29 October 2011

[Former player] Jeffren returns to a convocation after being injured two months

Jeffren Suarez, former player of Barcelona, ​​was again summoned by the Sporting Lisbon for the next Portuguese League match against Feirense, after two months injured.

Instead, the central Peruvian Alberto Rodriguez did not enter into the plans of coach Domingos Paciencia, due to physical discomfort suffered by the player.

Jeffren and trained with the team this week recovering from an injury to the back of his left foot dragging since 18 August. The player felt the first pain in a game against the Norwegian Nordsjaelland, in qualifying for access to the Europa League, but in the next match against Maritimo, where the medical team decided to dismiss him because of injury. The Spanish, who joined the team in early August, Lisbon, Barcelona signed by 3.75 million, had a promising start to the season as a reinforcement of the right wing.

In the game this Sunday, Sporting Lisbon plays against Feirense maintain its third position and approach points to the other two "big" Portugal, Porto and Benfica, who monopolize the first and second place. (via SPORT)

Cuenca, Montoya and Deulofeu, also mentioned

The three team players have been training this Saturday morning with the first team and have been invited to the evening party against Mallorca.

The morning training at Camp Nou before the visit of Mallorca has had the presence of Isaac Cuenca footballers subsidiary, Martin Montoya and Gerard Deulofeu.

All three have been summoned to 18.15 hours in the stadium facing bereavement. In addition to Cuenca, Montoya and Deulofeu, the coaching staff has worked closed with the 18 available from the first team. Pep Guardiola's low for this match are the injured Alexis, Afellay and Pedro.

After training, the team had lunch at the Camp Nou and then free time available until 18.15. Then the technicians will dismiss three players. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Rosell: I would not like to play at 12h in Camp Nou"

Barca president Sandro Rosell was upset Saturday at the possibility that Barça has to play a game this season at the Camp Nou at 12h. midday.

"I would not play at 12, the tradition at the Camp Nou is to play in the afternoon and night," said the leader Barca in the presentation of the agreement that Barça has signed with Intersports, but also made clear that "If we fulfill obligations."

In this act, Rosell also had words of praise for Messi and Iniesta, two of the protagonists of the day. The first, held on Saturday the ninth anniversary of his debut with the first team, said to be like him "have to have the God-given talent, but also strive and work hard." On the Argentine was also clear. "Messi is without doubt the best player in the world," he said.

On the other hand, Barca president opted for the "development of the feeling Barca in Asia" through agreements like the one presented on Saturday with Intersport brand. An agreement will last five years and who reported more than one million euros to the club coffers.

Moreover, in this presentation act, the entity azulgrana also announced that a delegation culé, headed by the president, will travel to China in November to participate in diverse acts. (via SPORT)

FC Barcelona-Mallorca: La fiesta de Andrés Iniesta

After his recitals at the Camp Nou, now serving 250 league games for Barça.

In the Camp Nou no debates, no party and recognition. He deserves the best team in the world and that which is illustrious young Andres Iniesta . Young, because it still has 27 years and has a long recital in front, and illustrious because nobody in the history of Spanish football can claim to have scored the decisive goal in the World Cup final. And that is another unique and exclusive pride of Barcelona , who believed in his genius as a child manchego to make official debut in the elite just nine years ago today in Bruges. Interestingly, the event matches this Saturday afternoon with his party 250 in the League, which today released the ball Nike winter. It is in the Barcelona-Mallorca , just before which rival Iniesta League debuted in a December 21, 2002, with a 0-4 in Son Moix. Of what passed 249 league games and 25 goals. Since returning after injury, Iniesta has their presence at the Camp Nou for habeas corpus, to Racing, Viktoria and Seville. In Granada, however, played a few minutes, so rested, pointing to the holder.

Iniesta is part of a Barca legend that it is universal. Comes this tale of desperation to have some to make the changing of the guard. Are the same people who have spent years heralding the end of cycle. Discussions are now machined the usual: that is superior to Madrid and Barca and Messi is in the doldrums. Guardiola took this in stride yesterday. First, to remind Sergio Ramos, but the Real Madrid want to play as the classic, "will arrive in December." And second, by making an impassioned eulogy of Leo and his players. Because the '10 'is the largest three-game while carrying unmarked. It is precisely this that gives the greatest chance to not rest today, especially with Pedro and Alexis low. In contrast, Pique and Puyol are already discharged. Play who you play, the Barca will win at Mallorca . If it does, the Madrid empezarádespués their match against Real Anoeta two points behind champions and Europe, which is what the Barca and no more than the club.

A magician in Bruges, 9 years ago today
"I want to win the Champions League with a Barça with eleven home," he once said Van Gaal. The technician did not come that far, but it helped that's possible today. In the group stage of Champions 2002-2003, went to Belgium a October 29, 2002 with 16 of the quarry. Among them, Iniesta, who won (0-1) with Puyol, Gabri, Gerard, S. Garcia, Tortolero, F. Navarro and D. Sánchez. 9 years ago today, a magician opened in Bruges. (via MD)

[Barça B] Soriano received a medical discharge before Nàstic

Eusebio Sacristan can count on now with the last scorer of the second Division A. Soriano has left behind the elongation of the posterior right knee anterior cruciate ligament he suffered in Munich in an exhibition game with the first team.

Three months after the injury he suffered playing the Audi Cup in the first team, Soriano has been discharged from hospital and may enter in the notice of Eusebio for the match this Saturday against Nastic (18 h).

Having the top scorer in last season's Second Division A, where he scored 32 goals, is a luxury for the subsidiary. "This is a big boost, a very pleasant news for us as we reinforce with a proven quality player," said Eusebio. Without Soriano in the team's top scorer Rafinha subsidiary is the author of five goals in the far this season.

Rafinha, Bartra, Muniesa and other team players were training this Friday in field 3 of the Ciudad Deportiva, a few meters of field 2, where Guardiola exercised. This Saturday, Barca members and fans can enjoy an excellent prelude or appetizer Barcelona-Mallorca at the Nou Camp (20 hours) with the meeting of seconds for the game just before the Mini (18 h) between Barca B and Nàstic .

B coach trusts the response of the crowd: "Those who come to the Mini will find a team that now passes for a good time and has regained confidence." Eusebio expected, therefore, achieve the first home win of the season: it is true that it's time to get it, but the complicated situation of Nàstic not give us work. " (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Pep Guardiola lowers the piston

The session lasted an hour yesterday despite coming from a holiday, the last week there was another 40 minutes.

For several weeks, Pep Guardiola, at the suggestion of trainers, has decided to reduce training time in order to avoid unnecessary burden of work, especially considering the demanding and compressed schedule With two games per week and also the fatigue accumulated much of his men to build and a good 'whip-lash' party, both the club and their respective teams.

Faced with this predicament, and to prevent his men had just 'burned', the coaching staff has decided to put the handbrake on in training, making them a little more intense, but cutting back significantly longer duration for the muscle to recover.

The coaches feel that this volume of games and is more than enough resistance to work, one of the three most important factors when it comes to physical preparation, along with the strength and power.

Hence the training are increasingly working a physical component to not overload the players and always thinking clubs in the World December as the essential meeting place to be on the first 'season climax does.

So yesterday's session, despite coming from a holiday, little has been extended an hour, when used normally achieve at least 75 minutes. Last week, for another example, there was a session that lasted only forty minutes and was not exactly recovery, ie after the game that is usually much softer and lighter, but a theory of training considered strong.

It is clear that the fatigue of the parties and the tough schedule is taking its toll on much of the staff and coaches have decided to immediately remedy lighten the work sessions in order that men are as fresh possible during the games. (via SPORT)

The year in that Caparrós had to be reinvented

Despite its excellent work in the Athletic Club had to go to Switzerland. The adventure did not go as expected but is now back in the League.

The website of Joaquin Caparros is simple, elegant and a Spartan point. Black and white, runs the gamut of hues and intense stony seriously. No doubt, it is designed in his image and likeness. Is at work, as currado Caparros has a place among the best coaches in la Liga. Still, the adventures of Caparrós (Utrera, 10/15/1955) in the last half year reflect that success in football is highly flammable material, and the benches of the coaches are armed with fireworks.

Caparrós chained ten seasons in First carving a reputation in Sevilla, Deportivo and Athletic Club. In four seasons in Bilbao returned the illusion Lezama, red and white puppy factory and rebuilt his connection with San Mamés. Fernando Llorente confirmed and Javi Martinez and discovered Toquero or Muniain. Athletic Club returned to the fight for the titles (and Super Cup finals) and Europe (sixth in the league 2010-11).

There was no reason for Fernando Garcia Macua relay but lost the election and the new president, Joshua Urrutia, opted for Marcelo Bielsa. Caparros was left without work. The Utrera accepted the offer of Chechen billionaire Bulat Chagaev to lead the Swiss Neuchatel Xamax but the venture lasted three months.

After a 2-2 at Lausanne, Chagaev fell the locker room with his arm full of metal and accompanied by his bodyguards. The affair ended with threats and faced the Caparrós magnate. "With or without us Caparros. We Joaquin "read a banner of the rocks of Neuchâtel, but the coach had already decided that this was not going with him. On September 2 terminated the contract "by mutual agreement."

It was normal that he was unemployed and only waited a month to return to the League. Now is reinvented in Mallorca, a club that also live dangerously after the departure of Michael Laudrup, faced with the owner Llorenç Serra Ferrer. The phrase that appears on the home page gives a clue to what has led to the Iberostar Joaquin Stadium: "Behind every point, victory or achievement is the delivery, analysis, talent and a strong collective mentality."

A technician who always takes care of the grassroots

It remains to see what is in Mallorca margin immersed in a very complicated situation, but Joaquin Caparros has always opted for the quarry in the clubs where he has trained. In the Sevilla given the choice to Navas, Reyes, Capel or Depor Ramos and first debuted in Verdú or Filipe Luis. (via SPORT)

Congratulates made a video to Al Jazeera Sport

The blaugrana Leo Messi is a worldwide idol. Thus, Al Jazeera Sport came to him to record a video in which the crack congratulates the Arab network for his eighth birthday.

The video begins with images of Argentine striker celebrating one of his goals, to finish with a direct message to the player. "Follow the best sport through Al Jazeera Sport. Happy eighth anniversary".

But Messi is not the only one who speaks for the Arab television. Gerard Pique also do it, Roger Federerm Javier Zanetti, Robinho, Mourinho, Nadal and Rossi. Some videos have no waste ... And if not, see that of AC Milan, with Boateng singing. (via SPORT)

[Selection] Del Bosque will not give the list to the 7-N

Verifying that players are available after the twelfth day dispute.

Vicente del Bosque will not release the squad for friendlies against England and Costa Rica from 12 to 15 November, respectively, until Monday the 7th. Unlike other times, Del Bosque has been delayed from Friday to Monday his press conference. The reason is that the technician was found in some calls that would change the list because several international down causing injuries that occurred during the dispute of the day of the season.

The suspicion that at some point it was referred to the rogue to not summon players that are slightly touched or carrying a load of games Del Bosque has led to this decision. The coach prefers to be communicated openly to force these cases before and in fact ambiguous situations with Guardiola relations are now very smooth. For this game has the Blaugrana will play the Cup and will be included after the selection. What is already certain is that, facing the first leg of the tie of the Copa del Rey against l Hospitalet, Josep Guardiola will be without Adriano Alves, convened by Brazil, Messi and Mascherano, recruited by Argentina, and Alexis, called by Chile. They will play official matches for the World Cup. In addition, France could call Eric Abidal. In the case of Spain, the most complicated today is that of Peter, who is injured. (via SPORT)

Florentine Pérez and Villar made a pact the sanction to Mourinho

The meeting has already been named: El Pacto de Las Rozas.

Sooner or later everything is just discovering. At the time seemed very strange that Jose Mourinho is sanctioned only two games and 600 euros fine for the assault committed against Tito Vilanova in the Super Cup match played at the Camp Nou. Recall that the Portuguese introduced a violent one finger in the eye of second Guardiola , an action that went around the world and caused widespread astonishment.

Well, well, two months later, has released the most likely reason for this ridiculous penalty. As reported in 'The Confidential', Ángel María Villar, president of la Real Federación Española de Fúbtol (RFEF) and Florentine Pérez , president of Real Madrid , agreed to the penalty in the offices, where it would be a more binding action between the RFEF White House and the detriment of the interests Blaugrana.

All indications are that it was the first white president who pulled the strings of the puppet, with the idea of straightening relations between the two entities, somewhat deteriorated since 'Flore' supported Gerardo Gonzalez Otero as a candidate for president of the RFEF, at the expense of Villar . In 'Confidential' you can read that: " Perez and Villar came up positions at the time in which Ramon Calderon left the Board of the RFEF. Three months later, the white president became part of it, but always present a point of distancing which grew out of some of the conflicts between Mourinho , referees and federation committees last season and had to round off what happened at the Camp Nou on 17 August. "

In the same media is narrated as the squires of Villar and Pérez , José Ángel Sánchez and Jorge Perez , met with the idea of contributing to the happy link between both entities, to the extent that the agreement 'sealed' has been dubbed 'El Pacto de Las Rozas', and immediately after the first action he has been the penalty Mourinho just two games.

Recall that after the scene around the Super Cup, Villar said in a federal board meeting was concerned about the climate of tension which was immersed in Spanish football, with excess distilled scenes of violence. Florentino demonstrated its waist to cross out the tactical error made ​​in the last Assembly of delegates by stating in public that Madrid did not have to like the staged image in the Camp Nou. Then Mourinho grudgingly acknowledged his wrong attitude. And after the sum of all, the penalty remained only two parties to understand the pyrrhic Committee chaired by Florez that the Portuguese did not intend to hurt Villanova. (via MD)

Betis thanks the Barcelona offered treatment Miki Roqué

Roqué is still recovering in Barcelona intervention which was submitted to address the tumor was detected in the hip.

Betis thanked Friday in a statement on their official website, the treatment offered to your player Miki Roqué on the part of Barcelona.

Roqué is still recovering in Barcelona intervention which was submitted to address the tumor was detected in the hip. In this sense, and using the team's stay in Barcelona, ​​where he fell (1-0) on Thursday against Espanyol, Betis president, Miguel Guillen, had lunch with the player and his family.

The food, according to Betis himself, also attended the Minister, José Antonio Bosch, and the Health area director of the entity, José Millán. "Miki's parents also attended the meeting by thanking the show of support by all diabetics. Still makes the hairs were on end when they hear the song to Miki on 26 minutes for each party, according to the present have told "refer to the Betis.

Similarly, the centre-back verdiblanco "is displayed in a very good physical condition and mood." Thus, the club states that "wants to publicly thank the deal" that his "player is receiving from FC Barcelona. (via AS)

Ibrahimovic, the key to sign Thiago Silva

Milan still have to pay 24 'kilos' for Swedish.

What things are. Ibrahimovic, the surly player who last summer left fuming Barcelona Guardiola could hold the key to a very pleasing transfer technician: Thiago Silva. But the story is as follows.

When Pep sports informed the management did not want to see Ibra-the most expensive signing in the history of Barcelona, ​​or painting the Camp Nou, Rosell found the solution to the problem with an assignment of one year from Swedish to Milan and a subsequent compulsory purchase option worth 24 million euros. The transfer period expired last summer and now the Italian club must meet the payment of those 24 kilos. Apparently, and according to this newspaper has learned, an entity owned by Silvio Berlusconi has serious difficulties to meet that amount and Barcelona, ​​far from seeing in it a serious drawback (and taking into account the delicate economy) is taken as a great opportunity.

And the reason is none other than Thiago Silva. The intent of the sports management is taking the services of the central Brazilian, who come to Barcelona in exchange for debt forgiveness Ibrahimovic plus an amount of money that has not leaked yet. The defense really like, because it operates seamlessly with both feet, has good ball out, is potent in the air and can also act in the midfield. In addition, the Barcelona plant something short walks. Without Puyol neither I Itched, Guardiola displaces Mascherano oa Busquets (both midfielders) to the axis of the rear without counting, at least at the moment, with Fontàs.

Thiago Silva is an old dream of Barcelona, ​​which asked him last summer. The player himself revealed some contacts that were not successful. Thiago also was the player who won the Milan's tying goal at the Camp Nou in the first round of the Champions League, when the game was almost over. (via AS)

Generation of 87 coincides for 27 minutes

Piqué, Messi and Cesc, who all played together for the youth team ten years ago, have played just 27 minutes of football on the same pitch this season. With all three on the field, the team has scored one goal and conceded none.

When Cesc arrived last summer, a lot was said about the generation born in 1987 that are now together in the first team. Almost three months later, Piqué, Cesc and Messi have only played together for 27 minutes, not counting time added on for stoppages. Injuries to the midfielder and defender have meant that the players that first played alongside each other between 2001 and 2003 (while Piqué and Cesc also played on together for another three years) have not shared much time on the pitch.

The first time they played together was on August 17 in the second leg of the Supercup against Real Madrid, Cesc’s first official appearance for the club. He came on in the 81st minute, with the score 2-2, and played a part in Messi’ deciding goal that won the first title of the season. Eight minutes of football, and he already had a winner’s medal.

Piqué’s injury meant they wouldn’t play together again until September 24, against Atletico Madrid (5-0). Piqué and Messi both started and Cesc came on in the 53rd minute, 19 minutes later, with no goals scored either way, Piqué was substituted.

Piqué was suspended for the game with BATE Borisov, and then Cesc and Piqué were both sidelined through injury, meaning they have not appeared together since. Piqué has just been declared fit again, so we once again have the chance to see all three former youth players on the field at the same time. (via FCBarcelona.cat)