10 October 2011

Puyol: "I see difficult that Mourinho comes to Barça"

Carles Puyol spoke of his football career and the moment of his career at Barca and the Spanish in an interview conducted by 'Antena 3' which also reveals some of its internals.

FC Barcelona captain said have had a hard time for his injury by stating that "there were eight months of suffering" because "he saw no solution." Furthermore, Puyol had an impact on the first three months of inactivity were the worst admitting that his head went "quit football."

The center is considered lucky to live what we are living the last few seasons and explained that the secret is "being at the right time and in the right place" but does not miss the opportunity to recall the tough start in the first team.

Puyol also recognizes that the Real Madrid and Barca are "the two best teams in Europe" and has no doubt that both are "favorites to win it all."

With respect to the archrival Puyol is very clear: "I would never." And on his coach, too: "Mourinho will never come to Barca."

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Ramos for Puyol: 'Your back is a joy and a guarantee'

The Seville has also defended Torres: "It is a formidable player, has many merits in Chelsea and the national team."

International defender Sergio Ramos the Spanish team has shown today welcomed the return of Carles Puyol national team after nearly a year's absence because of injury. "His presence on the team is a joy for us and a guarantee because it is a key piece," he said.

The Real Madrid player has called Barcelona team-mate as "a key for Spain and for your computer", "Puyol is a security-said-it is a player who always brings a lot. For us it's always a great news join the select players like him, players with international goals and always give so much. "

Ramos have also referred to a possible retreat of Puyol of the Selection after Euro of next summer: "That topic is always part of each one, it is something very personal in what you have to value many things."

On the other hand, Real Madrid defender has come out in defense of Fernando Torres to criticism you are getting the Chelsea striker: "You will note on the face is good, it is a formidable player, who has made many accomplishments in both Chelsea and in the selection, siemnpre is important to have a player like him. "

About your physical condition after the discomfort suffered against the Czech Republic, Ramos is optimistic: "I'm doing well, will train is late and if all goes well I will be available to play against Scotland," a rival to the relaxations will not "know Scotland enough, it plays the classification and we're sorted, but that does not mean we leave relaxed or see them coming. "

Finally, Ramos has Alegi to Valdes, who might occupy the whole goal tomorrow against the British, "Víctor is a great goalkeeper" settled the Camas. (via AS)

[Selection] Thiago: "I feel similar of comfortable with Spain that with Barça"

Thiago Alcantara, Spain international midfielder, who tomorrow will face Scotland, said he is "equally comfortable" in the Spanish team at Barca and Guardiola did not want to compare and Del Bosque.

The midfielder did not compare to Pep Guardiola and Vicente del Bosque, his coaches at Barcelona and the Spanish respectively, because all coaches are "different".

But he stressed how comfortable they are with both technical and expressed his gratitude to his colleagues, who are sharing the game on the lawn.

Thiago even described as "a surprise" that has achieved the status this season, reaching the squad, especially as he recalled that "last year was in the Barcelona B in Second Division."

"For me it's a big surprise to have the minutes that I have and to be in this selection. It is a great joy to be here," he said.

With respect to rival with which Spain closed the qualifiers for Euro 2012 in Poland and Ukraine, said in videos they have seen that it is "a strong, fast and smart to make accurate passes."

"It's full of players who regularly play in the Premier League," she added. (via SPORT)

First leg of Spanish Cup for November 8th

Barça will make their debut in the Spanish Cup on November 9th . The game has been brought forward because the team will be playing in the World Club Cup in December when the first round of games is scheduled.

Guardiola will be able to call on his Spanish players for the tie.

This morning, the Spanish Federation published the dates for the two legs of the last 32 of the Spanish Cup, which will be played over two legs . Barça will play on November 9th, whilst Atletico Madrid and Seville will play on December 8th, with the other games set for 13th December. In the draw, to be held this Friday, all first division teams will be paired against lower league opposition, with the top teams playing the return game at home.

The Club has also reached agreement with the Federation to allow the Spanish players called up by Vicente del Bosque for the friendly against England on Saturday 12th November to join the squad after the Cup tie. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Valenti Guardiola: "TThe secret of Pep is the work and the don that he has for the occupation""

That boy that changed Santpedor in Barcelona 27 years ago, not only managed to fulfill his dream of playing at the club but has far exceeded all expectations and now becoming the best coach in club history. His father, Valenti, admits that "we could even remotely imagine this was impossible because of entry, when I accompanied him to see if it chips, the club has already told us that 'the moment, we are interested at the moment', as meaning that if not working, returned it to us. " According to Valenti, the Pep secret of success is based on two central themes: "One, work. No job in life nothing is achieved. The other, the gift you have for this job. When you put work and enthusiasm by that office and on top has the gift ... ".

Qualifications and skills aside, one of the hallmarks of good manners are Guardiola and professed respect for opponents and colleagues. Valenti explained that both Pep and the rest of her children have always tried to instill the values ​​of "be honest and fight for an ideal." As an example, Valenti recalls that her son tireless struggle began in Italy with the law to restore their image and dignity after being accused of using nandrolone. "That was hell. I would not have withstood that pressure. He, however, struggled and spent a fortune to prove his innocence."

Although child and was a fairly quiet person, Valenti believes that the act of leaving the village and come to a big city like Barcelona made him a little more closed. "It was never to ask us for advice. The son is a '10 'because it only gave us satisfaction, although it is true that we would like to tell us their problems." In a tone of humor, even jokes Valenti to remember one of the tips that tried to give the coach Pep. "As a coach subsidiary, after seeing a Mini inthe game, I said 'that's quite slow, you mean to go far? And I said, 'Remains silent, Dad, remains silent, you don't understand '. Today that player holds the first team and world champion, "he laughs.

Valenti also enhances the love and commitment that Guardiola has to his friends. "He did a great friendship with the poet Martí Pol, to the point that when he died he was playing in Qatar and caught a plane to attend his funeral and turned to go."

Although many people believe that when Pep decides to end his time as coach could be president of the club, his father is clear that "that I can say no." Neither is sitting in armchairs higher lease Generalitat. "Less than Barca president. The policy follows but not between their aspirations to be president of Catalonia"

His signing in material cost 600 euros
Pep began to emerge as a player in Gimnastic Manresa, Oriol Tort his eye and he took him to the club with 13 years. Barca then paid 100,000 pesetas (600 euros) in sports equipment. (via MD)

[Barça B] Strange situation of Kiko Femenía in Barça B

Kiko Femenía, signed on July 6 Hercules for Barca B in exchange for two million plus 1.5 in variables, not fulfilling the expectations generated by his engagement to the point of that last Saturday was ruled by Eusebio Sacristán Alcorcón to play despite previously was included in the squad.

The Alicante winger, 20, landed at the Catalan club to act mainly in the subsidiary and also the first team up when needed for Pep Guardiola. However, its performance is is very far from that caught the attention of Barca when he wore the shirt of Hercules. Eusebio's confidence in him has declined dramatically. Femenía played the first four league games as a starter but did not finish any of them. In the second game opened the can of 0-4 in Cartagena but in the next game, the coach replaced him at the branch break when Deportivo won by 1-3 in the Miniestadi. The next week against his former club was disappointed and he has not come out again in the starting lineup. In view Sabadell Recre and appeared in the second half and in Alcorcón and sat on the bench. Call to provide expertise on a team with several juveniles, Femenía acaando not respond to the investment you made Barça and even Guardiola opted to take the other winger, Cuenca, when Afellay is seriously injured. (via MD)

[Barça B] Eusebio expected return Muniesa and Soriano

Eusebio Sacristán regretted the two points assigned in the last minute but kept the faith Alcorcón recovery thanking Marc Muniesa, and with high and alternate Saturday, and the upcoming Jonathan Soriano: "We will go very well for their experience." As for the final 2-2, the coach of Barça B regretted "having failed to finish the game in the final minutes, something that we pay dearly. We are young but be mature in these situations". (via MD)

Beckenbauer: "Barça is the measure of everything, the perfect football"

The legendary Franz Beckenbauer, Bayern's honorary president, admitted being in love Barca game.

"It's the perfect football due to their mobility, their finesse, their immediate changes. Today the measure of all things is Barcelona. This club is located even above the Spanish team because Messi is in their ranks," said Beckenbauer German magazine 'Kicker'.

The 'Kaiser' shrinks, however, make predictions about whether the club successfully defended their title in the Champions League and aims to "have the quality" to achieve, but until now no other club made it.

The honorary president of Bayern Munich and believes that the Spanish team is currently the best national assembly, but warns that the German is progressing and allows us to predict both will be the favorites of Euro 2012. "They are the favorites. Then come the French, who in the 2010 world behaved like an undisciplined troops, but now show a good image," he argued. (via SPORT)

The objective of Barça: four reinforcements

Rosell and Guardiola will meet soon to finalize the plan signings in almost all lines of equipment.

Oblivious to all kinds of rumors and alleged personal conflicts, Guardiola Rosell and continue to hand in the direction of the sports project's future sports of Barça. Both work in permanent contact with the sports management led by Andoni Zubizarreta, who has drawn his first season analysis to define which positions the team needs to be strengthened to maintain its relentless growth. While the season has just started, Barça is already working to shore up almost all its lines, especially the rear.

Sandro Rosell and Pep Guardiola will meet in the coming days to discuss in person the team's needs and the options on the market. There are urgent needs, but club officials believe the time is right to diagnose the condition of equipment and test the market with a very specific goal: build a boat even better. The objective is to plan now to sign in April.

Both maintained regular contact, a second meeting is scheduled for November. Based on the gaps with the timetable, Rosell and Guardiola will keep another summit that was expected to attend the staff of sports management. In addition to the vice president, Josep Maria Bartomeu, Andoni Zubizarreta, sports director; Narcís Julià, professional area coordinator, and Albert Valentin, technical secretary, must go to balance the many duties assigned from the day ended in the summer market.

The first team has needs. Despite the great start to the season, the short walk wardrobe plan and the Barça B has not covered some of the places he had recorded. They crawl shortcomings and now raises the possibility of cover without the emergency room last summer and a little more economic solvency in the plot. Valentine and Julia are in charge of developing an initial list of players who can adapt to the demands made by the coaching staff.

It is well known that the club tried unsuccessfully to incorporate a young goalkeeper and a left-back for Barca B. The economic problems prevented the Andrada and the then Argentine Jose Angel sportinguista reinforcements to become Barca. But technicians are convinced that these spaces must be completed: there is broad market. Pinto's future is undecided: contract ends in the last two seasons has been renewed every year, but the club groping other options, including the young Arsenal goal Wojciech Szczesny.

The main problems come on the left side. The main thing is to solve the case of Eric Abidal. The Frenchman has at most a month to decide whether to accept the renewal offer from Barcelona or open to the proposal of PSG. For now, technicians are tied hand and foot. With Abidal insured, the club go in search of young talent at a reasonable cost. Otherwise, there would be no choice but to incorporate a first-class left-back, a very expensive option. The initial list of preferences includes Pep technical and other options to be evaluated. Guardiola has always had a predilection for Ashley Cole. Despite his 30 years, the side of Chelsea is a guarantee. The main 'handicap' is that his coach, Andre Villas Boas is retained and this summer did not come out with offers above 25 million euros. Gareth Bale (Tottenham) is always there, but his club has been planted in amounts close to 40 million. The intermediate option is that of Gary Cahill, Bolton. The club has information on the status of a player on the increase and change of air in a matter of months. Ends contract at the end of the season.

The defense raises other concerns. The central event of the moment is delicate and no one is clear if needed another defender of the future or worth enduring to see how young people evolve from the quarry. Orders that have the technical secretariat is concise: a left-handed center, equipped with speed and that is expeditious. Victor Ruiz (Valencia) respond to the profile. Contrary to what is usual, no need to stand out for their ball. Just the opposite which offers the first template and the quarry. Nothing is decided, and if you look at other variants such as the possible departure of Maxwell.

The case of the point of attack is tricky. It has long planned Neymar name. Pep, by the mouth of Rosell, knows that the Brazilian's future is not yet closed. It is a matter that depends on the efforts of the president. If it comes, will be welcome. If you just dress in white, also affect planning. The option to sign a striker more static and good passing game is put on hold for now. With Alexis Sanchez in the locker room, Guardiola is satisfied with the current attack. (via SPORT)

Abidal has already exercised and points to the ownership

Gallic defender ran smoothly and is available to the technician, but will not decide alignment Blanc to today's training session.

Eric Abidal returned to training yesterday and it looks to return to the pitch tomorrow in France, Bosnia-Herzegovina.

FC Barcelona defender went to the coach Laurent Blanc called the injured (hamstring contracture of the right leg) but yesterday I saw you practicing the Fernand Sastre National Technology Center of Clairefontaine, the headquarters of the French .

Abidal was injured last October 2, El Molinón, and went to the concentration of France with the idea of ​​not participating in any of the two parties of the 'blues ¿as the estimated time for medical services to return to the pitch was between 7 and 10 days. However, the defender has experienced a very positive and has a good feeling.

However, Blanc will not decide their participation in the gray morning in the Stade de France against Bosnia-Herzegovina until after today's training session (18 hours) on the stage of mourning. It is, moreover, a key match for France, it needs a point to secure first place in Group D. Bosnia needs to win to oust France. Blanc, therefore, not play and align it to the best. (via SPORT)

[Former player] Bojan: "The phenomenon Totti is the impacting in Roma"

Bojan savor it all in his new life in Italy, where an exciting adventure started in a club that want to learn.

Everything is new to Bojan in Roman adventure: the club, the city, co ... Move on to twelve years at the club is not easy, though all around him in his new life the way you teach.

What was it the first time I got the shirt of the Roma?

It's a weird feeling because I had twelve years wearing the same colors and feeling the same feelings. It's a change and I've noticed, but now advocate a new club, a great shirt and a lovely hobby.

What impressed you most about the Roma?

The phenomenon Totti. Because it has been and remains a very important player, who has spent many years here and what it means for the club. The other day I explained that joined the club in 1989 and now has 35. He arrived before I was born! Debuted early in the first team and has always been a benchmark, scoring important goals. It's amazing how you people want.

A player untouchable.

When we went to warm up the crowd chant dedicated to him. I do not know how many years ago can not walk through the center of Rome because it can take two steps. People have the feeling of Roma and Totti, both equally. This phenomenon impacts.

¿You can not walk through Rome!?

No. It's that people here thank you all you do for the club. Even I have come to thank you for choosing this club.

What's in the locker room?

It is charismatic. You quickly realize that it is not a normal person is special. And as a player. I have seen his pictures in Trigoria, videos at important moments.

At first had some brush with Luis Enrique.

This is a new project and all parts must go slowly fitting.

In your case, we saw three games on the bench. Did they reappear old ghosts?

Well, I was fine in the preseason, but of course, took twelve years defending the same club, with a unique philosophy, and of course, coming here, as much as Luis Enrique wants to implement another type of game to me is favorable, the philosophy of the Italian league and its teams is different, a new world and not easily adapt to it. Decided not to play and I respect all part of the adaptation. The other day I started, I played well and scored. Slowly I'm getting used.

The new signings struggle to adapt to the club. Is it the same when a player goes to another club?

Yes In addition, Italian football is more organized, more closed, more tactical and everything takes time, but my adaptation is well.

Did I need to mark his first goal?

I always need to dial. It was special for being the first, but also because it was in the Curva Sud, where they are most passionate fans. Also because that day the party came to see my friends in Olot, people who love you.

How did you feel?

What I feel always, as a liberation. You feel the happiest man in the world. I can not explain.

A goal is better than an orgasm?

Many goals themselves. And the other day, all it meant was one of them.

Do you feel a review is happening in Roma?

No, it's an opportunity that life gives me to continue to mature, to keep learning and growing to difficulties, to continue making me as big as a player and person and to keep enjoying the football.

What is your role on the team?

My role on the team must win me what I do, but first you have to fit well with the other players, start a single path. In short, create a team.

Does the philosophy of Luis Enrique fits in Italian football?

I think so and it is fitting very well. The results are coming, we took two straight wins and the other day we played very well. Here are not used to this game and change a way of doing it is not easy, but Luis Enrique is doing a great job and is making, but not enough, immediate results. Do not forget that this is just beginning.

The next game is the derby. Have you noticed?

A lot. Everyone talks about it, ask you to win.

Need more than a classic?

Yes, yes. More I've seen videos and it's spectacular. In a classic is all Camp Nou Barca two hobbies coexist here is much more intense.

I see him wanting.

Yes, I have really wanted. No longer a game and three points, but I wish I could say I lived a Rome derby. (via SPORT)

Puyol: "Guardiola knows that we want him"

Captain's word: Pep knows that the wardrobe is with him and that it respects its idea of planning to very short term.

Listening to the captain of the ship talking about the future of his coach is always relevant to the environment Blaugrana. Carles Puyol yesterday praised the latest views expressed by Pep Guardiola on its way to the front of the boat, the announcement of Banc Sabadell starring alongside Fernando Trueba, SPORT exclusive advanced, and which insists on its philosophy of thinking only Day after day, without going much further. "It's his decision and we are fine, the coach does not hold well. He knows that we want and that is the right person to lead this team, "said the captain in an interview on Catalunya Radio.

Puyol also acknowledged that the eight months he has been injured have been probably the toughest of his career, especially "two or three because it was unclear prognosis and could not find a solution." It was then evaluated seriously considering leaving football, a drastic decision for a player to travel. "We did everything," he said referring to his physical with the recovery work Juanjo Brau, "Coach, did well but fall again, same thing happened to me two or three times and that was when I thought. Do not remember what game I thought, there was no solution. "

Those days were difficult, especially until he knew he would need surgery. "At least at that moment we knew well what was the diagnosis and what path we should follow." Four months after his operation, Puyol is ready to re-hold the selection, as it has been with the club at the Mestalla in Minsk and at Osasuna.

Gone are times when "you used to value much more what we have and enjoy it" and those who had the support of their peers and their two coaches, Vicente del Bosque and Pep Guardiola. "They were difficult times and see that fellow called me very well because I came to see you people next door is very important."

Puyol and playing without pain and can dispense ice and left knee after games and workouts. "They say that muscles have memory and you have to be careful, watch that again no pain, but I'm very happy," he said, "because I have no complaints and I feel better every day."

The captain also played down the significance that went through a bad time relations between Barcelona and Madrid players after defeating the Super Cup and said that on his return to the selection, "we proved that everything is fine" after the storm Super. "We can not control what is written and said. When you're in the club, each defending their colors and there are always limits. When speaking with colleagues there was no difference, everything was fine. "

"Piqué has been like an injection of youth"

It is safe to say that Carles Puyol is another Gerard Pique since he arrived in Barcelona. In these three and half years, coinciding also with the presence of Pep Guardiola at the dock, the captain has matured, by his own confession. "You see things differently and your mindset is changing," admitted the defense, that does not conceal the presence of Pique has changed their daily lives. "It's like an injection of youth," admitted the captain of the club. Both hold an extraordinary friendship that is reflected in the field, with its extraordinary axis coordination in the Barca defense.

Also on the Spanish team, with which both were proclaimed World Champions in 2010 and wish to reprint the European Championship title missing from the windows of Gerard Piqué. If Vicente del Bosque does not change your plans for tomorrow, both will be the central partner of the Spanish team in the final qualifier for the Championship, against Scotland in Rome, and Raul Albiol concentration left by injury and Sergio Ramos is played . Puyol and Pique do not play together as headlines from April 16.

[Barça B] Eusebio casts doubts

Barça B is still in transition with the start of a new cycle, but the classification is beginning to worry.

Eusebio Sacristán came to Barca B this summer with a very high level of demand after the historic third-place finish last season. The bar was high, but took the risk Valladolid reassemble convinced a highly competitive block. However, the start of the season has been too far from the expectations and the subsidiary is in the relegation zone with only five points in seven games.

The situation is not alarming because the computer has stopped burst of good play, but shows gaps that are repeated game after game and the technician can not resolve. The worst is the lack of effectiveness to close the meetings are on track. In Alicante, Barça B took the lead against ten players and ended up losing, against Recreativo rallied from 0-1 and took the final point with only a 2-2 final. The same script that was written on Saturday in Alcorcón.

Eusebio insisted Santo Domingo Stadium "the team is growing" and that the lack of a conventional pre-season lack of players is a heavy slab. However, this argument clashes with subsidiary performance last season when Luis Enrique came across a similar problem and Barca B added ten points to these same heights. Jonathan Soriano's injury, progress Nolito and Romeu, and the rise of Thiago and Fontàs also play against Eusebio, who was forced to form a new bloc with seven young players.

The signings stars, Kiko Femenía and Rodri, are adapting and Eusebio prefers not to give responsibility to young people. Dos Santos is a great level, but must sacrifice a lot to play pivot. Ilie is injured and Gustavo, a pivot born, does not count. Oriol Rosell, another player who knows the job despite being central to the youth, also remains in ostracism.

Despite doubts generated, Andoni Zubizarreta remains confident in Eusebio, who bet in summer. The tranquility reigns and knowing that the base is solid behind the Juvenil A Oscar Garcia, who has won six league games and three from Europe. (via SPORT)

Cristiano Ronaldo: "They sing me 'Messi, Messi' are abnormal"

The Portuguese winger called "abnormal" to those who remind him of Messi in a field and returned to make clear their pride in a statement that will raise controversy.

The last case was seen during the past Cyprus, Portugal, but previously they had in other fields such as Dinamo Zagreb. With the arrogant attitude of Cristiano Ronaldo in the countryside, local fans have discovered an annoying song in Portuguese. This is the famous "Messi, Messi" that has been replicated in Madrid striker Speaking to the press in his country.

"Messi? Those who sing me those things are abnormal," said the Portuguese. "I know that was not the entire stadium and not something that worries me. In addition, those who like football, like to see Cristiano Ronaldo play," he added in a further demonstration of arrogance.

To the media in his country, admitted Ronaldo played with pain the last few games, a circumstance that said they know the medical departments of both Real Madrid and selection. "I've trained with some limitations, but who knows me knows I do not like to stop and some days I'll be a hundred percent," the winger Luso, who insisted that his physical problems "are not excuses" and that he trusts to help the "machines" to ensure their qualification for the tournament. (via SPORT)

Puyol: "The support of my friends was key when I thought about quitting"

Carles Puyol thanked the support he has been the coach Vicente Del Bosque and his colleagues in la 'Roja', during his ten-month absence with an injury that made him think about quitting football.

"Now I feel good, better every day. You should go soon because it's been a long injury. We must come gradually.'m Very happy because the discomfort has disappeared and that's important," he said at a news conference.

"The support of Mr. and peers was key when he thought about quitting. He had decided after winning the World Cup. They helped me change my mind and during the injury has been calling me it and peers. They have been helpful in difficult times , do you have the people next door is very important, "he acknowledged.

Puyol even admitted that the moments of relapse after months of recovery, was when he came to think of a retirement from football because he saw no solution to his knee injury.

"I do not remember very well what game was when I quit. The first two or three months were the hardest. It was not clear diagnosis and could not find a solution. I leave it over his head because he did everything right in the recovery and then fell two or three times. I could not find a solution, "he said.

Now, with more optimism, going step by step but already looking to reach the hundreds of games for the Spanish team. It is five games. "Reaching 100 games is a goal. I still have but I'm happy with that I have and I hope to get soon. If the Euro will be my retirement or not, I have to come first and then we'll see."

Puyol lived outside all the fighting between Barcelona and Real Madrid reunion in the selection. Ensure that you see no change in the relations of the players.

"Honestly, I read little. We can not control what is written and said. When you're in the club each one defends their colors and there are always limits. In the selection when talking with colleagues there was no difference, everything was fine and now I can see.'s all perfect, "he said.

Finally, praised the work done by Fernando Torres for the team over his bad time scorer in la 'Roja'. "I see it well in recent games I've seen. He played very well. In the forwards are valued for the goals but otherwise does an important job. We value us. It is very important player." (via SPORT)

7 out of 9 after second break

Since Guardiola has been manager, Barça have won two and drawn one of their games played directly after the second official international break. They beat Athletic Bilbao and Valencia at the Camp Nou and drew at Mestalla.

Barça host Racing Santander this time in what is never an easy task after so many players have been away. The Cantabrians already have a history of causing problems for Guardiola, and we have already seen this season that there is a danger when games are played after international breaks. The Catalans were held to a draw at Anoeta, with the so-called ‘FIFA virus’ considered one of the reasons for an occasionally sluggish performance.

However, recent history suggests that it is only after the first international break that Barça have a habit of dropping points. The results after the second break have been considerably more positive.

In Guardiola’s first year in charge, the team travelled to the traditionally difficult San Mamés. The season had not got off to the best of starts, but thanks to an Eto’o goal, they got all three points out of their trip to Bilbao.

In 2009/10 there was an even trickier road trip, to Mestalla. Barça were unable to score, but neither did the home side, and it all ended 0-0. Last year, the two clubs met again at the same time, this time with Barça at home. Having just lost to Hercules and drawn with Mallorca, FCB were very much against the ropes, but thanks to goals from Iniesta and Puyol, they came from behind in a magnificent second half to neutralise an early goal for the visitors scored by Pablo Hernández. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Piqué: "It has been good play together again"

Piqué, happy to have Puyol to have his side in the field.
La Roja partner champion has recovered.

Prague was the scenario on last Friday of a new lesson of Spanish football led by an immense Xavi, but the Czech capital was also the place where Piqué and Puyol played together again. For more than a year that did not happen in the selection and from the Champions League final in Barcelona. Both Barca centre-back axis that formed behind the world champion completed the entire second half of the match against Czech Republic and proved once again that both are understood to perfection. Gerard Piqué, after the meeting, could not hide his joy at having returned to share playing time with Puyol.

"It's always good to play with him," he began, central, and then explain that "I know long Puyol, has spent years playing together and we missed him. It was good to play together." Gerard Pique have admitted that Barca captain the side gives more confidence on their rapport. "With Puyol next I feel very calm. Brings a lot of security, back is very fast, very strong and very solid. Having a partner so grateful," said Gerard Pique also wanted to highlight the fact that return to play 90 minutes After overcoming his thigh injury was very important to him: "On a personal level I enjoyed 90 minutes again, which had long since I could not. It was a very positive face to the Tuesday before facing Scotland and around the Barça ".

The center, as seen, was satisfied after the meeting on Friday, but what he hopes is that the dreaded virus does not end up hurting FIFA Barca in the league next meeting, which has become almost a habit for the Catalan club. "We hope the virus does not pass FIFA bill. I am confident that the team has learned a lesson from other parties and I'm sure we will win," said central spoke also of the fact that Guardiola is now opting for a defense of three: "We were used to play with the back four behind the line of three in the club we are adapting and becoming better defensively we worked with this system. " What they do not want to talk Piqué is Mourinho, asked about the punishment of two matches into Portuguese by stick a finger in the eye to Tito Vilanova in the Supercocpa of Spain, saying only that "I do not want to talk about this issue."

Pique-Puyol The couple must wait until you're back at Barça to play because it appears that Del Bosque will rest on Tuesday against Scotland Pique. Played 90 minutes against the Czech Republic and the coach will surely give you rest or on the bench or even dismissing it. Which does have many numbers to be a starter on Tuesday in Alicante Carles Puyol is that each day that passes is closer to the hundred games. In Prague played the number 95 and Tuesday, if things do not change much, it will be 96. If you do not prevent injury, central Barca come before Euro to 100. (via MD)