19 October 2011

Last session before the game

The first team of FC Barcelona has made this Wednesday at noon the last session before the match against Viktoria Plzen. The team will be focused on the Majestic until the time of the meeting.

The 19 players summoned - the 17 available of the first team and Cuenca and Dos Santos, of Barça B - Tuesday by Josep Guardiola have returned to exercising this morning at the Camp Nou. It was the last training before the match against Viktoria , who has served for the finishing touches and finish to meet the rival, surely the most unknown of the group of Champions . Concentration in Hotel After the training, the players have returned to the Hotel Majestic , where they have done at night, and where to eat and rest until shortly before game time. Remember that UEFA forced both teams to be in the locker room at 19.30. The party will start at 20.45 am at the Camp Nou. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Negredo also will be in Camp Nou

At low and Perotti and Spahic known has been added the striker Alvaro Negredo, which can not be measured at the boat this weekend because of some muscle problems.

Madrid forward, who missed the last game of the Spanish and the shock of last weekend against Sporting, has not recovered in time to muscle problems and will not play against Barca. This was confirmed by the Seville club's medical services after Negredo was submitted Wednesday to an MRI that confirmed the initial diagnosis. If all goes well, Negredo could return to training on Friday and into the squad for the match against Racing.

Nor will he be at the Camp Nou Argentina's Diego Perotti, which shall be for four weeks after you have confirmed the hamstring injury he suffered the final day. (via SPORT)

Abidal recognizes the interest of PSG, Milan and Manchester City

The French full-back Eric Abidal admitted that there are several clubs interested in signing if finally not renewed by Barça.

Abidal will meet with management this week to try to speed up Barca's renewal with the Catalan club for two more seasons. However, the fact that both have been long negotiations has led to several clubs have been in contact with the side to show their interest.

This was acknowledged by Abidal himself told RMC (Radio Monte Carlo). "There are several clubs that have shown interest in me. Especially PSG, Milan and Manchester City," said French, noting that for the moment "there is no concrete offer." "I have great respect for the club, but if we can not agree, the door is always open. I think my legs can still take two seasons to a good level," he added. (via SPORT)

The hidden passions of the cracks of Barça

The program 'Fora of Joc' of ONA FM revealed and it gathered some of the most secret likings in the azulgrana: I itched and the weapons, Valdés and the kitesurf, Villa and the motor, Cesc and the console, Puyol and the padel, Iniesta and the Basque ball...

Barca raises passions week after week with his play on the lawn and transmits the image out of it. But the players have their own passions, a private well, which tend to practice in a more quiet and intimate.

The radio show "Fora de joc 'FM ONA Sique directed by Rodriguez unveiled Tuesday in mouth and Mika Cerdà Stoitchkov Aina, some of the hobbies of several cracks in the first team, some fairly well known and others more reserved.

Captain Carles Puyol is a natural athlete. This means its great devotion to other sports like athletics and tennis, which continues with enthusiasm. His love of sports extends to the paddle, which is a real fan.

Cesc Fabregas and youth football combines both on and off the field. Not even at home can stop thinking about the ball and satisfies their desire for playing a game console, as they say, playing in his underwear and socks FIFA.

With respect to goal, Victor Valdes is still moving like a fish in water under sticks. Just everything about the water awakens their interest. Thus we understand his love for fishing and water sports like kite surfing.

But not all modern sports at Barça. Andres Iniesta is a staunch defender of some more traditional sports, such as the pelota, which played with his father and is still a big fan.

When completing the quota of great passions hidden highlight Alves, Villa and Pique. The Brazilian striker and Asturian are big fans of motorsport, but also Dani moves 'like a bike' on the dance floor by encouraging any celebration. And regarding Piqué, the Barça firefighting opposite exercised off the field, since one of his hobbies is shooting with an AK-47, a Soviet assault rifle, always in a controlled site for it. (via SPORT)

[Former B player] Víctor Vázquez: "I have come to the phone call from the stands Messi"

The exazulgrana Víctor Vázquez, now in the ranks of Brugge, explained that the craze for Messi in Belgium reach the absolute limits.

Speaking to the program 'Fora de Joc' ONA FM, Víctor Vázquez explained that Brugge fans have asked numerous times for the '10 'squad. "Leo Messi is a god to the Belgians. I even have come to ask for your phone from the stands!" Said the midfielder made ​​in the cantera.

After a good start to the course individually and collectively, 'Brugge is second in the Belgian league, a single point of Anderlecht, Víctor Vázquez explained that continues to maintain contact with "Messi, Pedro and other players "and praised the Argentine, as he member of the famous 87 generation which also coincided Pique and Cesc. "Leo does not surprise me at all.'s Going to be the best in the world for many years," said Vazquez, who was pleased with how well it works Barca's youth system. "It's the best in the world and not leave out the first team players. It is a joy for everyone," he said. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Tottenham wants to be taken to Montoya and Bartra to Premier

The London club wants to use the two defenses are not renewed youth players to make a juicy offer to allow them to disembark in English football.

English Tottenham will try to sogn Martin Montoya and Marc Bartra of Barça B, as it assured this Tuesday the sport British portal 'Insidefutbol'.

The coach of the Spurs' Harry Redknapp would have taken note of the performance of the exazulgrana Ruben Rochina at Blackburn Rovers and I want to repeat the formula 'fishing' through the ranks at Barça.

The delay in contract renewals as both Montoya Bartra has caused both players to accumulate various offers both domestic and abroad. For Montoya, has transcended the supposed interest of Bayern Munich, Rome, Valencia and Malaga.

'Insidefutbol' explains that from the Tottenham are convinced that the two homegrown Barca will have many more opportunities to advance athletically at White Hart Lane. (via SPORT)

Sevilla will take a political shirt at Camp Nou

Seville will respond to the words of political Artur Mas and Durán Lleida on the Andalusianses with a shirt with the "Proud message of Andalusia".

The Seville club announced via its website on Saturday will wear on their shirts the slogan "Orgullosos de Andalucía (Proud of Andalusia)" completely free of charge and with the intention to continue with its policy of being "Seville in Andalusia, Andalusia in Spain and Spanish the rest of the world. "

No one escapes, however, that the wearing of this t-shirt at Camp Nou club symbolizes the rejection of Seville to the words of president of the Artur Mas on Andalusian accent, or the Congress candidate CiU, Josep Antoni Duran Lleida, the PER to farmers in Andalusia. (via SPORT)

Mascherano and Busquets can return to the starting to the Viktoria

Abidal has options to rest after injury.

One more game, the big question is whether Pep Guardiola will keep the 4-3-3 on Saturday against Racing or return to 3-4-3. The Champions (against AC Milan at home and in Minsk against BATE Borisov) have always played four on defense. The absence of Cesc Fabregas, who was brought yesterday to the group for part of the session, whole earns the continuity of traditional drawing after the failed experience of Gijón with Pedro and Messi as false 'new' in a experimental 3-3-4.

It also seems likely that Javier Mascherano and Sergio Busquets return to title after Guardiola gave them rest in the league. The Argentine, who has moved from behind all season, it would still back with the right wing Alves and Puyol as another center. The question is whether Abidal will play their third game in eight days after his recent hamstring injury. Adriano, a substitute against Racing, could be his substitute in the left lane. 'Busi' would midfield with Xavi and Iniesta and theoretical companions in midfield. However, considering that it comes on Saturday Sevilla at Camp Nou, not be ruled out that Pep choose Thiago and dispense Andrés, coming out of an injury, or Xavi himself, head to Scotland on last Tuesday and Racing . Up front, everything suggests that repeated Pep MVP trident formed by Messi, Villa and Pedro. (via MD)

Barca to a Viktoria that brings together the knockout

The objective blaugrana is to arrive in Milan with ten points, but it stops that they should defeat to the Czechs.

The ship returned to the Champions League in order to move forward on the path to the knockout stages. Josep Guardiola made ​​it clear that the first square of the group will play with AC Milan at San Siro in the fifth round of the playoffs. So now it's secure second place in Group H on two consecutive games against Viktoria Plzen. This will ensure that the 'Pep team will you be in the hype of Nyon.

Barça can not complete the nine points of new crops in the first three days of the 2008-09 campaign when they defeated Sporting de Portugal (3-1) , Shakhtar Donetsk the (1-2) and Basel (0-5). But in any case, the Blaugrana should avoid the problems of the academic year 2009-10, when the field goalless draw at Inter Milan and 2-0 against Dynamo Kiev became a bad result after the defeat in home to Rubin Kazan (1-2).

The last reference is the last season. Barça also added a win against Panathinaikos (5-0) and a draw in the field of Rubin Kazan (1-1) but was rebuilt to beat Copenhagen 2-0 to close the first round of the group with 7 points.
With Alexis , Pique, Cesc and Afellay injured, Guardiola could return to the starting line several of the players who rested on Saturday to recover from the commitments of selection, as is the case of Javier Mascherano and Sergio Busquets. Dani Alves and Eric Abidal would complete the defensive network, and Carles Puyol in the team could continue to accumulate minutes after overcoming his knee injury.

With Busquets back as midfield, Pep is likely to opt for forward Thiago left inside while Xavi be kept in its usual position on the right. In this case, Leo Messi with freedom of movement in the axis of attack, Pedro and Villa could have a break to give wings to Andres Iniesta, who would advance their position. For rest Puyol, Busquets could delay his position to repeat as a pivot Thiago, although this seems a remote option.

In this season, more than any other, the development team Tactical Pep `Is that it is difficult to mark a particular drawing because the exchange of positions is continuous throughout the game in the midfield positions on.

It is true that the commitment to align three defenders has been ongoing at the Camp Nou this season and this has meant that there appeared the figure of a second attacker by the shaft, until the injury was Cesc Fabregas and thereafter, Villa or Pedro . It is also true that the recovery of Iniesta, with its ability to overwhelm one-on-one offers another variant very productive, as seen in the victory against Racing: Messi's two goals were born in combinations with Andrés. (via SPORT)

[Youth] Good game and competitive spirit in the cantera

Very favorable day for football training equipment, which suffered only one defeat against Rapitenca and a draw in the field of Espanyol.

García Pimienta's boys overcame the defeat among week in the field of Jabac with an offensive exhibition against Floresta. With two goals and three attendances the camerunés Ebwelle was the great star of the party. To summon, Moussima, centre-back Roberto Costa and the new incorporation Jordi Ortega contributed with a goal to the goleada. Foguet signed the only goal visitor.

Exhibition of effectiveness goleadora of those of Quique Álvarez, initiate when two minutes they had not still been disputed, with the reveille of the sevillano Juan Antonio Trains. They continued him, in the first time, Toni Sanabria's goals, Enguene and two goals of Albert Torras for 5-0 with the one that you arrived to the rest. Nothing else to begin the renewal, Torras made the 6-0 that it supposed the hat-trick of the new acquisition azulgrana. Mohamed El'Ouriachi y Sergio Buenacasa, this had left double, they rounded the goleada.

UE Rapitenca A 2 - FC BARCELONA 1
It makes bitter defeat for the boys of Fran Artiga and Andrés Martin that they dominated the party and they had many occasions that they could not sum up. Cadete B began with a goal in against in the minute 2 that Alexis Meva went back quickly in the minute 8. The azulgranas had the victory to the reach in the minute 20 with a penalti to favor, but the shot and Rapitenca failed it was able to put on for before in the marker in the minute 38. In the second time the team azulgrana went out with a very offensive position and he had many occasions, but it could not define none.

Javi Ruiz, with four goals, was the can opener of a very intense party, especially in the first period. Brahimi advanced the azulgranas, but Vilassar it was able to mark two strategy goals. You arrived to the rest with 3-2 in the marker. In the second period, the boys of Fran Sánchez was very superior and Georgios signed the definitive one 6-2.

Triumph comfortable for Infantil B that has been imposed in Europe in the Municipal field Nou Sardenya. Denis Silva's boys dominated the first part without problems and they put on before in the marker in few minutes, first with a point in the rival's own goal and then a minute 10, with Luis Mangas' great play that ended up in goal. In the second time Europe came out stronger, but it could not be able to sum up any occasion.

Absolute domain of Alevín A that was imposed a very pending rival of defending the goal. The boys of Marcel Sans had in all moment the control of the ball and they knew how to find the spaces in the defense of Vic and to transform the occasions. Sergio Gómez's first goal in the minute 19 gave the tranquility to the team azulgrana and starting from here the goleada already arrived with the successes annotators of Imad, Alejandro, Victor Gómez, Pablo and two reveilles more than Sergio.

The first part was dominated by Jordi Font's boys that left to the rest with 2-0, but in second o'clock Vic found spaces and it achieved the tie. In the third and the fourth time, Alevín B cheered up, it moved the quick ball and knew how to surprise to the defense rival. The goals azulgranas belonged to Lucas of Vega (2), Rubén (2), Albert, Guillem and Bernat.

The boys of Àlex Gómez hard worked Victory in a very adjusted party in which there was not any clear ruler. Alevín C went out to the field with a lot of attitude against a strong Badalona that hindered enough the victory to the azulgranas. However, at the end the game of Barça was imposed by the minimum one with Guillermo Amor's two goals.

San Ildefonso planted face in the first time in that Alevín D was ahead very quickly in the marker with Roger Vegas's reveilles, Kenneth and Marc Domínguez in the first minutes, but the azulgranas later they relaxed themselves and they didn't know how to maintain the advantage, for what left with a 3-3 to the rest. In the renewal, however, the boys of Xavi Bravo and Óscar Hernández left concentrated and they put on again for before in the marker with Julián Mahicas's goals, Dani Morillas and three reveilles more than Marco Domínguez, the great scorer of the game.

Great exhibition goleadora of Marc Serra's team that had the domain from the principle party to end. The Junior could not make anything to make in front of the superiority azulgrana, and although they fought until the third part, in the last time they were already very desmotivados and they threw the towel. In this day they marked Raúl Martínez (4), Aitor López (3), Haitam Abadía (2), Kais Ruiz, Moriba Ilasi, Marco Alegre and Alvaro García.

Very even game of Benjamin B in the field of Espanyol. Sergi Milà Herrero's boys offered a game proposal better than their rival and had more ball possession, but even this way the party you could have solved in favor of both teams. The azulgranas had difficulties to sum up their occasions, since they shattered up to four balls to the stick.

The boys' of Cristian Catena great superiority in the field Municipal Can Vinader de Castelldefels. Benjamin C dominated the party from the beginning and put on for before in the minute 7 of the first part with Alejandro's goal, although had difficulties to sum up the goal occasions due to the success in the stops of the porter of the Vista Alegre. In the second time the azulgranas sentenced the party with the goals of Arnau Martínez (2), Pleguezuelo and Xavi Simons.

Great goleada of Benjamin D in the Ciudad Deportiva Joan Gamper. Jordi Pérez's boys went out with a lot of attitude and they made a great work in team throughout the game. The azulgranas knew how to find the rival's spaces with a combined worked action. The scorers of the day were Marco Pelaz (4), Sicus Carmona (4), Nadir Louah (3), Eric Ambrosio (2), Mamadou Saidou and Gabriel Martínez.

Triumph unquestionable of Prebenjamín that conquered without problems to a rival a bigger year. The boys of Rafa Rodríguez had a great easiness to transform the goal occasions and they had the possession throughout the game. Marco Jurado made a great game and a hat-trick, and Pablo, Iker, Abdul, Diego, Pole and Sergio marked the other goals. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Viktoria Plzen, fourth Czech rival of the history of FC Barcelona

There have been over the years many clashes between Barca and Czech teams in European competitions. Faced with Viktoria, Czech champion, the club will play for the sixth time against one of them.

This is unprecedented compared to Wednesday's match at the Camp Nou. The team from the city of Plzen had never won the league in his country. After passing the rounds for the previous phase of the Champions League, first-time participant in the continental showpiece. Barca, however, had faced five-time Czech teams.

1960/61 season, the then Czechoslovak Kralove were the first opponents of Barca, in that case, in Cup Europe. The first leg of their quarter-final at the Nou Camp represented a favorable win the team led by Enrique Orizaola (4-0) with goals from Tejada (2), Evaristo and Kubala. In return, the club drew (1-1) and striker Luis Suarez was a finalist for the future of the European Cup.

In Czech capital equipment the club has fought three times, always in the European Cup or Champions. The first time was in the European Cup of the season 1985/86, with Terry Venables on the bench for Barca. In Prague, the club won by 1-2. Paco Clos scored both goals of a team that had in its ranks with players like Urruti, Red, Schuster, Archibald or Migueli, among others. In the Camp Nou the Czechs won 0-1, but the club qualified for the knockout stages for the double value of away goals. In the 1991/92 course turned to see the faces both teams. It was the classic two-legged match. The double confrontation was in the league semi-final of the European Cup that season. Barca won at the Nou Camp (3-2) with goals of Love, Laudrup and Baker. Just around the Catalans lost (1-0), a result which forced Cruyff to win the last match at the Camp Nou against Benfica to reach the first final at Wembley. Was achieved. Finally, as to Spartak, the 1999/2000 season the club was measured for the third time and last, also in the second group stage of Champions. The Camp Nou 5-0 - Kluivert (2), Luis Enrique (2) and Josep Guardiola were the scorers - and 1-2 in Prague, with two goals from Gabri, gave Barca to qualify for the quarterfinals the Champions League.

Also of note is a single game against Dukla - Prague also in the Cup Winners Cup. During 1981/82, with Udo Lattek on the bench, the club eliminated the Czechs in the knockout round. Barca won the first leg (4-0) with goals from Moran, 'Tente' Sanchez Alexanco and Schuster. In return, the minimum win Barca made ​​Dukla could play the quarter-finals of the Cup Winners Cup. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Vrba: "It is key to stop Messi, but it will be complicated"

Viktoria Plzen coach, Pavel Vrba, said that on Wednesday will face the "strongest team in the world", Barcelona, ​​although considered to try to spring a surprise at the Camp Nou.

"Any team, except perhaps Real Madrid, Barca considered as the best team in the world. For us it would be an extraordinary success to win, especially the respect we have, but it is very difficult," acknowledged Czech coach.

Vrba has said that Barcelona has followed the competition both domestically and in Europe, and noted the difficulty of stopping them because for him attack with 9 players.

"I saw that game, for me personally was a party like any of Barca, offensive, playing with 9 players in the attack phase," said the coach, referring to the party that played last weekend against Racing Barca .

When questioned about how to stop Messi, Vrba has indicated that Barcelona does not depend only on the Argentine star, although it may be pointed out that one of the most important meeting.

"Barca is not just Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, many players ... Yes that is the best in the world, and for this match is key to stop Messi, but watching the football game will be very complicated," he said.

Furthermore, the Czech coach said they can not take the field thinking about getting a win and ensured that he has weapons to "play offensively and create surprise and danger."

"Barca played like that against Plzen against Real Madrid, split between attackers and defenders at the club does not make sense because they attack and defend with many players," Vrba about the complications detailed tactics will face on Wednesday.

Finally, Vrba has admitted that the level of competition in the Czech Republic, who shone especially in the 90's with players like Nedved and Smicer has fallen, and has blamed the country's best young players can not be retained by training clubs. (via SPORT)

Horvath: "We will try to make life difficult for Barça"

Viktoria Pilsen captain, Pavel Horvath, admits that the club as favorites for the European match on Wednesday, but has indicated they will try to "make life difficult" Pep Guardiola's team.

"We are proud to come here, we are very pleased to have come this far and you can play with this opponent. We would like to show our quality, because we have proof of this is that we are in the Champions League," he the captain said at a news conference.

The Czech midfielder has not hidden that will try to take all three points in the Camp Nou, and do not mind the possibility of leaving Barcelona with a win against.

"We want to get points in every game, now we face the best team in Europe and maybe the world. We came to win but if we lose 3, 5 or 8 to 0 is equal, we have come to play," he Horvath explained.

On how to face the duel, the player has highlighted the difficulty of coping with Barca the pressure and the great ball possession getting, so he explained that attempt to keep the ball.

"You can not make a game like that. We try to play well the first few minutes and have a slightly larger office. But the pressure that Barcelona is very strong and very successful. We try to move the ball down the field "said Czech captain. (via SPORT)

Guardiola congratulated Fontàs for his renewal

Santpedor The advantage of the start of training to embrace his pupil and congratulate him for the renewal of the contract which will bind to Barca until 2015.

Head coach Pep Guardiola FC Barcelona on Tuesday congratulated the centre-back Andreu Fontàs after renovation by the first team until 2015.

Barca coach personally agreed with the young squad at the start of training in which both were merged into a hug to represent the illusion of the player's signature, which ensures its continuity at Barça for the coming seasons.

Television cameras caught the odd time when you could see them both in conversation and a relaxed atmosphere where Banyoles defense could not contain a smile that betrayed his great happiness. (via SPORT)

Manchester City challenges Barça: "Who needs Messi when we have Silva?"

The powerful club Manchester published an article on its website in which playmaker entertained the canary to the point of putting Messi level and decline any desire for Barca to have crack and the exvalencianista.

The Manchester City on Tuesday struck boldly to compare David Silva with Leo Messi, in an article posted on its website.

While recent actions of the Canaries midfielder especially with the Spanish, have caused many compliments and some comparisons with the crack Barca, was struck by the tone of the comparison, since the web 'citizen' dared to ask the question "Who needs Messi when we have Silva?".

The publication of the Manchester club publishes a statement by Roberto Mancini in praising Silva recognizing that "is showing a high level in both the City and with the selection this season," again highlighting his brilliant performance against Scotland with 'La Roja' .

The club website also joked saying that Mancini believes that Silva will be ready at the same level of Messi, causing an increase in quality of the team, but he urges caution and secrecy the Italian coach to avoid spreading the word and that "no I tell everyone. "

What's more daring in the comparison and forms, at the end of the article speculates that many City fans will soon be able to compare Messi with Silva, and not vice versa. (via SPORT)

[Ex-player] Messi still has to overcome Maradona, Romario and Pelé

Romario The Brazilian ex-footballer said the Argentine Lionel Messi, Barcelona's Spanish player, you can learn some things if you view the video plays Pele promised to many considered the best footballer of all time.

"If you see the videos, probably learn some things," Romario said at a press conference he gave in Guadalajara, a city that today is Brazilian federal deputy to act as a commentator on a television in the 2011 Pan American Games .

Romario, former player of Barcelona, ​​chimed in that way in the controversy that arose this week when the World Champion Edson Arantes do Nascimento 'Pele' said Messi will send a video of his time to see how he played, as the Argentine claims can not qualify as the best because we never saw it.

"If he (Messi) really did not see me, I'll do as I did once with Maradona: I'll send the video 'Pele eternal'" said ex-footballer, referring to a documentary containing images of his best moments with the Saints and the Brazilian team.

Romario, world champion with Brazil in 1994, said that no one can deny that Messi is now, and has been in the past four years, the best active player in the world.

"But you can not even compare to Pele. Can not tell a player without a world title is in history and is the best, such as the best in the world, which is Pele," said one top scorer in the history of Brazilian football.

"Messi has all the conditions to be the best, but first you have to beat (Argentinian Diego Armando) Maradona, Romario and then eventually to Pele," he said.

Asked why not get Messi with Argentina exhibit the same level with Barcelona showing the exfutolista said the Argentine players want to show off personally and not play to make things easier for Messi.

"When I played for Brazil, and so did Maradona and Pele, the other playing for us. This does not happen in Argentina. The players do not play for Messi," he said.

"There are many figures that they want to show. If you miss a coach you ask members of the Argentina team to play Messi, Argentina can not improve," he said.

As for the possible transfer of Brazilian Neymar to Spanish Real Madrid, Romario said that Santos's forward has all the conditions to shine in a club like the one presided over by Florentine Pérez.

"It was a great player in recent times and, when you put the shirt of Real Madrid, probably play just as he does with the Saints and with the Brazilian team," he said.

Romario also stated that, by what he saw during his visit to eleven of the twelve World Cup venues that Brazil will host in 2014, the country does not have all the stadiums completely ready for the event. "Only four or five stadiums will be ready in one hundred percent for the Confederations Cup next year if work continues at the current rate," said world champion with Brazil in 1994 and a member of a Brazilian congressional committee that oversees the works for the 2014 World Cup.

"But only 9 or 10 stages (of 12) will be ready for the 2014 World Cup, and only 6 or 7 percent completed within a percent. Try to organize a big event, but from what I saw, we're behind," the former player.

On the Spanish team, current world champion Barcelona exartillero said you can not say that Spain will mark a new epoch in the history of football, because it has done.

"Spain and marked an era. It has a generation that is European champion and world champion and that is to mark time. For the World Cup with Brazil in 2014 certainly have a strong team because players will have gained much experience and new ones are coming. Spain is one of the great rivals Brazil in 2014, "he said. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Two weeks out for Sergi Roberto

Sergi Roberto has suffered a minor injury in the adductor muscle that will keep you away from the pitch for a fortnight. Tello and Balliu have already received a medical discharge while Soriano is trained with the group.

Sergi Roberto reappeared at the Guadalajara as a starter and was one of the major players in the game. The Reus scored a goal, sent a ball into the wood, turned a penalty that the referee had stopped him again and then the goalkeeper ... and a few minutes left felt a twinge that precipitated his replacement.

Medical tests have ruled out serious injury but have confirmed that Sergi Roberto suffers a minor injury in the adductor muscle. It is expected that in a couple of weeks to receive the discharge.

Cristian Tello received a severe contusion in the field of Alcorcón which lost him the match against Sabadell Guadalajara but has already received a medical discharge and train this week normally with the group. Balliu, suffering discomfort in the knee after the match against Alcorcón has overcome these problems and is also widely available to Eusebio. Jonathan Soriano, meanwhile, has entered the final stretch of his recovery. The Pont de Vilomara front, but without the discharge, exercise this week is about the same rate as their peers.

Barca B back at work on Wednesday after Tuesday's players have enjoyed their holiday. From Wednesday to Friday Barca B will train at 11 o'clock. On Wednesday and Thursday will train in field 3 of the Sports City while on Friday they will in the field 7. Eusebio Sacristan will address the media on Thursday October 20 just after training is complete. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Guardiola: “These two games can qualify us”

The Barça coach is treating the forthcoming encounters with FC Viktoria with maximum priority, for they could see the team through to the last sixteen. Guardiola has no intention of underestimating the Czech outfit.

Pep Guardiola attended to the press in the Ricard Maxenchs pressroom just a few minutes after listening to what Leo Messi had to say. On Wednesday’s Champions League fixture, he said he understands that people know very little about FC Viktoria, the Czech side appearing in the competition for the first time, but that if anybody is underestimating them it’s simply because they don’t know them. The FCB coach knows how difficult these matches can be “and so we always have to take them very seriously … we should not lose our respect.” This is his fourth season on the bench, and he knows that “we have always found it more difficult against small teams than against more famous ones”.

The Camp Nou is seeing Champions League football for the first time since the visit of AC Milan. Barça will be meeting the same Czech team in their fourth match, but away from home. The Catalans currently share the lead on four points with the Italians and Guardiola has stated that “the main objective is to win our next two matches. That would ensure qualification … the first game at the Camp Nou will be useful for getting to know them well, meaning we won’t be faced by any shocks in the return match”.

Pep Guardiola also spoke about Leo Messi, saying that it is the player himself who is responsible for his amazing progress. “Everybody has their own way of learning. He has found his and is passing the test … what we have to do is make sure that the best players get to see the most of the ball. Whatever else he does is exclusively his own work”.

On Thursday at 8.00 in the evening, the new Masia is going to be inaugurated at the Ciutat Esportiva. Guardiola, who grew up at the old building, has said that “the new facility makes up for what it is lacking in history with an improvement in quality. The club has created a fantastic Masia”. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

19 players in Champions League team

Barça have trained for the second to last time at the Camp Nou before the game with Viktoria. The 19 players in the team will be staying together until the match on Wednesday night.

Josep Guardiola and his team prepared for the next UCL game at the Camp Nou directly after the coach and Leo Messi had attended to the press. The session began at 18.30 and was open to the media for the first fifteen minutes. 19 players have been named in the squad.

There were 21 players involved in the session, for the first team stars were joined by the B team’s Isaac Cuenca and Jonathan Dos Santos. Cesc Fàbregas did join in with some of the session as he did on Monday, but Alexis Sánchez worked in total isolation.

Disregarding the injured Afellay, Piqué, Cesc and Alexis, Josep Guardiola has 17 players to choose from, plus the aforementioned pair from Eusebio Sacristán’s side, going into the third match of the Champions League group stage.

Once the session ended, and as always for Champions League games, the players left for the hotel where they will be staying the night. They will return to the Camp Nou for more training on Wednesday morning and then go back to the hotel for lunch and a rest before returning to the stadium in good time for the 20.45 kickoff against Viktoria Plzeň.

The full squad
The complete squad for the game with Viktoria Plzeň is as follows: Valdés, Pinto, Alves, Puyol, Xavi, Villa, Iniesta, Messi, Thiago, Mascherano, Keita, Sergio Busquets, Pedro, Maxwell, Adriano, Abidal, Fontàs, Jonathan Dos Santos and Isaac Cuenca. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Messi: "We’ve already made history, but we want to make more”

Leo Messi is only worried about winning things with the team and not individual accolades. He also says that he is as hungry as ever to continue making history at Barça.

The Argentinian doesn’t think of football in individual terms and certainly doesn’t feel he is in competition with players like Cristiano Ronaldo: "Those things are for journalists, I have no challenge against him and I’m only interested in helping my team-mates carry on winning”.

After overtaking Kubala, Messi is now just 39 goals from beating César and becoming the highest goalscorer in Barça history, but claims not to be thinking about that. "Beating César is not my aim. The more goals I score, the better, not to break the record but to win titles for the team, That’s what I’m interested in, because that would make history for everybody. We have already made history, but we want to make more. "

Barça have yet to be awarded a penalty this season, despite there being four very strong cases for fouls in the area on Messi. Not that the player himself is overly concerned. "These plays are very quick and hard to spot, and we shouldn’t take too much notice of them. The more we talk about it, the harder it gets for referees and we should leave them alone”.

The new Masía opens on Thursday, and the Argentinian spoke of his own memories in the youth teams. "I never lived in the residence, but I ate there every day and have many memories of the place. It helped a lot with my adaptation and I’ve seen the new building and it’s amazing, spectacular.” He also spoke about the revelation this week that he shares an ancestor with Bojan: "I was surprised by the story you published, but I haven’t spoken to him about it” he said. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Youth] Inauguration of the new Masia, live on the FC Barcelona YouTube channel

Next Thursday 20 October from 19.30, the opening of the new Masia Oriol Tort will be seen around the world thanks to the live broadcast FC Barcelona will be offering on its YouTube channel and on its website at www.fcbarcelona.cat

The inauguration coincides with the 32nd anniversary of the Masia de Can Planes as a residence for young sportspeople, and will be shown in three languages, Catalan, Spanish and English, around the world via the club’s social networks in what shall be a pioneering event in Spain. FC Barcelona is the first club in Spain to broadcast a live event on YouTube.

On Twitter and Facebook, Barça has more than 25 million fans (@fcbarcelona_cat, @fcbarcelona, @fcbarcelona_es and http://www.facebook.com/fcbarcelona ), and the FC Barcelona YouTube channel ( http://www.youtube.com/fcbarcelona ) has also been consolidated in first place, with 110,083 subscribers. (via FCBarcelona.cat)