07 October 2011

Casillas, Puyol, Xavi and Raul are eligible for the prize "Golden Foot '

The award will be presented on Monday. The other six nominees are Beckham, Buffon, Drogba, Eto'o, Giggs and Zanetti. He has broken the record of 323,000 registered votes.

Spanish players Iker Casillas, Carles Puyol, Xavi Hernandez and Raul Gonzalez choose 'Golden Foot' , 2011, award that honors the best players over 29 years and that will be presented on Monday at a gala in Monte Carlo (20:00 hours).

Besides the four Spanish players, the other six nominees were late David Beckham (England), Gianluigi Buffon (Italy), Didier Drogba (Ivory Coast), Samuel Eto'o (Cameroon), Ryan Giggs (Wales) and Javier Zanetti (Argentina) , and closed Friday and voting for the election, with a record of 323,000 votes from around the world.

Prince Albert II of Monaco will be responsible for delivering the trophy, a golden mold of the foot of the winner, who will leave their mark on the Champions Promenade ", a Hall of Fame of the capital of the Principality. The winner will happen in the honors the Italian Francesco Totti , who in 2010 was also achieved recognition Ronaldinho (2009), Roberto Carlos (2008), Alessandro del Piero (2007), Ronaldo (2006), Andrei Shevchenko (2005), Pavel Nedved (2004) and Roberto Baggio (2003). (via AS)

Last session of the week

The four first team players that are still in town have trained for the last time this week. With most of the Barça B players focused on preparing for the game with Alcorcón, Guardiola also called on four youth players for the session.

The venue was pitch 2 at the Ciutat Esportiva de Sant Joan Despí for another unusual session as Pep Guardiola makes do with minimal resources while most of his squad are away on international duty.

Pinto, Maxwell, Iniesta and Fontàs did not train with Barça B because the latter are concentrating 100 per cent on the upcoming fixture with Alcorcón (Saturday, 18.00).

Therefore just three reserves were with the first team, namely Oriol Rosell, Gustavo and Jordi Masip, plus youth players Grimaldo, Sergi Samper, Macky Bagnack and Jordi Quintillà, making a total of eleven.

The coach has agreed that the players still in Barcelona will now have a three-day break. Work won’t resume until Tuesday, when most of the international players will still be away. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Benítez: "Barcelona wins a lot and wins well"

The former Liverpool coach analyzed the work of Pep Guardiola to the front of FC Barcelona for 'La Sexta'.

Rafa Benítez highlighted of Guardiola in television "his work capacity, he is a great worker, he likes the football, with passion. We are speaking of a great coach that has in their hands a great team."

Madrid coach stressed that, under the command of Pep, "Barcelona holding non single desire but rather it wins a lot and it wins well, it wins playing beautiful."

Finally, he spoke about the expected battle for the league title between the Catalans and the eternal rival: "Madrid is stronger, playing well, going well on the counter, is what is making a difference. It depends on who holds more calm and pace and then, in those playoff games between them to see who has control and who gets the upper hand." (via SPORT)

Carles Puyol: "Abi, lift it"

The image of Abidal lifting Champions with the bracelet is already part of the history of Barça. How and when got the idea?

It was a nice tribute but above all deserved. Do it again. I had thought about two weeks before the final but not decided until I was at Wembley, after taking the field to play the final minutes. First I gave the armband to Xavi to lift the trophy, but Xavi told me I had to lift me. It was then that I remembered what I had thought two weeks ago.

How did Abidal react?

I said: "Abi, lift it". "Sure?", did he ask me. "Clear, it's yours", I told him, and I put him the bracelet.

Speaking of Xavi, does he remember the old times, when they didn't win anything neither to shots?

Yes, from time to time we discussed it with Xavi. Five years were very tough and we are now enjoying a unique time. We have lived the two faces of the football.

You know better titles after going through a dry spell like that?

You appreciate everything more. There are young players who only know how to win.

Let's focus this season, how are you physically?

Very well, picking up the pace, but more importantly, after playing a game the next day I feel fine.

For now, Mascherano makes centreback and also very good. And you, sometimes you have to go to the bench of substitutes ...

This is not about alternates and owners. Here we must be ready when the coach puts you. Mascherano is amazing. He deserved to play the final of the Champions League and is a very high level.

But 3-4-3 is preventing us to see the best pair of central position of the history, you with Pique ...

The two have been injured and there will be time for everyone. In addition, the 3-4-3 is working very well, very good system. No problem.

After asking both Cesc to come, is that their arrival was 'burden' to a centreback. Having friends for that ...

(Laughs). I do not think so. Thiago is also very versatile and many players have so much quality and it is fortunate. And I don't associate Cesc with the 3-4-3. Cesc was injured and played well in El Molinón.

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Sabella: "If to Barça you put a shirt of a selection they are the best in the world"

The Argentine coach, Alejandro Sabella, broke Friday in his praise for the forward Lionel Messi and to the Chilean team, which was considered a "world power".

In a press conference before the crash of the first day of World Cup qualifier between Argentina and Chile, to be held this Friday in Buenos Aires, the coach said albiceleste Messi, captain of his team, "never plays badly."

"There are different kinds of leadership. Lionel's leadership hierarchy is that football has. He is admired by all his colleagues and from there has that respect. With the passing of the years has matured. Perhaps you have a greater responsibility help them mature faster, "he said.

Sabella played down the fact that the Barcelona star has not scored goals in the World or South Africa or in the recent Copa America.

"Messi has shone. Some parties failed goals, but recently got tired of giving assists, as against Costa Rica and Uruguay. In the (recent) Venezuelan goalkeeper tour took him two balls impressive against Nigeria participated three goals. For me, never plays badly, "he said.

Referring to Chile, the coach did not hesitate to indicate that la Roja has "become a world power." "It's a highly respected rival and very difficult," he said.

Finally, the Argentine coach also had words of praise for Barça, who said: "If you put a shirt from a selection the best in the world." (via SPORT)

Guardiola: "Every day I think that tomorrow I'm leaving"

Josep Guardiola returns to star in ad campaign Banc Sabadell. Barca coach spoke of the divine and the human with the filmmaker Fernando Trueba and Sport has had access, exclusive, full dialogue that served as basis for creating the spots of the campaign and then reproduce.

Pep Guardiola: You know that we are born the same day?

Fernando Trueba: Indeed, on 18 January.

PG: and I'm very excited, Fernando. Always tell your brother to congratulate you, but I'm sure he never does.

FT: Yes, I said it. My little brother, like my son, are the serious people in the family. However, I've always been crazy in my house. Tell me honestly, Pep, do you you saw becoming a coach?

PG: 25 years and I wanted to train, because I've always felt that was a pathetic physical to play football, somehow remained.

FT: Really? So, you've got to do what you always wanted to do. And now, for example, what do you imagine doing in the future?

PG: Look, every day I think that tomorrow I'm leaving. When you direct something, you have to bear in mind the idea that tomorrow I can go. I work better thinking that I have freedom to decide my future. Going too long a contract linked to anxiety and that I can make you lose your passion.

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Alexis already trains in Chile

Near the 'equator' of their recovery, the Chilean crack continues evolving favorably.

Alexis Sanchez is still recovering from the ruptured hamstring he suffered on 10 September. Yesterday he was seen jogging soft Juan Pinto Durán, the training center of the Chilean team, along with physiotherapist FC Barcelona Roger Gironés, and the Chilean forward, wore the clothing of the South Americans. In addition to the trot, Alexis also carried out physical work to meet the deadline has been set for his return to competition, to be Nov. 11 against Uruguay, the second party has to face Chile in the qualifiers for the World Cup Brazil 2014.

The Chilean, who runs Claudio Borghi, already in Buenos Aires, where Argentina will play this morning the first of the qualifying matches for the World Cup. One of the obsessions of the Chile coach Leo Messi will slow down, but said that "it will have a special marking."

Borghi is very clear that "we will win" and that "we must start the path to the playoffs." Chile, only Argentina has beaten once in the case of competitive games, trust, at least get a point in the Monumental.

La `Roja', without Alexis Sanchez and Gary Medel, injured, could come up withBravo; Jara, Ponce, Vidal; Isla, Beausejour, Carmona; Fernández, Valdivia; Suazo and Pinilla. (via SPORT)

Neymar: "I need to be like Messi"

The Brazilian star, who this morning is facing Costa Rica, showed his more humble.

The current star of the Brazilian team, Neymar showed its most humble hours before dawn the next play a friendly for his country in San Jose against Costa Rica. And once again brought up his humility and simplicity: "I still have a long, best in the world is Messi," he said when asked by the crack of FC Barcelona. The player of Santos, who declined to disclose the name of his future team after the end of their participation in the London 2012 Olympic Games, said that playing alongside a player like Ronaldinho, who returns to the `Seleçao what then for a long time absence, is a great experience because "it is an example for all of us is a great player, always close to us."

In addition, Barcelona's Dani Alves, said he was "very surprised" by the warm reception the fans gave to Brazil, Costa Rica since coming to Central American country. The side said that Brazil "always comes to win in any field" and hopes "can provide a nice show for the home crowd." (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Muniesa is discharged, but won't play out

The youth player was out since he was injured on August 3 in the first team to U.S. tour.

Good news for Eusebio Sacristan, who recovered one of their best players in the face of tomorrow's clash against the stadium Alcorcón Santo Domingo. This is the defender Marc Muniesa, who had more than two months on the sidelines since suffering injury on August 3 during the the tour of the first team for United States.

Muniesa replaced Thiago against Chivas in Miami and just 12 minutes could be on the lawn of Sun Life Stadium. The youth suffered a broken two centimeters in the hamstring of his right leg, an area that already had problems. The player has made ​​his fitness with the medical services of first team and the main premise was not taking any chances and wait until the player was fully recovered to avoid a possible relapse. Therefore, Muniesa could come today in his first list of the season facing the morning before the crash Alcorcón, while ruling out the possibility that it may start to act. At best, the versatile defense could act in the final minutes of the second half.

That is, between the injury and considering Bartra that Plan and Montoya played yesterday with the Spanish sub ¿21, Eusebio have problems in the defensive line. (via SPORT)

Barça would play November 9 the sixteenth of Cup final

As reported RAC1, the FC Barcelona play the game knockout phase of the Copa del Rey on 9 November, but only lack the confirmation of la Real Federación Española de Fútbol.

For the RFEF gives its OK, the FA need to agree to postpone the England-Spain friendly to Saturday instead of Friday 12 before.

Pep Guardiola has already complained at a press conference of the inability to play the match with only four team players and match a selection date in which Spain played a bolo in Costa Rica. (via MD)

The referee is already known Barça-Racing

The referee Miguel Ángel Ayza Gámez, Valenciano Committee has been appointed to lead the Barcelona vs Racing de Santander, the eighth day of league.

Real Madrid-Betis as referee Carlos Delgado Ferreiro, Basque school, while Iglesias Gallego Villanueva will be responsible for directing the Rayo Vallecano, Espanyol. (via SPORT)

Appointments of Primera in the eighth day:
Barcelona-Racing AYZA GÁMEZ (C. Valenciano)
Sevilla-Sporting PÉREZ LASA (C. Vasco)
Granada-Atlético de Madrid TURIENZO ÁLVAREZ (C. Cast.-Leonés)
Mallorca-Valencia PARADAS ROMERO (C. Andaluz)
Athletic-Osasuna ESTRADA FERNÁNDEZ (C. Catalán)
Zaragoza-Real Sociedad PÉREZ MONTERO (C. Andaluz)
Getafe-Villarreal JA TEIXEIRA VITIENES (C. Cántabro)
Levante-Málaga MUÑIZ FERNÁNDEZ (C. Asturiano)
Real Madrid-Betis DELGADO FERREIRO (C. Vasco)
Rayo Vallecano-Espanyol IGLESIAS VILLANUEVA (C. Gallego)

UEFA fines Barça with 110.000 euros

The European football's governing body passed to the ship by the flares and the incidents in the Super Cup in Monaco.

As reported by the Ona FM program 'La Graderia', Barça UEFA has fined a penalty of 110,000 euros for incidents which group of fans staged a violent Catalans in Monaco, among other things, the presence of flares in Louis II stadium bleachers, as well as by the team late in jumping onto the field in the second half the game against Porto.

Barca will now have ten days to appeal the decision of UEFA. (via SPORT)

[Ex-player&coach] Rexach: "Messi is unstoppable, for its talent and for the team that surrounds him”

Ex coach and ex player of Barcelona Carles Rexach, who was invited on Wednesday in the program 'DNA' of Barça TV, said: "Messi is different, more than a footballer, is an interpreter of the football, and very few they can be."

Carles Rexach, technical secretary when Leo Messi arrived at the club, recalled other times players like Pele, Kubala and Di Stefano. "They were already different, and it is too. More than a great player is a shell, is what moves the chess game. He knows where to go, what to do and what they should do the partners in each moment." He added: "Messi is unstoppable, for his talent and the team around him. Of these players do very little, so we signed him in the eleventh year, because he had something different to the rest.

Accompanied by journalist Joan Valls, Rexach recalled some moments of the episode of the signing of Argentina. "I did not know that the famous napkin was still so fashionable. I am told that soon will go to the Museum of Barcelona. It was a role player's family asked us to have them quiet about his move to Barca. I had anything handy, and I did on a napkin. " A very important concept for the former coach is that "the concept accompanying Messi Barca is the ABC of the philosophy of our football." "Barca, if you look, never plays poorly for some years. Or play very well, or play less well, or average, but he said he has played badly or very badly there. And this situation even more aid Messi to stand out from the rest, "he told DNA 'of Barça TV.

On the first team muscle injuries affecting the first team, Rexach is quite clear: "At this time the players have been almost the same time in their clubs in their selections, and how to train from one place and another is quite different. I think this may be another reason. "

On the other hand, for the resolution of a single judge for the incidents in the Super Cup, Rexach said: "I do not understand the penalty for Villanova, as it was a hot reaction. Unlike Mourinho is, he went to Tito in peace, with complete premeditation. would you put two-match ban is silly. It's ridiculous and absurd, and the penalty should be enforced in the next game and not wait almost two months that a man decides. this whole thing is unfortunate. " (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Selection Under-21; EURO2013 Qualifying] Croatia 0 - 2 Spain

The Spanish team under-21 consolidated its dominance of group 5 qualifying for the 2013 European with an easy win in Croatia, transformed by Jorge Resurrection, 'Koke', and Rodrigo Moreno, the scorers in a match that showed the huge difference between them and other equipment.

The European champions by winning their matches sum. Eleven goals scored and only two against their outstanding complete data path of the next continental competition. This Thursday also failed in the city of Osijek, where, as is ahead in the scoring, as adapted to meet, imposed their superiority over Croatia.

Spain needed 18 minutes to get back on track game. Was not comfortable in the first quarter of an hour, in which rival the intensity of the match had turned into a series of inaccuracies and interrupts every time the team of Luis Milla started up their football, but soon took command of the shock .

He did it with a goal by Koke. The medium of Atletico Madrid, just no opportunities for his club at the beginning of this season, claimed the 0-1. He took center Carles Planas, headed in by Rodrigo Moreno, and a rebound in the body of Renato Kelic to hook at the back post unstoppable shot.

No longer existed Croatia, Spain controlled the ball and mobility and the ability to Isco, dribbling over Iker Muniain or appearances of Sergio Canales, offensive set the pace duel in the journey to rest, with more chances, a shot Koke and a couple of attempts Isco, local defense against the disorder.

Nor was there any more surprises in the rear. The shock of the first minute, a shot innocent Vukusic, spent a total peace in Spanish behind. David de Gea just made one more stop in the entire game, on a shot of Matthew Kovacic. An isolated play between the technical deficiencies of Croatia.

Spain did not lower his good performance in the second half. Nor lost the seriousness and concentration. Facing an opponent was unable to discuss the domain of the Spanish side, who enjoyed a peaceful gathering on the pitch, but still maintained a minimal advantage, a goal, with plenty of time.

He soon kill off the shock. Isco, again, threw a pass to the league of Rodrigo. The Benfica striker did not hesitate a second with the ball, hit a cross shot, unattainable for Lovre Kalinic, and signed the 0-2. It was his fourth goal in three games and a fatal blow to a party of all Spanish control.

[Technical Data]
Croatia: Kalinic; Antolic, Pavlovic, Kelic, Zuparic; Situm, Brozovic (Kukoc, m. 70), Puncec (Vujcevic, m. 46), Cop; Kovacic and Vukusic (Lendric, m. 58).

Spain: De Gea; Martín Montoya, Amat, Íñigo Martínez, Planas; Oriol Romeu, Koke; Canales (Pacheco, m. 87), Isco (Juan Carlos, m. 73), Muniaín; and Rodrigo (Álvaro Vázquez, m. 79).

Goals : 0-1, m. 18: Koke takes a rebound and score in the corner. 0-2, m. 57: Rodrigo, cross shot after a pass from Isco.

Referee : Steven McLean (Scotland). Admonished the local Puncec (m. 12), Pavlovic (m. 37) and Bozovic (m. 66).

Incident : game for the third round of group 5 qualifying for the European under-21 2013, played at the stadium Gradski of the Croatian city of Osijek before some 2,000 spectators.