30 October 2011

Keita: "Tuesday's game will be very important for the classification"

Barca midfielder Seydu Keita said Sunday that the party next Tuesday against Viktoria Pilsen "will be very important for the classification".

Let's go to win because it would take a major step towards clasificarnos primeros group." So of course Keita is shown in the press room, where reconoció that a victory on Tuesday he would play it "Muy significant" aimed at the classification.

And is that Barca midfielder League and doubts arising in the computer environment in recent weeks are history. "We played to win, but 5-0 is always doing very difficult," he said. "The press and the fans is what we want but what matters is to play well and get good results in the face at the end of season," said Barca.

"The crisis of what you say Mecí because we know it. Three game seem a lot but he is human too, "said Barca midfielder also, who spared no praise for the Argentine.

Regarding debut Gerard Delofeu and good game of Isaac Cuenca, Keita acknowledged that both "are very good." "In the long Masia out good players, but the trick now is to stay on the team, although they still get" he said.

On the other hand, that of Mali also avoided any controversy when assessing their low participation in the team in recent games: "We are many, but everyone feels important to help the team." "I think I had a good start to the season and although in recent games I've played less, it is important that we all feel useful to help," he added.

Finally, Keita avoided appreciate the good run of the eternal rival Real Madrid, which was limited to ensuring that "it is normal is a great team win." In addition, Barca also announced that when the time talk to your coach and Guardiola to decide the best time to join the African Nations Cup. (via SPORT)

Alexis will travel to Prague

Barca coach Pep Guardiola announced Sunday the squad for the match between his team against FC Viktoria this Tuesday.

A list in which the main novelty is Alexis Sanchez, who travel with the team despite not yet having discharged. Chilean striker, which takes a few days training with the rest of his teammates, could receive a medical discharge after training on Monday.

Also traveling with the first team players and the subsidiary goal Isaac Oier Basin, so Guardiola will have to travel with this 21 players: Valdés, Pinto, Oier, Dani Alves, Cesc Fàbregas, Piqué, Puyol, Xavi, Villa, Iniesta, Alexis, Messi, Thiago, Mascherano, Keita, Sergio Busquets, Maxwell, Adriano, Abidal, Fontàs and Isaac Cuenca. (via SPORT)

Busquets: “We know that we can’t always win 5-0”

The midfielder prefers to keep his feet firmly on the ground and is not getting carried away after the 5-0 win against Mallorca. Speaking to Barça TV after the match, Busi told us: “It’s never easy. We know that we’ve got people so used to winning".

After over 150 appearances with the first team,, Sergio Busquets already seems like a veteran when discussing these exhibitions by the team and is calling for caution: “We’ve got people so used to winning. We know that we can’t always win 5-0. The main thing is to know what we’re doing well and what we’re not, and try and improve. He told Barça TV, “The team did its homework” (against Mallorca) and insisted that the victory has boosted the players’ confidence ahead of next Tuesday’s match in Prague.

The win against Mallorca on Saturday was the 14th time the team has won 5-0 under Guardiola. However, Busquets emphasised that the team is bound to have its off days, like the match against Granada: “It’s never easy. We’re not robots or machines. Sometimes things can turn out better or worse. Scoring five goals and keeping a clean sheet is very nice”.

Messi, despite how it might seem, isn’t a machine either, and Busquets has never had any doubts about him. “We know that Messi is the best player in the world, that he’s the leader of this team and the one who makes the difference. But he’s not a machine and there’ll be matches when he can’t score”.

The other big news of the match was the contribution of talented youngsters Cuenca and Deulofeu. “It’s important to bring the young players on. A manager like Guardiola has a lot of faith in the reserves, where they’re doing things really well. I’m sure a lot more players will make it through to the first team. We all try to help and relax them but they come well prepared. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Emulating the geniuses

Isaac Cuenca marked the debut Messi and Gerard Deulofeu 29 October, as Iniesta and Raúl.

That Isaac Cuenca can be an important piece in the design of future Barça it is something that Pep Guardiola has clear from the last preseason. The Barça coach has always believed in this kind of players humble, hardworking, technically gifted and also bring something different to the team. The debut Reus holder was not as lucky he deserved Tuesday in Granada. He began his football left wing and diluted in was possibly the biggest game this season Barca gray. Rather than let 'die', Guardiola decided to head out again yesterday and this time for the first time at the Camp Nou. It located it of right wing, a position that is more suited to their characteristics than the left, and the kid did not disappoint. He looked for one on one when he could, he pressed on defense as he likes to Pep, played the ball always in terms of equipment and focused, and well, every ball that came with doing so. Without going further, the second point originated in a beautiful thread ball that Isaac put to the second stick, Adriano finished off bad and Messi pushed to the net. Their good party was rounded with a point that own Leo had signed Messi. It controlled a great pass of Adriano, it clipped Aouate with the right and it placed the ball in the net with the left. It was the fourth so much of Barça and the colophon to their efficient work.

But if Cuenca represents what one might call the 'working class', Gerard Deulofeu is a rough diamond polish to finish becoming a critical player and different to everyone. The left end of the official party branch in his debut with the club on 63 minutes, replacing David Villa. At 17 years, became the squad number 19 opens with Guardiola as coach of the team. And it was not in an arbitrary date. A October 29 nine years ago Andres Iniesta did, too, in a game field of Bruges. Yet another genius delfútbol opened an October 29, specifically 17 years ago. It was Madrid's Raul Gonzalez, who did in La Romareda. Like these two teachers, Deulofeu be marked by that date. in its path. For now, his baptism of fire was held by his former colleagues. Members of the Juvenil A Barca, who returned to win 1-3 at Real Zaragoza, gave him a standing ovation at the coach.

Two old rockers

Do not forget either of the old rockers like Adriano and Dani Alves. The first three goals was decisive. In the first forced the hand penalty for Nsue, the second, hit the ball to Messi singleton and the fourth went to Cuenca. Dani scored a goal from outside the area, which closed the little hand, and put a nice center to Messi to achieve its third goal in particular and will be the first ball of the season winter home. Argentine sure you will find home site. (via MD)

Puyol and Piqué become hungry

Together for the second time, they agreed and 31 minutes 'Masche' passed to the core.

There were only formed in the rear axle in eight of the 697 minutes unbeaten Victor Valdes. The dawn of Gerard Piqué muscle injury two weeks ago against Racing frustrated that desired tandem with Carles Puyol had continuity. Last night started on the bench after being discharged from hospital on Friday, but the second time agreed for the second game in the course for 31 minutes.

It was as if no time had passed for the 'double P', whose appearance Javier Mascherano moved to the midfield position for the first time this season. The 'little chief', impregnable behind, took the place left by Sergio Busquets, supplemented by 'Puyi'.

Pique and Puyol, hungry football and get that chemistry that has become the best central couple in the world, joined the attack. Aouate avoided the sticks that mark and Captain Gerard also rose to finish off a corner. Seeing them together is another great news for Pep Guardiola, who took up the 4-3-3 in 46' when he entered Piqué, who has never acted with the 3-4-3. It remains for the November 23, but the height of Pique and Puyol's claw will be the best antidote to the air threat Zlatan Ibrahimovic. (via MD)

Leo Messi: A dedication without revenge spirit

It was hoped the celebration of Leo Messi to break his scoring drought small. Some speculated on a sample of improper euphoria and anger Leo, others noted that the Argentine would display their coolness and barely budge. Neither the one nor the other. The crack surprised everyone with an unusual gesture in his person: the best player in the world sought the nearest television camera and a smile from ear to ear gradually pointed with his fingers the numbers one, two and three. The celebration was subjected to all kinds of analysis, since more than one remembered that Leo had three games that he saw no door. No revenge, revenge or celebrations alluding to his misfortune. As always, everything was linked to a friend. It's that simple. "When you leave home, I met a friend and we score a goal if you greet him with one, two, three. For him the 123 is very significant. "

Messi was challenged by drought and a possible crisis over the lack of success in the last three games. "It's crazy talk of crisis because no part in three games," he said. In these moments of euphoria, crack appealed to the improvement of the team as a key element for all recover and reach its highest goals with ease. "We played a little faster and that has allowed us to find more space. In addition, the 1-0 has come very soon and has provided all the work. " (via SPORT)

Barça of the cantera put an end to Cuenca, Messi and Deulofeu in tip

Camp Nou enjoyed during the final stages of yesterday's meeting of a trident formed in La Masia.

Two different players. Two players band. A dream. Extremes meet. Isaac Cuenca and Gerard Deulofeu take three years, but both have often fantasized about the idea of ​​winning at Camp Nou. The former has not followed the right path to reach the first team, up to two times he went on loan from Barcelona. The second supports the focus of the elect since childhood. A few were waiting Isaac, Gerard is eagerly awaited.

Yesterday both were a feast of joy. In the Camp Nou neither more nor less. With theirs. About Messi. A lot! Isaac repeated ownership and scored his first goal with all the tranquility of the world. He faced the goal, threw a bend and lifted the ball enough for anyone to torpedo his big moment in the stadium. Guardiola could not repress a smile socarrana, as always knew the value of Reus. Isaac was won Pep in hardly a training in preseason. The coach was delighted with the details of a boy with stork legs, fine, very discreet. Pep quickly sensed that Isaac lost a few balls, played with serene ease with their idols despite being accustomed to the second B fields in Sabadell. It happened in America. In the last tour in Reus remember him as a virtuoso since his juggling were well known on the streets. At Barcelona but takes a few licenses for the bleachers. It's like Pedro, a player who makes good decisions, he feels comfortable in the band. His daring is such that not even intimidated by the Camp Nou. "Isaac played very well. Is `What do you know when nano go, when to pass. It has a lot of work. He made ​​his first goal in the stadium and we are very happy. Deulofeu's case is different. It is a journey. Subsidiary's player. "

Pep Guardiola urged caution with Deulofeu the day the game debuted in extreme young officer with the first team. In the Camp Nou. With 17 years. The same age as Messi. On 29 October, curiously, the same day as Iniesta made his debut with Barcelona. With things always happen Deulofeu big. In his first workout with Barcelona did not hesitate to face heavyweights in the template.

Yesterday his first interventions were individual challenges. No wonder, then Gerard what it looked back in the subsidiary, the '27' it was 'trending topic' in the twitter in less than five minutes.

"We are what we eat" apples came to the stadium for all

The campaign 'We are what we eat' broke yesterday at the Camp Nou with the delivery of 70,000 blocks for fans attending Stadium yesterday. The campaign, which aims to raise awareness about the importance of socio healthy habits, is an initiative of the FC Barcelona Foundation and is supported by well-known personalities such as Ferran Adrià and Valentin Fuster. (via SPORT)

Viktoria reminds the fans of Barça safety standards

On the occasion of the meeting next Tuesday, the Czech club has sent standards for Barca fans who come to the Edan Stadium.

Barcelona does not want a repeat of the incidents of the final of the UEFA Super Cup, in which some followers used flares and the Catalan club was fined 110,000 euros by the Commission of Control and Discipline of UEFA. That's why Barcelona recalls in a note to the club's website safety standards for the fans who travel to Prague on the occasion of the meeting that Barcelona will play next Tuesday Viktoria Plzen.

Among the note points out that it is forbidden to enter or display on stadium banners, posters, banners or any other form of visual support that uses symbols or emblems which could lead to violence or xenophobia. Nor is it possible to introduce any type of weapon or object that can be launched that can be used as a weapon. This will prevent entry to any person who attempts to introduce this type of objects (including drums, horns, megaphones or any large object). The conventional umbrella-pointed tip or large-will also be seized.

Among the requirements that sent the Czech club Barcelona to the fans who travel also stresses that it is not allowed to enter stick flags or banners. Flares and anything that may involve risk of fire (rolls of toilet paper, large paper banners or posters) shall be forfeited to the stadium entrance. It is also forbidden to bring or sell alcoholic alchólicas.

To all this, the club recalled that all the fans who come to the field of Viktoria will be recorded thoroughly before entering the stadium.

Bakos dreams mark on Tuesday

The Viktoria Plzen arrive at Tuesday's full of confidence after the last league win, 5-0 at the Hradec Králové Friday. Marek Bakos, who scored twice, acknowledged after the game that is in a great time and would be a dream score at Barcelona. "When a brand is a great encouragement to continue working. The match against Barcelona will be a different story but I hope to see door. " (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Deserved homage to Ilie and premiere of the 'Pichichi' Jonathan Soriano

The staff jumped into the Mini with a shirt to support Ilie Sanchez which read: "Ilie stemma amb tu". The player had surgery recently for a fourth time to resolve once and for all an infection in the heel. His teammates gave him the victory.

In addition, yesterday returned Jonathan Soriano, who fell injured in the preseason with the first team on 27 June in the Audi Cup final against Bayern and has been three months KO. Barcelona striker, Pichichi last season in second division A with 32 points, took several days training with Barça B. Yesterday Espinosa replaced in the 75th minute y. .. almost scored in 84 '. (via SPORT)

[Player Ratings; Liga BBVA; week11] FC Barcelona - RCD Mallorca (5-0)

The overall score 7.9, Víctor Valdés 8, Alves 9, Mascherano 8, Abidal 8, Busquets 7, Thiago 7, Messi 9, Keita 8, Cuenca 8, Villa 7, Adriano 8, Piqué 6, Puyol 6, Deulofeu 6. (via SPORT)

Caparrós: "From the first time we've run out of options"

Mallorca coach Joaquin Caparros has said after his team's defeat against Barcelona 5-0 at the Nou Camp, which have had no option in the game since the Catalan side is ahead on the scoreboard.

"From the first time we've run out of options, we had only one chance to score and has been with the 0-0, but it's true that we have not had chances," he acknowledged at a news conference Caparrós. Balearic coach lamented the penalty awarded in the first few minutes and it has heaped praise Leo Messi, author of a hat trick tonight. "Stopping Messi is complicated. We're talking about number one and it is difficult. Whatever you put a trademark or help is a different player is Messi, "he said. Caparros denied that there is doubt over Argentina and has indicated that such controversies are rather "journalism.

Also, Mallorca coach has admitted the difficulty of facing a team like Barca and noted that all coaches who sit in the postgame press room remain "with the same face" by the "rhythm" that instills the Catalan side. Caparros has indicated that his players too have accused the two first goals, and has said it has not been surprised by the tactical scheme of Guardiola. On the rivalry between Barcelona and Madrid, Caparros said that equality is such that the league could decide on goal difference. (via SPORT)

Messi: “it’s crazy to say I was in crisis”

With his hat trick against Mallorca, Leo Messi confirmed his place as La Liga’s leading scorer with 13 goals and gave a convincing reply to those who had been alleging he was suffering a dip in form of late.

After the game, Messi told reporters: “it’s crazy to say I was in crisis, just because I’d gone three games without scoring”, though the best possible reply was his performance on the pitch, where he is always most comfortable, scoring and making goals. His three against Mallorca take him to 13 in the league so far, well ahead of any other player.

Messi insisted though that the game wasn’t all about him: “ I’m not interested in how many goals I can score or not –what matters is that the team won”.


“We got a very good win at home”

“I am available for the boss for whatever he feels is needed. I’m happy about helping set up Leo’s goal. I am gradually getting back to 100%”.

Isaac Cuenca

“The boss put his trust in me and I just try and show him everyday what I can do. I go out for every game very focussed and things seem to be going right”.

“I’m very happy and excited about the goal. I just want to laugh with happiness”.

Dani Alves

“I was lucky enough with the goal to round off a great team performance”.

“We just carried on working hard and didn’t let the doubts that were swirling around outside bother us at all”.

“We have a great team, because the players adapt to what the manager asks us to do with no problems at all”. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Bartomeu: "Mark or not, Messi is always unbalancing"

The vice president believes that this Saturday, the group led by Josep Guardiola "has proven once again that is a great team." Undoubtedly the star of the game was Messi, who has scored a hat-trick: "Messi shows in every game is an incredible player. The debate that had been generated about it here has not existed at any time. He is always destabilizing, check or not.

Furthermore, Josep Maria Bartomeu has been very satisfied with the fact that the youth of the quarry will have their opportunity, as is the case this time of Isaac and Gerard Deulofeu Basin, "demonstrate that when they do play in the level of first team players." In this regard, he highlighted the goal of Cuenca, the first official match with the first team. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Guardiola: "We have reunited with the goal"

After the 5-0 win against Mallorca, Barcelona coach has highlighted as the template has been reunited with the goal after the latest results against Sevilla (0-0) and Granada (0-1).

The Santpedor, visibly pleased with the win against the group led by Joaquin Caparros, highlights the "depth" players who have demonstrated "both inside and out." It has also made ​​reference to two factors that make you feel especially proud. On the one hand, "the effort of the last four years, the value of work at this time" and another, "people know that the subsidiary can help us, bearing in mind that this is the work of many people" .

The second point, the Barca coach explained that although the first team is a short staff in Barca B "there are players like Dos Santos, Sergi Roberto, Bartra, Muniesa, Montoya ... who have the ability to play here with us. " "Right now many people are touched, and they know that when it happens if you catch people in the subsidiary will, "he added in the same line.

Guardiola has made ​​reference to the role of the two young Eusebio Sacristan team that have taken center stage in the commitment of this Saturday. In this way, and Isaac Basin, which has been released as a striker with the first team, has been defined as "an extremist who knows when you have to go one against one." He has also publicly praised by Gerard Deulofeu his first team debut, although he noted that he still needed "time to progression and growth" in order to consolidate it.

Dani Alves has scored the fifth goal scorer account Barca has left a superb taste to spectators on Saturday attended the Camp Nou. Guardiola only had words of praise for the '2 'Barca: "I thank you for your effort.'s A player who gives everything. I have to thank a lot, because it gives us the opportunity to play in many different ways. I hope to remain so . " (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Cuenca as scorer and is released debut Deulofeu

The Camp Nou has seen a big night for two players who have gone through the ranks at Barça. The protagonists, Isaac Cuenca, who has scored, and Gerard Deulofeu, which has been released.

Beyond Messi, who has made ​​another hat trick and continues as top scorer with 13 goals, the match against Mallorca has been good news for the players emerged from the house: Isaac Cuenca has been released as a scorer and Gerard Deulofeu has debuted in the first team.

For the second straight game, the '39 'Barca has been a regular in the team for Guardiola. In this case, was the first time he did at the Camp Nou, the scene where he debuted in the Champions League match against Viktoria Plzen. It has done a day in the presence of home players in the team was quite low, with only 5 players (Iniesta, Cesc, Pique and Puyol were on the bench and Xavi, Font, and Peter, in the stands) .

Reus forward, who has played 90 minutes for the second consecutive game, made ​​its debut in First Division top scorer in his second appearance in the league. It was the 50th minute when former player of Sabadell has received a great pass from Adriano and with a great dribble, got rid of goalkeeper Aouate and sent the ball into the net. At the end of the match, Guardiola has highlighted the role of Cuenca: "Isaac played very well. In the end position knows when to go and when to pass the ball. We are excited about the goal."

The celebration of the quarry is not over here and has continued in the Camp Nou. Shortly after the goal of Cuenca in 63 minutes of Barca fans have welcomed Gerard Deulofeu, which was released in the first team. It so happens that Deulofeu has debuted the same day as it did with Barcelona Iniesta, 9 years ago, in a Champions League match against Club Brugge.

It should be remembered that the end of nearly Riudarenes debut in the league last season in Anoeta, but Milito's injury made ​​it impossible for her debut, which reached five months later. With the debut of Gerard Deulofeu, coach Pep Guardiola has already given the opportunity to wear the Barça shirt in official party to 19 players who have gone through the ranks at Barça. In just three years.

The players of the juvenile A, equip where Deulofeu played the last season, they have found out its premiere in the bus, while they returned of the game that today has played in Zaragoza (1-3). As the trainer has explained to Óscar García, his former partners have ovacionado Deulofeu from the distance, while they returned home. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Liga BBVA; Week11] FC Barcelona 5 - 0 RCD Mallorca

Leo Messi destroyed Mallorca with a first half hat trick to set up a comfortable win, rounded off after the break with two cracking goals from Cuenca and Alves.

It really doesn’t pay to question Leo Messi and tonight he put paid to any doubts that had been voiced following his three games without a goal when he scored three within the first 30 minutes to ensure Barça took the points.

The team went out for the win right from the start and Messi revelled in their attacking intent. Barça welcomed back Puyol and Piqué, as well as giving Gerard Deulofeu his debut and Cuenca and Alves rounded off the win with goals at the start and the end of the second half.

Barça again lined up with a 3-4-3 formation, featuring a deep lying Messi, David Villa and out wide Isaac Cuenca as their front three. Mallorca nearly took advantage of the high risk strategy on 6 minutes when Joao Víctor fluffed a great chance after a cross from Castro, but Messi calmed the home side’s nerves with a 13th minute penalty after Nsue had handled in the box.

Xavi and Iniesta were both given the night off, but Barça were soon dominating and on the quarter of an hour David Villa nearly doubled the lead when he was one on one with the Mallorca keeper. The second goal wasn’t long in coming though as Cuenca broke down the right to cross for Adriano, whose mishit shot fell to Messi to fire home.

The world number one got his hat trick on 30 minutes when he latched onto a perfect long range pass from Alves to fire home and put the game definitively beyond Mallorca’s reach. The visitors then defended desperately as the half drew to a close, as they fought to avoid a thrashing.

Guardiola brought Piqué on after the break to switch to a four man defence and soon after Puyol also came on. On 49 minutes, Isaac Cuenca scored his first goal with the first team, rounding the keeper and slotting home like a veteran.

With the result wrapped up, the pace dropped and the centre of attention switched to the debutant Gerard Deulofeu, who showed plenty of spirit out on the left wing. Messi kept plugging away, but it was Dani Alves with a thunderbolt who made it five in injury time. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Technical Data]
FC Barcelona Valdés; Dani Alves, Macherano, Abidal (Piqué, min.46); Thiago, Busquets (Puyol, min.59), Keita; Messi; Cuenca, Villa (Gerard Deulofeu, min.63) and Adriano.

RCD Mallorca Aouate; Joao, Chico, Ramis (Crespi, min.46), Bigas; Cendrós, Martí, Tissone (Zuiverloon, min.46), Nsue, Castro; and Alvaro

Goals: 1-0, min.13 Messi (p). 2-0, min.21 Messi. 3-0, min.30 Messi. 4-0, min.50 Isaac Cuenca. 5-0, min.90+ Dani Alves.

Referee: Perez Montero, Andalusian committee. He showed yellow card to Nsue (min.13), Alves (min.73) and Bigas (min.90)

Incidents: Game of the 11 th day of the league match at the Camp Nou before 80,635 spectators.

[Barça B; Liga Adelante; Week11] FC Barcelona B 1 - 0 Gimnàstic de Tarragona

The guys have got Eusebio Sacristan their first home win in a game that has completely dominated and where they have enjoyed opportunities to be free to secure the victory.

Barca subsidiary has been awarded its third consecutive victory in a match where he has had possession and control of the meeting along most minutes of the game.

The first time the club has enjoyed control of the game, but has lacked depth to finish their chances. The first opportunity has come on 14 minutes with a shot from Carmona to the exit of a corner. The goal has been to wait until the 39th minute and Carlos Carmona has scored after a great play that started it himself. However, Gimnastic has not dropped the arms and the minute Powell has had a great chance to finally become not just after the Barca goal.

The second half was much more moved by the occasion and Barca have been more numerous. In 52 minutes Carmona has returned to have a good opportunity to increase the lead with the rival, and has been kicking Rafinha 59 minutes in a dangerous manner. Jonathan Soriano has reappeared in the 74th minute after being 3-month low. In the last fifteen minutes of the match Barca B has had to endure to keep the win against a Gimnastic has been opened and has had a chance but finally the subsidiary was able to keep a clean sheet and take three valuable points.

Barca B will play next Friday a new league match in the field of Córdoba. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Technical Data]
Barcelona "B": Oier; Balliu, Bartra, Muniesa, Planas; Dos Santos, Riverola (Soriano, m.75), Carmona (Gustavo, m.90); Femenía (Espinosa, m.59), Kiko and Lobato.

Gimnàstic de Tarragona: Rubén; Juste, Álex Ortiz, Arzu, Xisco; Luna (Tuni, m.66), Seoane, Longás (Rey, m.69), Eloy Gila (Morán, m.46); Peragón and Powel.

Goal: 1-0. Min.40: Carmona.

Referee: Chas Amoedo committee (Galician). Admonished Muniesa (M.6) at Barcelona and Seoane (m.78) and Tuni (m.90) by Gimnastic Tarragona.

Incidents: game for the eleventh day of the Second Division, disputed in Miniestadi of Barcelona before 5.004 spectators.

Rosell: “Messi continues to be the best player in the world"

Sandro Rosell also insisted that for him: “Messi continues to be, without a doubt, the best player in the world•, as well as referring to Andres Iniesta, who on Saturday completes 9 years since his debut with the first team: “he’s got the talent he was born with, but he has cultivated that and worked hard, as well as having that culture of effort".

The President was also asked about the possibility of noon kick offs for the team and he admitted: “I don’t like it myself, I like the traditions of football and the tradition at the Camp Nou is to play at night, but we will follow the rules”. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Deal to develop Barça support and brand in Asian market

Sandro Rosell believes that the agreement signed this Saturday between the Club and the Peking Municipal company Intersports is: “the first step towards developing a Barça feeling in Asia”.

The strategic agreement between the Club and the Chinese company Intersports to promote the Barça brand and the Club’s values in the Chinese market was signed this Saturday. During the signing, which was attended by Club President Sandro Rosell and the Intersports President Heifeng Xia, as well as the Club’s marketing director Laurent Colette and Jun Chen, the general manager of Intersports, the strategic priority of the Chinese market for the Club was stressed.

According to Sandro Rosell, the deal aims to: “create a permanent link with the Chinese society, so that all who wish to can share with us the values of FC Barcelona”. The President also announced that a delegation from the Club would be visiting China at the end of November: “we will take it a step at a time, so that the new generations of Chinese citizens understand what the Barça feeling is. We hope that the Chinese boy and girls’ feeling for football will be based on Barça”.

The trip will take in a gala benefit dinner for the Chinese Handicap Association, an agreement between the two organisations and meetings with local businessmen and media.

Laurent Colette explained that the first fruits of this agreement would be seen in Northern China where a training camp would be held at the Beijing Olympic Stadium –the Birds’ Nest Stadium – for the next five summers for children aged between 6 and 14, with a total of 180 children a week expected to take part under the supervision of a team of Barça coaches and 25 local coaches: “it is very important to transmit the Barça philosophy to local coaches, because sooner or later China will be a world footballing power”, the Club’s marketing director commented.

Heifeng Xia explained that his organisation had chosen FC Barcelona as a partner because: “ for us, FC Barcelona is the best team in the world and the Birds Nest Stadium is the best ground in the world, we wanted the best team in the best stadium. Barça is the most influential club in China and we hope this will be a long term collaboration between us”. (via FCBarcelona.cat)