26 October 2011

Cesc: "If we begin to doubt Messi, I don’t know how they see the rest of us"

Cesc Fabregas came out in defense of Leo Messi and believes that he’ll soon get back to scoring goals as usual: "He’s very humble, always gives everything for the team, and loves the Club. There’s nothing more to say".

Messi hasn’t scored for 3 games. Viktoria Pilsen, Sevilla, and Granada have escaped without conceding a Messi goal, which has led to the first arguments about his form. For Cesc, there’s no debate: "I haven’t heard any arguments. He’s my age. If you see the progress he’s made, I don’t think I’ll ever see it again. He’s won everything, except the World Cup. He scores goals every game, makes them, always plays ... he’s a fabulous player, physically and mentally. If there are doubts about Messi, I don’t know how they see the rest of us. I’ve never played with a player like him, either at youth level or professionally. He’s humble, never hides, always gives everything for the team, and loves the Club. There’s nothing more to say" he added.

On the same lines, when asked about the Golden Ball trophy, he said: "50 of us have been nominated for this award. Nobody will remember the 5th to the 50th. I’d put my hand in the fire that Messi will win it. It has a special meaning for him, but the next day he’ll want to score more goals and that's the most important" he said. Regarding his own presence on the list, and the absence of Pedro, Valdes, or Busquets, Cesc said that "it’s a pretty strange list. How can I be on it, when I didn’t play for practically the whole of last season?".

Regarding the game at Granada (1-0 win), in which he started after his injury, he recognised that it wasn’t Barça’s best game. "The movement of the ball was too slow, we didn’t change the direction of play enough, we had too many players down the right, and we didn’t have as much ball possession as usual, but we did control the whole match" he stressed, whilst praising Barca’s current defensive form.
On his own performance, he acknowledged that he’s still recovering his best form, and feels more comfortable playing in attack than deeper in midfield. "I can play in both positions. As a midfielder I have to improve a lot of things. Tactically I have plenty of room for improvement" he said.

One of the topics of most interest in the press conference was the controversy that arose with Frederic Kanoute at the end of the match against Sevilla, which ended with Kanoute being sent off. "I've always been calm about it. I know what I said to him. Whoever leaked the story that I used racist words has got what they wanted, because it’s been published worldwide. I spoke with Kanoute and we said what we had to say. I’m not a Saint, just like any football player, but I didn’t say anything racist, and nobody is denying that. We all know how football works" he said. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Cesc: "If there is a communicative person, it is Pep Guardiola"]

Cesc Fabregas has deployed Pep Guardiola told a news conference after the charges received by the Blaugrana coach of Touré Yayá in which Barca coach accused of poor communication.

"If there is a communicative person in a locker room, this is Pep Guardiola. The coach works too so that after they make these claims when one is gone. I've never had problems communicating with the coach, on the contrary" has insured. (via MD)

Pedro, two to three weeks out

Tests this morning have confirmed that Pedro has strained the tendons in his left ankle. It is estimated that he will be out for between 2 and 3 weeks.

Pedro Rodriguez turned up this morning at the Ciudad Deportiva Joan Gamper, where he underwent more tests to ascertain the extent of the injury sustained in the game against Granada in the stadium Nuevo Los Carmenes. Once the tests had been completed, Medical Services confirmed that the player has strained the tendons in his left ankle.

He will be out for between 2 and 3 weeks, which will force him to miss the League games against Mallorca (October 29th) and Athletic (6th of November - date to be confirmed), the Champions League game against FC Viktoria (1st of November) and the Spanish Cup match against Hospitalet, scheduled for November 9th. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Alexis Sanchez is part of the work with the group

The Chilean injured since September 10, has started to train with the group in part on Wednesday. Puyol and Pique have worked normally and the owners have done a recovery session after the match in Granada.

After the bad news of the injury to Pedro , on Wednesday morning, the team has seen one of his injuries, Alexis Sanchez , has started to do some work with the group. The Chilean, who broke on September 10 in the ship's visit to Anoeta ( 2-2 ) is one of three players in the squad who are on medical leave, along with Afellay and Pique . The '3 'Barca, precisely, has worked as normal on Wednesday, and Puyol , who due to some discomfort had been left out of the last two calls.

The session was carried out in the field 2 of the Ciudad Deportiva, has been milder for those players who started in Granada on Tuesday night. The rest has worked normally. Also Adriano , this October 26 celebrated its 27th anniversary and, before beginning training, received the applause of their peers. The players of Barça B Rosell, Balliu, Soriano, Cuenca and Masip have completed a session that has yellow ball had the winter as a novelty. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Barça B] Soriano admits that Benfica is an option for the future

Jonathan Soriano, who has just contract with Barcelona at the end of this season, it was "an option" the Portuguese Benfica, where his former excolega militates Nolito.

This year we just contract and try to find the best solution. It is clear that Benfica is an option, because it was last year, but could not be. When you re-watch the winter market, we will speak," he told radio lusa TSF.

Catalan striker, 26, Benfica labeled as a "great club" where "everyone" would like to play, because it is a "historic" often contesting the Champions League and Luso championship fight.

Nolito good friend, who joined last summer by the Lisbon club also from the Barca B, Soriano said his old companion speaks "good" of the club and what surrounds it. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Eusebio summons Montoya for the game against Huesca

Montoya, who traveled with the first team to Granada but was dropped at the last minute this morning has come to Huesca to the rest of the team. Sergi Gómez, Gustavo and Minho are other developments for the match starting at 21 hours.

The 18-man squad of Barca B cited by Eusebio Sacristan have come at 10 o'clock in the morning by coach towards Huesca , where tonight, starting at 21 hours , play the game the first day of the Second League A postponed Strike at the time.

One of the novelties of the squad for this clash is Martin Montoya. On Monday, the defense of the subsidiary was cited by Pep Guardiola to travel to Granada with the first team, but ultimately was dismissed an hour earlier the start of the match in the stadium of the New Cármenes . And on Wednesday has risen to coach Montoya has moved to Huesca Barca B and could be the eleventh of Eusebio tonight.

Apart from Montoya, goalkeeper Mino and players Sergio Gomez and Gustavo Ledes are also new to this match. They do not travel, for the last call, Jordi Masip , Balliu Ivan and Cristian Tello , the latter with sore muscles. Nor is listed Isaac Basin , which opened in Granada League match with the first team and made ​​it a headline. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

The list
Oier, Miño, Montoya, Bartra, Muniesa, Carmona, Dos Santos, Rodri, Sergi Gómez, Kiko Femenía, Armando, Lobato, Gustavo, Riverola, Planas, Espinosa, Deulofeu and Rafinha.

Beckenbauer: "The great rival of Barça is own Barça"

Franz Beckenbauer gave up the game and style of the Barca team, which considered favorites to win the Champions League again.

Franz Beckenbauer, the legendary Kaiser, is quite clear: "The great rival of Barça is own Barça. Why? Quite simply, the fans never have enough now Barca have won so many things have played so well that no settle for less. A win by a landslide than it seems little, if not play like a charm seems to have made ​​a bad game and that complicates things Pep Guardiola and his men. " For the Kaiser, "every game they play Barca is like a test that should pass the champion . There are rivals who are content to win Barça this seems to serve, everyone expects a show second to none. He was at the Viktoria, which won it, played a more than acceptable, they dominated from start to finish and it seemed as if they had been to win. It was seen in televised comments in the press ...".

Beckenbauer yesterday in Zurich chaired the meeting of the Task Force 2014 Brazil Cup. The Kaiser insisted MD on what they already had told Kicker and L'Equipe: "This Barça is, at present, the best team I've seen in my life, is the great secret of Spain won the European Championship in Germany in 2008, we eliminated in South Africa beat Netherlands in the final. In the Red úico what it lacks is the club: Leo Messi. The Argentine, locked into the Barça, is by far the best player in the world , the most decisive for what he brings to the team and what it does individualmente.Es a player who is marking an epoch in the club and that I think Argentina will eventually do so if they can support your needs. " But seriously Beckenbauer warns that "Germany has grown Löw's hand. Let's take a pulse to Spain in Euro 2012. The 'Mannschaft' has played a very good qualifying, playing a high-level soccer above German clubs. Bundesliga also is experiencing a renaissance. Löw knows very well to young people, and Guardiola, given the opportunity to demonstrate their qualities. " The Kaiser did not forget Del Bosque, "a great coach who I know personally. I have spoken of him with Iron, whom I have in my committee, and I think it is a very sensible person has taken advantage of the great generation of excellent players the boat. "

MORE: www.elmuncodeportivo.com

Valdés had to be changed socks

Muñiz Fernández forced to match its color with the heel of a tape.

The beginning of the party suffered a few minutes late because in the final inspection to the players before they jump onto the pitch, the referee noted that the average color of Victor Valdes, yellow at first, and a tape bearing on the heel were a different color, black in the case of the latter.

Muñiz Fernandez grabbed a supposed law about not tape and can be a different color socks and forced the goalkeeper to return to the locker room to change. Valdés chose to leave the tape and change socks, jumping into the field with a black color. Some sources claimed last night that this rule exists but is not written. This process of change mean Barca goalkeeper who lived in the tunnel was captured entirely by television cameras and the images will be today. (via MD)

Cuenca is shown in Granada in his azulgrana debut as a starter in League

He was released yesterday in the Champions League and the League did play the whole game and showing off his gall.

Isaac Cuenca has only played two games as a starter at the club B but Pep Guardiola is confident that at the end of the branch is totally ambidextrous. On Wednesday debuted the first official match in the Champions League team contesting the final three minutes against Viktoria Plzen to replace David Villa and last night was included in the starting lineup and even moved to Guaje indications tactics after the meeting. Good knowledge of the system that has sucked in the house, he was an ace of winning a prize even more memorable but the goalkeeper Roberto foiled a goal already sang.

With the number 39 to the back, Reus-born player 20 years ago to what she asked Guardiola. A key piece in last season's promotion to Second Division A Sabadell maximizing your assignment Lluís Racing team, Cuenca began to far left showed his nerve and showing great faith in their quality. The boy, who has posted on 'youtube' video with juggling the ball, helped open the field without hardly noticing the lack of automation with their peers.

Next to the lime, the savvy led him to attract the attention of Pep to get on the plane of the U.S. summer tour also erupted in Los Cármenes. In the 12th minute put directly to the right side leaving Nyom running with the ball parallel to the touchline and sending a small cross that he failed to finish any Barcelona striker. Three minutes later cut from the outside in and fired with the right screw touching the stick. Cuenca played to perfection when to unleash his talent and when combined with their peers playing and sacrifice by taking on roles coverage and darker. The Maxwell constant splits were an example for the first half.

He also sought to Messi, Cesc and Xavi on the edge of the area in search of spaces in the second half, with the more fatigued after Granada red Jaime generated himself hooked on the left. Messi opened the game to that area on occasion and, after seeing a yellow hands, he broke the offside trap after planting only great service from Xavi on the diagonal. Roberto was deprived of the glory, but persisted Cuenca. He went down to defend during the attempts of harassment and won the end of Granada to enjoy continuous whole due to the prolonged injury Afellay, the strife that Pedro will KO almost two weeks and waiting for the return of Alexis. Isaac has earned being there at the right time. Your challenge is now secured with the best. (via MDf)

[Former player] Touré: "In a year I could not talk to Guardiola"

"If you ask me, I would have stayed," said former culé.

Yaya Touré, indisputable at Manchester City, yesterday unveiled its new keys up for grabs at 2010. "If Guardiola had spoken to me I would have stayed at the club," said Ivorian Ona FM. "I do not want to leave, I wanted to end my career at the club," he said.

The former Barcelona offered an amazing version of his relationship with Guardiola. "When I asked, I said funny things. So I went to the City. In a year I could not speak with him," he said.

Touré explained that "at the end, Guardiola spoke to me but at first I never said anything."

According to Toure, he had faith Guardiola: "I had confidence in me. I wanted to stay and he would not. When I spoke with him left me blank. His explanations were a bit rare and ignored me until I had the offer of the City ". On this situation, Toure said his "own family was laughing because I thought it was a joke."

Despite this, Touré recalls passionately his way through the Camp Nou. "As in Barça do not enjoy playing anywhere. Neither the City. If ever I return, I will have that joy again in the field," concluded. (via MD)

[Barça B] Eusebio: "Now we are much stronger"

Barca B will travel Wednesday morning in the field of Huesca, where he will try to achieve a second consecutive win the relaunch in the standings. Taylor is out with some slight discomfort in the hamstrings.

The party on Wednesday (21 h) in the field of Huesca should enable the filialafiance the win in Alcoy (1-4). The seventeenth of Eusebius are now eight points, but if they get ranked in Aragon can keep climbing in the standings.

A good game in recent weeks was finally rewarded with victory in the Collao. This victory should be psychologically important, says Eusebio Sacristan: "Winning is always positive and after a few weeks when they felt powerless to do as we did not get results despite playing well, now this reward will make us stronger, but no place trusts ".

Eusebio provides a tough match in the field of Huesca, "because like us they want to escape the dangerous places are arguments for doing so, they are a very experienced and worked with." The Huesca, with 6 points After nine games, ranks twentieth in the standings. The Aragonese come into this game after losing (4-0) in the field of Celtic.

A mild discomfort in the hamstring of Cristian Tello have caused the Sabadell is low for this game. The right end Barca, if it evolves well, you could choose to return this Saturday (18 h) against Nastic. The team will bus to Huesca on Wednesday at 10 am from the Ciudad Deportiva Joan Gamper. In addition to Tello, the coaching staff still can have Ilie, Sergi Roberto and Soriano. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Estiarte: "Being in Barça is a gift"

Estiarte was yesterday in Granada, where he returned to see from a vantage point the path of this historic team.

Next to the injured player's box, with Pep Guardiola when he doubts, with Sandro Rosell when the script demands it, Manel Estiarte faces his fourth season at Barça, assisting those looking for a helping hand and being a bridge between your computer and the policy. That kid who called the Maradona of the water is now a little older but also much more skilled than the club makes available to all their wisdom and experience. Today is 50 years.

What do they know?

The worst is that my youngest daughter, Rebecca, turned 18 two weeks ago. It's eldest daughter, but small. And now this! The cost two birthdays at once but I can not complain. Doing so would be to slap happiness because I look at me and see my wife, my daughters, my brother, my nephews, good friends in Manresa, Barcelona and Italy ...

Of the 50, half were spent in the water. What do you see when you close your eyes?

I started at 13 with water polo and left him to 39-40. The first thing you see when you close your eyes is the gold in the Olympic Games in Atlanta. And not when we were on the podium but hugs with my peers in the water with my brothers ... For a few moments extraordinary.

Was its peak?

In a process started in Manresa. I have in mind when going to the old and sad Manresa pool, which seemed the most beautiful place in the world, to see my brother who was a youth team captain in a flight of steps in which there was little family and I had the impression that they were full of people and chaired by a huge score even one of those on board the number that fits inside the box. I did not know Barcelona or the Spanish or the world. Nothing. Only my parents pressed to hurry to avoid being late to the party.

There are sweet moments but his life has not been a bed of roses ...

Sure. This is also life. The death of my sister Rosa was the saddest, most bitter, never lived. Nothing compares with the way that Rosa left us. Nothing. Always bring her inside me. Life takes but also gives, as a woman I've been married 23 years, or my daughters, Rebecca and Nicole.

And after so long in the water, the ship arrives.

This I now live is a gift. Water polo gave me everything when I only wanted to play like my brother, my hero, he loved more than I do this sport. It still is the team doctor. Fate made after retiring, after resting for 8 years, came Barça. A splendid gift to working with my friend Pep, the team can enjoy historical, unrepeatable. We've been three years plus. If another day, thanks. If two, the better. Therefore, I must thank three times.


A Pep and all the staff for having me, the club for another contract and another to accept the template. This was the hardest thing of all because I came from another world, another sport, and could have given me back but did not. Sometimes I failed and I apologize, others have successful and I am proud.

And when you close your eyes and think of the club you see?

I will not speak today because I want to protect the team's confidence to me. From yesterday I can not because everything is very recent. I remember the hugs after any final Pep's nerves before games, with hugs and encouragement. I see everyday, the most recent.

I say he can not taste so many titles, such glory ...

Need a period of time that allows us to see for some distance. Enjoy more when we remember. Now we tasted not a hundred percent. You go day to day because after a triumph, a success, a win, and think about what's coming in the next game next season. Today and tomorrow, but we think we know what we live is special. (via SPORT)

Freixa: "Cares to sleep leaders?

The spokesman of FC Barcelona Toni Freixa said yesterday on his Twitter account the importance of adding a new victory in a difficult field in a game that strained to Barcelona. "Three points already to sleep leaders. The rest matters little, "said the social network. FC Barcelona spokesman also recalled that "the season is very long and games like this happen from time to time." (via SPORT)

Zubizarreta: "It isn't easy to debut but Cuenca showed character and is dared?

Andoni Zubizarreta highlights the winger of the subsidiary level and praises both Xavi free-kick.

In a soulless party, with Barcelona less inspired than usual, interesting details Andoni Zubizarreta said he left the meeting. For example, both Xavi, the fourth of Terrassa this course, the day she turned 392 league matches beating the other historical and Migueli. "We have had many opportunities, cost us the game between the lines, but Xavi scored a goal beautiful."

Barca sporting director admitted that when he saw the ball over the fence he saw inside. A sense because he lived during his time as a janitor. "It was a beautiful goal. Leo will have seen the conviction and has given the shot. It's been a great hit. The kind that when I saw it go over the barrier you saw inside. "

Zubizarreta also appreciated the league debut of Cuenca. The young end and played a few minutes in the Champions League at the Viktoria and yesterday gave Pep ownership. "It's never easy debut, but has character and is bold." The former goal of Dream Team noted that "Isaac is a young lad, with little time in seconds, but faces and capable of shooting as we have learned. It is not easy to teach the full repertoire but he is bold. " Zubi also stressed that such meetings will serve as learning to Cesc in the future. "In fields like these, with smaller spaces, learn a little what happens in the league, which is very different to the Premier." (via SPORT)

[Player Ratings; Liga BBVA; week10] Granada CF - FC Barcelona (0-1)


Xavi: "After the draw at home, had to win"

The midfielder has been the author of the only goal of Barca and thus get a personal challenge: the best start in league scoring with 4 goals.

Xavi Hernandez scored a goal very important day that Miguelito got beat playing more matches in the League with the club, with 392. Furthermore, the '6 'has achieved another personal best, the best start scoring. This is already leading 4 goals since the start of the league. The player has played down the data and claims that "it goes in spurts, I seized the fellow assists and a goal of today has given victory to the team. I'm happy, after the tie at home the other day, we had to win out . "

The game, however, has not been easy. Xavi said: "It was a difficult game, the teams close long ago." However, the Terrassa has explained that "we could have sentenced in the second half. There have been occasions on our part. "In fact, both the midfield as the other players who have appeared before the media are quite happy with the party because they have created occasions.

Then collect the remaining reactions of the players of FC Barcelona:

Maxwell :
"We had chances, I think if we had scored one more goal, we would have been more calm."

"It has taken over the account, more than we thought. However, we have been creating good chances. "

"Xavi has made ​​a goal, is a player of great quality."

Isaac Cuenca:
"I am happy, I played the starter and the full-match."

"I've been very comfortable with the colleagues have given me confidence. "

"We have generated many situations, we have finally finished with 3 points deserved."

(referring to Messi) "are streaks, redial. Today has had opportunities, just got unlucky. The most important thing is that the team has returned to win. " (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Guardiola: "We have lacked fluency"

Although it has been suggested that leaves the stage of Granada "satisfied" with the 0-1 achieved, Barcelona coach admits that, in the Andalusian, Barça has lacked "fluidity."

The first team, very practical, a victory achieved by the minimum at the Granada by a superb free-kick from Xavi. Josep Guardiola, after pointing to the ability of his players have had to "close the game," stated that the team has accused the lack of speed in the circulation of the ball.

"The truth is that we have been slower than usual in the circulation, which is our greatest strength. But it is also true that we have tried to take control. Sometimes, when you play so many games, you can come to understand," he Santpedor explained in the same direction.
Barca coach is very clear that when the lead in the score is 0-1, "anything can happen." "When you play with a 0-1, ten to eleven players and can not get the second goal play with anguish, because you feel like you have to. Not that we've been wrong, but if we lacked fluidity. Sometimes it happens" , added over the course of the match that took place on Tuesday at the stadium in Los Cármenes.

Guardiola has had a few words of praise for the Granada: "I congratulate the people of Granada for a return to first after so many years. It was nice to see this stadium and this environment. It's been a very good level, and has very good players. These last days I've been studying hard, and it is true that every game has stood up. "
When asked about the statements of Touré Yaya, Guardiola said: "The door of my office is always open. During the year we speak, and with his wife, his representative ... I talk to everyone. If I meeting in the Champions League, I will try to convince. " (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Pedro out for between 10 and 15 days

First examinations of Barça’s Spanish international forward has shown he has not suffered any break, but has strained tendons in his left ankle. He will undergo further tests on Wednesday.

Pedro Rodríguez was carried off in the 55th minute of the game against Granada tonight and was replaced by David Villa after he twisted his ankle.

The Club’s medical services’ first examinations revealed he had not suffered a broken bone, but had damaged the tendons in his left ankle and is expected to be out for between 10 and 16 days. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Liga BBVA; Week10] Granada CF 0 - 1 FC Barcelona

Barça neat Granada by a single goal and for 24 hours at least, are back on top of La Liga. Xavi got the goal with a fantastic free kick while Pedro was taken off injured and Jaime and Benítez were sent off for Granada.

Following the disappointment of Saturday’s draw, the team were back to winning ways at Granada tonight, as they put in a practical performance at the Los Carmenes Stadium. In the first half, with Isaac Cuenca making his debut out on the left wing, Barça played some fast and attractive football which culminated in Xavi’s superbly taken free kick.

Granada suffered two red cards after the break –one at the start and one at the end of the half and Barça duly ran out winners –though perhaps without their usual verve and sparkle – to take over the top spot in the league ahead of Wednesday’s games.

Just as Seville had done on Saturday, Granada closed up shop from the start and handed over the initiative to Barça, hoping to catch the champions on the break, whilst Barça put together plenty of passing movements in front of the Granada box, looking for spaces in their defensive wall. Messi and Cuenca both had shots wide in the early encounters.

Despite Barça’s domination, Granada were holding out and reached the half hour mark with their goal intact, but soon after Xavi was fouled on the edge of the box and he got up to put away a brilliant free kick past the helpless Granada keeper. Magnificent!

Things got tougher for the hosts when Jaime was shown a second yellow for dangerous play. Barça were also to lose a player at the same time, as Pedro twisted his ankle in a nasty way and was replaced by David Villa. With the extra man, Barça pushed for the second and it looked as if Messi had got it, only to see his effort spectacularly cleared off the line by Mainz.

However, after that chance the pace of the game dropped notably as both teams seemed happy with the 0-1 result and once Granada were reduced to nine men after Benitez was also shown a second yellow, there was never going to be a way back for the hosts and Xavi’s goal proved enough for Barça to come back home with the three points. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Texhnical Data]
Granada CF: Roberto; Nyom, Iñigo, Mainz, Siqueira; Jaime Romero, Mikel Rico, Fran Rico (Mollo, min. 79), Dani Benítez; Abel Gómez and Uche (Alex Geijo, min. 64).

FC Barcelona: Valdés; Dani Alves, Mascherano, Abidal, Maxwell; Sergio Busquets, Xavi (Keita, min. 84), Cesc (Iniesta, min. 71); Cuenca, Messi and Pedro (Villa, min. 55).

Referee : Muñiz Fernández (Asturias). Showed yellow cards to local Uche, Fran Rico and Barca Nyom and Dani Alves, Sergio Busquets and Keita Basin. He drove up two yellow cards Jaime Romero (min. 52) and Dani Benítez (min. 91).

Goal : 0-1, min. 33. Xavi turns a free live after missing one committed by Jaime Romero on it.

Incidents : 22,000 spectators at the New Los Cármenes.

Pedro suffered a sprained left ankle

Instantly, Pedro himself called for the change by hand.

Bad luck for Pedro this season. Barcelona canary The player had to leave the field on a stretcher early in the second part to the Granada. The injury has made himself while protecting and trying to control a ball from opponents. 'Pedrito' was taking a position a little forced, holding his left ankle in the weight of the body, until he has made a forced gesture and injured.

At first the image was disturbing, with Pedro lying on the ground asking for the change. But after an initial exploration, the ship's doctor, Ricard Pruna has made the following verdict: peroneal tendon strain in his left ankle. Most importantly, the absence of a more thorough examination, no breakage.

In fact, in your own wardrobe of Barça 'Pedrito' has been incorporated. The ankle as a result of strife, it hurts a lot, but you are not going to move to any hospital. (via MD)

Pedro injured

The early medical report on Pedro suggests bruising to his left ankle, and no break. He will undergo further tests tomorrow. (via FCB twitter)