02 October 2011

[Selection Under-21] Álvaro relieves Marc Bartra in the list for Croatia

Álvaro González, Racing Santander defender, replaces Marc Bartra, Barcelona defender in the squad by Luis Milla, national coach under-21 for the game that will face Croatia in Osijek on 6 October in the run game of the XIX European Championships.

Marc Bartra is out through injury and joins Sergi Roberto, who replaced Dani Pacheco, del Rayo Vallecano.

The selection will focus under-21 morning (13.00) in a hotel near the airport of Barajas and Tuesday will travel to Croatia. (via AS)


ATLÉTICO DE MADRID: Joel Robles, Jorge Resurrección "Koke"

FC BARCELONA: Martín Montoya, Carles Planas.

BENFICA: Rodrigo Moreno


CHELSEA: Oriol Romeu

ESPANYOL: Jordi Amat, Álvaro Vázquez

MÁLAGA: Francisco Román "Isco"


RACING SANTANDER: Álvaro Rodríguez.


REAL SOCIEDAD: Asier Illarramendi, Iñigo Martinez

VALENCIA: Sergio Canales

VILLARREAL: Diego Mariño.

[Selection] Del Bosque: "The drop of Cesc is a fatality"

The national coach said he did not call anyone else to cover the absence of Fabregas but greatly regretted his absence due to a hamstring injury suffered by azulgrana.

Vicente del Bosque, national football coach, said Sunday during the Carrera Popular Síndrome de Down sponsored in Madrid, which for now will not call anyone after the injury he suffered Cesc Fabregas, on Saturday for the next concentration before the official matches against the Czech Republic and Scotland.

"It is inevitable, but we are in full competition and we knew that could happen, even to this day something may happen," said Del Bosque, "so we took 23 players to cover every eventuality, and in this case, we are not currently to call someone. If during the day something happened and we have time to react on Wednesday is the beginning of concentration. "

"We hope all who come," said Del Bosque, "which is no wonder because they do not trust" him, "but there are others that do merit behind to come and we are very expectant, and we want to be as fair possible, although some do not believe it, "he added. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Eusebio: "Despite the results, I don't have doubts of the work we make"

Despite the defeat in the Mini, the coaching staff of the subsidiary will continue to work as usual. "I have faith in the concept of our football. Continue to work well, because our football is that, and have no doubt. We are suffering a casti

The stumbling block before the Sabadell has been a cold shower in the locker room of the subsidiary. In any case, the negative dynamics should not "change our work plans, and we have to keep believing in this concept of football that we have and will continue to work," confessed Barca coach Eusebio Sacristan B.

Barca B coach is convinced their idea of football: "Of course I'm worried. We do not make points, but played well. We dominated the game, we make chances to win, but we have no prize, while one or two occasions told the rival, -that we always have for the way we play, always ends in a goal. is an excessive punishment. However, we will continue working over these little details yet, and what we can do is to have doubts. "

Despite negative dynamic results, Eusebio does not lose faith: "The points that we lack not come, we must win others, and we must do with that added pressure of being in the lower part. insist that they are aspects of small details, ex officio However, the basis of football I think is good. We have a clear conscience and will continue this way. " He continued: "By doing this we will change the negative dynamic and results and points will come."

The other hand, the absence of Isaac Cuenca, convened for the first team game lands of Asturias, Eusebio has of praise to the player Reus: "It's a good passer and a good finisher." "Pep has been clear and is counting on it. As we always say in these cases, the player must have patience and take the opportunity when in front of you." (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Former player] The premiere scorer of Bojan shakes the social nets

The forward of Linyola marked his first point in the Calcio against Atalanta and it generated the fans' multiple reactions. In Twitter he/she ended up becoming in 'Trending Topic' world in hardly few minutes.

Catalan forward Bojan Krkic signed on Saturday his first goal as a player of Roma and the news spread like wildfire among the digital portals, forums and social networking sports, where the former Barcelona fans and lovers of the game were made echo premiere scorer.

Such was the size of the news media his first goal as 'Giallorossi' in the subject Twitter 'Gol de Bojan' quickly became 'Trending Topic', to the point that in a few minutes reached global impact.

Its impact is still in force the day after, and that at noon on Sunday, Bojan was still current trend in network Twitter.

MOVIE: www.sport.es

[Former player] Barca face to face

A Sao Paulo-Flamengo for itself has weight in Brazil. But if in the game Rivaldo and Ronaldinho play, the crash should bring back memories in the barcelonismo.

In their day Idols in the Camp Nou, Ronaldinho and Rivaldo only during their career coincided with the shirt of the Brazilian team, who reached the World Cup glory in 2002. Tonight, in Morumbi, will meet for the first time in a clash in style of the Brazilian League ... And to recover the memory of your stay at Barca.

Rivaldo, who arrived to fill the void left by Ronaldo in 1997, spent five seasons at the Camp Nou, which was awarded the highest praise in spite of turbulent was his stage, which ended in a bad way to go in 2002 to Milan. His relieved I took a year Ronaldinho, who soon became the main protagonist of excellence under the baton of Rijkaard to leave, and in the doldrums, also in Milan in 2008.

Rivaldo, 38, who scored 177 goals in 235 official matches with Barça, offers its latest exhibition Sao Paulo with a third, lurks the leadership of Vasco da Gama, Ronaldinho, 95 goals in 207 games Blaugrana, recover sensations Flamengo in sixth, fighting for re-enlist to fight for the title.

Before Messi Nou Camp was the Brazilian idols. The last play today face to face. (via SPORT)

Barca-Sporting: Asalto the leader (without Cesc)

Fàbregas's injury doesn't deviate to Barça of the objective that is to go to for the first away win in the league.

If everything is going to face Barca in Gijon now aspires to achieve two objectives: to win their first away game in this league debut as a leader and competition in the current season. The first will depend on its own merits against Sporting. The second will result from what does turn Betis against Levante, far more surprising the two teams in the tournament for good performance. However, from the standpoint Barca, this weekend could not start worse during training yesterday, Cesc Fabregas suffered a broken fibers in the third disc from the hamstring of the right leg and will, according to the forecast of physicians, about three weeks out.

The injury of former Arsenal midfielder confirms the bad luck that is taking the boat on this hilly start to the season. The other star signing, Alexis, also recovers from a hamstring injury, as Iniesta, who despite yesterday's exercise is not to play. A few days ago tore ligaments in his left knee Afellay. To make matters worse, the captain Puyol still hurts the blow in the ribs he suffered in the match against BATE Borisov Europe and although it is called, does not seem to be available for the match Pep Guardiola at El Molinón. As always, nursing no excuse for this team, if anything has won over past seasons, is first-rate human resources. So, despite the illustrious low Guardiola can align a man team, especially given that tomorrow will be a new competition for clubs break because of the team matches. At the top, Messi, if brand and in goals to exceed Kubala.

"El Molinón is a complicated field of the league." Guardiola said yesterday and the first impulse was to attribute the message to the usual discourse of Barca coach on any opponent, much as the bottom club Sporting is a point. However, support the cautious predecent Guardiola: last season the club reached Gijón after 16 consecutive wins and only drew. In addition, the historical record, the club has lost more times to win at this stage: 16-12. However, the most common virtue of this boat is not taking anything for granted. Today, that leadership can give as a prize. (via MD)

Fourth hamstring rupture

There is not psychosis in 'Dog Barça', but yes a certain concern for the number of lesions in this muscle that is part of the hamstrings.

This is not to raise false alarms nor create earthquakes where there is only shaken, but clearly within the club there was some consternation at the relatively high number of fibrillar breaks that are occurring in this early season and even more most have one common denominator: the biceps femoris.

Up to five players have been injured in this muscle that is part of the hamstrings, while four cases have been broken more or less consideration Afellay, Alexis Sánchez, Iniesta and Cesc, while Adriano was a slight elongation, ie without further stretching.

However, what occupies and preoccupies between medical services and trainers, is the recurrence of symptoms.

And that despite the hamstring is the `will the more hamstring suffered during a match and the most at risk to suffer an injury, the fact that nearly 75% of injuries are leading to this muscle as is not so common.

Who opened the ban was the Dutch Ibrahim Afellay, who broke his hamstring in his left leg during the U.S. tour friendly against Manchester United. She was diagnosed five weeks low. A little over a month later, the Chilean Alexis Sanchez was seriously injured after being 'caught' in Anoeta against Real Sociedad. For now, the brand new signing injury is more serious as the suffered fracture in the proximal femoral biceps, which is engaged with the bone. The weather forecast was for two months.

Three days later, the 'black hand' Iniesta fell, breaking the hamstring in a race during the match against Milan in the Champions. And yesterday was Cesc Fabregas who during a training partidillo the hamstring broke his right leg, predicted three weeks off.

And that despite the hamstring is the 'hamstring' that suffer most during a game and most at risk to suffer an injury, the fact that nearly 75% of injuries are leading to this muscle as is not so common. Thus, it should be noted that the first three breaks occurred in a haul of the match with the player making a career with the rival, while the latter was in trying to score a goal, stretching the leg to the limit.

In any case, each injury is a symptom and a case series and one can not generalize, but it is clear that the doctors put the five senses to prevent further cases. (via SPORT)

Without Cesc...but with Xavi and Thiago

Josep Guardiola temporarily lost yesterday one of the most fit players who had shown at the start of the season, Cesc Fabregas. However, the large number of quality midfielders with a profile similar to that account will allow Pep template, if that's your bet, make a midfield capable of keeping the ball high with Xavi Hernandez and Thiago Alcántara ahead of Sergio Busquets.

Summer Discussions about Thiago compatibility with Cesc, Xavi Cesc ... have been completely phased out by reality. Not only for the rapid integration of former player of Arsenal or the demonstration of maturity of the young squad. Also, because the injury to Andres Iniesta made it clear that two additions were necessary to maintain a list of midfielders to keep the style that defines the team play.

Today, against Sporting, Barca comes with four sensitive absences have forced technicians to have the 17 with the first team and even recruit Isaac subsidiary of Cuenca. Still, nobody doubts that Guardiola has the twigs to make a starting line of absolute guarantees.

The first technical hurdle posed by the Catalans is guess the initial drawing of the equipment. Everything points to keep the 4-3-3 that already used in Minsk against BATE Borisov. In that game, Alves and Abidal became authentic with Pedro and Villa winger very active but the diagonals are looking inward. In principle, both remain in the holder with Leo Messi forming the triplet attacker.

The defensive line the Pique and Mascherano would complete the shaft Puyol to rest and thus exceed the blow definitely sack you received during the match in Minsk. And the midfield would consist of the pivot Busquets and Xavi Thiago front and interior to ensure rapid movement of the ball. Seydou Keita would be an alternative for this area in case the team needs more physical strength during the meeting. (via SPORT)

[Former player] Jeffren visit to his former teammates

The current footballer of Sporting Lisbon has not lost the occasion of greeting to the squad azulgrana.

Jeffren Suarez , former FC Barcelona player and current player of Sporting Lisbon, has not wanted to miss the last session of his former teammates before they travel to Gijón. The canary has greeted the staff and has been talking and bromenado with them. (via MD)

[Former player] Bojan encarrila the victory of Roma

Bojan opened the scoring against Atalanta, an essential goal that the road to victory to Luis Enrique.

A goal from Spanish striker Bojan Krkic entrains the win against Atalanta coach Luis Enrique Rome (3-1), the first, at home, at the Olympic Stadium and the second row in the league.

Bojan that came out of beginning the same as his teammate José Ángel, opened the marker to the twenty minutes, after a center of Daniele de Rossi. It is the Spanish striker's first goal in league competition.

The Argentine Pablo Daniel Osvaldo, former player of Espanyol, extended the Roman table income after the half hour mark.

At the beginning of the second part, the Atalanta reopened the meeting with Denis Germain Argentine goal but in the final stretch, with nine minutes to closing, Fabio Simplicio took a cross from the Bosnian Miralem Pjanic to kill off the shock. By then, Luis Enrique had decided to withdraw the pitch Bojan, replaced by Francesco Totti and Fabio Borini by David Pizarro.

Then retired to Osvaldo and Marco Borriello gave input. The victory against Atalanta is the second of the season in League Rome, completing the five games he has played with so many draws and one defeat.

the colors Napoli drew at home to Inter Milan (0-3) Claudio Ranieri and took the lead, while Rome Spanish coach Luis Enrique achieved against Atalanta (3-1) Brand his locker wins at home, in the fifth round of the Italian League.

The comprehensive defeat of Inter Milan, which failed to count even on the bench with Argentine striker Diego Milito, before the Naples was certainly marked by the penalty committed by the young Obi (m.40), who brought his expulsion by double card and the subsequent launch, which put the visitors with a 0-1 on the scoreboard.
Yes, the 0-1 came after collecting the rebound of the meta Campagnaro Julius Caesar to the launch of the death penalty by Hamsik.

From there, the game was controlled by a Naples address known wild rush of the premises and also bash with new goals from Maggio (m.56) and Hamsik (m.74). In addition, Claudio Ranieri had been expelled just started the second half.

Naples now leads the standings at the expense of tomorrow perform as Juventus and Udinese, who are tomorrow at Milan and Bologna, respectively. Inter still sinking, grazing the area decline. (via SPORT)

[BarçaB; Liga Aderante;week07] FC Barcelona B 0 - 1 Sabadell

Barça B has lost to the Sabadell in a game in which the subsidiary has had the weight of the game and chances. In the end, a large Juvenall goal in minute 40, has ended up deciding the Catalan derby of the day.

Barça B are still without a win at home this season. Lady luck was once again missing in the Miniestadi and Eusebio’s side failed to pick up any points from a game that was theirs for the taking.
There were 6,230 people in the stadium, including a sizeable contingent from Sabadell, to watch a match that was preceded by a minute’s silence in memory of Barça legend Chus Pereda, who died this week.

The Barça reserves had the lion’s share of the possession and chances in the first 45 minutes. Marc Bartra came close with a long range effort, and then Rafinha sent a golden opportunity sailing over the bar. Rodri, Tello twice, Rafinha again and then Dos Santos from a free kick also failed to put the home side ahead. But Sabadell are in the top half of the table for a reason, and in only their third encroachment on the Barça B goal, they broke the deadlock. Juvenall struck the ball beautifully and stunned Miño in the 40th minute. There was no questioning the quality of the goal, but it was totally against the run of play.

Barça B refused to be affected by Sabadell’s goal and after the break they continued with the same intensity. But Sabadell were also a different side, and started creating more and more chances of their own. The last half hour saw FC Barcelona back in command, and there were claims for a penalty on Bartra that the referee preferred to ignore. But the real star of the second half was Cristian Tello, with almost all of the chances involving him in some way. As the game drew to a close, both Carmona and Rafinha were disappointed not to make more of their chances, but there was to be no further score, and it was the Sabadell fans who had smiles on their faces as they made the short journey home. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Technical Data]
Barcelona B: Miño; Montoya, Bartra (Deulofeu, m.77), Armando, Planas; Dos Santos, Riverola, Espinosa (Carmona, m. 64); Rafinha, Tello and Rodri (Femenía, m. 46).

Sabadell: De Navas; Oscar Ramírez, Olmo, Toni Lao, Redondo; Héctor Simón, Juvenal, Puigdollers (Juanjo, m. 79); Eneko (Aarón Bueno, m. 72), Lanzarote, Florián (Baha, m. 64)

Goal: 0-1, min. 41: Juvenal.

Referee: Arias López (Cantabrian committee). Admonished Bartra (m. 77) by the Barcelona B and Juajo (m. 92) by the Sabadell.

Incients: meeting for the seventh round of the League Two Second Division match at the Barcelona Miniestadi to 6230 spectators. Before the start we observed a minute's silence in memory of the late footballer Chus Pereda, who played for both clubs.

[Selection] Barça prevents that Alexis travels to Argentina with his selection

The Barça forward was given permission to finish Chilean recover in their country but not allowed to move to Chile to Argentina, as revealed in a press conference Guardiola.

Alexis Sanchez Barca may not accompany the issuance of his country's trip to Argentina to measure the combined 'albiceleste'.

Pep Guardiola This was confirmed in a press conference on Saturday when asked about the issue. Barca coach was blunt: "No go. Not allowed to travel with your team."

Guardiola said the reasons that have allowed Alexis to travel to their country and continue his recovery in his homeland. "The first part of the recovery was vital to make her here. Now you can be with his family there and continue to recover in the next phase of rehabilitation that will accompany some physios. "

But Guardiola wanted to make clear that tocopillano striker " will be at home "and stressed that" no permission "to move with the Chilean team. (via SPORT)

[Selection] Afellay is confident that Holland will recover in time for Euro

Van Marwijk coach hopes to have Barca midfielder in the great international event next summer despite the severity of the injury suffered by 'Ibi' a few days ago.

FC Barcelona midfielder Ibrahim Afellay was a breath of optimism in the last few hours after his unfortunate injury that will keep several months away from the pitch.

Dutch coach Bert Van Marwijk Barca injury assessed and was confident to have his services in the next round of Euro in Poland and Ukraine to be held next summer.

After announcing the final squad for the games that will measure the 'Oranje' with Moldova and Sweden, Van Marwijk admitted that keeps in touch with Afellay to give encouragement. "I talk to Ibrahim several times as you need support after suffering an injury and just after recovering from another," said Netherlands coach did not hesitate to point out that Afellay "is very important for my team." (via SPORT)