18 October 2011

FC Barcelona - Messi exhibeix la seva màgia contra el Racing

Del Nido: "Real Madrid and the Futbol Club Barcelona steals"

Sevilla president continues his battle against Barca and Madrid for the distribution of television rights and, as usual, does not mince words.

Jose Maria Del Nido did not give up on the issue of more equitable distribution of revenue generated by television rights. Asked in Canal Plus Norwegian Sevilla president does not mince words: " I affirm that the Real Madrid and Barcelona steal . So, with that word, I say. And they steal to the retso of teams of First Division."

Andalusian leader tried to explain the situation based on their professional status of "legal practitioner" and described as "worthless" the document signed in 2010 by 33 clubs that as she says the sevillista, is in the one that Barça and Madrid seek protection. Del Nido said that " they take 50% and 50% give it out among the other clubs . " To all this he added that "35% of the budget of Seville and almost every club is covered by television, it is true, but also covers television for 35% of the budget of Real Madrid and Barcelona" and "are aware of receiving what is not theirs. "

He also referred to the La Liga , Sevilla president, noting that "if not the last in Europe, if that is the last of the big leagues : the English, Italian, German and French are much higher. The Welsh and Scottish league are far more competitive than the Spanish league. It is a utopia to say that some non-Spanish team Real Madrid or Barca can fight for the first or second place is a utopia or swindlers . "

Del Nido did not hesitate to speak of the stars of the league: "I just do not sell Madrid and Barcelona to their stars and can keep their cracks (...) Atletico have had to sell the Kun, Valencia Villa, Silva and Mata, Cazorla Villarreal, Sevilla from Daniel Baptista (Alves), through Sergio Ramos to Keita. They keep their figures and they take away our stars . "

Finally, the leader of Seville would uncover what Florentino Perez told at the last meeting of the League. " Florentino Perez told him that we were stealing the guts , "he said Del Nido. (via SPORT)

If Messi mark the Viktoria will have done fifty teams

If Leo mark am, fifty teams will have suffered its goals.
Atlético (17), Sevilla and Real Madrid (13) are most often regretted the aim of the '10 'Barca.

Since that brilliant goal from remote and Vaseline to the Albacete , which opened its account in the first team, Leo Messi has not stopped thrashing for the greater glory of FC Barcelona . He has done in 196 cases, something that has been talked about much these last few weeks have replaced the historical ranking second in the club the great Laszi Kubala . The striking thing is that Messi is on track to his goal number 200 as Barca after being hammered, so far, 49 different teams. So if tomorrow, at the Camp Nou, the Argentine genius seen again in the Champions League goal, the Viktoria Plzen Czech rival will be the number 50 that will have suffered the aim of the best player in the world.

As shown in the table accompanying this information, especially Messi rivals seem to motivate the first order. Thus, the Atletico Madrid has seen in 17 chances Messi successful with your goal , while Sevilla FC and Real Madrid have lamented the auctioneer success of '10 'culé 13 times each. For a goalkeeper Iker Casillas prestige, Messi has become its Chief Whip since I landed in goal for Real Madrid.

Although many have only been two, another historic as the Manchester United has had the misfortune of encountering Messi, could leave you without two European Cups in the past to mark the end that the English have played against Barca in the '10 'Argentina.

In one game, it was the Arsenal Arsène Wenger suffered the most Messi. It was in the quarterfinal round of the Champions League 2009-2010, when the Camp Nou once again surrendered to the Argentine idol, scored four goals in a row. Tomorrow, again in the Champions League, Messi can make their fiftieth victim Viktoria Plzen. (via MD)

Vlacav Pilar, Czech Messi

Left-handed and small as Leo, he admits that it copies their dodges in 'youtube' and it recognizes how 'forced' the nickname.

Going the distance footballing logic, the Viktoria Plzen can also boast of having a Messi in their ranks. Vlacav called Pilar, is a lefty like Leo and physical characteristics are similar. The Argentine (24) has one year to the Czech (23) and an inch less than one kilogram (1.69 m and 67 kg.) Rival tomorrow (1.70 m and 68 kg.). The attacking midfielder's own champions Czech Republic exploded in his day many similarities. With good humor, usurped the name and dorsal to the '10 'the club. Arguably worked conscientiously gave him the nickname 'The Czech Messi'.

"A couple of years, while playing for Hradek Kralove in the Czech second division, I showed up one day in training with the shirt of Barca, but clean, with no name. It was bought on a trip to Spain because I liked . And shortly after I bought the Argentina with Messi's name. It was inevitable that I put the nickname. Shortly after he won the Ballon d'Or is a compliment to say that our game is similar, but the reality is that I am very different, "says Pilar, who after signing last summer by Viktoria absolute internationality reached the Czech Republic.

His admiration for the crack of the ship is so large that confesses that "I like to see pictures of Messi on 'youtube' on the internet. It is the best, makes no special trick and still is wonderful. I try to imitate a Dodge in training, but then the parties do not remember it again, but everything comes to him naturally. Now I hope to see with my own eyes because I believe that television distorts reality, slowing down their movements. "

Pillar adds that "it is human, but plays like a god. His performance is incredibly high and stable. It is still modest from the outside does not seem to play anything. And not only is a soloist, helps the team. It's great."

Indeed, Pilar was the only casualty on Friday League theoretical starting line that Pavel Vrba line up at the Camp Nou. The technician will set aside a force, but it looks to be the playmaker the club will try to connect from the left with the Bakos scorer in the counterattacks of Viktoria. In Milan (2-0), was accompanied in the 4-2-3-1 by Kolar, centered within arrival and Petrzela, the right wing. In the double pivot Horvath and Jiracek aligned, while the rear, protecting the goalkeeper, Marek Cech, safe Limbersky, Cisovsky, Bystron and Rajtoral. (via MD)

Barca want to be the first team to win two consecutive Champions League

No club has twice won the European Cup since it's Champions.
After being almost there in 2010, Pep has everything to repeat.

Who has already won everything you need to continually set challenges remain motivated. This is the case of the players of Pep Guardiola . The Barca players keep hunger because they want to continue making history. That is his greatest motivation: they know they are a unique opportunity to raise glasses and do not want to miss.

Currently, the club has four European Cups , the last three wins from 2006, but the group has combined Guardiola is not unreasonable to think that if things go well in the coming years might fall some more. And if it falls in the 2011-2012 season, will have broken another record: the club will be the first club that won two consecutive Champions League since the continental tournament went up to have this name and began to include some rather playoffs to dispute all by knockout.

So far, no team has managed to string two Champions League followed. A tournament that started so called from the 1992-1993 season because he began to be introduced at half a league tournament with two groups that led directly to the first end of each. In fact, that league was implemented for the first time in the previous edition, which Barca beat Sampdoria in Wembley , but it was in evidence and not yet officially named as Champions League .

It was from the 92-93 season when the group stage was made ​​official by removing the knockout quarterfinals and semifinals. Over the years, the group stages of the Champions was passed at the start of the competition to be played back to knockout round, quarter and semifinals. Also since the campaign began 97-98 runners participate in some leagues, especially with the eight best UEFA coefficient.

Perhaps the increase in the number of participants and the presence of more major league teams other than the champion led to an alternation of power each year in the new Champions . And is that since the new format was launched officially in 1993, have won the tournament Milan, Ajax, Juventus, Borussia Dortmund, Real Madrid, Manchester United, Bayern Munich, Porto, Liverpool, Barcelona and Inter Milan without ever repeating the next edition. Milan and Juventus were very close to doing in 1995 and 1997 respectively, and they returned to play the final a year after winning the title.

The FC Barcelona was also very close to repeating title two consecutive years. In 2009, already with Pep on the bench, won the Champions League in Rome and in 2010, fell into a highly controversial semi-final against Inter of Mourinho. Dispute that finally motivated especially Catalans players for two reasons: because they could hope to win two Champions followed, he was never seen, and because the final was played at the Santiago Bernabeu. The challenge still stands and the goal is to reach the beautiful Allianz Arena. And once there, back up the 'romaine'.

Mourinho, on the road again
Barca was in 2010 without double of Champions because of Mou and Inter. The staff remembers with anger that culé KO 'semis', and after winning the 2011 Champions at Wembley. Some, like Piqué, believe Benquerença foiled an historic treble of titles: Rome-09, Madrid and Wembley-10-11. (via MD)

[Barça B] Handsome, good ... and students

The stereotype that football players are not ready to level of education has long been dead," says Dr. Xavier Ramirez, one of his tutors.

I'm going to Vitesse. " "Well, nothing, to do well and give the Chapi memories." It was the conversation that took Dr. Xavier Ramirez and Marti Riverola, one of his students in the IQS (IQS), where the player is attending the subsidiary blaugrana Business Administration along with four of his companions, Ilie Sanchez Oriol Rosell, Sergi Roberto and Marc Muniesa.

"That's the main difference between working with elite athletes and the rest. The day will go, "said Ramirez, who is, along with Maria Angels Portabella, one of the guardians of the Blaugrana. Both are responsible for coordinating the schedules of the players whose career is not allowed to be provided in class. Or stay in the bar, or playing PlayStation. His regular absences due to training, the movements and calls with the selection.

Riverola managed to pass three subjects at Arnhem, where he spent half a season. "This type of student athletes, have in common the ability to work, coping, self-control, effort and perseverance. Not that the other students can not have those same virtues, but is common in them, "said Portabella, that in addition to tutoring, he teaches Oral and Written Communication. "In his life as players this subject are very useful, both in their relationship with the press, as with their own peers," he says. The five players in the Barça B that combine with the Division II college attended an average of ten hours a week in classes, either with private tutors or the rest of his college friends. The rest of the hours that should pass pending the University have the help of new technologies that allow them to keep pace. Ilie Sánchez will undergo surgery tomorrow for the fourth time this season to solve their problems in the Achilles' heel, caused by the first time it was operated. Must be between two and three weeks admitted, though naturally assumes Ramirez: "It's a boy espabiladísimo and will have no problem. Although it is fifteen days without coming to class. "

Barca is funding research in this private university. The club offers parents of the players who reach the club two lines of growth, football and education: "The stereotype that football players are not prepared to educational level who died long ago," says Dr. Ramirez, who puts Examples of "Unzué, Txiki Begiristain and Zubizarreta, who are very prepared and were professional footballers for some time. Life is very long and there are fewer players ruined. "

The relationship between Sarrià Chemical Institute, which belongs to the Universitat Ramon Llull, and the club was born several years ago, when Ruben Bonastre, one of the educators of La Masia, the first player signed Blaugrana. From this interest grew, and today, there are five players who studied there and Business Administration (Administración y Dirección de Empresa; ADE). "Barca is one of the clubs are doing for more professional education, to eradicate the topic we talked about before. Although no player in the first team graduated, but I have no doubt they will, "said Ramirez. Portabella says they are "youngsters head nicely furnished, they are. They do the same as the rest, but with a different organization. " If the Degree in Business Administration has a duration of four years, Sergi Roberto, Muniesa, Rosell, Ilie and it should take Riverola five or six years longer than something to take with ease.

Roberto Sergi has today math test. On Sunday he played with Barça B in Guadalajara at the Mini Stadium and took training and class yesterday afternoon. Morning is one of the players with the greatest grassroots football last year did the Catalans in the Champions League debut at the Santiago Bernabeu; in the afternoon, a college of 19 who attends ADE. Like him, four of his companions. Football is not everything in life to the club, more than a club.

A branch full of college

In addition to the five players who are studying Business Administration at the IQS, five of his colleagues in the team also go to college. This is Montoya, Bartra, Planas, Miño and Sergi Gomez. Ten of the 26 players that make up the team are convinced Eusebio Sacristan further education beyond football. (via SPORT)

Xavi, the best partner of Messi

Of a midfielder that ensures 91% of his passes and a scoring forward who becomes one of every four shots born almost perfect connection.

Leo Messi always explains a significant part of its success is based on their peers. The Argentine does not say free because the great secret of Barcelona is the ability of his players to associate your talent. According to statistics, Xavi Hernandez stands as his best partner.

Xavi and Messi have played seven league games played so far. The Vallès is the origin of the game of `Why, Pep team has participated in 433 of his plays, which represents 70% of the team. The Argentine was involved in fewer plays, 362 (58.58%), but completed 148 of them, representing nearly one in four (23.95%).

The key in the end always is how to reverse these individual statistics team successes. For example, Leo Messi is the top scorer of the league with 10 goals, but also its effectiveness is devastating since has scored in 38 shots. That is, about 25% accuracy. Similarly, the ease of one-on-one makes a successful outcome 44% of dribbling (32 of 73).

In the case of Xavi, his talent is based on an ability to secure possession. And the best expression of it is your percentage of successful passes, the 91.46% of those who try (793 of 867 attempted).

The connection of both on the field means that Xavi is the partner Messi receives more passes, and is also the most number of balls delivered to Leo, 106. Catalan and Argentine have connected on 231 and 47 plays culminating in an auction and twelve, in a goal. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Eusebio for the reaction with a positive therapy

The Valladolid started the week with a session aimed at making the players continue to believe in his game, despite suffering another defeat.

Eusebio Sacristan has set a priority that his players do not fall into despair after the bad run of results chains in the beginning of the championship. Barça B has only been able to add five points to 24 in play, with only one victory in Cartagena and no victory in the Mini Estadi. This contrasts with the sensations balance left in most games where Barça B has shown a fluid game than rivals, but whether the lack of marksmanship or errors on defense than rivals advantage without forgiveness, computer still does not boot.

The Valladolid should correct the defects immediately, but has little reason to reproach to his players. The attitude in training and in matches live up to expectations. However, each party follow one set of circumstances that prevents abnormal Barca three points. The bad luck was especially exaggerated compared to Guadalajara when the referee forced to repeat a penalty he had entered and defeat Roberto Sergi came in injury time after a foul by Armando more than doubtful.

Eusebio talked to his players in training at Ciutat Esportiva recovery and threw a positive message aimed at uplifting the most delicate moment of the season. The coach asked them to continue working with the same intensity that still believe in your game because the results will eventually arrive. The Valladolid were asked to show the character and continue to insist on the same automation of play. Of course, keeping the concentration at all times and in the Second Division A, as has been demonstrated, forgetfulness are paid a high price.

The team will return to training tomorrow to meet Saturday's game against El Collao Alcoyano. The best news for the recovery of Eusebio will upset players. Cristian Tello is already very strong recovery of muscle contusion suffered in Madrid, like Marc Barta, who has left behind the injury to the Sabadell.

Ilie will be entered three weeks

Ilie subsidiary midfielder Sanchez will be operated tomorrow at the Hospital Vall d'Hebron for the fourth time to try to resolve the infection that affects the heel of his left leg. After surgery, the squad will have to remain hospitalized for three weeks following their evolution directly. Ilie is undergoing an ordeal and his return is not dated. (via SPORT)

[Youth] Full for the opening of the new Masia

Barca expected that the opening of the new farmhouse is a tribute to those who have forged their football bases.

FC Barcelona finishing touches to the official opening ceremony of the new farmhouse, located in the Ciutat Esportiva de Sant Joan Despi, and which involved the president of the Generalitat, Artur Mas, next to the entity's president Sandro Rosell.

The club has completed about 800 invitations but is expected to be attended more than 300 people. Among others, are gathered all the presidents but so far only confirmed their attendance Josep Lluís Núñez. Also exentrenadores such as Louis van Gaal, all technical staff members and the first team, with Josep Guardiola at the forefront, as players and former players who spent some time in his career by La Masia, also former players of club who have a special historical significance; partners with the lowest card number and the highest, representing the social mass Barcelona. And, of course, the current tenants of the new Masia. In short, the club had wanted to repeat in some ways what happened in the last edition of the Ballon d'Or, when a broad representation of different levels of the organization accompanied Leo Messi, Xavi Hernandez and Andres Iniesta in what was an issue Barca to historic point topped the podium at football's most prestigious trophy with three players trained in their quarry.

Given the significance that has the act, it is expected that the presence of many Catalan sports personalities in a ceremony to be held in the gardens at the rear of the new training center blaugrana officially named Oriol Tort Training Center in honor the Blaugrana technical defunct. It will be an event with an extensive multimedia content which will review the history of football base and will feature Sandro Rosell parliaments and Artur Mas. (via SPORT)

Viktoria Pilsen, a block without foreigners nor experience in the big leagues

After winning their first league title, the beer box up now fifth with 18 points, nine of Slavia Praga.

Viktoria Pilsen is one of those teams to crown anonymous as he did, for example, Deportivo in the Liga 1999/00. The brewing group, which had until then only with a Glass of Czechoslovakia (1971), returned to the elite at the beginning of this decade with his second title butler (2009/10) and last season won their first League Gambrinus with 69 points, one more than the almighty Sparta Prague.

Viktoria is a mixture of youth and experience in a fut bol Czech peers finally escape the decline in submerged time consuming. One of the most striking is the absence of foreigners (all employees born in the former Czechoslovakia). In total, the rival Barcelona with 20 players and three Czechs Slovaks (Marian Cisovsky side, middle and striker Marek Bakos Michal Duris).

It also highlights his inexperience in Europe. In fact, only three players have fought in the Western League. The veteran midfielder Pavel Horvath (36 years) played 17 games at Sporting Lisbon in 2000/01 and three in the next. The right winger David Limbersky played four games with Modena in Serie A in 2003/04 and the next was given a few months at Tottenham, but did not play. Same as the goalkeeper Michal Danek, who spent a year on loan at West Bromwich and is not released.

Among the figures of Viktoria Pilsen, it should be noted goalkeeper Marek Cech, 35, returned to the Czech Republic after five years in Russia (four in the Lokomotiv Moscow and one in the Zhemchuzhina Sochi). Alone it has been once international 'for blame' of other Cech (Petr), of Chelsea. Marian Cisovsky stand in defense, right side of the selection until it left his post to Milan Petrzela (both are now in the Viktoria holders).

In midfield, right inside excels Daniel Kolar, the team's top scorer last season with 13 goals. It's a powerful player that has a lethal shot to the right and it has seven goals in this course, surpassed only by another `false front how do Bakos, who has scored and ten (another midfielder, Petr Jiracek, has four).

Face of such media prominence, only have room in attack for the other team's star, Vaclav Pilar, who has six goals this season despite leading seven games without 'wet'. By the way, which means Martin Sladky, 19, started the final of the UEFA European Under-21 in which the Blaugrana were proclaimed champions Sergi Gomez and Gerard Deulofeu, both now at Barca B. (via SPORT)

Pelé sent a video to Messi for 'teach' how to play

The exfutbolista Edson Arantes do Nascimento 'Pelé' told a Brazilian television channel which will be sent to Lionel Messi, of Barcelona, ​​a video of his time to see how he played.

"It may not have seen me," Pele said on Messi in an interview broadcast today by the Globo television network, which asked about the opinion of the Barcelona player, who recently declared that he never saw play 'O Rei' and that, in his opinion, the best player in history was Diego Armando Maradona.

"If he really did not see me, I'll do as I did once with Maradona: I'll send the video 'Pele eternal'" said exfutbolista, referring to a documentary about his sporting life that contains images of his best moments with the Saints, the Brazilian and New York Cosmos.

Smiling, Pele also noted that "normal" that Lionel Messi, considered the best player of the day, avoid comparisons. "A player, when compared, sometimes not interested in that," said exfutbolista, 70 years and retired in 1977, ten years before the birth of Messi. (via SPORT)

Fontàs to stay until 2015: “This gives me strength”

FC Barcelona has announced that Andreu Fontàs has signed a new contract on Monday that binds him to the club until the 2014-2015 season. The buy-out clause has been set at 70 million euros.

Centre back Andreu Fontàs, who already had a contract until 2012, has extended it today in the club offices to four seasons through to 2014/15 as a first team member, while the buy-out clause has been increased from 30 to 70 million euros. “I am very, very happy” he told Barça TV and fcbarcelona.cat. “And rightly so after renewing for the Barça first team .”

The player believes that this extension shows that the club trusts in him and now “more than ever I have to show what I am worth. It gives me additional strength to work as hard as I can every day and show what I’m worth”.

Fontàs has only played in one game, the 2-2 draw at Anoeta, this season, but is not too worried. “I’m easy. I went through similar situations with Barça B and I know it’s very difficult. I’m at the best team in the world and playing with the best players in the world and I’m working hard. Little by little, the chances will come. I am living a dream that I hope never ends”. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Barça and Milan, after the 'new Kaká'

One of the rising stars of the Brazilian football, Internacional midfielder Oscar, is in the point of aim of FC Barcelona and of Milan. The experts consider that he is the heir futbolístico of Kaká.

Turned 20 years old on September 9th and is one of the players with more projection of Brazil. According to the site revealed airfutbol.com, Oscar is being followed with great interest by the coaching staff at FC Barcelona. His strong showing in the South American Under-20 champion, where he finished-and the regularity with his team, the International Brazilian championship are two aspects that interest weigh in Barcelona by the new pearl of South America.

Oscar has scored eight goals in 17 league games this season leading. therefore, the club is not the only suitor for his services. The web 'calciomercato.it' Milan announced that emissaries have traveled to Brazil to watch live the young star and intangible value the options in which the club won long ago and his compatriot Kaka. (via SPORT)