04 November 2011

Valdés: “Guardiola set me on the road to victory”

he Barça goalkeeper has said that it was his manager who taught him a number of things on a tactical level. He also denied that there are any problems between Villa and Messi, and feels the comments were intended to destabilise the team.

Víctor Valdés spoke at today's press conference with the same composure that he shows when defending the Barcelona goal. This week he broke Miguel Reina's record for the longest run without conceding a goal for FC Barcelona, but Valdés has never been one for individual milestones or awards, and said that if there is any reason why he has reached such a peak of excellence, then that reason is Pep Guardiola.

Valdés came to Guardiola's defence following the stories in the press that Ibrahimovic has heavily criticised his former manager in his biography. "They taught me that the coach should always be respected in a team and that he is the person to obey. And I did that all the way through to becoming a professional ... I'll be his pupil as long as he is next to me. He set me on the road to victory and I hope to stay with him until I retire."

Valdés says that before Guardiola came to the club "I was not a goalkeeper that could see things tactically. I have improved tactically, and with my footwork, and I want to keep winning things every day, and am still learning new things in training. And it is only him who has done that for me," he said.

Valdés added that "he should stay here all his life. He has shown that he is the main secret behind this team's success."

Valdés, being one of the four team captains, also spoke about the rumours in the press that Messi and Villa don't get on. "It's totally false. You just have to look at the way they behave on and off the pitch," he said. "They are always saying these things to try to destabilise us whenever things are going well. We are the first who have to be strong when we know that these things are completely false."

Valdés is more concerned about the forthcoming trip to San Mamés. "It is important to win that game. We know how intense Athletic are under Bielsa, they create pressure, they play without inhibitions." He expects an intense encounter against a team he says "are always really nice and lively."

Victor Valdés is not a big fan of awards, even though eight of his teammates are on the shortlist for the Balon D’Or. “These things have never been important to me. It is more important to play for Barça every Sunday and to try to win cups. If that happens, then I’d be quite happy not to be on any lists … I have always felt the love of my fans, and that’s what really matters. And I have always tried to return that love by doing things well.” (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Selection] Busquets will not fulfill his Olympic dream

Milla confirmed his desire to go to London but said "it is rooted in the absolute".

Luis Milla ruled that the desire for Sergio Busquets to contest the Olympic football tournament in London-2012 becomes a reality. "I see it difficult for Sergio Busquets go to the Olympics, "said coach and Under-21 Olympic team in the program 'Catalunya Esports' de Catalunya Radio.

As reported MD on October 9, the midfielder is very excited about the possibility of hanging a medal at the Olympics in London , in which age could participate. However, Milla confirmed the will of 'Busi' but argued that " Sergio is already settled. has been world champion. It takes two years in the absolute path and had much hope of playing the Olympics but declined (to go to the Euro U-21) because it is already settled. " From the RFEF not want Sergio to play Euro (June 8 to July 1) and the Games (July 27 to August 12) the same summer in the Confederations Cup and 2013 World Cup in 2014.

Milla did leave the door open to Thiago Alcántara quote for London: "It has to be in the absolute ambition. Hopefully Del Bosque count on it but the list of the games we absolutely brand. Do not know what will happen". (via MD)

Preparations continue for Bilbao

The 19 first team players plus Isaac Cuenca trained on Friday morning with their eyes on Sunday’s visit to Athletic Bilbao. Pedro Rodríguez is still working on his recovery from injury.

The second training session before the always complicated journey to San Mamés on Sunday was held behind closed doors. Like on Thursday, the venue was a wet Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper.

The same players were on pitch number 2 in Sant Joan Despí as the day before, the 19 fit first team players plus reserve team winger Isaac Cuenca. Injured Pedro Rodríguez continued with his treatment programme in isolation from the others.

Barcelona will train again on Saturday at 11.00 in the Ciutat Esportiva. Afterwards, Pep Guardiola will be speaking to the press. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Vilarrubí: "Ibrahimovic threatened to hit Guardiola before the press"

FC Barcelona vice-president has said that the Swedish told to Rosell that if not let him charge at Guardiola go to the press.

Carles Vilarrubí , vice president of institutional FC Barcelona, ​​has revealed in the program, Mon to RAC1 , the radio network Godó Group, that " Ibrahimovic threatened to beat Guardiola front of the press. " The Swede told directly to the president Sandro Rosell , to his agent Mino Raiola , if not let him go to Barca expect Guardiola was in front of the press to hit physically. After the threat, corroborated football manager, "will it, will it."

These declarations have carried out them the vice-president barcelonista after the publication of the Swedish player's book 'I am Zlatan Ibrahimovic' and after the polemic that have raised in the environment barcelonista some of their sentences against the coach Pep Guardiola. (via MD)

Cesc Fabregas bet his hair to a game at the Play ... and wins

The midfielder Cesc Fabregas is one of the most active players in social networking and yesterday it showed again. By mid-afternoon announced on his official Twitter account a bet with a friend, promising to cut his hair if he lost a match in the Play.

Arenys styling had already been the subject of various jokes among his teammates on Twitter, especially between Gerard Pique and Carles Puyol, as the day Piqué popular appealed to force Cesc will cut the hair. Or like the time he confessed that the former gunner `Was nicknamed as" Arenys Shrimp "because of his hairstyle.

In this case, the midfielder returned to get his way and won the match against his friend by 4 to 1. Cesc, who played for Bayern Munich, hung a picture in which you could see the outcome of the bet. (via SPORT)

Pep Guardiola will say yes to his renovation

All indications are that Pep will follow a year in front of the first team. The template, club, family and environment you want to continue.

Pep Guardiola has not made it official whether he will or not next season at the helm of the ship Blaugrana. In fact in the previous two precedents announced earlier this year continuity, so you still be missing two or three months to get their final decision. In any case, all indications are that there are few, converge towards a single direction: Guardiola renewed for another year at FC Barcelona.

Obviously the most important weight in the decision relates to the players. While noting the Pep continued commitment and dedication of his men, he does not think leaving them in the lurch. As much as the coaches say publicly that the club passed and still, Guardiola knows better than anyone that a template is identified with the coach until the end. To the extent that more than one of the current team members agreed to sign for the club, giving up a substantial part of his contract, by the vehemence of Pep at the time to explain your project.

Another factor to consider, but not nearly as important as the costumes, it is your feeling 'With those responsible for the club. Guardiola knows through his representative Josep Maria Orobitg that you have your renewal offer on the table to negotiate when he sees fit. The contract will be one year, in line with the philosophy Santpedor posed by each and every one of its renovations.

The club also has an ace up his sleeve this summer have made an extraordinary effort to meet all the demands raised by the sports coaches. The signings of Cesc Fabregas Alexis Sanchez is a statement of intent by the board regarding their willingness to blindly follow all the technical decisions.

It is clear that Pep has this season with the squad he wanted from the start, being more identified than ever with this group. Hence, it would be more strange than ever Guardiola decided unilaterally abandon ship when he forged the most talented staff and supportive of all that has had on their hands. For the first time, the Blaugrana coach finds a totally yours and which is fully identified from the first to the last piece of clothing.

Also it also seems that has been gradually dissipating rumors of divorce between Sandro Rosell and Guardiola who signed with media grudge from the cave, especially taking advantage of the public defense blaugrana the technician regarding the lawsuit filed by a member of the famous endorsements. In any case, it is interested and insidious rumors have sought from day to destabilize the club at any price, but so far all efforts have been unsuccessful.

The family and the environment Guardiola also have an important specific weight in making a decision. In that sense, Pep knows that better than here will not be theirs, as they are at home and with the people who most want nearby. It also says the Santpedor confessed to his immediate environment would be four to five years in the first team. This will be his fourth year as the coach already seems to have taken at least one more year to complete its cycle of triumph in Barcelona.

And we must not forget his most trusted men in the first team to have many of their policies relating to the continuity of Guardiola. Almost 80% of technical staff in this situation, so they are also more aware than anyone of the final decision of the coach to know his future.

Pep's departure from the first team today would involve a stampede among members of the coaching staff and assistants more than undermine the operation within the locker room.

Many signs, no doubt, that applied to common sense lead us to believe that Guardiola is literally tied Barcelona, ​​at least at least for next season.

In any case, the key to the continuity of Guardiola is in the hands of his players. Only they could make tip the balance one way or the other. While the technician find, game by game, commitment and effort faultless reviled of his pupils, the Barcelona fans can breathe easier because the continuity of the coach is more than guaranteed.

If there is something that today is virtually an act of faith is that the first team is to death with his coach. Nobody, they hold undisputed that neither suck ¿'bench, discusses the authority of Pep. And that that that of Santpedor throughout their already four years to the front of the ship blaugrana has had to fight with authentic bulls of 'miura' as Samuel Eto'o or Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Once these elements alienating sacrificed his wardrobe management has become a veritable raft of oil, with a group of excellent human talent and exuberant.

In addition, the star of this template, Leo Messi, with all five senses are involved in this project that has built Guardiola, so that the technician has a further asset for continuity when making a decision.

It should also be put on the table the commitment of men like Mascherano, Alexis or Cesc himself who once resigned to collect a significant portion of tab to come to Barcelona after receiving the call itself Pep Guardiola.

And if the signings are unconditionally with his coach, what about the players home. Men like Puyol, Xavi, Iniesta and Valdes will the captains of the team What exploit every opportunity to publicly praise thirds Pep and express their desire to continue for many years at the Barcelona.

There is no doubt that Guardiola has many outstanding men of his decision. Everyone knows that Santpedor badly not leave the club, whatever your decision ultimately, and in any case think of all the pros and cons that this might cause within the entity.

The feel of the costume is that Pep will follow. Nobody on the staff thinks otherwise. And the players will show each day with enthusiasm in training and effort to the parties that are unwilling to let him escape, they expect to continue leading the Blaugrana ship many years, leading the winning project that began three seasons ago and accumulates and twelve of fifteen possible titles.

If players continue to respond as usual it seems unlikely that Pep leave the club. Only if the coach began to see disturbing signs of complacency or apathy in the dressing room would begin to seriously consider the possibility of not following.

It is clear that the players have been proposed to make it easy when making a decision and does not need much time to give the final yes to its continuance for another year in Barcelona. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Barça B wants to continue their hot streak in Córdoba

The subsidiary is facing Barca on Friday to a four birthed Cordoba has not won Sergi Roberto Eusebio recovered, Tello, Montoya and Deulofeu, Gimnàstic low against Barca B will want to impose their game against a Cordoba "courageous and offensive".

The Barça B this Friday will seek to extend their good run of results. The team of Eusebio Sacristan will face Córdoba in the stadium Nuevo Arcángel in the game ahead of the 12 th day of the League Second Division A. U n chained Barça B has three straight wins will face a four-day Córdoba makes that knows not victory .

For the first time in many years, Eusebio was able to work all week at full strength except Ilie and Isaac Basin, which continues with the first team. Tello and Roberto Sergi received the medical and travel to Córdoba while Jonathan Soriano will make his first trip with the team since he was injured in Munich. "It worked very well during the week and has not noticed any discomfort after playing a few minutes against Gimnàstic. The idea is to go game by game, taking minutes but have not yet decided whether it will appear in the starting or having started the game play "Eusebio said after practice on Thursday.

Barca's subsidiary faces a Cordoba ranked ninth in the standings and in the New Archangel has added two victories and one defeat and conceded two ties, with five goals for and five against. Eusebio has described as "courageous and offensive" to the Andalusian team. "We will try to impose our game even at home is a very difficult team. We are in a good mood and physical time since we've been able to recover cash and train together all week," Eusebio.

Eusebio also recovers Deulofeu Gerard and Martin Montoya , low against Gimnastic to have been convened for the first team. Deulofeu debut and continuation of Isaac Cuenca are sources of pride and satisfaction for the coach of La Seca: "I am very pleased Deulofeu and because our work is paying off. Gerard continue to work with us with the certainty of having much travel ahead for further growth " . Eusebio has also highlighted the ease and humility with which Isaac Cuenca leads the new situation in the first team: " It's a big football fan and enjoys playing. Good team dynamics has helped integration and, so far, has brought the best of himself, which is no small ".

18-players squad travel to Cordoba on Friday

These are the 18 players named by Eusebio traveling to Cordoba this Friday at 9:05 a.m..: Oier, Masip, Montoya, Bartra, Muniesa, Carmona, Tello, Dos Santos, Sergi Roberto, Kiko Femenía, Jonathan Soriano, Lozano, Martí Riverola, Planas, Balliu, Espinosa, Deulofeu y Rafinha. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

David Villa, discharged of paying the 6 millions his former agent claimed him

The Provincial Court of Oviedo has been dismissed in its entirety the appeal by the sports agent Jose Luis Tamargo , who for years was representative player of FC Barcelona David Villa , who claimed six million euros for breach of contract. Failure to confirm all the conviction by a court of first instance of Avilés and conviction of former Representative David Villa to pay the costs of prosecution.

Tamargo's lawyers filed the appeal on March 22, a week after the Court of First Instance and Instruction number two Aviles made public by the ruling dismissing the lawsuit against the full Barca player. The judge Ricardo Badás also imposed then the payment from the judicial costs to the plaintiff that claimed Villa those six million euros to consider that there had been a contract nonfulfillment and that had taken advantage from its work when being passed over from Valencia to the club azulgrana in 2010.

Tamargo claimed 15 percent of 40 million euros of that move to consider that the conditions were negotiated by him in the summer of 2009, following discussions frustrated with Real Madrid and with an English club and the player Asturian unilaterally broke his contract with his agent.

At trial, Villa, former Barca president Joan Laporta and two club sports administrators denied that there had been a Tamargo brokerage during 2010, while the president and vice president of Valencia , Manuel Llorente and Javier Gomez , respectively, secured that his performance had not been influential player for the transfer of Asturias. Against the decision of the Hearing Asturian there is still an appeal to the Supreme Court. (via MD)

[Youth; Next Gen Series] FCB Juvenil A 4 - 1 Manchester City

Great game of Óscar García's team that has been imposed with goals of Ramírez (2), Miguel Ángel and Gustavo The Juvenil A azulgrana is classified for the eighth of final of NextGen Series in a day for the end of the phase of groups.

In a brilliant game, Juvenil A of Oscar Garcia has qualified for the knockout stages of the NextGen Series after beating Manchester City 4-1 in the fifth round match of group stage match at the Mini Estadi. The victory has been more bulky it not been for the great performance of goalkeeper Johansen, undoubtedly the best player in the City.

The team of Oscar Garcia left the game very well on track for the first time. In a match where both teams have spoiled the ball, the Catalans have been more effective in attack, with a lethal Sandro Ramirez face-to-door.

In minute 25, an action by the right wing of Bakoyoc ended with a measured center Sandro Ramirez finished off the back of the net. Minutes earlier, the former Spaniard Joan Roman had the 0-1 in their boots but his shot lost out.

The 2-0 has arrived on 34 minutes. Again, Sandro Ramirez has proven eye for goal in an action of opportunism finishing a play of Alex Moreno. Before the break, David Babunski has been close to scoring the third goal with a great shot from outside the area which the keeper deflected for a corner has Johansen.

Far from slowing down, Juvenil A has stomped on the accelerator in the second half and the goal of the inspired Johanson has been subjected to a merciless bombardment. Johanson has intervened auctions aptly Oriol Rosell, Babunski, Gustavo Sandro until i e n 70 minutes, the Norwegian goal has not been able to avoid the 3-0, the work of Michelangelo Sainz with impeccable direct kick .

Manchester City's goal just worried Bañuz despite his attempts to play the ball i get to the area by combining rival. Barca's defense has remained impregnable i, in attack, the team has continued insatiable. The 4-0 has come in 85 minutes, all a goal. Babunski heel of this i Sandro Gustavo attends to mark the best goal of the night. The honor of the City goal was set by Hiwula the top center Cole, the son of the great Manchester United striker in the decade of the 90 i formed a devastating tandem alongside Yorke.

With this victory, the Junior A ensures qualification for the knockout stages of the NextGen Series in the absence of a day to finish the group stage. The final game will be played back in the Mini Estadi on November 24 before the Glasgow Celtic. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Technical Data]
FC Barcelona: Bañuz, Bako, Rosell, Ayala, Grimaldo, Samper (Edu Campabadal, 71’), Gustavo Ledes, Babunski, Cristian Herrera (Ebwelle, 64’), Sandro and Álex Moreno (Miguel Ángel Saiz, 56’).

Manchester City: Johansen, Coulson, Veseli, Rekik, Meppen Walters, Drury, Huws (Rusnak, 60’), Joan Roman, Henshall (Cole, 80’), D. Suárez (Plummer, 67’) and Hiwula.

Referee: Gallardo Martínez. Yellow card: Bako.

Goals: 1-0, Sandro Ramírez (25’). 2-0, Sandro Ramírez (33’). 3-0, Miguel Ángel Saiz, 70’). 4-0, Gustavo (84’). 4-1, Hiwula (85’).

Stadium: Mini Estadi. 600 espectadores.

Sandro Rosell again praised Messi: "I do not know where is the limit"

The president of FC Barcelona has returned to give praise to the crack in the Argentine, who has acknowledged that "the best in the world" has also denied that there is bad blood between Messi and Villa, as has been published.

During the press conference of presentation of the digital strategy of FC Barcelona, ​the president ​Sandro Rosell has once again praised the figure of Leo Messi , as it did after the game against FC Viktoria , when e l Argentina reached the 202 goals with Barca . "Messi is the best in the world, will be this year and for a long time. Do not know where is the limit."

Rosell also denied that there is bad blood between Leo Messi and David Villa . The chief executive of the agency explained that Barça team around Prague both players "spent the trip playing Parcheesi" . "We can not respond to all comments made," he added.

The president was convinced that the Director of Fooball Sports Area, Andoni Zubizarreta, "works on the renovation of Isaac Cuenca" . Recall that the player, which is part of Barca's subsidiary, is still an important resource for Pep Guardiola who has put in the starting lineup in the last three games and even first team debut as a striker against Mallorca. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Alexis and Bielsa, teacher and student to reunite in San Mamés

The Barça player, Alexis Sánchez, admits he learned a lot from the Argentinian manager.
The current Athletic coach praises Barça's signing of Alexis.

Profe Bielsa (Professor), how he became to be known in Chile, and the “chico maravilla” (wonder kid), Alexis Sanchéz will be reunited in San Mamés this Sunday. Both coincided in the Chilean national side from August 2007 to November 2010, and if the wonder kid is one of the best wingers at the moment, it’s largely due to Bielsa’s tutelage.

During the three years that the current Athletic boss managed Chile’s national side, Bielsa molded and perfected the raw talent of the then Udinese player. The “Europeanization” of Alexis’ play style in the Italian club was polished over the 24 games he played under Bielsa for the Chilean national side. The Barça player had words for his former manager during his unveiling as an Azulgrana, “I want to thank those that taught me along the way. I learned a lot from the Profe. At times I didn’t think I would be able to learn everything that I needed to, but little by little I started to understand what he [Bielsa] had in mind and I learned a lot.”

Marcelo Bielsa also had words of praise for Alexis when the coach was presented as the new manager of Athletic Bilbao: “I’m very happy for him and for FC Barcelona. I think they’ll mix really well together. Although, Alexis would do well in any team, I know he can do it at Barça, because he’s such a good player."

Alexis: “I want to thank everyone that has helped me along the way, those that taught me. I learned a lot from the Profe."

Bielsa: "I'm really happy for Alexis and FC Barcelona. I think he'll do really well." (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Squad prepares for Bilbao

Most of Guardiola's squad, with the exception of Pedro, took to the field in the Ciutat Esportiva in preparation for the difficult away fixture in Bilbao

After Tuesday night's win in the Champions League and yesterday's rest day, the squad were back in training this morning ahead of Sunday's trip to Bilbao. As if in preparation for the typically rainy Basque port, today's session was held under grey skies and rain.

The game against Bilbao is particularly important as it comes before another international break.

The squad trained behind closed doors on pitch number 1 at the Ciutat Esportiva (they have recently been using pitch number 2) and Guardiola and his staff worked with all 19 first team squad players available, plus Isaac Cuenca from the B team, whilst the injured Pedro worked apart from the rest of the group. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Messi, team unity is behind our success

He warns that: “Athletic Club studies their opponents in depth, they aren't afraid to bring the game to you”

Leo Messi is the footballer of the moment. First, he surpassed Kubala as Barça’s second all-time highest goal scorer and now, with back to back hat-tricks, he’s beyond the 200 goal mark as an Azulgrana. He’s the leader of a legendary team. This Thursday, he explained the key factors behind Barça’s success: “It’s fundamental that we get along as a team, to have a group of players that play this well isn’t easy to find. We’ve known each other for years and we’ve always gotten along, this is why we’ve performed so well.”

The double Ballon d’Or winner categorically denied the claim, made by a Valencia newspaper, that there was a rift between him and David Villa. “It really surprised both of us. I have no idea why this story was published. The fact of the matter is that I don’t have a problem with el Guaje, not at all. We get along great, just like we do with the rest of the squad. Neither of us have anything to say about this, we’re not worried about it because we know it’s not true,” added Messi.

Messi feels as though he can maintain the excellent form he’s showed since the beginning of the season, 22 goals in 17 matches. “I feel great physically, strong enough to play as many games as possible, like last year,” said Messi. The Argentinian, despite edging closer and closer to César’s goal record, isn’t obsessing about reaching 235 goals this season: “I’m not aiming to break the record this year. I hope to do it someday seeing that I want to stay here for the rest of my career.”

What’s really on the Argentinian’s mind is the upcoming game in San Mamés. “The most important thing is to win the three points this weekend because it’s a very difficult stadium to win at. The opponent [Athletic Bilbao] is a great team, they study their rivals in depth, and they aren’t afraid to take the game to you,” added Messi. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

FC Barcelona makes firm commitment to new technologies

Club President Sandro Rosell and board member Dídac Lee presented Barça’s new digital strategy this Thursday.
“The Club is aiming for a global reach without losing its identity”- Sandro Rosell.
“The web platform is just the tip of the iceberg” – Didac Lee.

Barça presented their new digital strategy this Thursday, making a firm commitment to new technologies. Club President Sandro Rosell announced that: "the Club is aiming for a global reach without losing its identity."

Mr. Rosell and the board member responsible for the Technology Area, Dídac Lee, presented the Club's new digital strategy aimed at bringing the Club to its members and fans all over the world, this Thursday. The strategy: "will be a fundamental tool in helping the Club to continue growing," according to the President: "we want to speak to all the Barça people and open new markets."

The presentation coincided with the unveiling of the Club's new official website, though Mr. Lee insisted: "what you see online is just the first step in the Club's digital strategy - it's the tip of the iceberg of what we are going to have. The project will evolve and we will be changing every month."

The director in charge of the Technology Area clearly laid out the mission of this new strategy: "to generate an audience, build up brand loyalty and use that to increase our economic resources," insisting on the need to be aware of all three objectives.

For the first of these objectives, the Club is determined to maintain its leading presence on social networking sites, where it dominates on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube: "we will go out and look for our audience, wherever they are," according to Mr. Lee. The second pillar of the strategy is the Club website, with a new updated version launched to coincide with the new strategy, "we have built a new website. Right now we have nearly 100 million visitors a season and we currently have the most visited web in the Spanish League," said Mr. Lee, who explained that amongst the web's new features were "real time stats and the integration of social networks," as well as announcing that the Club is digitising its historic archives. In addition, the new online Supporters Services Office (OAB) will permit "any kind of paperwork that needs to be done with Club can now be done online."

Dídac Lee believes that "the best way to reach our fans is via mobile apps, as they allow us to be online 24 hours a day anywhere in the world. We aim to create 20 new applications a year." With 33% of Club members having a smartphone, Mr. Lee also announced that the Club is "working at getting better cellular coverage in the Camp Nou, but this is a problem for every major stadium in the world. We've reached a deal with Telefónica I+D to find the best technology to sort the problem out."

Finally Mr. Lee echoed the words of the pioneering American computer scientist Alan Kay: "everything we are doing on the digital front is pioneering work and so we don't have any references – 'the best way to predict the future is to invent it,' and that is what we are trying to do." (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Barça players receive Audi vehicles for the 2011-12 season

Despite the gloomy day, the vehicles shine as they are presented at the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper .
The agreement between the company and Barça was recently extended to 2014.

Club President Sandro Rosell and Manuel Caballero, Director of Audi España, attended the handover of the vehicles to the first team squad. "For another year we are proud to be collaborating in the success which FC Barcelona is enjoying,” said Caballero. This is the sixth year that Audi and FC Barcelona have worked together and the handover of new cars to the players is a symbolic gesture of their long-standing partnership.

The setting for the handover ceremony, the Ciutat Esportiva, couldn’t have been more appropriate. The training facility and the original deal between Barça and Audi were both opened and signed in the same year. The Ciutat Esportiva, where tomorrow’s stars are being forged, saw a new young star today, the Audi Q3.

The players still seem to prefer the Audi Q7, though one or two, such as Puyol or Busquets, have plumped for the more sporty RS5.

A few weeks ago, the deal between FC Barcelona and Audi was extended until 2014, with Audi becoming a Premium Partner and Official Vehicle for the Club all over the world. The two organisations first joined up in 2006 with a sponsorship deal that highlights their shared values of sport. Elegance and dynamism have cemented their relationship over the years. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Selection Under-21] Call for the games against Switzerland and Estonia

You know the players who have been cited by the national selection for the dispute of the international meetings of the qualifying round of the European Championship, with Estonia and Switzerland, on 10 and 14 November in Melilla and Cordoba. (via RFEF)

A proposed national teams, the Royal Spanish Football Federation has called for the parties of the referral, the following players:

ATHLETIC CLUB: Iker Muniain Goñi.
CLUB ATLÉTICO DE MADRID SAD: Jorge Resurrección Merodio“Koke".
FC BARCELONA: Martin Montoya i Torralbo, Marc Bartra Aregall, Marc Muniesa Martínez, Carles Planas Antolinez, Thiago Alcantara Do Nascimento, Isaac Cuenca López.
BENFICA FC: Rodrigo Moreno Machado.
RC CELTA DE VIGO SAD: Hugo Mallo Novegil.
CHELSEA FC: Oriol Romeu Vidal.
RCD ESPANYOL DE BARCELONA SAD: Jordi Amat Maas, Álvaro Vázquez García.
GETAFE CF SAD: Pablo Sarabia García.
MÁLAGA CF SAD: Francisco Román Alarcón “Isco”.
MANCHESTER UNITED FC: David De Gea Quintana.
REAL SOCIEDAD DE FÚTBOL SAD: Iñigo Martínez Berridi, Asier Illarramendi Andonegui.
VILLARREAL CF SAD: Diego Mariño Villar.
REAL ZARAGOZA CF SAD: Juan Carlos Pérez López.