24 October 2011

[Selection Under-17] Spain is ranked as the leader of the group after beating Poland (0-2)

The Under-17 that directs Santi Denia got his third victory in the first qualifying round in Montenegro. Qualify for the Elite round with nine points, ten goals for and one against, ahead of second ranked and rival in the third game: Poland.

Important victory won by the Spanish Under-17 that directs Santi Denia in the third and final game of the first qualifying round of the European Championships in Slovenia. Canaries striker Sandro Ramirez was the author of two goals Spanish, obtained at minutes 55 and 57, achieving seven goals in the championship.

With this victory in the match played from 14:30 hours in the Mladost Stadium, Spain manages ticket to the Elite round to be held in spring, and does so as the group first ranked 11, ahead of Poland, Malta and Montenegro, with ten goals for and one against. Therefore, leave in the hype of the top seeds in the draw for the second phase. In the other group game 11, Montenegro defeated Malta by 0-3. (via RFEF)

Results of the six games of the topmost group 11 qualifying for Podgorica:

Poland 3 – Malta 0
Spain 2 – Montenegro 1
Spain 6 – Malta 0
Montenegro 0 – Poland 2
Poland 0 – Spain 2
Malta 0 – Montenegro 3

Rosell: "The club had more than 60 million players"

The president said this morning during the trial on the challenge of meeting of October 16, 2010 by the club president, Joan Laporta.

FC Barcelona president, Sandro Rosell, explained today that when its board took office on July 1, 2010, found that the entity Barca "had more than 60 million euros to the players," counting all sections professionals.

"Within weeks we had to pay 100 million, as well as those 60 were due more than 30 million Social Security," said this morning during the trial on the challenge of the meeting of October 16, 2010 by the former president the club, Joan Laporta.

Rosell has come to declare the City of Justice on behalf of FC Barcelona, ​​which Laporta and its directors sued after in that meeting were agreed to exercise social responsibility action against them for loss of 47.8 million accumulated euros in its mandate.

As Laporta, the club did not allow, as provided in Article 50 of the statutes, commissioners partners to defend their economic management, which closed with a surplus of 11.1 billion at the end of the 2009-10 season. At that meeting, however, approved a 79.6 million loss in the last year.

"Subject to the approval of the membership accounts that presented the same policy Laporta, but applying the seven exceptions that Deloitte audit determined that also was chosen by him, not us," said Rosell.

President Laporta has made clear that, like the other commissioners, was available to accounts that were to pass ten days before, but did not appear at the offices of the club.

"We also invite you, as president and elector, to come to the assembly to express what they saw fit up to two times, but the statutes do not allow a defense of alternative accounts also do not correspond to reality," he added.

The greatest president of FC Barcelona Laporta insisted that leave to defend his last year of economic management to the membership would not have made sense: "The numbers were not real, and I wanted to start our mandate with maximum transparency, not misleading people. "

During the trial, plaintiffs' attorneys have accused the current board to handle the assembly, providing biased data of''due diligence''commissioned by the club, with the sole purpose of damaging the image of the previous meeting and pave the way to a subsequent vote in favor of liability action.

Rosell has denied it flatly. "The''due diligence''was a tool of transparency that we used in that assembly. We were completely neutral. So much so, that I gave more ammunition for people to vote against the action of responsibility for and well White voted, "he recalled.

What happened, according to Rosell, is that''due diligence''that revealed some details of the management of Laporta "difficult to explain," as 3 or 4 million in security costs without justification, the 18 million that was paid Viladecans by land or 20,000 euros to be spent on catering''game''"figures without any logic," he noted.

Sandro Rosell recalled also that the economic situation was so delicate when you took office, the club could move forward through a syndicated loan of 155 million, of which approximately 100 immediately went to pay off the debt with the players and with Social Security.

Barca president explained that this syndicated loan, Laporta had begun negotiations before the end of its mandate, had to be renegotiated when he and his team took over the club.

"We had to start negotiating from scratch, because we did not like the guarantees that the previous board had given the banks, for example, increasing fertilizer shares of the partners," he disclosed.

In this sense, Rosell pointed out that they gave other warranties "as sponsorship contracts" and that, in addition, other banks joined the syndicated loan when they learned they had won the election "because they had more confidence in our management that the previous board, "he ruled.

During the hearing, which was held in the district court number 30 of Barcelona, ​​also testified, among others, Xavi Faus, economic vice Barca entity, the current board secretary, Toni Freixa, the employee of KPMG who made the''due diligence''and explained at the meeting and the notary who attested to the agreements.

The Nov. 11 is scheduled to resume the trial with the viewing of the recording of the meeting of delegates, 2010. Then the case will be seen for sentencing. (via AS)

Guardiola: “Granada will be a good test”

The boss is well aware that his players “have put in a lot of effort in a short time” and that Tuesday’s game will be “a good test for us”, whilst alerting his squad to the threat that Granada pose.

Three days after the Seville game, Barça face another league match - against Granada on Tuesday night. The Andalucía team have not played Barça in the league for 35 years and are this season struggling in the bottom three, but Guardiola insisted at his press conference at the Ciutat Esportiva this lunchtime that Granada are “brave, willing to take risks and very dynamic – a number of their bad results haven’t been deserved at all”.

“We think we will be in for a different game than we had against Seville”, according to Guardiola, “it’ll be a good test for us. We have put in a lot of effort in a short time and we’ll have to see how we respond”, However, the boss has no complaints about his players’ attitude: “if all the draws and defeats we have get the same response from them, there will be no problem” and also insisted that there is still a long way to go in the league: “there are still 90 points to play for”.

Cesc Fàbregas and Frederic Kanouté announced on Twitter this weekend that they had spoken on the phone and resolved the incident that led to the Seville player’s red card on Saturday night and Guardiola closed the door on the incident, insisting “it’s been cleared up”.

Guardiola mentioned a number of players during the press conference today, including Leo Messi and David Villa. About the Argentinean’s reaction to the missed penalty on Saturday, he claimed: “the fans reacted fantastically. He’s fine and getting his strength back . There’s really no time to enjoy all the good things, or get down about the bad ones –it’s all part of the game”.

“Thanks to Villa, we are able to play such good football –he’s had to adapt to the team and the coaches here and he’s had the humility to do that . Others wouldn’t have done it after all the things he had achieved”.

The boss also insisted that Llevant’s position at the top of the table: “isn’t just a coincidence” and he complemented them on their great start to the season: “they‘ve done things really well –that’s why they are top. They did well last season and their defence is a key part of their success, it’s spectacular”.

Pep Guardiola wasn’t too worried about the continued absence of his captain Carles Puyol and explained that the injury he’s got “is not very much at all. He should be in training on Wednesday and available for the Mallorca game. It’s only normal that he’s had these slight difficulties after such a long layoff”. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Montoya and Cuenca, Granada

Pep Guardiola calls for the 17 with the first team for Tuesday's league match and the players in the Barça B Montoya and Cuenca. Puyol is out with caution.

19 players will travel to Granada to dispute the tenth day of the season, on Tuesday at the stadium in Los Cármenes (20 hours). They are available 17 first team and the full-back Martín Montoya and winger Isaac Cuenca, B. Puyol are low, as a precaution by small-pubic discomfort, Piqué, Alexis and Afellay. Barça will travel to Granada the same Tuesday morning.

The team has carried out prior to training Granada shift this morning at the Ciudad Deportiva Joan Gamper. Have been exercised in full swing of the 17 available senior squad. Like Sunday, Gerard Pique has done some work with the group. Puyol and Alexis have worked on the sidelines. The coaching staff has had the team players Montoya, Bartra and Cuenca to complete the template. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

The list:
Valdés, Pinto, Dani Alves, Cesc, Xavi, Villa, Iniesta, Messi, Thiago, Mascherano, Keita, Sergio, Pedro, Maxwell, Adriano, Abidal, Fontàs, Montoya (35) e Isaac Cuenca (39).

Bill Gates, Guardiola and Rosell, on World Day Against Polio

FC Barcelona Foundation and the Bill & Melinda Gates have launched an awareness video polio advantage of the World Day against the disease. Bill Gates, Sandro Rosell Pep Guardiola and are the spokespersons for the campaign.

On Monday, October 24 marks the World Day against polio. Building on this foundation date Barca and the founder of Microsoft has shown the commitment signed last July to fight this disease.

Under the slogan More than a goal. 'End Polio', Barça and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and made a symbolic action in the pre-game against Sevilla. Barca players took the field with a shirt with the slogan 'End Polio' and the number 99 on the back, which shows the percentage of eradication of the disease.

In the video, Bill Gates wearing the Barça shirt and explains that "no sports organization" shows a concern for social issues like Barca and that's why he was "proud" of the agreement between his foundation and the Catalan club.

Rosell also celebrates having the "best team" to fight the disease, 'in reference to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation-while Guardiola reminds first-team commitment to the cause.

VIDEO: www.sport.es

A proud Barça of Messi

The ovation from the Camp Nou to '10 'after missing the penalty was not compassionate, but simple justice.
With Leo football does have memory and so it showed the fans and the team Pep.

There's hope football does have memory. At least, for those who deserve to be memorable, as Leo Messi . This explains why on Saturday at midnight, the Camp Nou he dedicated a heartfelt ovation and proudly coreara Messi's name. It did so after one of his hat-trick, or to celebrate their common goals flag. The 'Meessiiii, Meesiiii!' many of the 82,743 spectators who watched the Barca-Sevilla was sung moments after the Argentine genius missed a decisive penalty with the score 0-0 and the last minute. With Messi crestfallen, the Barça had to cede the leadership of the League, on top of Real Madrid, but the frustration of the fans was not such as FC Barcelona to forget what really matters. Surely that 'Meessiiii, Meesiiii!' Saturday arrived at the '10 'deeper than any other. Surely that 'Meessiiii, Meesiiii!' FC Barcelona has become even more Leo than it already was.

If Sevilla FC arrive at the Camp Nou was proud Andalusian , Camp Nou Camp Nou was proud to be Messi . It is in the wrong drink when we value them apoyos. In hot, the reaction of the fans and the wardrobe of the club estuvo the height of the crack with a size of 196 and 17 qualifications throats, three Cup Europe Included. Is why the cheering was not compassionate, justice itself was routed.

His companions applauded Messi for his determination, starting with the coach, Pep Guardiola: "Leo demonstrates throwing a penalty as well in the last minute, has made ​​another extraordinary match." He also encouraged private. " Messi always wants to do things for the good of the team. He has given everything and nothing happens because the penalty has failed, "he explained Valdes. "Messi can also fail, remains the number one and not have to prove anything to anybody," said Iniesta. Alves opted for "not giving more laps" and praised the courage to "pull those penalties, only fail them." "The qualities of Messi are well over a missed penalty, "he said. Adriano bet: "When I have another penalty, Leo will pull and will get you. Do not think anyone would call into question". Meaning portrayed Keita Messi for Barca and football: "Leo is a competitor. He always wants to win and if not win, it's hard for him. But there are many parties. On Tuesday another. sure you do not know how many goals mark ". But Keita said it best almost without noticing, "It's Leo ... It's okay". (via MD)

Another record for Victor Valdes throw

Barça is to a game of top league (nine) without receiving a goal at home.

Javi Varas grabbed the covers but Victor Valdes also looked at the only shot danger of Sevilla, the work of Jesus Navas, taking a hand impossible in the first half. After the break, Barca goalkeeper beat his personal record unbeaten and it adds 607 minutes without picking up a football official of their networks. The last thing he got a goal was Valencia's Pablo Hernandez in the 23rd minute Barca's visit to Mestalla (2-2) last September 21, for more than a month. Since then there have been six meetings with Valdes to zero. Another world record for the Gava, who had never been more than five official engagements unbeaten and only think of further developing its extraordinary records.

On Saturday, chained his eighth league match at Camp Nou without conceding a goal. Osasuna (2-0), Espanyol (2-0) and Deportivo (0-0) could not handle it at the end of the past in the current championship and have not beaten Villarreal (5-0), Osasuna (8-0 ), Atletico (5-0), Racing (3-0) and Sevilla (0-0). In the history of the League, the club has established only unbeaten streak at home better. Between the end of 1985-86 (a match with Lorenzo Amador on the frame) and the start of the 1986-87 (eight with Andoni Zubizarreta), the Barca team was nine games to zero in the Camp Nou. If not check Mallorca on Saturday, Barca of Guardiola and Valdes will own another record for the collection.

To Valdés that in the League supreme unbeaten 427 minutes, he still has left to equal their top league (675') and the global of Barça that shows it Miguel Reina (824).

With the above five games and no one has entered a target in the Camp Nou, the club is able to emulate the best start, dating back to 1986-87 with eight games and scoring a partial 14-0. The current score (21-0) in five games and is better. (via MD)

The objection of the assembly of 2010, in opinion

Rosell, Faus and Freixa are cited today to testify at the hearing of the trial on the complaint of Laporta, who contested the Assembly a year ago.

The hearing of the trial that pits the president Joan Laporta with the current board of the ship began today in the trial court number 30 to try to resolve the challenge of meeting of members of the October 16, 2010, the first board Rosell and it was decided to launch an action for damages against Laporta and his management for the losses of previous years, in particular the 48.7 million euros accumulated.

Laporta, who did not attend that meeting or the one held last month, and neither will today at the hearing, contested the 2010 Assembly welcomes both the club's constitution as the Sports Act.

In particular, demand is based on the request for appeal is based on Article 50 of the statutes of the club: Laporta understands that prevented him from explaining to members the economic performance of its mandate, which was closed last year with surplus, if in the opinion of Laporta (later Rosell board reported that the final year of Laporta had generated a loss of 79.6 million euros).

Laporta also interprets the vote in which it agreed to initiate an action for damages did not meet the requirements of the Sports Act, which required to be approved by simple majority of those attending the meeting and not by majority vote cast, as in this case.

The subpoenaed to testify today are the president, Sandro Rosell, plus Javier Faus, economic and Toni Freixa vice president, secretary of the board. They are also referred to the notary and a representative of KPMG, the auditor hired by the club to explain the accounts in the assembly and attributed the losses to the board of millions Laporta. In its application, expressly requested Laporta freezing of the resolutions adopted at the Assembly of 2010, a request that the judge in charge of the case and dismissed in its day.

The meeting chaired by Sandro Rosell hopes that demand will be definitely rejected Laporta, understanding that the development of the assembly of electors, 2010 partners was fully consistent with the statutes of the club and Joan Laporta did not attend because they chose not to explain despite all former presidents are entitled to attend the meeting. (via SPORT)

The last cigar in Camp Nou?

The FC Barcelona board will decide today, among other things, from when it will come into force banning smoking in the stadium.

The board of FC Barcelona held a regular meeting this evening in which, among other things, decide when to apply the decision to ban smoking in the Camp Nou and all club facilities Blaugrana.

A decision was adopted by a large majority of members in the assembly of electors on September 24. Of the 705 votes cast at the last meeting on this particular point, 538 gave its approval to the measure by 89 votes against.

Since that day, the club set a maximum period of two months to implement the actual application of the rules that prevent smoking in all areas of the stadium, in both outdoor and in the stands.

Several members complained to the board to enable a space for smokers, especially in the rest of the games, although the club, in principle, there arises a specific space generated by the logistical difficulties that would entail.

The Camp Nou is the first stage of the Spanish League that formally prohibit smoking on its premises, following the example of the fields in the Premier League and UEFA itself, which officially a few days ago that in all fields of Euro 2012, in Ukraine and Poland, will be smoke free.

The initiative 'Camp Nou sense fum' one born last March in a prinicipio to recommend to the members and fans of Barca fumasen not at the stadium, but later the club decided to go a step further and refer the matter to the decision of delegates. (via SPORT)

The Alcántara, with the sport in the veins

The two brothers have inherited the best of their parents and have grown in an environment that has led them to experience firsthand the professionalism.

Valeria was a professional volleyball and soccer it was Mazinho. The decision to leave Brazil on his part to play in the league took them to Spain and later to Italy, where they decided to become parents. Little thought then that the mother give birth to a son, Thiago, who follow the footsteps of his father, world champion with Brazil in 1994, nor, later, back in Brazil, the second child was born, Rafael, another prodigy . She came on third down and opted for basketball.

Many families who grab the bikes, skates or sneakers to play sports on Sundays, but very few who live on it. The Alcantara is one of them. Although father and mother are not a couple of things in life, genes are powerful and endowed Thiago and Rafa a few virtues with the ball that very few people possess.

They explain that the father have inherited most of the virtues, which makes sense considering that they have all chosen the same sport. Mazinho was a defensive midfielder, but, as a good Brazilian, had no problem with the ball at his feet. In addition to the 1994 World Cup in the United States, played in nine different clubs, highlighting above all the rest the Basque de Gama (1985-1990) and Celtic (1996-2000), although it was at Fiorentina, Palmeiras or Elche . Valeria, the mother, not noted for their loyalty to one club. He played for Botafogo, Fluminese, America and the Village before joining the Xuvenil Teis, where for four years, was the emblem and its best player.

In fact, last July was still able to win a beach volleyball tournament in Vigo veterans category. Valeria is still living in Galicia, where he returned to being a mother, a child again. Bruno, as well called the little boy goes to figure, or so say those who have seen her three years with a ball at his feet. The memory of the whole family in Vigo is indelible. Only then it is understood that, periodically, rotating as Faro de Vigo and La Voz de Galicia, still looking at them on their pages.

But Celtic is history for Alcantara, unforgettable, but history. This is the club and this is where Thiago and Rafa can follow the trail that began their parents. So far, the largest and has become the first team player, with which it is involved much more than his father, Mazinho, imagined in the preseason. Thiago season is to frame, since, besides the European Under-21 who won DiMarco, debuted, as well as he wished, with the selection of Vicente del Bosque, so that it can not do with any other. Quite the opposite of what he is after Rafa Alcantara.

Rafinha, although regularly go to the bottom of the Red, to succeed in the canarinha. Before, yes, you must do so at the Camp Nou. Both expect at the stadium one day. The smaller of the Alcantara, still young, and is the top scorer of Barca B this season and aims high. With two years apart from each other, see them shine together in the first team is no utopia, but rather a near reality.

The daughter has opted for basketball

the only daughter of the couple formed by Mazinho and Valeria is Thaisa, who, at twelve years, has chosen to express their concerns basketball sports. It started in the Bosco Sport, now called Celtic Sports, and still there. It is the only daughter of former Celtic player of the team, since it shares a dressing room with Maria Karpin, daughter of Valeri Karpin. Thaisa notable for having inherited the competitive nature of their parents, which helps make up for his lack of inches. Anyway, play the point guard position, where it can exploit its strengths, such as explosiveness and power movements. Since its area, much more like that Rafinha Thiago, although his two brothers are mirrors for it, as stated in more than one occasion in the press Vigo. Of course, if someone should be compared with today's player of the first template, which both offer style: generous in passing and lethal aid. Thaisa is growing as a player and every year is better than the last. (via SPORT)

"We could win 4-0"

Pep is clear that this is the way forward and so passed it on to their players. The draw will not change one iota their approaches.

Pep Guardiola was very clear what they would say to his players before the start of the morning session after the goalless draw against Sevilla suffered at the Camp Nou. I wanted to make it clear that what was experienced on Saturday was just an accident, a brief parenthesis that is not to disturb the harmony of clothing nor good gameplay that has shown the team at the beginning of the course. "It's okay," were his first words when he addressed his players yesterday morning, "these things can happen in the world of football," he said to give greater depth to their arguments.

The coach would not extend much his speech, knowing that the best we could do was jump his players to training camp number one Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper and catch the ball. "We could have won 4-0," he recalled in any case to his men, also highlighting the large number of opportunities and the show had to offer, especially in the second part, where people ran out with a loud firing cheers and chants to Leo Messi.

The technician also was especially fond of the 'crack Is Argentina, aware that despite his mental strength is it to be a real rock' Why take the pressure every time you play with the albiceleste, the decision on Saturday was not very easy digest for a player of his level. That is why Pep wanted him at any time transmit natural and quiet during yesterday's training, devoting all sorts of praise.

Obviously the faces were long in the locker room before the speech especially Guardiola. Then, when they jumped into the field, that anger and sadness for the draw on Saturday was dissipating. And in this group of people, the ball becomes the best balm to heal the wounds. Hence the importance given to the fact that Pep tomorrow Barcelona to play a game again, this time at the Granada.

The coaching staff has not turned much less alarm, and despite suffering their third tie in the league with only eight rounds played. It is clear that the technicians start making whole the view that this season, even more so, they will find the 95% of teams locked behind with nine or ten players almost crouching in your area, and almost ready to give attack, assuming more than good draw. Happened to the Royal Society, also Sporting Even if the end was saved with the goal of Adriano, and now with Sevilla. In fact, until now, only one team has played one on one with Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid apart from the first game of the season What the Bernabeu in the first leg of the Supercopa of Spain ¿, and that was the Valencia at the Mestalla, especially in the first half. The rest, including Milan in the Champions League, have played with the bus back and hoping to surprise with some isolated play against or pieces.

At Barcelona also highlight that there have been games where the opponent's offensive background has been little more than an auction, as was that of Seville last Saturday, and many others.

In any case, the technicians are convinced that the path set up today is correct and that the fruits will soon be collected. In fact, have already fallen in the beginning of season two titles: the Supercopa of Spain and Europe.

So much so that Guardiola has already started to raise his men will have to resign over the season to play against teams that give up the attack and ten to be placed in front of the goalkeeper and little else, with two rows of five.

A situation that, in any case, is not new because Barcelona has spent years having to fight this crusade the defensive play, but this season has been hyped to a degree unimaginable.

Of course, the solution to such an approach adamant is always the same: to score a goal. From there, the rival is defending all back under the same parameters, but their priorities change substantially: the tie go to find out try not goleados.

But in the locker room yesterday blaugrana if there was a topic of conversation was the draw against Sevilla and the loss of leadership but the unspeakable Kanoute reaction to Cesc. (via SPORT)

Keita, bittersweet Centennial League as Blaugrana

Seydou Keita's face rarely changes by more than Barca scoring pass or tie. The Malian player, that against Sevilla kept his hundred in League match with the shirt of Barca, downplayed the results to its exequipo with a smile. "We did everything but their goalie played well and was really impressive, I stopped everything. Simply, in football you can not always win, "argued the Mali midfielder.

"We always want to win, but when you try and you can not, there is nothing to blame," said Keita, who also threw a cloak to Leo Messi. "If you come to get the penalty, nobody would say anything, neither the penalty nor all that has happened as a result of that play. In football, these things happen sometimes and not always win the best. "

Keita, one of the most beloved players of clothing and one of the usual parts of Pep Guardiola, has already reached one hundred games in the league Barca in his fourth season in the ranks of Barça, after a season in Seville, in the he played 31 league games.
Keita, author of thirteen goals in 100 league games he has played as a Barca player, expressed the sentiments of the locker room after the draw. "We must be very quiet because this team still has a lot of football." (via SPORT)

Pep is paid to the three defenders in the league behind

FC Barcelona, ​​in six of the eight league games have been played, defense started with a three.

And Pep Guardiola's chosen more often to arm the triplet defenders were Alves (from right), Mascherano (center) and Abidal (left). The players that the coach started the last match against Sevilla at the Camp Nou (0-0). They also played against Atletico Madrid and Sporting Gijon.

The first defense this season with three items placed against Villarreal in their opening league, being at that time the owners Mascherano, Busquets and Abidal.

Against Real returned to action with a line of four, but three returned to Osasuna and Valencia at the Mestalla but ended up playing with four. Athletic and Sporting Against lagging behind again to return to three of four against Racing and again at three against Sevilla. The trio Alves-Mascherano-Abidal the 'discovered' Pep in the last minutes of the Valencia-Barça. (via SPORT)

Diego goes to blaugrana Neymar

Atlético footballer defined as "special, a quality hard to find.

Diego Ribas, Atletico Madrid player is convinced that Neymar have enough talent and quality of leftovers to play in the club, which also would be your ideal destination. He said in an interview with The Guardian, ESPN and La Gazzetta, which reviews his career in the league. The Brazilian, after seeing Barça and Real Madrid play closely, doesn't have doubts.

"For the form of playing that he has Barcelona, for their automatisms, it would be an ideal team for him", their countryman analyzes. He now also thinks Atletico player would place at Real Madrid, but only because whites "have great players," not because his style is the ideal game for Santos striker. And it sees the Brazilian international Diego as "a special player, a quality hard to find, different." Although it urges him to take the step, it does not stop advised to give it: "The important thing is to make the leap to Europe, both economically and professionally, playing with the best in the world, the Champions League. Must enjoy and decide what is best for you. " Of course, you decide Neymar the time: "You must know it if it is early or not, their environment. Now playing at the right time in the right equipment, because Brazil needs these quality players, a reference, and is the current reference Neymar of Brazilian football. " Diego hopes someday to see his compatriot in European football, but nobody knows how to take the step to be hitting the target and also the time to follow a projection that provides spectacular. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Eusebio: "The victory, the result of great teamwork"

Barça B coach highlighted the efforts of all players to overcome adverse marker and add the second victory in the league who breaks a streak of six consecutive games without a win.

Eusebio Sacristan was very pleased by the victory of Barca B in a field as complicated as the Collao of Alcoy (1-4) but, above all, wanted to highlight the attitude of the team that has managed to get up in the most difficult moments: "We finally managed to end the negative run of results. The victory was the result of the great work you have done all the team during the game. We have never lost their identity and the players have left the skin on a very difficult" .

Barca coach subsidiary has acknowledged that the final 1-4 score was a very spectacular because it "has occurred in the last minute and a dump Alcoyano attack. But the team has able to impose his game in the first half but we lacked materialize times while the Alcoyano has seized his chance. Fortunately, the team has moved on and has managed to turn around the marker. "

Eusebio apologized to the fans in the name of Jonathan Dos Santos as the Barca silenced the stands after scoring the equalizer. "We can not allow these things. I apologize on their behalf," said azulgrana coach. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Frédéric Kanouté apologizes after its expulsion in Camp Nou: "It was not exemplary"

Sevilla forward has apologized for his behavior after being sent off in the Camp Nou.
Even so, the attacker has said that "there was provocation and insult" but wanted to turn the page: "Fear settled. We continue with football".

Frederic Kanouté has sent a message to his fans through his Twitter after the expulsion of this Saturday at the Camp Nou. "I'm sorry what happened yesterday, it was exemplary. But there was provocation and insult, you know. Do not turn over laps. Thank you. " Sevilla striker added that "his behavior as mine was bad, we continue with football." (via MD)

Cesc Fàbregas: "I deny clearly that has made some racist insult"

Cesc Fabregas has made ​​clear, through his twitter, he made ​​no racist kind of insult Frederic Kanoute in the game this Saturday at the Camp Nou between Barcelona and Sevilla .

"I clearly deny having made ​​any racial slur toward a Sevilla player. All my life I played with people from around the world and all religions share a dressing room with a Malian player, I have a tattoo Arabic, and my partner is Lebanese. No clearest evidence that has no meaning. Now think of Granada which is what it touches. A hug. " As the same Kanoute has commented on his twitter , issue resolved.

Later, the same Cesc has added twitter: "I have just had a telephone conversation with Kanoute and q we both clarified what happened yesterday. We have apologized to each other and given the topic considered settled. Now we want to talk about football . Good night. " (via MD)

Cesc and Kanouté make the peace for telephone

After everyone involved versions offered on his Twitter account, Cesc and Kanouté eventually making peace.

Move on. That is what both Cesc Fabregas, Frederic Kanoute as soon as possible to want to forget the ugly scene that took place in the Camp Nou in the final minutes of Barca-Sevilla.

On the afternoon of Sunday, we told that Kanoute "opened fire" on Twitter to apologize and explain your side. Later, Cesc explained the facts as he lived.

It seems that the argument was settled at about nine o'clock at night, when, he told Cesc in another tweet, had a telephone conversation with the Seville striker definitely make amends.

"I have just had a telephone conversation with Kanoute and the two have clarified what happened yesterday. We have apologized to each other and we have settled the matter by. Now we want to talk about football," were the words of '4 'of Barça.

Almost immediately, quickly Kanoute Tweet: "Cesc and I have talked on the phone. The thing was explained and we are both adults and conscious of our guilt yesterday. No more." (via SPORT)

Double day of League this week

Barca will face domestic competition two commitments over the next six days. The Granada first and the second at the Camp Nou against Mallorca.

The team faces a new very intense week. On Tuesday the tenth day of play League in Los Cármenes of Granada, and on Saturday played a new game, this time against Mallorca at home. Then go over the day to day Barça, leaving aside the possible schedule changes, if any.

Monday 24: Last training before the visit to Granada. It will be at 11 am at the Ciudad Deportiva Joan Gamper. Then Pep Guardiola will appear before the media.

Tuesday 25: Barca will leave the Camp Nou at 9.15 am for the airport of El Prat. Will face Grenada at 20 hours.

Wednesday 26: After the game, Barça return to Barcelona and exercise the next morning in Sant Joan Despi (12 hours).

Thursday 27: Guardiola has given rest to his men that day.

Friday 28: The League champions fully focus the match against Mallorca with a session at 11 am. Later, there will be technical press conference.

Saturday 29: As usual on game days, staffing the finishing touches in the morning (11.30 hours) at the Camp Nou and night to get to Mallorca 20 hours.

Sunday 30: Barca will not stop. Train at 11 hours, because on Tuesday November 1 will have a new commitment of Champions in Prague, at the Viktoria Plzen. (via FCBarcelona.cat)