12 October 2011

[Youth] Blindage anti-Wenger to the cantera

Zubizarreta want to slow as the regular frightened that change several homegrown Ciutat Esportiva by the pounds.

What to do to prevent the great promises of the quarry end up at Arsenal, Chelsea, City, United or any other club full of millions? A very simple question that, however, has become a major concern for Andoni Zubizarreta and his team. The Barca sports management has been working on finding all kinds of legal tricks to stop the onslaught of the big clubs in the Premier obsessed with joining the main values ​​of grassroots football.

Legally it is possible to retain homegrown from 16 and only a matter of drafting the relevant professional contract that addresses the economic requirements that are agreed upon. Another issue concerns the very different under this age. That perfect shielding is slipping from their hands to the clubs and the weight of money decanted the will of any family. It is the ideal setting for the Company and Arsène Wenger, among others, make an appearance.

Those responsible for Barca's youth have gone wrong with the cadet from last season. The sheer quality treasured this team had many players and agents receive generous proposals to change the Ciutat Esportiva by the academies of Arsenal, Chelsea and United. Barca have had to hire back, scratching his pocket more than expected and apply all kinds of creative solutions to prevent mass escapes. And yet, it has not gotten away with it. Toral and Bellerín already trained under the direct supervision of Wenger, the main grassroots culé nightmare.

The legislation is complicated, do the professional contracts take effect only after 16 years, and Barca's legal services work on a particular route: it is impossible to prevent sharks' English is it directed to the parents of the players and their economic advisors proposed above 400,000 euros per year. Faced with this avalanche, the battle for sports management include various clauses capable of hindering the exit of the player.

That path does exist. Comparisons are odious but almost always in this case really sting. The financial offer for Barca against the pound might make more than 15,000 euros per season.

For months, the club has been retouched slightly contractual models for players age cadet. The goal is clear: the cracks can not escape and this requires short tie. From now on, the technicians set up a first filter to highlight those players who excel. The club will make an effort and the three economic segments existing today will be overcome in specific cases. It has happened recently with Samper and some other player. There will be more money and collaboration will be used to compensate Nike economic imbalances with respect to English football.

But there's more. At present the club and includes annexes that include private contracts related to employment in the negotiating processes. It is about documents containing additional commitments Questioning economic facilities in school and residence, among other compensation, and allow the club to implement the first professional contract unilaterally. An effective measure to partially leave the Arsenal offside and the other clubs in the Premier. However, the document provides an escape route in the form of buyout valued at three million euros.

Sports management sources have confirmed that legal services scrutinize the rules to install as many barriers are feasible. This line is expected Supreme Court ruling on the case Baena. The ratification of the sentence of 3 million by unilaterally breaking the contract with the club set a unique precedent in the workplace.

English clubs and the emergence of new patrons are seen as a major threat to the future level cracks. It seeks to retain homegrown model without breaking the contract or get the checkbook to match offers.

The Premier, a constant drain

Toral and Bellerín are the last two cases of young talent drain that Barca has been no alternative but to bow to the power of financial bids Arsenal Wenger. It is true that there are several players who have left the base to anchor football clubs in other Spanish and European football, but to a greater or lesser extent, the club has come to open the door without putting too much resistance. There is the example of Toral and Bellerín. The club fought its renewal until the last day, but there was nothing to do. And too many talents that have escaped. In a way, Cesc Fabregas opened the ban in 2003. They were then followed by other high-profile cases such as Gerard Piqué, Fran Mérida, Dani Pacheco and more recently Jon Toral and Héctor Bellerín.

They discover that Messi and Bojan are 'distant cousins'

The 'Diari Segre' it deepens on the Catalan origins of Messi and in the investigation of the genealogical tree of the Argentinean crack they have discovered a curious coincidence that unites colloquially Bojan Krkic.

What does it unite Messi and Bojan beyond that both have coincided in FC Barcelona? The answer is provided by the 'Diari Segre' who in an investigation of the family tree of both players are able to say that between Bojan and Messi there is a family relationship that binds them.

If a few weeks ago there was talk of Catalan origins Messi, now the 'Diari Segre' has produced a document showing that Messi and Bojan are 'cousins'. The family trees of both players reveal that their grandfathers were brothers.

Ramon Perez Llobera, by Messi, and Perez Gonçal Llobera, by Bojan saga started a family and children of Mariano Pérez Miralles and Teresa LLobera Minguet united in marriage in 1846.

So your cousins ​​and great-grandparents were from there, future generations succeeded each other until the grandmother of Messi decided to get married with Eusebio Messi Baró and to go to Argentina. The family line of both advanced his way parallel to that fate would bring them together again dressed in Barca. (via SPORT)

[Ex-player] 15th anniversary since Ronaldo’s goal

The Multiusos de San Lázaro witnessed, on October 12, 1996, one of the greatest goals in Barça history. Ronaldo took the ball from the centre of park to go round everybody and score against Santiago de Compostela.

FCB were top of the league and unbeaten when they went to take on the side then coached by Fernando Vázquez. They would win by a fantastic 5-1, but the game is best remembered for one amazing goal that had the crowd on its feet and Bobby Robson’s hands on his face in awe. A manager of his status presumably thought he’d seen it all … until that night.

It took 11 seconds, 14 touches of the ball and one goalkeeper left floundering. A goal that very few are capable of emulating. Ronaldo had recently signed for Barça at the age of just 20. The Brazilian stole the ball in midfield and made off an electric run. He swirled around everything that was put in front of him and then finished the move to perfection as he defeated the oncoming goalkeeper Fernando. It was already his fifth goal in a Barcelona shirt, and he would go on to make history by scoring 34 goals in 37 league matches.

“I was facing the most difficult season of my life”, said Bobby Robson to the Recorda Míster show on Barça TV many years later. The Geordie had to fill the illustrious shoes of the Dream Team coach Johan Cruyff. That season (1996/97) the club ended up winning the Spanish Supercup, Cup Winners Cup and Copa del Rey. The only title Barcelona missed out on was the league, which slipped away at the final instant. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Hector Cuper: "Barça is the best team I've ever seen"

Racing Santander manager Hector Raul Cuper was full of praise for Pep Guardiola’s Barça team. "Since I’ve been in football they are by far the best team I've ever seen" said the Argentine manager on www.fcbarcelona.cat.

Racing are about to visit the Camp Nou, where they’ll try to win their first game in the league away from home. Hector Cuper told the FC Barcelona web site that he recognises that it’s the toughest challenge they’ll face.

How are things going in Santander?

"It's difficult because we have a very low budget and it’s all very tight. We must work hard, and we’re doing just that. We have to adapt to the challenges and adapt to what we have. There’s no point complaining or crying about what you have and what you don’t have. We are what we are and we’ll fight to meet our goals".

Can Racing get a result on Saturday?

"It will be very difficult. As far as desire and enthusiasm are concerned I’m sure we can get a good result, but this will depend on lots of things. We have to take into account the team facing us, and their potential. Of the things we can control, I’m certain we’ll try to do that throughout the game, but keeping an eye on every detail is practically impossible. We have to be clear on which strategy we’ll employ, because it’s not enough just to defend well, we also have to attack, and we’ve been working all week to try and counter their game".

What do you think of this Barça?

"I have a very clear opinion. Since I’ve been in the world of football I've never seen anything like them. They are the tops. They’re the best team in the world, far ahead of the rest. They have everything, they’ve broken the mould. To add something new, I’d say they are a team without equal. At times the forwards are in midfield and vice versa, and the defenders become the most dangerous forwards. Can anybody tell me whether Busquets is a defender or midfield player, whether Messi is a winger, striker, midfield player, or plays just behind the strikers, not to mention Mascherano. I've always said that perfection doesn’t exist, but Barça is the closest I've ever seen"

What memories do you have of the games you played against Barça in the nineties with Mallorca and Valencia?

"Very good ones. With Mallorca we beat them in the Spanish Super Cup, after losing an epic final in Valencia in the Spanish Cup. With Valencia the games were always spectacular, the type of games that bring in more fans. Barça had a great team, but they had some weaknesses. The current Barça team have so few weak spots"

Do you think that the Spanish League and Champions League are between two teams?

Yes, I agree totally with this theory. They are the top sides, both at a sporting and an economic level. One thing is tied to the other. I think the other teams have very little chance of winning the title, and two Champions League places are already decided. The difference between them is that if Barça need any player from the reserves, they take him, he trains with the first team, and he plays as if he’s been playing for three or four years with the team. Only Barça can do this at present, it’s both admirable and amazing. That a team at this world level usually has six or seven players in the team who have come through the academy set-up, and that can even rise to ten or eleven, is unique in the world". (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Barca will renew its contract with Mediapro

The agreement will come to the 2014/2015 season and the company responsible for the management of Barça TV.

As reported by 'El Periódico de Catalunya' , FC Barcelona and Mediapro expand their relationship one more season in relation to the contract for the sale of television rights for the League Cup and join them until the season 2014/2015.

Although the agreement has not been made official by either party, as many ships as Mediapro have reached this commitment a week ago to expand the relationship that both maintained since 2006 when Joan Laporta board signed the first agreement.

Even though, one of the great innovations of the agreement will be that Mediapro is responsible for operating and managing Barça TV since the club for 6 to 7 million per year considering overspending. (via SPORT)

Milan, clever for a possible offensive of Barça for Thiago Silva

According to Italian media, is willing to listen to offers and sees Benatia (Udinese) a possible substitute for centre-back.

Given the possibility that the club go from firm to Thiago Silva at the market next summer after his flirtation with the Brazilian center last summer, Milan are preparing for an offensive Barca: first, has begun to signal through various means to listen to offers for Italian international 'canarinho' and the other has launched its network on Benatia Mehdi, 24 years old Moroccan international who plays for Udinese as a possible replacement for his number '33 '. Former club Alexis Sanchez has rejected a first offer 'Rossoneri' of 12 million euros, but, again according to sources close to Milan, it will not stop in their attempt to sign the defender of 1.91 m., skilled and versatile and Thiago Silva.

As recalled by MD on Sunday, Barcelona has controlled Thiago Silva. 27 years and 1.83 m., Brazil offers the versatility required by Pep-core can act right, left and centreback-defensive midfielder, can play the ball, is a good marker and a notable auctioneer, as demonstrated by his goal against Barca in the discount from the recent match against Milan in the Champions League at Camp Nou (2-2).

Dani Alves and Adriano have played with Thiago Silva at the rear 'canarinha' and praised its virtues. Head into the 'Seleçao' and his team, known for its reliability and regularity. Milan in media circles is even talk of an alleged offer Barca Euro 30 million contract for this player into force until 2016, but nobody has the form FC Barcelona has moved in this direction.

The fact that the ships visit San Siro on November 23 will certainly contribute to Thiago Silva generate more rumors and news in the coming weeks. (via MD)

Messi, Iniesta and Xavi are the favorite players of la Liga

Messi is also located to the height of Maradona and Di Stefáno like better player of the history of la liga española.

La Liga still has a clear color Barca, at least among fans. Messi, Xavi and Iniesta are preferred by players of the Liga hobbies as evidenced by the survey promoted by 'AS' aa Ikerfel.

The trio azulgrana that already occupied the podium of the last Ballon d'Or, makes the delights of the fans in the consulted stadiums of Primera Division. However, Messi who is exalted over his two companions as it is considered the best player in the history of Spanish football and the player of the league favorite.

The Argentinian star is placed next to Maradona and Di Stefano on the podium in honor passing in front of players like Raul, Zidane and Cruyff.

Among the top ten as a favorite of the fans - as well as Messi, Xavi and Iniesta - two players are accounted for Barca-Villa and Puyol, and four of Real Madrid - Cristiano, Casillas, Xabi Alonso and Özil. (via SPORT)

The international Europeans return today and the South Americans, tomorrow

The eight blaugrana selection and Eric Abidal will already work today to prepare the game againsst Racing.

Pep Guardiola will begin this afternoon to prepare the match against Racing Santander, with most of his players after the break for the meetings of selections. This afternoon, from 18.30, the coach will retrieve the bulk of its workforce, as it will feed back hit nine players, eight international Spain (Valdés, Puyol, Piqué, Xavi, Pedro, Busquets, Villa and Thiago ) as well as Eric Abidal, after its controversial passage through the French. The side went to the call for Laurent Blanc with a medical report signed by Barça physicians due to the contraction in the biceps femoris he suffered in his right leg in the match against Sporting Gijon.

Barca able to work in full from tomorrow: Guardiola has also prepared the session in the evening to give enough room for Leo Messi, Javier Mascherano, Adriano Correia and Dani Alves. The Argentines took part in two qualifying matches for the World Cup against Chile and Venezuela, while the Brazilians will face Costa Rica and Mexico in friendly matches. Another Brazilian, Maxwell, will be responsible to appear today before the press. (via SPORT)

Alexis still has five weeks

The club considers that a very high risk of relapse exists if he throws or advances its return to the team.

As much as be committed in Chile subtract days to his return to the pitch, the truth is that the recovery of Alexis Sanchez follows the guidelines set and in no case can we speak of a miraculous recovery or imminent cut in the days off. Quite the contrary. The club are aware that the injury is very high risk Chilean So much for the morphology of the muscles of the player as the area where the injury occurred, the proximal femoral biceps, but also by the explosive nature of his game, is, so if your return is advanced or is precipitated his return to the pitch, it might be possible in a fairly high percentage of relapse.

Faced with this predicament, the coaching staff in any case not risk the return of Alexis to the pitch. In fact, eight weeks marked in the initial diagnosis, it is possible that the end would be nine, as they want to cure health to the player and not risk one iota.

Remember that the history of Alexis in this early season throwing the hoods do not allow the fly: was injured during a warming in the back of the Supercopa of Spain and twenty days before the Real Sociedad suffered a significant fracture in the femoral biceps of his left leg.

Thus, it is expected that the Chilean is back up after the break following selections. (via SPORT)

[Former B player] Rubén Rochina: "It's difficult to return, my future is in England"

Rubén Rochina has adapted to the perfection to its new life in Premier, of the one that alone he has more than enough the climate.

Rubén Rochina went to Britain eight months ago in search of its future. Aware of the difficulty in finding an opportunity at the club, that of Sagunt accepted an attractive offer from Blackburn Rovers. His balance is positive. After adjusting to football smoothly, and with some difficulty, to climate, has four goals exazulgrana One in the Premiership and three in the Carling Cup what aspires to attain a permanent position in the team of Steve Kean.

"The football here is different from that was used, especially by the possession, Barca had the ball control and this is a football back and forth, wilder," says the forward of 20 years old, not without ensuring that adaptation "has been good." His life in England is very quiet, train in the morning and afternoon resting in his home, located in a small English village 20 km from Manchester, "after training, sometimes I just eat and then go to home which is far from the city. My evenings are a sofa, although some days I'm going to a mall for a ride. " Even taken with the philosophy of language, "I knew what I was taught in school, but when you get here you realize that it makes you very little, now I will take one teacher to finish to understand and speak it fluently." But undoubtedly the hardest to bear is the weather, "is what I miss most. Makes a clear day is clear, you go somewhere and when you go and it's raining, it's amazing. "

But if things go well at the professional level, the climate becomes background, "I do not regret anything, I saw the opportunity and I did not think it is a good opportunity for me." In his new league has been surprised by the intensity with which we live each day, "is the team is, and stage it is encouraging people all the time."

His goal, short term, is "to be a fixture in the team." But whatever happens is clear that "today my future is in England, would be hard to Spain" and who knows if some big Premier can fix it, "I have a contract until 2015, but you never know ...". (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Barça B holds on to the turn of Soriano

The success of the tips is being poor: single Cuenca supreme two goals, while Tello, Rodri and Deulofeu take one.

The race is long, but the club needs to react quickly if B does not want to go wrong. So far, the results do not arrive and the team is feeling over the loss of some parts last year were essential. Specifically, two of them: Nolito and Jonathan Soriano.

The first is already sunk, while the latter is expected as rain in May, maybe even too much urgency. The Pont de Vilomara was the second leading scorer last year, when it seemed that his future lay away from the branch, was injured in late July in the final of the Audi Cup in Munich. He suffered an elongation of anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee and was diagnosed six to eight weeks off, a period that has already passed and will continue to rise. In fact, the striker still trains alone, next to Albert Altarriba recovered, which has become his shadow, and not return to the group until next week. All exercises are performed with the ball, but not yet ready to return to work alongside their peers. Yes, the player has no intention to force and wants to be one hundred percent recovered to return to full operating conditions. The date for his return deck is the last day to be held in October, when three months after he was injured, with the visit of Nastic at Mini Stadium.

That means that Eusebio Sacristan still can not have him in the next two days, at Guadalajara and Alcoyano. Jonathan Soriano had a big impact last year in the team from day one. By now added four goals, numbers that do not reach those who are having offensive liability on the team. In fact, only Isaac Cuenca, who last weekend played his first game as a starter, has more than one goal at this point. The Reus has scored two goals, while Tello, Rodri and have scored a Deulofeu. The most worrying case is that of former Sevilla since he arrived as a star signings of the summer and is not adjusting as expected. Their presence in the team is going from more to less. Rafa Alcantara is, in fact, the player who is taking the lead with three goals, although it is not a pure striker. Add the same as many who added Nolito at this stage, elapsed seven games. The difference is that Nolito had already achieved five assists. And is that Eusebio has yet to replace the key player of Benfica to the present day. The constant testing among Femenía Kiko, Tello, Cuenca, Lobato Deulofeu or have not sufficiently regular for the team to its best offer. Soriano's return could be key, not only at football, but also for his leadership. He is expected soon.

[Barça B] Kiko Femenía recovers the normality

He didn't travel to Alcorcón with the expedition of Barça B for his grandmother's death and yesterday trained again.

Kiko Femenía yesterday rejoined the ship's training after a weekend especially bitter for the player Alicante, who could not join the expedition of Barça B Alcorcón traveled last week to play in Santo Domingo due to the death of his grandmother, who was 89 years. Femenía Kiko received word last Friday and went to Alicante to attend the funeral, so could not join the squad by Eusebio Sacristan to play in Alcorcón. The player returned yesterday to recover from Alicante their usual routine of training and was part of the ten chosen by Pep Guardiola to work with the five first team players. Shortly before I started training, Guardiola himself Femenía approached to offer condolences and ask how he was emotionally. (via SPORT)

[Selection; WorldCup2014; Qualifying] Venezuela 1 - 0 Argentina

Fernando Amorebieta offered Venezuela's first victory in its history against Argentina 1-0, which restores the illusion upon completion of the second day of qualifying to the World Cup Brazil 2014.

Amorebieta, Athletic Bilbao, met with his header in the 61 minutes the goal that gave the three points to led by Cesar Farias.
This was the first victory for Venezuela after ten clashes in World Cup qualifier against the Argentines, who received his seventh goal from their first meeting in 1985.

Venezuela started well stopped by pressing the exit of Argentina, which took five minutes to get your first auction to the local gateway.
Messi (M.5) was the one who broke the ice with the option of the 'albiceleste' with a right hand that stopped Venezuela goalkeeper Renny Vega.
A little later that he tried his luck from the inlet area was Gonzalo Higuain. The Real Madrid striker found the local goalkeeper good standing in his right post.

Argentina began to dominate the midfield with Pablo Zabaleta free down the right flank where the best chances came from visitors.
In the 25 minutes he returned to Venezuela thrust kinks out of Argentina. Was found near the goal with a long ball striker Gabriel Salomon Rondon Cichero out at the wrong Mariano Andujar that deflected off his head.

Directed by Alejandro Sabella's came up against a defense 'burgundy' at its best with Fernando Amorebieta in top form and solved attempts seamlessly rivals.

The best move of Venezuela was at the foot of Juan Arango. Venezuelan captain took a free kick in the 42 minutes he found that almost moved to Andújar are introduced to the network.

The hosts were a whirlwind in the first minutes of the second half. Venezuela did not stop to think 'albiceleste' with Messi sailing without direction or guidance in the field.

Arango, with a free kick near the area and Spanish Getafe striker Miku, gave notice that the goal was closer to the local.

At 16 minutes, Fernando Amorebieta Argentina went to the area where the head hit a corner kick to overcome Arango Andújar out for 1-0.

In both, the Venezuelans played at home against an Argentina blurred and out of ideas.

Salomón Rondón nearly turned the second locally at 72 on a solo run to get away from three defenders but could not identify before the departure of goalkeeper Andujar.

Sabella played it all with the entry of Ever Banega, Rodrigo Palacio and Javier Pastore, little or nothing in the area gravitated Venezuela.

Venezuelans closed much better the final minutes of the meeting which deserved a second goal. (via SPORT)

[Technical Data]
Venezuela: Renny Vega; Roberto Rosales, Fernando Amorebieta, Oswaldo Vizcarrondo y Gabriel Cichero; Franklin Lucena, Tomás Rincón, César González (m.Julio Álvarez) y Juan Arango; Nicolás Fedor 'Miku' and Salomón Rondón (m.76, Frank Feltsher). Coach: César Farías.

Argentina: Mariano Andújar; Pablo Zabaleta (m.66, Ever Banega), Nicolás Burdisso, Nicolás Otamendi, Martín Demichelis; Marcos Rojo, José Sosa (m.75, Rodrigo Palacio), Javier Mascherano y Ángel Di María (m.84, Javier Pastore); Lionel Messi and Gonzalo Higuaín. Coach: Alejandro Sabella.

Goal: 1-0, m.61: Fernando Amorebieta.

Referee: Roberto Silvera (Uruguay). Shown the yellow card to Argentina's Javier Mascherano.
Subs: meeting for the second day of qualifying to the World Cup Brazil 2014 match at the Estadio José Antonio Anzoátegui in Puerto La Cruz, in front of 40,000 spectators.

Incidents: meeting for the second day of qualifying to the World Cup Brazil 2014 match at the Estadio José Antonio Anzoátegui in Puerto La Cruz, in front of 40,000 spectators.

[Selection] Pedro: "Now the challenge is to maintain the level"

Pedro Rodriguez said today, after a 3-1 victory against Scotland, who have made "very difficult" to win every game of the qualifiers.

Pedro Rodriguez, player of the Spanish football team, said today, after a 3-1 victory against Scotland, who have made "very difficult" to win every game of the qualifying campaign and said the challenge is to "keep level "in the next national team commitments. The player canary welcomed Barcelona have equaled the record of fourteen straight wins in competitive matches and highlighted the difficulties involved.

Pedro played the entire match against Scotland and claimed to have felt "very comfortable", but regretted not taking advantage of some of the occasions in which it established. The attacker Tenerife stressed the competitiveness that exists in the offensive positions and emphasized the role selection of players like David Silva, author of two goals from Spain to Scotland. (via AS)

[Selection] Piqué: "only a lack see how long this streak lasts"

Gerard Piqué, the defense of Spanish football, noted after the victory against Scotland in Alicante (3-1) and accumulate fourteen game winning streak in competitive matches, the work being done by the national team in recent years and that "only a lack see how long this streak lasts. "

The Barcelona player considered to have "quality" and "win" enough to keep adding wins, but there will come a time when the results are less favorable. Piqué also referred to the Barcelona game similar to that of the Spanish and the fact of playing at times without an offensive reference standard, "as in Barcelona about Cesc and Messi."

The center will not return to Madrid with the Spanish expedition, as neither will the rest of Barcelona's players will travel directly to Barcelona from Alicante. (via AS)

[Ex-player] Maradona: "I noticed to Messi that is not from behind of Cristiano and paid me attention"

Argentina coach revealed a curious anecdote about when he harangued the crack of the boat to improve its level and become the best player on the planet leaving behind the Portuguese striker of Real Madrid.

Argentina coach Diego Maradona, who currently heads the Al-Wasl of UAE, made an assessment of the current performance of your fellow Leo Messi in an interview published in the website of 'La Liga'.

"Messi is a great guy and deserves it," Maradona said flatly. "When Ronaldo came second after I told him: The last time I let you go second. And it came second again," said Maradona laughs.

'El Pelusa' also stated that anywhere in the world "people are going to go crazy for the passion of football to see Messi," and that Leo "is one that treats the ball better."

Maradona also took time to throw some darts to fight in his perpetual struggle to be considered the best ever and where it is determined to sneak Leo Messi, and also had a nice souvenir for his grandson Benjamin Agüero. (via SPORT)

[Selection; EURO2012 Qualifying] Spain 3 - 1 Scotland

The Spanish team beat Scotland 3-1 thanks to a great David Silva, who signed a double, and another of both Villa and scored his eighth win in eight matches in the qualifiers for Euro 2012.

The Spanish team was looking to Scotland full of victories in this qualifying campaign for Euro in Poland and Ukraine next summer while Scotland is playing its chances of qualifying, as he had to trace the result to sign the Czech Republic, which eventually won his party and left out of the playoffs to the Scots.

The meeting started with great intensity by Spain and an overwhelming dominance where the 'seal Barça' was imposed with the coordination master Xavi in ​​midfield. Not surprisingly, Del Bosque holders lined up to seven Catalans. However, the national team leader would be David Silva. Manchester City midfielder did much damage appearing between lines combined with their peers and, last but not least, finally signing a double.

The first goal of the 'citizen' came after five minutes. Canaries midfielder capped a dream monologue 'La Roja' after half a hundred touches of the ball. Xavi found unmarked Villa and The Guaje 'Jordi Alba enabled newcomer in the left lane. The Valencia side reached the bottom line and put a great ball to Silva who came well from second line and shot the visitors signing the 1-0 goal five minutes.

The local offensive avalanche did not stop and the first quarter of an hour Cazorla and Pedro joined the party two pitches fortune proving very accurate in which McGregor had to be used thoroughly. In Cazorla's shot stretched well to clear the ball at the height of the base of the stick, while the chute bit of Pedro demanded a good blocking in one position very uncomfortable.

After the first half hour, the national team began to take on a greater connection failure in the final meters and Scotland took advantage to grow and create danger on the counterattack. So visitors the best chances came in which Piqué emerged as the leader of truncating the aspirations behind Scotland. In one of his speeches had to be used forcefully on Mackail-Smith and called a penalty that never was.

Chances defensive mismatch and harangued visitors as Naismith was, at times, a dagger on the left wing, causing a hard tackle to stop Palm raids that ended the Camas shown the yellow card.

Spain saw as he approached the goal of relaxation and tranquility resisted. Villa and Cazorla tested McGregor with two tight shots that forced the Scottish goal to squeeze the maximum. However, David Silva, the crack of the night dealt a blow to Scotland's hopes to sign a good goal at the stroke of half. The Canaries made a quick Barca Pedro wall and crossed the ball into the far corner, beyond the reach of McGregor.

After the break the break where Del Bosque decided to rest for the benefit of Arbeloa Puyol, Spain went to press in search of a third goal and tried to catch the defense off guard Scotland. That was how, ten minutes after returning from the locker room, David Villa finished a great move started by Pedro and Cazorla and took a beating Silva for assistance for low to McGregor and sign the third goal of the national team.

After both 'El Guaje', Del Bosque rested Silva, who was cheered by the Rico Perez de Alicante. The Canaries midfielder, the great protagonist of the game, gave up his throne to Thiago, who entered with great gusto and showing predisposed to cooperate decisively in the weight of the game. As insistent as Villa, which always kept looking its options to create danger in the vicinity of the goal defended by McGregor.

Terrassa midfielder eventually replaced in favor of Llorente, when the scoreboard indicated that Villa was replaced. Xavi finally clinching the change due to some sore muscles, hoping to meet an accurate diagnosis. After replacing the Barcelona midfielder, the team lost control of the ball in midfield and sometimes came to Scotland. In fact, moments after the visitors goal came change.

Scotland signed the goal of honor to take a penalty committed by Valdes that hit a Scottish art in its output. The penalty, which was launched with a slight 'paradinha', made futile goal stretched the Catalan, who was very confident throughout the match, with the only penalty lunar mission.

With the score of 3-1 that presaged all international arms would fall and be limited to watch as the clock moved up to the minute 90. Nothing is further from the truth. The more unusual or 'no untouchables' as Llorente, who replaced Xavi-Cazorla and Pedro continued to seek earnestly of goal.

The burly striker starred navarro clear action after his counterpart feint and make a powerful shot that McGregor saved unorthodox and so many problems. Three minutes later, at the edge of the end, it was Cazorla who tried to finish a good team play, chipping the ball over the goal output of the Scots, but his shot was slightly deflected over the crossbar. And in stoppage time it was Pedro who tried until the last minute. The canary did not end the reward of the goal but at the last minute he signed a personal action dribbling past two defenders but his powerful launch went over the bar.

Pedro's action marked the last chance of the game, which ended with the score of 3-1 in favor of 'La Roja', and serves to complete an overwhelming statistic, as the national team led by Del Bosque has joined all parties Qualifier wins this phase. (via SPORT)

[Technical Data]
España: Valdés, Ramos, Piqué, Puyol (Arbeloa, m.46), Jordi Alba, Busquets, Xavi (Llorente, m.63), Cazorla, Silva (Thiago Alcantara, m.55), Pedro and Villa.

Scotland: McGregor, Hutton, Berra, Cadwell, Bardsley, Adam (Forrest, m.62), Morrison, Bannan (Goodwillie, m.62), Naismith, Fletcher (Cowie, m.84) and Mackail-Smith.

Goals: 1-0, m.5: Silva. 2-0, m.44: Silva. 3-0, m.54: Villa. 3-1, m.65: Goodwillie, penalty.

Refereer: Stefan Johannesson (SWE). He showed yellow card to the Spanish and Scottish Ramos Fletcher, Goodwillie and Morrison.

Incidents: from the eighth and final day of Group I qualifying for Euro 2012 in Ukraine and Poland played at the Estadio Jose Rico Perez de Alicante to 29,000 spectators. Sports Ground in perfect condition. The Spanish players wore armbands to mourn the death of Jesus Pereda.

Mourinho: "In the Camp Nou and act led us naturally"

Real Madrid coach believes that football is "emotions" and acted so naturally to stick his finger in the eye Tito Vilanova.

Without any hint of regret. The 'dedazo' Mourinho was an act of instinctive and natural. That's what the coach thinks Luso Tito Vilanova prosecutions before the unfortunate incident in the Super Cup.

In an interview with Turkish daily 'Hurriyet', Mourinho claims to have been caused as a justification for further action. "Football means emotion and sometimes you cause. Sometimes react and sometimes not. But in the present case, they caused us. Yes, I could have done wrong, but I acted naturally," he said.

In conversation, the Portuguese coach admitted that getting his third Champions League is the great object of its passage through the white set with which you register your name with golden letters in football history. "I like to win my third Champions League with my third computer. In this way, my name will have a special place in football history. I'll get," promises

Finally, Mourinho was defined as "football icon" and said that for this reason it is difficult to manage relationships in the dressing room: "They see themselves as icons of football and they look at me and see also a football icon . I look just like them. It is not easy to handle a dressing room so if you're not a football icon, no difference in status between them and me, "he said. (via SPORT)