23 October 2011

Alves: “Nothing comes easy”

Dani Alves reckons that Saturday night’s result: “is a clear demonstration that everything is hard and nothing comes easy”, whilst insisting Barça: “are a great team, win lose or draw”.

Although they had plenty enough chances against Seville, Guardiola’s team were held to a goalless draw against Seville and although Alves admitted the result left the players: “with a bitter sweet taste”, he insisted: “everything that gives us something is positive. That’s football and you have to get over it”.
In the same tone, the Brazilian explained that results like Saturday’s don’t create any doubts in the squad: “everything is hard and complicated, but there is no way that this will make us doubt in ourselves. We are a great team – win, lose or draw. We have shown that over the years and one result won’t change that”.

Dani Alves believes that Seville: “are one of the best teams in terms of defence that we’ve seen here. They did a fantastic job, keeping their lines close, closing down any space we might use for our short passing game. Even so, we made plenty of chances. That’s football. Seville are one of the big teams in this league and they are bound to be in there at the end of the season. This won’t be a two horse race because all the other teams fight hard and it’s always going to be tough to win games, but we will finish top in the end, even though it will be very complicated”.

Alves also insisted that Cesc Fabregas certainly didn’t use any racist language to provoke Kanoute’s red card on Saturday: “they are moments when you are all fired up and you aren’t going to go around saying please and thank you, but there was no racist insult and certainly not from Cesc who is a great guy and would never do that”.

The ex-Seville man also made it clear that: “I’m fed up with all this business about players saying I only reacted because you provoked me – if I reacted to every provocation I’d be going for an early bath every game”.

The draw also meant that Real Madrid are for the moment at least, on top of the table, but Alves reckons: “that’s just a side show at this point. They are the leaders and of course they will be happy about that, we are behind them, but there is a long way to go yet and many things will happen I’m sure”.
Finally, Alves referred to Messi, who missed that late penalty: “you only miss them if you take them. Messi’s qualities are about much more than a missed penalty. It’s just a one off and there’s no need to go over it any more”.

Marco Simoncelli death
The death of Marco Simoncelli in today’s Malaysian Moto GP Grand Prix has come as a big blow to the whole sporting world and Alves commented: “it’s very sad indeed. When you compete to the limit, that kind of thing can always happen. It’s a terrible thing. It reminds you that you have to value life, because something like this can happen at any time. You have to live every day as if it were the last”. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Piqué takes part in training

Gerard Piqué joined in for part of the training with the rest of the squad on Sunday morning, as the players worked out following Saturday night’s draw against Sevilla.

WWith the trip to Granada on Tuesday their next game, the Barça squad were back at work this morning at the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper, where the stress was on recovering from Saturday night’s efforts against Seville in a generally gentle session.

Gerard Piqué provided the positive note at the session, joining in part of the training as he continues to recover from the muscle injury he suffered against Racing last weekend.

Alexis and Puyol also appeared at the session –working apart from the rest of the players, as they too continue to get over their injuries – Puyol was rested as a precautionary measure for the Sevilla game with a groin twinge.

As well as the youngster Isaac Cuenca, who trained with the squad on Saturday, three of the B team players who were not called up for the game against Alcoià - Gustavo Ledes, Sergi Gómez and Oriol Rosell also took part. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Barça B] Tottenham are also interested in the signings of Montoya and Bartra

Martin Montoya and Marc Bartra continue without renewing their contracts with the club and the interest of major European clubs to probe incorporation is increasing.

The last team that was interested in his situation has been Tottenham. The London club wants to strengthen its defense with young players and two players Blaugrana are two of the priority objectives.

Tottenham also goes after the footsteps of another defender linked with Barca's orbit is English as Gary Cahill. The center of Bolton is highly prized and Barca closely follows its evolution. (via SPORT)

Rosell stopped the feet to Del Nido

The cordiality was the tonic in the food of directive, although the Andalusian leader could not avoid to give the note..

The pre-game, in-sporting, was marked by the inclusion in the Sevilla shirt message "proud of Andalusia", clearly referring to the references made Artur Mas and Duran i Lleida on the level of Castilian and misuse social aid autonomy exists in Andalusia.

Barca had nothing to do with the statements of both politicians and the proof was that went unnoticed in Barcelona, ​​both the club and the fans. But Jose Maria Del Nido, Sevilla president, continued to seek the spotlight and provocation during the meal policy. The cordiality was noted throughout the meal, although the Andalusian leader could not avoid the note. Del Nido defining Catalunya referred to as the "Catalan region." The term did not please the Catalans and the managers responsible for responding was the president, Sandro Rosell, who, in a polite, do not hesitate to rebuke his namesake Andalusia, which he called for respect for the history of Catalonia and its people. In addition, advised him to leave the controversy and avoid mixing sport and politics, a way of acting that follows exactly the policy led by Rosell. The leader explained Barca, if Del Nido was not clear, that Catalonia is a country. The discussion was not over and the Sevilla president, once in the Nou Camp, as usual, was on the pitch with his players. Of course, took longer than usual to get on the box. (via SPORT)

Sevilla created a brawl to distract Leo Messi

Kanouté was key so that the time lapsed between the signaling and the launching outside of four minutes: "Too much", Valdés assured.

Between Cesc and Kanoute could pass around, but long before that had caused the Malian Leo Messi pacing the penalty spot and taking the ball before the Argentine was available to pitch.

Among Iturralde Gonzalez pointed out that the maximum penalty and Javi Varas shooting stopped, four minutes passed delanteor caused by Sevilla. In that sense, Valdés was clear: "It is too long. Leo was fucked up because it's a winner, but we are with him, is still the best player in the world. Sevilla have been smart and has extended the launch.

Four minutes is excessive. " Adriano also sided with her partner and said that "perhaps it Kanoute crossed the wires, I know it is not normal and what he did." Dani Alves, former Sevilla teammate, ran over the brawl and it also would not blame Messi error at launch: "It has nothing to do. In addition, only fails who spear. "

For Brazil, the tie helps to understand that "it costs a lot to gain, much remains to be insignificant and is now first or second matter in the end. No need to complain and have to put up because on Tuesday we have another battle. " Mascherano coincided with his partner: "Leo is a player accustomed to throwing the penalty, with a wealth of experience he has had to shoot and the keeper also had the power to stop, but it has nothing to do with the previous mess."

For its part, Iniesta was forceful in ensuring that "the penalty has been clear. I guess you can protest it, "referring to the rival technical doubts about the move. Fuentealbilla for the team "has tried everything, but have lacked definition. We leave with a bittersweet, but we're happy. " On the penalty missed by Leo Messi, said, "has nothing to do with Kanoute." (via SPORT)

[Player Ratings; Liga BBVA; week09] FC Barcelona - Sevilla FC (0-0)


Bartomeu: “The main character, the contrary goalkeeper"

The vice president suggests that, although the club has been playing "very good" throughout the game, this Saturday has found what he considers "the main protagonist" of commitment, Sevilla goalkeeper Javi Varas, which "I stopped everything." Bartomeu believes that seeing the 90 minutes, the group led by Josep Guardiola "deserved to win." At the same time, points out that games like these show that "the League is very long" and that "there is a two, because there are very difficult opponents." He adds: "The ambition we have, the game is good, and we all have confidence in this team."

Xavi Hernandez has played 391 Saturday his party in the League with Barça shirt, matching the record so far boasted Migueli . In this sense, Bartomeu has said that "many games, and I still make a lot more." In the same vein, said the '6' Barca "has the category of myth and still has a long way." (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Alves: "Only those who shoot can miss"

The Brazilian full-back minimized the importance of Messi’s penalty miss in the 94th minute, at the same time emphasising the courage of Leo, taking on such a responsibility. "Only those who dare to shoot can miss" he said.

It was the day when Xavi played his 391st League game in a Barça shirt, equalling 'Tarzan' Migueli’s record. It was also the day when Valdes beat his own personal record without conceding a goal, established last season, and he’s now gone 607 minutes without letting in a goal in an official match. But undoubtedly it wasn’t Barca’s day, as they came up against a superb Javi Varas.

"It's been a really tough game, and Sevilla’s defensive play was extraordinary. We played well, but there are days when the ball doesn’t want to go in" Dani Alves said. Seydou Keita had similar thoughts: "We just lacked a goal, but we played well and created good chances. At times these things happen. What's really important is that we tried everything to win".

The Mali player had words of praise for Messi, after he missed the penalty: "Leo is a guy who always helps the team, and always tries to score goals. Now we have to help him, because he’s an amazing player".


"In this type of games you feel bad. We tried everything, we had chances, but their keeper was sensational".

"Penalties are missed by those players who take them, and Leo will carry on taking them, and scoring".


"My unbeaten record is secondary for me. What I always want is to win, and today we didn’t, so there’s nothing to celebrate”.


"Varas has saved everything. He’s had a spectacular evening".

"At a personal level, every day I feel better, and I try to help the team the best I can, whether as a winger or a full-back". (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Marcelino: "He was a great goalkeeper, but we made more things"

Sevilla coach Marcelino Garcia, has been considered "impossible" to play against Barça and the goalkeeper "is not the best," referring to the great game of Seville Javi Varas goal in the tie that his men have started on the Camp Nou.

"Get out of here, playing against Barca, not conceding a goal and the goalkeeper is not the best I think is impossible," Marcelino has ironized in the press conference after the meeting.

"We had a great goalkeeper, but we made more. Valdes made two stops on the goal and we forced Barça to change the system of play. In the second half we dominated, but Varas has been extraordinary," he asserted.

From your point of view, if your team would not have given a picture of "solidarity" for the whole game would have been impossible to achieve this result.

"This team had put 21 goals in four games and have managed to keep a clean sheet," said Marcelino, who has acknowledged that it would have been unfair to lose in the last minute. "And with that penalty."

"These decisions are very complicated and would be a shame that we lost a penalty at the last minute, playing against the club," he added in reference to the death penalty brought to Iniesta, whose launch in Messi's boots, has broken a providential Varas .

Just at this rally has been driven Sevilla forward Frederic Kanouté, who attacked the Barca Cesc Fabregas and sparked a brawl between the two sets.

"I don't have enough data right now to explain what has passed with Kanouté. I'm surprised you have answered without provocation. But it has happened and that's it," said the coach, which in any case considered that their performance has not been the cause of the error of Messi.

"It's a penalty in injury time and see that you can escape (the tie), and at that moment the mood is greatly excites," he added to it.

In any case, Marcelino has opined that the cumulative results demonstrate that his team "are doing very well" and that some players had doubts of those who are giving a great performance. "I'm proud of these players," sentenced

However, it has admitted that Sevilla will not fight for the league title, "He will play two teams. The others can not fight. Barça and Real Madrid are above the other teams, not only in Spain but Europe and the world, "he concluded. (via SPORT)

Guardiola: "We have made everything to win"

Barca coach claims that, against Sevilla, Barca "has done everything to win" and "has tried in every way." In turn, highlights "the great defensive" of all Andalusia.

The Barça squad has done everything to try to take all three points tonight at the Camp Nou, but has met with good defensive work of his opponent and with the excellent performance of goalkeeper Javi Varas, who have stopped a penalty in time off. However, Josep Guardiola is pleased with the play of his players, whom they thanked the efforts, and considers have had "control" and "have generated many occasions." "It's always very difficult, as in the case on Saturday, but I have a feeling that once again we have a recognizable team," he added.

Undoubtedly, the Sevilla goalkeeper Javi Varas, has become its interventions in the great star of the night. In this sense, the Santpedor highlights both the defense of the Andalusian side as the role of goalkeeper on the pitch: "We have much work out of the Sevilla defense. It is demonstrated that the doormen also play, and we must thank Javi Varas how he did it. "

In injury time already, Iniesta Barca forced the first penalty of the season. Messi, despite the tense moments that lived on the pitch prior to its launch, stood and team leader decided to kick a penalty that would divert Varas. Guardiola has sought to highlight the attitude of the '10 'Barca: "He is very strong. It is not easy to throw a penalty under these conditions. I admire the courage he has had to throw this penalty with the tranquility that has it."

In the same line Guardiola was referring to the standing ovation you received from the public at the Camp Nou despite not having transformed the maximum sentence: "Whenever we are all at your side, and made ​​another extraordinary match. Its reliability is impeccable. Only ones have the courage to take the ball and shoot. This guy has given much happiness to people, moments of true glory. He has made ​​too many huge things and people do not forget. It is the decisive player has been in recent years. Undoubtedly, the cheers have been a gesture of what our people. " (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Valdes breaks his own personal record

The FC Barcelona keeper extended his personal unbeaten record to 607 minutes. One game more Valdes kept a clean sheet, helping Barça’s run of eight league games without conceding a goal at the Camp Nou.

In the 57th minute of the game Victor Valdes achieved a new record for himself. The Barça keeper beat his own personal unbeaten record, which now stands at 607 minutes after tonight’s game. Thus Valdes breaks the record he set last season when he kept a clean sheet for 577 minutes. ´

The last player to score against Valdes was Pablo Hernandez, in the 23rd minute of the game that Barça played away at Valencia on the 5th match-day. On Tuesday, away to Granada, the Barça goalkeeper may have the chance to increase his record.

Valdes has now gone eight league games at home without conceding a goal, matching his previous record between the 1996-97 and 1997-98 seasons. The last player to score against Valdes in the Camp Nou, in a League match, was Corona, for Almeria. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Xavi level with Migueli on 391 league games

This Saturday Xavi Hernandez played his 391st League match for Barça, equalling the record that was held up to now by Migueli.

The Barça mumber 6, who wore the captain's armband, has experienced a new unforgettable day in his club career, in which he’s already won 18 titles. Against Sevilla, Xavi equalled the number of games played by 'Tarzan' Migueli, up to now the player who had played more games for Barça in the League.

It's been over 13 years since the midfielder made his debut in the League, on 3rd of October 1998, away to Valencia (Barça won 3-1). Now, almost 32 years old, he’s equalled Migueli’s record, a player who wore the Barça shirt until we was over 36 years old.

After Migueli and Xavi, the list of Barça players with most matches is made up of Carles Puyol (351), Carles Rexach (328), and Guillermo Amor (311), all brought up through the youth system, except Amor.

Last season, Xavier had already passed Migueli as the player with the most official Barça matches, counting all competitions. The record was set at 549 games, which Xavi equalled on January 2nd, 2011, in a game against Levante, in which the two players shared the limelight. Now Xavi Hernandez, who has played in many more international games than Migueli (in the 70’s and 80’s, European competitions didn’t involve group stages), has 590 under his belt. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Liga BBVA; Week09] FC Barcelona 0 - 0 Sevilla FC

Barça host Sevilla at the Camp Nou at 22.00 (R@dio Barça) this evening in a game that brings together two sides that have yet to lose this season and that have the best defensive records in La Liga. Also tonight, Cesc is back.

The visitors at the Camp Nou tonight are Sevilla, “one of the big teams in La Liga”, according to FCB coach Pep Guardiola . The game brings together the teams currently lying in first and fourth place in the league table.

Barcelona have been on stunning home form in the championship so far, where they have scored 21 goals in four games and not conceded any.

Barça can welcome back Cesc Fàbregas this evening after he was declared fully recovered from his hamstring injury on Friday. The only players still sidelined are Piqué, Alexis and Afellay. Reserve player Isaac Cuenca, who made his Champions League debut on Wednesday, has been involved in training sessions with the first team this week and may be back in the team to face Sevilla in what will be the third game for the Catalans at the Camp Nou in just seven days.

Barça and Sevilla, along with Levante, are the only teams that have yet to lose a game in the league. The Catalan and Andalusian sides also have incredible records in defence. Víctor Valdés has just kept five consecutive clean sheets in league and Champions League matches, while Javi Varas picked the ball out of the net last week for the first time in 443 minutes. Along with Munúa of Levante (3 goals) these are the goalkeepers with the finest records in the championship.

Marcelino García Toral is arriving at the Camp Nou without three very important players, namely the suspended Spahic and the injured Perotti and Negredo. Sevilla have drawn all three of their road games so far this season. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Technical Data]
Barcelona: Valdés; Alves, Mascherano, Abidal, Keita (Pedro, min.62), Xavi (Busquets, min.88), Thiago (Cesc, min.74), Iniesta, Adriano, Messi and Villa.

Sevilla: Varas; Caceres, Fazio, Escudé, Navarro, Medel, Trochowski (Coke, min.62), Campaña (Rakitic, min.71), Navas, Armenteros and Manu del Moral (Kanouté, min.66).

Goal: -

Referee: Iturralde González (College Basque). He showed yellow card to Navas (min.42), Macherano (min.45), Javi Varas (min.56), Medel (min.66), Cáceres (min.68), Iniesta (mi.75), Fazio (min .92) and Kanoute (min.93) and drove with direct red Kanoute (min.94) and Navarro (min.97).

Incidents: Party of the ninth day of the First Division match at the Camp Nou before 82,743 spectators. Before the match, Barca players showed a T-shirt from the Bill and Melinda Gates to end polio. The tee shirt that could be read Sevilla played the theme "Proud of Andalusia".

[Barça B; Liga Adelante; Week10] Alcoyano 1 - 4 FC Barcelona B

Barça B has traced the initial goal of hitting targets Dos Santos, Carmona, Rafina and Tello. The subsidiary runs away from the relegation zone with a second away win of the season.

A set pieces and in added time. And lack of penalty and at the last minute, Barça B has finally been able to move the marker its good game. Despite losing start, those of Eusebio have been able to seal a victory that seventeenth located outside the relegation places.

Alcoyano is ahead on the scoreboard in the first arrival of the premises to the goal of Olazabal. A corner kick 10 minutes into the first period Choco Lozano has exploited to mark after a rebound.

The domain of the branch was already evident, before the Alcoyano brands but since then has intensified. The Eusebio's team insisted closer to the goal and as much Rafinha as Deulofeu and Tello have arranged golden opportunity to tie the game.

The subsidiary has been able to balance the game with two minutes left in the first period with a penalty committed on Lobato and transformed by Jonathan Dos Santos. Up to now, Barça B had wasted the two maximum hardships that had prepared throughout the season.

FC Barcelona's insistence it has been awarded a free-kick on 27 minutes. The Spaniard Carlos Carmona has signed with an excellent performance-pieces Barcelona the winner. The Alcoyano has turned to the attack in the dying seconds but after the expulsion of Stephen, the Barça B has sealed the win with dosgols added time. Rafinha Tello scored the third and the final 1 to 4. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Technical Data]
Alcoià: Maestro; Pina (Fabiani, m.76), Fernando Martín, Morcillo, Devesa; Gato, Diego Jiménez, Miki, Álvaro; César Remón (Omar Monterde, m.56) y Choco Lozano (Paco Esteban, m.59).

Barça B: Oier; Montoya, Marc Bartra, Muniesa, Lobato; Tello, Jonathan Dos Santos (Planas, m.86), Espinosa, Carmona; Rafinha y Deulofeu (Rodri, m.64).

Goles: 1-0 Lozano min. 10, 1-1 Dos Santos min. 43, 1-2 Carmona min.72, 1-3 Rafinha min. 92, 1-4 Tello min. 94.

Referee: Sánchez Martínez (Committee Murcia). He showed yellow card in the Miki premises admonished, Pina, Fernando Martin and Morcillo and visitors Dos Santos and Lobato. He drove straight red card to the local Paco Esteban.

Incidents : by the tenth day of the Second Division Championship in the stadium of El Collao before 3783 fans in the stands. Pitch in good condition. In the early stages of the shock is observed a minute of silence for the recent death of Octavio Cerdá, formerly of Alcoyano in the decade of the 40 when I was in First Division.