11 October 2011

Racing has already scored in the Camp Nou

The Cantabrian team scored a point in the Barca stadium in Guardiola's first season. Barca has only missed 21 points in the league with the Catalan coach on the bench.

Guardiola's Barca is a team almost impregnable at the Camp Nou. He played until now 60 league games at the stadium. So, 180 points at stake. And only missed 21. A spectacular figure that explains the success of the team in recent seasons. 8 teams have been able to deal with FC Barcelona Barca territory. And the first of these was the Racing Santander in the first course of Catalan coach the first team football.

That September 13 2008 Barça was facing the Cantabrian in the second game of the season. The Catalans were preparing the commitment Numancia after losing the first game and, as now, with a break for team matches. Barça-Racing That was the day of the debut of Sergio Busquets for the first team. And the whole goal Santander Messi equalized in injury time.

In Guardiola's first season, Barça let out 12 points of the Camp Nou against Racing, Getafe, Espanyol, Villarreal and Osasuna. In the second year, only for Villarreal, with a tie, broke into the stadium impeccable statistics. And last year after an erratic start to the Hercules and Mallorca, Deportivo scored a point when the ship was the third league in the pocket. In total 7 points that escaped in the third year. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Villa: "I never dreamt of completing the cycle of holding"

The forward admits his happiness at the same time says he is ready to adapt to the new system and continue accumulating praise Pep.

David Villa has started its second season with the same motivation and enthusiasm that showed his arrival. Despite moving away from their natural habitat within the area, the Spaniard is happy to be part of a championship team gear. The Guaje want to take this opportunity to pad his resume with more titles and add the only major trophy missing: the Club World Cup.

The start of the season is encouraging, but the players are worried about the plague of muscle injury?

Injuries are never pleasant, but we talked about a contact sport and it is normal that arise. It is true that we have played together in the area of ​​the attackers, and this makes them a little more worrisome.

So many injuries makes them play with something of fear?

No, we are calm. The staff is large and we can draw the missing parties who are missing. It is nice for the companion and because the coach is left with fewer solutions, but we have to follow.

Will the new 3-4-3 leads them to a more physically demanding?

More or less do the same. The problem is that injuries are always inappropriate and come at the worst time. Now accuse this slump, but when there was not the approach to work was the same.

On a personal level, should take more to cover more ground on the left?

No, more or less is similar. Must be attached to other things to achieve our goal: to have possession of the ball, which is what makes you run less.

His role has changed and even been seen playing almost at left, how you felt?

In Gijon, the game is complicated and I had to help. The important thing is to serve the team and lend a hand when needed. If I meet the band, Abi helps me in coverage.

Throughout his career he has been measured by the goals, can it be judged by the same standard now that is farther from the area?

The first thing is to do my job, but it is certain that the goals are important. I have to deal with other tasks that individually are not as favorable, but I'm happy if they benefit the team. I never forget to score goals to help.

Is the striker instinct is lost?

No, it's something I always have. Search the area to score and take an offensive system that leads us to be more on the opponent than your own.

Looking for the goal should be a collective responsibility?

We have the best player in the world, like Leo, which each year gives us a number of spectacular goals and score many points but obviously the players are behind him or the second line we have to bring to the team.

Is it comforting to the players down to the band when Messi midfield, leaving space to fit with diagonals and receive their assistance?

Leo is not only dangerous in the area, but when it falls behind the rest of attackers are more dangerous because their passes.

Do you have assimilated the message that this season will rotate to keep pace?

You want to play as much, but there are very good players on the roster, the season is long and many competitions. One day it will be important a player and the next it will be another. This will make us fresher.

Do you have caught the change of system?

Not because the Mister has always loved. In some games it has been used, but not start. We have players of leftovers to play well.

Do people midfield are unstoppable?

It is the idea that has the coach. With a player in the middle we have superiority, and is where good football is built.

Would you have taken the measure?

Rivals improve year after year and you put it more difficult. Even if you have dominated the Champions League and must look for new things so you do not pass.

Do they have the sense to mark an era in football with so many innovations?

Collectively and individually we have players who are attached to various positions, which fall well in the system with either one or another variant. They are players who play in many positions and not just in different games, but in 90 minutes.

A model that is poised to enter the history of football ...

Praise flattered, but we keep doing things to prolong the moment just so pretty.

Does the idea of ​​tconquistar TITLE is what most weight in your head?

When you look at the statistics values ​​that we do things right. Every day we must fight to face new challenges. Nobody gives you anything.

Still missing the World Club, is the most exciting goal?

It is a tournament that I have not disputed and is the only major title at the selection of clubs and I have yet to earn. I never dreamed of completing the cycle when I started this.

Are these objectives were what led to Barca?

I'm happy in this team. Me in their ranks, I've added five titles to my achievements. Above all, the three I was missing so much prestige as the League, Champions and European Super Cup.

Post to dream, why not make a second European Championship?

We see far. We realize that no selection has chained a European Championship, a World Cup and a European Championship.

What do you think the sanction of two matches Mourinho?

I do not want to get involved. It is a subject of the Competition Committee.

Is not that violent encounter with a partner that has made the classic tricks like Arbeloa in the Cup?

Whenever I come to the selection I've separated everything. Selection is a new stage and I always try to be so. (via SPORT)

Keita, first international back in training

The team trained today for the first time after a three-day break. Seydou Keita, whose Mali side qualified for the African Nations Cup on Saturday, exercised along with Pinto, Maxwell, Iniesta, Fontàs and ten players from Barça B.

The Barça squad returned to work on Tuesday morning at the Ciutat Esportiva after the few players that were not away on international duty had been given three days off.

Josep Guardiola is still waiting for most of his players to return, but was at least able to welcome back Seydou Keita today. The midfielder has had a successful weekend, in which his national team, Mali, qualified for the final stages of the African Nations Cup.

The other first team players involved in the session were Pinto, Iniesta, Maxwell and Fontàs, while the coaching staff also called on ten reserve players, namely Masip, Kiko Femenía, Rodri, Muniesa, Rosell, Planas, Montoya, Riverola, Gustavo and Deulofeu.

The next meeting will be on Wednesday at 18.00 in the Ciutat Esportiva. Pep Guardiola should have most of his international players back by then, and will be able to finally start thinking properly about Saturday’s league fixture at home to Racing Santander, which kicks off at 20.00. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Guardiola, the great one favorite of the state liking

Blaugrana coach wins with difference (38%) to the voted second, Mourinho (14%), as the coach preferred by the likings of first division

After the Spanish fans chose to Barcelona as the team that arouses more sympathy, the second part of the survey sponsored by AS among those attending the 20 stadiums first, leave very favorable results to the Blaugrana. In this case, refers to the coaches favorite hobby, classification in which Guardiola won comfortably with a rate of 38% of the vote. The second is more like its counterpart in Madrid, Mourinho, with only 14% while Vicente Del Bosque would be the third, getting 11%.

The 38% who achieved Guardiola, as seen in the survey, is due to feedback from fans: Barça, Espanyol, Athletic, Granada, Valencia, Malaga, Osasuna, Racing, Real Sociedad, Sporting, Valencia, Villarreal and Zaragoza (13 of 20), that put the Santpedor in first position. It is also significant that the fans appreciated the technician Espanyol Barca as his favorite.

The survey also reveals another question: What is the best coach in the history of Spanish football, as the Spanish fans? Pep Guardiola and Vicente del Bosque tie in this case with a rate of 25% each. The third place is another historic Barça, Johan Cruyff, with 12% of the vote.

This second classification is extracted from the followers of Betis, Espanyol, Getafe, Granada, Valencia, Malaga, Mallorca, Racing, Real Madrid, Sevilla, Zaragoza Sporting and opt for Del Bosque. That is, 12 of the 20 hobbies have the coach consulted by the best coach ever. In contrast, followers of Athletic, Barcelona, ​​Osasuna, Real Sociedad and Villarreal choose Guardiola.

It is evident that the forms and the good work of Guardiola reach the fans and enjoy the highest rating, in addition to his resume: two European Cups, three league titles, one Club World Cup, a Cup, two European Super Cups and two Spanish. All in just three seasons. (via SPORT)

[Youth] Day of contrasts in the cantera

The-11 football team suffered a day club draws and defeats more than usual. In football-7, lower teams were well above Barca rivals.

Tie of the azulgranas in the municipal field Nou Sardenya. Xavier García Pimienta's boys were imposed in the marker in the minute 15 of the first part with a goal of Godswill after a pass of Sandro, but Robert's expulsion Costa for some hands allowed Mariano Angoy's boys to tie in the minute 13 of the second part with a penalty converted by Santigosa.

Cadete A could not overcome an aggressive rival that had a lot of success in their occasions. Quique Álvarez's team dominated the first part of the party with several shots to door, but after a good action of Vilassar, he left to the rest with a goal in against. In the renewal, the rival was centered in defending the result, and a counterblow that finished in goal it sentenced the game definitively.

The boys of Fran Artiga overcame the deception of the previous week in Vilanova (where they fell eliminated in Nike Cup) with a notable party in the premiere in the League. Ascó maintained its goal to zero until the minute 33, moment in the one that Alexis Meva could open the can. The great game in the second half was rewarded with goals of Ayoub, Canós, Alexis Meva again and Josi's penalty.

Infantil A lost for the minimum one against Cornellà in the field of the Railroad. It is about a bitter defeat for the boys of Fran Sánchez that they had not still lost any game this season. Barça went out with desires to a difficult field and it disputed a very even party with goal occasions for both teams, but a shot of Pugado the minute 27 of the second part it sentenced the party.

Cornellà discussed the domain of the ball and of the game in the first 35 minutes. In the first period Valery Fernández marked for the azulgranas and Albert it tied for the verdiblancos. In the second period, Denis Silva's boys dominated to pleasure the party but although they generated a heap of occasions they could not mark the goal of the victory.

[Liga 1st División ALEVÍN]
Alevín At won for 3-8 to Gavà in the field Municipal Dog Torelló. In spite of the result, the party was very even during the first two rooms although Barça was always with the marker for before with the goals of Mamadou the minutes 13 and 16. Gavà pressed the boys of Marcel Sans from the beginning, but the last two rooms lost force and the team azulgrana could dominate the game that he/she left resolved with the goals of Mamadou (3), Sergio Gómez (2), Pablo Martínez (2) and Victor Gómez.

Jordi Font's boys dominated the whole game before a rival that closed very behind and it only looked for the against. Little by little Alevín B was finding spaces in the defense of Vilassar until they got the recompense in the first room of the first part with the goal of Demba. The second part began with difficulties for the team azulgrana due to a penalty in against, although Bruno's great stop allowed to maintain the advantage. The goals of Solina and Rubén had just sentenced the marker.

Victory Worked of Alevín D in a very even party. During the first two rooms the boys of Xavi Bravo and Óscar Hernández had difficulties to make in front of the physical power of Castelldefels and they left to the rest losing. But the two following rooms the rival lost force and Barça it was being imposed little by little with his game. Julian Mahicas firmóun 'hat-trick' very important for the victory, and Roger Vegas, Roger Vegas and Dani Morillas wrote down the remaining goals.

Benjamin B began with some errors and Badalona was ahead in the first time with a goal in the first minute. Sergi Milà's boys tied in the 10 minute with Óscar's goal, but to the few minutes the rival put on again for before. Jan creó the 2-2, already to leave of there Benjamín B was entering in the party and arrived the goal of Iker González, Alberto Garrido and Eric Iglesias. Worked result the azulgranas in a very even game.

Great goleada of the team of Cristian Catena in a very controlled party where they were clearly superior. Prat Blaugrana didn't have a lot of arguments to make in front of Benjamin C that was imposed from the beginning. The scorers of the game were Xavi Simons (4), Arnau Martínez (3), Arnau Farnós (3), Pleguezuelo (2) and Fasica (2).

Triumph suffering of Benjamin D in the municipal field Andrade San Martin. Jordi Pérez's boys were always with the marker for before, although the result was very adjusted to the last room of the second part, when FC Barcelona marked the 3-4 definitive that sentenced the game. The scorers of the encounter were Nadir (2), Sicus and Gabi. Good season beginning for the team azulgrana that never lowered the arms and it looked for the victory from the beginning.

The boys of Rafa Rodríguez good game in a much more even party of what indicates the final marker. Prebenjamín began very well and it marked the first three goals in the first room. Starting from there, the party was balanced but the azulgranas knew how to take advantage of the occasions well that its rival. The scorers of the first party of League of this season were Pol (3), Ilias, Iker and Abdul. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Former president] Perrín doesn't discard the return from Laporta to Barça

Ex Joan Laporta's vice president at the Barça has not ruled out the possibility that it be resubmitted in future elections.

Former Vice President Albert Perrín said yesterday on Radio Marca that "do not be surprised if Joan Laporta is resubmitted to the elections. If the policy is doing the wrong thing would not surprise me that the Camp Nou sing 'Laporta, Laporta'. After Pep words, throw us back to the shit on. " Speaking to Ona FM, on the other hand, some managers said they did not want Laporta Barca won and admitted paying a meal in London for 5,000 euros, "but were the families of Pique, Xavi, Messi, and Guardiola and therefore I paid ". (via MD)

[Youth] Barca will control the best of the cantera in Poland

The FCB Escola has signed an agreement to form under his philosophy to 1,000 Polish children aged 6 to 14 years.

"FC Barcelona will control the very best of the quarry of an entire country, Poland." He says one of the LIABILITY of the Polish Football Federation and is not an exaggeration. And is that FC Barcelona has signed a collaboration agreement with the Polish Football Association, the Polish Olympic Committee and the Government of this country, in exchange for coaching and methodology, have the control and protection of 1,000 young Polish players 6 to 14 years. It is running a 'casting', to call a graphical form, between 3,000 Polish kids, of which only 1,000 will end the cut. In theory, the thousand best of a country that has 38 million inhabitants, where soccer is the sport.

Most of these kids will be formed of technological centers supervised by FC Barcelona. Four of them are in Warsaw, the capital of the country and responsible for the FCB Escola already know. Xavi and Julio Alberto Moreno Marcé have already traveled a few times to Poland to check on the ground how are the facilities and to inquire about the human material found there.

These centers are in Warsaw, Tarchomin neighborhoods, Prague, and Ursinow Bemowo. In each of them will have a coach who will lead the formation of the kids with 'Barça philosophy' as a standard non-negotiable. Warsaw, of course, is passionate about football, thanks to the investment of your municipality: in recent times have been built one hundred artificial turf fields.

FC Barcelona's intention is to make a Polish football general radiography and to make a mixture of the philosophy of touch game and possession azulgrana with that of the Polish, more physical and more potent football. The idea is to train players of level in the future, to reach the elite in Poland or who knows, excel in any European league, or even get to the club.

The 'casting' of young promesasya is underway, with the goal on the horizon starting the project officially the month of December. When a few weeks ago and Julio Alberto Xavi Kunz presented the project at the headquarters of the Polish Olympic Committee, the auditorium was too small. Barca excited everywhere and this country is no exception. What is not said Marc and Julio Alberto is that the Catalans were disparagingly called 'Poles' in some parts of Spain. It would be funny one day soon, a Polish metiese he really a goal against Real Madrid to Barça shirt. It seems simple, but the seed is already planted. Now there is only work and wait. (via MD)

Piqué: "This Barça should never break"

Piqué us exclusively desvela their sensations on the renewal of Guardiola, the atmosphere of the selection and the next clásicos that approach.

Gerard Pique is concentrated with the Spanish football team now faces Scotland in Alicante. Taking advantage of the international Barca they can be interviewed while under the tutelage of Vicente del Bosque, MD requested him as their words are always a reference point for Barca. After spending a month injured and, therefore, in silence to the media, Gerard MD attended leaving several messages as sharp as constructive and positive. On the doorstep of his official party dispute with the club 150 (it would be against Racing on Saturday), Pique discussed his career at the club with the best and worst of those 149 games he has played, X-rayed the environment of the Spanish after sharp controversy between Barça and Madrid, gave his opinion on the punishment Mourinho said Guardiola's bid to defend three and threw a pair of desires that subscribe to all Catalans, this team never gets broken historical and Pep remain in charge of the ship so wisely is heading since 2008.

How are you feeling now, after spending one month injured?

Okay, I am slowly catching up with my teammates and I'm looking forward to playing again with the club. I played 90 minutes with selection against the Czech Republic and came to me very well. Against Scotland may return to play. Injure in the preseason is the worst that can happen because it costs you pick up the pace but it's something left behind. Now, when you return from the selection, to think of the Racing and see if Mr. me the opportunity to play again.

What environment has been found in the national team after so many 'sprints' between Barcelona and Madrid?

Very good, actually. After those matches in which the atmosphere was a little cold because we were from the four clásicos and had spent a lot of things, the truth is that now the temperature gets back up to be very good here. I've always said, the players of Madrid and other partners are very good people and between us should never have been problems. All that happened was something external to us.

It is true, you said after defeating Spain Super Cup Real Madrid the players were very good people. That statement surprised at the context of controversy again be reaped after Marcelo Cesc and 'dedazo' Mourinho Vilanova ...

It is true, I think so. To me, when I came the first times a selection, fellow Real Madrid have always welcomed me with open arms and I have done the easy things, like the other teams. It's true. And if we had been more hard feelings by outward things that real problems between us.

Casillas kept the talk first with Xavi Puyol and then I also had to help him to rectify the situation between you, right?

Yes, yes, they have been known for a long time and everyone got their part to regain the good vibes that helped to win the World Cup before the tournament. I think this team has won 13 consecutive competitive matches and we can not lose that strength we have.

However, in the midst of this good cheer sanctions met Mourinho and Vilanova. Is the disparity between the two did not alter the environment and made good old grudges come back?

We all know what happened in that action and everybody saw it, but we have to do is abide by the Single Judge's decision to pull ahead. Not worth wasting time or energy to something that is there and everyone has seen.

Do you think el clásico next December will be a party 'normal' within which it is or that everything will be contaminated by incidents in recent Barça-Madrid?

The matches between Barcelona and Real Madrid will always be hot because it is the best football show that you can see in the world and the rivalry between the two teams and both sets of fans is total. There will be tension and sure to be controversial, but it would be nice is that everything is within what is normal for a football match. We are football players but above all we are people and I think the person is always what's left.

Change of pace. You are defender but Pep Guardiola every time it uses less defenses, now most of times use a 3-4-3.

I, on the child and the cadet Barça played with three defenders system, which is something that I'm used to and with what I've grown. The truth is that I really like that system. It forces you to be very aware of the cons of the rival, to work hard to minimize the mistakes and turnovers. But basically gives almost the same play three to four men behind, it is important to be with the five senses in the game during the ninety minutes.

But you can not deny that it has been interesting to see on the bench to the three core team, Piqué, Puyol and Fontes, at the same time. What thought? Fewer defenses do, the fewer options to play?

This is the boss and I decide I can not go there. It is true that power holders have not been lately, but that 'Masche' is a brutal level, film is playing in that central position. And Alves and Abidal are ideal players to act on the sides. Besides, this is the club. Let no one think that for having done well in the past has a guaranteed place in the team in the next game. This does not work well in this team and I'm aware of that.

And he won six titles this season, you see directly what qualifies feasible or impossible for the level of competition?

The possibility exists, is there, we can not deny it and unless we fight we always best to all titles. Of course, I think it's smart to focus on what is most important now is to keep the lead in the league, a good start in the Copa del Rey and prepare well the Club World Cup we have to play in December. If after we win the league and the Champions Cup, we'll see in the final stretch of the season, but that there is still a long time.

Speaking of season finale, Pep out of contract in June but there is talk of renewal. You who know you well, do you think that Guardiola should be Ferguson of Barça?

I would put Pep pressure not to sign renewal, let him come to his pace as he does every year and always end signature. He enjoys his work, we believe in him and follow what he asks. I think this barca is the best team in history and should not be broken ever. So I think that Pep has no reason to go and must continue to lead this club.

A few days ago, you did a 'tweet' in saying: "They bark, Sancho, a sign that ride." Was it the sanction to Mourinho, the rumors about their relationship ...?

That each one interprets what you want. I know why I said and that is enough.

Are you affected so many rumors about leaving your relationship or have 'passed' all that you say?

The truth is that I see very little TV, read too little, depending on which news, I'm not up to date with everything that is said or published. It is true that I get 'inputs' by friends, but every time I make less attention to this. They keep talking about what they want, you can not do anything. I now I must concentrate on football because we have many challenges ahead and we must have the five senses it. The challenge ahead for this team is TOO good to get confused. (via MD)

Farías: "Messi is much more than Neymar"

Venezuela coach Cesar Farias, made him an 'X' to Leo Messi to readers of Sport: "It's very difficult to score, but certainly should not give her space. You can not let you develop your speed and allow you to gain back because it is deadly in large spaces. We hope so that we can successfully reduce the space to be different for him: this is not a court or a climate to which they are accustomed and that may favor us. Then, football is a collective, eleven against eleven, and Venezuela has a very cohesive team. "

He said the coach of the 'Vinotinto' "Messi is much more than Neymar. Messi is a player established himself as the best in the world is still a project Neymar do not know if it will reach the size of Lionel. "

Understand that "not a secret that is the best player in the world. But before going to have a coach who also has a desire and a big ambition of qualifying for the World Cup is going to be at home with a passion that generated by national team that shines above anyone. "

And wondered how to make their players are not inhibited against players like Argentina, Farias said "Messi is achieved because in Venezuela will face some players have more games than him in the selection. The human being is of habits, positive habits and bad habits. And that turned the tie, we have the facility to face great teams every three years. I give him a piece of information: a player playing our games an average of 23 officers every three years and we do not have before. And when you start creating the habit of facing these opponents, it gives you a feeling that you got closer. "

Argentina, playing this morning (02.50 am Esports 3) in Venezuela, landed yesterday in Barcelona, ​​where he went by bus to Puerto La Cruz. The issue sparked a veritable craze in the General Jose Antonio Anzoategui airport. Except surprises, Alejandro Sabella played with Andújar, Burdisso, Demichelis and Otamendi, Zabaleta, Mascherano, Rojo and Sosa, Messi, Higuain and Di Maria. There will be only two changes from the team that thrashed Chile. The Return of Demichelis and Javier Mascherano (suspension served) by Brana and Banega. Venezuela aligned Vega Rosales, Vozcarrondo, Amorebieta, Cicherón, Rincon, Guerra, Arango, Gonzalez, Fedor and Rondon. (via SPORT)

Why does Barça fall better than Madrid?

Blaugrana team has also won the Madrid out of the pitch, especially among neutral fans who prefer the value of the boat against the arrogance of club blanco.

Not too many years ago, the club lost by a landslide the pulse with Real Madrid when assessing the sympathy between the two club. The tables have changed in recent years, especially since the club has managed to balance good game and titles over an extended period of time from the first League Laporta was the last Supercopa. If the club succeeds in extending its hegemony will come to dominate world football over a decade, a historical cycle in European and world football has caught on among the fans in contrast to the obsession with victimization of Real Madrid.

1. The players bet the house

Barca rule the football has a clear commitment from the players trained in the house facing an entirely opposite, Real Madrid, who has parked the young talents of his quarry to launch into buying the most expensive players. Eventually, the neutral fan identifies more with the players brought up from the same small club that hits checkbook.

2. Leo and CR7, two very different figures

Two teams, two leaders, two figures. In many countries known to Barca and Madrid because they play Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, players that emit different sensations: Argentina shows humility, sacrifice and discretion, while the Portuguese can not shed its reputation as selfish and boastful . None have been easy, but Messi overcame some physical problems as a child that would have probablemete section of professional football.

3. The Pep style versus 'anything goes' of 'Mou'

Diametrically opposed styles projecting very different images: the fans identify more with Pep values ​​with the 'anything goes' the Portuguese coach. There are specific studies about Guardiola's best value among the general public.

4. win in titles won: 12-1

It would be impossible to convince the football world in a particular model if the team does not win titles. Barca able to reach people for their ability to mix good football with sporting success. Since the bench got Pep Guardiola, Barça has risen twelve titles, one of Real Madrid in this period, the Copa del Rey last year, and just before Barça and in the end. The photograph of lifting a title Puyol has spread worldwide and has driven the computer world Blaugrana.

5. A safe bet for the show

The Real Madrid of the Galacticos won titles and played good football, but his style did not work in people's memory because it depended too much on individuals. Barca, however, has managed to sublimate the team play without ignoring the brilliance of individuals, especially that of Leo Messi. On and off the field, Guardiola guys have become an example of teamwork.

6. A partnership with UNICEF universal

One of the big institutional bets Barça. The partnership with UNICEF raised doubts among some sectors, but eventually emerged as a major strategic decision that has brought added value to the club and has made understanding the idea of ​​'more than a club': Beyond borders Spanish territory. Madrid takes several seasons wearing advertising a bookmaker.

7. The breeding success boosts Barca

Barca is the basis for the best selection of the moment. Spain won its first World Cup as top scorer with Villa, Puyol and striker in the semifinal and Andres Iniesta in the final against Holland, which multiplied the love of Barcelona between the followers of the selection, not only in Spain but in other countries.

8. La Masia, such as football and education

The old building of La Masia has become the icon for a specific bet football for a model-touch, game players position and brought up in the club, beyond their birthplace, without forgetting the most important, education staff and obligation to take up their studies. Many international clubs and a host of journalists from around the world have come to Barcelona to try to find the secret of La Masia. At the other extreme, the 'Snark Factory has specialized in building values ​​that always end up at other clubs, as a Soldier, Negredo, Mata and Borja Valero.

9. Barca, the leader in fair play

Not everything in football comes down to score more goals than the opposite. They also have the style and fair play. The club has tried to do on respect for the opponent and rigorously applying the 'fair play'. Without going any further, this season's team Guardiola is one of the least warned of the League. The contrast with Real Madrid is clear: Jose Mourinho have been 16 yellow cards and two red, Di Maria and Khedira, a game drive, while the club has seen ten yellow and has not suffered any expulsion.

10. The charisma of Iniesta, Barcelona heritage

The figure of Andres Iniesta has helped boost the international image of Barcelona. The manchego, who scored the World Cup final, has become a global icon and the player most loved by the Spanish fans. Cheered wherever he plays, Iniesta has received acclaim in many areas of the Spanish League, a gesture unthinkable a few years ago. (via SPORT)

[Selection] Alves remembered old times with Márquez

The defender of FC Barcelona Dani Alves coincided yesterday with Rafa Márquez in the stadium TSM it Crowns of Santos Lagoon of Turret, where today the friendly one will be played between Mexico and Brazil.

The Brazilian and Mexican defender recalled old times, when both the Catalan club agreed the 2008-2009 season, the first with Pep Guardiola as coach. The 'Kaiser' of Michoacan also had the opportunity to meet other ex-partner of FC Barcelona, ​​Ronaldinho, who has returned to the 'Seleçao' strong performance after being taken into the ranks of Flamengo, his current team.

"Although they are up games, we always go out to beat the rival minded", confessed Marquez, captain of the table headed by José Manuel de la Torre. (via SPORT)

[Selection] Víctor Valdés debut today in a competitive match with la 'Roja'

Barca goalkeeper tonight will be rewarded with the title work on the Spanish team. The record can expect Casillas.

Víctor Valdés's goal tonight defend the Spanish team in what will mark the debut of goalkeeper Blaugrana in a competitive match. To date, Valdés has played five internationals, all of them friendly. Today will be the deserved reward for a career that, many say, he should have been here much earlier.

Vicente del Bosque refused to confirm on the press conference yesterday held by Valdés, but hinted that Casillas will not play. The Spanish coach said the "generosity" of Casillas, who is a party to match in international Andoni Zubizarreta. Del Bosque said that "we all want to reach that Iker number of games, but has either a great goalkeepers and two great people who also want to play." Salamanca coach expressed his pride to have "three porterazos" who set an example to international football, "Valdes, Reina and Casillas are the conditions of the modern goalkeeper, who possess great qualities under the posts and also can play outside the area. We have three good goalkeepers and competition is healthy. "

The 'retard' the official debut of Valdés is not due in particular to any reason, according to Del Bosque: "Victor is here because we count on him and we know about his capacity. Goes well, well pad and dominates all the luck, do not have to prove anything more than the others. "

Valdes has championed the goal of the national team five times. Debuted on June 3, 2010, in Innsbruck to South Korea (1-0 win) in a preparatory meeting for the World Cup in South Africa. The last time he played with Spain was the 8th of August in a friendly against Italy in Bari (2-1 loss). Conceded two goals in his five appearances for la 'Roja'. His debut in a friendly and arrived late because he had contracted the merits and is now repaired another 'injustice'. (via SPORT)

Xavi: "I hope Messi win the Ballon d'Or"

Xavi Hernandez believes that the Argentine star is "the best footballer in the world right now and one of the best ever".
It also ensures that not even think of retreat, there is always motivation to continue playing.

Xavi Hernandez has said it expects to TV3 Leo Messi to win again for the third consecutive time, the Ballon d'Or , because "he is the best footballer in the world right now and one of the best ever" and " he deserves it. " "If you are at a medium level of what he will win many more. It is incredible what you do, enjoy it on and off the field. It is humble, a good companion and a reference. I hope he wins because he deserves it" .

Terrassa player explained that the desire to keep winning titles with the club never stop and there are always reasons, so do not think about retirement. "I will try to stand up because I have a great time playing football and winning. I have a great role in the club and in the selection. I do not think beyond. There is always motivation: to win more leagues, more Champions, more Cups, the Club World Cup December. Everything is intact, the team wants it all. "

Finally, he expressed satisfección with the return of Carles Puyol at Barca and the selection and warned of the danger of injuries. "What has really bad because in a situation like you do not see the end. I went to the Achilles tendon. The truth is that when not miss it. It is essential for us." (via MD)

[Selection Under-19] Call for days of training at the Ciudad del Fútbol

The national teams have made public the list of players listed among 17 and October 19, 2011 in the Ciudad del Fútbol de Las Rozas for a few days of training. (via RFEF)

A proposal for national teams, the Real Federación Española de Fútbol has called for training of the reference to the following players:

ATHLETIC CLUB: Iñigo Ruiz de Galarreta Echevarria, Jonas Ramalho Chimeno.
CLUB ATLÉTICO DE MADRID SAD: Javier Manquillo Gaitán.
FC BARCELONA: Rafael Alcántara Do Nascimento, Gerard Deulofeu Lázaro, Sergio Ayala López, Miguel Bañuz Antón.
REAL BETIS BALOMPIÉ SAD: Álvaro Vadillo Cifuentes, Carlos García Quesada.
CÓRDOBA CF SAD: Bernardo Víctor Cruz Torres.
RCD ESPANYOL DE BARCELONA SAD: Sergi Darder Moll, Víctor Álvarez Delgado.
LEVANTE UD SAD: Iván López Mendoza.
LIVERPOOL FC: Jesús Joaquín Fernández Sáenz de la Torre.
REAL MADRID CF: Jesé Rodríguez Ruiz, Francisco García Noblejas Herranz, Omar Mascarell González.
REAL RACING CLUB SAD: Jairo Samperio Bustara.
SEVILLA FC SAD: Israel Puerto Pineda, José Gómez Campaña.
VALENCIA CF SAD: Francisco Alcacer García, Juan Bernat Velasco.
VILLARREAL CF SAD: Adrián Ortola Vaño.
REAL ZARAGOZA SAD: Jorge Ortí Gracia.

[Former player] Bojan: "If Pep call me now, not back"

The former FC Barcelona striker Bojan Krkic was the star of the TV3 'The convidat' with Albert Om. Throughout the program, Bojan showed his new home in Rome. In a friendly conversation when the striker went through regarding the Linyola Josep Guardiola and the reasons that led him to leave Barcelona.

Bojan Krkic has said in the program 'El Convidat' of TV3, which was not happy at the last stage in Barça, where he felt no part of the team, so he decided it was best to leave. "It happened that did not play, which had no continuity and not have it when you do not feel at ease. It was clearly not happy. One thing is that no one is playing and you do not feel part of a group. I had that feeling, that much to do, he did not see. "
"At the end of Wembley, decided to leave. He had endured hard not to go, but by not playing, even the great advantage we had against Manchester ... had been very happy."

On his relationship with Pep Guardiola , who qualifies as the best coach for the team considered that, but never had a direct problem with it, never return to Barca coach while he was so bad that it happened to their orders. "I never had any problems with Guardiola. Maybe it was one of my problems, not wanting any trouble, perhaps things quiet me, to say such things right. We talked, but I do not get the words out. I did not know how to manage things. I guess I got the mental barrier that what he did not get anything. "

Bojan recalled what he felt the first time he scored in the Camp Nou. "I remember the sensation I felt, seeing people's feelings, joy. I remember I could see only the first tier and see the faces of happy people is priceless." "I never thought that category would not have to play at Barca. If I had thought it would have been the first to go."

Also explained that he misses his homeland, Linyola, and the life he led while playing at the club, the constant contact with his family, to the point of calling itself a 'nostalgic'. And, although it has not ensured that dominates much of the language, so you get Italian lessons at home, has demonstrated a good level despite the short time he has been in Rome.

Finally, Bojan has held that the footballer's life continues to be unrealistic compared to the lives of others and has said that he feels much more comfortable around his friends so long as football stars because, as reiterated, is a much more real than the player, who seem unaware of what really happens in the world around them. (via MD)

De Oliveira wants that Maradona plays Club World Cup...with Barça!

Santos president wants to meet in the World Club Cup Maradona, Messi, Pele and Neymar.

Santos's president has in mind Club world Cup and he wants to make of the event an unique act. So much gets the illusion that the Santos play the tournament after making public his interest to put on short Pele now also intended to ... Maradona play with Barca!

"Why doesn't Barça also take to Maradona? With Pele, Maradona, Messi Neymar and would be the greatest show on earth", Luis Alvaro de Oliveira suggested in an interview with 'Radio Jovem Pam'.

President Santos has stated that he has received permission to enroll 'O Rei' but you just need to convince to dress short.

"In 71 years you can not take a lot to Pele in the Club World Cup. But my dream is that we won 3-0 and Pele enter the field for a few minutes to make the room", said the Brazilian president. (via SPORT)

Racing are Iniesta’s favourite victims

Of the 25 league goals that Andres Iniesta as scored for Barça, three have come against Racing Santander - more than against any other team in the competition.

Scoring goals isn’t really Andres’ main function, but he chalked up eight last season, seven in the league and one against Shaktar in the Champions League, his best total so far. Two of those league goals came against Racing Santander, the second season on the run that he has scored against them.

Barça opened their 2010/11 league season at the Sardinero and after Messi had put them ahead in the first half, Iniesta doubled the lead after the break, smashing in a shot from outside the box after the Racing keeper had punched clear a shot. David Villa then finished off the scoring to make it 0-3. In the return game, Iniesta was again on target, once more getting the second as Barça again won 3-0.

The 2009/10 season was a tough one for Andres who was dogged by injuries and missed far too many games. One he did play in though, was the 4-0 win against Racing at the Camp Nou on February 21st, when he latched onto a lovely through ball from Marquez to score the first of the night and what would prove to be his only goal of the campaign. (via FCBarcelona.cat)