27 October 2011

[Former player] Ibrahimovic revealed in his biography what happened to Guardiola

Milan forward is releasing an autobiography in Sweden which will bring to light all sorts of secrets and hidden details of their passage through the club such as its too familiar problems with Pep Guardiola

Milan forward Zlatan Ibrahimovic looks set to continue taking advantage of media passes through the club, where only endured a season Pep Guardiola's orders.

The Swedish forward is about to release an autobiography in his country, under the title "I am Zlatan Ibrahimovic", which promises to give much game and give many holders. Not surprisingly, the publisher has just leaked excerpts from the book but it has revealed that the same will reflect the stage of Zlatan in Barcelona and the conflict he had with Pep Guardiola.

In fact, the promotional campaign of the book promises that "for the first time what has exactly happened Guardiola at Barca." No doubt a hearty claim for the fans, especially FC Barcelona after finishing up some loose ends the controversy between the Swedish forward and coach Guardiola.

The autobiography of 'crack' Swede also review his childhood in Malmo, Ajax arrival, his move to Juventus and his success at Inter, where he also will accommodate an analysis of Mourinho. But not only address questions of sport, as in the autobiography of Ibrahimovic will also take place his wife and children and various personal experiences. (via SPORT)

Barca know when it debuts in the Copa del Rey

Barca debut in Copa del Rey at 22:00 CE L'Hospitalet against.

Barca visit the EC met when L'Hospitalet in the first leg of the knockout phase of the Copa del Rey. Barça will be released in the cup competition on Wednesday, November 9 at 22:00.

The game has generated great excitement in the whole of L'Hospitalet which provides for filling the field to greet the squad. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Brazil already thinking Rafinha call the 'canarinha'

Barça B forward could appear in the call for commitments Menezes against Gabon and Egypt.

Rafinha international future is still in the air and Brazil wants to take a big step in trying to end Barca forward opted for the 'canarinha'. Although the player has been capped at youth level with Spain, has never hidden his desire to represent Brazil someday.

That is why for the next commitments to Gabon and Egypt, 10 and November 14, has been thought of as an alternative Rafinha call. The Brazilian championship live their last days and yet to be decided, Mano Menezes could choose to make a call with players who are not involved in the Brazilian teams that are playing all out.

Thus, regular players in recent events such as Ronaldinho, Fred, Neymar, Paulinho and Luke does not count toward the coach who confeccionaría an entirely 'foreign'.

With this outlook, from 'globoesporte' it is noted that the CBF was thinking of giving the option to convince Rafinha to finish and so have the 'canarinha' for the future. Despite being a promising young, Brazil would be very welcome to link their future to the selection as soon as possible. (via SPORT)

Renewed interest in Andrada

Economic differences and prevented the signing of Argentine goalkeeper during the summer.

From Argentina ensure that the club has resumed contacts to evaluate the possible incorporation of meta Esteban Andrada. Lanús The young international was the subject of desire this summer, but the economic requirements of Argentine club Are four million Lock the operation. Argentine club sources say that the club would be able to increase its economic proposal and push for a young talent for next year.

The goal of Barca is disputed. Pinto's future has not yet been finalized. The alternate ending contract of Valdes, but Guardiola has applied for renewal, for now there is no negotiation. In this sense, the goalkeeping coach Juan Carlos Unzué key will also be facing a possible reestructuaración would affect not only the first team but also to the subsidiary.

Right now is debate on the need to find a replacement goalkeeper Pinto as contrasted or search with the greatest young players in the future.

But in Argentina do not have enough to bind the orbit Andrada Barca. Another of his promises, Sergio Araujo, had also received another call from the club. Like the goal of Lanús, Boca Juniors foward was tried during the preseason, but there was no way to specify a minimum transfer or an assignment option. Boca Juniors held presidential elections in early December and until there is no viable new president will manage the output of one of the promises that fails to make the leap. (via SPORT)

Stopped Romero will direct the Athletic-Barça

The Andalusian collegiate referee has been appointed to the meeting in San Mamés.

The referee of the Andalusian school, José Luis Parada Romero, will be responsible for directing the match will face in San Mamés to Barça and Athletic.

Meanwhile, Alfonso Alvarez Izquierdo has been appointed to lead the party of the twelfth day of La Liga will face Real Madrid and Osasuna on 6 November at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium.

The first list of arbitrators for that day is as follows:

Granada-Racing: Carlos Velasco Carballo
Real Mallorca-Sevilla: José Antonio Teixeira Vitienes
Athletic Bilbao-Barcelona: José Luis Parada Romero
Zaragoza-Sporting Gijón: Miguel Ángel Ayza Gámez
Getafe-Atlético Madrid: Miguel Ángel Pérez Lasa
Levante-Valencia: Carlos del Cerro Grande
Real Madrid-Osasuna: Alfonso Álvarez Izquierdo
Rayo Vallecano-Real Sociedad: César Muñiz
Español-Villarreal: David Fernández Borbalán
Real Betis-Málaga: Fernando Teixeira Vitienes

Pelé: "Messi is the best player in the world"

Ex Brazilian footballer added substance to the dialogue that keeps distance with Leo Messi: "The Argentine is undoubtedly the best in the world," he said, but challenged the qualifying Barca crack "still years away to be at the level of the great legends ".

"Right now, if you look at the past two years in Barcelona, ​​I must say that Messi is definitely the best," Pelé said in an interview published today by the German sports 'Kicker'. However, he added, myths of football as "Beckenbauer, Platini, Charlton and Gerd Müller played ten, 15 years." So Messi, only 24 years, "is not yet live up to these legends."

The triple world champion also spoke about his favorites for the 2014 World Championship in Brazil. "If Germany keeps its current players and develops the group as a whole must necessarily have this choice in 2014," he said. "A world title can only be won with equipment running.'s Not enough to one or two superstars." "I have great memories of Germany in 2010. The team was ready to reach the final," added the South African World Cup, which Germany was eliminated in the semifinals in Spain.

About Brazil, 'O Rei' was more cautious: "The problem is that in recent years there were many coaching changes. So you can not build a team good. Nor were many positive changes of players." In spite of everything, "if Brazil is well armed, will be very strong in 2014," said Pelé, now 71 years.

The considered by many as the greatest footballer in history was sympathetic to the disappointment of Brazil in the Copa America in Argentina this year and the low brightness of its young stars, Neymar and Goose. "They're young, had great success with Santos, won the championship and the Copa Libertadores until 2014 (...) have another two years if they are spared from injury, no doubt do an excellent World Cup." (via SPORT)

[Selection Under-16] Call for hours of practice at la Ciudad del Fútbol

The national teams have made public the list of players named in federal facilities for a working day between October 31 and November 2, 2011. (via RFEF)

A proposed national teams, the Royal Spanish Football Federation has called for training of the reference to the following players:

UD ALMERIA SAD: Joaquín Fernández Moreno.
CLUB ATLÉTICO DE MADRID SAD: Santiago Canedo Vilariño, Alejandro Díez Salomón, Enrique Fajarnes Costa, Roberto Nuñez Mañas.
FC BARCELONA: Xabier Quintilla Guasch, Carlos Blanco Moreno, Adama Traore Diarra, Juan Antonio Entrena Galvez, Guillermo Lara Ramos.
RC CELTA DE VIGO SAD: Yelko Pino Caride, Adrián Iglesias Moure.
RC DEPORTIVO DE LA CORUÑA SAD: Julio Delgado Domínguez, Javier Fernández Abruñedo.
REAL MADRID CF: Juan José Manresa Manresa, Sergio Molina Beloqui.
MÁLAGA CF SAD: Iván Rodríguez del Pozo.
RCD MALLORCA SAD: Damia Sabater Tous.
SEVILLA FC SAD: Enrique Chavero Manjon, Francisco Sánchez Rodríguez.
REAL SPORTING DE GIJÓN SAD: Omar Oliveros Álvarez.
VALENCIA CF SAD: Juan Carlos Lázaro Cervera.
VILLARREAL CF SAD: Javier García Guillen.

Messi reacts with goals

The best player in the world gives slumps shelved with avalanche of goals. This has been done since Guardiola is on the bench.

Three consecutive games without seeing the door are leading Leo Messi: Viktoria Pilsen, Seville and Granada. A slump in the case of Argentina because they all enjoyed sufficient and clear opportunities to break the frame opposite. And Barcelona, ​​accustomed to the concerts of 'La Pulga' walk and to fly behind the ear. But when the Rosario has entered a slump (at least three games without scoring), wakes up with a ravenous appetite. Then no one will stop. It is as if he had stuck by him and had to prove that his love affair with the goal remains intact. As if in a hurry to catch up.

With Pep Guardiola on the bench Argentina has gone through several bouts as the current and always finished in style, with a reaction typical of a number it is. He has scored goals and more goals to settle a debate that should not be such as Messi, despite being the best player in the world, also has the right to fail.

The first time you 'click' on the orders Santpedor tiller was in the debut of technical 2008-09 season. In February 2009 was five games without wetting, although two of them was a substitute. After this bad run scored 4 goals in the next four games. No more problem.

In October of that year (since 2009-10) went through another bad day: three games without scoring. The 'crisis' was evaporated in the room, with a goal in the win that Barca won against Zaragoza (6-1). Again the alleged anxiety is parked.

In the same way he lived a number of other parties 'complicated' to end it with 3 goals in the next two games (Sports and Dynamo Kiev). He had two losing streaks this season, two of three games without scoring, but finished in style. The first, scoring 11 goals in the next five games and the second, scoring 6 in the following three. The latter, in which five games remaining chained to zero in his locker, said signing the following 7 goals in four games. A new Argentinian star reaction.

Last season, 2010-11, also lived the wrong moment on three occasions. In the first three games was unmarked, but within the next two games (Deportivo and Betis) signed four goals. After he saw no door in four games, which was a substitute. Mouths silent shortly after 4 goals in three games.

And went through another, coinciding with the end of the season, but found the ideal time to break it: the final of the Champions League, which broke a momentary tie that decorated Rome's Olympic with a goal. Messi, again, responded when it is most needed.

Now take three games without being able to fill the face of goal. A losing streak that he hopes to break on Saturday at the Camp Nou against Mallorca to extend no more a situation where you do not like to be seen. A Messi, but not worried about brand, if you bother to talk much about a subject he understands that the priority, above all, is the collective and not whether or not it marks goals. For this reason, that renewed talk of the team, Messi will try to retrace his steps and, as it did before, show that the goal is not hiding secrets from him, who are inseparable friends.

Leo was not 'fine' in Granada. Crack statistics said that after the match in the Nuevo Los Cármenes had lost 18 balls and had not recovered any. However, these figures do not move away from their cumulative average in the league, which is 15 turnovers per game (takes 137 losses) and recovered 1.3 (take 12). The overall numbers of Barça also go in that direction: Pep's team lost 79 balls on average per game (accumulates 711) and recovered 65 (584). In last Tuesday's game, in particular, the numbers of boats were as follows: 58 recoveries and 72 losses. Barca, despite everything, the League team more turnovers. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Cuenca's father: "He went from home to school without dropping the ball"

Juan Cuenca heard on the radio in your body and paint shop that Isaac jumped into the starting lineup in Granada.

The day of Juan Cuenca in the workshop Danju Reus Circle of coming to an end when he began receiving calls from friends telling you that your son was a starter in Granada. "I would not be uncertain" was his answer, but when I heard on the radio and reviewed in your phone that Isaac had a message confirming the news, his heart sank. He closed the shop and went home to her sister, as she does in every game, to see it on television with the family. "We live three brothers in the same block together and always follow the ship. This time with more excitement than ever, "he explains.

On Tuesday came a day dream for a young prodigy. John remembers as "very small I was always stuck to the ball, even now it is normal to take three or four in the trunk of the car. It is his passion. As a child never left the ball. Not to go to school. He was doing touch without being hit the ground. " And that had to walk half a mile from home.

In principle, his father said to taekwondo up to yellow belt, "but he wanted to play football. He spent the day at the plaza. It was a razor. " After starting in the neighborhood of Juroca, was selected by the project Reus 2002 and signed for Espanyol. Isaac spent two years before joining the blue and white children in Barça with brothers Bartra. In his second year as Catalans chose to go home to get more minutes and the CF Reus Deportiu went out. Their leaders of grassroots football, Joan Solanas, Xavi and David Castro were surprised Jovell "a child who was like a noodle, he came the pants to the ankles, but his technique was prodigious." At 16, the hand of Ramon Maria Caldera, debuted with the first team in the Fed Cup. In Reus was happy, although red and black leaders saw it as in its second year of youth "Damm wanted to go to because he said it was the only way to be first player." The taxi had no Damm and had to resort to the train and metro daily to go to training. "I had to return to the race, almost without showering, to catch the last train. Did not return till midnight. " Barca look back on it, so wanted to Espanyol and Villarreal, and triumphed in the Junior A. He lived a month in La Masia, although he preferred to keep coming back home. Luis Enrique did not have it and relaunched it Lluis Sabadell Carreras. "He got an incredible deal in all aspects. He has been living in the city and is a fan over Sabadell, "recalls his father.

Barca want to avoid another 'case Nolito'

Isaac Cuenca contract ends the end of season but Barça plans to speed up negotiations soon to renew his contract. The club missed the last season Nolito with a free agent and wants to avoid repeating history with promises of Cuenca, Montoya or Bartra. (via SPORT)

Jordi Alba hopes to Barcelona

Guardiola, and Zubizarreta scour the market for left-handed defense. Applicants to call at the Camp Nou patients awaiting a call.

At this point in time, the technical secretariat of the Barcelona and Pep Guardiola work hand in hand in the process of screening the list of prospective players to call at the Camp Nou. Many are the names that day still being considered to fill the few positions that Guardiola has asked for the next campaign. As is repetitive, the left creates uncertainty. While waiting to renew and Abidal while deciding the possible continuity of Maxwell, the club does not lose detail on a market that offers little variation in the lane left-handed.

One of the values ​​listed Jordi Alba is upward. The Catalan player of Valencia has a lot of numbers in their favor. From the outset, at football, a player is on the increase, with more than proven versatility and has reached the absolute Del Bosque. But there are other factors that weigh like a millstone. For example, Alba ended contract at the end of the season and so far, has refused all offers of renewal.

The footballer has given orders to stop their environment any contact with Valencia and meet potential offers from outside. Alba has not decided his future but has expressed its priority. The player and his agents are certain that Barça is following your progress with care and are in favor of waiting until Barca technical secretary to rule on their real intentions.

Jordi Alba does not want to make a move until the end of the year. It is considered a more reasonable time to decide whether Guardiola and Zubizarreta enters the club azulgrana's future plans or profile Barca does not meet the claims of the sports project for the future of the Camp Nou. This has been agreed and so I have sent technicians to Barça.

Barca want to retouch their defense but it is still early to realize the full name of lucky. Abidal still unsigned renewal and technical structure debate on the need to tie a born left-back, a winger with ease of arrival or a player that fits very easily into the full-back and centreback left-handed. And all this given that the economy is not to excess. (via SPORT)

Valdés on Mourinho: "Football belong to the players"

Víctor Valdés , goalkeeper Barça and 'La Roja', has starred with his spectacular wife, Yolanda Cardona , the cover of the magazine 'DT 'November. It is not the first time the Barca goal keeper looks like a model for the magazine. However, the feeling that shows Cardona result has been a highlight.

The player, in the interview published in 'dtlux.com' recognizes that it has "a weakness for leather jackets." "Overall, I consider myself a very simple person, who likes the good humor and, above all, that moves people to appreciate and that I have around me," said Valdes . Regarding the shoot, Barca said that "you could tell they had chemistry .... I think it came naturally. I feel very fortunate to have my wife at my side. As a couple hit it off perfectly from the first day we're together. "

In sporting terms, Valdes said about the 'piques' in the Barca-Real Madrid that "there is no problem with it. The main problem with this is that there was talk too much, giving it greater importance than it did. Nothing more. "

On the motivational techniques, such as video of 'Gladiator' that Guardiola put his players in the final of the Champions of Rome, Valdés acknowledges that he believes "a lot in applied sports psychology when it comes to getting results. But if I ask my preferred method is to disconnect the mind of everything you want, and creating you just anxiety and nerves. throw a good laugh with classmates the night before a big final is the best motivation. "

Continuing the theme of motivation and asked about Mourinho Valdes replied that when he played against Real Madrid "I have never driven on the bench watching. For a FC Barcelona to the core, and the fact important enough to play against Real Madrid extra motivation to find someone who does not think the protagonist in any case. When the ball starts rolling, football is one of the players. "

The goalkeeper of Barcelona says that "when I lose, I'd better get going is to listen to" my friend " Bob Marley and forget the world for a while .... " The 'Zamora' in the La Liga trophy has won four times, said that his friendship with Iniesta "comes from far away, when we grew up together in La Masia, now for over 10 years, and will continue to ever, because it is a person who, in addition to identify a lot with her, has always been by my side, in the same way I've tried to always be yours. Its greatest strengths are the simplicity and sincerity. "

Finally Valdés a word defined in a number of people who have gone through his life: "Rijkaard: patience. Guardiola teacher. Messi: unique. Ronaldo: talent." (via MD)

Alexis lands hard on the comics of Chile

Barca forward arouses passions in his country to such an extent that it starred on a popular comic sympathetic Latin American comics.

Alexis Sanchez continues to stir excitement in Chile for its sports hatch in Europe, and especially for his arrival to FC Barcelona.

Tocopillano forward is used to cornering the covers of many publications of his country after his landing at Barça, whether sports or information strictly about his personal life.

However, surprisingly, the impact media has allowed the 'Boy Wonder' land in the world of comics. This is clear after seeing the latest cover of the well-known comic book 'Condorito'.

The protagonist of the comic, a man-condor is one of the most famous animated characters in Latin America with a long tradition, more than half a century, to the point that in big cities like the capital, Santiago, there are even statues of 'Condorito', reflecting the magnitude of the media character. Not surprisingly, the condor is the national bird of Chile and the character quickly became an icon popular.

Although for a time seemed to lose strength publication, re-edited and emerge among the general public. After the appearance of Barca Alexis Sanchez on the cover, everything points to return stronger than ever. We must wait, though, to see if the 'Condorito' will be able to endure the hectic Barca forward after his cries in the latest cover. (via SPORT)

[Youth] Sandro Ramírez, licensed to make

Sandro Ramírez grancanario of birth and belonging to the FC Barcelona youth system for more than two years, with Jean Marie Dongou, one of the great hopes of the House in the center forward position.

When we talk about Sandro, footballing player we mean a fast, powerful, explosive, with a good shot with both feet and has very easy to define in one on one. To these skills must be added his great vision and great ability to uncheck. In the current scheme Pep Guardiola, the canary would come to occupy a forward position on the left or the center. The only drawback I would Sandro to reach the first team would be not used to playing in wing, something that in the future can become a problem because to play in the 'system Barça' is a fundamental condition that the front know act in the three attack positions to give dynamism to the game. This same problem has Dongou Cameroon.

Born July 9, 1995, Sandro acts this season at Barça Juvenil B, which debuted in the team last season despite being a cadet and where it is still one of the top players along the Cameroonian Ebwelle. In his two seasons in the lower teams FC Barcelona has highlighted important figures to end scorers. The campaign has five goals so far.

Under-16 and Under-17 is international with Spain. He recently played with the Under-17 combined a previous round of qualifying for the European to be held in 2012, in which three parties has been the team's top scorer with seven goals.

Formed in the lower echelons of the UD Las Palmas from youngest child to his arrival at FC Barcelona came after a brief step by RCD Espanyol in their infant stage as last year. Finally he signed for Cadete B of Barça in 2009 after convincing the football technical training Blaugrana.

Sandro conditions are potentially a player first team, but not be an easy road because today there is much competition in his position. And work record will determine whether the canary, as did his countryman Pedro, comes to success in the Camp Nou.

For more information about Sandro and other homegrown with great projection of ranks of FC Barcelona and other clubs from the national and international, visit the Web 'Airfutbol.com'.

[Barça B; Liga Adelante; Week01] Huesca 0 - 1 FC Barcelona B

The subsidiary has won three points very important today in Huesca thanks to the goal of Rivarola. The players of Eusebio go improving as for the results and they already look with optimism the immediate future.

The first half was a game with alternate domain. Deulofeu Gerard took the initiative to Cabrera goalkeeper Huesca. The young squad has created many difficulties for the defense of Aragon. The Huesca also had their chances have not been able to take over the first 45 minutes of play.

The goal by Martí Riverola has caused a little twist of intentions in the game . The Huesca has been thrown on the goal of Oier and both Tariq and Helguera, by the Huesca, have been about to tie the match. Camacho striker, minutes later, also tried, without luck. Aragon High Barça were dominating the game, but the clock was, with 0-1, against him.

While Barça B defended, the contras were major weapons and equipment Eusebio Cabrera returned 75 minutes to stop a shot that seemed impossible by Gerard Deulofeu. The subsidiary, after the opportunities that have not benefited the local computer, it has become the owner of the game, the game of chances and possession. Missing, only the second goal to breathe with more ease. Carmona has had the second close to 82 minutes. Seen the game so far, have been very unfair that the subsidiary did not return with three points of the stadium's Alcoraz.

At 84 minutes Eusebio replaced by Gerard Deulofeu for Kiko Femenía. The Huesca standing ovation for the young squad is a summary of the match. Superiority of the subsidiary and extraordinary football game the whole team, where he shone with own light Deulofeu. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Technical Data]
0 - Huesca: Cabrero; Rafel Sastre, Josetxo, Rivas, Clavero; Sorribas (Jokin, min.56), Helguera (Lluis Sastre, min.73), Bauza (Toni,min.68); Camacho, Roberto; and Tariq.

1 - Barcelona B: Olazabal; Montoya, Bartra, Muniesa, Carmona, Dos Santos, Lobato (Espinosa, min.62), Riverola (Ledes, min.92) Planas, Deulofeu (Kiko Femenía, min.83) and Rafinha.

Goals: 0-1. Min.49, Riverola.

Referee: Lesmo Lopez. Admonished by the yellow card and Helguera Sorribas Huesca.

Incidents: game for the first day of the Second Division was suspended due to strike last August. The game was played at the stadium in the cold night Alcoraz with pitch in good condition with about 2,800 spectators.

Agreement with the National Anti-Doping Agency for clean sport

The FC Barcelona president, Sandro Rosell and the director of the National Anti-Doping Agency (AEA), Francisco Javier Martin del Burgo Simarro, signed, this Wednesday at the Camp Nou, a collaboration agreement to promote the values of clean sport.

This agreement is the result of the efforts of both institutions to promote these values. In the case of FC Barcelona, Dr. Jordi Monés, director in charge of medical services, has led this project from the beginning of the mandate of the new Board.

The agreement provides the organization and joint implementation of seminars, conferences, publications, and presentations to promote the values inherent in sport, as well as inclusion in courses and masters organized or promoted by FC Barcelona on areas of knowledge about anti-doping legislation and on the harmful effects to the health of athletes involved in the use of banned substances.

Amongst the measures envisaged in the agreement are included the development of promotional campaigns for sports training in the values of fair play, which will include the participation of Barça players and coaches.
Also, and being aware of the importance of technical training for players, the agreement aims to focus on the task of transmitting the values of personal growth, team play, clean and healthy sport and respect for opponents, that the Barça technical staff are implementing throughout the different categories within the Club.

On the other hand, for the director of the AEA, Francisco Javier Martin del Burgo Simarro, the signing of such agreements "gives a huge boost to the work of prevention and awareness in the fight against doping amongst young athletes". Martin del Burgo, who thanked FC Barcelona for their "commitment and collaboration in promoting clean sport", stressed the importance of working on "teaching of values" of players and coaches. "The key is to prevent and educate for correction" he added.

In addition, the agreement signed this Wednesday anticipates the possibility that the National Anti-Doping Agency and FC Barcelona may promote the granting of Sports Conduct Awards, to distinguish each athlete, coach, director, etc., for their behavior and respect for exemplary sport and fair play on and off the field. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Theo Walcott, Arsenal, could sign for Barça

In England say the Arsenal forward is one of the objectives of Pep Guardiola.
The player out of contract next season.

Barca will try to sign Theo Walcott in January. This forceful is the 'Daily Star' which explains that the player Arsenal out of contract at the end of next season and has shown no sign of wanting to continue with the Gunners.

Sign Pep Guardiola would try to emulate striker Messi , more as a scorer than end. Apparently the player this summer asked Wenger a change in position to leave the band and play up front. The French agreed to her wishes fearing that cracks join the exodus of Arsenal in recent seasons.

Walcott , author of three goals in the beginning of this campaign, said that "I can give much more to the team playing in a point." Cesc , at a press conference on Wednesday, has made ​​clear that "knew nothing" of the interest of Barcelona for the player and that he "heard this morning." Do they play together again? (via MD)