31 October 2011

Barça bound for Prague where he will face on Tuesday Viktoria Pilzen

The expedition has left Barca at 10.30 to the capital of the Czech Republic where on Tuesday will face in game Viktoria Pilsen.

The expedition of FC Barcelona has left for Prague where he will face Tuesday Viktoria Pilzen in match Champions League . Barca team has gone over all available Alexis, Cuenca and Oier of the B. Together the team has also traveled the president Sandro Rosell and some managers.

Moreover, the story of the departure was the discovery of Gerard Lopez, now a commentator for Spanish television, with his former teammates. Barcelona midfielder who was has been unable to greet Messi, Puyol, Xavi, etc. and remember old times with them.

It is necessary to remember that in this displacement, taking advantage that on Tuesday is festival, more than 800 followers azulgranas they accompanied Barça in Eden Stadium. (via MD)

Zubizarreta: “The main aim is to qualify”

The sports manager for professional football believes that a win on Tuesday in Prague will give the team the chance to relax a little, as they will be mathematically through to the last sixteen of the Champions League.

Before setting off for Prague, where the team will play its fourth Champions League fixture, Andoni Zubizarreta spoke about the importance of getting a good result at the Eden Stadium: “Before the group stage, the main aim is to qualify. The second is to finish top, but the most important thing is to qualify and go into the hat for the second round. So, a win will mean we can relax a little”.

Zubizarreta warned that the game won’t be as easy as people are saying. “The crowd generates a lot of pressure. And the opposition have a challenge, because beating Barça is a way of putting themselves on the map. Viktoria showed that they are not a team that shows fear. They take risks, they look for the opposition’s goal and try hard. We had a lot of chances at the Camp Nou, but that didn’t scare them much either” he remembered.

On Leo Messi, who scored a hat-trick in last Saturday’s 5-0 win, Zubizarreta said “His value and talent shouldn’t be doubted. If we look at things in terms of mistakes, he’s the man who makes the fewest in world football right now”. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Former president] Laporta denies that uses Barça for his business

In an extensive article in the newspaper The Country, Laporta has denied that wins 10 million euros through its office of having pled to advise, when he was president of Barça, to the magnate uzbek Miradil Djalalov.

The president of FC Barcelona Joan Laporta has denied today that he used the boat for private business and has charged against his successor, Sandro Rosell, who says being investigated in Brazil for alleged tax fraud.

In a lengthy article in the newspaper El País, Laporta has denied that won 10 million euros through his law firm for advice when he was president of Barca, Djalalov Miradil Uzbek tycoon, money that did admit to collect on your return before the judge on 10 October, although that amount was denied in its entirety for him and his office.

Laporta has insisted that the operation had nothing to do with his work as head of the Catalan club and, against this business relationship allowed him to achieve for the club a contract of 3 million euros that could have been 5 if the team had held a meeting in Uzbekistan.

"I never breached any code of ethics or FC Barcelona used for private business. During the seven years I had the honor and the responsibility of chairing the club, my law firm worked with various companies as a result of agreements that were initiated mostly even before 2003 when starting my first term at the helm of FC Barcelona. Some of these customers, well known companies, would also have relationships as suppliers or sponsors, with FC Barcelona, ​​but Laporta & Arbos never intercede in any way "he explained.

Laporta has stated that a Barca president does not charge for its function, so that it "has every right" to work outside the club.

The former Barca and now deputy regional government has reaffirmed its position that it will take all legal measures necessary to defend his honor because, he said, "neither the club nor the social peace of FC Barcelona are above my dignity, the dignity of leading name my children do not accept that my honor was soiled with maneuvers indecent articles against me. "

"I go all the way to explain the truth. Our management ahead of FC Barcelona was very good. We work to build the best club in the world, the best team ever, and left a financially solvent entity, with the best revenue who has never enjoyed the club, with the best image and social solidarity. And I will not insist, that dirty efficient and honest (...) We did not need a code of ethics or a council of seniors to tell us what is right and what not, and that ethics begins at home. Therefore, as already announced, will take the appropriate legal action against anyone who violates my honor, "he noted.

So, Laporta's management has opposed the current Barca president, Sandro Rosell, and the Barca president Josep Lluís Núñez.

As Laporta, "is wrong if some people think that by attacking my honesty will get us to forget that the president Núñez has been sentenced to six years in prison for a plot of economic crime or that the president Rosell is being investigated for corruption, tax fraud , bribery and money laundering in Brazil (cases that have been echoed by business magazines in the world, including The Economist, but have been hidden by the friendly press). err on the strategy of repeating a lie to change the truth. " (via AS)

With Guardiola no one can

Pep enjoy its bicentennial in the stool culé with a big game to get back on track access to the next round of the Champions.

It was May 8, 2008 when Joan Laporta became official that Pep Guardiola would be responsible to replace Frank Rijkaard. Soon after, on 17 June, Santpedor presented to the media and displayed a strong roadmap for its unmistakable humility, dedication and a total and absolute commitment to a style designed to delight the fans. Road to its fourth season, nobody, absolutely nobody can question that the coach has more than fulfilled its mission.

But being true to his own philosophy, the greatest challenge, the most important is yet to be filled. And tomorrow will play a special game, the number 200 heading to Barca in an official engagement. The majestic Prague in Champions League match against Viktoria, will host a symbolic ephemera that only serves to praise an impeccable record.

Being in front of the boat in its fourth season is no easy challenge. The Barca bench is not the most burning, but it takes its toll. For Pep, except for its more than obvious hair loss is not detected signs of exhaustion. Guardiola directs with a firm hand a project that has punctuated as anyone in the recent history of world football, the performance and effectiveness. Barça has not only broken with the history of the club but has already left its mark on world football. The admiration that the five continents is not free due to the pleasure of enjoying the endless virtues of a block that constantly reinvents itself. Getting to this point no one has taken the tuition you are worthy of admiration. Almost as much as look some frightening statistics: with 199 games behind him, boasts almost 72% of wins and throwing an insignificant 8.5% of losses is a brand to cheer. It is pure history.

Guardiola has emerged as a collector of records and small marks which alone can fill out an illustrious football encyclopedia. His percentage of victories and titles is unmatched. Their six defeats in Camp Nou is an anecdote that passes desapercibida absolutely when the series of parties serial livestocks are enumerated at home and it was, the scandal goleadas 'including two 8-0 in front of Almería and Osasuna', the abysmal registrations of punctuation in the three serial suspenders '87 points, 99 points and 96 points, respectively' and other so many statistics that scare. Recent technical and pedigree, if Rijkaard and Van Gaal, and brands have seen their 22 wins in Europe and are decently buried by the 25 wins for Guardiola. And so on to one of the masters of Pep, Johan Cruyff. Even the best record in the Dutch can sustain a comparison with that of Santpedor. The Dream Team, the true cradle of the current source of inspiration and Pep Team, has been duly perfected and passed by a group that has not yet peaked.

Cruyff left the bench because of FC Barcelona with 430 games and averaged 58.1% of wins. The percentage of losses rose only to 19.3. A statistic that seemed stratospheric at the time but that the Pep Team has made small. The team has picked up the inheritance and it has multiplied it amply until transforming in fashion Barça into the club. Win, convince and arouse admiration is not easy. And those who doubt, to compare with the hatred aroused rivals.

The present course builds two titles but the illusion is still present and any fan senses that not be the last. It's the best message you can send the team for Guardiola. (via SPORT)

"Barça can wait, time will come"

The 'bent' of Santos goes mad with the poker of Neymar and with the Club World Cup in the horizon.

Neymar it embroidered. He scored all four goals from Santos, two of them a penalty in the win against Atletico Paranense (4-1) and 'twisted' the mad Peixe. "Barcelona can wait, your time will come! Neymar to say it! ", Led the fans. The best version of the front 'Mohicans' euphoria aroused the Santos who, after some hesitation the last few days, returned to offer a convincing picture. It is also true that before he was a candidate that has all the numbers end up losing the category.

With this victory, Santos virtually ensures the continued absence of six days to complete the Brasileirao. With all the attention and the South American champions are focused on the Club World Cup in Japan, where, if forecasts are met, everything points to a final between Barcelona and Brazil. With no challenge to December, the club has already become an obsession. With Neymar in a state of grace, the Peixe is capable of playing one on one against any opponent, including the best Barcelona in history.

With the 'poker' weekend, Neymar added 21 points in 42 games in 2011, between the Selecao and his club. Now only missing 4 goals to reach the centennial, a feasible goal to achieve in the coming matches. (via SPORT)

Schörgenhofer will whistle; and Alves, with two cards, is one of the suspension

This is the first time the Austrian school of Barcelona directs a meeting.

One detail that must take into account the face Josep Guardiola's party tomorrow night is the situation of Dani Alves. The Brazilian has already accumulated two yellow cards in the current edition of the Champions League and if booked in the match against Viktoria Plzen would miss the match against Milan at San Siro for the fifth day. So Pep will assess whether the team keeps or gives off. And in the case of him playing, you minded to take a long careful not to be cautioned. UEFA announced yesterday the name of the arbitrator appointed to lead the meeting. This is the Austrian school that has Robert Schörgenhofer FIFA badge since 2007. Despite its relative international experience, so far the Austrian school has only two parties led the continental showpiece and has never refereed at Barça. (via SPORT)

Viktoria fears to the married one with the Ballon d'Or

They define this way a Messi difficult to stop and the coach Vrba warns that, after the 5-0 in League, before Barça it will "be another thing".

In Pilsen already counting down the hours to reach the Barcelona meeting, a party who is living as a real event. The ultimate triumph of Czechs to the Hradec Králové on Friday (5-0) loaded morale of a club, yesterday on its website, highlighting the level of Barcelona, ​​in a detailed report of the Barca team and referred to Messi as a "player married to the Ballon d'Or." Czechs coach, Pavel Vrba, are aware that the Barcelona meeting will have nothing to do with the domestic competition. "Barcelona have a completely different level," he warned. He urged his people to improve the match against Hradec Kralove to have any chance against Barcelona. "With a team like you have to be very successful when you get the chance. I hope we have success. " Viktoria has prepared the giant screens in Pilsen for fans who can not move to the stadium. (via SPORT)

[Former player] Márquez leads to a brawl, just pretend aggression and expelled

The Mexican centre-back provoked a brawl after the meeting of the New York Red Bulls at Los Angeles Galaxy and, through various shaking, throwing pretended to be beaten down as shameless.

Rafa Marquez staged a sad story after the match on Sunday among the New York Red Bulls, where he also shared a dressing room with Thierry Henry exazulgrana and Los Angeles Galaxy, David Beckham's exmadridista, in which Los Angeles, led by the 'spice boy', took the victory by the minimum (0-1).

After the final whistle and while some players shook hands at midfield, Marquez threw a ball at an opponent in a derogatory manner. Another player in the Galaxy, exazulgrana attitude check, and drove him there and madness broke out on the lawn.

The height of the grotesque actions of Marquez came when, in the midst of various shaking and other partners involved in the brawl, feigned an attack with another partner and they both fell to the turf simultaneously, in what some U.S. publications defined as a 'double knockout'. As expected, Marquez was ejected by the referee and will miss the second leg of this tie. (via SPORT)

[youth] FCB Cadete A 3 - 0 Espanyol

The electrician winger azulgrana Adama Traoré was an entire dagger for the right band and it was erected as great main character in the 3-0 that the Cadete A endorsed to the cadete blanquiazul.

The first team cadete of FC Barcelona signed a big win Saturday against Espanyol in the derby of the category by defeating Espanyol set for 3-0.

Quique Álvarez's Cadete A was shown to have very clear ideas in the first time that Fran Álvarez said interned in the left lane and in which the Catalan side went ahead through a good number of Enguene. Espanyol, well positioned on the pitch, not throw in the towel at all and both teams went into the break with everything to play for.

It would be in the second half when its own light shine Adama Traoré. The electrical hazard end Barca repeatedly generated from the right and from there were born two goals that closed the scoring and sank Espanyol aspirations. The first, by signing an individual move worthy of 'crack'. Adama faced his marker, dribbled with a bicycle and hit a powerful shot that slipped through the squad for the first goal stick visitor. A goal in capital letters.

The 2-0 start to define things a lot but it was the door open for a reaction 'espanyola'. However, the Barca defense, led by an impregnable Rodri-axis of the rear and a solvent Onana the sticks, stopped any window of opportunity visitor. And so the Cadete A, with the rear well protected Kaptoum entry and a more open Espanyol took advantage of the space and grace time ends so that, again, Adama Traoré gets onto the right end, and undertake a major center we find John as auctioneer. It was the 3-0 final. Had fifteen minutes to go but the score did not move again.

With this triumph Cadete A azulgrana is at the gates of the lead, only behind Nastic de Tarragona and three points ahead after six days Espanyol championship.

The derby alevín also fell of the side azulgrana

Alevín B of Barça also had the responsibility to face another big derby against Espanyol. In this case, Barca overwhelmed the visitors by a resounding 7-2. The local level and condition of the Espanyol first year were a destabilizing factor and allowed Barca hiciese master of the game.

What's more, there was also a third derby, this time among children. This time equality was the dominant note throughout the match and the final score was tied at two. (via SPORT)

[Youth] Zaragoza 1 - 3 FCB Juvenil A

Juvenil A has set Zaragoza in a match where Barca have had many occasions where they have dominated the match from start to finish.

Òscar Garcia's boys have won from a goal after starting its rival and remain unbeaten leaders of the classification. With this win, Barça still avoiding defeat and added the eighth consecutive league victory. The Juvenil A had the mastery of the game throughout the match and has left too many arguments to Zaragoza.

In the first part, Barça has had the chances and the domain to a well-placed Zaragoza. However, the opponent has taken the lead on the scoreboard by an inaccuracy between Edu and goalkeeper Bañuz has finished with one goal in own net. In minute 33, Ayala has signed a tie with a big play strategy following a corner.

The domain Barca is still clearer in the second half and were able to put Barça ahead in the outcome . The first goal of the second period and gave the advantage to Babunski Barca has scored on 62 minutes, taking advantage of a rejection of the goalkeeper Aroca, and in 69 minutes Dongou marked the final 1-3 on a solo run. With this victory remains at the top of División de Honor with 24 points and Honor on Sunday November 6 will receive the Girona. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Technical Data]
Zaragoza: Aroca, Escuder (Antonio, min 66), Rico, Conde, Luis Asín, Moreno,Nacho, Marcos, Antón (Suárez, min 70), Moha.

FC Barcelona: Bañuz, Edu, Grimaldo, Bagnack (Bako, min 72), Ayala, Samper, Cristian (Álex Moreno, min 80), Babunski (Pol Calvet, min 83), Dongou, Miguel Ángel (Ernesto, min 59), Quintillà.

Goles: 1-0 Edu (OG), min 17. 1-1 Ayala, min 33. 1-2 Babunski, min 62. 1-3 Dongou, min 69.

[Barça B] Eusebio: "We are very pleased to have won at home, we were resisting the victory"

Eusebio's Barca B rises slowly in the league table positions and the three points awarded to the chains Nàstic his third consecutive victory in less than seven days, starting at home.

Eusebio was very happy for the victory of Barca B against Nastic de Tarragona (1-0), the third row, and also for breaking the streak of bad results in the Mini, which still had not achieved any success. "I leave with the feeling that the result was deserved," said Barca coach subsidiary at a news conference.

"We controlled the game at all times and have been very good in the possession of the ball" , highlighted Eusebio after the match, but he also recognized that the team had lacked determination to find the second goal, especially in the second half. This fact and the lack of depth in the game prompted the Barca subsidiary Nàstic "was up" and had some chances to beat the goal of Oier , especially in the last minutes of the game, but good defense prevented any subsidiary Barca rival option.

Apart from the three points scored, the other big news of the game against Nastic was the return of Jonathan Soriano , who returned to step on the lawn of Mini three months after severely injuring his knee in a match with the first team. Eusebio was very happy with the comeback player of Vilomar Pont and claimed to be an important player now and the end of the season, while acknowledging that "has to go slowly catching their set-up." (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Ferguson would want Mascherano at Manchester United

The exceptional performance of Javier Mascherano is not going unnoticed in Europe. In the Premier League there who longs for his move.

Barca midfielder was one of the major objectives of the Manchester United manager, Alex Ferguson, to shore up its core soon. So much so that, as published by the British web 'caughtoffside.com' , the British club would provide about 26 million euros for their recruitment.

Ferguson would be in the 'little chief' to reinforce appropriate to give greater consistency to which, in his opinion, is the weakest line of the team: the midfield. And in England it is speculated that the Argentine would not frowned upon, arguing that this could play in their natural demarcation pivot.

However, the transfer is presumed to impossible, given that Mascherano has become an essential piece for Pep Guardiola last two seasons. So much so, that has been entrenched in the starting and central supplementing with low success of players like Puyol, Pique and Abidal in recent months. With him back, for example, last season won the league and the Champions League.

Mascherano's interest is not new, since last April and scored the possible interest of Ferguson to take him to Old Trafford. In the end, everything was watered down. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Jonathan Soriano: "I want to convince Guardiola again"

Three months after being seriously injured while fighting for a chance in the preseason with the first team, the Barcelona striker Jonathan Soriano B again this Saturday at the Miniestadi off the grass in a win over Gimnastic (1-0), ready to "convince again" Pep Guardiola.

"I want to recover well, taking minutes and go back again to convince Pep, if not already," he said in an interview with EFE Catalan forward 26.

Tenacious few, Soriano has not been a bed of roses. Pearl of the neighboring quarry Espanyol, their arrival to the first team fell short of expectations and ended up being assigned to multiple computers Second, to be unrelated to the club Espanyol. It was 2009 and the striker made landfall in the subsidiary Barca, then in Segunda B, which many considered a step backwards. But after getting the promotion to Segunda, his 32 goals in the Silver division were demanding keys to be crowned top scorer of the category and achieve a historic third subsidiary.

"The return has been very nice, really. Since jumping into the field and the crowd gets me that way, until you start to take chances, to play with your mates. You feel again play fifteen minutes have been amazing" has recognized.

A prospective hour room that made forget their expression afflicted in Allianz Sand of Múnich, after breaking up in an unfortunate action with the central one Ukrainian of Bayern Anatoli Tymoshchuk that forced him to abandon the expedition azulgrana with an elongation of the crossed ligament previous of the right knee.

"It was very hard. Also see that the team has just started and does not mean that I am El Salvador, but you're out, you want to help with everything you can and see it is not possible, the injury does not allow you to what's inside, "said Soriano.

The two-month layoff that is eventually predicted to be three, with the caution of the coaching staff. "I was very encouraged when I saw that the knee began to answer, it is difficult to explain what he felt," he adds.

His goal now, he admits, is to recapture the attention of first team coach, Pep Guardiola, based on what you do best, goals and more goals. Soriano, persevering, wants to close the circle in which both fought in the Catalan club, but is aware that his chance may not come again.

"If it is not possible and I have to go, I must work for the best solution," he asserted. "The option is Benfica. It is one among many others and, when the market opens in winter, if possible, be discussed. Otherwise, wait until June," he said.

"He deserves luck, but to score many goals, is his gift," says his partner Isaac Cuenca, who was released yesterday as a scorer in his second career start with the first team. "He has a very high level, very high quality, able to create chances of danger very easily," added coach subsidiary, Eusebio Sacristan, after the game against Nastic. Praise that you are missing striker Pont de Vilomara, used to paddle against the wind, to deal with the obstacles.

"I will go ahead, no doubt," he insists Soriano. "This is another small missteps that I have lived, has reiterated. The thing to do is regain the level of last year and again move forward. As I have always done." (via SPORT)