01 October 2011

Pep: “It is always hard to beat Sporting”

Having analysed Sunday’s game in depth, Guardiola is aware that Sporting is one of the teams his Barça finds hardest to beat. He has a lot of respect for the team and the fans at El Molinón and is not overly concerned about injury issues.

“I am worried about particular things, but not the recent succession of muscle injuries. There are always injuries in football and there always will be”, said Guardiola, who does not feel Cesc’s hamstring injury has anything to do with the other injuries suffered by the team.

The first time Guardiola faced Sporting as a manger, his side won 6-1, but it has not always been so easy to break down Preciado’s teams. “It is one of the games we have found the hardest and the scores have always been close. We always find it hard to beat Sporting because they defend very well and have an intense ground where the fans help them a lot. But we even find it hard to beat them when we’re at home”.

This has not been a great season so far for the Asturians, but Guardiola doesn’t think his counterpart’s job is on the line. “They won’t sack him. If anybody has done things for that team, it’s him. He’s saved them every year and they’ve been in some very difficult situations. He always pulls it off and this year will be no exception.”

Guardiola admits that it’s always a setback to lose players to injury, but knows that is all part of football. Describing what happened to Cesc, he said “he was going in for a cross and overstretched himself, he scored the goal but got hurt. But luckily it’s not too serious and he’ll be back once the international break is over”.

He added that Cesc usually takes exceptionally good care of himself and works hard on injury prevention, but that all the same, these things can happen. He doesn’t think there are any more injury worries at the moment than there were this time last season.

Carles Puyol is back in the side after taking a nasty knock in Minsk, while he insisted that although Alexis has been given permission to return to Chile to recover from his injury, that does not imply that he can play for his country. “At first it was important for him to be here, but at the current stage of his recovery he can go to be with his family and one of the club’s physios is travelling with him. He has permission to go to Chile but not to play for the national team”. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Puyol and Cuenca named in 18 for Gijón

Josep Guardiola has picked 18 players for the game on Sunday evening in Gijón. The list includes captain Carles Puyol, who is back working with the squad and Barça B’s Isaac Cuenca, but Cesc is out through injury.

18 players will travel to Gijón on Sunday for a tricky match against Sporting, where Barcelona only drew last season (1-1). Seventeen members of the first team travel, following the injury to Cesc Fàbregas today Carles Puyol is also in the side after recovering from a rib injury sustained against Borisov midweek, plus Isaac Cuenca, of Barça B.

The injured Afellay, Alexis and Cesc are all put through injury, and although Andrés Iniesta did join today’s training session, he is also left behind.

The players will travel to Asturias on Sunday at midday, arriving in Gijón around 11.45, eight hours before kickoff.

There was a former Barça man watching today’s session, Jeffren Suárez who is currently on the books of Sporting Lisbon. He greeted the players who were his team mates until just a few months ago and spoke to several of them at length. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Cesc is injured and will miss the next 3 weeks

FC Barcelona midfielder, who has been injured during training this morning, suffering a hamstring injury in the third disc from the hamstring of the right leg. The downtime is about three weeks. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Pochettino: "I would like the League to win other than Barça"

Pochettino highlights José Mourinho's personality.

I wish the League to win another team other than Barcelona, ​​and also find a little alternative, "he confessed in an interview yesterday Mauricio Pochettino the televisión Cuatro, at the gates of the Espanyol-Real Madrid. The club's technical parakeet, when asked by his colleague Jose Mourinho, said "yes, yes, I do. I have much respect for him. His personality is what stands out. "

Pochettino, invited to an analysis by one of the best players of Real Madrid, Casillas said of that "for me is the best goalkeeper in Spain has had." To Xabi Alonso sees him as "a brain with a lot of muscle." In Ozil stresses that "is smart and has great quality." Gonzalo Higuain of fellow thought it was "a player who has the goal between his eyebrows." Kaka and the Renaissance is "one of the great players of the moment, who has sacrificed a lot."

Envy on Cristiano Ronaldo, Pochettino said that "people who triumphs is always difficult to get recruits. I think a lot of people that follows and that she loves him too." Talking about his game, said: "Cristiano is a murderer of the area. Disable it? The key is to not get ball first but, well, that's the theory that I know and know Spanish 50 million. Then the practice is another thing. " In short, Real Madrid, said that a team is "sensational, less possession Quecuas has done more damage."

Espanyol-Real Madrid (Sunday, 22.00 hours), may cause other filled in Cornella-El Prat. At the moment there are places for sale. The lockers will be open today until 14 hours. And tomorrow, from 10 am until minutes before the game. Although the pulse has not been declared high risk, some 800 troops from Autonomous Police (250) and private security personnel in charge of Espanyol, being watchful that all transcurrra normally. (via MD)

Puyol recovers from his rib and will blow the call today

The game against Bate Borisov last Wednesday was a triumphant balance in the outcome, a 0-5, but with the downside of the hassles of Carles Puyol who ended with a bang on the right side rib that made him so "serious doubt" for the match against Sporting Gijon, as stated by the club's medical release. However, the recovery of captain has been more than satisfactory and fortunately it looks like it will be on today's list of players who travel Pep morning Gijón. The good news because not doing precisely Barcelona players.

Piqué, one more for the cause

The coaching staff already knows that the centreback one is to full yield, after an atypical preseason, and that could tolerate an entire party.

Gerard Pique and now it is about to help the team from the first minute. The centreback Blaugrana had to make an extra effort in recent weeks to get the same rate as their peers, and that because of their discomfort in the soleus muscle at the beginning of the season and the subsequent breaking his left leg twin just could make a normal season this summer.

And it must be borne in mind that Piqué in the four pre-season friendly played in only two to 45 minutes each. A very small balance, especially considering what was coming to the team: Spain Super Cup against Real Madrid. In fact, could not get a hundred percent because of the discomfort the first leg, leaving in the second half to play 29 minutes. Yes they played back in the Camp Nou, and is the first and only game so far in this course that has endured the ninety minutes on the pitch. After playing 45 minutes in the Gamper, was injured in training while preparing for the Super Cup. Four weeks later received a medical discharge, playing 36 minutes against Atletico Madrid, but after staying on the bench against BATE Borisov.

The main problem is that Piqué missing minutes of training with the group, as three quarters of this early season alone he had worked with the physiotherapist Emili Ricart. So, despite being discharged, the center continued to do a specific job to pick up the pace of competition from their peers.

This week its progression has been more than noticeable, so the trainers and coaching staff have reported that Pique is in full swing and I could play the ninety minutes if needed.

There is not doubt that it is about an excellent news for Guardiola because the canterano is a vital piece in the rearguard, in spite of the fact that the new slate of Pep has reduced a centreback in the axis of the defense.

So, Piqué could return to morning headline in a league match for nearly five months later. The last time central team came out on the gala was precisely the time when the FC Barcelona were crowned champions of League, May 11, 2011 in the field of the Levant, where the team tied with a Blaugrana.

This season has started on the wrong foot, injury after injury, and hardly have done preseason. Thus, his return has taken longer than expected. Guardiola himself acknowledged a few weeks ago Pique's return was "slower" because "it has served as their peers in the beginning of this season."

Something very similar it is happening to Marc Muniesa that for blame of the lesions, this course has hardly debuted 'he played single eleven minutes the friendly in the American tour against Guadalajara, relapsing again', and that now that it is already to the doors of the return, he is taking a long time more than the bill when needing to catch competition rhythm.

Fortunately, Pique and again one more than the template for all purposes. He has lost time and is already at full capacity to help out the team from the first minute.

Too bad that only a party, because then there is a slowdown due to the call of your selections. Del Bosque has called for the two qualifying matches inconsequential Euro Is Spain already qualified , but if the call from 'La Roja' can it be considered as very positive because it will help you get even more minutes taking competition and get much better shape if possible, as long as you respect injuries.

Best of all is that Piqué is back and it's one more for the cause. (via SPORT)

Villa, a lash for 'his' Sporting

Tomorrow's game has a special meaning for the Asturian that will step El Molinón again.

Sporting will always be in the heart of David Villa. The 'Guaje' a very special affection toward the club that bet on him, trained him as a player and gave him the opportunity to stick your head in the football elite. Its thanks to the Atletico will be eternal, but has shown in his battles against his former team that his professionalism is above all other considerations. Villa has already endorsed six goals against Sporting in their duels with Valencia and Barcelona in the last three seasons and tomorrow is one of the most serious threats to the fans of El Molinón.

The forward was measured for the first time the painting Spaniard in the 2008-09 season at the Mestalla. Villa scored from the penalty spot one of the goals of all che, although it was not surprising enough to avoid defeat (2-3). Valencia returned the money in the Molinón in the leg when he won by the same result (2-3) and this time the penalty goal scored by the current Barcelona player was much more profitable.

In the following season, the 2009-10, Villa endorsed him a 'doblete' to Sporting in the encounter of Mestalla. Two goals that only allowed the team to score a point Unai Emery (2-2). Valencia also could add more than one point in his locker at the party of the second round (1-1), the only one in which David has not marked his former team with a shirt rival.

World Champion after winning the Spanish national team, Villa began to defend the Barça shirt and Sporting was one of the first teams to suffer in his flesh the new Blaugrana striker. Guardiola won in the Nou Camp by the minimum (1-0) by a Spaniard to take advantage of both the assistance of Dani Alves. Was much more tense match in Gijon.

Sporting went ahead with a goal of Barral and Barca was on the ropes. The Barcelona team needed to score at least a point to prevent white hopes soar and Villa won the tie in the final with a beautiful Vaseline (1-1).

Therefore, the `Guaje is it only lost once in the match against the set became known as professional football. The balance comes complete with two wins and three draws. The average against Sporting Villa is a goal a game and if they hold, will try to continue with this average to join the club's first away win in the league.

The '7' of Barça it has demonstrated their might in the last commitments again. He opened the scoring against Atletico Madrid with a goal and closed against BATE Borisov. A morning run that long wait.

Valdés, Messi of the goal

In silence, working day by day to grow and to mature under the sticks, Valdés has transformed into a reference in the goal.

If Leo Messi is writing a history on the front page of FC Barcelona, ​​Víctor Valdés is doing in goal.

The goalkeeper, now in its tenth season in the first team, and is a reference within the Blaugrana. And tomorrow, El Molinón, tying the record of Andoni Zubizarreta, until today the Barca keeper who had played more league games (301).

And in the match against Sporting, particularly in the 17th minute, equal to the current team manager in minutes between the posts culé frame, also in the league. Zubizarreta accumulated a total of 26,945 and 26,928 now added Valdes.

So, from minute 18, the now No. 1 goalkeeper will be Barça's longest defended the shirt of FC Barcelona in the regular tournament. A duel, Sporting, which will match a record for games in La Liga and Barça goal which will exceed the record of minutes. Two in one.

Valdes, character, commitment and great confidence in their potential, closed the debate within Catalan after the position pilgrims a large number of applicants to consolidate after precisely Zubizarreta, left the organization in the summer of 1994 , after the sad end of the Champions League against Milan (4-0), held in Athens.

He knew to expect (and find) the time and when given the necessary confidence, and no man will cough. Has matured over time and whether it has been maintained by a river so specific and complicated, has been exclusively on merit. Physically powerful, has joined force with the technique to find a balance that has led him to become a specialist of the goal. Under the sticks and away from them.

Anyway, assuming Zubizarreta may continue to be the goalkeeper most played league games: 622, with the Athletic Club, Barcelona and Valencia. Behind him is Buyo (542), Esnaola (469), Iríbar (466), Casillas (425) and Canizares (420).

Valdés, on the other hand, aims this season to win the fifth `Zamora ¿, which trophy is awarded to the goalkeeping record in the league.

If you do, would equal the legendary Antoni Ramallets, so far the only goalkeeper to have won five. For now, Valdes shares second place with Acuna (Deportivo) and Canizares (Valencia and Celta). (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Cuenca, the final 'signing' of Pep

After traveling to Belarus, yesterday trained with the first team and will do so again today, but he only thinks in taking a position in the subsidiary.

The canterano Isaac Cuenca had marked squad this weekend on the calendar, as the Barça B receives today in the Mini to Sabadell, computer that was given last season and which won promotion to Second Division A. However, fate had prepared a nice unexpected surprise that will prevent him playing the waiting game with more enthusiasm.

The injury to Ibrahim Afellay, coupled with the decision not to sign has been placed in a privileged position to Cuenca, a very agreeable player Guardiola. Born in Reus on April 27, 1991, and was the first great joy when he played with the first team in the preseason against Hajduk Split, Internacional de Porto Alegre and Bayern. He also served on the U.S. tour and played against Manchester United, Chivas and Club America, as well as in the two matches of the Copa Catalunya and the Gamper at Udinese.

Cuenca fit the profile of the first team for their quality and its power dribble. It is right and natural position of right end, but can also play a banda changed and even interior quality in the pass.

Last season was one of the stars of Sabadell, where he matured under the command of Lluís Carreras. The coaching staff of the subsidiary and Pep followed their own evolution and, before playing the second leg of the second heat of ascent against Murcia on June 12, the club told him repescaría.

Therefore, Isaac Cuenca feels very identified with the Sabadell city that lives on. Even still coming in harlequin costumes like one more. At 21 years, is experiencing a situation that did not dream and looks at the figure of Peter as a role model for his football and his humility.

Zubizarreta believes that the football continues allowing to "beat anyone"

FC Barcelona sporting director claims to have the perception that "football" is allowing "beat anyone," despite the economic.

Barcelona sporting director, Andoni Zubizarreta, said football is allowing "beat anyone," referring to inequalities in television rights revenue among the various clubs.

The Barcelona manager claimed to have the perception that "football" is allowing "beat anyone," despite the economic differences. "That is the greatness of this sport, the competition, so we tied this year in San Sebastian and Valencia, or in Gijón last year," he said.

"When we play we go out in the Molinón eleven against eleven and budgets will be put aside," said Zubizarreta. "It is true that Messi is very good, but it is also true that we put more money in the market there are guys like Messi," he added.

Zubizarreta was part of an afternoon panel discussion with the director of Institutional Relations of Real Madrid, Emilio Butragueño, to mark the International Congress on Law of the Cup, held at the Soccer City of Las Rozas, Madrid.

This conference also welcomed the entry of new investors to the European leagues, taking as examples to Malaga, owned by Sheikh catarí Al Thani, who has been an "interesting equipment" or Indian Racing Syed Ali, which caused a "catastrophic situation ".

"Football is a headlong rush, which alone is worth winning. It is mounted as a business in which profits are distributed," said Zubizarreta. "We live in excess, and sometimes calls for a cool and calm management. I do not know if we can do," admitted the Barcelona sporting director.

Moreover, Andoni Zubizarreta also revealed that FC Barcelona had an offer last season to sign a Japanese player, which did not name, who had a set of associate sponsors.

About the debate on transfers of professional players from clubs to national teams, Barca sporting director acknowledged his concern for each call. "I suffer every time my players out. Now that Spain has qualified for the Euro, I just worry that healthy again," he admitted. (via MD)

Toni Freixa: "The proposal of the expresidente seems not very believable"

The spokesman of the board was not enthusiastic about the friendly approach targeted by Laporta.

Toni Freixa in 8TV questioned the sincerity of the president. "In the letter sent and their statements in recent days, I think your proposal is not credible."

Freixa reiterated that the policy has no power to overturn the decisions of the Assembly and denied any personal confrontation.

"The Assembly is the sovereign body of the club and can not be negotiated decisions. Barcelona is above anyone. Individually, no one has a conflict is fought with him. " (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Eusebio: "Sabadell is a cheerful, dynamic and daring team"

The derby this Saturday at the show promises Miniestadi. Barça B and Sabadell are two teams with similar philosophies. Eusebio is confident that the Catalans are those who can impose their game.

A few times this season Miniestadi can live a match between two teams with a very similar game. Barça B and Sabadell will have the opportunity to showcase their football based on a clear offensive spirit and seeking control of the game through ball. Eusebio Sacristan defined with three words harlequin team play: "It's a happy team, dynamic and daring." Barça B coach added that "come to the party in high spirits after the successful start of the season."

Eusebio recognizes that Sabadell won't put it anything easy and will require the subsidiary to give Barca the best version: "It will be a hard fought game. We will try to impose our game, but will not be easy. The Sabadell played with three points, with both ends wide open and with many players joining the attack from the second line. Like us, he likes to have control of the game.

Although they have only added 4 points of the 15 in game, Eusebio is shown satisfied with the progression of the team: We are "well, working and growing much day by day. I trust in that the result of the party against Sabadell is positive." (via FCBarcelona.cat)