22 October 2011

Last tests before receiving Sevilla

Barça has made a final preparatory session before receiving, tonight at the Camp Nou, Sevilla, which is the ninth game of the season. In training have exercised the same 19 players on Friday.

As usual on game days at the stadium, the team led by Josep Guardiola has made ​​this one last Saturday afternoon workout before facing another day of competition of regularity in this case against Sevilla. Have taken part in the session the 18 available players from the first team, including Cesc Fabregas, who on Friday received a medical discharge , as well as subsidiary footballer Isaac Basin, which debuted Wednesday with the first team shirt.
They have also participated in the preparatory meeting that took place at the Camp Nou, which started at 12.30 and has been closed, three of the players who have not been included in the squad for Eusebio Sacristan Barça B party dispute this afternoon in the field of Alcoyano: Gustavo Lede, Sergi Gomez and Oriol Rosell.

After the training, have lunch at the Camp Nou and then have free time until the time of concentration in the stadium, scheduled approximately for an hour and a half before the start time of the meeting. Recall that the match between FC Barcelona and Sevilla will begin at 22 hours. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Valdano: "To be from Real Madrid doesn't enable me to hate Barça"

The former General Director of Real Madrid said to be far from hate and praised Barca boss Guardiola adopted by football.

Jorge Valdano affirmed in Canal Plus that to "be from Real Madrid" doesn't enable me to "hate FC Barcelona."

"Challenging the Barcelona is admirable. What you're doing with Real Madrid has merit," said Valdano, who expressed his admiration for the technical direction of Pep Guardiola.

"Pep was a coach and player in the field, had influence in the play, emotion conveyed in the game, you could tell there was a potential coach," said Valdano.

"Guardiola is a football fan of the idea of ​​Cruyff, conveys emotions you feel part of Barcelona, ​​believe in that kind of football he proposes, also has a tremendous ability to take bold decisions. Last year won the Champions League and, as is normal for someone so successfully takes refuge in the idea that gave you success. Instead, it creates new problems for opponents, tactically such changes, "says Valdano.

"He made his debut, for example, Busquets in his day, a third division player. These statements from your employer puts football in high instead of football history," said Jorge Valdano.

Former Real Madrid executive praised the style and level of play of the Spanish team. "Spain has become a world reference in every country there are good players but few dare to put sites worldwide. Spain has more midfielders than anyone. Busquets, Silva, Xabi Alonso, Xavi, Cesc, Mata, Iniesta, we have Cazorla, Valero, able to tune into the same kind of football. And then come behind Muniain, Thiago who advocate this style of doing things, "said Valdano.

Valdano acknowledged that his first bet on the bench for Real Madrid, Manuel Pellegrini "went from Madrid with a very high level of acceptance."

Asked about his relationship with Jose Mourinho, Valdano said: "We have different sensibilities but it became clear that living together was not easy. He, for his leadership pattern needs to accumulate power." Asked if he is happy at Real Madrid, Valdano said: "I'm 'mourinhólogo' I have not tried enough to know."

On the sink Madrid - Barcelona today, Valdano summarized: "In football there are cycles, it will play Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid should not resign. The effort must turn to win at Barcelona and Barcelona not to hate."

Valdano emphasized the character of their team throughout history. "Since I'm in Spain I have never seen non-delivery at Real Madrid. No matter the coach, the players, the president, Madrid never suspected of failure to deliver," said Valdano.

Valdano also recognized that keeps "a lot of respect and professional staff of Del Bosque". (via SPORT)

[youth] Juvenil Barça lived an authentic odyssey in Marseilles

OM used tricks like changing eleven at the last minute and not hide images facilitate delivery to the training.

Juvenil A morning returned to Barcelona after suffering multiple setbacks on his trip to Olympique Marseille to face in the Champions Youth (Next Gen Series). In addition to the loss (4-2) and an outrageous arbitration, the club did not find any kind of collaboration by the French in a tournament with the OM training purposes only designed with the goal of winning the three points at any price .

To start, the expedition could not work out in the camp assigned after eight hours of bus to Marseille. The French club did not provide access to the field and players could only exercise for ten minutes in a field next to the hotel, shared with the other neighborhood kids. Another motivation for the trip was witnessing the OM-Arsenal at the Velodrome, but the Gauls also facilitated the arrival in camp and youth were just half an hour of the match.

Already in the field, the alignment changed Olympique ten minutes before the start and sent the images yesterday of a game marked by poor arbitration. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] A moral Alcoy and hunger for victory

Barça B has traveled to Alcoy with the intention of breaking the negative gust of results. Without Cuenca that has returned with the first team, those of Eusebio will look for the second victory to home of the season.

Three absent due to injury (Ilie, Sergi Roberto and Soriano), four technical decision (Gómez, Minho, Gustavo and Rosell) and a final, Isaac Cuenca, which has become the first team. The rest of the squad of Barca B (18 players) has gone to Alcoy wanting to improve efficiency and thereby add needed a victory to escape the relegation zone.

The situation after eight games of B indicates that the subsidiary is only five points twentieth something that is not worrying Guardiola: "It would obviously be better than they were before but have been unable to make a pre-season conditions, the equipment has changed, they are very young and affiliates have trouble booting, patience." The current suffering of the subsidiary, Guardiola also extracts a positive reading, 'what they are suffering now will also help them to training, are also increasingly playing better and are in very good hands, I'm sure they will stay at the second. "

The Alcoyano, fourteenth with nine points is one of many teams looking to consolidate second in the quiet area of the table. For Eusebio "they are a team that are strong at home in a field where the squeeze up their minds, we must do things very well to win. " Eusebio is a wardrobe "optimistic, convinced that good someday play should involve the award of good results." (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Barca to win with Cesc

Barça will look for its fourth league victory in Camp Nou with a Sevilla without Guarente, Perotti, Negredo and Spahic.

If the last day the return of Andres Iniesta was the best news, facing the shock of the big news today is represented by the discharge from Cesc Fabregas after 20 days off following the hamstring injury in the distal biceps femoris of the right leg that occurred in the training of October 1.

In addition to two commitments to the Spanish team, the squad has missed three meetings in key blaugrana (two League against Sporting and Racing, and one of Champions against Viktoria Plzen). Although yesterday completed all training and be fully demonstrated, it seems unlikely that Arenys initial part of the team against Sevilla.

To date, Cesc performance is exceeding the most optimistic and it is a basic piece for Pep Guardiola. The former Arsenal is the third top scorer with five goals (four in the Champions League and one in), only behind the 16 Leo Messi sum (ten in the league, three in the Supercopa of Spain, two in the League Champions and one European Super Cup) and seven of David Villa (three in the Champions League, three in one league and Super Cup in Spain).

Another of the main characters was Isaac Cuenca, who had trained with the reserves on Thursday after his debut in the Champions League against Viktoria and yesterday was again required by Guardiola, perhaps due to saturation of parties that carry Villa and Pedro.

Before talking or alternates to be seen whether Pep opted for the 4-3-3 or 3-4-3. Declining food Negredo the newest option, but the speed of Navas could motivate a behind with four players to avoid the band rides as with Mathieu in the visit to Mestalla.

As for the eleven who can align the Santpedor output, one of the novel could be the presence of Carles Puyol as a starter after one minute no contest Wednesday in the Champions League. Two other players with options to return to the team would be Thiago and Keita. The youth rested against the Czechs and has played everything in the league at Camp Nou, while Mali would be a good `lock why the left side when opting to defend three.

If the two were in the game, Andres Iniesta would be distributed in bands or attack with Pedro Villa, while Leo Messi will act as a false centreforward. (via SPORT)

[Ex-player] Albertini: "Barca is not invincible"

The former Italian midfielder analyzed the Catalan side in key 'Rossoneri' and declared that "a simple game," the Pep Guardiola can be defeated, urging Milan to seek the leadership of the group in the Champions League.

The ex azulgrana Demetrio Albertini, currently Vice President of the Italian Football Federation (FIGC), considered on Friday that Pep Guardiola is "not invincible".

In a statement that includes the information portal 'Canale Milan' , the former Italian midfielder was convinced that Milan "can qualify for the next round of Champions League as group winners," making it clear that the 'Rossoneri' "can not comply with the classification "as runner-up.

Albertini assessed the level of boat and said "as said Guardiola, Barca is not invincible." The legendary former Milan midfielder, Barça and Athletic, among others, as an example the last meeting of the squad. "If you look at the last game played, we see that it was easy to defeat Viktoria Plzen despite playing much better than them," he said.

Albertini did not hesitate to recognize the hegemony of Barca but recalled that a simple game options are equal. "Barca is the best team in the world but a simple game can also lose," he said. (via SPORT)

The day that Figo didn't tolerate the pressure of Camp Nou

This Friday is the day meet in 11 years that Luis Figo first visited the Camp Nou as a Real Madrid player. A day at the hostile reception that exceeded Tier Portuguese.

After abandoning Barça to join for Real Madrid, Figo visited Camp Nou for the first time with the white shirt. It was one of the most anticipated moments of the season and during the week before the game was much talk of receipt of the Barca fans and how the pressure would hold the Portuguese player.

In the end, Real Madrid beat reality. Figo was overwhelmed and intimidated by the circumstances, the shouts, the bunkers and the banners of a hobby hurt by the manner in which one of the most beloved players went to arch rival even the largest publicly denied having denied their march- an interview with SPORT and would not be until years later when he admitted being wrong: "My only mistake in those days was an interview I said that I would not," he told 'El Pais' -.

Two hours before the game, Figo began to feel the wrath of the fans at the exit of the expedition White Hotel Diplomatic. Shortly after, the heating at the Camp Nou could see first hand how the spirits were between Barça fan, who received him with a big puff and populated the stands with many banners: "Judas at your side was a fan" "Figo = traitor, liar and stingy", "Figo, you went back as a king and a slave" or "I thought there was so much hair gel suspicious" were some of the more 'soft'.

But worse was to come, because once took to the field dressed in white increased the decibel blast and thousands of white handkerchiefs Coliseum seeded squad. Since then, every ball he played Figo became an ordeal for Real Madrid, who became an unstoppable marking outraged fans.

It accused him Figo, who played one of the worst games that you remember. Void in the field by a young Puyol, who received his doctorate with the Luso-marking was not able to display your game and just tried the shot at goal. The pressure could with him and did not dare to launch even a single corner kick, when the Portuguese was in charge to do routinely. In addition, the public saw no breath left him in no time and took every occasion, as an entry-Rivaldo yours that ended in yellow-, to unleash their wrath on him.

At the end of the game with 2-0 to the Catalans, Portuguese and bid farewell to former teammate Carles Puyol, Sergi, Rivaldo or Cocu, and took the way of dressing like an automaton. It even had the strength to meet the media after the game and thus ended their nights in a tough field. (via SPORT)

Valdano: "I'm not angry at Barça"

The general former director from Real Madrid regretted the insinuations from Mourinho to Barça in press conference and considered that it is not good to provoke those of Pep Guardiola.

Jorge Valdano appeared Thursday before the microphones of the radio show 'El Larguero' of the Cadena Ser to assess the current Real Madrid and did not hesitate last indirect censure Jose Mourinho to Barça.

Valdano was emphatic in stating that "I'm not angry at Barça", as well as warn of the danger of involving hate speech. "The hate speeches of rival, who are from another community or region, can become dangerous," he said, adding that "ideas ever go to extremes." (via SPORT)

[Ex-player] Maradona: "Let Messi quiet"

Former Argentine footballer, current coach of Al Wasl, called crack Barca respect and trust that exploit all its qualities in the selection and involvement, claiming that Leo "is Argentine until he goes to the bathroom".

Al Wasl coach Diego Armando Maradona asked the media to "stop quiet Leo", defending the crack again Leo Messi of FC Barcelona.

Maradona's defense regarding Leo came to the point where said Barca forward "is when you go to Argentina to the bathroom."

'El Pelusa' view that if Argentina does not perform as in Barça "we'll have to wait, or put to another, because the 'kid' get tired of listening to so many people who think and never kicked a ball."

Maradona recalled that he saw him train and "the desire that has to prove his talent," while recalling that Leo "is human and can fail." The former was sharp and was convinced that Messi "will give us great satisfaction."

Diego also sent encouragement to the Argentina and gave full support to Sabella. "All I want is to win Argentina. Beyond the problems, I wish you all the best to Sabella," he said, while admitting that the playoffs will be difficult but thought that the 'albiceleste' will not suffer to qualify "because it has some spectacular players. "

Retrieve the 'little message' Pele

Maradona could not avoid some criticism Pele to recover the controversial videos that the Brazilian was sending Messi to look like play. Diego was emphatic: "It's going to send black and white. At the time ball was played with tact. The dark-haired flame-like Pele, Maradona was relegated off the podium and is hot," said Diego after a survey of a Spanish newspaper that leaves below Messi Pele, Di Stefano and Maradona himself. (via SPORT)

[Former player] Motta: "Messi will join for the Inter sooner or later"

The former Barcelona midfielder said Messi "team change sooner or later" because of his youth and that "your first choice will be sure to Inter Milan".

The Inter Milan midfielder Thiago Motta made a surprising statement considering that Leo Messi will end sometime in the rows of 'Nerazzurri'.

Motta, speaking at a news conference that gathered the Italian media as' La Gazzetta dello Sport said: "If Messi leaves Barcelona, ​​Inter will be safe."

The former Barcelona was confident of his assessment on the future of 'La Pulga', saying he feels that "sooner or later it will be time to change your team," noting that "he is still young and sooner or later the time will come to change. "

Motta also used to highlight his relationship with the best player in the world. "We are friends. It is a simple and humble guy and I always found comfortable with it. We continue to send messages," he said.

The Italian-Brazilian also had some words to assess its passage through the Barca. "When I arrived in Catalunya, Rivaldo was my idol. In Brazil he wore his shirt. However, with Van Gaal, I realized that my position in the country was to Phillip Cocu, whom I had the privilege of playing two or three years and learn a lot, "Motta said a philosophy that emphasized the Barca game. "Since I arrived in Barcelona I was taught not to throw away the ball and take more risks trying to play and keep possession," he said. (via SPORT)

[Youth] Global success of live broadcast from La Masia

The inauguration of the Masia was seen in 150 countries via the different FC Barcelona channels and was seen by 300,000 people, a record breaker for a Catalan language broadcast.

Barça fans had a thrilling day on Thursday as the new Masia –Oriol Tort Training Centre was opened. The ceremony was shown on the Club website, its Youtube channel and Barça TV. Almost 300,000 people in some 150 countries watched the trilingual broadcast. For the first time ever, a Catalan language show was broadcast around the world, and that alone as seen by some 50,000 people. Youtube was the preferred channel for following the events.

130,338 users connected to the club website and the FCB Youtube channel was seen by some 93,038 people, where the show was broadcast in English, Spanish and Catalan.

The special Barça TV programme about the inauguration of the Masia was watched by a share of 1.8% and an average 35,000 people for two hours. The most watched section was the actual inauguration of the Masia, which was also shown on Barça TV Internacional.

Televisions channels TV3, Esport 3, Teledeporte and in 60 other countries also used the signal created by the Omnisport news agency, including ESPN, Al Jazeera and Fox Soccer.

177 media companies attended the event: 26 newspapers and magazines, 20 radios, 112 televisions and 19 photographers.

There was also a huge impact on social networks, with 122 tweets per minute on Twitter, which makes for two actions per second discussing the opening of the new facility in Sant Joan Despí via #masiaFCB. (via FCBarcelona.cat)