15 October 2011

Last test before receiving Racing

The first team did this Saturday morning, the final preparatory session before receiving, at 20 hours, at Racing Santander which is the eighth game of the season.

As usual on game days at the stadium, the team led by Josep Guardiola has made ​​a final training session at the Camp Nou, has begun at 11.30 hours, and been behind closed doors before face to face with Racing Santander which is the first game for the club after the break for the commitments of selections. As on Friday, Barça has had the 18 available players from the first team. Cesc Fabregas and Alexis Sanchez, meanwhile, have continued the process of recovery from injury.

Once the training, staff lunch at the Camp Nou and then have free time until the time of concentration in the stadium, scheduled for 18.30. It will be from 20 hours when FC Barcelona meet Cantabrian team in the eighth day of competition of regularity. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Barça B] Eusebio: "We play to win in the Miniestadi"

Barça B coach is clear that "plays and win in the Mini, on Sunday against Guadalajara, and give joy to our fans," he said in a statement to Barça TV.

The subsidiary has coached Barca on Saturday morning at the Ciudad Deportiva Joan Gamper. After the training, the Barca coach, referring to the game this Sunday, and more specifically on the opponent, said that "the Guadalajara, which has risen this year to second, he is doing well and put us in trouble. But we must look about us, we must continue with that confidence that we are gradually winning. The three points are vital for us, not only in terms of ranking and points, but moral and self-confidence. "

Eusebio not talk about whether the team should have four or five points: "It's history and past. It's not worth going back. The points that we are there, and all you have to look at is why we well, and try to resolve the small details that have made ​​us lose some points incomprehensible. "
Although all players in the squad from the reserves are called for Sunday afternoon at the Mini, it is known that three of them are low sure: Soriano, Tello and Balliu. The rest, including Marc Bartra and Sergi Roberto, are available to the coaching staff of Barca B after the latter have received a medical discharge along this week. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Pinto is not disturbed by rumors

José Manuel Pinto lives from the day of arrival at the club with the sword of Damocles over him. Accustomed to renew their contract every year, attending to the constant swaying of rumors about possible reinforcements in goal. This season has not been an exception, although the Cadiz said in an interview with COM radio that the rumors is concerned, "this kind of rumors are nothing new," said the goalkeeper to the November 8 turns 36.

In any case ensure that no injury would not have to leave the club, "the first option, of course, as we always say, is to stay in Barcelona. From there, if this were not the case, as submitted to the maximum until June 2012, always give everything he has, because we live these rumors of the goal from day one. It's nothing new ", said the doorman at the Catalan radio.

Pinto provided as an example his arrival at FC Barcelona, ​​as given in the January transfer from Celta the 2007-08 season, "I came for a few months and I'm still here," says the question always arises. The Andalusian sum 34 games with Barca team with the Cup as a main task. His great friendship with Leo Messi is one of the points in favor of Puerto de Santa Maria. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Muniesa, deluxe reinforcement

He fell from a hamstring injury in the first team to tour the United States and, since then, has not played.

The season has not started for Marc Muniesa. The player went through a hell in the summer because of injuries. Not able to participate in the World Under 20 in Colombia and could not enjoy touring the U.S. with the first team. The Lloret de Mar fell from an injury that story appeared within minutes of entering the field in the match against Chivas. Since then, he has returned to play.

The player has missed the season opener of Barça B, suffering from the stands with the results of the team, from the lawn to help. For much of the recovery has practiced with the first team, even from before traveling to Alcorcón and joined his teammates in the subsidiary. In fact, Muniesa was already in the squad from the last shift and was about to enter the second half. Taylor asked what prevented the change because of some discomfort. Morning at the Mini Stadium the squad will have a new opportunity. Have you had a week to recover the tone and is fully able to return to the team. This is great news for Eusebio Sacristan, which retrieves effective defense to get to Guadalajara. Marc Muniesa can act both as central left-back and is called to be one of the major players in squad this season, which should take a step growth as a player. It depends on their future in the first team.

In addition to Lloret de Mar, also return Montoya and Planas, after passing through the sub 21. On the other hand, Eusebio recovered two other players who have been lost in recent weeks because of injuries. One of them is Sergi Roberto, who broke against Recreativo. The other is Marc Bartra, who fell to Sabadell. Both have been discharged from hospital and worked as normal yesterday with their peers. Both the midfielder and defender became two key pieces in the great season he completed the Barça B last year, so his experience should be helpful again this year. Gradually, Eusebio may have all their players, which, to date, has failed to do. One factor that should help remedy the situation and improve results. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Bartra and Sergi Roberto, ready for Guadalajara

In addition to recounting the Under-21 international Montoya and Planas, Eusebio Sacristan returns for the match on Sunday Bartra and Sergi Roberto, with the discharge.

Barça B receives this Sunday (18 h) to Guadalajara with more effective that the field was Alcorcón. Injuries overcome Sergi Roberto and Marc Bartra, with the discharge have been exercised in recent training sessions subsidiary. TheSant Jaume dels Domenys centre-back and Reus wing-half choose to enter plans in the face of Eusebio game against Guadalajara. These two 'reinforcements' join Montoya and Planas, two players who were left out of the call for play in the field of Alcorcón, and coming from the Under-21 without having trained with the reserves. Both sides have been working all week normally at the orders of the coaching staff of the subsidiary. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Abidal will negotiate next week

His mánager will be done with representatives of the club to be about pulling up the commitment of improving his offer.

Eric Abidal and FC Barcelona could refloat the player's future next week. As announced yesterday 'L'Équipe', the manager of the defense, David Venditelli, plans to meet with club representatives to discuss the French contract, which ends in June 2012.

At the meeting, Venditelli try to start the commitment by the club, Barca's proposal to improve the player is currently on the table, which consists in a season with an option for a second and a financial bid to low you currently receives '4 million per season'. Eric's will, is going to stay in the Catalan club is still signed for two seasons, which would end his contract with Barça at age 34.

Ferguson: "In a Barça-Madrid do not travel hobbies"

At 1345 hours on Saturday in Alfield Road will not fit even a pin, and many minutes before the game started there was not a pint in the pubs serve the surrounding area. The reason? The dispute of one of the classics of the English Premier League, the game that pits Liverpool with Manchester United. Both teams are most successful in England, and the epic battle is expected.

Aware of this rivalry, for Sir Alex Ferguson , this is the game. "A Liverpool-Manchester United is better than a Barça-Madrid . The only party that can compare with this is a Rangers-Celtic ", but even, as" hobbies do not travel there. "

The numbers indicate that Manchester is a priori the favorite. Travels to Anfield Road as a leader, and in the duel between the two points victory is for the 'Red Devils', with 71 wins, 61 by Liverpool and 50 draws. However, last season's team lost and Ferguson Scottish 3 to 1.

Two of the players going to focus more eyes are Wayne Rooney and Steven Gerrard . The first because it returns to the city where he grew up football, but in the eternal rival of Liverpool, Everton, and the second because it could be a starter again after recovering from the operation. His coach, Kenny Dalglish awaits: "Steven input strengthens the team. Raise the profile and level."

This is the party who opened the eighth day of the Premier, which also offers interesting parties, as a Manchester City-Aston Villa or a Chelsea-Everton, leaving for Sunday Newcastle-Tottenham Hotspur. (via MD)

Messi leads for before Christian Castrol Ranking

Among the ten first there are four players of Barça.
Madrid represents the only Cristiano among the top 20.

It is the first time Messi reaches the head of this classification, which uses advanced technology to measure every action, every entry and every movement of the more than 2000 players involved in the five biggest leagues in the last year.

Real Madrid star had rounded out his 2009 after beating Leo Messi and Thierry Henry , and placed on the top of the leaderboard, has seen the Argentinian has responded in spectacular fashion, getting six goals and two assists in four league games he has played this month, including a hat-trick against Tenerife. Messi goes through another sweet moment. The Seville was one of his victims: two goals, eight shots on goal and five times in total. And is that the Argentinian star is signing a number of films, as this season Barca has 22 points (15 goals and 7 assists). His 70% accuracy between the posts is in addition to the 163 dodges made ​​between League and Champions League last year, more than any other player.

In third place ranking is Fernando Torres, with 909 points, Henry is the fourth and Piqué the fifth in a classification in which we find four Barca players among the top ten. In the aforementioned Messi and Pique join David Villa the sixth and Dani Alves the ninth, while Madrid has only Cristiano Ronaldo in the top 20, which also contained Carles Puyol (19). (via MD)

The classification:
1.Leo Messi (FC Barcelona): 908 points
2.Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid): 930 points
3.Fernando Torres (Chelsea): 909 points
4.Thierry Henry (Red Bulls New York): 881 points
5.Gerard Piqué (FC Barcelona): 877 points

The possible arrival of Szczesny to Barça builds up hopes the Polish fans

The Polish goalkeeper Arsenal , Wojciech Szczesny has been chosen by Internet Mundo Deportivo as a favorite to reinforce Barça ahead of next season.

Although the presence of Victor Valdes in goal, the goalkeeper of FC Barcelona seems to cover many years, Polish fans have shown excited with the possibility that a fellow in the ranks of one of the best teams Europe and the world.

A few days ago Jordi Alba (Valencia), Thiago Silva (Milan) and Neymar (Santos), were the most votes were received, but since he knew the interest of Pep Guardiola for Arsenal goalkeeper from Poland has broken the euphoria with the possibility that Szczesny end up in the Catalan club.

Wojciech Szczesny has already ruled on the matter and has said that although it is currently happy at Arsenal, "Barca is a cause important enough to go". (via MD)

Guardiola: "Bojan knows it's a return trip"

FC Barcelona coach, Pep Guardiola, spoke at length about his expupilo Bojan at the press conference before the game against Racing.

Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola has said it will try "to have the enthusiasm and strength needed" to continue "as long as possible" in the Barça bench.

Guardiola has made this reflection after analyzing the statements of Bojan Krkic, who this week has revealed he has no intention of returning to Barça while Guardiola as coach, although his transfer to Rome of Luis Enrique is only two seasons.

"I only know that during my time with Bojan, he did everything and more to help. I did not give the necessary continuity, but I have good memories of him. I understand his disappointment, but he is very young and has a career forward to show his immense talent," commented on the Linyola forward.

Guardiola has recalled about that "Bojan's trip back and forth" and that their paths may meet again: "If two years from now I'm the coach and Bojan, as evidenced in his contract, will return, I to be able to convince him. "

Santpedor coach has appeared this afternoon at a press conference in the pre-game against Racing Santander, but in the whole Cantabrian has said very little.

If anything, he recalled that his coach, Hector Cuper, is "a master of defensive work," which had "almost a fortnight to think about Barcelona," and his players, however, barely able to complete two workouts together.

"We've always struggled a bit after a break of selections, it is true. And besides, the Racing is a team that always complicates things. A antidote to the 'FIFA virus'? Let us not summon and that fifteen stay here. They come to play games, schedule changes, travel that never end, but we tried plugging in the two-day fast, "he explained.

Guardiola, who had twelve days without talking to the press today has been reviewed for nearly 40 minutes Barca. About Joan Laporta and 10.15 million that was paid for a business with an Uzbek magnate while he was president of the club has chosen to pussyfoot.

He recalled that he is "no club spokesperson or peacemaker" who always tries to be "loyal" to the entity and "maintaining equidistance" in these matters and that Laporta has held before a judge "who should be the one judge him. "

The enactment of a party to his deputy, Tito Vilanova, for the incident with the coach of Real Madrid, Jose Mourinho, and the famous finger in the eye, has refused to say anything, "because Tito has already forgotten."

It has spread a little more time to assess the recent confession of Captain Carles Puyol, who was over his head quit football last season, when he could play for a knee injury.

"When a player is injured eight months and four or five without knowing the cause, the end comes to think that just does not come out of it, but the important thing is that Carl is in perfect condition to play, is perfectly recovered," he underlined.

The decision of Eric Abidal, with a muscular contraction, to force a comeback in a match with France, has said that "the players are older and have to know what to do when they are with the selection" and downplayed the influence the play of his Barca have now in the style of 'Red' by Vicente del Bosque.

"In football everything is centuries invented. Madrid won the European Cup with Di Stefano and edge false false Laudrup played nine before Romario arrived. Do I'm going to teach something to Vincent, who has more battles than I? Not at all, "he argued.

Moreover, Guardiola also wanted to subtract the umpteenth disappointment significance of Leo Messi with Argentina, this time by the minimum fell against Venezuela (1-0). "When he returns to play for his country always ask me the same. Leo plays an extremely tough competition, such as the South American qualifying rounds, and always does a very good level. When you re always here for whatever you need, but he needs now is to recover from another trip very long time and change, "he noted.

Finally, Pep Guardiola, has waste praise on the meta Jose Manuel Pinto, precisely the weeks that have appeared in various information about the possibility that the club is looking for a replacement for next season.

For the Barca coach at the bottom of this template Pinto is beyond doubt. "Without a good atmosphere in the locker room can not get this title and Pinto's role is key. Today, if you ask me, I would recommend to the technical secretariat to continue another year, because it trains impeccable, because it is a extraordinary guy and because he has helped make such a strong team, "he ruled.

VIDEO: www.sport.es

Chile presses so that Alexis Sánchez forces his recovery

Although the Chilean forward will be at least a further three weeks off from their country is starting to get in a hurry so you can go to the commitments to its selection of the next November.

Alexis Sanchez returned Thursday to training with the club as planned. The end of the lawn jumped Chilean Sports City and was brought to a gentle pace as previous recovery plan, which states that you must be at least three weeks low. From there, the body will decide whether the player is able to return to the team or if the recovery has to lengthen a week, which would prevent Alexis to see your selection matches against Uruguay (November 11) and Paraguay (November 15).

That's why from Chile alarms have gone on and started to push to have the Barca player at that time. "The Chilean federation has been in contact with Barcelona and we have not received any information from which recovery times have changed," said Felipe Correa, manager of national teams in the South American country that has no doubt that it can have Alexis. "In three weeks you should be able to return to work medical, so your call should depend solely on coach Claudio Borghi," he added.

The ship's doctor responsible for their part, are not so clear and prefer that type of injury it is and muscle morphology, Alexis Sanchez not running any risk. (via SPORT)

Barca-Viktoria Plzen is declared high-risk game

The meeting to be held next Wednesday at Camp Nou was declared a "high risk" by the Permanent Commission of the State Commission against Violence, Racism, Xenophobia and Intolerance in Sport.

The Permanent Commission of the State Commission against the Violence, the Racism, the Xenophobia and the Intolerance in the Sport agreed this Friday to declare of high risk the encounter of the Champions League Barcelona-Viktoria Plzen that will be disputed in the Ciudad Condal next Wednesday October 19.

Barcelona are second in Group H with four points, the same as Milan, and Viktoria's fourth and final one. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Roma continues seducing Montoya

Luis Enrique continues having to the full-back azulgrana in his plans although player's agent denies, at the moment, any contact type with the Italian entity.

The full-back of Barça B Martin Montoya still in the spotlight of the coaching staff of Roma, according to reports coming from Italy, although his agent, Josep Maria Orobitg, has settled back to the parish to deny Barca possible contacts.

From Italy, several media say that Luis Enrique Montoya would welcome "with open arms." However, echo the sharp reply of player agent 'ForzaRoma.info', which says that "now there is nothing to Roma."

The interest of the Italian team is in contention with other European clubs like Valencia and Bayern Munich have also dropped their interest in the full-back azulgrana.

Montoya contract ends next summer and has not yet renewed, fueling the suspicions about their future. Josep Maria Orobitg recognized the value of Luis Enrique: "It is highly valued and appreciated its potential."

The player's agent admitted that he would like to discuss his client with Franco Baldini, "a great friend," when he allegedly abandoned the discipline of Capello's England and integrated into Roma as the new CEO.

Guardiola: "Cúper is a master of the defensive works"

Barcelona coach warns that Racing has had 15 days to prepare for the game against Barca coach praises rival: "Cuper is a master of defensive work. Has directed teams always difficult to win."

Football is back and as always after a break , accompanies the threat of FIFA virus . Josep Guardiola warned of the danger of the game on Saturday against Racing: "We have always side after the stoppages. We try to connect to the players as quickly as possible so that they arrive fresh. " This difficulty is accompanied by the dangers it can create the whole Cantabrian: "Hector Cuper is a master of defensive works .'s always been difficult teams to win. We have to tackle well. "

One of the issues of most concern to Guardiola is the time to prepare has had this game. "The racing has had 15 days to think about ourselves and we have been with four players, "he said. The style of play Racing , warning: "We have to worry about their counterattacks, and their tips, which are very deep."

The last few weeks, the team has suffered several casualties on defense. Now, however, the team already has all of them, including Puyol and Abidal , played until a few days. Guardiola looks good to them both: "Puyol is in perfect condition to play and perfectly recovered." On Abidal , a similar message: "The news from the doctors is that Abidal has become well. The players are older and they know when to play and when not. The first game [with the selection] is not played and the second one did . If I have no doubt someone of your professionalism, it's Abidal. "

Asked by one of the news of the day, the draw for Copa , Josep Guardiola acknowledged to be satisfied by having to face a l'Hospitalet in the Cup knockout : "We're thrilled, especially Jordi Vinyals . His teams always try to play well. And we are very excited to play here in Catalonia. The Copa Catalunya always mounted when we have players and now is a good opportunity to play here in Catalunya . "

However, the first round always scares him: "The Cup first round gives me a lot of respect . There is much to lose. These years the results have been very good because we've taken seriously and will now to do it again, but the return game will be terrible, because it is played only three days after returning from Japan . " Remember that before this match, the team will have played in the Club World Cup on Asian soil. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Focussed on Racing

On Friday, the first team trained for the second to last time before taking on Racing Santander on Saturday evening at 20.00. Guardiola had all 18 of his fit players available.

Barcelona trained on Friday at the Ciutat Esportiva with Racing Santander on their minds. Following the international break, it’s back to La Liga, which for Barça means a visit from the struggling Cantabrian outfit at 20.00 on Saturday at the Camp Nou

After all the South American internationals got back on Thursday, Pep Guardiola was able to train again with a full squad today, with a total of eighteen players involved in the session.

Cesc Fàbregas was also back on the field to continue his recovery programme. He was joined by another injured player, Alexis Sánchez, who already did some rehabilitation work on the pitch the day before.

The first team will have another training session on Saturday morning at 11.30. (via FCBarcelona.cat)