21 October 2011

[Selection Under-17] Spain 6 - 0 Malta

The international beat goes Santi Denia Maltese selection in the second qualifier of the first phase of the European Championships in Slovenia. Samper, Ramirez three times, Arguez and Serrano were the scorers. Spain, with six points, is now leader of the group 11.

The Under-17 National Team led by Santi Denia beat Malta in the second game of the first qualifying round of the European Championship in Slovenia 2012, played from 14:30 pm on Staoium Mladost Podgorica. Sergi Samper in 9 minutes and Sandro Ramirez in the 30th minute penalty gave Spain the two goals that retired to rest. In the second half, Juan Jesus Arguez (min.56), Alejandro Serrano (min.59) and again Sandro Ramirez (min.69 and min.80) completed the six goals of Spain.

With the win, second after beating Montenegro 2-1, the Spanish leader provisionally placed 11 group with six points, eight goals for and one against (+7) in the hope that at 18:00 pm host face Montenegro (0 points) and Poland (3 points and a goal average of +3) in the Training Camp.

In the third and final qualifying match, Spain will face Poland on Monday, October 24, from 14:30 pm in the stadium Podgorica. (via RFEF)

[Barça B] Cuenca: of Champions to Alcoy

Isaac Cuenca has spent a few hours to live the dream debut with the first team in the Champions League return with the branch to prepare the visit to the field of Alcoyano.

Viktoria Plzen Against Isaac Cuenca made ​​the dream of any player in the quarry with the first team debut. The Reus, however, has not had much time to digest this debut in the Champions League and returned immediately to the discipline of Barca B to prepare for Saturday's game in the field of Alcoyano.

Eusebio Sacristan has warmly congratulated and colleagues at the branch have long applauded the early stages of training this morning in the field B 3 of the Ciudad Deportiva Joan Gamper.

Cuenca's debut is a great joy for the costumes of the branch, says Eusebio Sacristan " For us it was great news, these players work hard for it, we all very happy for Isaac. "

Barça B coach sees no problem returning to the subsidiary: "It is true that Cuenca not have time to assimilate his debut and why is with us, but surely in the coming games will continue to show high performance. "

Cuenca and all his colleagues hope to get this costume the field Saturday in a win Alcoyano to relaunch the B in the classification . (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Marcelino "You can do several approaches, but ultimately put you back"

The coach removes iron to the message in the shirt of Sevilla: "the Catalan will be proud of being Catalan" the same as him "as Asturian."

The coach of Sevilla FC, Marcelino Garcia Toral , said today, Friday's match on Saturday at the Camp Nou against Barcelona that "you can make several approaches, but ultimately put you behind."

Asturian coach has told reporters that asks players to "be bold and know that they will be running a lot of time behind the ball and when you recover, the club will press in an intense". Marcelino has rated the opponent as "the best team in the world" and although "it is impossible to win," has recognized that we must "be aware of the capacity. If you look at statistics, you see it's very complicated."

Sevilla coach has revealed that, contrary to his usual line up tomorrow to a "single front" and that because of the low Diego Perotti and Alvaro Negredo "we must find solutions and put the best team we have right now." Marcelino has appreciated the words of praise that has dedicated his colleague Pep Guardiola, who will always be "grateful for the help he gave to this coaching staff when he was studying the practice of Barcelona".

The Sevilla coach acknowledged having "no secret formula to stop Messi "because" it is very difficult, "but added that" you can watch, but his side are ten very good players and a great coach who is able to make a extraordinary gain and keep players convinced that they must continue to do so. "

Marcelino García Toral has supported the idea of shining in the shirt the "Proud motto of Andalusia" and it has indicated "that the Catalan will be proud of being Catalan" the same as he "as Asturian", is "proud" of being it. Football is sport and stay there." (via MD)

Guardiola toasts new Masia

The coach is delighted that the new Masia is open and is named after “the great professor Oriol Tort … I hope it continues to work like it has for the last 32 years,” having produced today’s unrepeatable generation of stars.

The inauguration of la Masia, Oriol Tort Training Centre on Thursday was an emotional day for everyone. Pep Guardiola was there, and praised the ceremony at the Ciutat Esportiva in today’s press conference. “It was a very emotional event. I celebrate the fact that it carries the name of the great professor Oriol Tort.” He hopes the “youth teams will be able to train in peace” at the new facility.

Guardiola knows what a good job was done at La Masia over the 32 years at the old location and has wished a long life for the new version. He knows that the current Barça generation includes 11 players that grew up there, but feels that the current situation “is an exception … I doubt that such a generation will ever be repeated”.

Guardiola thinks it will be hard to find anybody to replace Xavi, Iniesta, Valdés and company. “But while they are still here, it is good for the new youngsters to join them. But it is impossible to swap them piece for piece. It’s a very difficult process to consolidate them”.

He also spoke about Xavi, who could break the record for league appearances if he plays against Sevilla on Saturday. “He will be a hard player to replace, not just because of what he does on the field but also off of it. It is hard to find somebody who generates do much joy in the squad”.

But Guardiola has not been sidetracked from his duty of preparing for Sevilla’s visit to the Camp Nou. He reckons they “are one of the big teams … they haven’t lost any games so far, and that’s not by chance. Sevilla play first touch football and go straight for the goalkeeper.”

ETA announcement
Pep Guardiola was also asked what he makes of the ETA announcement of a permanent cease-fire. “That’s good news. It’s a very special moment for the country. And for many years” he said. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Cesc cleared to play on Saturday

The second to last session before taking on Sevilla featured good news about Cesc. The midfielder has missed three games through injury, but will be OK for Saturday. Alexis and Piqué exercised in isolation.

Cesc Fàbregas is fit again. On Friday he was given the medical all-clear after being sidelined with a hamstring injury since a training session on October 1. He has missed three games for FC Barcelona (Sporting, Racing and Viktoria) as well two internationals for Spain.

Cesc back, Guardiola is now only missing three players in Piqué, Alexis and Afellay. Cesc was on great form before getting injured, with 5 goals in 9 games and was offering certain midfield options that were unavailable to the manager before.

Other than Cesc Fàbregas, there were another 19 players present at the Ciutat Esportiva 18, including Isaac Cuenca of Barça B, who made his European debut last Wednesday. The injured Alexis and Piqué both continued recovering from their respective injuries. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Xavi Hernández voted player of the season 2010-11 by Barça Fans

The Catalan midfielder has been voted Player of the Year 2010-11 with more than half a million votes in a poll organised by the on-line Barça supporters community.

Xavi thanked the Barça Fans for their votes , declaring: “I am very happy and excited to have been chosen as the best player from amongst so the many great footballers who are my team mates. Thank you to everybody”.

Xavi Hernández received more than 500,000 votes and finished just ahead of Messi and Iniesta. The voting has served both to give the Fans the chance to vote for their favourite and also to get to know Xavi a little better after the community organised a series of questions the Fans could put to the midfielder.

Barça Fans is the official on-line community for FC Barcelona supporters and has more than 600.000 members (as of August 1st) who are able to enjoy special offers and deals connected with the Club. The Barça Fans community is just one part of the global support Barça enjoy, alongside the 20 million fans on Facebook and the 3 million accounts on Twitter – at @fcbarcelona_cat, @fcbarcelona_es and @fcbarcelona).

Barça Fans has grown enormously, not just in the Spanish State, but also in the USA, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, India, Poland and Morocco. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Youth; NextGen Series] Olympique Marseille 4 - 2 FCB Juvenil A

Oscar Garcia's team suffered the first defeat of the season in his field visit of Olympique Marseille. The French have overcome Ernesto and Dongou's goals.

After winning the first three games of the Series Next Gen, the Juvenil A azulgrana has fallen in Marseille in a match that was well on track with two goals early birds.

Despite the low Samper and Grimaldo, called the selection under-17, the Juvenil A Barca has started strongly with two goals in Marseille signed by Ernesto and Dongou of penalty, in the initial section of the first period.

Olympique imposed their game on a second period marked by some decisions contentious arbitration as a more than dubious penalty whistled against the Catalans. Oscar Garcia's team finished with 10 for the expulsion of Dongou. Baptiste, Diop, James and Bangoura were the scorers of the French side. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Technical Data]
O. Marseille: Fabri, Abergel, Andonian, Baptiste (Bangoura, 46'), Azouni, Sommier, Abdullah, Diop (Ammari, 60'), Enukidze (Gadi, 55'), Santiago and Jobello.

FCB: Miguel Bañuz, Bakoyock, Olivan, Bagnack, Ayala, Patric, Ernesto, Quintillà (Sinz, 65'), Dongou, Gustavo and Herrera.

Goals: 0-1 Ernesto, 0-2 Dongou (penalty), 1-2 Baptiste, 2-2 Diop (penalty), 3-2 Santiago, 4-2 Abdullah.

Incidents: match at Marcel Cerdan to 900 spectators.

[Former player] Five-match ban to former Barcelona player Gabri

The Disciplinary Commission of the Swiss Football League (SFL) is punishable by five matches to players of Sion Gabri Garcia, former FC Barcelona, ​​Stefan Glam, José Gonçalves, Billy Ketkeophompone, Pascal Feindouno and Mario Mutsch for coming to the courts in their dispute with the SFL.

As reported by the Swiss Football Association, who explains that the decision may be appealed within five days before the Appeal Committee and recalled that the six players, with the signing of contracts with Sion, are obliged to respect the body's constitution.

He also notes that its laws provide the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Arbitration for Sport for civil litigation relating to the Swiss Football Association. In this case, the Swiss League did not register to the six new players in the Sion due to a sanction in the sense of FIFA. The Disciplinary Commission, which previously passed a party to these six players go to the courts, believes that new players have violated the rules of the Swiss Football Association to file suit in the Civil Court of Martigny, understands this as "serious" and are punishable by a five-game suspension for this reason.

It also stresses that the sanction does not represent in any case, one way to respond to the decision last September 27th Civil Court of Martigny, which gave reason to Sion and allowed the registration of these six new players, but due exclusively to that decided to go to the courts. (via SPORT)

Sandro Rosell, "La Masia is a school of values"

At the official opening of the new home of the quarry, Sandro Rosell has praised the work of sports training and human is made in La Masia. The president hopes that "warmth" of the old building was moved to the new Masia.

It was a few minutes to a quarter to nine at night when the hands of the president of the Generalitat de Catalunya Artur Mas, Barcelona president Sandro Rosell, coach Pep Guardiola, the captain Carles Puyol, and the two younger residents Alejandro Viedman and 'Bobby' Alekanyue have symbolically pressing on a balloon La Masia, Oriol Tort Training Center.

This will put the icing on an emotional act, yet massive in which the new technologies through the facade of the farmhouse which has 350,500 LED lights to project images have been intertwined with the experience and recognition of the protagonists.

At the event President Sandro Rosell was pleased by the culmination of a long-term project . The maximum FC Barcelona president has acknowledged that the new facility is "more modern and functional," but no doubt that "the heat of the traditional Catalan Masia take over here."

Among Sandro Rosell acknowledgments had for people who have played or play a key role in the Masia has become "the hub" of Barca, the president has had a special mention to the parents of the players because "we entrust their child." But has calmed down when he noted that "we have the best 'masovers' led by Carles Folguera." In this respect also Rosell has praised the great work you do inside. " La Masia is much more than a youth club athletes. Is a school of values," he said.

The president of the Generalitat de Catalunya has also directed a few words to those attending the event. "Barca today shows with a project like the farmhouse you can have the essence and root of such a long history of a club, a town and country, while being the best in the world. Today we can say that are great ambassadors, "said Artur Mas.

Andres Iniesta, one of the players in the first team who has lived in the farmhouse, explained what he's supposed to live here. "Clearly I have raised my family and I have formed here. I can not find a better place to form the Masia."

Guillermo Amor, director of football training, and also knows what it reside in the farmhouse has also participated in the act, and the Coro de l'Orfeo Català Mitjans that singing 'Cant del Barça' or the actor and musician Lluis Soler Lautaro Rosas, who has played the 'Viatge to Ithaca'. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Youth] Full of authorities to bless la nueva Masía

Numerous personalities from the country club and the world of sport has opened La Masia, Oriol Tort Training Center, a day of happiness and excitement for Barcelona.

Authorities of the country, leaders and former leaders of FC Barcelona, ​​coaches and former coaches, players and former players, residents and former residents, families very popular for Catalans, well-known people in the sports world ... they all attended the brilliant inauguration of the new Masía has been carried out on Thursday night. In Sant Joan Despi have gathered, among many others, the President of the Generalitat, Artur Mas, the chief executive of the entity, Sandro Rosell, four former presidents (Montal, Nuñez, Gaspart and Reyna), the legendary Antonio Ramallets, the family of founder Joan Gamper, the representative of Qatar Foundation Andreas or the first Ballon d'Or formed in la Masía, Leo Messi. And all his teammates and coach, Pep Guardiola, excited, as all those present, along with sporting director Andoni Zubizarreta.

One of the main exponents of talent emerging from the former Masía of Can Planes and current Director of football training, Guillermo Amor, expressed his feelings: "It is a very special day and much happiness for all. to enjoy the most and think that this is because the Club is confident in it." He corroborated Jordi Mestre, the manager responsible for training football: "It's a milestone. It is a building that, apart from size, the content is fantastic. We have put the club level we have.

The other hand, now coach of Sabadell, Lluis Carreras, admitted: "In the Mas spent six and a half years, the best of my life. I thoroughly enjoyed, I can not dream of being next to the Camp Nou! not only learn to play soccer, also to live and behave. " Seguer Josep Joaquim Rife, Salvador Sadurní, Ferran Olivella, Carles Rexach, Rafael Zuviría, Justo Tejada, Antonio Olmo and Sergi Barjuan were other former players who have not lost the gala premiere of the new Farm.

At end of the ceremony, the director of the farmhouse, Carles Folguera, Barça TV has valued the moments previously lived. "It was very emotional and I am very satisfied. Has touched a nerve. Had to be a magical day and has been with the will to unite," he said. In addition, Folguera has highlighted the fact that during the ceremony were sitting together the first team players with the residents of the farmhouse. "When we have said, children are excited," he said. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Iniesta at Masia opening: “It’s an emotional day”

Andres Iniesta was himself a student at the old Masia and on the day that the new centre for youngsters at the Club was opened, he explained: “it’s a world recognised centre and I’m thrilled to be here for the opening”.

Andres Iniesta is just one of the many players who’ve come up through the academy and he came to the Masia in 1996 when he was just 12 years old. Now, 15 years later, he is in a privileged position to judge the new facilities: “right now, and for some time, the Masia has been recognised throughout the world. The secret is doing things in the right way from the very start and they try to improve you as a player and as a person too”.

For that reason, the inauguration has a special significance for ex-Masia residents such as Iniesta: “It’s an emotional day. Important. There’s a real change between the old and new Masia, you can see how things have changed and I’m thrilled to be a part of the first team and to be here for the opening”.

Asked to give some advice to the youngsters at the new Masia, Iniesta recommended: “they have to be aware of what they have - to value going to school and being able to train every day – because the time goes by really quickly. It’s hard to leave your family and so you have to appreciate what you have here –I’d tell them to enjoy themselves”.

As Guardiola mentioned after the game against Viktoria, not all players coming out of the academy will become world stars –it takes talent, sacrifice and lots of hard work to make it. Iniesta achieved his success in part thanks to the chance he was given when he was just 18 by Louis van Gaal: “I’ll always be grateful to him because not only was he the man who gave me my debut and also gave me a lot of confidence. I remember that the six games I played for him before he left, I started all those games. There were some big names available and I got the nod, even though I was only 18. He’s a coach who really values youngsters who are coming through and there were a lot of us who started with him. I’ll always have good memories of him”. Van Gaal will be at the inauguration this evening to receive the plaudits of his ex-pupils.

Fantastic skill
Iniesta’s goal against Viktoria came with a fantastic piece of skill and he explained: “when that kind of thing works out, it leaves you with a great feeling. I don’t think I invented that little piece of skill. It was a really quick move, you find yourself in a small space and with a defender ahead of you. I knew the defender would stay on the ground. It was a nice move with two or three one-twos with Messi. I’m very happy about how it turned out, because we scored and it put us on the road to a win”.

The piece of skill he showed was a copy of the effort he made against Racing, though that time his shot came off the woodwork for Leo Messi to put away, but he’s clear who is the world number 1: “It's Leo, let’s hope we can all enjoy him for many more years”. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Barça B] Isaac Cuenca is the 18th home grown player to make his debut under Guardiola

Isaac Cuenca became the 18th player from the Club’s academy to make his debut with the first team since Pep Guardiola took over. Busquets, Thiago and Fontàs are currently the three most successful.

Between Sergio Busquets’ debut in the second week of the 2008/09 season and Isaac Cuenca’s appearance on Wednesday night , Pep Guardiola has given 16 other home grown players their chance in the first team. Some have stayed with the first team, some are still in the reserves and others have moved on to pursue their careers at other clubs.

Sergio Busquets was the first home grown player to make his debut with Guardiola, on September 13th 2008 and he has since gone on to make his name as one of the best midfielders in the game. Thiago Alcántara made his debut in the same season and his progress has continued to the point where this season he officially became a first team squad member, alongside Andreu Fontàs, who was handed his place last season.

Pep Guardiola regularly calls up B team players for training with the first team squad and he’s also given plenty of them the chance to prove themselves by handing them their debuts. Isaac Cuenca was the latest in a list of players who are still with the B team and have played for the first team - Muniesa, Dos Santos, Bartra, Soriano, Sergi Roberto, Montoya, Miño and Sergi Gómez.

Six of the players who made their debuts have moved on to other clubs - Botía (Sporting), Abraham (Alcorcón), Xavi Torres (Llevant), Gai (Manchester City), Nolito (Benfica) and Oriol Romeu (Chelsea). Oriol Romeu made his debut in the Champions League game against Genk on Wednesday night. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

The 18 who have made their debuts
Sergio B. 08/09 League
Thiago 08/09 League
Xavi Torres 08/09 League
Muniesa 08/09 League
Botía 08/09 League
Abraham 08/09 Cup
Fontàs 09/10 League
Dos Santos 09/10 Cup
Gai 09/10 Cup
J. Soriano 09/10 Cup
Bartra 09/10 League
O. Romeu 10/11 Supercup
S. Gómez 10/11 Supercup
Miño 10/11 Supercup
Nolito 10/11 League
Montoya 10/11 League
S. Roberto 10/11 Cup
I. Cuenca 11/12 Champions

22 players in training

The 17 fit first team players, plus Cesc Fabregas, were joined by three B team youngsters and a Youth B player for training at the Ciutat Esportiva this evening. The injured Alexis and Piqué trained apart from the rest of the group.

After last night’s European win, the squad were back in training this evening, with Miño, Oriol Rosell and Sergi Gómez from the B team and Juvenil B player Joel Huertas joining the session. Huertas was born on 9 May 1995 in Lleida and is an inside left.

The injured Alexis Sánchez and Gerard Piqué were also to be seen on pitch number 2 at the Ciutat Esportiva, as they both worked out away from the rest of the squad as part of their recovery programmes.

The squad will train again on Friday at 11.00 and Pep Guardiola will speak to the media afterwards. (via FCBarcelona.cat)