09 October 2011

[Youth] The generation '4' continues with Samper and Kaptoum

The relay of Xavi, Cesc, Iniesta and Busquets is assured. In the Ciutat Esportiva working for the future has the same talent.

He holds the American composer Steve Reich's approach to Western musicians oriental or African cultures occurs when wanting to imitate the sound, not their minds, thus the result is always worse than the original. With Barca something happens. There are many scouts who come to the Ciutat Esportiva language shelling ships in search of immediate results. But Barca language requires a tour, a piece of jewelry, a process that lasted more than three decades. Only then is understood that any squad that leads the '4 'give up the glory of the individual play to play one or two touches. "The technical profile has to be above all. Prioritize this aspect over his physical condition. We want to be a reference for the team. Players who can read the games, we teach reading the game better, "they say in the house.

Over time, the '4 'has acquired a special meaning. It is the cord that holds the genesis of the Barca game. De Milla to Cesc going by Guardiola. In recent years players like Xavi and Iniesta have advanced their position a few meters and the 2.0 version of '4 'is Busquets, a defensive player with more packaging. This Barca midfield is as splendid as his future with players like Thiago, Samper or Kaptoum, ensuring a release of collateral.

The club understand that La Masia live their golden age. "There has never been so much talent over midfielders and now" they say. While some will take the path away from the Nou Camp. Some have already done, as in the case of Oriol Romeu. Among the new groups are unanimous in pointing to Sergi Samper (20-1-1995, Barcelona) as one of those chosen to carry the '4 'of the first team in the future. At just 16 years has gone from playing in the cadet course become part of the juvenil A of Oscar Garcia. In addition to two training sessions have already shared with the first team. Is on the agenda of Pep.

Samper is a four 'vintage', this summer has sprouted, and is above the 1.80 - but your body is a juvenil player. Suffers when the game gets physical, but makes up its shortcomings with intelligence, positioning, and a natural ability for the first hit. Reminds Pep, but runs down the field as he did Celades. "He's grown a lot physically. It has a fine constitution, but think fast. It has a lot of mental speed. It is this type of player who does not complicate the ball. But improving the situation of the game when the ball goes through his feet, "said Sergi Barjuan, who knows him well from his time as coach of juvenie B. The former left side of the 'Dream Team' remembers his experience with the midfielder: "I took Toral and Samper in a youth tournament to be held in Brazil. And I was impressed Samper. Although there is a great leap of the young cadet, taking responsibility very quickly. I think these parties realized that I needed to grow physically. We played against Argentine and Brazilian players are more facts. When he saw the crash should play with a measure of aggressiveness. "

And is that how you have it for a player who learns quickly. "There are players who are very clever. And he knows that if he tried to dribble around the world would be worse player. It is a very focused guy, fast learner, understands you and see you first applied at the time it touches, "they said in the club.
high school student, since it is in the youth training in the mornings and afternoons studying at La Masia, where everyone points out that it is a very focused guy, always right with teammates and coaches. Last season also gave up an offer from Arsenal, who then convinced the other cadets also Hector and Jon Bellerín Toral.

Technicians agree on the need to step up to leadership level, is a very shy boy, as it still goes through stages in matches where the team lost prominence and suffers. Samper acts '4 ', but some experts consider that in the future could play '6'. There is an open discussion with opinions in the lower to suit all tastes. "It's as smart a player can occupy any position in midfield, although in the future will be a '6 '. Profile is a first team player. Oriol Romeu have things, but best read Samper football. It is a Barca player who has nursed since childhood, since it takes a lifetime to us, "they say. "Right now we have more conditions to play in front of the defense, is a more Guardiola, has no dynamism of a Xavi" defend others.

Freshman of the youth in the home is considered normal in the first few months does not yet have the hierarchy of players older than him, and is expected to win their game in consistency with the months. "I still throw the passes a bit soft, they have to leave your feet tighter. He has to win consistently. Doing very well compete with older kids. " His talent has not gone unnoticed by the lower of the selection, which often involved with sub'17.

Luis Milla, sub'21 technician, already has his eye. "It's the classic Barcelona player. Technically great, but think quickly. A midfielder on many levels, but just wait because it has only 16 years. " At Barcelona also have clear: we must have patience with Samper, especially now with the best midfield ever recorded in the first team.

Kaptoum, African jewel Wilfred Jaures Kaptoum (07/07/1996, Cameroon) is one of the usual talk of the fields in the Ciutat Esportiva. His performances often amazed, as their superior cadet is overwhelming. A cadete member of Barca, is a prodigious midfielder who came to La Masia in 2008 from the 'Foundation Eto'o'. A player is physically well developed but most striking is its elegance, is one of the plastic players of the quarry. Unlike Samper, Kaptoum feels comfortable and clean driving rivals with ease. His ability to start, accelerate and brake makes the difference, and superb vision for a pass. Technicians believe it is Samper midfielder with more projection of La Masia, but consider that it was not until youth when you can make real scrutiny about its possibilities. So far the big problem is that Kaptoum going "very left" and some experts consider even that should be playing at higher levels.

"Technically very good, but we must insist that it gets lost defensive level with ease. No need to work hard because this category is very left. She loves to drive the ball, wait a youth, when the physical match, to see the projection, "they say in the house. Technicians believe that you must learn to play faster when you work up of categories, something essential to fit gear the club. And you must give up some individual brilliance towards the collective game. (via SPORT)

[Former B player] Nolito: "I owe everything to Barça"

Pep Guardiola offered two-year contract, but Nolito offered him opted for the project of Benfica. Four months and eight goals later, it is "very happy" with their decision, although he doesn't forget to their previous club.

In an interview with EFE, the Cadiz winger Manuel Agudo Duran (Sanlúcar de Barrameda, 1986) admits that his football Luso adaptation was faster than expected, Luis Enrique praised his "football dad" in the branch of Barcelona-and promises further gaps in the field "to be unable to give more."

Feeling the Portuguese league, its curved shape and stride decompensated deceive at first glance. They are just the wrapping of a very complete player, who has won the affection of fans demanding embodied by his assists and goals.

"I could not imagine. Getting back to a computer, a city, a style of play. It's going better than expected, but we must keep working," warns the player.

Its appearance in Portugal surprised many. In its first official matches despite not being a natural goalscorer, scored five goals in a row, equaling the record of the legendary Eusebio, and enthusiasm for quality "made in" Barcelona and delivery.

An excellent physical condition, luck and the quality of equipment are some of the factors listed Nolito to explain his brilliant success at Benfica, one of the biggest clubs in Portugal and a classic in Europe.

"I think if you work well in games you'll be better," he reasons, while stressing the importance of striving in every workout because "no one" owner or alternate.

Under the command of Jorge Jesus, one of the Portuguese first-line coaches, has alternated head matches with an alternate dump indiscriminately by both sides. His desire is to always play in any position. However, he feels more to pleasure when he makes it to changed leg.

"I prefer in the left that is better for me, but if it is necessary to play that is where it is", recognizes the gaditano that qualifies Jesus like "a good coach" whose numbers speak by themselves - Benfica shares liderato with the Porto in the League lusa -.

Strong competition, in his position are the Argentinean Nico Gaitán and, above all, the Brazilian Bruno Caesar Nolito not frighten the warrior, used to fighting for a place in his previous clubs.

Signed in June at zero cost-ended contract with the club-its excellent performances have recently fired his contribution and Benfica sold 20 percent of their economic rights to an investment fund for 1.3 billion euros.

Thus, the total spend of Sanlucar de Barrameda, with the Lisbon club contract until 2016, would be taxed currently at 6.5 million. However, his buyout clause goes far beyond that figure to stand at 50.5 million.

The player does not forget its roots football and fondly recalls his three years at Barcelona, ​​who arrived from Ecija. Speed, intelligence, tactics and team play are some of the attributes he learned at La Masia.

"I am here on the Benfica all the fault of Barcelona. I went with 20 years at the Barcelona B and my genetics I arrived a little chubby, the coach Luis Enrique talked with me and helped me a lot. Luis Enrique for me was like a football dad "found.

Also saved praise for his colleagues from Barcelona, ​​with whom he learned so much in practice, especially with the style of Sergio Busquets half.

"The things he did, with the ease with which he did, when pressed to lose the ball like (...) I lost and going to 200 per hour," he recalls.

Guardiola's role in its formation is also present - "gave me much confidence in putting the first computer for many parties" - as the two-year contract that was offered.

"I came to train and talked to me (...) At first I thought the Barcelona first team, I was going to renovate, the best team in the world, but on the other side was 24 and wanted to try another experience" explained.

Benfica now has seen some of those experiences that longing. The match against Manchester United in the Champions League it out as the best moment of your experience when faced lusa the likes of Ryan Giggs of Wales and Portuguese Nani.

If Benfica passes at eighth, Nolito doesn't want to hear speak neither of Real Madrid neither of Barcelona.

"Sincerely I would like a slack team a priori, I don't want Barça or Madrid, but if we have to be a great game." Then the gaditano would not doubt it: "I preferred to play against Barça", he admits. (via SPORT)

They want that Guardiola is the successor of Wenger

In Premier League comes to Guardiola like the ideal successor for Wenger in the bench of the Arsenal.

From England and is speculated to march in front of Arsene Wenger and Arsenal, notes the 'Daily Mirror' , Guardiola was one of the strong candidates for the bench at the Emirates after the Frenchman will leave his post.

Guardiola's future continues being in the air for the international press and if from Italy they also pointed to the offensive of the Inter for the coach azulgrana now from Premier believe that the bench of the Arsenal could be a stimulating challenge for Guardiola.

The 'Daily Mirror' said Pep great candidate as though being considered other names such as Laurent Blanc and Dennis Bergkamp. The French coach is focused on the selection gala while the Dutch like it for its new approach to the technical staff at Ajax. (via SPORT)

Barca have control Thiago Silva

The FC Barcelona sports management keeps track of Thiago Silva.
It is foreseen that the biggest investment in the next course is made in the rear.

The current centre-back of Milan Thiago Silva, the man who thwarted the victory of Barcelona in the first group match of the Champions League with his headed goal in the final minute of the game, you might be now wearing the shirt of FC Barcelona to be for a long time been a serious future possibility of facing Barca coach this season. However, once put on the table the options that had been valued and accounted priorities of economic resources that are available, Barça decided that this season was Cesc Fabregas and Alexis Sánchez main objectives. Pep Guardiola did not consider it necessary to contract as central defender, but always knew that if there was a market opportunity with Thiago Silva, was the man he wanted. That desire only stopped, but has not been ruled out in view of the Barça squad making the 2012-2013 campaign despite the player extended contract with Milan until June 2016. Even with this new agreement signed, Thiago has never closed the door to anchor in a set of Pep Guardiola has stated so he and his representative, and as elsewhere, money that will have much to say about it. Ever since he was dismissed for the current campaign, it was decided not to be forced to change plans for one of those contingencies which football is full, the biggest financial investment of next summer would be the signing of a plant.

The fact is that since the arrival of the board chaired by Sandro Rosell has been very clear about the amounts devoted to each season signings, 45 million more sales. That money was taken this past season and Arsenal Udinese with 29 fixed and 26 million paid Barca (separate variables). How to strengthen the defensive line will be one of the keys on which attempt to lay the groundwork for next season, it is logical that the main investment is devoted to it.

Abidal, who has not renewed, and Puyol will be a year older, while Fontàs not just let go and Bartra is unknown. Pique and converted only point to the future Mascherano. Thiago Silva addition, Barça controls the evolution of Alberto Botia at Sporting. Recover cost about 2.5 million euros.

Only plans may vary Neymar
Neymar was always a second option with regard to Alexis, but also a player who not only liked Sandro Rosell, it had the blessing of Pep Guardiola. The only question was whether its wake there was media could hit Leo Messi, so reports were requested about you. Some Brazilian media said yesterday that the player had affixed his signature on the club blanco in July 2012. Real disburse 58 million euros, while Barça has tried to control by January 2013. Having to pay much for it would lead to a change of plans.

The quarry will remain the first choice
It is the duty of the sports management control external players to the club, but that does not mean it will be a change of direction in the transfer policy. In the Barça not long ago that nothing is improvised, many years he has opted for the quarry, the basis of current success. And so he remains. The best example is what has given the club's recent injury Afellay, who spend six months out. From the outset it was clear that their absence will not be replaced with a great signing. If necessary, recourse to Cuenca, Deulofeu or Tello all of the subsidiary, while waiting for the Dutch. Transfers will always be, but well-researched and in a timely. (via MD)

[Former player] Bojan: "I am happy again with the football"

Bojan learns how to live far from Barcelona, in Rome, a city that has everything so that the adaptation is quick.

Bojan appears dressed in a shirt that sports a goal with the network holes. At the bottom you can read 'O. Atton', the name of an idol of Roma forward since the first time many years ago, saw the series 'Champions', Oliver Atton. "I felt very identified with it," he says. The Linyola could pass for a tourist who visits the Coliseum in early October if it were not, every five feet, someone asks to be photographed with him.

How does your new life?

Getting better every time I feel more situated, more accustomed to it.

For the first time living away from home.

Yes, and I am very 'of terra ¿, de Catalunya, from where I've lived all your life, Linyola of Mollerussa Bellpuig, Barcelona ... I have not moved in this circle, I am a sensitive person and all I notice these changes more than others. But every time I'm finding more comfortable because the bottom line, ultimately, the reason I came here, that's football.

How is football?

Thank God I am doing well, not just because I scored my first goal because I have no minutes, but because I am going to regain a sense of feeling important and I become happy with the football.

Whence comes this happiness?

From the desire with which I get up in the morning, wanting to go to training, knowing that I serve, that will result. I know I have to work to play, but I know it will be well rewarded and will have numbers to play the weekend to enjoy the game, to see that I have confidence. It is very unpleasant to see that you do not have because in the end do not enjoy what you do. Here I am getting all that.

Returns to be a footballer.

Yes, that is.

He left with a press conference in which he showed a side that was not known. Is prepared?

No, no way. Both myself and my surroundings did not want me to go after so many years without a word, a simple statement. FC Barcelona as a partner and myself, wanted to say goodbye and I left the words to heart. It was a very emotional press conference for me because everything I said was real feelings, both as bad as good. I wanted to acknowledge the support I've always noticed the fans and to all that surrounds the club because I was, am and always will be Barça.

In his four years in the first team, what is left?

With that the club has been my life, so, exactly. Barca has taught me many things very small, and not just at football, in the Farmhouse, in rehearsal, in tournaments. It has taught me to live. I feel privileged to be FC Barcelona and had the opportunity to play in that club.

What wipe?


Not even the bad times?

Nothing, because I've always said it costs a lot of bad times pass, but when the raisins and overcome them give you the maturity and strength to handle everything that you will find in life.

Have you had time to reflect on his career at the Barça?

I am more aware of many things. The life he had led in the grassroots were only hits, hits, hits. There were no failures, there were no sad days, always marked, we won trophies. It was a bit unreal. And I needed to realize how life is. My mother tells me I went through my 21 years, she lived through situations that more than 30.

Why was that?

Being in the club is extraordinary. Enjoy being in a historic team, are important at times, are close to home, family ... Everything is extraordinary. But I am a footballer and, ultimately, a footballer playing football and I missed him. Especially the last year I saw that I had to take the plunge, knowing that everything was outstanding under the minute.

Why did they not have the same opinion of Guardiola as a partner as a player?

Pep Guardiola is the best coach I have had and will have the club. From the results, by the time he entered, in a situation that was not easy, and all he accomplished the first year. And because today the team continues to receive accolades from around the world of football that displays. As a player, of course, I can not ... If you were playing I would get rid of praise, but not much less critical. I'm just saying that I did not have the opportunities I deserved.

Why do you think not playing?

I've said many times that there were times I was not good: for lack of confidence to play little or because I ate the head down unnecessarily and that my performance. But at other times he thought he could play and the opportunity never came.

When he knew he left the club to play in Rome, how did you feel?

I remember my parents called me one evening, very happy, very much, and told the Roma that was done. They were very happy because they wanted to see me happy again. But my mother noticed something odd and asked, 'you are not happy?'. And it was, yet sad. It was a double sense. It opened the door to a big club where he could restore confidence, but I came to mind the twelve years at the club. And I never imagined another shirt. At the end is something I've been digesting and thanks to the club and the fans of the Rome I feel better every day.

In the Camp Nou left great friends.

Four years in a locker room are many and the people I lived there are extraordinary. I see them as peers, as friends, not as footballers. For example Iniesta, Puyi, Xavi, Víctor Valdés, Gerard ... I have lived so many things with them!

Do you keep in touch?

Sure. With Andrew talked a lot, we get along great. I ask for your child, he asks me for my life in Rome. After each match send me messages and I do the same.

As if it was gone ...

Obviously, when you see them on TV, you feel that you have to do soon. And many people really miss them and I have a very special affection.

Do you have trouble watching the games on TV?

My feeling for the club is very large, home has always been so, I cried at the Nou Camp, I laughed ... And when I go the feeling of sadness and nostalgia is very intense. My first thought, my first thoughts were, 'I won't see any game because I feel very sad'...


But the first game, el clásico of Supercopa, I could not help it. Neither the second nor the third. And so today I have seen all the games. Is that I have wanted to see them! First because I am an amateur, second because I want to win always, by my fellow third quarter because I enjoy seeing how they play football.

Did you enjoy it more now, from a distance, or when playing with them?

Obviously, I enjoy being in the field and being there, but now I really enjoy. Every time I see a Barca game I feel privileged to have shared so many years with them and have been important in many moments on that computer.

The door remains open for you Barca. Can not think of his return?

I've been at the club so happy, I've been very good and I would always be very happy, but this has led me to be here in a good club. My goal now is to enjoy football again, to be happy. Up to me and depends on football, you can return to Barca or I can stay here or wherever I go. In the end, in life you never know what will happen.

But if there is a contract that the club should play-offs.

But I can go back and the club passed on to me or giving me any room. If I do wrong again, but I will transfer anywhere.

Rome also has an option to keep him.

So I say that in life all things happen because they go through. And so far everything has gone well and when you think a situation you is a bitch, just becomes the best gift of your life. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Eusebio: "We have failed to finish and we finish paying"

Eusebio Sacristan was resigned after the game for a draw harvested in Santo Domingo where the story was repeated on other occasions.

Barça B did merit to achieve victory, but innocent mistakes prevented the three points go up to the box. The coach lamented that "in the final minutes we did not finish the game and know we have finished paying."

The Valladolid expected another result, but not much less throw in the towel. "We have a young team and we will continue working to reach the maturity required to compete in this category," he said. (via SPORT)

[Youth] The former residents and residents, main characters of the party of inauguration of the new Masía

The next day, October 20, La Masía, Oriol Tort Training Centre will be officially launched at a ceremony to mark the emotional history of the club. It aims to bring together former residents and technicians who have been part of the farmhouse since 1979.

Although from this season 's new Farm is already in operation will not be until next October 20th when a large party will inaugurate the training center named for Oriol Tort , one of the founders of the philosophy that currently has this Club.

The director of the Mas, Carles Folguera, explained to Barça TV and www.fcbarcelona.cat that this day will mark a before and after in the history of the club, and there will be many surprises, since it "is preparing a big party that will be very emotional and we want to emphasize all those who have been part of the original idea of the farmhouse . Everyone who has participated in this project from its inception until now, will feel the emotion skin deep. " The current director of the farmhouse has emphasized that since all the club is working "very excited" to be a special day

At no shortage of action figures like the president of the Generalitat de Catalunya, Artur Mas , or even former managers of FC Barcelona with links to campus. The Catalan club has chosen this date because it coincides with the 32 anniversary of the inauguration of the first Farm, and wants all people who have served are the leaders on 20 October from eight o'clock in the afternoon, it will be when this event will take place.

Next occasion of the inauguration of the farmhouse, Oriol Tort Training Center, and to bring together approximately 560 former residents, and technicians who have passed through this center since 1979 , FC Barcelona is working to contact them and invite them to the inauguration of the next 20th of October and is also updating their personal data. Therefore, the FC Barcelona is calling for all former players and coaches to get in touch with the Club via email @ fcbarcelona.cat inauguracio.masia.

In addition, current residents of The Farm, Training Center Oriol Tort also participate in this festival, because, according to Carles Folguera, "the 72 residents currently living in the farmhouse will take part in this festival and of course have a role, since they are part of 2011, when opens the new Farm.

La Masía. Oriol Tort Training Center, located in the Ciudad Deportiva Joan Gamper , has meant an improvement for all residents of the FC Barcelona youth system, since, aside from being able to enjoy facilities of 6,000 m2 of last generation, "are the fields training and medical services to the side, which makes life easier for young players, "says Carles Folguera. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Selection] Keita away in January and February

Mali drew 2-2 with Liberia yesterday, which means they have qualified for the African Nations Cup and that Seydou Keita will miss a total of 12 games for Barcelona.

The tournament begins on January 21, but the rules state that teams can call on their players up to 14 days before the start, i.e. from January 7. The ultimate decision in this respect comes down to Mali manager Alain Giresse, because the article also says that at the very least, squad members can arrive just 48 hours before the first match.

Therefore, it is still unclear when Keita will be joining his national team, but it looks like his January schedule could be as follows:

If the Malian is called up a fortnight before the Nations Cup begins, he will miss the league matches against Espanyol at home and Betis away, plus both round of sixteen Copa del Rey matches (if Barça are involved).

While Mali are playing their three group matches, Barça will have Copa del Rey quarter finals (if they qualify), and two away matches in the league at Malaga and Villarreal.

If Mali get through to the last eight, then Keita would also miss the first leg of the cup semi final (if FCB are playing), and the home Liga match against Real Sociedad.

If Mali make it through to the last four, Mali would also miss the cup semi final second leg, if Barça qualify, and would also miss the road trip to Osasuna even if Mali loses, because they would still have the third and fourth place playoff to play.

If Mali manage to go all the way to the final, then Keita could miss as many as twelve games for his club. That last game would be the second round first leg match in the Champions League, provided Barcelona qualify for that stage. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Guardiola transforms into the obsession of the Inter

In Italy lament the fact that Pep Guardiola leaves FC Barcelona and Inter ensure that the design is ready for the assault.

The conversation among Fernando Trueba and Pep Guardiola has been misinterpreted by some sectors of the Italian press that there is her utlizado to shoot the rumors again about the interest of the Inter for the coach azulgrana.

The fact that Guardiola speaks of the passion to live the day by day affirming that one day doesn't pass in that thinks that I could leave" as stimulus to confront the daily routine of its profession, he has given cause to that means as the 'Corriere dello Sport' they speculate once with the rupture of Pep with Barça again it ends the season. From the Italian newspaper say that the assumption is confirmed, Moratti would go for Barca coach, whatever it takes to create a sports project that revolves around Pep.

Italian media says Pep might be thinking about facing a new challenge that motivated after touching the sky in front of FC Barcelona. (via SPORT)

[Youth] FCB Juvenil A 3 - 0 CIDE Mallorca

Óscar García's boys have to the CIDE tax by 3-0 in a match where the Catalans have had control of the match from the start despite intense team's defensive approach Mallorca.

In the sixth game of the season, the Junior A has returned to avoid defeat and remain unbeaten in qualifying. In a match played at the Miniestadi, the Catalans have made ​​a comfortable game, but have had many difficulties to penetrate the defense of CIDE, a rival that has only been dedicated to defending and has closed a lot in your area.

In the first half, Barca had the domain and CIDE occasions with a very defensive and has hardly left his pitch. Óscar García's team was able to open the scoring before the goal of Carlos Julio. In minute 12, a good shot of Calvet has been saved by the keeper Juan in a major intervention. Alex Grimaldo, meanwhile, also enjoyed his chance, but his shot did not find the thread desired destination.

The chances are happening but the goal did not arrive, until three minutes before the break, a great shot from outside the area by defender Carlos Julio has entered the top corner of the goal of Mallorca.

CIDE has tried to maintain their defensive approach in the second half, but the exhaustion of the Balearic team has allowed the boys Óscar García to more easily reach goal. Cristian has been the author of two goals in the second half, the first of whom has scored in the 53rd minute, after good play by end of Michelangelo, and the second is the result of a header sheet in 62 minutes.

With the win, the Junior A remains sole leader of Group 3 of the Division of Honor with 18 points after being the only team that has won all six games he has played. On Wednesday October 12 will receive the CF Damm. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Technical Data]
FC Barcelona: Tienda, Carlos, Grimaldo, Bako, Ayala (Brian, min 68), Patri (Samper min 64), Cristian, Pol, Dongou (Alex, min 61), Miguel Ángel (Ernesto, min 73), Babunski.

CIDE Mallorca: Juan (Steven, min 75), Dani (Ramos min 80), Coll, Bernardo, Javi, Luis, Fullana (Xavi, min 65), Jorge, Gabi, Miki, Alex (Adri, min 57).

Goals: 1-0, Carlos Julio, min 41; 2-0, Cristian, min 53, 3-0, Cristian, min 62.

[BarçaB; Liga Aderante;week08] Alcorcón 2 - 2 FC Barcelona B

The success of Quini in the 88th minute Barça B has prevented reunited with victory in Alcorcón. Basin opening goal had tied the premises and the target of Rafinha, at 77, seemed final.

Luck is not smiling Barca B in this early season. Alcorcón had done the hardest to win, four days later. Despite the low and the early goal against, has fought and managed to trace, but a fateful final has left him without part of the reward.

Although the meeting began with a shot from striker threatening local Quini, those of Eusebius made ​​quickly with the start of the game and responded with two actions of Cuenca, the first a shot narrowly high and the second, then another detainee by goalkeeper Manu Herrera. Barca had enough control of the situation when Paco Montanes-formed in the Barça youth ranks, has advanced to a header Alcorcón (m. 21).

Without Bartra, Sergi Gómez, Ilie, Soriano neither the international ones sub-21 Montoya and Planas, the team has continued to press and equalized the score thanks to a Cuenca. A good partnership between Reus and Tello, which should be changed on a restart after a collision with Manu Herrera. Then his replacement, Gerard Deulofeu, has hand look goalkeeper with a shot devil. Barça B earnestly sought the three points.

And it seemed that she shared them when in the 77th minute, Rafinha has broken the offside trap and signed the 1-2. The pouring Alcorcón has reacted to the desperate attack to rescue a point. In a final mad, a former Barcelona crossbar Oriol Riera has been the prelude to the agony of Quini goal, a severe punishment for the efforts made ​​by the men of Eusebio. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Technical Data]
Alcorcón: Manu Herrera; Rubén Anuarbe, Babin, Agus, Ángel Sánchez; Fernando Sales (Saúl, m.80), Abraham, Rubén Sanz, Montañés (Carlos Martínez, m.81); Miguélez (Oriol Riera, m.69) and Quini.

Barcelona B: Miño; Iván Balliu, Sergí Gómez, Lozano, Lobato; Johnatan dos Santos, Carmona, Javier Espinosa (Rodri, m.78); Tello (Deulofeu, m.51), Isaac Cuenca (Riverola, m.88) and Rafinha.

Goals: 1-0: M.21 Montañés; 1-1: M.37 Isaac Cuenca; 1-2: M.77 Rafinha; 2-2: M.89 Quini.

Referee: Pino Zamorano (Castilian-Manchego committee). Abraham admonished Miguélez Alcorcon, and Carmona y Miño of Barcelona B. Expelled Dani Fernández (Alcorcon coach).

Incidents: meeting for the eighth round of the League Two Championship in Santo Domingo Stadium (Alcorcón) before 3,500 spectators.