05 October 2011

One match ban for Tito Vilanova

The Competition Judge of the Spanish Football Federation has suspended Tito Vilanova for one match, and imposed a 600 Euro fine, for incidents at the end of the return leg of the Spanish Super Cup.

In resolution that was made public today, it was reported that the Barça assistant manager will have to complete a one match ban for his response to the action of José Mourinho, who put his finger in Vilanova’s eye, in the Barça-Madrid game last August 17th (3-2). The ban must be completed in the next Spanish Super Cup game in which Tito Vilanova would participate.

Moreover, the Competition Judge has sanctioned José Mourinho with a 2 game suspension, and 600 Euro fine. The resolution indicates "the absence of injury or lack of conclusive evidence on the intention to do harm by Mr. Mourinho". (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Agreement with Audi until 2014

Audi and FC Barcelona have agreed to the extension of their sponsorship agreement until 2014. The German company is official sponsor since the 2006-07 season.

Audi and FC Barcelona signed the agreement for sponsorship renewal that will unite the two entities until 2014. With this new agreement Audi becomes Premium Partner and the relationship between the two organizations reaches a new dimension, as the German brand is also now the FC Barcelona official car, anywhere in the world. With this agreement, the Club continues to consolidate its sponsorship program with one of the world’s leading brands.
The new sponsorship deal allows Audi to expand their rights of association and the use of the Barça image for promotion at national and international level, marketing rights, use of the Barça installations, involving of players in advertising material, and various other hospitality services. In addition, Audi will continue to be linked with the Club on the pre-season tours that the first team undertake during the summer months. Besides the financial benefit that the Club will accrue, the German car brand will continue to provide cars for Barça first team players.

Audi became an official FC Barcelona sponsor in the 2006/07 season. Since then, the German brand joined FC Barcelona in a strategic alliance that has continued to position the two companies at the forefront of their fields of activity: the automotive world and the football world.

Audi is a premium car company based in the German city of Ingolstadt. The panoply of models, well known for its logo of four rings, responds faithfully to its slogan "at the forefront of technology". Tradition, technology, sportsmanship, and design, are the hallmarks of the brand via a refined and visionary character which creates the tendency to respond best to their clients’ needs. At present the Audi brand is seen in more than one hundred markets worldwide, and by 2015 there are plans to increase its product offerings up to 42 models. Audi produces vehicles in Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm (Germany), Györ (Hungary), Changchun (China) and Brussels (Belgium). Since June 2011, Audi’s last launch, the Audi Q3 is also manufactured in Martorell. In 2010, Audi, which has 60,000 employees around the world, produced around 1,092,400 cars and in the first half of 2011 has already sold 652,970. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Second combined session with the branch

Due to the absence of international commitments with the different teams, the first team players left in Barcelona have exercised this Wednesday for the second time this week, with Barca B.

The club has made ​​this Tuesday, starting at 11 hours in field number 2 of the Ciudad Deportiva Joan Gamper, the second of four sessions has provided preparatory conduct throughout this week. Some workouts, these, very marked by the absence of up to 14 players that are concentrated with their national teams. It is for this reason that the four remaining players available in Barcelona, ​​Iniesta, Maxwell, and font-Pinto, have been exercised by second straight day with the team led by Eusebio Sacristan. Subsidiary coach has been very aware of the briefing, as it has done so well Josep Guardiola.

In the case of Javier Mascherano, who on Monday was in the gym, which is suspended for the match that the Argentina team to play against Chile on October 7, has already traveled to concentrate with the albiceleste '. And the player himself may be available to face the second commitment that Argentina will play against Venezuela.

First team members left in the city have planned two more preparatory sessions, scheduled, both on Thursday and Friday, for 11 hours. Then these players will enjoy three days of rest and not in principle until Tuesday when they return to exercise. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Szczesny: "Barça would be enough reason to leave the Arsenal"

The young Arsenal goalkeeper stepped out of the rumors about his possible move to Barcelona and was left wanting by the Catalan side but said the time being at Arsenal is "very happy",

Arsenal goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny London was open to a move to Barca in the future, recognizing that the CLUZ Barca is "good cause" to leave the club 'gunner'.

Speaking to the portal 'Polskathetimes' and collect various British publications, the Arsenal goal to step out of the rumors so blunt. "I can assure you that I will be at Arsenal all my career, but if I leave must be for a very important reason." In that sense, Szczesny said to go to Barca would be one of those reasons, but warned that does not mean she had already prepared the bags. "Barca is a cause important enough to leave Arsenal, but that does not mean it will leave the short term," the goal, stating that "at Arsenal I am very happy."

The goalkeeper 'gunner' assured that, at the moment, in the Arsenal he has "everything to continue growing as person and as a goalkeeper." (via SPORT)

[Former player] Ibra: "I do not have fun, I will not play much longer"

"Now is the time to think about something else, like for example in the family. I will not play much longer," said the Swede.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic was surprised yesterday to fans of Milan and the Swedish national team. The forward, who served thirty years on Monday, said he no longer passionate about their work, so that their withdrawal would be closer than most imagined.

"I'm tired of football. It excites me as before, now it's like a routine. When I was younger just thinking about it, I would skip school to play. Now it's time to think about something else, like for example in the family. I will not play much longer, "he announced from the merger with their selection. (via AS)

[Former player] Bojan, happy, takes place with MD its first goal in Roma

That of Linyola takes place with MD his first goal in Roma: I felt liberated."
"I feel dear and very protected", the forward says that doesn't lose a game of Barça.

Bojan Krkic scored the first goal Sunday in the shirt of Roma, that combines the red and orange that many Catalans still have difficulty assimilating the body stuffed in a striker so dearly. After 12 years in the club always the Linyola begins to live his first joy, deserved compensation for a risky and brave decision. "It was a goal that liberated me," said Bojan for MD.

Linyola forward clear right away that he's never felt pressure since he arrived in his new post, but admits he is still in the process of adaptation. "Despite not scoring was very relaxed and happy. After all this time in the club, with a specific philosophy, closer to home, with my people, suddenly you're in a new club with a different culture and a new coach, but from the first day I felt at home with the fans giving me a lot of love, which is why the goal against Atalanta is for them. "

Bojan , who is still 21 years (a few months longer than the newcomer Thiago, for example), speaks highly of the treatment you receive at your new destination: "I feel very loved and protected. It's like Barca. The difference is that Here fans will show the warmest affection. They want more closeness. For them to see a player of Roma is often the greatest. "

Surrendered to his Italian adventure, the parabolic antenna of Bojan points from time to time to Barcelona. "So far I have seen all the games they have played and what is clear is that the club is still much higher. I feel privileged to be Barça." The question is required. Bojan he return to Barca one day? His answer is mature, "In the world of football things can change suddenly. As I stay a lifetime in Rome, as I return to Barcelona in a year or two, who knows if I'll soon to Linyola (smiles) ... What I mean is that I prefer to live day by day, keep fighting and look haciadelante ".

Many colleagues at Barça are happy with their current good time. "In Barcelona not only fellow left, I left friends. I talk to Andreu, Puyi ... Villa congratulated me on the goal." This contact helps you cope with times when you miss your home. "Of course I miss Linyola. This weekend I escaped. But in Rome I feel good, in fact I live alone but I never sometimes come my parents, my friends ... and other on a plane when I planted at home ". (via MD)

[Ex-president] Joan Gaspart: "I appreciate Joan Laporta"

Joan Gaspart, ex-president of FC Barcelona from July 2000 until he resigned in the spring of 2003, said yesterday Esports COPE program: "I hope that the issue of guarantees in which they are immersed Joan Laporta and other exdirectivos is fixed soon ".

In his presentation, the hotelier said that "if booked wrong, or wrong, if there has been no malice or misappropriation, we need to understand that a club like Barca is impossible to ascertain always, you can make mistakes."
Of course, emphasized that "if it appears that someone has put money in your pocket, do not pass here, do not forgive."

Gaspart added that "regardless of what I did, I appreciate. It was Barca president has given me much joy and hope that all this is settled. " About lifting the carpet of his office manager, was ironic: "Assuming there is carpet and lift them, I'd say there were more positives than negatives. In that template already Valdés, Iniesta, Xavi ...". (via SPORT)

[Barça B] The 'via crucis' of Ilie

What began like an almost routine intervention June 6 are transforming into an authentic nightmare.

The youth player, Ilie Sanchez continues his particular ordeal and will be operated for the fourth time since the end of last season because of an infection in the Achilles' heel of his left foot that restated last week in a story that seems and science fiction.

The Barcelona, ​​21, had played with pain the last few games of last season and decided to put in the hands of the medical services of the club, who advised him to pass as soon as possible under the knife to accelerate recovery so that he could be available to Eusebio Sacristan facing the start of training camp.

After playing the entire game on June 4 against the Lightning, Ilie had surgery two days later and was recovering until he retired June 28 points. However, by joining training on July 11 began to feel pain in the area. She was advised to go ahead how far he could not more, and with very swollen heel, had to stop. Then he was diagnosed with an infection and had surgery again in the Hospital de Barcelona, ​​a situation that was repeated in mid-August (as in La Vall d'Hebron) and it will happen again in two weeks.

Ilie was due to return to work gradually on Monday of this week after a month of absolute rest, but at the end of last week determined that the tests had become reactivated infection. The worst thing is that the issue may not be solved after this new operation, so the player and the club would rather not put deadlines.

Ilie has always received the unconditional support of Eusebio Sacristan and all his companions, who had conspired to dedicate a victory over Sabadell did not occur. The technician will repeat to go slowly and the first thing is your health, but the midfielder starts to get desperate seeing how his final season fades contract, which was meant to be a major player in the team, especially after Oriol Romeu progress.

Last season he participated in 24 games (18 of them out) and the subsidiary has played as a starter on both sides, as a pivot, and interior and during the game, even central. At least now can focus more on undergraduate studies in business administration and management while still dreaming of returning to wear the Blaugrana jersey subsidiary. (via SPORT)

[Former player] Eto'o retires the resource against FC Barcelona

The lawyers of the Cameroon went to the Supreme court to desist in their intent of charging 3 million euros.

The legal dispute between Samuel Eto'o the club has come to an end after the new legal services of the Cameroonian people yesterday in the Supreme Court of Catalonia and withdraw the appeal at the time against Barca.

As for weeks SPORT ahead, the striker had expressed their desire to finalize any problems with the new policy.

Or claimed Eto 3 million euros in the corresponding percentage in the transfer to Inter. In the first instance, the Court issued a ruling on April 29, 2010 in rejecting any request by the player. Times were difficult and the relationship between Samuel and the board of Laporta were strained.

Days later, Eto'o is exhausted legal means and demanded the money through the relevant application to the Supreme Court.

But Cameroon's environment has changed almost completely. The farewell of his lawyer and advisor, José María Mesalles, and the emergence of Alejandro Echevarría have cleared the way for reconciliation with the club. Yesterday was effectively removing a resource that otherwise had little chance of succeeding before the Supreme. (via SPORT)

[Selection] An intolerable abuse

The schedule should be more rational international respect for the players and the clubs themselves.

We are in the first week of October and the most important clubs in the First Division have already had to its international release on three occasions. Upon returning from the U.S. tour, the players of FC Barcelona, ​​for example, faced a friendly in Italy, just finish the first game of the season there was an international break and there are now ten days reserved for the selections. A reality that can be applied to players of different nationalities.

The European clubs, mainly, is resolved to put an end to this abuse that, far from decreasing, goes 'in crescendo.' The height of the outrage occurred in August last year. He had not yet been a month since Spain had been proclaimed world champion and the selection, in mid-August, he went to Mexico to do a gig. A month later, he repeated the experience in Argentina.

Transatlantic two trips that didn't make any sense sportly spoken and that they were only justified to make 'box.'

National federations and FIFA and UEFA, make the rules of the competition and make competition to their own members. Players can have when they please, under pain of punishment, and make a sweet deal for free using the actors as they are the clubs themselves who bear one hundred percent of the wage cost of these athletes. With an aggravating added, in case of injury, to claim the Master Armorer, because not a single federation wants to get health insurance to compensate the clubs for that loss.

There have been many international cases have 'roto' with its choice and the clubs, besides not being able to count on them, they had to follow religiously paying their salaries.

To put a little common sense in all this abuse, the ECA, the association of European clubs which replaced the G-14 and 'the European Club Forum' to the beginning of 2008, has been working since then to reach agreements with FIFA and UEFA , in addition to other fields of action, such as marketing, financial regulations (financial fair play), promotion of grassroots football, etc. ...

ECA, which brings together 201 member clubs of Europe between ordinary (103) and associate members (98), has stated that in 2004, the European clubs agreed to waive the second group stage of the Champions League (four games reduced of 17 to 13) for players to have more time to rest, as argued at the time UEFA itself. A decision that also hurt the clubs: fewer parties, less income.

The clubs did well spent by that measure, but later found that the outrage committed by FIFA in October 2010 when it unilaterally, without consulting anyone, added eight new dates for international matches (36 to 46) from the 2010-2011 season to 2012-2014. And there, the ECA does not pass ...

European clubs, where FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, Sevilla, Valencia, Villarreal and others go hand in hand, require the FIFA calendar smaller and, above all, that each national association to assume the cost of a policy insurance policy covering a possible injury to a player released by his club. They also ask a financial agreement that rewards clubs all the time their players remain on their respective teams. If an international is around 20% of the days of the year for his country, covering that same percentage of their annual tab. FIFA and UEFA and the clubs pay per player, and day both globally and in the European Championship. FC Barcelona joined about a million euros from the European competition and somewhat less for the stay in South Africa.

Another of the big battle fields for ECA is the Copa América and the African Nations Cup. These confederations under the excuse of not having large financial resources, they pass through the lining of ECA requests. Sooner or later, will have to give. It is unacceptable for so much abuse. (via SPORT)

Alexis is recovering in the midst of a spectacular media harassment

A battalion of journalists following the Barca striker since his return to the Chilean capital.

Alexis Sanchez did not have it easy these days in Santiago de Chile. Her mere presence causes a revolution requires that a battalion of reporters will follow up wherever you go. Anything goes, everything is front page news if you have the figure of the 'Wonder Boy' Where the spotlight.

And the star's private lunch was no exception. The player, accompanied by his trusty agent, Fernando Felicevich, and a couple of friends visited a popular restaurant in the capital, El Apero, located in Borde Río.

Alexis was in luck because, according to witnesses, returned to try one of his favorite dishes, a delicacy that only has at its disposal when he visits his native Chile, the insane does 'a very special marine mollusk breeding seasons only very local coastal concrete'.

Besides taking several pictures and spend many autographs to those present in the restaurant, the player Barca had to endure as recorded almost live through the network its gourmet menu. Some juguitos area, a piece of bread with butter and pebre seasoning typical Chilean, the cheese empanadas and crazy and the highlight of the meal: pan peeling marina. Alexis did not spare the dessert and opted for one of his predilections, as witnessed the waiter who attended to the table star: tres leches cake.

Finally, to cap the game, a coffee and a chat relaxed cut which commented on some of the properties iphone 4 player.

It was the story of the first day of work. And Alexis Sanchez had to double session practice to continue their recovery process. Therapist's hand Barca, Roger Gironés, and preparers of the Chilean team, the player worked with several other selected physical discomfort. (via SPORT)

Sala i Martín: "We have left an inheritance of 750 millions"

The former treasurer of FC Barcelona Joan Laporta said that it is false that there was no money in the box.

Speaking to radio RAC1, and referring to an opinion article he wrote last Sunday in La Vanguardia, Xavier Sala i Martin said: "I've been silent for over a year but as the end has come the demand for liability against Laporta and board and I have to explain that many things are wrong and one is that there was no euro in the box. "

In this regard, the economist, adding that "in addition to the 60 million available to pay salaries for additional 35 had other fertilizers with IVA. And had the monthly payments from sponsors and television contracts are annual 211 million for the 2010-11 season. Adding up all the contracts to be gaining year after year syndicated loan of 150 million, we leave a legacy of 750 million euros, plus a great team, a winning team not only had won everything but him again next year to win it all (2010-11). That has allowed them to go around the world to sign new contracts for Qatar pays 150 million, not because Rosell is very handsome but because it advertises the best team the world. " (via SPORT)

Incredible! Mourinho has yet to sanction

If it maintains their consideration of serious" "lack, the Committee of Competition, gathered today, it will impose a punishment from among four and twelve parties to the luso.

Today marks 50 days of one of the sorriest episodes of Spanish football, played by Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho. The shameful image of luso technical finger in the eye of Tito Vilanova fouled the second leg of the Supercopa of Spain and today may have an exemplary punishment: it all depends on the decision of the Competition Committee, which meets today in Madrid under the Alfredo Florez presidency, the single judge of the body that no longer pointed in its first decision on the issue the guidelines of the case. Serious lack of Jose Mourinho and misdemeanor Tito Vilanova.

The process, which today can reach its end point, starts with the first assessment of Alfredo Florez, who in turn leaves the case in the hands of Judge Rafael Gallego Martínez Alonso, who thereafter decided fifteen days to study the case and hear the parties.

After checking the versions of both clubs, the magistrate had a period of one month to elevate the proposed Alfredo Florez Jose Mourinho punishment Tito Vilanova. Rafael Alonso already sent its proposal last week Florez and from that moment, the single judge of the Competition Committee has two weeks to issue the final resolution to the case, ie, it can issue its final decision today or wait a week to better study the details of the process.

A judge who has studied the case and has raised the proposed penalty is the same as that directed the proceedings of the "Clos Gómez case 'a result of the confrontation between Pep Guardiola and one of the assistant referees Aragon, whom he accused of lying arbitration after the record Almeria Barcelona two seasons ago.

The proposal of the judge in that case Alonso Martinez was extremely hard, and he appealed to Article 66 of the Disciplinary Code of la Real Federación Española de Fútbol to request a ban of between two and five years (later lowered to four months) and fined between 3,000 and 30,000 euros. In the end, the Competition Committee Pep punished by a fine of 1,500 euros.

Real Madrid has already begun moving their influences in the offices of the institutions for the penalty try that Mourinho does not exceed the three-match ban. A greater punishment would in a very bad place and rebound Portuguese coach, their president, Florentino Perez, who has not lost time to protect the Portuguese coach in each of his public appearances, without going any further in the final meeting of members Real Madrid.

For the punishment of 'Mou' to be reduced to one or three games, the lack of Portuguese coach should be considered mild, although in the first instance, Florez and cataloged as a serious offense, so it would be interpreted as an inconsistency of the single judge Competition Committee.

Articles 98 and 100 of the RFEF Disciplinary Code states that misconduct should be punishable by between four and twelve-match suspension, while the minor should be a penalty of one to three games.

A week after the game, the Competition Committee acted in office (the match referee, perhaps overtaken by events that occurred late in the game, not reflected in the minutes Mourinho's aggression) to open disciplinary proceedings both to Portuguese like Villanova, for a serious breach in the case of Portuguese and a slight in the case of Catalan coach.

So Mourinho faces a possible penalty of four to twelve games of punishment that would meet both league and Copa del Rey. The fine carries such severe penalties include a fine of between 602 and € 3,006, in accordance with Article 100, which speaks of the conduct contrary to good order sports.

Mourinho's aggression was no physical damage Vilanova, but Madrid coach risked a penalty of between six and fifteen matches if the assistant coach Pep Guardiola had submitted a lower part, according to Article 98 of the Disciplinary Code. (via SPORT)

The Spanish prefer to Barca ... and much more value to Guardiola than to Mourinho

The club obtains general better valuation that Real Madrid (6,6 for 5,5) and golea between the women and the youths.

Used to winning on the field, the club is also starting to win on the road. The club has always blaugrana hard to become the most popular in Spain, a territory ripe for Real Madrid won with an advantage, but even that dynamic is changing dramatically. This is reflected in at least the barometer of Personality Media, a marketing consultant shall advise large companies which celebrity best represents their values. The study, which is held twice a year, shows that consumers value Barca better at Madrid. Specifically, citizens will get a 6.6 Blaugrana team note, while at Real Madrid with an approved value very fair, 5.5.

The barometer also shows that Real Madrid fans are not as satisfied with the image conveyed by his team as the Blaugrana. The trend is also noticeable among the followers of other clubs (which usually have a Real Madrid or Barcelona as a second favorite team), who also value the image that best conveys the club.

The data collected in the wave of May-June 2011 confirm that both Barcelona and Real Madrid are by far the most popular clubs in Spain, a section in which both tie: 94 percent of consumers know them.

The differences begin in the general valuation. Barca get an average of 6.6 out of 10, just one point ahead of Real Madrid's note, which pulls a 5.5. The difference of one point remains in all the values ​​that analyzes the study of Media Personality.

There are other details that are very significant social impact of the Barça: the club clearly Golea among women and among younger people, and that the valuations of consumers between 14 and 25 years are opting overwhelmingly for the club coached by Pep Guardiola.

"All actions surrounding environment affect brand perception consumers have of it," he explained from the consultant in charge of the study, which warns that Madrid "worries about being an increasingly international brand, but is forgetting its local image, which is achieved only with victories. "

If the perception that Spanish citizens of Barcelona and Madrid are significantly different, the valuation that consumers make Pep Guardiola and Jose Mourinho is night and day, two different worlds represented by the coaches of the two giants of football Spanish.

Barça coach is slightly better known than the Portuguese (94-92 percent), but above all, is one of the most highly valued by the Spanish, with a 7.3 average, just three points ahead of Mourinho that can not even get a pass: 4.3.

The same three-point difference is there between the hours of weighing the confidence to pass either the general public, without regard to differences in age, sex or social group.

Guardiola takes a 7 out of 10, while Mourinho gets a worse note, 4.

Real Madrid coach is even worse values ​​when the question has to do with the models. Guardiola is considered a role model for 7.1 percent of the population, while Mourinho stays at 3.8.

Only the image they convey the captains of each team than Barca Madrid. Iker Casillas gets a valuation 7.3 average, while Carles Puyol is about a 6.8. Casillas is the seventh-best value among the 279 male athletes tested and Puyol, 49 º. (via SPORT)

[Selection] Leo Messi on his arrival in Buenos Aires: "I always want more"

The Argentine has been received at the airport in Buenos Aires by a crowd of journalists and fans,
La 'Pulga' has ensured that want a good start qualifying for the 2014 World Cup with the 'albiceleste'.

Leo Messi has landed Tuesday in Buenos Aires to concentrate with Argentina ahead of the games of the qualifiers for the 2014 World Cup . The flamboyant captain of the ' albiceleste 'has shown its ambition to ensure that "always want more, get things to team and individual level."

The ' Flea 'has said that Argentina has to get "results once and for all" and has made ​​clear its desire to begin the playoffs on the right foot: "It's important to start winning, especially local."

Messi believes that the "only way" that Argentina can catch the combined trust will be to "reverse the failures with results." "I want the team play well and show the game that had in recent friendlies and can win" against Chile, said the squad.

In fact on the next rival, Leo has assured that Alexis Sánchez, his partner in Barça and at the moment injured, he is "an important player for their selection and God willing he recovers so that we have it in Barcelona." (via MD)

There are already schedules for the Granada-Barça and Barça-Mallorca

The LFP announced the schedule of the days 10 and 11 First Division, the first of which will be held the week.

El Granada-Barcelona will play on Tuesday October 25 at 20:00 pm and the Barça-Mallorca just three days later, on Saturday 28th, at the same time.

The Football League (LFP) also announced the schedule of the first round of the League Two (deferred at the time by players' strike) and the eleventh of the second division.

The complete list of the schedules provided by the LFP is:

[First Division Matchday 10]
Tuesday , October 25:
20:00 Granada-Barcelona
22:00 Sevilla-Racing Santander

Wednesday, October 26:
20:00 R. Zaragoza-Valencia
20:00 Getafe-At. Osasuna
20:00 Rayo Vallecano-Málaga
22:00 R. Mallorca-Sporting Gijón
22:00 Levante-Real Sociedad
22:00 Real Madrid-Villarreal

Thursday, October 27:
20:00 RCD Espanyol-R. Betis
22:00 Athletic Club Bilbao-Atlético de Madrid

[First Division Matchday 11]
Saturday, October 28:
18:00 Valencia-Getafe
18:00 Villarrreal-Rayo Vallecano
20:00 F.C. Barcelona-Mallorca
22:00 Real Sociedad-Real Madrid

Sunday, October 29:
12:00 Sporting-Athletic
16:00 Osasuna-Levante
18:00 Racing-Betis
20:00 Atlético de Madrid-Zaragoza
22:00 Málaga-Espanyol

Monday, October 31:
21:00 Sevilla-Granada.

[Former player] Deco: "I would Neymar easier in Barça"

He was one of the architects of the success of Frank Rijkaard's Barça. Today drains his career in Brazilian Fluminense. Deco still see the Catalans from a distance. He is convinced that his compatriot as Barca triumph Neymar.

"For Neymar be easier to adapt to Barça, because he has many quality players," said Deco told 'Ona FM'.

The Luso-Brazilian praised the qualities of the pearl of Santos: "He's a great player, has a whole career ahead, sure to be one of the greats of football. Only time will tell if the level of Messi," he said.

The former dorsal '20 'Barca ensures that the image the public has of Neymar does not correspond to reality: "Now is gaining maturity, is very humble. People have a different idea of ​​him. I do not know if he will leave to Real Madrid or Barca, but for sure he would be much easier to go to Barcelona, ​​for their style of play, "he said.

Deco revealed that Neymar "I asked for Barça, and I explained my experience there, I said you can be happy in Barcelona. But we have not talked about it," he said.

The store says former Blaugrana "very good memories of Barcelona" and warned of the quality of Santos, rival those of Pep Guardiola at the end of World Clubs.

He also made special mention to Leo Messi, who said that "while training with us and saw the quality they had. I always thought it would be one of the greats, but what he's doing a little surprised me." (via SPORT)

[Selection] Borghi: "Iniesta is as an erotic dream"

The Chilean coach Barca compared to a wet dream, stating that "when you play you always want to continue a little longer, that does not end" and said it will not apply a personal mark on Leo Messi, saying "we will not kill ".

"I do not mean that we will kill Messi. I enjoy it, because I am a kind of football," Borghi said the channel TyC.

Borghi, who favors an offensive game in Chile, also anticipated a zonal marking and stepped on the Barcelona star. "We're going to take depending on where you stand at the court, with respect, but I will not pressure anyone ordering a personal brand," said Borghi.

The Chilean coach also spoke of another player Barca midfielder Andres Iniesta, surprise with a statement saying that "Iniesta is like an erotic dream, when you play you always want to continue a little longer, that is not over."

Chile, which comes from a painful defeat to Venezuela in the quarterfinals of the Copa America, expects to recover points on their visit to Buenos Aires and his home debut against Peru in the next day. "Chile has to beat any team" said the injured Barcelona forward Alexis Sanchez on his arrival in Santiago.

Chilean forward's words were endorsed by defender Waldo Ponce, who plays for Cruz Azul in Mexico. "Think of the six points," he said. "With due respect to Argentina, will try to beat them at their home. It's a tough opponent, they always have great players, but we expect to win, with restraint and quiet," he said.

Chile, although it remained under the control of offensive vocation Borghi imposed his predecessor Marcelo Bielsa, still fails to convince and several defeats sucesivas. Chile, under the command of Bielsa, concluded last qualifying just one point behind Brazil on their way to South Africa 2010. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Nolito-Jonathan Soriano: 'Pichichis' inseparables

Nolito, maximum scorer in Portugal, and Soriano, rewarded by the daily Marca, they made an appointment yesterday in Madrid..

Inseparable two years that coincided with Barça B, Jonathan Soriano and Nolito is reencontaron yesterday in Madrid. Taking advantage of Barca in the capital to receive the trophy at the Town Hall A Second scorer last season, his main assistant, NoLita, traveled from Lisbon to spend some time together and remember the old and successful time in the Mini. The Cadiz is that is left in the Benfica and with five goals figure in the head of the classification of gunners of the League Sagres even with his partner Cardozo and Babá, of Marítimo. Jonathan, in the final stages of recovery, will rejoin the branch in two or three weeks. (via MD)

Obama grateful for Barça gifts

The US consul for Spain has presented Sandro Rosell today with a letter in which Barack Obama shows his gratitude for the gifts that the Club’s delegation gave him during their visit to the White House last summer.

Gregory Crouch, general consul for the United States has visited the club’s installations to meet Sandro Rosell and discuss the visit made by the club’s representatives to the White House last summer, and also to hand over a letter from the president of the United States, Barack Obama, saying thank you for the gifts he received from the club, specifically two first team shirts.

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