

What a few years ago seemed a losing battle has become a bright picture: that Barça is the quintessential team of young people indicated not only the sensations in the street or the sale of shirts, hardly measurable factors, but the hard data, so states the latest study of the Globally communications consultancy, which has drawn the market profile of Spanish clubs studying how citizens perceive both individual athletes and clubs.

Barca is the team with more pull between citizens, and especially among young people between 14 and 24 years, ie the pool of fans. The study is divided into four parts: general assessment, degree of trust and distrust generated by each club, to what extent computers have become a role model and the ability to mark each club trend. In all sections, the club than Real Madrid.

An example: on a scale of zero to ten, Barça is valued with 6.6 to 5.6 on average for Real Madrid. Among young people, the difference increases: 6.9 for Barca and 5.2 for the white team.

Barca also generates more trust among the people, again with one point more than its rival (6.3 by 5.3). Among the young, the margin is also growing, with 6.5 for Barça and a suspension (4.7) for Madrid. The club blaugrana gets a 6.9 in the 'model' for a 4.8 from Madrid. The greatest differences appear in the heading of trends: as the young, Barça sets the trend to an extent of 7.2 out of ten, by 5.9 of Madrid. (via SPORT)

Messi and Villa are spoken this way in the field

David Villa is the attacking player with Leo Messi has connected more often since the Spaniard joined the team in the summer of 2010.

The staff of Barça has received the latest information that pointed to a bad relationship between Leo Messi and David Villa as a new attempt to destabilize the Barca dressing room. In the absence of pronounced 'Guaje' and Josep Guardiola, Sandro Rosell, Victor Valdes and Messi himself denied that he and David are not supported. The results of their collaboration on the pitch have been used to produce 47 plays that ended up in goal in 73 league matches, it Surrounds and Champions that Barça has disputed from the arrival from Villa to Camp Nou.

The Barca president's response when asked about the bad feeling Messi-Villa was unequivocal. Beyond the funny story that pass the return trip from Prague playing Parcheesi, the evidence shows that David has been, until now, the forward who best understands the role they must play with Leo Messi. There has been, nor will team in the world that do not make their game a footballer as Argentina, recognized as the best in the world.

Still, this statement has a very important nuance in regard to Barca and his style of play as one of their bases is the continued partnership of its players, starting with Victor Valdes, who is considered the first player on the field, such as attacker more pointed is the first defender at the time to pressure the opponent.

Having said this, Guardiola does not tire of praising the slaughter capacity of Villa, which has adapted to a different position, attached to the band, always defensive line stretching to rival even the cost of provoking many outside game, and when been able to return promptly to the axis, the game against Real Mallorca, has had to assume that their primary function was to move in that 5-0 as a wiper for the power mess and open corridors through which slinks Messi to sign a new 'hat trick'.

For now, public demonstrations Villa on its coexistence with Messi in the Nou Camp has been overwhelming. "It's a very demanding player who is on your side, you always have to be mindful." But also: "It's wonderful playing alongside him. Sincerely, Leo play alongside me better. " And it is. If a signing Blaugrana knew how Barca Guardiola, in the field and in the dugout that was Villa, fully informed by his many colleagues in the selection Blaugrana who also endorsed his arrival to the team. David, King of Valencia, wanted to complete his resume with great titles at club level, which could offer no Mestalla.

As for Rosario, usually laconic and no friend of controversial issues, the same Thursday replied to the information published: "The costume is a family and knows that what has been said about Villa a lie." From there, it is the return on the pitch. Villa is basically a trailer, and giving assists is not one of your skills. Still, Argentina is the companion to the Spaniard has given him more assists, thirteen of which three ended up in the network. And the more balls decisive Blaugrana has given David is just Messi, 34 of which seven went into the goal. Leo is the friend to whom he is involved in more plays (948) and with the most at auction end joint (262). Also, with the joint spins that lead to goal, 47 goals. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] The day Belletti and Gio gave a lecture to Deulofeu

Two of the Barca full-back of the Rijkaard era acted as teachers for some young homegrown players in 2005 and the promising striker Barca Atletic not miss the chance to prove their worth all just eleven.

The year was 2005 when the program 'La clase del Barça', broadcast on TV3, pitted cracks first team to serve the youngest in the lower grades so that they learn some lessons. "Fernando, Eugeni, Victor, Patricia, Albert, Marc and Gerard, are the students of these teachers," read the previous report in which Belletti and Van Bronckhorst exercise teachers. Gerard, one of the students was none other than Deulofeu, promising Riudarenes end that doubt has been featured in the last week in the environment after Barca first-team debut.

Surprisingly, in this report, Deulofeu learn of Belletti and Gio on own shares and side lanes. Samuel Eto'o, Ronaldinho Gaucho, Henrik Larsson and others of that generation cracks and coach Frank Rijkaard and Txiki Begiristain, complete a great cast that just acting as a secondary Deulofeu luxury.

In the first video Belletti and Gio explains to his students how to make the rounds leading to practices and games, and doing some cassocks joke between them. It is the only exercise, as it quickly passed to the action and explain how to deal with by band and embarrass the rival full-back, Deulofeu year in which begins to show his skills deifinirían you in the future as a destabilizing winger. (via SPORT)

[Barça B; Liga Adelante; Week12] Córdoba CF 1 - 1 FC Barcelona B

Deulofeu has advanced to the subsidiary in the 5th minute and Oier performance has been crucial to rescue a point of Córdoba. Eusebio's team are broken the dynamics of victories, but add a valuable point.

Barça B has not been able to extend the streak of three consecutive wins in Córdoba, a high voltage duel will soon face has become a goal of Deulofeu. The constant comings and goings would create a scenario conducive to the interests of all Catalans. Thus, the meeting would take high doses of excitement and uncertainty, and a very inspired Oier. Thanks to him, the B would retain the lead until the 70th minute when the home team have achieved the reward of his numerous occasions.

The game had started very much alive, with the ball sliding at high speed through the water that had fallen. Córdoba and Barça B have come out looking at the opposing goal and the first that has been successful affiliate Barca. Just in minute 5, Rafinha was a Gerard Deulofeu unmarked on the right and the extreme, very fast, has been defined with a cross shot to the goalkeeper Alberto.

The situation had been put from face to those of Eusebio, imposing of entrance. But the meeting was still open, with very high local pressure and attacking in a very direct. And, although the possession was visitor approaches were clearer about Andalusian game and grown in confidence. The rest seemed to appear at an opportune time for Barca B. Of course, just before, Espinosa has completed action with a howitzer Deulofeu has done look at Alberto.

At half time, Eusebio has made ​​Roberto Sergi return to provide more consistency and preparation midfield. He repeated the story. The Catalans, technically superior, dominant in the beginning and the opponent threatened to return to go from less to more. In fact, a providential Oier has saved the tie with his foot on 56 minutes. Shortly after the goalkeeper would make a crucial intervention, but the decline has taken to tie Borja (min 70).

In the wake lived until then in the final minutes the match could have decant to both sides. With Barça B matched depth and instinct had recovered murderer, while Córdoba is believed by the moral impulse of the goal. Barca would be those who have been closer to the winning goal, long sought by both sides that have had to settle for a creditable draw. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Technical Data]
Córdoba CF: Alberto García; Fernández, David Prieto, Gaspar, Cerra (Ismael, min. 77); Borja García (Quero, min. 80), Hervás, López Garai, López Silva; Charles and Patiño (Pepe Díaz, min. 46).

FC Barcelona B: Oier; Montoya, Bartra, Muniesa, Planas; Dos Santos, Espinosa (Kiko Femenía, min. 73), Carmona (Sergi Roberto, min. 46); Rafinha, Deulofeu (Jonathan Soriano, min. 62); Tello.

Goals: 0-1, min. 5: Gerard Deulefou; 1-1, min. 69: Borja García.

Referee: Jaime Latre (Aragonese Association), which warned the blanquiverdes Charles, Ishmael, David Prieto, as well as the Catalans Carmona, Kiko Femenía, Armando and Sergi Roberto.

Incidents: Party of the twelfth day of the Second Division A Championship in 7764 Archangel spectators to pitch in an acceptable condition despite the torrential rains of the past two days.

De Marcos: "Against Barça we won't go to for a draw"

The Athletic player Óscar de Marcos warned that the visit of FC Barcelona to San Mamés will not "go for the draw," but will try to impose their game and "trying to send" on Barça.

"So far we are having more possession than the opponent and is always more comfortable running with the ball than without it. These years we have always played running back and hope that Sunday is not. Try to send, but they want to do their football and will not be easy to counter it, "said De Marcos.

The versatile player Alava said that "morally" Athletic is very strong after a run of nine games without defeat and added that despite the strength of the opposing this appointment "comes at a good time" to try to address it with success.

"We have a very good run. We know that Barca win is very difficult, but we do our game and try to get the three points. We will not go for the tie. We will do our best and enjoy," said De Marcos.

The Laguardia player that "the scariest" gives you your next opponent is "the possession of the ball to have" in every game and added that although it will be "very difficult" to stop Leo Messi, especially "when has the game, "but" among all "work together to try to achieve. (via SPORT)

Marcelo Bielsa: "I don't cheer up to call to Guardiola. I am inhibited by what is"

Nacho Salcedo is a Chilean journalist, correspondent in Barcelona TVN and Canal 24 hours. Good knowledge of the history of Marcelo Bielsa, gives us his personal view of the relationship of current Athletic coach with Pep Guardiola.

One of the things that struck me when Marcelo Bielsa took over as head coach of Athletic Club de Bilbao in July was his face full of happiness. At the press conference of presentation did not stop laughing and joking with the present, local journalists and some other Chilean hanging around. He responded with grace and kindness all the questions asked. But there were two issues that touched him deep. One known and recognized by all, its successful passage through the Chilean team. And the other, their relationship with Josep Guardiola.

It was an open secret that winningest coach in recent years, Bielsa had used one of his many inspiring, he had to drink the most important decision of his career, taking over as coach of FC Barcelona. He felt an inner peace, a sort of recognition when asked about his encounters with Pep. Because obviously, something must have served him good counsel. "All he said was the good players we see you, I and most people. The same goes for bad players. So the credit is to notice and know that the average player is going to be good. " But some years have passed since that meeting and today, virtually the roles were reversed. "I dare not call it. I feel inhibited by what is "said the Fool as humble as ever in this press conference.

Will meet again Sunday, this time in a field. Vs Bielsa. Guardiola, friends and now rivals, face to face with different objectives, but with a path and a way to watch football like. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Chelsea and Arsenal to keep track of Deulofeu

Barça's youth system to produce new talent. The last to 'exploit' was Isaac Cuenca. And after him, he walks reaches the other end tightly. This is Gerard Deulofeu, for whom would already be interested in Arsenal and Chelsea.

The 'Gunners' and the 'Blues' are on the trail of Deulofeu since last summer. And, as published on Thursday the 'Daily Mail', continue to wait. The youth, only 17 years, has not yet signed a new contract and its transfer would be around 4.5 million euros.

Deulofeu Barca B plays in the official party and debuted in the first team last weekend against Mallorca. (via SPORT)

Messi wants to break his jinx in San Mamés and mark for the first time outside home

The Argentine has not yet marked in San Mamés but has never left defeated Messi hopes to make his first goal in the league away from the Camp Nou.

Playing in San Mamés is always special and still be more to Leo Messi this Sunday. Barca striker has a triple challenge in Cathedral: winning in a field is always very difficult, scoring his first away goal in the league this season and released in San Mamés, one of the first three fields which have not marked with with Anoeta and Los Cármenes of Granada.

It has come a long way from that Messi played his first game in San Mamés on September 30, 2006. Since then, Messi has not been able to celebrate a goal in Bilbao. And it's not for lack of opportunity. Lafuente in his debut match, Aranzubia, in 2008 and Gorka, in 2009 and the Copa del Rey match last season, he made ​​life impossible preventing Messi will premiere at the Cathedral. The consolation is that it is has never been defeated, managing three draws and a win in one of the most difficult of the League.

The other unfinished business that Messi will be Sunday of marking his first goal away from Camp Nou in La Liga. This data continues to be anecdotal in a great start to the season as the striker has scored 18 goals, 13 in the League and five in the Champions League.

Curiously, this has marked five goals away from home: a hat trick in Prague against Viktoria and two goals against BATE Borisov Minsk . Messi does not suffer any "campnoudependència." Proof of this is that e n last season, of which Messi scored 31 goals in the league, 16 were at home . There is nothing to suggest that this year, you can not repeat history. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Bielsa made debut to Mascherano with the selection

Javier Mascherano keeps a good memory of Bielsa since he made him debut with the Argentinean selection when you grieve it began to play in River Plate. In an interview to El País, the "Jefecito" compared Bielsa with his current coach in Barça, Josep Guardiola: "Both think more in the contrary goal than in the own one and in how damage to make in attack. Bielsa is more direct, more vertical. Guardiola looks for more the pause. Now ring less but I am more near the play." (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Guardiola and Bielsa, a story of mutual admiration

Both coaches talked about football for 11 hours in Rosario Bielsa Guardiola recognized as one of their referents Bielsa feels inhibited to the "dimension of his work".

The face to face Bielsa-Guardiola is one of the great attractions of the game this Sunday in San Mamés between Athletic Bilbao and Barcelona . For the first time will face two coaches who have never hidden their mutual admiration.

The writer and film director David Trueba , a good friend of Guardiola, said in an article in El País born the relationship between two coaches: " The conversation between Guardiola and Marcelo Bielsa continued for 11 hours after a barbecue at his house in the outskirts of Rosario. There were heated discussions, consultations on the computer, review of technical and staging of positions . "

Bielsa and Guardiola discovered they had much in common: the generation of the game through the ball, a global concept of attack and defense and, above all, a love for football that makes the two coaches live for this sport 24 hours a day.

Guardiola has said on more than one occasion that Bielsa has become one of his greatest influences football. Last season, after the match against Atletico Madrid at the Camp Nou, Barca coach Bielsa cited to explain some concepts of Barca's attacking play: "I have a certain admiration for Marcelo Bielsa. He always says that when not score goals do not look towards the front but the defensive line. When you do not score goals is because we have not created game. And if you do not make goals, I have to thank the lead "

Marcelo Bielsa has also expressed in more than one occasion his admiration and respect for Guardiola. He did the day they were introduced as coach of Athletic de Bilbao. The former coach of Chile clarified that Guardiola spoke about the possibility of joining the Basque club, "Guardiola is what you think about my signing for Athletic friends we have in common and I have the luck that he thinks has coincided with my decision. Call Guardiola inhibited because not everyone should dare to call you. I am among those who feel embarrassed by the large size of his work. "

For Bielsa and Guardiola the Sunday at the Cathedral will not be a more game. Both of them are marked in red on the calendar, knowing the great challenge for everyone. It will be his first game on the bench and I'm sure neither will want to look bad.

Guardiola: "I have a certain admiration for Marcelo Bielsa. He always says that failure to score goals do not look towards the front but the defensive line".

Bielsa: "Call Guardiola inhibited because not everyone should dare to call you. I am among those who feel embarrassed by the large size of his work." (via FCBarcelona.cat)