20 October 2011

[Ex-president] Núñez: "Barcelona is more than what you have"

"I have to go. Just looking at an audit will easily see what has been the history of Barcelona," said the former president, who attends the inauguration of the new Masía.

The FC Barcelona ex-president Josep Lluís Núñez has complained today that the club owes more money than you and therefore may not be the strongest team in the world, as does happen on a sporting level, in addition to recalling the beginnings of the farmhouse which he founded and that this Thursday, at its 32 th anniversary, opens its new facilities in the Ciutat Esportiva.

"I think it's a shame that today, Barcelona is not economically the world's strongest club. I owe everything. All you have what must be more than what we have," he said in a statement to 'El Matí de Catalunya Ràdio'.

Therefore, said he did not understand why the current Board of Directors, headed by Sandro Rosell disbursements makes great signings, especially when it has world-class homegrown, as members of the Spanish FIFA World Cup South Africa. "It means that the economic structure has to work almost alone because he has not had to make major investments," he said.

In this sense, despite not wanting to talk about, ended up getting wet. "It is time to talk about the economy but it is a shame. I have to go. Just looking at an audit will easily see what has been the history of Barcelona," he added.

"We should have taken advantage of having the best economic solvency, because when the crisis comes back to be the same thing happens in the country, companies, banks ... Do not think that because it has become a very important thing anything goes , right? "he said.

On the other hand, the president will attend this evening at the opening of the new Masia, Oriol Tort Training Center, located in the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper, the same day they met 32 ​​years of the original center opened in its mandate. "La Masia is a symbol of a project that changed the entire structure, a way of leading the club to be competitive, forget the politics and the result is this" celebrated. (via AS)

Pérez Montero will whistle Barça-Majorca

Pedro Jesus Pérez Montero, ascended collegian this season to Primera Division, will be the one in charge of directing Barça-Majorca of week 11.

The referee Undiano Mallenco Alberto Navarro has been appointed to head the Real Sociedad, Real Madrid, while the Andalusian Pedro Jesus Perez Montero will in the Barcelona-Real Mallorca, both games of the eleventh week of the Spanish First Division. (via SPORT)

The relationship of collegians for the weeks eleventh (October 29, 30 and 31) of the First and Second Division are as follows:

First division (11th week)
Saturday, October 29
Valencia-Getafe FERNÁNDEZ BORBALÁN, DAVID (C. Andaluz)
Villarreal-Rayo Vallecano TURIENZO ÁLVAREZ,JAVIER (C. C-Leonés)
Barcelona-R. Mallorca PÉREZ MONTERO, P. JESÚS (C. Andaluz)
Real Sociedad-R. Madrid UNDIANO MALLENCO, ALBERTO (C. Navarro)
Sunday October 30
Sporting-Athletic Club GONZÁLEZ GLEZ., J. LUIS (C. C-Leonés)
At. Osasuna-Levante ITURRALDE GONZÁLEZ, E. JESÚS (C. Vasco)
Villarreal-Rayo Vallecano TURIENZO ÁLVAREZ,JAVIER (C. C-Leonés)
Atl. Madrid-R. Zaragoza ESTRADA FERNÁNDEZ, JAVIER (C. Catalán)
Racing-R. Betis CLOS GÓMEZ, CARLOS (C. Aragonés)
Lunes, 31 octubre
Sevilla-Granada MATEU LAHOZ, A. MIGUEL (C. Valenciano)

Second division (11th week)
Monday, October 31
Alcorcón-Guadalajara VALDÉS ALLER, JORGE (C: C-Leonés)
Sabadell-Alcoyano HERNÁNDEZ HDEZ., A. JOSÉ (C.Las Palmas)
Barcelona "B"-Gimnástic AMOEDO CHAS, JULIO (C. Gallego)
Hércules-Córdoba PINO ZAMORANO, ALFONSO (C. C-Manchego)
Huesca-Elche GIL MANZANO, JESÚS (C. Extremeño)
Xerez-Almería PRIETO IGLESIAS, EDUARDO (C. Navarro)
Las Palmas-R. Valladolid LÓPEZ ACERA, FERNANDO (C. Extremeño)
Recreativo-Numancia SÁNCHEZ MARTÍNEZ J. MARÍA (C. Murciano)
Sunday, October 30
Deportivo-Girona LESMA LÓPEZ, J. LUIS (C. Madrileño)
Cartagena-R. Murcia MIRANDA TORRES, DAVID (C. Catalán)
Villarreal "B"-R. Celta BURGOS BENGOETXEA, RICARDO (C. Vasco).

Abidal, more near completing his dream

This Thursday met Andoni Zubizarreta and David Venditelli, representing Eric Abidal. There is no agreement yet, but it seems that everything is on track.

Eric Abidal made clear this week that his great desire was to retire at FC Barcelona. For months, his representative and the club traded for renewal and it seems that things are going in the right direction. The Thursday morning gathered in the club offices Andoni Zubizarreta and the French agent, David Venditelli.

And while it is true that the meeting has ended without a final agreement, prospects for renewed defender are very good. The meeting has advanced more than in other times and both sides have been in to meet again, but the two have clear mutual desire is that Abidal end his football career at Barcelona. (via SPORT)

Valdés: "It's a pride like defends the team"

Victor Valdés chained against Viktoria the fifth game without inserting any goal and it is only to 60 minutes of overcoming his personal record of imbatibilidad.

Another match without conceding a goal and you add 5. Víctor Valdés is only 60 minutes to beat his personal best unbeaten, a record that could occur next Saturday against Sevilla at the Camp Nou. In an interview on 'The marker 'Barça TV, handing the credit throughout the team: "I always say that all adds up. My work, peer, technicians and systems all help to achieve these figures and for me, it stands proud as the team. "

The Barca conceded just six goals in 10 games he has played in the Champions League and, proof of good defensive team level and the inspiration of Valdés is exceeded year after year. "The team is defending well. We recovered the ball very quickly and the pressure level is working hard," claimed Valdés.

This Saturday against Sevilla, Valdés exceed the figure of 577 minutes without conceding a goal and Barca could string together for the first time, the sixth straight game with a clean sheet. This pride to Valdes, who, however, is clear on the big goal: "To win at Sevilla. I know that the record is present because the media talk about it and is normal. These figures are important, but for me, the most important thing is to beat a team that always costs us a lot like Sevilla. "

Another fact that strikes the defensive work of the team are the few faults that need to enforce its law. Barca defend well and defends clean. In the last two games has only committed nine fouls, five against Racing and four against Viktoria. Valdés gives us two clues that explain this fact: "The first key is having the ball for several minutes and that the team is getting and the second is to steal it from the cleanest way possible and that do so are my teammates. " (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Guti: "I don't believe that the referees benefit to Barça"

The former Real Madrid Guti Fora program attended Joc de Ona FM and highlighted the potential of FC Barcelona, ​​and his admiration for Leo Messi.

"I don't believe that the referees benefit to Barça. If Barça wins it is for own merits. There is a great team, for that reason they win everything", said the Turkish Besiktas player. "I admire Leo Messi. For me it's the best player in the world and in a few years we can see is the best ever," he added.

Regarding current coach to be his team for fourteen years, the Portuguese Jose Mourinho, the midfielder said: "There are things I do not like Mou. The feeling of honesty and Real Madrid is trying the shirt is above the people."

And on the national team coach, Vicente del Bosque, said, "Del Bosque football is my father. I understand. Many times I feel used. When no longer interested in you no more cast."

Guti said the fact of having been photographed in the day with the dress Blaugrana, "I dress my photo of the boat is a tournament we did in the village for many years. We had no money and gave us shirts." And be honest on a personal level: "As no Spanish women. But the variety is good, not always the same." (via SPORT)

Josep Carreras: "Iniesta is extraordinary"

The Catalan tenor Josep Carreras praised Barca players Andres Iniesta and Leo Messi on the microphones of RAC1.

"Iniesta is extraordinary. Messi too, is the best in the world and that I have seen Maradona and Cruyff but keep in mind what you do when you go to Argentina and that's because the club has colleagues who have," said The singer, famous worldwide for their involvement with Luciano Pavarotti and Placido Domingo in "The Three Tenors'.

"We are living in an era that is exceptional and so is getting Guardiola but we let him focus on his own is what you do and does it very well because if not, at the end, you get the Black Madonna," he added.

About the Real Madrid, Carreras said: "I have great respect for Madrid as an institution, except on game day. I always say I'm one of two teams, the club and the team plays each week against Real, but it is normal because it is the rival par excellence. "

Finally, on Mourinho joked: "I come to sing in Vienna and would be the ideal place for him because there was born Sigmund Freud." (via SPORT)

Villa, true to their appointment with the goal in Champions

The attacker bolted Spaniard's second victory of Barca in this Champions League.

In his second season with FC Barcelona, ​​David Villa is uncovering the jar of the essence in the Champions League and yesterday signed his third goal in three games.

The Spaniard made it 2-0 in minute served to definitively adjudicate a match that could have been complicated. Thus, it becomes the top scorer in this competition blaugrana three targets `why they accumulate both Lionel Messi and Pedro Rodriguez.

In addition, Villa is situated in the second position of the scoring charts of the current tournament, just behind the towering ivory from CSKA Moscow, Seydou Doumbia, who has four. Next to the Tuilla also scored three goals in the current Champions Swiss veteran Alexander Frei (Basel) and Russian midfielder Roman Shirokov (Zenit). In addition, David Villa is the only player to have scored at least somewhat in the three rounds played so far.

Another fact which explains the excellent momentum within the Spanish international is 80 times that it is just one of the number who signed in the last Champions League, when he scored in the group stage against Panathinaikos and Rubin, quartered at the Emirates before Arsenal and in the final against Manchester United. (via SPORT)

"The first minutes and the goal, spectacular"

The box was left wanting more goals but enjoyed the impossible Messi plays, and especially with victory Barca.

The box at the Nou Camp was left wanting to see more goals. The team play convinced the attendees, but they all agreed in pointing to the score did not reflect the superiority Barca. The athletic director, Andoni Zubizarreta, not hesitated to highlight the first few minutes of play of the first half, topped by the magnificent combination of Iniesta and Messi that ended in a goal, "the first few minutes have been spectacular, as the goal Iniesta, then we had opportunities, but the stretch Viktoria has been known in the field, "he said.

For his part, explained the reasons exportero yellow jersey Victor Valdes, who had stipulated as UEFA, to differentiate the green shirt of the referee, "is not a common color, but what matters is not the color but have a great goalie like we have us. "

Meanwhile, the sports vice president, Josep Maria Bartomeu, stressed that "the three points give us confidence, the goal is to go round, but if we do as group, the better" and also commented that although the team had scored only two goals, "the important thing is to have hope, and we do not lose ever."

Corporate vice president also said Carles Vilarrubí on yesterday's game, which at half stated that "we could have gone 3-0, many people remarked on the box because we had so many opportunities." The directive azulgrana was shown specially excited for today's day, historical for the entity, for the inauguration of la Masia Centers of Formació Oriol Tort, we "all feel very proud for the answer that we have received on the part of the institutions and the civil and sport society".

[Selection Under-17] Montenegro 1 - 2 Spain

Sandro Ramirez has doubled and the goal Boljevic Montenegro was signed. Thus the set of Santi Denia debuts with an important victory in the group. Their next opponents will be Malta and Poland.

The Under-17 has been imposed in his first game of qualifying for Europe. In a match played in Montenegro and to the hosts, the group coached by Santi Denia has debuted with an important victory which makes it look more clear future in the group, as they spend the first two and their next opponents will be Malta and Poland. Santi, which was premiered in office, has surprised the players like Grimaldo leave on the bench and found a box across local very physical and brave. That has been disconnected at times the game play of the national team, but despite this, a penalty materialized striker Sandro Barcelona canary Ramirez has taken the lead to the Spanish. However, the advantage was fleeting, as Boljevic Montenegrins have drawn to the edge of the rest.

Fortunately, after the break the game has taken a different turn. Again, Sandro Ramirez has been able to put you ahead of Santi with a good deed and then reached the best minutes of Spain. It seemed even slightly could definitely closed the match, but the passing of the minutes has been encouraging Montenegro. Even Boljevic has had a chance to tie at a time that would have been crucial, but the marker has not moved and that has led to the first victory of the current U-17 Spanish generation. The next game will arrive on Friday against Malta, which has lost to Poland 0-3 in their debut. (via AS)

[Technical Data]
Montenegro: Kordić; Kaludjerovic (Lalo¨ević, 78'), Milovic, ¦arkic, Bao¨ić; Jovanović (Grbović, 67'), Boljević, Krstović (Cmiljanić, 70'), Kosović, Janković and Bo¨ković.

Spain: Blanco; Gaitán (Tarín, 51'), Bueno, Iván Sáez, Salva; Samper, Undabarrena; Bustos, Álex Serrano (Óscar Gil, 76'), Samu (Pozo, 72'); and Sandro Ramírez.

Goals: 0-1 (31 ') Sandra Ramírez (penalty). 1-1 (41 '+) Boljevic. 1-2 (44 ') Sandra Ramirez.

Referee: J. Lekhet (Dinamarca). Admonished Boljevic, Boskovic.

[Youth] Juvenil, to seal the pass despite the low

FC Barcelona Juvenil A search today its fourth victory in the fourth round of the NextGen Series at 18.00 against Olympique Marseille in the Marcel Cerdan Stadium in this town gala.

To date, the team has solved his three previous successes commitments. Juvenil A debuted August 31 being imposed Celtic of Glasgow in Celtic Park for 1-3 and September 15 repeated victory in the feud of Manchester City for 1-2, to continue with their winning journey the past September 29 in the Mini Estadi against today's rival (4-1). If he wins today, will ensure the classification.

However, the different calls for Spanish selections Oscar Garcia prevent align your team gala. They are safe low left full-back Alex Grimaldo and midfielder Sergi Samper, which debuted yesterday with a under-17 in the tournament to be held in Montenegro until October 25 for the second qualifying round of pre-European.

In addition, goalkeeper Miguel Bañuz and defender Sergio Ayala participated yesterday in the final working session with the under-19 in Las Rozas and coach is waiting to know if they will time and, if so, whether you can have them facing the clash against Olympique.

The top scorer of the team is Jean Marie Dongou Cameroon (three), while Ernesto and Miguel Ángel have two.

Once again, the club will not use the possibility of having three players of 19 years, something that if others do. (via SPORT)

[Youth] Folguera: "The most difficult thing is to negotiate the failure of those that don't arrive"

The director of the new Masia reviews his trajectory to the control of the most valuable treasure in the club.

Carles Folguera (18-10-1968, Bell-lloc d'Urgell) directs La Masia with a contagious enthusiasm. Hoquei Exmeta, their speech mixes the serenity and the good sense of an educator. These days he goes "of bòlit" with the inauguration of the new stone filosofal azulgrana - La Masia 2.0 - and Folguera doesn't hide the tickling that has of something that feels very own.

What do you expect the opening of the new Masia?

I just hope it goes well. I live with great expectation. It is an act worthy of La Masia, so it has stood for over these 32 years. I hope everyone who has helped La Masia is now a participant feels symbol. That no one feels excluded. Everybody is reflected.

Do you understand that there is a point of nostalgia?

Look, I can understand that there are people who can see the old farmhouse as a symbol of identity. I think it's perfect and I have lived 12 years. Everyone is clear about the magic of the old farmhouse but sometimes it is renewed or die.

What is the leap that give this new venue?

In addition to capacity, is important to spend 60 to 80 residents, there is a push from a standpoint of professional sections. We have 23 places for professional sections (basketball, soccer, handball and roller hockey). Here is a qualitative and quantitative.

Do you already have given the nod the first team?

(Laughs). Pep's came to visit with Aureli and Titus, and told me he liked a lot and had to take it. Iniesta has come After three or four times. The guy was hallucinating and told me: "What conditions, what light, and no noise!" Often agree with Andrew and talked about their studies.

What do you most full of lead La Masia?

There are many things. You get a lot of impetus. Especially when we have been hard with a guy, when we had to make some boundaries. Then you say well I enjoyed it, how happy I went, and how right he was when I metisteis this fight. There is an indoor track. Sometimes you say things you do not want to hear.

What is the hardest part?

The hardest thing is to manage the failure of those who fail, but trying to prevent. We say: 'Try to take advantage of the experience, Live each day as if it were the last ¿. It's hard to tell a boy that his progression is not expected and that there is life beyond the club. But it touches.

Are parents the main problem of the children?

There's everything parents incredibly collaborators and distant fathers overinvolved parents. Generate too much expectation. What we intend is that the kids have some autonomy.

To what extent depends on the player own success?

I always say that all the players of La Masia without exception has the potential to succeed but not everyone has the desire to prepare for it. The destination you what makes you.

Is it that simple?

I tell the kids: "You have a choice as a player, what percentage of involvement you want and wear.'s If you play or not, not yours, but as best you do the first phase is harder than the other person does not tell you. " Then if you do not get at least the first team can not get anything to reproach yourself. (via SPORT)

[Player ratings; UCL; Group H] FC Barcelona - Viktoria Plzen (2-0)


[Champions League; Group H] AC Milan 2 - 0 BATE Borisov

The Swedish Zlatan Ibrahimovic goals in the first half and Kevin Prince Boateng of Ghana, second, drove to Milan to their second straight win in this edition of the Champions League against Bate Borisov of Belarus, who bowed without too many surprises, 2-0.

The Italian team are unbeaten in Group H, with two wins and a draw, add up the points with Barcelona, ​​led by goal difference, and takes course towards the second round. A victory in the next three games could be enough to convict their qualification for the next round. Milan did not need too much brilliance in their football or excessive direct their chances for victory against BATE Borisov weak with a goal from Ibrahimovic, who snagged a loose ball on the edge of the area to launch a whiplash and make it 1-0. The Swedish goal signed 200 of his team in the Champions League.

The Italian shot more than his opponent in the first half, but also had a scare in your area, isolated from a raid Belarusian players, as an occasion of Brazilian Renan Bressan stopped by goalkeeper Christian Abbiati, without much work the first time visitor to the technical limit.

The minimum benefit of Milan and the attempts of BATE Borisov, in any case, uncertainty remained about the outcome for the second half, with some signs of relaxation of the Italian block, some Belarusian arrival as a chance to Maksim Bordachev, and the obligation local to close the meeting. He did this through the Ghanaian Kevin-Prince Boateng, who finally solved the crash with a 2-0 lead on 70 minutes. No longer reacted Bate Borisov, who focuses all his aspirations in the Champions League in the fight for third place and access to the Europa League. The Milan is already one step from the second round. (via SPORT)

[Technical Data]
Milán: Abbiati; Abate, Nesta (Mexes, m. 85), Bonera, Taiwo; Aquilani, Van Bommel, Boateng (Emanuelson, m. 78), Nocerino; Cassano (Robinho, m. 62) and Ibrahimovic.

Bate Borisov: Gutor; Baga, Radkov, Simic, Yurevich; A. Volodko, Liktharovic (Olekhnovich, m. 66); Kontsevoi, Renan Bressan, Bordachev; and Kezman (Skavysh, m. 71).

Goals: 1-0, m. 33: Ibrahimovic. 2-0, m. 70: Boateng.

Referee: Tom Harald Hagen (Norway). Nocerino admonished local and visitors Bordachev and Simic.

Incidents: game for the third day of the group H of the Champions League match at the Giuseppe Meazza.

[Ex-player&coach] Cruyff: "Nobody cares what Mourinho says"

Johan Cruyff believes that Madrid plays well, but remember that the title ends up winning Barça.

The ex-coach of FC Barcelona said on Wednesday that what Mourinho says "does not interest anyone."

Cruyff was responding to statements Madrid coach, on Tuesday, winning 4-0 at Lyon, he complained about the poor quality of some equipment, in clear reference to Barca's Champions League group.

The Dutchman praised the white set, stating that "plays well" but also notes that the club and also that Barca win titles.

VIDEO: www.sport.es

Vrba: "The individual quality of Barça is in perfect harmony"

Viktoria Plzen coach, Pavel Vrba, said after the defeat of his team at the Camp Nou (2-0), that Barcelona has an individual quality which is the "perfection".

"The individual quality of the players of Barcelona, ​​and its performance, I think it perfectly, otherwise you could not define," said the Czech coach at a press conference, which has been resigned to the final score.

"We be happy with the first part we have done, but we lost balls that we should not, probably because the pressure of Barcelona. Obviously I can not be entirely happy with the outcome, "he said after the defeat.

Vrba have recognized that had many chances and that the key was close to the three most important players of Barca, Xavi, Iniesta and Messi and "expect miracles", which "obviously" have not been done, has admitted.

The visiting coach has regretted not having had more presence in attack, have failed to kick a door, but has indicated that the last games of the club, except that of Valencia, have been very similar to it.

Although it has only completed the third day, Vrba has acknowledged that his team will have to fight for third place with BATE Borisov of Belarus, while Milan and Barca will fight for the first one gives access to the knockout stages of the Champions League. (via SPORT)

Bartomeu: "Lots of chances and few goals"

The vice president noted that the match at the Camp Nou against Viktoria "wasn’t easy" and highlighted how the team led by Josep Guardiola was able to create "many chances" but in the end scored "few goals". In this sense, Bartomeu insisted that despite the fact that the Czech team "were well organised" Barça had "lots of chances" to score.

He also considered that games like this at the Camp Nou "are key", and that the 3 points "give confidence" to the team. "The important thing is to qualify for the last 16 of the competition. Then, if we’re top of the group, even better" he added. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Guardiola: "We put on a show"

Guardiola highlighted the seriousness that his players showed on the pitch and believes they put on "a show" at the Camp Nou against Viktoria. At the same time, he suggested that Barça is playing at a "very high level".

Visibly pleased with the 2-0 victory in the game, in the third match of the Champions League group stages, Josep Guardiola wished to congratulate his players "because they took it very seriously". Guardiola believed the game played at the Camp Nou on Wednesday night will be "very good" for the team in preparation for the next game "because we’ve been warned, and that's a good sign".

With the score at 1-0, and despite numerous goal chances created, it wasn’t until the 82nd minute when Barça scored the second. "The most difficult thing in football is to put it into the net. Scoring goals is the hardest thing there is. We tried, and we had lots of shots on goal. The goal from David sealed the match. Then, we had more control and lots more chances" he said.

When asked about the fact that, despite his efforts, on this occasion Messi didn’t score, the manager reflected: "We’ve managed to make it news when Messi didn’t score. Just imagine the level he’s at. Hopefully he’ll play at that level for many, many years".

Tonight was the fifth consecutive game that Victor Valdes hadn’t conceded a goal. "This is a consequence of the fact that we are all working to make it happen" said Guardiola, just before pointing out that "this time, they counter-attacked a lot in the first half".

Talking about the first goalscorer, Andres Iniesta, Guardiola only had praise: "You already know that when he’s in good shape he’s unique, he works hard, he scores more goals than you think, and he breaks down defences, which is so important to us. He’s come back really well from his injury. Last year he was vital for us, and now we hope he will be just as important. For our part, we’ll try to take care of him and make sure he’s okay".

As for the debut of Isaac Cuenca, Guardiola highlighted how the player "has left and returned three times, and that says a lot about him". He added: "He’s very brave and disciplined. I saw him play really well with the reserves against Guadalajara. I'm very happy with him, he has something really important and that’s his mental strength". (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Mascherano: "The result is misleading, we deserved more goals"

Barca's Argentine midfielder Javier Mascherano, explained that the result of the match (2-0) against Viktoria Plzen is misleading. The team had many chances but just didn’t have success in front if goal.

Barça got an important win against Viktoria Plzen. They dominated the game and managed to win 2-0, the fifth consecutive game without conceding any goals. Javier Mascherano gave credit to the whole team saying "we’re all working together, not just the defenders. The first to defend are the forwards".

The players had many chances to score but failed a bit in the definition. "The result is misleading, we deserved more goals" he said. The midfielder believes that this shouldn’t worry them and explained that "the fact we made mistakes when we’re not used to it is surprising, but it’s important to know that nothing is easy".

With this win FC Barcelona is second in the group table, tied on points with Milan, but they are aware that to qualify they have to take it game by game. Mascherano said: "Next we have to go and play at Viktoria, and as they showed today it won’t be easy to get a good result".

Here are other FC Barcelona players’ reflections:

Sergio Busquets:

"We dominated almost the whole game, we had lots of chances and they defended very deeply".

"The players who had the chances are not machines, and the most important thing is creating the chances, like we did today".

"The second goal by Villa gave us peace of mind".

David Villa

"We did the same thing as on other days, but we just didn’t finish as well".

"I’m pleased with the goal, it helped calm the situation. I’m happy to keep playing, and scoring". (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Isaac Cuenca, six minutes and an unforgettable memory

This Wednesday, Isaac Cuenca made his debut in an official match for the first team. He played six minutes in the Champions League that he will never forget. "It was wonderful. I didn’t expect to make my debut" he said after the game.

With ten minutes to go, Isaac Cuenca, one of the surprises in Josep Guardiola's squad for the game against Viktoria Pilzen, was not even warming up. Five minutes later, after the Villa goal that guaranteed the win, the B team player came onto the Camp Nou pitch to make his official debut with the first team. Cuenca replaced goalscorer Villa. It was the 87th minute and the public loudly applauded both players. "It was wonderful. I'm very happy" he said after the game.

Isaac Cuenca, who this year has returned to the Barça B team after a season on loan at Sabadell, one of the teams promoted to the Second Division this year, has the confidence of Josep Guardiola, who’s called him up for first team training sessions several times. Tonight, he explained that the manager told him to play how he knows how to play: "He told me to play my football, attack their defenders, and keep up with the team’s play". To debut for Barça is something unforgettable. What will he do with his shirt? "I’ll treasure it and hang it in my room” he said.

For Isaac Cuenca the last 24 hours have been like a dream. On Tuesday, with four first team players missing (Pique, Cesc, Afellay, and Alexis), Guardiola called him up, along with Dos Santos, to train at the Camp Nou in the penultimate session before the Champions League match. Both joined the team, and on Wednesday he was selected in the match squad. Unexpectedly, he made his debut in the final few minutes of the match: "I didn’t expect it, and less in the Champions League. Everybody, technical staff and players, have congratulated me. They made me feel really good".

About the result, he felt the 2-0 was less than the merits of the team deserved: "We created lots of chances. It was small reward compared to all the chances we had". (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Champions League; Group H] FC Barcelona 2 - 0 Viktoria Plzen

Barça’s first win at the Camp Nou in this season’s Champions League was tougher than expected, maybe due to ignorance about the Czech team, Victoria Plzen. The reigning European Champions looked very good. They went ahead early on and could have killed off the match before halftime, if they’d had a bit more success, and more luck, in front of goal. They dominated the whole game, but weren’t able to breathe easy until minute 81, when Villa made the score 2-0.

Guardiola’s team started very well, and had 2 chances within the first 2 minutes. Barça were breaking down the opposing defensive web with lightning 1-2’s. A combination between Iniesta and Messi led to the first goal by Iniesta, with a great change of foot, and a cool left foot shot into the bottom corner (min 10). Aside from the goal, Iniesta's performance in the first half was simply outstanding.
Although conceding an early goal, Viktoria Plzen closed down the Barça attack with certain success, but Barça won the ball back quickly. There was no Puyol, but Guardiola played with four defenders (Alves, Mascherano, Abidal and Adriano) to neutralise the Czech wingers.

The game became a Barça monologue. However, reaching the half hour mark, Viktoria gained a little in confidence and opened up slightly. Barça were off target with their shooting, although they had several chances to extend their lead, like a low effort from Villa (min 25) or a counter-attack that saw the Czech keeper save from Messi (min 27). Pedro and Messi had a couple of chances each before the break, and Messi hit the post from a free-kick. The 1-0 scoreline at half time was poor baggage to show for the football Barça had played.

Barça came out after the break ready to finish the job quickly. The Czech defence was under constant pressure. In minute 59, Messi lifted the 74,000 fans out of their seats with a fantastic solo run, culminating in his second shot onto the post. The goal was resisting Messi, and not for want of trying, as he intervened in almost all the attacking moves.

As the game went on the uncertainty of the result was becoming more uncomfortable for Barça than for Viktoria, who still had reason to dream of the miracle. Czech hopes faded as soon as Villa scored to make it 2-0, after a counter-attack that he himself had started (min 81). The last few minutes allowed Guardiola to send on Isaac Cuenca, for his debut in an official match.
Barça claimed the win that keeps them at the top of the group, alongside Milan, with seven points. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Technical Data]
FC Barcelona: Valdés; Alves, Mascherano, Abidal, Adriano, Busquets, Xavi, Iniesta (Keita, min.85), Pedro, Villa (Cuenca, min.87) and Messi.

Viktoria Plzen: Cech; Rajtoral, Bystron, Cisovsky, Limbersky, Jiracek, Horvath, Petrzela (Darilla, min.86), Kolar, Pilar (Fillo, min.75) and Bakos (Duris, min.58).

Goals: 1-0: Iniesta, min.10. 2-0: Villa, min.82.

Referee: Aleksandar Stavrev (LOQ). Amonestados son.

Incidents: Party of the third day of the first phase of the Champions League match at the Camp Nou before 74,376 spectators.