04 October 2011

Guardiola is interested in the 'new Chivu'

As revealed from Romania, the Barca coach could be on the trail to Stefan Radu, Lazio defender of 24, which has also been linked with Real Madrid and PSG.

Lazio defender Stefan Radu Rome might be being followed closely by the technical secretariat of FC Barcelona, ​​as revealed on Tuesday the Romanian publication 'Libertatea', also echoing information published by the Cadena Ser

Radu is 24 and works as a centreback or full-back on the left side of the rear of the whole 'laziale', so reminiscent of the 'neroazzurro' Chivu, and its performance has attracted the attention of several major of the old continent, including Barca, who would be feeling at the expense of incorporation is not concrete or renewal of Abidal.

Some reports also place Real Madrid on the trail of young defender, as he begins to speculate that the total amount of his transfer would amount to almost 20 million euros.

The interest sparked by Radu has reached several countries, as has also been strongly linked with PSG, where Leonardo had specifically requested his transfer, and even sound several Premier League teams like Chelsea. In fact, he claims portal signings and rumors 'Fichajes.com' representative agency of the player, 'Becali Sports', had denied contact with PSG and Barcelona, ​​while reportedly stated that "more serious contacts come from England ". (via SPORT)

[Ex-player&coach] Cruyff, confirmed as coach of Catalonia

Catalan Football Federation agreed that the Dutch coach remains at the forefront of the Catalan, which he directed from 2009.

Johan Cruyff will continue to lead the selection of Catalonia, after being ratified by the Catalan Football Federation this morning, he met with its president Andreu went to his head.

Thus, the Dutch coach, who has been in office since 2009, will head the combined Catalan next game, to be held in December. (via AS)

[Barça B] Armando: "We will go ahead yes or yes"

The captain of Barça B is convinced that the current negative dynamics results will soon be over if the entire staff continues to work as usual. Armando believes that the only way to score victories passes through the patient.

In any other team in the Second Division A, Armando would be at age 26 a player midway between youth and veterans. At Barça B, Armando is the oldest player in the template followed by Soriano was held in September twenty-sixth anniversary. In fact, in his second season in the reserves, the central Motril captain exercised, bringing his experience and character.

Four points after six games of League locate Barça B in the nineteenth position of the classification of the Second Division A.

The reality is, as explained to Barça TV Armando "product of a negative dynamic where no ball enters, a streak that will vary when the goals come no other reason than fortune."

To get to find this point Fortunately, the road that marks the captain of the affiliate is this: "We must be self-critical but at the same time be more united than ever and all work, work. So if we will move forward or if I have total confidence in my teammates."

Armando tries to lead the group with the serenity that gives her experience in football. The Andalusian has played in Malaga, Valencia and Cartagena and lived experiences of all kinds. That is why at a delicate time like the present Armando reinforces the group's morale: "It is a scandal to see that good work, we are an amazing group, we clear the philosophy of the club and believe in our football, just working and working reach good results. "

Beyond the words of Armando Barça TV, second team players Barca expressed in the mixed zone after the game against his conviction Sabadell overcome this situation. Carles Planas acknowledged that "we do not explain the bad luck that we are suffering, we deserve much more, now it keep playing well and certainly get results." For the goalkeeper Rubén Miño "key is not to get nervous and contiunuar as before, the game is good, luck will be with us someday." For Martí Riverola no caficar in luck because the Sarrià argues that "football sometimes punish you much and sometimes rewards you now suffer a delicate dynamic super safe". (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Andrés Iniesta declared fit

Iniesta has recovered from the hamstring injury sustained in the Champions League against Milan. The midfielder was given medical clearance after taking part in a training session involving mainly Barça B players.

After pulling a hamstring against AC Milan on September 13, Iniesta is back to full fitness.

He was told the good news this morning at the Ciutat Esportiva after a session in which Pep Guardiola was bereft of all of the players that have been called up for international duty. So, the only first team players on pitch number 3 were Iniesta, Maxwell, Pinto and Fontàs, training in the company of the Barça B squad.

Javier Mascherano, who is suspended for Argentina’s game against Chile on the 7th, worked out in the gym. He will be flying out to join the rest of his international team mates later this week to prepare for their second World Cup qualifier against Venezuela.

Cesc Fàbregas, who got injured on Saturday, is still recovering at the Ciutat Esportiva. Meanwhile, Abidal, who hurt his hamstring at El Molinón at the weekend, is not as badly injured as had been feared, and was able to travel to join the rest of his French international team mates. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Pellegrini praises the signing of Alexis Sanchez

Despite his hamstring injury, Alexis Sanchez continues to accumulate accolades in world football, and in this case is its comptatriota, Manuel Pellegrini, who joins the cause.

In an interview for FIFA, Manuel Pellegrini spoke very positively of the Chilean recent fichaje of the combined azulgrana, Alexis Sánchez, of which said that it is "a very good incorporation for Barcelona. Is a young player that comes with significant progress and experience of three years in Italy. It will be a big boost for the club and will also be good for the Chilean national team because he can pass on the experience gained in a big club. "

In another vein, Malaga coach immediately referred to the relevance of his team: "The only realistic goal is to always win the next game. Be careful to set goals. I always want to get to the top. But eye that excessive optimism can generate a significant frustration. must be tested every Sunday, all together. "Furthermore, said his involvement with the jellyfish project:" I get after eight years in Spain, with a name and a story. The intention is to lead the team to European competition. I feel a great responsibility to do. "

Finally, he referred to the national team, Chile, and especially its long-term future as a possible coach of "La Roja" South America: "They made that one, as coach, would like to take some time. Right now I I'm in Malaga, I have four-year contract and I'm happy. Surely my way through Europe will end here, and we'll see if together after time with the Chilean national team. " (via SPORT)

[Youth] Victories of merit against competitive rivals

Week of good victories in the formative football. In spite of facing competitive rivals as Cornellà and Manlleu the boys of the cantera azulgrana they offered in general remarkable performances.

An unbalancing Ebwelle transformed key into the victory of Juvenil B before the colista of la Liga Nacional Juvenil. García Pimienta's boys sentenced with two so many of Ebwelle the minutes 15 and 35, in a first time where they prepared of until eleven goal opportunities and six córners to their favor. In the second half it lowered the rhythm, but the three points were never in danger.

The triumph worked of Quique Álvarez's boys in the municipal field of la Vía Férrea. In the first half hour the Cadete A it generated a heap of occasions to mark but it lacked definition. A great play for the right of Adama transformed Mamadou in the minute 33. Cornellà imposed its style in the second period but a great action of Moha culminated by Sliding Alex left the party sentenced in the added time.

Sant Andreu planted face in the first time where the Infantil A could only unbalance the encounter thanks to Lee's individual beautiful action. In the renewal, the boys of Fran Sánchez was very superior and the game was resolved with goals of Aleñà, of penalty, Olmo to center of Lee and thanks to an opportunist Javi Ruiz.

For game and opportunities the victory azulgrana could be more serene but at the end they played to suffer. Denis Silva's boys marked two goals in the first time (Luís Sleeves and Busquets) but Manlleu it also got it with both first you finish off to door. Busquets and Valeri marked in the renewal but a new goal of those of Osona gave emotion to the party until the fine one.

Marcel Sans boys' of comfortable Party against a rival that centered their efforts in defending. Barça didn't find spaces and you grieve it created danger. Dani Molina and Sergio Gómez, with distant shots, they broke the position visitor. Pablo Martínez and again Sergio Gómez marked in the last room evidencing the superiority azulgrana.

Alevín B went very superior to its rival. Jordi Font y Jordi Puig's boys highlighted for a good game community combined with high effectiveness when transforming the goal occasions.

Unanswerable Goleada of a Benjamin that was imposed without problems to an Espluguenc that had few arguments to counteract the level difference between both groups. The scorers of the party were Aitor (6), Kais (3), Raúl (2), Marco (2), Haitam, Ilash and José. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Messi and Valdés maintain their hegemony

Both were again rewarded with prizes Alfredo Di Stefano and Zamora, respectively.

Leo Messi and Victor Valdes maintain their hegemony. Both were awarded trophies new brand, the first prize to Alfredo Di Stefano as the best player in the league 2010-11, and the second prize Zamora, credited as the fewest goal. And Valdes and Messi represent the beginning and the end of 'Pep Team', the start of the play and the final touch, the goal. Their individual successes in recent years have been with the team's collective successes, which have been many and varied.

Yesterday neither attended to collect the prize, something that is due to the lack of harmony in Barcelona with the newspaper 'Marca' the last year-but it did Pere Gratacos, director of the Sports Affairs. The former Barca coach subsidiary was proud to represent both players and recalled his years with Leo. "On behalf of Messi to thank the professionals who have voted for this award. In my case I had the pleasure of enjoying many players during my time as coach. Among them Messi ". Gratacós also recalled the day that Rijkaard recommended to convene the Argentine for a friendly against Porto in Portuguese lands. "I proposed that Leo Messi Rijkaard go up to the first team and did not return to me." (via SPORT)

Why Mourinho best coach?

The choice of Mourinho as coach of the 2010-11 League raised some controversy.

The coach, who collected the Miguel Muñoz Trophy, was chosen according to the scores that each day provide the chroniclers of the daily Marca. In this sense, the Portuguese seemed more surprised yesterday. "I did not expect it every time I looked I saw the notes only one point," he said sarcastically.

The choice of the Portuguese coach surprising, especially considering that the team coached by the Portuguese was second in the league in 2010-11. The coach was shown more conciliatory yesterday that of habit although he referred to the last course as a season "amusing and movidita." (via SPORT)

[Former president] Laport sold Barca shirt to Etisalat

To be able to sign the syndicated credit the it committed for 12 millions.
He also offered to double the banks of fertilizers Percio in five years.
Rosell's board to pay the partner avoided and closed the sale to Qatar in 30 'kilos'.

A June 30, 2010, the economic situation of the ship that Joan Laporta was to deliver an inheritance to Sandro Rosell was anxious, if not desperate. Otherwise, it would be difficult to understand that Laporta had negotiated a syndicated loan of EUR 150 million with which to address the urgent needs of the treasury and the banks offered a business plan to ensure its return would have included the sale of the shirt to Etisalat for about 12 million euros.

That was the price achieved by the emissaries that the earlier directive sent to the Gulf countries in search of a sponsor to save the critical solvent financial situation at the time. Etisalat , a sponsor who had advanced money and signed a year before a pack 12 million sponsorship for the exploitation of the Barça brand in telecommunications activities in the Middle East, Asia and Africa, came to have the agreement concluded by the same shirt today is Fountation Qatar through Qatar Sports Investment by 30 million per year instead of the 12 'kilos'.

So hurried was the policy of Laporta in those last months in office that also associated with that business plan initially approved by the banks, not just the shirt sold 12 million but twice the price of fertilizers of the members of FC Barcelona -that is increased by 100% - during the five seasons. Today, 2011-2012, would be the first.

The board of Rosell inherited the credit, close to signing on July 1, 2010. It was necessary as the water in the desert and, in fact, had negotiated the previous meeting, the same claim today that insists on leaving a club financially healthy, to break the impasse that had become the stifling short-term debt incurred .

The economic team of Sandro Rosell , led by Vice President Javier Faus, flatly rejected the two guarantees, for he was sure to get the best price for the shirt, these 171 million over five years of which 150 are safe, and On the other hand refused to accept that the burden of repayment of the credit fall on the shoulders of the partner base to double the subscription price in a progression of 20% annually.

Etisalat, which is based in the UAE and operates in eighteen countries of the Middle East, Asia and Africa, joined Barca sponsored plan in 2009 with a contract for 4 years, including four friendly matches.

Its subsidiaries cover the entire Gulf and operating in countries like Afghanistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Pakistan and Libya, where the shield the club and the club's image associated with your brand. Not now, not then, contrary to what has happened with Qatar Foundation , no member or group showed the least discomfort when the deal was announced.

"It's the most important sponsorship agreement at the international level," said the president Joan Laporta in February 2009 when he presented the agreement on the basis of "regionalizing" the politics of marketing in a "zone of influence" in the words of Laporta , who stressed the "passion for the club that exists in the countries where Etisalat." The agreement provides that 250,000 per year is allocated to the Foundation.

Laporta has manifested recently that "I find 30 millions of Qatar very few. With Unicef we had valorized the T-shirt of Barça in an unique way in the world. What way of to manage and to negotiate is this?" (via MD)

Mazinho: "Thiago is doing very well"

The Brazilian recognizes his son's great moment and it assures that he is enjoying much" low the orders of Pep Guardiola.

Thiago Alcántara is living a dream 2011. After winning with the Spanish Under-21 European Championship in Denmark, has become the first team of FC Barcelona League once grubbed. Mazinho , ex-footballeer and father of the Hispanic-Brazilian, believes that his son "is doing very well and is enjoying it. "

"Thiago always have to be there, feeling confidence from his coach and given the chance to play is always the best way possible," said a 'Esports Cope'.

Mazinho said that "Guardiola knows the characteristics of Thiago and he is doing very well and taking advantage of opportunities.'s enjoying and all that is doing is making the best possible way."

On the renewal of his other son, Rafinha , Mazinho has shown calm: "We are waiting. We have no hurry. his contract ends in June. It depends on Barcelona, ​​has enough time to think."

It has also confirmed the desire Rafinha play for Brazil in "Rafinha is keen, it's like crazy, playing with the Brazilian national team. It is normal to all Brazilian players always throws a lot of your choice." "But until you are called to the national team of Spain and Brazil, its future is not defined," considered. (via MD)

The schedule of Barça-Seville it's already known

Barca will play against Sevilla on Saturday October 22 at 22:00. The LFP has released the schedules of the 9th week of the season Liga BBVA and 10th Liga Adelante. Please find attached the list of all matches of the weekend of 21 to 23 October. (via SPORT)

Saturday, October 22:
18:00 Sporting-Granada
18:00 Racing-Espanyol
20:00 Málaga-Real Madrid
22:00 Barcelona-Sevilla *
*This game will be broadcast in open

Saturday, October 22:
12:00 Betis-Rayo Vallecano
16:00 Real Sociedad-Getafe
18:00 Osasuna-Zaragoza
20:00 Atlético de Madrid-Mallorca
20:00 Valencia-Athletic C
22:00 Villarreal-Levante

[Liga Adelante. 10ª jornada]
Friday, October 21:
21:00 Guadalajara-Sabadell

Saturday, October 22:
16:00 Valladolid-Numancia
18:00 Alcorcón-Recreativo
18:00 Alcoyano-Barcelona B
18:00 Nàstic-Hércules
18:00 Córdoba-Deportivo
18:00 Girona-Cartagena
18:00 Murcia-Villarreal B
18:00 Celta-Huesca

Sunday, October 23:
12:00 Elche-Xerez
20:00 Almería-Las Palmas

Messi: "I can not march passes through the head of Barcelona"

In an interview with 'Radio Metro', the Argentine striker Lionel Messi said "I am not going through your head leave Barcelona".

Leo Messi on Monday granted an interview with Argentina radio program 'Perros de la Calle', on Radio Metro. There Messi reviewed several topics, FC Barcelona, ​​albiceleste selection and some of his personal life.

About the Barça said: "I was not going through your head go of Barcelona, ​​if things go as now, I will not leave me here" and told a story that happened: "When we play Champions League matches, I came to ask the shirt when I was ready to throw a fault ".

On the Argentina team, which has recently been appointed captain said: "I just am not going to win anything ... depends on everyone. As in Barcelona." And he took the bad paper that is doing the Argentine national team: "In the Argentina Selection failures come together, we are not giving the results coming."

"Sometimes I do not play in the position I do in Barcelona, ​​so comparisons are not good," he added.

He also talked about it and said that apart from the 'Fan Page', "I have no personal profile on Facebook" and asked a bit about his relationship with Antonella and acknowledged that it is "jealous".

"My best friends in football are Milito, Mascherano and I get along very well with Kun or Ustari." (via SPORT)

Alexis Sánchez: "Every time I am best of my injury"

Chilean forward of FC Barcelona is also confident in their selection but can not participate in the upcoming matches.

Alexis Sánchez, Chilean striker of Barcelona, ​​also said in Santiago that the national team is able to "beat anyone" in the next World Cup South American qualifying Brazil 2014.

"We have a team to beat anyone," said the striker Santiago airport, that injury was not called up for the games he will visit Chile to Argentina on Friday, and get to Peru, on 11 October.

Sanchez, who was allowed to travel to Chile with a physiotherapist of Barcelona, ​​said he is getting better and hopes to be soon recovered from his hamstring injury. (via SPORT)

Iniesta will have the high one in next hours...and Cesc will be "almost to point" after the break

Barça like water of May receive the pause for the parties of the selections. The team azulgrana will recover this same week to one of its injured, Andrés Iniesta, and in next days it will already be to point Abidal. The following one in the list could be Cesc Fàbregas, although he still lacks.

The doctor Ricard Pruna said Monday that Iniesta is well from his injury and between the Tuesday and Wednesday will receive a medical discharge.

In a similar situation is Eric Abidal, replaced against Sporting on Sunday for a hamstring contracture. Gallic defender could play even the second game of your choice in the coming days.

As for Cesc Fabregas, who suffered a muscle tear in the same training on Saturday, will need three weeks, according Pruna, "is almost ready after the break."

Pruna said the hamstring injury at the club must be divided into two groups: four of them are less serious because the failure occurred away from the tendon. The Alexis is near, so his recovery is slower. In its day it was announced that the Chilean would be two months without playing

Pruna split with the fact that the club has suffered seven muscle injuries this season to start pre-season tour conducted in the U.S., because the preparation is usually the same every year: "We drove in the parameters of each season "he said.

He also downplayed that of these seven lesions, six have been in the same area: The biceps femoris: "It is the muscle that receives more cargo, more are injured."

For his part, Dr. Ramon Cugat confirmed after Ibrahim Afellay operate the Dutchman will be six months out because of his knee injury.

Cugat also spoke of Carles Puyol, who operated months ago: "He's cured. It has gone very well from the operation we did. Puyol will be your age, but it is genius and figure to the grave. It is made of sterner stuff, and you can play the years he wants. " (via SPORT)

Afellay op a success

Ibrahim Afellay was operated on successfully on Monday afternoon by Doctors Ramon Cugat and Ricard Pruna who used keyhole surgery to reconstruct the player’s damaged ligament. Afellay is expected to be out for a further six months.

Affelay suffered the injury in training on Thursday September 22nd and today he was operated on successfully by Doctors Ramon Cugat and Ricard Pruna, who later gave a press conference at the Club to explain the operation and the six month recovery programme the Dutch forward will have to undergo.

Dr. Cugat explained that the operation had lasted for 50 minutes and that it had been scheduled for today: “because we felt it was prudent to wait for ten days. He’ll now be about three or four days in the clinic with his knee immobilised and then we will begin the physio for his recovery. We’ll take the bandages off in a week’s time and he will be able to start to use is knee”.

Doctor Cugat revealed: “he was really upset on Friday and in a lot of pain. He’s been getting gradually better in himself and he was upbeat today, which is an important factor. He is clear that what we have to do is fix his knee”.

Ricard Pruna then commented that: “Affelay has complete confidence in the Club’s medical services and we will guide him through his recovery. Once the critical part of his recovery is over –in two or three months- we will be prepared to give him a break of between 10 and 15 days to be with his family as long as things are going okay with his knee”.

Dr. Pruna explained the recovery process from this type of injury: “for the first two months he’ll be doing physio work to help his mobility, in the third and fourth months he’ll be very active in the gym and then it’s a matter of doing strengthening activities to get him ready for getting back on the pitch”.

Dr. Pruna also spoke of the muscle injuries that have affected a number of the squad members and insisted: “it’s completely normal in a team as demanding as Barça. We shouldn’t get it out of perspective; we have preventative measures before, during and after the training sessions. We have to trust ourselves, keep working hard and that will help bring us the success we have had in other years”. The doctor also denied that there was any connection between the injuries and the team’s pre-season tours.

Finally, Dr. Pruna revealed that Andres Iniesta “is on the point of being given the medical all clear”. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Barça B] Double award for Jonathan Soriano

Jonathan Soriano has been the other azulgrana that has received a prize, and he has made it had left double. The Barça B player that continues recovering of a lesion in the knee, the trophy Pichichi of Second Division is taken after marking 32 goals the last season. And for extension also the Zarra trophy is taken to be the Spanish top scorer of Second Division 2010/11. During the delivery, Soriano has explained that he waits to be playing "in two or three weeks." (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Top of the league

After their hard won win in Gijon, Barça top the Spanish League and if we look back over the last few years, Guardiola’s team have certainly got the experience to stay up there.

Barça needed just 6 games to get back to the top of the table and ahead of this weekend’s international break they are again leading the Spanish League. They have done so after some potentially tough games, against Villarreal, Valencia or Atletico Madrid and their aim now is to keep their noses ahead of the pack for the rest of the season-something they have managed over the last three campaigns.

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Valdés equals new record

The Barça goalkeeper continues to make history and has equalled Zubi’s appearance record -just another fact following on from the game in Gijon.

  • The game at El Molinon saw Valdes equal Andoni Zubizarreta’s record of 301 league appearances -the highest of any Barça keeper.
  • Valdés has also gone three games unbeaten (against Atlètico Madrid, BATE Borissov and Sporting).
  • The team set a new record of scoring in the last 24 away games.
  • Sunday’s was the first away win of the season, following draws in Anoeta and Mestalla.
  • Sporting were the only team not to concede three or more goals in a league game against Barça last season.
  • Adriano scored with his only effort on target during the whole game.
  • Pep Guardiola played with a three man back line . After Abidal’s injury, Maxwell and Piqué came on and the team reverted to a back four.
  • Barça enjoyed 79% possession in the first half and 69% after the break, making 808 successful passes against 206 for Sporting.
  • Barça had 14 shots on target against 4 for Sporting.
  • Xavi completed 132 passes from the 145 he attempted.
  • Mascherano recovered most possession (16 times)

Record 24-game scoring run

Adriano’s goal at El Molinón meant that Guardiola’s team set another Spanish League record, chalking up the 24th away game on the run in which they have scored.

Barça equalled the league record at Mestalla, which was previously held by Real Madrid since 1953, when they scored in every away game from week 27 in the 1950/51 season until week 12 in the 1952/53 campaign, recording 6 wins, 7 draws and 10 defeats. Now, in Gijon, Barça have beaten that record.

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