25 October 2011

FC Barcelona- Bogeria a Granada

[Youth] Children also learn how to suffer

Day full of surprises in fútbol-7 azulgrana. The teams alevines and benjamines, accustomed to golear, suffered four defeats that they will help them in their formation.

Triumph very worked of Juvenil B in the Estadio Municipal Vilatenim de Figueres. García Pimienta's boys dominated and they had many goal occasions throughout the party, but they found difficult to define them. The goal of the victory was made wait until the minute 36 of the second part and it marked Munir of head after a pass of Ebwelle.

Very even game among the Cadete A and Europa in Nou Sardenya, although Quique Álvarez's boys had more occasions and ball possession. Moha put to the azulgranas for before in the minute 14 of the second part with a point from the left band after overcoming the defense rival, but a goal of penalty of Alex in the minute 24 equaled the marker.

The team of Fran Artiga suffered to overcome Sant Andreu of Barca in a first time that put an end to the result of 2-1. In the second period, the Cadete B imposed its technical superiority. The scorers azulgrana were Canós, Josi, Fernando and Alexis.

The Fran Sánchez's boys comfortable game that they were very superior and they took the baton of the game from the beginning. In the first minutes of the first part Gavà made some counterattack play and they stepped the area defensive azulgrana, but after that the domain was clearly of the Infantil A. Javi Ruiz, Edgar and Lee, this had left double, they marked the goals azulgranas.

Infantil B was imposed without problems to a Mercantil that only looked for the against. The azulgranas put on for before in the marker in the first part with a goal of head of Mauro after Guillermo's center. In the renewal, Denis Silva's boys continued demonstrating its superiority and Oriol marked the second after a corner serve. The Mercantil took advantage of an error of the azulgranas to leave to the against and to mark the 2-1, but Juan Cruz sentenced the party definitively with a great play with Bobby. Guillermo, of the Mercantil, suffered a lesion in an arm that he left headdresses to his partners.

Intense game for the azulgranas against Damm in a difficult field. The boys of Marcel Sans began with the marker in against in the minute 5 due to a coordination error among a centreback and the goalkeeper that he transformed into a goal in own door, and at the little time, in the minute 27, Alevín A suffered a penalty that supposed the 2-0. In spite of the intents azulgrana to overcome the result and the diverse occasions that they had, the two goals in against initials they decanted the marker in favor of the rival. Pablo Martínez made the reveille of Barça.

It defeats bitter for the boys of Jordi Font and Jordi Puig in the Municipal Field Clot de la Mel. Damm pressed enough the azulgranas and the first two rooms put on for before in the marker, although Alevín B had a heap of occasions. In the third room Damm closed very behind but the azulgranas was able to dominate the party and Guillermo Verdaguer y Bernat's goals arrived. Finally, in the last room the rival one took advantage against to undo the tie and to close the marker with the 3-2.

Domain of Alevín C in a party full with occasions but with few goals. The boys of Àlex Gómez had the possession of the ball from the beginning and they maintained a great attitude and very good team structure in spite of the marker that stayed 0-0 until the last minutes of game. The opportunities azulgrana were happened throughout the party but the ball didn't want to enter until the last minutes of the last room, in the one that Iván Bravo and Marc Guerrero marked the two goals that gave the victory to the azulgranas.

It defeats unexpected of the boys of Xavi Bravo and Óscar Hernández in the Ciudad Deportiva Joan Gamper. Alevín D dominated the first one, the third and the last room, but the second time was fatidical for the azulgranas, in which the Igualada took advantage of some errors of Barça and made several plays of córner strategy that allowed him to mark four goals before the rest. Roger Vegas was able to mark a goal in the last room, but the party was already sentenced.

Absolute domain of Benjamin A against a Vilanova that not creó danger and closed very in their defensive area. Marc Serra and David Sánchez's boys had difficulties to mark the first goal, but starting from there the azulgranas moved quick the ball and they knew how to find the holes. The goals of Benjamin A were of Raúl (4), Aitor (3) and Ilasi.

The game began favorable to Barberà that marked a goal in the first minute, but Sergi Milà's boys they reacted and quickly they were imposed in the marker. The azulgranas controlled the whole first part and they left sentenced the party when leaving to the rest with a 5-1. In the renewal, the encounter was more even and Benjamin B had more difficulties to sum up the occasions. The scorers of the game were Martí Riera (2), Jan Reixach (2), Óscar Romero and Joël López.

Begues planted face to the boys of Cristian Catena in a very adjusted game. In spite of the result, Benjamin C dominated the whole party and they were ahead in the marker, but the rival took advantage of two isolated plays to put on for before. Pleguezuelo and Alejandro wrote down the two goals azulgranas.

Triumph worked of the azulgranas against a team a bigger year that had not lost any party of League. Jordi Pérez's boys made a collective great game throughout the party without significant errors, and all the players put much on his behalf to get the victory. Benjamin's goals D belonged to Mamadou (2) and Marc Pelaz.

The boys of Rafa Rodríguez only needed 30 seconds to inaugurate elk marker with a goal of Abdoul. Pablo López, Abdoul, with two more reveilles, Iker, Marcos Jurado (2), Sergi Oriol and Ilias completed the goleada. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Competition applies different criteria to punish Barca and Real Madrid

The measuring stick of the Competition Committee of Alfredo Florez is debatable.
The penalty to 'Mou', less than others to Cruyff and Guardiola without physical aggression.

16 years ago that the Competition Committee (chaired and at that time by Alfredo Florez ) sanctioned the then Barça coach Johan Gruff after being expelled on October 22, 1995 by controversial referee Diaz Vega . The penalty, on 24 October, was 5 games and a fine of 500,000 pesetas.

Former international referee Diaz Vega had a peculiar behavior in the field is something that almost everyone agrees. The discovery of this peculiarity is a distant staged October 22, 1995. About the Camp Nou grass is an interesting play Barça-Valencia. The referee, displaying his knack for display cards, showed a yellow Popescu on 23 minutes and turned the minds of the Barça coach. Johan defiantly shouted, " If you expel someone, lárgame me . " Díaz Vega did not hesitate a minute and expelled the Dutch in the 25th minute.

The 'friendship' of Cruyff with Diaz Vega came from afar. As explained by the Barca coach Charly Rexach in Mundo Deportivo on October 24, 1995 , "last year, before a match, Cruyff said, ' You know what, so you avoid signing before we start sprints. I went to sign the record and Diaz Vega warned me that if I was not going to sign Johan personally would not let him be on the bench. "

The harshness of the sanction imposed, the strongest to date by the evergreen Alfredo Florez , chairman of the Competition Committee, the recent clashes with the judge also refereed Competition of the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) in relation to the case Mourinho the Madrid-Barcelona Super Cup. Recall that the Portuguese coach 'just' there fell two games and fined 600 euros for a finger in the eye Tito Vilanova , coach of Barca, and despise the press conference after ensuring not know. A Vilanova punished him with a party and another 600 euros to return the aggression of Portuguese.

The difference of opinion even if it is more surprising when one remembers that it enacted the Competition Committee at the beginning of Pep Guardiola € 15,000 fine for allegedly insulting the referee of the match Barça Almeria March 6, 2010 - see Mundo Deportivo of March 10, 2010 - after Clos Gomez entered in the minutes that Blaugrana coach was addressing him with words like "you are whistling all wrong" and "do not you learn anything" . The penalty was due to the words expressed by Pep at the press conference: "Not that I'm too proud of what I did. I can understand the expulsion, but if we decide to contest it was because Mr. Clos and Mr. Gallego lie. I wrong and I'm going to the stands, but they lie and they know it " . Even the Referees Committee requested the Spanish Federation that Guardiola was sanctioned as collects daily information in this March 17 .

This means that the penalty was based only on the collegiate version, as well as the harsh punishment to Cruyff , and in contrast, in the recent case of Mourinho , with all cameras in the world in the field and countless eyes hallucinating with the aggressiveness of the Portuguese, the penalty was reduced to two games and 600 euros.

A difference is on what basis the three articles apply sanctions in question. If the penalty Mourinho and Vilanova is based on Article 123 of the Disciplinary Code (Violence in the game), that of Johan Cruyff 's based on Article 120 (protests to the referee) and the penalty Guardiola was by Article 100 ( conduct contrary to good order sports). Three concepts to justify three decisions completely unfair. (via MD)

Guardiola favorite for Coach of the Year

Pep will fight with Mourinho, Villages Boas, Tavarez, Mancini, Allegri, Del Bosque or Löw among a Top Has of technical mundialistas for the title that conced.

Pep Guardiola is the favorite for the title of best technique to grant the Cup for the second year, the equivalent of Ballon d'Or of the coaches, who was Jose Mourinho in his first edition Spanish elections ahead dels Vicente del Bosque and Barcelona coach himself.

The Football Committee has received a list of 20 members who must choose between ten. This Top Ten coaches will be voted on by the captains and coaches of all federations in the world, and by the jury of France Football . The winner will be proclaimed as the Golden Ball of the players in the same gala January 9, 2012 in Zurich.

The list of 20 coaches are standing next to Pep Guardiola , the reigning winner Jose Mourinho and Vicente del Bosque . In the technical section of clubs are: Andres Villas Boas ( Chelsea ), although in the case of the Portuguese their votes will recall the sensational season that was in front of Porto where he won League and Europa League. Also included Roberto Mancini ( Manchester City ), Massimiliano Allegri ( Milan ), Sir Alex Ferguson ( Manchester United ) or Arsene Wenger ( Arsenal ). In the section on selectors, along with Del Bosque are: Oscar Washington Tabarez ( Uruguay ), winner of the Copa America. Alongside them, Joachim Löw ( Germany ) and Bert van Marwijk ( Netherlands ) that have staged a Euro qualifying flawlessly. Also included Guus Hiddink ( Turkey ), Laurent Blanc ( France ), Giovanni Trapattoni ( Ireland ) or Fabio Capello ( England ), with the name of Cesare Prandelli ( Italy ) as possible, but still to be confirmed.

The Football Committee shall select the ten best coaches of the year and the Top Ten will the winner of the season. (via MD)

Letter open of Jacint Borràs to the president Sandro Rosell

He says that they didn't invite to La Masia; the club denies it.

The former director Jacint Borràs yesterday sent an open letter to Sandro Rosell in which regrets not having been invited to the opening of La Masia. The club says it did by sending an email and your fellow board members Marc Ingla or other directives.

"In the last term of President Agustí Montal gave me the responsibility to be part of the board of Barca Atletic, led by Ferran Ariño and then by me, and Laureano Ruiz's friend planted the seed head coach of football and the concept of The current farmhouse, leaving office in 1976 with the Second and the team having won the Junior Championship of Spain for the third consecutive time. And in 2003, after winning the elections, called me to join back to the grassroots and have the honor in 2008, three decades later, he became president of Barca Atletic and leave again within seconds, "recalls Borràs.

Thus, the question "what merits I should have done more or other partners, after doing so much to the quarry, to be invited to the opening of La Masia". Rosell ends Borràs telling that "I gave Barça members a vast majority for a Barcelona strong, united and generous you are still in time to do". (via MD)

[Former president] Laporta announced new actions now against KPMG

You see inexact results of the 'due dilligence'.

Joan Laporta announced yesterday afternoon, through its press office, to take legal action against accounting firm KPMG, which prepared for FC Barcelona 'due diligence' requested by the current board, and Mr. Fernando Garcia Ferrer , which is said in the release of Laporta as "responsible" for KPMG.

The statement said at the hearing yesterday, "was established that the company did not make those slides (...)-referring to the slides that were in the Assembly of delegates of October 16, 2010 - neither in form nor in content and, therefore, the information given to the electors are not reliable partners or credited the economic, financial, legal and labor "of the club.

In the statement, Laporta said that those slides do not match the contents of the 'due diligence'. For example, explains that reported costs 576,000 euros in catering to the Llotja, when they numbered 173,000. Laporta said that other expenses totaled VIP boxes and clothing. (via MD)

Granada, a 'subsidiary' deluxe for Udinese

Quique Pina leads the project of a company with almost 120 players and more than 50 operations for season.

Granada is a club where there are atypical. His meteoric rise from the well of the Second Division B to the First Division has fashioned a special formula to understand the world of football and its direction.

The model led by President Quique Pina has aroused the interest of all 'modest dream what follow suit. But much of the success is far from Granada, rather midway between Malaga, Barcelona and Udine.

The three cities that are habitually resident Pozzo family, the patriarch and his son Giampaolo and right hand, Gino.
The partnership between the family and Quique Pina Pozzo is your representative in Spain did you come up with a magic formula for the Andalusian club.

The Granada has fit like a glove foguear policy in some of the nearly 120 players listed on the payroll of the company football Pozzo. And is that Udinese, although calcium current leader to part with their big star Alexis Sanchez this summer, can not encompass the long list of players fully or partially controlled by Italian businessmen. That comes into play Granada and other clubs.

The rival club has assembled a staff supervised largely by Udinese. Of the 25 players who directs Fabri, Pozzo family in control of seven of them. First Direct are six assignments: Nyom, Dani Benítez, Jaime Romero, Siqueira, Alex Geijo and Ighalo.

But there's more. Italian businessmen once facilitated the arrival of Mainz from the central Albacete.

The owners of a factory Udinese have endless young players acquired at reasonable prices and with a huge future. His big handicap is the difficulty to find them accommodation in the competitive European football.

Udinese risks, the Granada accepts the challenge and the results support the policy: the Italian club's leader, the Andalusian is brand new Pozzo family first and has generated millions in capital gains for two decades.

The business is round. Udinese sources admit that between exits and entries close more than 50 operations per season. A superlative business in which billionaire Alexis Sanchez and his move to Barca this summer is just the tip of the iceberg.

The Granada unspeakable fight not to lose the category, but what is certain is that the house will not throw out the window last minute signings impossible to certify their stay.

While Pina-Pozzo society remain in charge of the entity, the policy will not change: reduced investment and all outstanding young talents from Udinese. (via SPORT)

Puyol presses and will be against Majorca

The nurse begins to deliver good news. The team will return to its defense in the Balearics.

Puyol is not about to miss work more league games. Today will see the clash against Granada through the small screen, but if all expected this weekend to call back all of the law. This was confirmed by coach Pep Guardiola himself in his appearance before the media.

After eight months away from the pitch, Barca captain has chained several annoyances that prevented him from regularly enjoy. Of minor physical problems that, according to the statement by the technician, has passed away. Puyol has forced up the pace in the final hours and no longer has suffered the least. Everything is ready for this Saturday, with permission from Guardiola, the defense is able to jump onto the field to face Mallorca.

Barca nursing begins to recover a certain smile. After several weeks buying up much of the information directly related to the first team in the coming days is expected that medical reports are lacking.

Gerard Pique also be prepared to measure the whole Balearic Saturday. Its small lesion with the Spanish team is history and his return to the team would only be determined by the coaching staff. It is not the case of Alexis Sanchez.

The Chilean group begins tomorrow and is expected to step up the pace gradually. A work which will benefit mainly Chile. The reappearance could come in the playoffs to the World Cup. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] The signings of subsidiary suffer adjustment problems

Eusebio has sent reinforcements tranquility in an outburst in which they are struggling to adapt to a new philosophy.

Barça B added in Alcoi the second victory of the season with the base of players of the house and the two main fichajes of the season, Rodri and Kiko Femenía, on the bench. Eusebio Sacristan assessed the work of other colleagues, but still has two players that the club contracted with the first team prospects. Their high cost, 3.5 million between them, indicates this.

Valladolid coach has been transmitted calm at all times since its consolidation in the computer logic is understood as a radical change in philosophy regarding his previous clubs. At football, Rodri has passed of being a 'nine' born to have to adapt to an exchange of positions and to leave the center for the 'false' battering ram Rafinha who has responded with five goals.

Meanwhile, Kiko also must assimilate the concepts of play in the band that required Barça B, other than those of Hercules. Nolito suffered a similar problem to Femenía in his first season with the reserves and eventually explode.

The very strong bet sports management by both players whose price set, for example, exceeds that of the entire budget of Alcoyano, which the subsidiary won by 1-4 on Saturday.

Expectations are high and, for example, in the case of Kiko Femenía there a clause in the second season of the four who signed for the club must move into the first team. Otherwise, the player could get on a free transfer.

Eusebio is confident in his work and in this sense, a positive example of Cristian Lobato. The former of L' Hospitalet free came after five consecutive games without playing in the last three were won the job as starting left side. (via SPORT)

Guardiola and Rosell summit to prepare the future

The first 'summit' of the season was held on October 20 at the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper.

On October 20 opened in style the new Masia. This must for any pro Barcelona later also served to meet around a table the heads of the sports area of ​​the club to start laying the first foundations of planning for the future. This summit is it `forged in the bowels of the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper, taking advantage of the present farmhouse is located a few meters from the premises used by the first team. In fact, the president Sandro Rosell, sports vice president, Josep Maria Bartholomew, director of technical area, Andoni Zubizarreta, Josep Guardiola and technical and Tito Vilanova took the first team dined together in the dining room of the Ciutat Esportiva to make a separate quiet a few meters from there.

This was the first big meeting of the season to talk about the future because you at least a quorum was `total ¿all parties ¿, but not forget that Guardiola and Rosell both sides were Exactly a month ago on Sunday September 25 what for dialogue for upwards of three hours on the technician's statements at a press conference regarding the lawsuit filed by a member of former president and other directors because of the guarantees. In any case, the meeting was not conducive to talking about the future in sports but to solve a series of misunderstandings,
support point after Pep Laporta.

However, in this summit on October 20 itself that began to take shape the foundations of sports project for the next season, both the time to talk about possible high and low do not forget that players like goalkeeper Jose Manuel Pinto contract ending this season ¿, as also the matter of the renewal of the coach, a hot topic `Without doubt, for the policy and the fans in general.

Although it has not transpired exactly the content of the topics discussed at the summit, there does exist the perception that broadly addressed the continuity of Guardiola and his coaching staff for the next season. In fact, it is always a factor in favor of the club that Pep has already begun to think about planning for next season. At least it is clear that face out is excited as the first day with this project and the tune that took place in the meeting between the two parties was more than positive.

Remember that last season was also convened several meetings in the club sports, always at home to Sandro Rosell, but this time it wanted to take advantage of the presence of all parties to take the first step towards the future.

Thus, on October 20 opened fire on the series of meetings to conclude, if all goes well and no last-minute setbacks, with the announcement of the renewal for another year of Pep Guardiola and his assistants more direct. Today is the priority theme of the club on the table next to the renovation of Eric Abidal, although in the latter case it appears that there may already be a resolution soon.

Since the resolution of two separate cases, and will begin to speak on the remaining outstanding issues, such as the number of players who will rise next season the first team of the subsidiary, the casualties, if any, or if finally will have to dip into the box to bring a signing What theory there are about 40 million euros available for this section of the club specifically what meets the needs of the current coaching staff. (via SPORT)

Granada-Barça: 35 years after the last match in the league

Azulgrana will face the Andalusian more than three decades after his last match in the league.

Granada , with the encouragement of his good performance against the big teams in the league, and eager to regain credit after their last league defeat, receives morning Barcelona , who returns 35 years after one of its most favorable fields.

The Andalusian team arrives at the meeting at the wrong time, has not won since the third day, has only added two points in the last five games and has three games without scoring, which makes it the worst scorer in Primera. However, there is illusion in Granada to receive the champions and we think that the best performance this season has come when teams have faced considered the most powerful: beat Villarreal offered a good image in Mestalla with the Valencia drew at home to Atletico Madrid, having good chances to take all three points.

The coach of Granada , Fabriciano 'Fabri' Gonzalez , account for the low collision with two of their midfielders headlines: Algerian Yebda and Portuguese Martins , both with muscle problems. Moses and Mikel Rico Yebda compete for the position in midfield , while the rest of the team owner, unless surprise is the same as has been acting in recent days.

The Barcelona played their last league match in Los Cármenes 35 years ago, when the February 15, 1976 won by 0-2, with goals by Rexach and Marcial. The Catalans have always found the stronghold of Granada a stadium very conducive to their interests. He has won nine of its seventeen visits, drawn four games and lost four.

The Barcelona lost the championship lead Saturday in the hands of another Barça now, the Levant, surprise leader with 20 points, unbeaten with six wins and two draws. The goalless draw against Sevilla, with the missed penalty by Messi in added time, still smarting at the Catalan, which has fallen to third place after also have passed the Real Madrid.

With the bad taste after the match against Sevilla, which might even thrashing Barcelona but found the performance of goalkeeper Javi Varas determinant, the team faces two games this week you play six points ( Granada and Mallorca ) that should not be too much to resist.

To the shock of Granada , Guardiola may have only seventeen first team players, plus two of the subsidiary (Montoya and Cuenca), due to the injured Ibrahim Afellay and Chilean Alexis Sanchez. Moreover, after the last training finally Pep Guardiola has ruled the central Carles Puyol, who against Sevilla fell off the list for a few physical problems, and Gerard Piqué. (via MD)

Fabri: "Barça is the best team in the world, but nobody is invincible"

"We must fight to be competitive and we can get," says the coach of Granada.
Which states: "No matter how well you do, they will always have four or five times quite clear".

The coach of Granada , Fabriciano Gonzalez ' Fabri ', said today that the FC Barcelona , Atletico morning's rival in Los Cármenes , is "the best team in the world", but has stated that "no one is invincible" and that their Players try to "be competitive and take what you can."

At a press conference, Fabri noted that after a loss last Saturday against Sporting , returned from Gijón "with bad feeling, with some sadness."

"It was not correct the attitude of the team, do not compete and throw the party, "he said, for what he has revealed that they have" talked in the locker room so it will not be repeated. "

The coach of Granada believes that " Barcelona is the best team in the world "and that the key to the Catalans to score passes to" defend properly and get a dose of luck, "as well" be a compact, have good attitude, be ordered and disciplined. "

"We must fight to be competitive and we can get" stressed " Fabri ", who has stated that" no one is invincible, "while recognizing that at the Barcelona , "no matter how well you do, they will always have four or five times quite clear. "

The coach of the team has used the Granada tomorrow's game, in which the Granada receive 35 years after the Blaugrana team, to remember that less than two years were "playing with the Moratalla , and now with Barcelona or Madrid " for what he has called for "be humble and know where we are."

Fabri has facilitated after training the squad for the clash, which highlights the presence for the first time this season the side David Cortes , after overcoming an injury, and the return of French midfielder Yohan Mollo .

They are low in the call Lucena, Pamarot, Franco Jara and Jose Juan, technical decision, Martins and Yebda, injury, and the Nigerian striker Odion Ighalo, finding travel by permission of the club. (via MD)

Camp Nou without smoke will be a reality in January 2012

FC Barcelona spokesman, Toni Freixa, announced that a total ban on smoking in the Camp Nou will be carried out in January 2012.

At the press conference on Monday, the secretary and spokesman of the board of FC Barcelona, ​​Toni Freixa, announced the agreement with the board to ban smoking in the Camp Nou, which will take place in a first phase from 19 November. In the match against Zaragoza steps will be taken in the interior and in the hallways. If smoking partners will be asked to extinguish the cigarette and if they return will take their case to the Commission of discipline, if not partners, they were asked to leave the stadium.

And in a second phase in January 2012, the ban will also cover the steps and procedure, should not accept the decision, will be the same, if partners take their case to the Disciplinary Committee and if not to be partners, will be asked to leave the stadium.

Freixa also announced the availability of 250 passes for partners who are on the waiting list, the spokesperson has been estimated at 8,000 partners. These tickets are from the current partners have the payment in default and will be released for these other partners on 1 January, and may purchase half-price.

The board also agreed to create the Office of Specialized Care to address all issues regarding disability and be partners in the Barcelona Supporter Service Office. At the same time will launch a joint service with the Red Cross called "with you" that will help members to attend the Camp Nou. (via SPORT)

Dani Benitez: "I'm from Barcelona and I do not speak"

Barça's visit to Granada is very important for a team that has become a premier class 35 years later but especially for one of their players and flagships: Dani Benítez.

Andalucians striker has participated in a chat 'Yahoo! Eurosport' and acknowledged that looks forward to the visit of the Catalan side has admitted being a deep buff and a big 'fan' of coach Pep Guardiola who publicly praised their qualities.

"It motivates me a lot to me praise a coach like Guardiola. I'm from Barcelona, ​​I do not mind saying, and small I loved to watch him play in that great team they had. Now I am still of Barca, but tomorrow I want my team win. It normal, "he said.

Benitez is usually in charge of launching his team penalties in the same way it does Messi at Barca. It is hence that, after the last failure of the Argentinean against Sevilla, Benítez has advised to the azulgrana how to throw it next time according to its approach.

"If I were the next Messi penalty throw to the middle and hard to ensure, as advised by regional coaches. If other teams are studying the videos of where the strips, it is best to change," said Benitez

Although advised that if they point to a penalty against his teammate Roberto stops: "If you whistle a penalty I do not care who throw: Messi, Villa, as if he wants to throw .... throw Guardiola who throw it away, Roberto will stop it, "he said. (via SPORT)

New Barcelonistas, ​​chasing the Ballon d'Or

Whenever lack least to know who will be the FIFA Ballon d'Or 2011. Messi will aim to achieve their third trophy followed and Barca will accompany eight more in the list of 50 candidates.

They are not all they are but they are all that are. The eight 'fellow' of Leo Messi in the fifty candidates for the Ballon d'Or get the sides are Dani Alves and Abidal, Puyol and Pique's central, midfielders Xavi, Iniesta and Fabregas and striker Villa. These players will now have a new 'sieve' to define the list of 23 candidates for final liability award.

Not listed in this relationship other international and goalkeeper Victor Valdes, Sergio Busquets midfielder or attacker Pedro Rodriguez. In any case, the representation of FC Barcelona is, without doubt, the highest in the first screening, hoping that next Tuesday November 1 France Football magazine, co-organizer of the FIFA trophy, provide the 23 elected to qualify for the Ballon d'Or

Once all the national coaches vote and captains of teams in the world, as well as France Football's correspondents are entitled to, on 5 December, will know who the three official candidates. The gandor be unveiled at the gala to be held in Zurich on January 9, 2012.

Leo Messi is the favorite to conquer the trophy for the third consecutive year. In the last edition, the Rosario reached the final stage with two other Barcelona first team mates Andres Iniesta and Xavi Hernandez. (via SPORT)

[Former player] Touré Yaya: "It would be fantastic to see play Silva in Barça"

Touré still hallucinates after the rout of their own at Old Trafford and was full of praise for one who believes that David Silva would fit perfectly into Barça.

The Ivorian midfielder was ecstatic on the microphones of the program 'Al Primer Toc' of RAC1 after the brilliant victory at Manchester City at Old Trafford and made review of how to live the club from a distance.

Touré acknowledged he still feels a connection to the club and after his years Catalunya at Barcelona but is enjoying a great time during his time in the Premiership. Indeed, in the City shares a dressing room with David Silva who would love to see him fit into the system the club.

"Silva easily play Barca, the club asked me if he would say yes to one hundred percent. It would be great to see him play at Barça," he says.

Barça Toure considered the favorites in Europe despite his team's bid to reign in the Champions League. "Right now the club is second to none and is the favorite to win the Champions," he said.

Regarding the coup of authority at Old Trafford, the Ivorian has commented that the hobby has lived with madness. "The fans of the City has held a lot tonight in the streets of Manchester. It was like when we won the Cup," he said.

And to try to understand the magnitude of the feat set an example very close: "The win against United is as if the Espanyol won 1-6 to Barca at the Camp Nou." (via SPORT)