14 October 2011

L'Hospitalet is the rival of FC Barcelona in the Cup 1/16

FC Barcelona and met his first opponent in the Copa del Rey: l'Hospitalet. The first leg will be played on November 9 and the return at the Camp Nou on 21 December. Have never played in a competitive match.

The uncertainty of the first opponents in the Cup has ended quicker. The ballot with the name of FC Barcelona was the fourth to leave, and Guardiola's team has been paired with l'Hospitalet, group led by ex azulgrana Jordi Vinyals. Josep Guardiola's men will play the first match of the tie on 9 November in Feixa Llarga, while the leg will be played at the Camp Nou on December 21.

It will be the first official game showdown between the teams. The last precedent-unofficial-date Catalunya Cup last season, when the combined won by Barca 0-2 in l'Hospitalet in a triangular taking over Espanyol. That day, Dos Santos and Soriano gave the victory to Barça. Currently,l'Hospitalet is the eighth classified of the Second Division group III. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

The other qualifiers:
Albacete-Atlético de Madrid
Oviedo-Athletic Club
Racing-Rayo Vallecano
Real Sociedad-Granada

[Ex-player] Stoichkov, new consul from Bulgaria in Catalunya and Aragón

"My name will never be spotted in any scandal, I will help Bulgarians in Spain and never provoke headaches foreign minister," said Stoichkov.

The Bulgarian football legend, former player of Barcelona and in 1994 Golden Ball Hristo Stoichkov, today is from Bulgaria's honorary consul in Catalunya and Aragon.

"Bulgaria abroad must have not only foreigners who are great friends of this country, but also the biggest names in Bulgarian," he said today during a solemn ceremony Bulgarian Foreign Minister Nikolay Mladenov.

Meanwhile, Stoichkov, known in his country "la Daga", said his appointment as consul is a recognition of its successes and its work, and declared that Barcelona has many friends in different areas and take them to Bulgaria.

"My name will never be spotted in any scandal, I will help Bulgarians in Spain and never provoke headaches foreign minister," said Stoichkov.

The Bulgarian government has already decided to appoint to that post last July exfutbolista and Stoichkov is responsible for consular affairs in the regions of Catalunya and Aragon.

Among the future responsibilities of the Bulgarian football legend is that of working actively to encourage the development of trade relations, economic and cultural ties between Bulgaria and Catalunya.

The former temperamental player's new responsibilities are not new for the since from 2008 presides over friendship's association and Bulgarian-Catalan cooperation "San Jorge." (via AS)

Barça wants 'repescar' to Jordi Alba

As reported in 'Las Provincias', FC Barcelona would be interested in signing the Barça squad that was Jordi Alba, currently in Valencia.

Jordi Alba was formed in the FC Barcelona from 1998 to 2005, and has become one of the figures of the season. His self-confidence, speed and ability to create danger in attack without neglecting defensive duties have attracted interest from Pep Guardiola, who already look like a replacement warranty for Eric Abidal. And it's French defender could not renew with FC Barcelona and leave a vacancy. In fact, although it renovated, 'Las Provincias' assures that Guardiola would want to sign Alba to accompany the Frenchman the next season.

The football environment has recognized the interest and, despite the Catalan player has a contract until June 2013, could change the shirt 'che' with the Blaugrana next season. (via SPORT)

Andres Iniesta, the antidote to the FIFA virus

FIFA Virus lurks and Andrés will be the big news tomorrow to disable.
Manchego is to play 90 minutes after a three-week KO.

Andres Iniesta is the big 'signing' of Pep Guardiola for the marathon of parties that will face Barcelona in next month. The manchego, who was injured in the femoral biceps left on 14 September during a meeting of Champions League against Milan, has been three weeks in dry dock but now, ten days after receiving a medical discharge, is to stop . In fact, since in the dressing room ensures that Andrés is ready to face 90 minutes of tomorrow's match against Racing . Something to consider given the evil that goes on Barca after stoppages caused by team matches, the famous FIFA Virus .

Obviously, it is Pep Guardiola to decide the leadership that gives you tomorrow, but in a context in which Xavi, Thiago, Keita and Busquets are playing with their national teams, and with Cesc still injured, the ownership of Iniesta seems assured. Great news for Barca, who have not been able to enjoy soccer Fuentealbilla crack magic in games against Osasuna, Valencia, Athletic, Bate Borisov and Sporting Gijon.

The return of Iniesta will occur also against an opponent that gives you quite well. And is that Racing is the first division team that has scored more goals, namely three. Also, has achieved in the last three games they have played Cantabria and Catalonia, one at each meeting. Last season, the club opened the league Sardinero and Andrés got a goal of Vaseline from outside the area that was even applauded by the fans. When was replaced, was also a standing ovation from the fans racinguista, who wanted to reward their decisive role in the victory of Spain in the World Cup in South Africa.

Tomorrow will be the Catalans who cheer Iniesta , one of the top rated players at Camp Nou. Circumstances force him to lead a core in which the selection Xavi returned with complaints and in which Busquets back after playing 180 minutes with la 'Roja'. If the club has played well without Andres, with him on the field may be a scandal

And Cesc will return next week
Afellay, Cesc and Alexis are injured, but next week there may be positive developments around the Catalan. And is that the target set by doctors, collectors and by the same player goes through that is discharged before the Barca-Sevilla league. The team of Seville is one of the few "bones" that are left to the League of Pep Guardiola before December classical. (via MD)

[Youth] Cristian Herrera, winger with scorer soul

He is the top scorer of the División de Honor and is demonstrating that, in his second year in the category, there are few footballers with their definition.

FC Barcelona Juvenil A leads the División de Honor, nothing abnormal situation for a football club whose base is used to occupy the top positions when competing. The novelty of the case is that of Oscar Garcia Junyent are showing a surprising level of competition for the youth of the template.

The coach is knowing how to squeeze the virtues of his players and inject a competitive plus rare at these ages. Not only know how to win by a landslide, as demonstrated at the Huesca on the first day, but have also learned to suffer to get the three points game after game. Three years of youth football at the club that best soccer training is the world serve to reinforce what was learned in previous stages, but also to acquire basics in previous years. One is the competition. And that Oscar Garcia, who was a professional footballer, becomes relevant. Having achieved the treble last year, winning League Cup and Champions Cup, is no accident.

Players like Samper, Dongou or Pol Calvet will be better after learning in the last step of grassroots football. One of the players who, for now, is making better use of time is Cristian Herrera. He spent last season midway between B and A youth, but this season, his second in youth, is fully consolidated in the set of Oscar Garcia. And is responding fully to the expectations he had set for him. Sum and nine goals in seven games and is one of the keys to the team lead. Both his goals have been responsible for seven points.

The Catalans have all their games for a win, although some of the conference have suffered more than necessary to score the win. The three points scored before the last Wednesday Damm were the best proof. The brewer set forward in the first half and a goal from Cristian Herrera served to equalize the final twenty minutes. Patri made it 2-1 in 80min.. Cristian Herrera, who added three doubles in seven days, is learning to be resolving. He is one wing that can play in both side, but usually it has the right, as right-handed. This year more regularly occupies the band left-handed and the change has gone very well, considering their numbers as a filmmaker is it the top scorer in the category What, a facet that exploded as a cadete A.

Born in Santa Coloma de Farners and, before joining the Barca youth football, he played for Espanyol. Barca came to play in infantil A and this year celebrates its second season as a juvenil. Stresses, in addition to the goal, for its ability to overflow into the band. Surprising ease to do so by both sides, making it unpredictable. Still has much work ahead, but his career has always stood by a great regularity. (via SPORT)

Abidal has three offers on the table to leave Barça

PSG, Milan and a third equip they have already made him arrive their interest so that it puts an end to their adventure as blaugrana.

Eric Abidal wants to stay in Barcelona and in more than one occasion, expressed his desire to retire dress Blaugrana. The Frenchman is happy in Barcelona and sees no need for a change. That does not mean, however, that the defense remain part of the template that directs Pep Guardiola.

The prestige of soccer is huge and the test are the offers have come from three major clubs have been interested in it, above which the club put on the table. The Blaugrana club offers one optional year, while the player asks for three, so that the positions are removed. But Abidal is not inflexible and is convinced that the duration of the contract will reach the two-year fixed, an option that would allow him to assess its continuity at the Camp Nou seriously. The French international would welcome the renewal accept long as it is for two seasons. At 32 years, the contract ends next June 30 and will do 32 years, so that, if continued at the club, come the end of his relationship with 34, an age when they would rethink their future. The problem is that the economic offer that has sent the club would not increase it now perceives the player, but lowers its claims, which the player does not understand. Despite feeling eternally grateful for how the club handled his illness at the end of last season, believes there is still an important player and that a reduction is not justified economically.

In addition, the Blaugrana still have a large poster in Europe and as shown by the three bids with which account for a change. One is that of Paris Saint-Germain, which offers virtually a blank check to join your multimillion project. The French want the team with players Frenchify prestigious and one of them is Eric Abidal. This is a very interesting proposal for the player, which will be linked to a competitive club and also you would in France. Milan also has shown a willingness to try his fortune in the Italian league, although in this case, the international Gallo is not attracted by the project. A third club interested in his services, that do not play in Italy or in France. Abidal, in this case the option is saved brainer, but in any case reluctant. Anyway, the first option of the player shuffles their future is to continue wearing the Blaugrana. All we ask is that the club increase its supply both in regard to the duration of the contract as the economic pillar, which means it is lower than at this time, being perceived. Nothing would satisfy him but to continue as part of a historical project that has led Barca to live the best stage in its history. (via SPORT)

Alexis Sánchez: "I think I can play in three weeks"

Alexis Sanchez returned yesterday to Barcelona from Chile to rejoin the club discipline after they gave him permission to remain in their country with the recovery of the hamstring injury that occurred in the month of September.

Alexis, who traveled alongside the physiotherapist Girones Roger said on his arrival in Barcelona is "very good and I think I can play in three weeks." Later moved to the club in the Ciutat Esportiva to train outside the group, with Cesc Fabregas.

The forecasts of the boat are doctors who still continue the process of recovery until early November for the 5th it will be exactly eight weeks of lower than anticipated. From there, appreciate if you can return to the pitch.

Alexis has 'in mind', is Chile matches against Paraguay and Uruguay valid for the 2014 World Cup qualifier to be played between 11 and 15 November. The Barca medical officials do not want, the type of injury and muscle morphology, run no risk and precipitate. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Sergi Roberto, ready to Guadalajara

Eusebio, who has not yet been able to work with all staff to complete, is recovering slowly effective.

Eusebio has not been able to have the entire staff of Barca B since he took office. Injuries and international calls have stopped work to complete with all its players. Gradually, however, troops whose role is recovering from the outset, it must be important this season.

Valladolid coach has gone by solving the absences of several of his players looking for alternatives. The drops of Ilie, Jonathan Soriano and Muniesa, for lesion, Montoya and Planas, for their inclusion with the inferior of the Spanish selection, have prevented him from men who carry the weight of the branch in Second. One of them is Sergi Roberto, if he start the season, but had to stop short when he injured against Recreativo de Huelva.

The Reus had to be replaced with the Andalusian and tests confirmed he suffered a groin injury in his left leg. He was diagnosed two weeks of low. The midfielder, one of the players with more projection of the quarry, worked as normal yesterday with the rest of his teammates and, if it thinks fit Eusebio could count on him to get to Guadalajara on Sunday at the Mini Estadi. Sergi Roberto is able to receive a medical discharge because it is fully recovered from the injury. This is good news for the Blaugrana, you need to react to a difficult start to the season which has led him to positions of descent. Template there for it.

Marc Bartra, doubt until the last minute

Barca defender, who is still recovering from his physical problems, work until the last minute to see if you can be able to receive the Guadalajara. The de Sant Jaume dels Domenys suffered a muscle injury to the Sabadell why fifteen days should be low, a time that meets this weekend. His return is a fair bit, so not only will run no risk and return with the rest of their peers if butt. (via SPORT)

Juan Maraver: "The first option is to stay Pinto at Barça"

John Maraver, representing José Manuel Pinto, said that the first choice of Barça's second goalkeeper stay in the Catalan side but if not he would have to go abroad and the Premier League like him, has made ​​clear in the program 'Mas Esports' Com Ràdio.

"The first option, of course, as we always say, is to stay at the club. From there, if this were not the case since then, the maximum delivered until June 2012, always giving everything he has, because we live these rumors of the goal. There is nothing new." (via MD)

Iturralde González will settle Barça-Seville of the ninth week

Eduardo Iturralde Gonzalez will be the college's Barça-Sevilla for the ninth round of the Liga . On the same day, the Spaniard Mateu Lahoz addressed to Malaga-Real Madrid while Turienzo Alvarez will be responsible for Racing-Espanyol. (via MD)

Designations 9th week:
Barcelona - Sevilla Iturralde González (C.Vasco)
Sporting - Granada Iglesias Villanueva (C.Gallego)
Atlético de Madrid - Mallorca Fernández Borbalán (C.Andaluz)
Valencia - Athletic Clos Gómez (C.Aragonés)
Osasuna - Zaragoza González González (C.C-Leonés)
Real Sociedad - Getafe Estrada Fernández (C.Catalán)
Villarreal - Levante Delgado Ferreiro (C.Vasco)
Málaga - Real Madrid Mateu Lahoz (C.Valenciano)
Betis - Rayo Vallecano Undiano Mallenco (C.Navarro)
Racing - Espanyol Turienzo Álvare (C.C-Leonés)

Puyol cut with Malena

The captain of FC Barcelona Carles Puyol put an end to its relationship with the model mallorquina Malena Costa, according to an information rushed by the magazine 'Readings' in its edition of this Thursday.

After a year of relationship, Puyol and Malena have decided to walk every one by his side. The footballer and the model have ended an affair which came to light through the messages released by the Barca captain himself through his Twitter account. The magazine 'Lecturas', in its issue this week, includes front-page news.

According to this information, the decision of the break in the first instance took himself Puyol. This farewell to the relationship occurred last September, after a journey that both made to Rome. However, neither the player nor Malena had become public, the news spread like wildfire since the covers of 'readings' were seen in the kiosks.

Carles Puyol and Malena Costa started their relationship a year ago, after both completed their respective Comas-Agnès comrpomisos with Puyol was 11 years-and the businessman Javier Hidalgo, who went duarnte model two years. During this time, the followers of both in their Twitter accounts have witnessed a romance through comments and images disseminated the protagonists themselves. An idyll that a year later, comes to an end. (via SPORT)

And Messi had to hide ... In the cockpit!

Leo Messi came Thursday afternoon from Venezuela to Barcelona, ​​where Argentina's national team played its last game. And the trip had its amusing anecdote.

Leo Messi is accustomed to travel in private flights in First Class when commercial flights and even does not matter if you have to go in coach. But, of course no problem for him not to say that is normal for others be spotted in your own airplane.

And it just ask passengers on Wednesday they were preparing to travel between the Venezuelan city of Barcelona and the capital, Caracas. It is the Venezuelan newspaper "El Universal" who tells the story. Leo was the last passenger to board the plane. Before Mascherano had already done so, the Barça trainer who always accompanies him, Juanjo Brau, Valencia's Ever Banega and other members of the expedition. Messi waited up to lights out, but to no avail. He quickly recognized the aisle suddenly seemed the Ramblas in Barcelona during rush hour.

In these circumstances the plane could not take off. Had to "hide" Leo. And could only be done in one place. In the cockpit. Said and done. Until then led the Barcelona player and there made the short journey between Barcelona and Caracas, defying even the aviation laws that prohibit the cab have anyone but the crew when it is less than 10,000 meters. The problem was for Mascherano, Banega and company, that in the absence of Messi, were the targets of the passengers of the aircraft during flight.

Already Maiquetia airport, the lucky ones were the plane's flight attendants, who had the good fortune to be photographed with Leo. The Argentine quickly got off the plane and ran towards the area of ​​international flights, for a flight to Madrid first and then, finally, back to Barcelona. But now was not the Venezuelan Barcelona but the Catalan.

On the plane to Caracas and while waiting at the airport in Maiquetia, Leo Messi could not hide his face from exhaustion. If, as always, I hurt a lot losing to Venezuela, the desserts were at the airport in Barcelona Venezuela had to wait five hours to leave his plane to Caracas, because of a fault in the landing gear of his plane. (via SPORT)

Messi, Iniesta, Puyol and Cesc won't have to declare in the 'case Uzbekistan'

Leo Messi, Andres Iniesta, Carles Puyol, Cesc Fabregas and Samuel Eto'o exazulgrana not have to testify in the trial of former FC Barcelona, ​​Joan Laporta, who calls him a FIFA representative 10 percent of the money you businesses reported that it maintained with a magnate uzbeko.

According to an order of the owner of the district court number 10 of Barcelona which Efe had access, "no grounds" to agree on final due diligence by the plaintiff requested and was back to testify because the players after none of them appear at the trial.

The hearing was held on Monday October 10, despite the absence of the aforementioned players, who were to testify about his involvement in a 'clinics' held in Uzbekistan in 2008.

For that event were recruited through the FC Barcelona, ​​for the same employer that Laporta held private businesses who reported 10.15 million to his office.

Despite Messi, Iniesta, Puyol, Fabregas and Eto'o had been called to testify, only the first excused his appearance, claiming that he was in Venezuela with Argentina concentrated to participate in a qualifying match for the World Cup.

For this reason, plaintiffs 'lawyers, the players' agent Bayren Tutumlu, asked the judge to return to subpoena the players, which it considers unnecessary.

"Given the outcome of the proceedings in the act of the whole test is no longer necessary to rule on the dispute, so you will not use this judging of the power under Article 435 of the Civil Procedure Act, cars must be definitely conclusive for sentencing, "he says in the car. (via SPORT)

Pape Diop: "I think we can score in the Nou Camp"

Papakouly Diop, Senegalese midfielder of Racing, said that although all predicted to Racing has no potential to take something positive from his visit Saturday to FC Barcelona, ​​the team hopes to spring a surprise.

"I know that many do not believe we can do something in the Nou Camp, but I think we can score," said Pape Diop and recalled that he had not no confidence before the visit of Real Madrid at the Sardinero and the meeting ended with distribution of points .

The Senegalese are in good shape to repeat the double pivot, after arriving on Monday to Santander from Mauritius, where he traveled to Senegal summoned to play a qualifying match of African Cup 2012, which ultimately did not intervene. "

It changes a lot, we played against a very loose (Mauritius) and now we will do so against the best in the world, "said Diop, who also insisted that the Racing will have options for" Barcelona is not going to win every game. "

Racing Diop believes that "it is well defensively," and believes that Barcelona will be necessary to "hold the maximum" to a rival for his game, "gets back" at all rivals.

"We have equipment to take and what matters is not conceding goals in the opening minutes, because that forces you to play more advanced, "said the Senegalese midfielder.

As for the possibility that coach Hector Cuper make his debut against Barcelona Mamadou Kone, who plays for Racing B (Third Division), Diop said he looks good to this young forward born in Ivory Coast.

"He gain confidence and he is very fast," said Diop, for whom the "speed" could be a weapon to use "if he want to hurt to Barcelona. " (via SPORT)

Bartosz Salamon, the new 'jewel' that Guardiola wants

Pep Guardiola has his sights on one of the girls 'pearls' of calcium. This is the Polish midfielder Salamon Bartosz.

Bartosz, 20, plays for Brescia in the Italian Serie B, notable for its size, measuring 1.95 meters and could go to the club in an amount ranging between two and five million euros.

According to Italian media, think of Bartosz Guardiola as reinforcement for the subsidiary, which would be formed before taking the leap into the first team. Its characteristics as a player would be similar to those of Sergio Busquets

Barca, however, not be the only club interested in this young player. Milan and Napoli also are close.

Apparently, Guardiola made a good impression on Bartosz style of play during a visit that the coach barcelonista carried out Brescia at the end of the last season. (via SPORT)

Pedro feels side is in good shape and confident

The Barça forward says that despite the international break, the team “is relaxed, in good shape and confident” ahead of Saturday’s clash with Racing.

On Thursday the Brazilian and Argentinian players were back as Josep Guardiola starts recuperating members of his squad and preparing to get back to normal and start preparing for the league fixture on Saturday against Racing at the Camp Nou. Pedro says that the squad “is training well, is fully confident and in good shape” to deal with the forthcoming challenge.

He admitted that “it is always hard to get back into shape after an international break”, but feels that the team is ready to play once they have got over the exertions of international football. Asked whether he feels these situations interrupt the team’s flow, Pedro said “we’ll see … we are training well, are fully confident, and in good shape. Racing have a great team and we expect a good game at the Camp Nou and to keep collecting points. Those who have been with our national teams are recovering strength, but I’m sure we’ll be ready in time for this game.”

Pedro said that because of the “travel and the minutes played it is always hard to be at one’s best after playing internationals … but we are confident and will be at 100% against Racing.” He added that “it is a privilege that so many players are picked for their national teams”.

If he gets two goals on Saturday, Pedro will have made it to 50 in official matches. “It will be difficult. It always is to get such figures, but I’m relaxed, it’s not something that I’m obsessed with. I have been lucky enough to enjoy some great finals with this team. I remember Abu Dhabi, the European Supercup, the games against Madrid... They are all fond memories, I hope to continue working to contribute things.”
On Xavi’s form, after the player asked to be substituted while playing for Spain and also Abidal, Pedro said “they are both fine and keen to work, but that’s the boss’ decision. I hope they can help the team because they always have something to offer.”(via FCBarcelona.cat)

Guardiola has all the international

Messi, Mascherano, Alves and Adriano have been incorporated on Thursday to Barca after having faced international commitments. Alexis Sanchez has begun to make a very soft field work.

Pep Guardiola regains all the staff at your disposal. Leo Messi, Javier Mascherano, Dani Alves and Adriano Correia were the last players to return to Barcelona discipline after the break for selections. In this way, the coaching staff already has available to prepare all Saturday's game against Racing Santander at the Camp Nou.

Team has been trained on Thursday afternoon at the Ciudad Deportiva Joan Gamper. Alexis Sánchez Injured, just back from Chile, has very soft field work. The end suffered a hamstring tear in his right thigh on September 10. His recovery was estimated at about eight weeks. On the other hand, Cesc Fabregas has continued its recovery work. (via FCBarcelona.cat)