13 October 2011

[Former player] Watch the goal by Ronaldinho in the squad

The 'Gaucho' scored again with 'canarinha' after four years without making their selection, a goal-kick around the square.

Ronaldinho is back in shape. At least they are the sensations that transmitted the 'Gaucho' lately, since it is not plugged seen him since his time of glory at Barca.

Still far from reaching that level of excellence, at least exblaugrana has returned to its highly motivated team. Proof of this is this fantastic goal he scored in a friendly match against Mexico team that ended up being the 'canarinha' by 1-2.

In the action, 'Ronnie' surprises Mexican goal, Oswaldo Sanchez, who turned 100 games in his selection with an impressive shoe that slipped by the squadron's own goalkeeper. It is worth noting the point. (via SPORT)

[Former player] Eto'o wants to return to Inter for the halt of Russian championship

Cameroon forward Samuel Eto'o, the current team player Anzhi of Makhachkala, wants to return to Inter Milan during the pause Russian Championship, Italian media reported.

The former FC Barcelona forward Massimo Moratti called, top leader of the Milanese club to ask if this idea might be interested.
The return of the player, who scored 37 goals last season, is two problems: one technical and one economic, as noted Italian media.

According to the analysis of the media, the technical problem would be how the player will receive the rest of the front of the Inter. And the other question is how will be paid. But the player is willing to play for free during those two months.

The Russian club, who signed him last August 25, agreed to pay 20 million euros a year for three more seasons of 27 million they paid for chips.

Apparently, it is up Suleyman Kerimov President's decision to lend his "jewel" and risk an injury in the field ruin your season.

According to regulations there is no limitation to the player is given for a short period of time. The loan would be possible because the Russian league reopens in January next year and UEFA regulations also provides for the loan of a player between two computers.

movement of left full-back

In England they alert on movements around Ashley Cole but the priority of Barça is Jordi Alba.

The technical secretariat of Barcelona is also developing a portfolio of future left full-back to be presented at upcoming meetings Pep. The trace is independent of the choice of Eric Abidal to renew or not his current contract expires in June 2012 and two names focus the attention of the Camp Nou, Jordi Alba and Ashley Cole.

The Daily Mirror English insisted on the last hours in the interest Barca for Chelsea defender, specifying that the operation could reach 14 million euros. In England believe that the experience and solvency of captive Cole more than speed and offensive projection Gareth Bale, Tottenham, another candidate for the post.

Jordi Alba, however, gains in technical preferences. The full-back of Valencia, just international debut with the selection of Del Bosque, answer this DNA Barca so beloved in the club. Born in L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, and educated at the Catalan club to the first junior team, Alba is a young full-back (22 years) who knows how to move between the lines and spaces cover wisely. He knows the house and some of which could be co-costume.

In the market last summer, as anticipated Mundo Deportivo, Barca probed their employment after Sporting's refusal to negotiate by Jose Angel. Taking advantage of several contacts with representatives of other matters, the name of Jordi Alba was on the table, but now try to deny it. Contract ends in June 2013 and Valencia have externalized and their willingness to extend it. Intentions are not yet materialized to any meeting, as this newspaper has learned. Their clause is 20 million, always negotiable. (via MD)

Casting for goalkeepers

n the technical summit this month, Pep receive a report with the candidates.
All are young and their role in Barça would be very similar to Pinto.

With the imminent technical summit in late October or early November, the first of each season to start planning the next project , the technical secretariat is conducting a casting Barca goalkeeping be submitted to Pep Guardiola . José Manuel Pinto complete its contractual relationship in June 2012 with 36 years and the club already poses a generational change. The idea goes through the hiring of a young target, projected proven, technically gifted, they can play with your feet and accept the backup role of Victor Valdes is immovable in goal.

Four names top the list. The common denominator is that all fit the profile Barca and none of them exceeds 23 years. Szczesny is the other name and, a priori, the best position for the experience accumulated in the Arsenal. Born in Warsaw (Poland) and 1.95 in height, officially debuted on September 22, 2009 against West Bromwich Albion in the League Cup Almunia and Fabianski but blocked her way and had to move to Brentford FC in the third English. After his release, return to the Emirates Stadium and it did not move to his first team debut on December 13, 2010 against Manchester United at Old Trafford. Anyway, more after the tug of war for Cesc, Arsene Wenger is unlikely to still resent the club, be receptive to negotiate.

The second list is Esteban Andrada , who on paper has more options to end at the Camp Nou. Is 20, plays for Lanus in Argentina and was hatched last summer and incorporation. A Barca coach, Albert Valentin, traveled to Buenos Aires to negotiate his contract but required four million were an insurmountable obstacle. It is international U-20 of 1.93 m. and is considered one of the promises of Argentine football. Sources close to negotiations say that the future Barca goalkeeper and has returned to the load.

The third is Nikolai Mihailov, Dutch FC Twente keeper for five seasons and son of legendary Bulgarian goalkeeper. Formed in Levski Sofia and 1.94 m., is at 23 the oldest of all candidates. For two seasons is a permanent fixture in the Eredivisie team.

The last goalkeeper who fit the profile and asked Pep references last season is Nicola Leali of Brescia in the Serie B in Italy. He is the youngest of all of 18 years, measured 1.90. His inexperience is no barrier to the club, which was conducting a thorough follow-up in the final months of last season. The Italian press came to discover even one of the emissaries Barca. Juventus also go back

There will be meeting with the agent of Cadiz
Barca will follow all the steps. As the last word in the preparation of the workforce is Pep, the Technical Secretariat not rule out any option, including posing an increasingly Pinto continued by his charisma in the locker room. That's why the agenda of the sporting director, Andoni Zubizarreta, is reflected a summit with the Cadiz agent after the first technical meeting. (via MD)

The two faces of Messi

With Barça he is lethal and decisive. With Argentina he doesn't mark the difference that is expected from him. A surprising and provoking reality.

The unexpected KO of Argentina to Venezuela (1-0) has reopened the debate about Leo Messi. The player Rosario glares all makes when defending the shirt of FC Barcelona, ​​but you can not look the same when albiceleste. Analysts argue several reasons why crack is so crucial in a team and passed all but unnoticed in another. They have even compared this unusual fact talking about "splitting" and citing cases like the fictional Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. In any case, the surprising and shocking reality is that Leo shines darkens Barca and Argentina.

The numbers accumulated by the 'Flea' with an elastic and a more than eloquent. With FC Barcelona has played 280 matches and has signed 194 goals, an average of 0.69 goals per game. With their country has played 65 and scored 18 points, with an average of 0.27 points. In other words, Argentina offensive potential drops at an alarming rate when compared with that accumulates over FC Barcelona.

And comparing the titles he has won again and T, the distance increases to the absolute limits: 17 to 2. With the club has won everything from league (5) and Champions (3) through the Club World Cup (1) and the European Super Cup (2). With Argentina has known the sweetness of victory twice, but none with the senior team. He proclaimed World Champion Under 20 in 2005, in Holland, and took Olympic gold in Beijing 2008. However, the selection has doubled the knee in two World Cups, the 2006 and 2010, and two Copa America, the 2007 and 2011.

There are several reasons to explain this double version of crack. On the one hand, the pressure with playing for his country. Argentina is entrusted to him to bring up the games. He is the captain, the lighthouse of the team, the player can throw at any time. However, when the best player in the world and forces is required to make a difference when things go wrong, can hardly bring out their talent. It's like concrete block. Messi, though professional and one of the best paid in the world, is playing for the pleasure of playing. For fun. Also win, obviously, but mainly because playing football is when you feel better.

At FC Barcelona will not be moved this pressure or obligation to be the best. Barcelona play in the ranks released on his own, loose. And in these conditions when displaying bold, sure. Consequently, lethal and decisive. His talent abounds in every action, shooting, assistance or go to partner. Messi pure. Playing dispensed, without ties or responsibilities. As he likes. As he is best expressed on a level playing field.

Can not escape the fact that the Argentine, with FC Barcelona, ​​is surrounded by players who are sitting chair. Is the case of Xavi and Iniesta, to name a few. Players, in any case, they have played more often at his side and, therefore, know best. No need to be looked at. The drives between them emerge with astonishing naturalness. And that, however much you want to be machined, is given or not given. The two sides spoke of a Messi human player and a fact often forgotten when you exalt to idols does not play alone. Only be occasionally determinative in some isolated action, but not always. It's impossible. Football is team sport.

Messi knows all this, hence when faced with a victory or a defeat remains the same, humble and simple. As every professional has peaks. But struggle to be always on top. (via SPORT)

Xavi and Abidal, OK

False alarm. Guardiola will be without Abidal and Xavi against Racing, even though both players played with discomfort with your selections.

Back to work. Back to normal. Barca bloom again. The break of selections is settled with omens good news and encouraging. And Guardiola recovered yesterday at the Spanish and French international Abidal without a hitch in sight. Valdes, Puyol, Piqué, Thiago, Sergio Busquets, Pedro and Villa are fine, as planned.

Also Xavi and Abidal, who played with discomfort did the first against Scotland, the second to Bosnia will they be ready to Racing on Saturday.

No sign of virus FIFA does now. Further selections the day has served to retrieve a piece Pep basic and Iniesta. Fuentealbilla The normally has trained the past few days and it's one more.

No sign of muscular soreness. Guardiola will re-align the team's magic touch, elegance to the team. The 3-4-3 can be retrieved one of his most cherished against Racing. Cesc Fabregas has also benefited the parties ten days to get packed.

The midfielder is in the final stages of recovery and exercise these days with races in the mountain with Emili Ricart to build muscle mass and prevent relapse. His return will not occur until October 22 against Sevilla. Alexis, on the other hand, has still more for five weeks. Yesterday's session was very centered in the international ones.

The training was of recovery, which is common when the first team recovers the routine after a day's selections. In addition to Spanish and international Abidal, Guardiola had Keita, Iniesta, Maxwell, Font, and Pinto, who exercised at a higher rate with a group of players from the reserves (Kiko Femenía, Muniesa, Gustavo, Deulofeu and Masip) that completed the session. This time the players selected were not having continuity in the set of Eusebio.

The training did not have the presence of American Barca players, who are expected to train today. A total of four South American players (Messi, Mascherano, Alves, Adriano) what had commitments with their national teams Tuesday morning and not returning to the dynamics of Barça today.

The session will be this afternoon and Pep and you can start with some normalcy prepare the match against Racing. Guardiola knows the difficulty of the games after break of selections. A good news in the infirmary, the team should confirm that keeps the tone in an auspicious day for forgetfulness. (via SPORT)

[Selection] Messi: "We were complicated; we don't find the ball...!

It was not his night. A Leo came out a few things to Venezuela. A very severe brand, stifling heat and too anxious to return to be key as to chile. Messi tried it all, as always, but this time did not shine as usual to do so.

After the crash he was upset. I expected more. And I knew that the fans, too, expected more from him. What happened? The serial was FC Barcelona saw him thus: "We came down. We complicated the game slowly. At first we had the ball, but just not find it, "he said. Leo spoke bluntly, the situation facing no excuses.

He added that "we could change the course of shock in the opening minutes, when we were about to turn, but then nothing more."

Messi confessed that he been particularly hurt by the "fans", but added that "everyone should know that playing a visitor is never easy and that obviously most interested in were we not lose."

And sent a message of optimism and hope for the future. "This race (qualifying for the World Cup Brazil 2014) has just begun. We must go step by step and take out home games. "

The FC Barcelona, ​​he returned to Barcelona via Caracas, change the chip selection for Barça. On Saturday, against Racing, and expect the other party. (via SPORT)

Chile isn't made to the idea that won't have Alexis

The Barcelona forward fast deadlines that must be marked him physicians to overcome their injury.

While the 4-2 against Peru served so that Chile recovered part of the pride lost in the severe corrective received in the premiere of the Preliminary rounds of the World cup 2014 in Argentina (4-2), Claudio Borghi's concerns goes to confront the last two commitments of 'La Roja' in the 2011, in front of Uruguay and Paraguay, without its star, the barcelonista Alexis Sánchez.

Sanchez has been working on her recovery during this break in your country selections. They were convinced that the good performance of his break in the biceps femoris was time to progress that addresses the two meetings scheduled for 11 and 15 November.

However, Barca do not want to run any risk, taking into account the importance of the injury, is out since September 10, and the characteristics of Alexis, a very special muscle morphology and gameplay highly explosive, which comply fully advised about nine weeks off to avoid a relapse that would destroy most of the season for Chilean footballer. (via SPORT)

Chelsea appraises in 13 millions to Ashley Cole

If Eric Abidal does not accept the renewal offer, Pep would welcome joining the English full-back.

Eric Abidal has on the table an offer of renewal partel Barça. If the French side at the last minute, decided not to accept and disengage, ended his contract, the Blaugrana, one of the names that sound is that of Ashley Cole.

Pep Guardiola would welcome the addition of the English full-back, who play in the ranks of Chelsea. It is a powerful defense, projected offensive, but is notable for its physical component. The problem is that Barca is not the only club that was interested in him. He has also made it Russian Anzhy that has very powerful reasons at economic level to convince him. However, Chelsea would not hesitate to sell, explain from England, about 13 million euros. (via SPORT)

"The Barca players are good but not gods"

Santos, with few options in the Brazilian championship, already thinking about the Club World Cup, and specifically in the FC Barcelona.

Santos players are already deeply involved in the Club World Cup next December. South American representatives to reach this appointment is a very important title and prestige by fighting to the end of his tether. And if the Santos, champions of the Copa Libertadores, is no exception.

So it is not surprising that, at the minimum, the Brazilian players refer to the competition to be played in Yokohama (Japan) between 8 and December 18, 2011. The last 'bullet' has shot Leo, the veteran left full-back of the 'Peixe', and with few options in the Brasileirao and the Club World Cup as an immediate objective.

"Barca is the best team in the world and is not by chance. A team of high quality, especially in passing the ball. Their players are good, but they are not gods. They are men like us, "said the defender.

However, the player said that before thinking in the final of December 18 "is to pass a semi-final, surely, will not be easy." He added, however, that "everybody says the best way to face Barca is going up and not fall behind. In the field we are eleven against eleven and that's where things are resolved. If our fans believe in us, we must believe in ourselves even more. But we'll see. First you have to play a game. "

Still, Leo said the "overwhelming favorite" to win the World Cup is the FC Barcelona. (via SPORT)

The situation of restless Fontàs in Barça B

Bartra and Montoya have not yet renovated, but hope to reach an agreement to continue, have important economic deals and sports.

Andreu Fontàs participation this season with the first team is reduced to 78 minutes before the Real Sociedad. Nothing more. A central role for that poor last year, was instrumental in the best season in the history of Barça B. The patient waits for his chance Banyoles, aware that the defense of three is not in their favor and that, if your hand is on the bench with Pique and Puyol, has little to say about your situation.

But the role of Fontàs is so poor that even those who expect from the subsidiary are somewhat restless movements. They understand that if I was his teammate last season is coming into play, much less make them. Martin Montoya before the summer began to negotiate its renewal. His great performance in the European Under-21 in Denmark to finish helped him convince clubs that had already noticed him and to attract others who knew him. His intention is to continue Blaugrana, but has offers on the table are very interesting, and not just financially, so the sports theme will weigh heavily in his decision. Contract Expires on 30 June and January 1 may negotiate with anyone. Meanwhile, Marc Bartra continues to negotiate a renewal with the club seemed well underway.

Both defenses are the subsidiary company whose immediate future should be linked to the first team, albeit paulativa. However, the situation does not allow them Andreu Fontàs be too optimistic in this regard. Failing to see how the season unfolds, the goal is to focus on sports remedy the situation is living the Barça B. (via SPORT)

Barça, following Hummels

The sports management, led by Andoni Zubizarreta, works quietly in the background to further strengthen a template to reinvent itself each season, whether tactical moves decided by Pep Guardiola, or the arrival of new players that fuel competitiveness.

One of the names that the Technical Secretariat has marked in red is the Mats Hummels. This is a German footballer who grew up in the football at Bayern Munich, but has found a niche in the professionalism of Borussia Dortmund. In fact, the historic German club owes much of its prestige recover this central, responsible, in part, on the defensive solidity shown by the set of Jürgen Klopp. The club has seen live international developments of German, European Champion U-21 from international football. It has done so on several occasions and has good reports. The club keeps up on players that could be interesting for all of Guardiola. One is, without doubt, Hummels, although not unique, since other names on the list has two centre-back wing position are Thiago Silva (Milan) and Victor Ruiz (Valencia).

The German international is notable for its forcefulness in defense, be quick to cut and a pretty decent out of the ball. In fact, you can play as one of the men behind the team, though it can do as a defensive midfielder. His versatility is another point that Barca have more in mind. However, the position that has excelled in central Germany is like. They won the Bundesliga for the 2010-2011 season BVB, which had five goals, which shows that lavishes attack also given the chance. But it is his defensive side in the most noteworthy, since it helped the Germans to be the fewest club Championship teaming with Subotic Germanic. The BVB conceded 22 goals that season, a difference of 17 points over the second-placed Mainz, who conceded 39. Hummels is one of the plants with the greatest in Europe and has already been ten times by the German total. Barca is very controlled in the future. (via SPORT)

Abidal: "Prefer not to say as I am because Guardiola will not make you very happy"

Eric Abidal warning light comes on after playing with France: "I don't say like I am because he won't make you very happy to Guardiola".

Barça returned to training this afternoon and with the Spanish and French international Eric Abidal with the mystery of knowing his physical condition after playing the whole game with France to Bosnia despite the recommendations of doctors to be cautious bet Barca .

Abidal, after the crash, has also turned on the warning light saying in a statement to Eurosport after the game asked about his fitness: "I prefer not to tell you ... If I do, my coach (Guardiola) will not be very happy . It been a very tough game with people like Dzeko, Blanc wanted them all to 100%. I have to be honest, I was to play. And I'm fine, but actually hurts a little " .

The team again this afternoon and the Barca coach has prepared the rest of the week training behind closed doors in the face lovingly prepare the game against Racing Santander. (via MD)

[Youth] FCB Juvenil A 2 - 1 DAMM

Juvenil A has conquered DAMM after going back in the last hour room thanks to the goals of Cristian and Gabarrón. Azulgrana has been superior in the second time and they continue unsociable to the front of the classification.

The guys who run Oscar Garcia Junyent have joined the seventh win in seven games of the season on Tuesday at the Miniestadi against DAMM. Of course, had to sweat a great time to beat the visitors. The leader has decided in the last quarter of an hour.

The first half was fairly even. DAMM has managed to argue the possession to Barca, who has not felt comfortable in the initial 45 minutes. The visitors had their way when, on 35 minutes, Llopis signed the 0-1 with a header in the output of a missing side. From here react the Catalans. Even before the break, Dongou have a goal disallowed for offside more than doubtful.

In the second half, Óscar García gave entrance to Cristian to reach bigger depth and width in the field. Happen quickly opportunities Juvenile A. One of the clearest Dongou has been in a one on one with goalkeeper Victor. With the field turned rival team, the striker has been starring in the action of the tie, by giving it to Christian (min 82). The reward for ambition Barca arrive in 82 minutes, with the goal Gabarrón, which has culminated in a messy move into the area. Although the club has continued to insist, the 2-1 and would not move. It serves to lead the División de Honor with 21 points. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Technical Data]
Juvenil A: Bañuz, Edu (Moreno, min 75), Grimaldo, Bagnack, Ayala, Gabarrón, Ernesto, Samper (Bakoyok, min 75), Dongou, Quintillà (Cristian, min 46) and Miguel Ángel (Babunski, min 58).

DAMM: Víctor, Bisbal, Villa, Lacambra, Nieto, Arnau, Martín, Diego, Adri, Escribano (Alex, min 46) and Llopis.

Goles: 0-1 Llopis (min 35), 1-1 Cristian (min 75), 2-1 Gabarrón (min 82).

Osmar low against Barca

The player Osmar be low in the match played at Racing Santander on Saturday against FC Barcelona, ​​suffering from a sprained medial collateral ligament in his left knee.

As reported by Racing Santander in a press release, Osmar was injured in training on Wednesday made the facilities of The Albericia.

Verdiblanco defender, therefore, cause injury down for the game Racing held at the Camp Nou on Saturday at 20.00. (via SPORT)

Maxwell: "Messi is incomparable"

The full-back Brazilian of Barça, one of the few players that has not had commitments of selections these last days, has affirmed that in these moments there is not footballer comparable to Messi.

Despite falling this last morning in Venezuela ( 1-0 ) with Argentina, Maxwell has no doubt with Leo Messi. "I think it has proven itself both with the club as with Argentina. There are different partners and different game. There is no comparison, another world. But I will win safe with the team," reiterated the Brazilian.

In this regard, he rejected any comparison with Neymar or any other player of the day: "Messi is unmatched today."

Messi Beyond, Maxwell acknowledged a great time to be reaching physical form, once lost part of the preseason due to injury: "It was very strange not to have made ​​the preseason. It costs much more to take shape, and last month's break allowed me to train hard and get it. The fact that I lost minutes in the preseason has been very hard for me. Now I am happy because I have no complaints. "

On the break now ending, Maxwell explained that they can have a positive side: "It is easy to prepare a training with four players. We have been almost a week with the reserves and the pace of training has been very good. It's never the same, but we have to train and to feel physically fit. " He sees good things: "The long hiatus can benefit you. It helps to recover some players and others can stop in the middle of a sequence of matches very intense."

The full-back believes that the most important thing now is that "all international return and recover well "before Saturday, the day that the team receives Racing. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Abidal and the Spanish Internationals are back

Abidal and the 8 Barça players on duty with the Spanish national side, returned to training this Wednesday afternoon. On Thursday, with the arrival of the Argentinian and Brazilian players, Guardiola will have the whole squad at his disposal.

Little by little the first team welcomed back the international players, who over the last few days have been concentrated with their national teams. This afternoon, Barça’s Spanish internationals, Valdes, Puyol, Pique, Thiago, Xavi, Busquets, Pedro, and Villa, and Abidal, who was away with France, all joined in the training session led by Guardiola.

All the international players trained normally, alongside the five players, Keita, Iniesta, Maxwell, Fontàs, and Pinto, who weren’t on international duty. Also at the session were a few young players from the reserves, Kiko Femenia, Muniesa, Gustavo, Deulofeu, and Masip. The players who played for their country on Tuesday evening did a light recovery session.

The only players left to return to Barcelona are the Argentinians and Brazilians, who played this morning. Messi, Mascherano, Adriano, and Alves, are all expected to be involved in training on Thursday afternoon. (via FCBarcelona.cat)